Fifteen Years Ago Congress Passed into Law the Defense of Marriage Act

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(Genesis 2:24)

Fifteen years ago, Congress passed and President Clinton signed into law the “Defense of Marriage Act.” This is a FEDERAL LAW the defines marriage as between a man and woman. Now President Obama has decided all by himself that this LAW is not constitutional, with zero input from the Supreme Court, and has ordered his Attorney General to quit defending this law.

This is a lawless man who supports the radical homosexual agenda, the destruction of God’s Holy Institution of Marriage and the family, the legalized slaughter of innocent babies (President Obama will veto any defunding of Planned Parenthood if it should miraculously get out of the Senate.), and the enemies of Israel. He is in every sense a true enemy of God, opposing God and His Word at every turn.

Gay marriage is not only making a MOCKERY OF GOD’S HOLY INSTITUTION OF MARRIAGE, but is an ABOMINATION TO GOD! If two people of the same sex choose to live together and engage in homosexual relations in complete rebellion to God’s Word, that is their choice. But people who know Christ as their Savior cannot allow society to change God’s definition of marriage which is one man, one woman, for one lifetime.

For the proponents of gay marriage who are comparing this to the civil rights movement of the ’60s, that is simply absurd. A person does NOT choose the color of their skin. A person DOES choose who they have sex with!!!

Sadly, the CHURCH has been asleep for too long. Pastors MUST lead their congregations in fighting those who want to change God’s Word. It is time for all the various pro family organizations, Christian legal organizations, to come together as ONE UNIFIED VOICE and put an end to these attempts to change God’s definition of marriage. The homosexual community represents less than 1% of society, yet they press forward their agenda because they have clearly defined goals and are UNITED.
I love you and care about you so much. Marriage is God’s idea, not man’s. God’s definition of marriage is one man, one woman, one lifetime. It is not even debatable to talk about any other kind of relationship because God clearly lays out HIS plan in the Word, and anything else is a perversion of that plan! However, the perversion of God’s plan for marriage is detailed in the Bible from the Old through the New Testaments and evident throughout history. That perversion DOES NOT make God’s plan any less true.

Many reading this today will dismiss these words as nice but not realistic.That is straight from the pits of hell itself. It is VERY realistic. The world has perverted God’s plan for marriage too long, and it is time to tell people the truth. It works God’s way, it will never work any other way.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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One of the Major Complaints of Nonbelievers is that Christians are Hypocrites

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(John 13:15; Hebrews 12:2; 1 Peter 2:21)

One of the major complaints of nonbelievers is that Christians are hypocrites. Those who don’t even know the great stories of the Bible, can tell you in great detail the stories of Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, and the preacher down the street who ran off with his secretary. It is one of the most common objections of an unbeliever, that he would be a Christian, but those who claim to be a Christian don’t act like Christians. I am sure there were many in the first days of the church who said, “I would be a Christian, but look at what Peter did. This man who claimed to be a follower of Jesus denied him. Not once but THREE times!”

It is a valid point. The fact is however, a Christian is nothing more than a sinner who is saved by grace. Even though we are saved, we are still frail, prone-to-sin creatures living in a sin-filled environment. That in no way excuses our sin, but it is the reality we live in. (By the way, God isn’t going to be interested in you rejecting Jesus because of what someone else did.)

The quickest way to fall away from your faith, is to put too much emphasis on a man or woman of God. God uses human instruments to plant the seeds of salvation. He uses human instruments to disciple us in our new found faith. He uses human instruments to impact our spiritual lives. In a society that is prone to idolize others, such as entertainers, athletes, and successful people, we take that into our Christian lives as well. We place on pedestals our spiritual leaders. We normally only see them when they are “on”, when they are doing what God has called them to do.

Because of that, we almost tend to forget they are humans. Men and women who walk in the same frail clay bodies as we do. Prone to the same weaknesses that we are. Since we rarely see these spiritual leaders other than the times they are doing the Lord’s work, we lose sight that it is only a part of their life. They have lives outside of their work for the Lord. THEY ARE ONLY AS CLOSE TO GOD AS THEIR DAILY WALK WITH THE LORD. Because they are in spotlight, when the fail, when they sin, it is often made known to the public. Our first reaction is “how can that be possible?”

Nobody is immune to sin. No matter who you are, your life flows from your personal relationship with Christ. A minister, a priest, a spiritual leader is only as close to God as his or her daily walk. Like anyone, if they neglect their daily time with the Lord, they get farther away from God. It is only possible to minister to others from your own personal walk with Christ. As you neglect that daily time with the Lord, you start to be disconnected. You may have some spiritual gasoline left in your tank, but eventually you will use that up. Those spiritual leaders who fail, fail because they have neglected their time with God.

Someone who is in the Lord’s work, has to guard more than anyone else against neglecting their daily time with Christ. There is a very real enemy who is out to kill, steal, and destroy. The enemy is very wise in the art of warfare. Why waste time working on taking out people one by one, when if you can take out a leader, you can wipe out many people at once. The enemy knows that to take down a Jim Bakker, or the pastor of a local church, he can take out many people at one time.

The key point I want you to understand today is that you must keep focused on THE man, and not A man. Christ was the only one who did it perfect. My personal philosophy is to take the spiritual wisdom from other men and women of God, but never idolize them, never expect them to be more than the man or woman of flesh and blood they are, but realize that God has touched them in a special way and given them something that can benefit my spiritual life. I have always called it my spiritual filter. Being in full-time ministry for the last 11 years, having been in over 500 churches of every type of denomination, having spoken at hundred of conventions, being involved for many years in the Christian TV world, I have had a unique opportunity to see an incredible number of God’s choicest servants of our day. The list is a who’s who of spiritual giants.

However, no matter who the person was, I always do two things. I always line up what they said with the Word of God. That is number one. I don’t care who it is. If it is not in line with the Word of God, it is not something I want. Second, I always look at the man or woman of God as an instrument God was using. I never expected them to be supernatural, or anything other than a vessel God was using to bring spiritual truths into my life. The only person I ever idolized, or tried to pattern my life after was the life of Christ. I have always taken what I can from men and women of God, and tried to use that to help me in my quest to be more like Christ each and every day.

I love you, and care about you so much. Today’s word is an important reminder to never get so focused on a man or woman of flesh and blood, that you let it get in the way of your own personal walk with Christ. God has placed men and women of God in our lives to help teach us, show us the truths of His Word. However, no matter how close to the Lord they may be, the only one we should ever try to pattern our lives after is Jesus Christ, because He is the only one who lived this life without sin. He is our example and the one each one of us should strive to be like.

Take time today to pray for those God has placed in spiritual leadership over you, your pastor or priest. Pray for those that God brings into your life to share the truths of His Word and to help you grow spiritually. But never lose sight that they are mere mortals. Men and women of flesh and blood like you. Never let your eyes focus so much on a man, that you lose sight of THE man. After all, no man could die for your sins. No man could did die for your sins. It was THE man who loved you so much, that He willingly bled and died so that you might have everlasting life. Keep your eyes focused on HIM.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Our Way Doesn’t Work, God’s Way Does

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(Exodus 19:5; Deuteronomy 5:29; 1 Kings 3:14; Revelation 22:14)

One of the things I say so often in the Daily Devotional and on my television program is that our way doesn’t work, God’s way does. I know this may sound very basic, but the reality is, it is a very profound truth that is relevant to the sinner and the saint alike. It is a truth that needs to be reinforced often, because even someone that has been walking with the Lord for many years, someone who is spiritually mature, can fall into the trap of “doing it my way” and have to deal with the consequences of not following God’s way.

Every day we receive over 40,000 prayer requests at Liveprayer. I take 50-60 “live” phone calls on my television program during the course of a week. I see the consequences of those who have decided to live life “their way” instead of “God’s way” daily. Let me say this again so hopefully you will never forget it, “YOUR WAY DOESN’T WORK AND IS NOT EVER GOING TO WORK. GOD’S WAY WORKS AND WILL ALWAYS WORK.”

There are probably not many people on the planet today as qualified to make that statement as I am, due to the work God has called me to do. Every single day we are dealing with tens of thousands of real lives struggling with every kind of problem you can imagine, and I assure you, many you would never imagine. No doubt, some of these people are simply those who have been caught in the ripple effect of the sins of others. However, the vast majority are people whose lives are in trouble because they were living in rebellion to God.

I hear all the time that the Bible is simply a book of don’ts. Don’t do this, don’t do that. I hear people complaining that God wants to take all the fun out of life. Actually, the exact opposite is true. God warns us in His Word, tells us how to live in His Word, not to take the fun out of life, but to INSURE you have fun in life.

I have yet to see someone having fun who is going through a divorce because they married someone who was not a Christian. I have yet to see someone having fun who is in bondage to drugs or alcohol. I don’t see young men and women having fun when they find out they have a lifetime STD, or are going to be parents and aren’t even 18 years old. I have yet to see someone having fun as they refuse to forgive someone that has wronged them and the bitterness begins to eat away at their life.

No my friend, the warnings in God’s Word, the “don’ts” in God’s Word are not to stop you from having fun in life, they are there to INSURE you have fun in life.

I love you and care about you so much. This may be a very simple word for you today, but there are few things that I can tell you that will have as much impact on your day to day life. YOUR WAY DOESN’T WORK, GOD’S WAY DOES. God wants you to know the peace, the joy, the abundance this life can offer regardless of the trials and tribulations that we all face simply by living in this sinful and evil world. When we ignore God’s way and do it our way, we end up bringing unnecessary pain and heartache into our life and miss that peace, that joy, and that abundance.

I will be praying for you today. Praying that today you take a moment to do an inventory of your life. Are you living your life your way or God’s way? That is why the Bible is such an important part of our daily lives. God’s Word is our final authority in all matters. If we will simply read the instruction manual, and more importantly follow it, it is amazing how simple life becomes. WE cause most of the drama we face in our life due to being ignorant of God’s Word or by simply choosing to ignore it.

My desire, more importantly God’s desire, is for you to live your life in peace, with the joy of the Lord, and enjoy this journey called life. Let me leave you with this personal testimony. After coming to know Christ as my Savior as a young man, living my life for him during my teen years with the expectation of serving God with my life, at the age of 20 I decided I wanted to live life my way.

For the next 12 years I did just that. I had much worldly success during those 12 years, but never had any real peace or joy in my life. It was only after my world came crashing down and I finally gave God the one and only thing He ever wanted from me, my life, completely surrendered to Him, did life make sense again. Nobody tried as hard as I did to live life “my way” and make it work. I learned the hard way, MY WAY DIDN’T WORK, GOD’S WAY DID!

My theme song during those years of rebellion was Frank Sinatra’s hit My Way. As wonderful as that song may be, the message of that song is a lie from the pits of hell! The fact is, if you replace “my” with “God,” it is now a 100% accurate message. Let me leave you today with this one simple truth that I pray you will never forget, YOUR WAY DOESN’T WORK, GOD’S WAY DOES!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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It Is Time To Act

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(Jonah 3:5)

IT IS TIME TO ACT! THE TIME FOR SITTING BACK AND DOING NOTHING IS OVER! THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL FOR ALL TRUE FOLLOWERS OF JESUS CHRIST!!! I woke up the other morning and thought I was now living under a monarch or a dictator. I’m sick of reminding people that over a year before anyone really knew the name of Barack Hussein Obama, I was warning the readers of the Daily Devotional that this man was a true enemy of God!

I am not too old to remember my high school civics class, that in this nation we have 3 separate but equal branches of government. The executive branch, the judicial branch, and the legislative branch. Now, I don’t have a Harvard law degree like our President, and have never been a Constitutional professor like our President, ( I do have an official long-form birth certificate unlike our President.) but I do know that as the head of the executive branch he has no authority to decree any law as “unconstitutional.” That is something the judicial branch must do!

Fifteen years ago, Congress passed and President Clinton signed into law the “Defense of Marriage Act.” This is a FEDERAL LAW the defines marriage as between a man and woman. Now President Obama has decided all by himself that this LAW is not constitutional, with zero input from the Supreme Court, and has ordered his Attorney General to quit defending this law.

Why would anyone be surprised though? The Federal Court in Louisiana ruled his ban on offshore drilling was inappropriate, but he ignored their ruling. A Federal judge in Florida has ruled “Obamacare” is unconstitutional, in essence, issuing an injunction from states implementing “Obamacare,” yet our President has ignored that courts ruling as well.

This is a lawless man who supports the radical homosexual agenda, the destruction of God’s Holy Institution of Marriage and the family, the legalized slaughter of innocent babies (President Obama will veto any defunding of Planned Parenthood if it should miraculously get out of the Senate.), and the enemies of Israel. He is in every sense a true enemy of God, opposing God and His Word at every turn.

Can you imagine what would happen if a President decided that he/she thought Roe vs. Wade was not constitutional, and ordered the Attorney General of the United States to stop defending Roe vs. Wade? The media would be foaming at the mouth and demanding the President be impeached!

The upheaval in our nation and world is worse than anything I have ever seen in my 53 years of life. I lived less than 2 decades removed from WW2, a decade from the Korean War, lived through Vietnam, the civil rights movement, Watergate, gas lines during Carter, Clinton’s never ending scandals, the first war in Iraq, 9/11, the current wars on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, the civil and economic unrest that exists in our nation today is like nothing we have ever seen before.

It is also unprecedented in the world. Again, I have lived through wars in the Middle East involving Israel, the fall of communism around the world, the emergence on the world’s stage of China, and the rise of Islam around the globe. However, what we are seeing now play out on our TV screens in the Middle East, Africa, across Europe, in Mexico and South America is unrest and an economic crisis like we have never experienced before.


While all of this is going on, you have a major 24-hour cable network, MSNBC, owned by Comcast and General Electric, that uses their airtime to openly promote and cheerlead for the radical homosexual agenda, the legalized slaughter of innocent babies, true enemies of our nation like WikiLeaks Julian Assange, and openly gay PFC Daniel Manning, who if convicted, should face the firing squad for high treason.

MSNBC, like CNN and the rest of the mainstream media and a good portion of the “Internet news sites,” stand in complete opposition to the God of the Bible and those who have placed their hope and faith in Jesus Christ. It is open season on born-again Believers, while they make escuses for, promote, and glorify a false religion like Islam whose 1400 year history has been, and still is today, about terror, death, and domination!

The blame? THE CHURCH! While mega churches are “entertaining” their congregants each Sunday, using worldly purpose driven/seeker/emerging church marketing strategies to fill their pews with warm bodies, building great buildings costing multi-millions that will one day be rubble, while hiding behind their four walls, the world outside those four walls is coming unglued.

The major Christian media ministries and netowrks that take in tens of millions, some hundreds of millions, are nowhere to be found in the mainstream media and marketplace. They are too busy hustling Believers so they can buy a new private jet, live in a bigger mansion, to worry about the lost souls dying and going to hell every second because the better percentage of two full generations have never even been to church and they have never been told how to be saved. Those who do venture into the marketplace, do so with a watered-down, non-offensive, motivational message in order rake in more donations and sell more books!

I love you and care about you so much. I am through sitting back, through watching the soul of our nation lost. The fact is, we simply don’t have much time left. God has raised up Liveprayer, kept us free from the compromise and politics of the “Christian trough,” and sustained His work here for 12 yrs. The sacrifce of thousands over these years has not only allowed us to impact tens of millions of lives worldwide, but enabled us to develop proven ministry tools for the Internet and TV to lead this nation back to God and His Truth.


God gave me that vision in 2009, the Jonah Project. Please take a few minutes and go to: and watch the short vision video that explains the Jonah Project. Also, you can read in detail about the Jonah Project at: . On this link, you can attach this to your Facebook account as well as send it to all of your followers on Twitter.

***Listen, I am going to be in Naples, Florida on Saturday, March 12th. I am setting up a meeting that day for anyone in the Liveprayer family who is willing to take the time, effort, and expense, to come and meet me regarding the plan to turn this nation back to God and His Truth. The goal of this meeting is to put a plan together to quickly raise $15 million. For what some ministries pay to gas and service their private jet in a year, we can change the spritual course of this nation!

$1 million would go to software, servers, and staff to use the Internet much like the social network sites do, to gather the masses of truly saved, born-again Believers around the nation into one powerful and forceful group. The biggest problem we have is being heard since our voice is so fractured. Nobody has really successfully put together one solid group of Christians to speak for the Body, something that is critical to being heard in the national discourse on the issues of the day.

$12 million will go to give us a national presence on a major mainstream TV broadcast network to have a voice each day on the issues of the day from a Biblcial worldview. Tha is one hour a day, 5 days a week, nationwide, for a year. The other $2 million would go to advertise and publicize this nationwide effort to bring the Body of Christ into one forceful group.

$15 million may seem like a large amount of money, yet in the scheme of the world’s economy it is nothing. What I need are a few men and women of God who have either been blessed with personal resources, contacts with those who do, or blessed with the talent from God to help me put together the resources we need.

Liveprayer has been a pioneer of reaching people for Christ and sharing His Truth with the world over the internet for 12 yrs now. The Liveprayer TV program, airing for 8 years now, has been a force in the markets we have aired in over that time. God has given us the vision, the tools, and the ability to make a huge impact in this nation, this world, and in hundreds of millions of lives. WE CAN CHANGE THE SPIRITUAL COURSE OF THIS NATION, AND EVEN THE WORLD!!!

I need a team of Godly men and women who are tired of sitting back and seeing this world slowly decay before your very eyes. I need a team of people who want to make their life count for Christ. Listen, we only get this one life. When it is over, it is over. This is our one shot to make a difference for the Kingdom of God. I need only a few sold-out soldiers of the cross who are willing to stand with me, make the personals sacrifice, help me to put together the resources we need to turn our nation back to God and His Truth!!!

If you are being led to come to Naples, Fl on Saturday, March 12th, for this critical meeting, let me know. Email me at:


In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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This Nation has Turned Its Back on Israel

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(Genesis 12:1-7, 13:14-16, 15:18; Deuteronomy 9:4-6; Joshua 1:1-11, 21:43-45)

In addition to legally slaughtering apx. 4,000 babies every 24 hours in this nation, perverting God’s Holy Institution of Marriage, bowing down to worship false gods and idols man has created in his evil imagination, and being totally sold out to sin of every kind of sin you can name, this nation has also turned its back on Israel. God’s promise to Abraham in Genesis 12:2,3 is still in effect. It is a simple promise to bless those who blessed Israel, and curse those who curse Israel. The policies of this current administration towards Israel are inviting God’s curse on our nation!!!

Giving away the land that God gave to the children of Israel, to their enemies. Please, do yourself a favor right now and get your Bible and sit down and spend the next 10 minutes reading the anchor verses for today, Genesis 12:1-7, 13:14-16, 15:18; Deuteronomy 9:4-6; Joshua 1:1-11; 21:43-45. You could spend hours reading all the passages in God’s Word that confirm that modern-day Israel is the land God promised to Abraham and gave to His children. You do not have to be a Bible scholar to quickly realize in just the few key passages I have given you today that the land of Israel is indeed the exact land God Himself promised to His children 4,000 years ago, and fulfilled that promise in 1385 B.C. when Joshua took possession of that land.

Having laid the Biblical case to support that the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, now you can see why giving away even one inch of that land to anyone else is going against God Himself. No person, no nation, has the right to give away what God promised and gave to the Jewish people. Those who do make themselves an enemy of God! Over and over throughout the Bible and human history, nations have invaded this land, taken it over, only to be defeated in the end. The land of Israel is only 20,330 sq km, slightly smaller than the state of New Jersey. Out of the billions of square miles that exist on this earth, this is the only place on the planet God literally promised and gave to His children. For anyone to go in and try to give a piece of that land away is foolish.

That is why the current “peace plan” the United States has had such a large role in working out will never work and has actually put our nation on the opposite side of God again! Let me be clear. The Gaza Strip belongs to ISRAEL! The West Bank belongs to ISRAEL! Jerusalem, all of it, belongs to ISRAEL! For this nation to be involved in any deals, even under the guise of “peace,” that involves giving away the land God gave to the children of Israel is taking on God Himself! Not to mention that this land is being given away to the ENEMIES OF ISRAEL!!!

My friend, one of the problems many have with the Bible is that they can’t understand why a God of love would command His children to go to war and “Kill every man, woman, child, and living thing” as He did many times in the Old Testament. The reason was this. God in His omniscience knew that the enemies of Israel, those who came to possess their land, had no desire for peace but the complete destruction and annihilation of the Jewish people. The complete obliteration of the Jewish people was their ONLY goal, not peace. Sadly, there are some people who have no desire for peace, only death and destruction and you either destroy them or they destroy you. That is one of the sad realties of living in this fallen and evil world.

For those who oppose the war in Iraq, they either don’t understand or are completely blind to the fact that there are people on this planet whose only goal is the complete destruction of the United States and every person who lives here. That means you and your family too! I am thankful that this current administration understands this fact and that the peace-nuts we see on TV constantly don’t have the power to impose their Pollyanna views of life on the defense policies of this nation or we would all be in grave danger. The sad reality is that there are very real people alive this very moment whose very real goal is the complete destruction of the United States. We will either kill them or they will kill us. We are blessed that our forefathers understood the evil that exits in this world or we would not be here today, enjoying the wonderful freedoms and life we do.

Israel also clearly understands the reality that there are people who desire their death and destruction. They don’t have the luxury of great oceans on either side as we do and their enemies literally live all around them. That is what makes this current “peace plan” so silly. To actually take some of the small amount of land that belongs to Israel and literally give it to their enemies is absurd and ridiculous. It will only embolden and empower those who seek the destruction of Israel. Again, make no mistake about it. While we and others seek “peace,” it takes TWO to make peace. Despite the claims by the Palestinian leadership, their goal is NOT peace but the destruction of Israel.

I have always been amused at why anyone thinks it is necessary to give the little strip of land God gave to Israel away to her enemies, when Israel is surrounded by Arab nations with VAST AMOUNTS of land who could easily assimilate their Arab brothers into their countries. Why do the Palestinians have to live on the land God gave to Israel when there is plenty of land in neighboring Arab countries they could live on? What is wrong with a “peace plan” that gave some of the land in surrounding Arab countries to the Palestinians?

I love you and care about you so much. I want to close today with a powerful promise God made to Abraham 4,000 years ago in Genesis 12:3, “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” This one verse of Scripture is why what is happening in Israel right now is so critical to THIS NATION! In being part of a plan to give away the land God gave to Israel to anyone, especially her enemies who seek her destruction, puts us on the wrong side of God. We should be seeking the BLESSINGS of God, not His CURSES!

Know that I am praying for you today. Even though most Jewish people have rejected Christ as their Savior, blinded to the reality that He is the Messiah they were promised in the Old Testament, they were, are, and always will be God’s chosen people. The promise God gave Abraham in Genesis 12:3 is still in effect today. Our Christian faith is traced back through the children of Israel. The last events of this world will be played out in Israel. That is why we need to pray for and support the Jewish people and God’s plan for the land of Israel. Our blessings in life come from following God not being in opposition to God!

Also, be praying for this special group of people God chose to reveal Himself to and carry His message to the world. It was through the Jewish people God brought His Son, the Messiah, the Savior of the world. Wonderful groups like Jews for Jesus have done a great work in bringing the fact the Messiah prophesied throughout the Old Testament, is Jesus! Jesus is the fulfillment of all of those Old Testament prophecies, and despite the fact He was rejected by his own people, today millions of Jewish people have come to know Jesus as their personal Savior by faith. In Heaven there will be no Jew or Gentile, only those who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!!!

***PLEASE take a few minutes to read and pray over these words, and ask God what He is calling you to do today! Thank You!

Blessings my friend..I pray all is well with you and your family..and just wanted to thank you for your prayers and sacrifices for the Lord’s work here over the past yrs…..only Glory will show us the millions of lives impacted..thousands who know the Lord due to your faithfulness..

…our nation is in spiritual freefall…and now more than ever..the message of Liveprayer MUST be heard….

…I wanted to ask you to pray today..since as you can imagine..the loss of 65% in annual donations over the past 2 years leaves a gaping whole in our funding..obviously..over 12 years..we have had many faithful friends like you for a season..and the Lord has replaced them with new people to help…sadly..with the economic decline in the nation..replacing numerous friends like yourself who had the ability to help us in a significant way has not been as easy as in the past..but God knows our needs..and knows how to move on the hears of those able to help..

…as one of the many who have supported God’s work here over the past years…I am coming to you..asking you to pray about a special situation I really your help with today…… you know..we had several deals for our new permanent location for the “9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero” blow-up after the deals had been consummated and we were simply waiting for the lease to be drawn up by their attorney…the new address leaked out and the owner began getting dozens of harassing and threatening phone calls..and was intimidated into killing the deal..

…we had a similar experience when we started phase one…our Sunday services from 9/5 thru 12/26 to launch the new center..when after the contract had been signed..the Embassy Suites refused to honor the contract…but we had a “ram in the bush” with the Marriott..

..once again..we have a “ram in the bush”..and the owner of the new home will NOT be intimidated in any way..he is fully on board and ready to stand with us..

…once we make our formal announcement for the deal it will open up a whole new group of donors…and via the TV program on superstation WWOR and the physical location by ground zero will allow us the opportunity to raise significant funds to not only cover those operations..but the debt we are currently carrying..and our ongoing internet operations… biggest concerns today are two-fold…first is the $20,000 we need to cover the balance of our February operational costs to keep Liveprayer going…the other is the $80,000 needed to cover the deposit and first month air-time bill for the Liveprayer TV program on superstation WWOR..that airs in the New York market and cable networks around the country…that needs to be paid by the end of the Monday….

…we need to cover $10,000 of the $20,000 operations balance immediately…as in today…since we have been running behind each month for the past several years..

..I am sorry to bother you…and if the need wasn’t great would not…please pray about helping me with all or part of the $10,000 we need first thing in the morning…Thurs 2/24… insure we get these funds in our account..I am asking you to please wire them…I know this is an additional hassle..but it will help me greatly ..and insure we have the funds on Friday to cover this critical need…our bank info is below..

***—>…2 weeks ago..a dear friend wired the $15,000 we needed to cover our bandwidth bill to keep Liveprayer going..just like over the past 12 years God has send a dear friend…”ram in the bush”…at the 11th keep this ministry going..pray today about being HIS ram in the bush today…

…in history…we know the names of a few key people who have been able to step forward at critical moments to sacrifce to further the Lord’s work..I think of Joseph of Arimethea who sacrificed his tomb for the Lord to be buried in…I think of Joe..who 8 yrs ago made an $80,000 sacrifice to allow the Liveprayer TV program to be started…today..I need one or two people who are willing to allow God to use their lives in a meaningful way to further His work here at Liveprayer that has demonstrated over 12 yrs to be able to impact tens of millions of live and lead lost souls to faith in Jesus Christ..

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In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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The Latest Sell-Outs are James and Betty Robison

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(1 Timothy 3:1)

***SPECIAL COMMENTARY: Is it any wonder why our culture is in the spritual freefall it is, when our “Christian leaders” sell-out the faith to partner with a member of a satanic cult simply to sell books. Glenn Beck continues to find high profile Christians like David Barton, willing to compromise the faith for whatever benefit they get from his media platform, in order to bolster the lie from hell that Mormons are Christians.

The latest sell-outs are James and Betty Robison. What a great opportunity to take a stand for the Gospel and on-air, share with Beck and his audience that Mormonism is a lie from hell, that he is following a “faux jesus” and not the Jesus of the Bible. Instead, they pitch their book and allowed Beck to get away with talking like he is a Christian without saying a word to confront that lie.

Also, this past weekend, Beck met with Billy Graham for several hours. Sadly, Graham has never taken a real stand against the Mormon cult. Many years ago, he actually preached at the Mormon funeral of Bill Marriott. Billy Graham had nothing to gain from meeting with Beck. Beck pursued this meeting for his own selfish purposes. He preyed on Graham’s kindness to continue facilitating the lie he is a Christian, since a big percentage of his radio/TV audience he draws in with his conservative political views, those who buy his books, pay to see his performances, making him tens of millions annually that he tithes to the Mormon cult…are Christians!

Let me add, during his Washington rally Beck contacted most of the top Christian leaders in our nation. Thankfully, many refused to compromise the faith and be used for credibility by this cult member. It is funny, Beck loves to drop the names of the high profile Christians he has used. I wish I had a dime every time he has said the name Billy Graham this week. However, you never hear Beck talk about the real men of God who refuse to be used by him to help further the lie that Mormons are Christians.

Please save your emails telling me that these Christians Beck uses are only getting involved with Beck in order to help save his soul. I hear that tortured answer all the time. Show me ONE TIME, when any high profile Mormon, or any cult member who was using a high profile Christian to legitimize their cult, EVER renounced the lies of their cult and accepted the Jesus of the Bible. Finding high profile Christian sell-outs for credibility is one of the oldest games cult members have played. Beck has no desire to change his false beliefs, only in advancing his cult!

Please, never forget Beck’s end game. He truly believes he is “Paul Revere” and is the “John the Baptist” of the Mormon cult. He believes Mormon cult founder Joseph Smith’s “White Horse Prophecy” as all Mormon’s do, that says the nation will be in complete disarray, and a Mormon President will be elected who will set aside the US Constitution and enact a Mormon theocracy.


Churches who rent space in their church to Muslims. Are you kidding me? Christian churches desecrating their altar by allowing Muslims to preach the lies of Islam from their pulpit! And we wonder why God’s wrath and judgment on this nation is imminent? I wonder how the people who sacrificed and gave to build these churches, these temples to the Lord Jesus Christ, feel about the church they helped build being used to promote a 1400 year old like from hell that is about hatred, violence, and death. Islam is a false relgion that calls for the death to all infidels. An infidel is anyone who refuses to convert to Islam. THAT MEANS CHRISTIANS!

Satan must get a great belly laugh at the foolishness and stupidity of many Christians. I wonder how many mosques would allow a Christian group to use their facility? If you are a non-Muslim, you can’t even enter their holy cities! As I have shared over and over, these ecumenical opportunities sound wonderful, but they simply do not work. Why? Because it is always the Christian who is supposed to lay aside the absolutes of the Bible in order to “get along.”

If a church wants to be friends with their “Muslim neighbors,” that is great. I suggest that they strike up these friendships in order to witness to them. They will find out very quickly that most Muslims, have NO DESIRE to hear the Gospel. They will say they love everyone, have no problem with Christians, but that is only because they don’t have the numbers or Sharia law in this country…yet! In countries where they do, they only want to see Christians dead. That is their true attitude towards Believers in Jesus Christ and will never change.

Hearing about churches renting their buildings to Muslims is actually not a surprise. Why not? We have openly homosexual clergy in some churches. We have churches that embrace and glorify the sin of homosexuality. We have churches who support the killing of innocent babies. We have pastors who preach everything but the Gospel. We have pastors who aren’t even saved. We have pastors who don’t even believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God. So why not rent God’s house to a false relgion leading souls to hell? Chances are very good nobody has been saved in these churches in a long time, if ever!

I love you and care about you so much. Listen, I realize that only a few churches are renting out their building to Muslims. I imagine they are doing so with pure, but very misguided motives. The reason I am addressing this today is to once again, try and wake you up what is coming. Sadly, as the spiritual decay in this nation continues, I am certain we will see more of this.

The time is short my friend. The soul of this nation is hanging by a thread. The only hope and answer is to repent and turn back to the God of the Bible and to His Truth. In the past months, we have seen some brave politicians not compromising, and taking real stands for what they believe. People are shocked since that is not how politicians normally operate.

I say it is time for Christian leaders to rise up. Quit compromising. Grow a spine. Now more than ever the people in this nation need to hear the Truth of the Bible. People are dying for someone to rise up and lead them who has no personal agenda and isn’t looking for personal gain. While the “Christian stars” are all on the Daystar network this week, twisting Scripture, lying to people that if they send money all of their problems will go away, all in order so they can fly around in their private jets, live in mansions, drive $300,000 cars, while the lost masses outside the church are hurting, dying, and going to hell!

God will pour out His wrath and punishment on this land for our sins, gross wickedness, and worshipping every false god and idol we have created, unless get on our knees, cry out for forgiveness, repent, and turn back to God, the Creator of the universe, and the Truth of the Bible!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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I Get Emails Asking if God is so Good then Why Do People Do Such Evil Things

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(Mark 7:21)

Not a day goes by that I don’t receive several emails asking if God is so good, so powerful, then why do people do such evil things. Rather than going into a complicated theology lesson, let me try to help you understand the evil men and women do this way. For those who have been raised in Christian homes, made the decision to come to know Christ at an early age, and have lived your life for Him from early on, God bless you.

You have missed out on much of the pain and heartache sin and rebellion cause people. For those who came to Christ later in life, or perhaps lived in a rebellious state like the prodigal son, then you will be better able to understand what I am going to say today. The bottom line is that when a person is without Christ, ANYTHING is possible.

I think back on rebellious periods of my life and am ashamed and saddened by things I have done before. I can’t even imagine that I was the one that did them. Thus the scripture, “Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature”. You see, when a person accepts Christ into their life, they actually become a new creation. The old is passed away and they become new.

Prior to that new birth experience, in the old state, there are no rules, no laws, other than those each man puts upon himself. There is no absolute truth as we find in God’s word, since the only truth is what each man believes in his/her heart at the time. You can understand that under these conditions, people are capable of anything, including the incredible evil that we see each day in the world we live in.

The answer to why God doesn’t do something about it is also found in scripture. We know that there is a coming day of judgment. There is a day coming when everything we know will pass away. There will be a new heaven and new earth.

Part of our problem is that we are so conscious of time, we fail to comprehend that to God, a thousand years is as a day. We want everything now. We want our food now, our mail now, our phone call now, and our money now. We are into instant answers and instant gratification. God is not bound by time, and while we may think He isn’t acting on the things we see as wrong, He is, but it is happening in His time, not ours.

The Bible is clear to point out that every one of us will one day stand before the Judgment seat of Christ and give an account for our life. That is not a fairy tale, there are no special passes to miss this event. We will all stand before that seat of judgment one day. Evil will be judged, maybe not at the exact moment we would like to see, but the Bible is clear that there is a day of judgment of each one of us.

I love you and care about you so much. I pray today that this has helped some of you better understand the never-ending question, especially among nonbelievers as to why God allows evil to exist. Evil exists because the heart of a man or woman without Christ is filled with sin and capable of anything you can imagine.

Maybe this will also better help you understand my passion, my drive, my desire to not only help people in their time of need, but help those who are lost find Christ. That is why I continually challenge you to stretch your faith and challenge you to do more each day to serve God, because it is in our service that lives our touched and hearts are changed. Evil exists because men and women without Christ have sin-filled hearts.

I pray today that you will make it a renewed priority in your life to step forward and let God use you to touch people. He uses us as His instruments in the lives of people to help those who are lost find Jesus. That and that alone is the ultimate answer to the problem of evil in this world. Helping the lost find Christ and become new creatures is the only way people who do bad things will ever change.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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