One of the Joys in My Life is to Look Over Some of the Thousands of Praise Reports We Receive

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(Psalms 91:15, 89:1)

One of the joys in my life is to look over some of the thousands of incredible praise reports we receive every day here at Liveprayer. Real people that had emailed us to pray about real issues in their life. It is a tremendous honor and privilege to be able to stand in agreement with people for the needs they face during the course of their journey through life. I am always moved to see God’s grace and mercy at work in the lives of people as He answers their prayers.

Several times each year, I like to share a sampling of those praise reports with you. I do this because so many of you are facing great obstacles in your life today, and need to know God is there. The Bible proclaims that God is no respecter of person. That simply means what God has done for someone else, He will do for you. So I want you to know today that no matter what your need is, what your problem is, what the battle you are fighting may be, God not only hears your prayers, BUT HE ANSWERS YOUR PRAYERS!

Also, so many of you pray and sacrificially give to the work God is doing here at Liveprayer. I want to encourage you today as well, that your prayers, and your gifts to this work are not in vain. What we do each and every day for over 2 million people all over the world is only possible because you care, you pray, and you give. Let these praise reports be an encouragement to you that God is using you to make a difference in the lives of people. God is using your obedience, your faithfulness to reach those who are lost and hurting with His love and hope. May God use these praise reports today to be a blessing to you!

“Dear Bill, Thank you so much for the prayers. I had my eye surgery (cataract) yesterday and it went very smoothly. I can now see letters that before were nothing but a blur.”

“Praise God! About a month or so ago I emailed you for prayers (which you graciously)responded to, that my family and I would not be evicted from our apartment by an unfair slum landlord. Well, first we got new apartment owners who are wonderful, then last week we got an even bigger blessing, we got a co-signor through our church to buy a mobile home that we could never have afforded on our own.”

“Praise God I found my keys!”

“A couple of years ago the Lord used you to help me through a very traumatic time in my life. You and I were emailing one another back and forth and I vividly remember your words concerning my particular situation was GET OUT of that Church! RUN!! It was one where the Pastor used his power to take sexual advantages over another sister and I. You actually helped me the through the whole process of Matt. 18, and then you said get out when they didn’t recv it at that church.”

“I had asked you for prayer concerning a job after finishing school. You said that I had to be patient and wait upon the Lord. I took your advice and just trusted that He would provide the right job in His time. He did!”

“Wanted to let you know that my husband, Jan, got a good report from his scans. The doctor says “No Cancer.” We are so thankful. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless.”

“I fell into a deep pit that leads to death(pornography). I read the help section of LivePrayer and asked the Lord for the strength to stop. Give up this world, and start doing his will. My help was immediate. The Lord lead me back to him.I can feel the love in my heart,and a sorrow for the things I did.”

“I have prayed the sinners prayer and am asking for additional information that can help guide me along the way.”

“I have used the Live Prayer web site on several times and have never been disappointed in the blessings God has bestowed upon me and my family for my prayer requests I made. I want to thank everyone who has prayed for me it made a real difference in our lives.”

“I want to thank you for praying that my husband would get that job that he was trying to get. He started yesterday, I’m so thankful for you and that you take your time every day to pray for people.”

“Dear Mr. Keller, I would like to thank you so much for praying for my beautiful little girl, she rose from her coma a few days ago because of the power of prayer and God’s healing. Through all of the support and prayer I have received from you my heart has been touched.”

“HI Bill, Remember yesterday I emailed you about Gary smoking Pot, well, I showed him the article, as I was reading him your Devotional, he started gathering all his pipes and stash and all little pieces, I never told him to throw it away, I just said that God doesn’t want you to smoke. As he was listening he started throwing everything in the garbage RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.”

“It’s not even a week I sent requests out to say I need prayers for supplies, to help me generate money …and now orders are coming in torrents.Praise the Lord!!!”

“I am a Cell Group leader, and sing in the choir and worship team. I have been seeing a woman from our church for about 2 years and we plan to get married. We still haven’t had sex, but I started letting her spend the night with my son and I, for her convenience, and thought nothing about it because we were staying chaste. Then, last Sunday, a friend mentioned that he had seen her truck at my house, and thought we had gotten married without telling everyone. Then came your devotional you did about Jennifer Wilbanks. I realized that we were not being a very good ‘Bible’ to whomever may be looking. I just told her that we cannot do this any more, and explained the power of your message in light of the other reminders.”

“I have prayed the prayer, and asked God to come into my life. Now I am asking you for the extra reading materials that you have for me. Bless you, and bless your works. I have been following your messages for over 4 years now. Sometimes I have been depressed, and they have helped me out of depression. Other times, I have been happy, and they have helped remind me who really brought me all my happiness, and to not forget to thank my Maker. Thanks and blessings again for all you do.”

“Dear Bill, a time ago I wrote to you asking for prayer for my family. We were having some big problems. There have been many prayers for us. I have continued to pray and be obedient to God in my life and to serve him. Today I am so grateful to God that he has heard our prayers and my family is being healed in His name. My husband and I are attending church together and praying and worshiping God together and little by little by his mercy and grace God is healing our family. Thank you for your prayers and praise to God who can heal any situation no matter how hopeless it seems.”

“hello my name is holly and on your show last night i prayed with mr. keller and accepted jesus christ as my savior.i watch the show often and love the fact that is there for me .i would like the free copy of the book he offered on last nights show if it is still available.i pray for the whole world and thanks for praying with me.

“PRAISE GOD!! Our two boys have been found after being lost at sea for 6 days!! Thanks to everyone who joined us in prayer!! Our God is an awesome God who is still in the miracle business!! God Bless you all!!”

“Thank you for your prayers! Our pet, Rascal, came home today. He is hungry and dirty but home! Again thank you for praying!”

“Dear Mr Bill,I just get home from my test for my citizenship, and I pass the test the only thing I have to do next is to take an Oath then, I’m legally an American citizen,I’m so happy right now. also I want to thank you the Lord for this without him I can’t do it.Thank you for praying for me.God bless you.”

“Dear Pastor Keller, I prayed the prayer and would like to receive the information as promised for my salvation. Thank you very much and God Bless you dear one.”

I love you and care about you so much. May these praise reports encourage you today that no matter what your problem may be, God is there for you. Also, thanks to all of my dear friends that so faithfully pray for this ministry each day and sacrificially give to keep us here. GOD IS GREATLY USING YOUR LIFE TO BRING HIS HOPE AND LOVE TO LOST AND HURTING PEOPLE WORLDWIDE EVERY DAY BECAUSE OF YOUR FAITHFULNESS AND OBEDIENCE!!!

All praise goes to our great God for His unconditional love for us and his endless grace and mercy. He is worthy to be praised!!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Every Year at this Time I Get Emails on Why A Christian Should Not Celebrate Easter

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(Matthew 28:1-8)

Every year at this time, I get inundated with emails that read like doctrinal dissertations on why a Christian should NOT celebrate Easter. They mostly come from cults, but also from some Christian groups, primarily Messianic congregations that in recent years have been hijacked by Gentiles and preach and teach a very legalistic doctrine focused solely on the Old Testament. For the record, Passover is a Jewish Feast and NOT a Christian celebration. Jesus became the “perfect one-time sacrifice” for the sins of mankind.

These groups make arguments about the pagan roots of Easter, the evils of Easter eggs, the satanic nature of the Easter bunny, and many other reasons why a Christian should not celebrate Easter. To those people I have only one thing to say, “You have sadly missed the point of this special time of year!!!”

Listen, everyone knows that the word Easter is not in the Bible (actually Easter is in the KJV, but is an incorrect translation of the Greek word that should say Passover) and originates from the pagan goddess Eostre. Do we stop using the names for the days of the week and months of the year because they also have pagan roots?

I have yet to meet anyone who worshiped an Easter egg, only ate them. If you are old enough to be able to read this, you are old enough to know that there is no Easter Bunny. These are simply symbols that the world uses in regard to this holiday. There is only ONE REASON a Christian celebrates Easter, and that is to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

One easy solution to those offended by the word “Easter” is to simply call Easter Sunday, Resurrection Day!

Christians SHOULD celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus! It is right and good that we take time each year to remember this blessed event. It is a well-documented, historical event chronicled in all four Gospels and supported by the historians of that day. It is easily the GREATEST EVENT IN HUMAN HISTORY! Think about it. God Himself, the Creator of the heavens and earth, came to this earth as a mere man to live with His creation.

He came as a baby, born of a virgin in a humble manger in an obscure little town. He would grow up to die on a cross as the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all mankind. Three days after His death, God would raise Him from the dead as a sign to this lost and unbelieving world that He was exactly who He claimed to be-the SON OF GOD!!! His life would literally transform the lives of every man, woman, and child for the rest of human history. THAT is why we celebrate Easter. THAT is why, as Christians, we MUST celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord.

I love you and care about you so much. I realize that most people who say not to celebrate Easter mean well and are trying to live their lives in a way pleasing and acceptable to God. But they have missed the point of Easter. Easter is about only one thing, celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus.

It is one of those times of the year that we gather with family and friends and share our faith in Christ. Easter is also VERY BIBLICAL. All four Gospels gives us the account of the very first Easter. Now, some 2,000 years later, we will set aside time this Sunday to celebrate the day that God raised our Lord from the dead.

I pray today that you will never forget what Easter is really about and why we celebrate this day. Of course, anything that the world gets involved with becomes perverted. The world has taken this sacred time of the year and turned it into a time of commerce. We must never allow ourselves to get so caught up in the commercialism of the Easter season, to forget what it is about . . . a time to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. THAT is what Easter is really about, and THAT is why, as Christians, we MUST celebrate the greatest event in human history!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2010, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Are You at that Place of Desperation where You Don’t See any Solutions to Your Challenges

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(Proverbs 12:15)

Are you at that place of desperation where you don’t see any solutions to the challenges you are facing? Are you in the 11th hour and losing hope? I get so many emails each day from people all over the world who are in the midst of major battles in their life. They are desperate, looking for something magical to happen to make their circumstances different overnight. I pray that by now you know how much I love you and care about you. I try to give myself each day to standing with you and helping you through the trials of everyday life.

This is one of those days that I need to use some tough love on you. So many of you have absolutely unrealistic expectations about resolving your problems that you need someone to tell you the truth. I hear over and over each day people say, “God has abandoned me…He doesn’t love me or how could He make me go through this.” The fact is God has never left you, God loves you unconditionally, and you go through most of the battles in your life because you do not have a workable plan to get victory.

It is also unrealistic to think that God is some genie in the bottle that you call on when you are in trouble and He will snap His fingers and make all of your problems go away. The fact is, most of your problems didn’t just happen overnight; they developed over a period of time. Victory will probably not happen overnight either; it will take place over a period of time. Let me interject that God can do anything, and if He, in His sovereign will, chooses to eliminate your problems overnight He CAN do that.

The logical question becomes where do I get this plan? God gives us His plan for victory in many ways. This is again why it becomes critical to have that intimate daily relationship with Him. It is in that close daily contact through prayer and the Word that He speaks to us. In our circumstances, He speaks to us. Through the counsel of others He speaks to us. It is a combination of all the above that helps us formulate a game plan, His plan, to be victorious.

One important element I just mentioned was the counsel of others. God has placed mature, Godly people in our life strategically to help us get victory over our battles. Drop your pride and reach out for the wise counsel of others. Let them know about your struggles and ask them to help you formulate a viable plan to see victory. Once armed with the plan God gives you, it requires you to be like Joshua as you faithfully and obediently follow the plan. Trust God, put your faith in Him, He won’t let you down. HE WILL LEAD YOU TO VICTORY OVER YOUR BATTLES!

For many of you today, you are so entrenched in the battles, you need a fresh set of eyes, someone from the “outside” who can give you a different perspective on your problems. If you are at the place of desperation, it is clear what you are doing is not working and you may need to totally restructure everything, This is where you need to humble yourself, swallow your pride, and find 2-3 people you trust to give you Godly counsel.

If it is a business problem, find people who are successful in your business. If it is some other type of problem, seek out those who have expertise in the area you are having problems. Sit down with these people, tell them what your problems are, what challenges you are facing, and ask them to give you a plan they would use if they were in your shoes. You need fresh ideas, fresh inspiration. I know that many of the problems I have had in my life were a a result of not seeking wise counsel. I have become a firm believer in the Biblical teaching to get wise counsel in those important decisions we make along our journey .

I realize that I am hitting very close to home for many of you today. For those of you that are dealing with some deep issues in your life, let me encourage you today. God loves you, He cares about you, and He has placed Godly men and women in the Body of Christ to help you overcome whatever your problems may be. Take this opportunity right now to ask God to give you the strength to admit there are problems that you just can’t overcome on your own, and that He will open up the doors for you and bring the right people into your life to help you overcome those problems and live the victorious life He intends you to enjoy!

I love you, I care about you deeply, and this is God talking to you today to lay your pride aside and seek out the help you need to overcome the problems in your life that are keeping you from enjoying the peace and joy that God intends for you to have. As I mentioned, God has placed many gifted and wonderful men and women in the Body of Christ to help you. Take advantage of them.

I will be in prayer for those of you who needed to hear these words of encouragement today. I realize that these can be deeply personal and difficult issues to deal with. My only desire is to see you become all that God has raised you up to be and know the incredible abundance this life can offer. I know you may be facing major issues in your life that are keeping that from happening, and I want you to know that there are answers, there are solutions, there is hope!

You don’t have to go through the rest of your life with that dark cloud hanging over you. You don’t have to go through another day without the joy God intends for you to have. God loves you and has placed people in your life to help you overcome those problems you are facing. There really is victory in Jesus. He has won the victory over whatever battle you are facing 2000 years ago on Calvary. May your number one priority today be getting a plan from God to win the battles you are facing in your life, execute the plan faithfully, and as my personal signature scripture from 1 Corinthians 15:57 says, “But thanks be to God, which giveth us the VICTORY through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Why are People always Looking for a Book to Change their Lives when the Greatest Life-Changing Book has already Been Written

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(2 Timothy 3:16,17)

Why are people always looking for a book to change their life when the greatest life-changing book has already been written??? If I had $1 for every email I get a month from people asking me what book they can read to help them in their walk with the Lord, I would never have to worry about the finances of Liveprayer again. Every day I get emails from people who are going through problems with their marriage, with their children, with their finances, with their health, in their job, with some addiction, and about every other issue you can imagine. Inevitably they will ask me if there is a good book they can read to help them with their problems.

Of course, I tell that that I know the PERFECT book and even know the author personally. Unless this is the very first Daily Devotional you have ever read, you already know what book I tell them to read…THE BIBLE!!! There has never been a book written that will ever compete with the book written by God Himself through the pens of those men He Divinely inspired, that will guide you and instruct you on every problem and issue you will face in this life. NONE! So let me say right up front that when you are going through problems in your life, facing the trials and tribulations of life we all face, the best book you can read to help you and guide you is the Bible.

Please, don’t take this word today to think I am dissing all other books, I am not. God has gifted many men and women over the centuries to write brilliant works. Today, we are blessed to have so many authors who have a true gift from Gold to be able to communicate through the written word. I’ve had a love for reading since I was young and growing up was always reading everything I could get my hands on. I will never forget summer vacations, making weekly trips to the library to return the 7-8 books I had read that week and getting 7-8 more. While each day I have to read a tremendous amount of material in connection with the work I do for the Lord, sadly I don’t get to read for pleasure near as much as I would like to.

The Bible can be very intimidating to many people, hard to understand. God has blessed some men and women to be able to take the truths we find in God’s Word and break them down in very easy to understand language and concepts. So it is good that we have literally hundreds and thousands of books out there that deal with every issue of life you can imagine from a Biblical perspective. The key point today, however, is that for any of these books to be effective, they MUST be based on Scripture. Once we get away from the Absolute Truth of God’s Word, we are simply following the guidance of men and not God.

Note: This is how so many get led astray by garbage like The DaVinci Code, The Jesus Papers, The Secret, and all of the rest of the satanically inspired books designed to lead people AWAY from Biblical Truth and faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Remember this, there is only ONE TRUTH and God gave that to us in the Bible. The answer to all of life’s problems are found on the pages of that great Book. There is no other source of Truth. Men can expound on God’s Truths, present them in different ways, but men can’t create Truth. I hate to break this to you but there are no magical prayers you can say to get wealth and prosperity as some mislead people to think. The Bible is not a book of magic words. That is why you must be very careful about the books you decide to read. Who is the author and what is his or her credentials. More important, what is their theological background and training. The reality of today is that ANYONE can write a book. Just because it is supposed to be “Biblically based,” doesn’t mean it is.

*WARNING! It is dangerous to read books without having a good Biblical foundation so that you can immediately spot error and not let some human author lead you away from the real Truth you find when you read the Divine Author!

Here is the litmus test I share with people all the time. Does what the author say line up with what THE AUTHOR says? In other wards, is what the author saying in line with God’s Word, since that is our ultimate standard. Of course to know that, you must what? READ AND STUDY THE BIBLE! This is why I challenge you daily to read the Bible EVERY DAY. You should be in a good Bible study either through your church or with a group that has someone leading it who has the theological training to help guide you in studying God’s Word. If you visit your local Christian bookstore, you will find TONS of great resources to help you read and study God’s Word. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR READING AND STUDYING THE BIBLE FOR YOURSELF!

I love you and care about you so much. There are so many great books being written all the time to help guide us and encourage us in our faith in Christ. There are also lots of books being written all the time that are leading people AWAY from the Absolute Truth we find in God’s Word. My counsel to you today is simply this. Make reading and studying the Bible a priority in your life EVERY DAY. It is the greatest, most important, and life-changing book ever created because it was written by God Himself through those human hands He Divinely inspired over many years.


In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Will We Wake Up before We have to Experience the Full Wrath and Fury of God is Poured Out

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(Psalms 9:10)

With the continuing decay of the soul of this nation, the passage of socialized medicine that will increase the number of abortions by up to 30% based on the numbers presented by the world’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, will we wake up before we have to experience the full wrath and fury of God being poured out on our land????

Our time is now! Twenty years ago when I answered God’s call to the ministry, I only had one goal…to save souls. I learned quickly the church was not the place to make the biggest impact, nor was the Christian media. If the goal was to save souls, than you had to go to where the lost were. That is why Liveprayer was started over 10 years ago, to use the new technology of the internet to reach the lost and hurting. That is why the Liveprayer TV and radio programs were so ground breaking. We have been the only ministry to broadcast solely on secular TV and radio stations and networks to reach those who would never hear the message of Christ’s love. I also made a commitment that we would never ask for a dime during those broadcasts since many who are lost correctly see that Christian ministries are there primarily for one reason, to raise money. There is ZERO other reason every major ministry has a presence on Christian radio and TV. It is about MONEY!

Trust me, nobody more than I understands that it takes money to operate. However, the only reason the major ministries are on Christian TV or radio is to generate money. Otherwise, they would not be preaching to the choir, but preaching to those who need the Truth of God’s Word the most, those people are not watching Christian TV or listening to Christian radio. Those people watch and listen to SECULAR TV and radio. The influence of people like Oprah, Limbaugh, Beck, Ellen, Trya, Stern, and others, comes from one thing…their daily media presence!!! As I type these words today, the key to turning this nation back to God and to His Truth is to bring the Truth of the Bible and the hope of Christ to the masses….is through the secular broadcasting world where people are looking for answers and wanting the hope that only comes thru Christ!!!

Another thing I have refused to do over these past 20 years, is play the game the rest of the major Christian ministries play. You don’t generate one hundred million dollars or more a year, operate out of lavish glass buildings, have staffs of hundreds, fly around in private jets, live in multiple mansions, unless you “play the game.” Again, part of that game is being in the Christina media. Another part of that game is networking with other major ministry organizations so both parties can help each other. Another part of that game is to compromise and ignore the Truth of the Bible by getting in bed with those who are enemies of God for money. Sadly, all the major ministries have sold out at some point for money.

James Dobson and Jerry Falwell were both in bed with cult founder Myung Sung Moon of the “Moonies” for money. James Dobson refuses to speak out against the Mormons since he sells lots of books to them. Robert Schuller is not only a Mason but a protégé of men like Norman Vincent Peale whose Gospel was not of Jesus, but of positive thinking, a lie from hell. T.D.Jakes denies the trinity and supported an enemy of God like Barack Obama for President. Paul Crouch will never air anything anti-Muslim for fear of losing the millions he brings in from overseas. Joel Osteen is a gutless wonder who is little more than a motivational speaker. John Hagee tells Jews they can be saved without accepting Jesus since he does lots of business with Jews in Israel.

The few who don’t deviate to such a degree, have simply stayed in the safety, comfort, and profitability of the Christian trough since that is where they make their money. Liveprayer has been the target of a 2-year inquiry by the IRS because I had the audacity to tell people the truth about the satanic Mormon cult. We are targeted frequently by homosexual groups, pro-abortion groups, various cults like Scientology and Mormonism, because I not only speak out against them in accordance with the Word of God, but do so in a secular arena for everyone to see and hear. I don’t hide behind the 4 walls of the church or in the Christian media and have refused to play the game!!!

From day one I decided that everything I did would be for free. The Bible says the Gospel is freely received and is to be freely given. Despite the opportunity to raise millions of dollars even from a secular audience, never once in over 2000 TV and radio programs have I asked the audience for a dime. I wasn’t there for their money, but for their souls! I could have turned Liveprayer into a powerful business. But again, I was not there to turn the ministry into a business, but to share the Truth of the Bible and the hope of Christ with people…FOR FREE!!! Obviously there was a need for the funds to propagate the Gospel, but I never lacked the faith to trust God to provide for the needs of His work here. Since I started in the ministry over 20 years ago, I have literally lived month to month personally and for the ministry. Each month I only asked the Lord to provide for that months needs.

In over 10 years, Liveprayer has reached tens of millions of lives worldwide, seen apx. 400,000 souls won to Christ, answered over 70 million email prayer requests, and archived over 4 million praise reports from people who took the time to share what God did in their life through Liveprayer. That has all happened as month after month I trusted the Lord for that months provision and the God moved on the hearts of friends like you to sacrifce some of what He has entrusted to them to help me.

A few weeks ago, I heard disgraced Congressman Massa from New York speak of how he and his colleagues spend an average of 5-7 hours a day asking people for money. Sadly, I have had to spend far too many hours over these past 20 years sharing our needs to make people aware of the opportunity they have to help me and further God’s work through Liveprayer. I never hired professional money raisers like the other major ministries have. Again, I have simply operated from day one on faith, sharing our needs, and getting on my knees in prayer as I trusted God, not the devices of men, for the funds we needed.

Over these many years, God has allowed me to take the Liveprayer TV and radio program to places nobody else was or wanted to go, and that was to the secular broadcast networks. Satan has fought me every step of the way, since he knows the success we have had over these past 7 years in reaching the lost and hurting, and the millions of lives we could reach and impact we could have on the culture if we could ever secure a national TV and radio presence.

Since 2003 when we began the TV and radio portion of the ministry, we have secured right at $5.7 million in sort term loans to cover our TV and radio presence on secular networks. To date, we have paid off $4 million of those notes, with $1.7 million still outstanding. Sadly, they would have been paid off by now, except when the economic downturn hit in the last quarter of 2008, it severely hampered our ability to continue to generate advertising revenues and donations in order to operate and pay off our remaining debt.

Over the past 6 months, I have explored selling off the only asset of the ministry, our email data base, in order to pay off the remaining debt of the ministry. On numerous occasions over the years I was offered $2.4 million dollars for the email data base. However, with the economic downturn, the list of those organizations who were in a position to purchase the database has dramatically decreased, and those who were interested were now only willing to pay $1.2 million. That is not possible since it still leaves me $500,000 short of paying off the debt and with nothing to continue the minsitry in some form afterwards.

The most frustrating thing for me is not just the debt that needs to be paid off, but with another $6 million, we would have a sustained daily presence on secular TV and radio., the Liveprayer TV and radio programs are not some nice idea. They have an over 10 year track record of success! The national media presence would not only save souls, but put the Truth of God’s Word to the issues of the day, and also help lead a move for this nation to turn back to God and Biblical Truth. $6 million may seem like much money, but in the scheme of things it is really not. Many of the leaders of major ministries have MULTIPLE homes worth as much, private jets worth 5x as much. People give to build buildings for that much money simply to house a local fellowship with 1,000 people. The fact is, with this amount of money, through the powerful broadcasting vehicles we have developed, we could bring the body of Christ together as one and save the souls of this nation.

It is ashame that the world can raise tens, even hundreds of millions of dollars for things that are meaningless. People will give freely to the arts, to animals, to botanical gardens. They will give freely to politicians who do nothing for them. They will even open their wallet when some preacher on TV tells them they can be rich if they just send in a check. I am sorry, but I will never promise you something the Bible doesn’t teach just to get you to give. I am not going to create some sort of special reason just to get you to give. I will keep telling you what our needs are for the month, and challenge you to make the sacrifce to help me, so that we can share with the lost the same hope you and I have found in Jesus!

Today I am coming to you to ask you to pray for me. I am fully aware that if everyone reading these words today would simply give $1, the debt could be retired and we would have a good start on the $6 million for that national secular media presence. Unfortunately, as simple as that sounds, it is not reality. Less than 1/4 of 1% we reach ever give monetarily to God’s work here at Liveprayer. God has always used the few to feed the many, but I am asking everyone who has been blessed by our work here but have never given to Liveprayer, to at least send in $1. I also know that there are several people reading these words today who have the ability to help me retire our debt and cover what we need for that national secular media presence. Please join me in prayer that God will move on their hearts of everyone reading this message to step up and allow the Lord to use them to make a real impact with their lives.

So for now, I will keep walking each day by faith, trusting God for our needs. I am very encouraged by our Gold for Souls program. It has the ability to help us retire our debt and generate all we need for our media presence. Please pray about using this new program to give to Liveprayer. Check out this easy way for you to help me at: . Also, I am asking you to pray today about helping me with a special one-time gift of whatever the Lord lays on your heart. It that is $1 fine. It if it is $10 or $20 fine. If it is $50 or $100 fine. If it is $250, $500, $1,000, $10,000 or more, fine. Simply pray and ask God what He is calling you to do so I can get the balance of our debt paid off and move forward with a national presence on secular TV and radio to turn this nation back to God and His Truth.


TO GIVE A GIFT TO LIVEPRAYER, you can use your major credit card on our secure server at: under the “Donation” link, you can give using your PayPal account using my email address: , or you can mail your gift to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Ave. North, St. Petersburg, Fl 33709 All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

Since the economic downturn, nearly 100,000 religious and other non-profit organizations have closed their doors. Daily we are praying with people who had lost money in in some sort of financial investment like promissory notes or bonds with religious organizations who have had to close their doors and declared bankruptcy. This ministry has operated with fiscal transparency for 20 years now and I have always shared our exact needs for that month and asked people to pray about helping me. It has been the faithfulness of thousands over the years that has allowed us to do all we have, and the faithfulness of friends like you who will insure we fulfill our ultimate purpose in these coming months, and that is leading the lost to faith in Jesus Christ and helping to lead this nation back to God and His Truth.

I refuse to back down, go away, or run from God’s calling on my life. However, I can’t do this alone. With your help, we can retire this last $1.7 million of debt, cover the $20,000 we need for the rest of this months financial obligations, take care of the $80,000 of shortfalls we are carrying from 2009, and the $10,000 we need immediately for equipment. I say this without hesitation because the same God who has sustained us these past 20 years, is the same God who will sustain us today and tomorrow. Liveprayer has a divine commission, and you can be part of God’s plan here with your prayers and sacrificial gift.

The soul of this nation and literally hundreds of millions of lost people hang in the balance. Sadly, those ministries with the resources to impact our nation and those lost souls have little vision and decided to stay in the comfort and profitability of the Christian trough. I can’t do that since when my life is over, I have to stand before God and give and account of my life. We have the vehicle, we have the ability, and now I need YOUR help so that we can fulfill all God has called us to do. Will you stand with me? Will you help me? When God calls us home, the only thing that will matter is our faithfulness and our only legacy are those lives we impact for Christ. This is our moment in human history to take our stand for Christ!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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Why is a School Helping a 15-Year-Old Child Get an Abortion

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(John 10:10)

Why is a school helping a 15-year-old CHILD get an abortion? A true story out of Seattle,Washington should horrify all parents. A 15-year-old girl went to the school’s clinic and took a pregnancy test. The test came back positive and the school helped facilitate this young girl to take a cab to an abortion clinic during school hours, get an abortion, and return before the end of the school day. ALL OF THIS HAPPENED WITHOUT ANYONE NOTIFYING THE 15-YEAR-OLD CHILD’S PARENTS!!! For all of you parents, how would you feel if you found out AFTER THE FACT that your child’s school had facilitated her getting an abortion?

Listen, I am not going for a second lessen the responsibility of the young girl involved or her parents. It is critical that young boys and girls understand that sex is not a game and killing babies is murder! Both the girl and her parents must be held accountable for their actions, however, there is simply no excuse for a school to be involved in helping a child kill a baby without any notification of the parents. That is simply not acceptable!
The culture of death is hanging over this nation like a black cloud! God created man never to die. Physical and spiritual death were never part of God’s plan for man. However, it was man, exercising his God-given free will that introduced both forms of death into the human experience. Death is from the pits of hell itself, while life is from God. Satan comes to KILL, steal, and destroy and is synonymous with death. It is through faith in Jesus Christ that man is promised everlasting life and conquers death. Christ came to give life and life abundantly and He is synonymous with life.

Sadly, this has become a nation that has embraced, even glorifies death. Because we have separated ourselves so far from God, we no longer value life. Life is no longer viewed as special or treated as sacred. Many people ask me why I talk about abortion so often and the fact we slaughter over 4,000 innocent babies in this nation every 24 hours. It is because people have become numb and desensitized to death! I’ll prove it to you. Let me ask you a very legitimate question. Answer honestly. Did you think at all today about the FACT that in the past 24 hours, apx 4,000 innocent babies were slaughtered in this nation? Did you?

We have simply come to live with the fact that we practice legalized infanticide and we don’t even give it a second thought. People die in floods, fires, car wrecks hurricanes, tornadoes and we mourn. 3,000 innocent lives were lost on 9/11 and we consider that the greatest act of terror on our soil. Yet we don’t even give a second thought to the fact that every 24 hours, another 4,000 innocent lives are destroyed! What kind of sick and perverted nation allows such a thing to happen?

We have a President whose very first act was to sign an executive order allowing US taxpayer funds to pay for abortions worldwide. He is the most pro-death Presidnet ever. The newly enacted Obamacare will insure an increase of 30% more abortions. That number didn’t come from me, it comes from the greatest baby-killing business in the world, Planned Parenthood!

We read in the Bible how Herod, after the birth of Jesus, sent his men to kill every baby under the age of two years. They literally ripped babies out of the arms of the mothers and killed them on the spot. Even though I have read that passage of Scripture 1,000 times, each time I read it in horror. What kind of monster would do such a thing to innocent babies? Yet, we are no better than Herod. Our new President, the figurehead of our nation, is another “Herod.” He is the embodiment of this culture of death as he supports and advocates the killing of innocent babies. He will insure during his time in office that the practice of infanticide continues in this nation without any restrictions.

Children are born into this culture of death and brainwashed from birth that life has no meaning. Through the media that bombards them with images of violence and death, to the games they play, they are desensitized to death from birth. Just 20 minutes from the Liveprayer offices, a 9-year-old boy hung himself in his closet with a couple of belts after dinner. In Arizona, an 8-year-old shot and killed his father and his father’s friend. This was not an accidental shooting, but a deliberate act of murder. Teen and child suicide, teens involved in premeditated murder, are both on the rise in this nation.

Several months ago in Florida, a 19-year-old was logged onto a video chat site and with thousands of people online, cheering him on, he overdosed and died, LIVE ON THE INTERNET! We are aghast and disturbed by this. But don’t worry, there will be copycats killing themselves live on the Internet in the coming months, and pretty soon it won’t be a big deal. We’ll simply accept that people are committing suicide live on the Internet just like we accept and are used to people jumping off of high profile bridges to their death.

Very troubling to me is the latest “hot book series” for children, that has been quickly been turned into a movie that made over $70 MILLION its first weekend. Stephenie Meyer makes JK Rowling look like a choir director. She is a member of the Mormon cult and a true tool satan is using in these last days to bring this culture of death to children. She is the author of the 4-book “Twilight” series. These are books that romanticize the world of vampires, which is a dark world of eternal death. The danger in these books, and now the movie, is that they are geared to children, teens and young adults and glamorize the perverted world of vampires, which is nothing more than a world of death.

I love you and care about you so much. Please wake up!!! We not only live in, but we accept this culture of death that hangs over our nation. Jesus came to deliver us from death. Jesus won the victory over death. We do not have to accept this black cloud of death that hangs over our land. It is time Christians took our stand and loudly, boldly, visibly proclaimed LIFE! Children are growing up without any understanding of where life came from and how precious it is. So it is no wonder why they have embraced death to the extent they have.

Are you ready to take your stand for Christ??? Liveprayer is a life-changing vehicle God has been using for over 10 years now to impact literally tens of millions of lives all over the world. We have tapped into the great technology of our day to reach the world and individual lives with the Truth of God’s Word and the hope and love of Jesus Christ. I can’t do this alone. Now more than ever it is critical for each person who knows the Lord to step up and allow Him to use your life.

I refuse to accept this culture of death we live in. I am asking you to take your stand for Christ and help me change this nation into a culture of LIFE, abundant now and everlasting through faith in Jesus Christ!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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This Nation Gets Further Away from God and Closer to Seeing His Wrath

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(Genesis 12:1-7, 13:14-16, 15:18; Deuteronomy 9:4-6; Joshua 1:1-11, 21:43-45)

Each day, this nation gets further away from God and closer to seeing His wrath and judgment unleashed on our once great land. On top of legally slaughtering over 4,000 innocent babies each day, making a mockery of God’s Holy Institution of Marriage, embracing every type of sexual perversion man has thought up in his depraved mind, worshipping the false gods and idols of the world, and literally living in all-out rebellion to our Creator and His Truth, the United States is now standing with the ENEMIES OF ISRAEL! My friend, if we ever wanted to experience the wrath of God, we are doing everything we possibly can to see that it happens.

Memo to President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton: Jerusalem belongs to Israel, ALL of it! If Israel wants to build settlements in Jerusalem, they can. The enemies of Israel have NO CLAIM to this land!!! We are on the verge of seeing God’s judgment poured out on this wicked nation, and now we are siding with the enemies of Israel? We are out of our mind! This is like going up to the biggest guy you can find on the street and spitting in his face. We are literally putting our middle finger in the air and screaming profanities at the top of our lungs to God!!!

Please, do yourself a favor right now and get your Bible and sit down and spend the next 10 minutes reading the anchor verses for today, Genesis 12:1-7, 13:14-16, 15:18; Deuteronomy 9:4-6; Joshua 1:1-11; 21:43-45. You could spend hours reading all the passages in God’s Word that confirm that modern-day Israel is the land God promised to Abraham and gave to His children. You do not have to be a Bible scholar to quickly realize in just the few key passages I have given you today that the land of Israel is indeed the exact land God Himself promised to His children 4,000 years ago, and fulfilled that promise in 1385 B.C. when Joshua took possession of that land.

Having laid the Biblical case to support that the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, now you can see why giving away even one inch of that land to anyone else is going against God Himself. No person, no nation, has the right to give away what God promised and gave to the Jewish people. Those who do make themselves an enemy of God! Over and over throughout the Bible and human history, nations have invaded this land, taken it over, only to be defeated in the end. The land of Israel is only 20,330 sq km, slightly smaller than the state of New Jersey. Out of the billions of square miles that exist on this earth, this is the only place on the planet God literally promised and gave to His children. For anyone to go in and try to give a piece of that land away is foolish.

That is why the current “peace plan” the United States has had such a large role in working out will never work and has actually put our nation on the opposite side of God again! Let me be clear. The Gaza Strip belongs to ISRAEL! The West Bank belongs to ISRAEL! Jerusalem, all of it, belongs to ISRAEL! For this nation to be involved in any deals, even under the guise of “peace,” that involves giving away the land God gave to the children of Israel is taking on God Himself! Not to mention that this land is being given away to the ENEMIES OF ISRAEL!!!

My friend, one of the problems many have with the Bible is that they can’t understand why a God of love would command His children to go to war and “Kill every man, woman, child, and living thing” as He did many times in the Old Testament. The reason was this. God in His omniscience knew that the enemies of Israel, those who came to possess their land, had no desire for peace but the complete destruction and annihilation of the Jewish people. The complete obliteration of the Jewish people was their ONLY goal, not peace. Sadly, there are some people who have no desire for peace, only death and destruction and you either destroy them or they destroy you. That is one of the sad realties of living in this fallen and evil world.

For those who oppose the war in Iraq, they either don’t understand or are completely blind to the fact that there are people on this planet whose only goal is the complete destruction of the United States and every person who lives here. That means you and your family too! I am thankful that this current administration understands this fact and that the peace-nuts we see on TV constantly don’t have the power to impose their Pollyanna views of life on the defense policies of this nation or we would all be in grave danger. The sad reality is that there are very real people alive this very moment whose very real goal is the complete destruction of the United States. We will either kill them or they will kill us. We are blessed that our forefathers understood the evil that exits in this world or we would not be here today, enjoying the wonderful freedoms and life we do.

Israel also clearly understands the reality that there are people who desire their death and destruction. They don’t have the luxury of great oceans on either side as we do and their enemies literally live all around them. That is what makes this current “peace plan” so silly. To actually take some of the small amount of land that belongs to Israel and literally give it to their enemies is absurd and ridiculous. It will only embolden and empower those who seek the destruction of Israel. Again, make no mistake about it. While we and others seek “peace,” it takes TWO to make peace. Despite the claims by the Palestinian leadership, their goal is NOT peace but the destruction of Israel.

I have always been amused at why anyone thinks it is necessary to give the little strip of land God gave to Israel away to her enemies, when Israel is surrounded by Arab nations with VAST AMOUNTS of land who could easily assimilate their Arab brothers into their countries. Why do the Palestinians have to live on the land God gave to Israel when there is plenty of land in neighboring Arab countries they could live on? What is wrong with a “peace plan” that gave some of the land in surrounding Arab countries to the Palestinians?

I love you and care about you so much. I want to close today with a powerful promise God made to Abraham 4,000 years ago in Genesis 12:3, “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” This one verse of Scripture is why what is happening in Israel right now is so critical to THIS NATION! In being part of a plan to give away the land God gave to Israel to anyone, especially her enemies who seek her destruction, puts us on the wrong side of God. We should be seeking the BLESSINGS of God, not His CURSES!

Know that I am praying for you today. Even though most Jewish people have rejected Christ as their Savior, blinded to the reality that He is the Messiah they were promised in the Old Testament, they were, are, and always will be God’s chosen people. The promise God gave Abraham in Genesis 12:3 is still in effect today. Our Christian faith is traced back through the children of Israel. The last events of this world will be played out in Israel. That is why we need to pray for and support the Jewish people and God’s plan for the land of Israel. Our blessings in life come from following God not being in opposition to God!

Also, be praying for this special group of people God chose to reveal Himself to and carry His message to the world. It was through the Jewish people God brought His Son, the Messiah, the Savior of the world. Wonderful groups like Jews for Jesus have done a great work in bringing the fact the Messiah prophesied throughout the Old Testament, is Jesus! Jesus is the fulfillment of all of those Old Testament prophecies, and despite the fact He was rejected by his own people, today millions of Jewish people have come to know Jesus as their personal Savior by faith. In Heaven there will be no Jew or Gentile, only those who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2010, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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