The Same Jesus that We Read about in the Bible is the Same Jesus Who is Alive Today

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(Hebrews 13:8)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, I heard a Pastor say, “no one can change the past, not even God.” How do we know that to be true and why can’t, or couldn’t, God change the past?

ANSWER: I am not sure the full context of that statement, but taken alone it is true. However, to fully understand that statement, it needs to be stated that it is God who already knows the future and allows whatever to occur to occur. Sadly, we often have NO IDEA why God allows certain things, but stand in our faith that if we trust Him, He will guide us through both the good times and difficult times of this journey though life.

The same Jesus that we read about in the Bible, is the VERY SAME Jesus that is alive and available to YOU today! I don’t know if you have ever sat down and taken the time to fully comprehend the powerful truth of that statement or what it means for your life today. The same Jesus that we read about in the Bible is ALIVE TODAY! The same Jesus that met needs, worked miracles in the Bible, is the same Jesus that is meeting needs and working miracles THIS VERY DAY! What Jesus did for those in the Bible many years ago, He will do for you today!

The Devotional today is a bit different than most days. Last week during the opening monologue of my TV program, the Holy Spirit began to speak through me this powerful truth. We have taken the word for word transcript of exactly what I said to my television audience, and I want to share those words with you today. This would be a good day to go to the website, and listen to the audio version of the Devotional that we post there each day, since this is a special word that you need to hear as well as read.

I pray that you will open your heart to receive this powerful truth today. I want you to know that no matter what your need is today, Jesus, not some mythical figure, but the JESUS IN THE BIBLE, is alive and well this very minute and ready to meet and exceed your every need.

(transcript from Liveprayer television program)

“Alright, I want to get into the phones tonight because I tell you what… I just sensed that as I was driving over here that people watching tonight, some people have never….never watched this program, some people never even thought about calling a program like this and you know what, there’s nothing magical about calling me but what it is, is simply a measure of your faith… …it’s a way to exercise your faith….you know in the Bible we read about people who had great needs in their life, especially during the ministry of Jesus, and some people went to great lengths to get into the presence of Jesus believing that He was the one that could meet their needs…..and they were right but they had to exercise their faith and put themselves in the position for Jesus to bless them in the way He did ….there’s nothing magical about calling me …I’m not the one who can meet your needs tonight….but the same Jesus that met needs in the Bible is….listen to this…listen to this…this is going to be a word that’s going to set people free tonight…listen to what I’m about to tell you…in the book of Hebrews, it says, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever”…let me tell you what the significance of that verse of scripture is to you tonight…that means the very same Jesus that healed people in the Bible, the very same Jesus that set people free in the Bible, the very same Jesus who worked miracles in the Bible, that very same Jesus is here tonight to heal you, to set you free, and to work a miracle in your life…isn’t that powerful?.. and the very same way those people in the Bible had to exercise their faith, you have to exercise your faith tonight and there is a very simple way to do that…in a minute I’m going to put the phone up and you just call that and reach out and believe and the very same Jesus that healed, delivered, worked miracles, is the very same Jesus that tonight that can heal you, set you free, and work a miracle in your life… phew, it’s powerful… that’s why I laugh at people… you know that’s why I was laughing at um you know….I was just laughing at the ignorance…. of Kyle the other night….”oh it’s just a book written by a bunch of farmers”…heh, heh, heh, heh….that poor, poor, poor foolish young man…you know ….some people that watch this program they just think that this is nothing but a book …they have no clue…they have no clue….they have no clue the power of God’s Word…the Bible says of itself that it is sharper than any 2 edged sword….it just doesn’t cut you, it cuts right through everything, right to the quick..that’s how powerful it is….and the truth of this word for you tonight and I want you to hear and understand….is that this is revelation to a lot of people…this is enlightenment to a lot of people because you never really understood what I’m telling you right now…listen to me this is one of those moments when those light bulbs go off… ok?….the very same Jesus that you read about in this Book is the very same Jesus that’s alive and available to you tonight..this isn’t just a history know, you read about Abraham Lincoln…well guess what…Abraham Lincoln is dead….Abraham Lincoln can’t do nothing for you tonight…you read about Gen. Patton..guess what General Patton is dead..he can’t do anything for those troops over in Iraq tonight…you read about the great historical figures of years gone by…and as wonderful as they were…as great as they were, they can’t do anything for you today because they’re dead…Jesus my friend, is alive and well and sitting at the right hand of God the Father ready to intercede for His children tonight and the very same Jesus that is alive and performing miracles in this Book is the very same Jesus that’s alive and performing miracles tonight this very moment…..and while you can read about Him in this Book you can know Him tonight…while you can be encouraged what He did to others in this Book know that this Book says He is no respecter of person….and the same Jesus that touched people in this Book is the same Jesus that can touch you tonight….and if you need that special touch from the Master, don’t sit on that couch tonight…arise…get to that phone..exercise your faith tonight…I read abut the woman with the issue of blood…how many people had an illness but weren’t willing to pay the price to go find Jesus…that’s why you don’t read about them…the one you read about is the one that exercised her many lame men of His day wanted to be healed but didn’t have enough faith to do what was necessary to go see Jesus…we read about the lame man that did have the faith to go see Jesus and he was healed because of his faith…how many of you watching tonight have a need in your life for healing for your marriage, for an addiction….for finances…..for employment….how many people tonight are watching this program right now that have a need in your life that won’t have your need met because you don’t have enough faith to even call the number….this isn’t a 900 …this isn’t a sham like Miss Cleo where you are going to get your phone bill charged $400….I don’t get any money by having you call this number….that is a point of contact for your faith….and if you need Jesus to touch your life tonight, get up out of your chair and go to your phone and exercise your faith tonight…the phone coming up on your screen….I want you to call me right now because I’m ready to take some phone calls tonight…and see Jesus work in your life…”

I love you and care about you so much. Over 14 years online, has responded to over 70 million emails for prayer. The praise reports that have come forth from those prayer requests are MIRACULOUS. That is because Jesus is still in the miracle business! I want to encourage you today just like I encouraged my television audience the other night. There is nothing magical about emailing a prayer request to Liveprayer. What it is, is simply a point of contact for your faith. It is a way for you to exercise your faith in the Lord and say, “Lord, I need you.”

I know that every person reading these words is battling with something in their life today today. I want you to know that Jesus is here to help you if you will simply call on His name. That is why at the end of every Devotional I give you my email address, and invite you to email me any time I can help you. I don’t have the answer to your problem, I can’t make your problems go away, but I know the One who can and I will lift you and your needs before the Lord and intercede on your behalf. When you have a need and send that email for prayer, you are exercising your faith that Christ is your hope and answer for whatever your problem may be.

I will be praying for you, and praying for you to never forget that Jesus is alive and well in 2013. He is still meeting needs and performing miracles just like He did in the Bible. I want to encourage you today that when you have a need, don’t ever hesitate to call on Him. HE WILL ANSWER! What an incredible truth when you think that the very same Jesus we read about in the pages of the Bible, is the very same Jesus that is alive and available to us today!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2013, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This Message is about Reaching The Lost Souls God has Commanded Us To

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(John 4:35)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, I have recently read a daily devotional that really has disturbed me as it said it is an insult to God for Christians to ask for forgiveness. Because He died for all our sins (previous and future). So if this is true, how can Christians truly repent?

ANSWER: First, you NEVER read that here. Sadly, in the internet age, there is a plethora of people writing online with ZERO theological training. That is why it is critical to know WHO you are reading. What you read is 100% INCORRECT. In 1 John 1,written to Believers, that we ALL sin. Just because we have confessed our sins, asked forgiveness, repented (turned from our sin), we still need to confess our sins and ask for forgiveness daily…since we ALL sin and fall short of the glory of God. The wonderful thing is we have the assurance from God’s Word we will be forgiven.

TODAY, I AM DOING SOMETHING THAT I HAVE NEVER DONE IN 14 YEARS OF LIVEPRAYER!!! I’ve told you often that satan is very predictable. I had NO DOUBT that after the door God opened to share His Truth and the hope of Christ with Howard Stern’s audience, satan was going to be coming hard. What happened that night was the equivalent of preaching the Gospel in a Mosque, in a strip club, in a packed nightclub on a Saturday night. It was literally walking into satan’s house, eating the food out of his refrigerator, sitting in his favorite chair, and watching his television.

I spent days fasting and took several hours when I would normally be sleeping to go into my prayer closet. I was not only praying for God’s protection from whatever attacks we would be experiencing, but as I have been praying for months now, for God to give us the breakthrough we need to get the TV program available worldwide digitally and on 30 cities, back on a national platform. I have been praying specifically for God to bring one person along side who has the $6 million we need to sustain the program nationally for 6 months so that it can survive, or to bring me one person who has the vision and burden for what we are doing, and the ability, gifts, and connections to put together a group who can give the $6 million we need.

Liveprayer TV:

I know God has someone reading this today who either has the personal resources to meet this need, or the ability to put together a group of people who do. I have been praying for that person to step up and let God use them in a way that will literally impact tens of millions of lives across the nation, and could even be the vehicle to bring true revival to this nation and cause us to repent and turn back to God! That is what this is about. Not a TV program, but a vehicle to reach the nation with His Truth and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and literally change the spiritual course of our nation!


What I want you to do today is pray, really pray, before you read these words. It is no accident you are reading them again! Ask God to open your spiritual eyes. I don’t want you to just read the words, but HEAR MY HEART as I pour it out to you in the words There is a lost world out there, with people dying and going to hell every second. Many of these people are perishing for all eternity needlessly, simply because nobody ever really reached out to them and invaded their life and told them there are answers, there is hope in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

This message is not about doing an hour radio special on Howard Stern’s Sirius Satellite Radio channel, or a TV program. THIS MESSAGE IS ABOUT REACHING THE LOST SOULS WE HAVE BEEN COMMANDED BY GOD TO BRING THE GOSPEL TO! So I am begging you, please, take 10 minutes, stop what you are doing, pray and ask God to open your heart, and hear HIS VOICE in these words. Thank you for your love, prayers, and support. Thank you for standing with me as we boldly, visibly, and without shame take Christ to this nation!!!!

“Do you not say, ‘Four months more and then the harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.’ ” John 4:35

What I am sharing with you really encapsulates the whole vision of what Liveprayer is about and the vision God has given me for His work here. I can tell you this, I have come back from NYC and the Stern experience even more focused, more sold out and fired up about what God has called me to do with my life . The past few days were God’s clear affirmation on all that we have done through Liveprayer for 14 years now and the green light to move forward in bringing His Truth to the masses and the hope of Christ to the lost and hurting!

Twenty years ago when I was running from God, I made many trips to NYC for business and pleasure. This was my first trip to NYC since going into the ministry. Obviously, I had a whole new perspective and saw things with a very different mindset. I remember getting up early Sunday and looking out over Central Park, watching the tens of thousands of people in the park walking, running, riding their bikes, and walking their dogs. For a second, God gave me “spiritual eyes,” and instead of seeing tens of thousands of people, I saw tens of thousands of souls! So many of them simply living their lives oblivious to the fact that they would die one day soon and spend eternity in hell.

How sad and how unnecessary. Jesus already paid the price for the sins of all mankind. Watching the throngs of people in Central Park, my heart was breaking knowing so many of them would perish for all eternity when they could just as easily be heading towards a mansion in Glory when their life here is over. Some, of course, have heard and rejected God’s love. Many have bought the lies of different false religions, cults, and New Age philosophies. However, there were so many who have simply never clearly heard that Jesus loves them, died for their sins, and has a wonderful plan and purpose for their life. Every day, so many people die and go to hell needlessly because they have simply never been confronted and challenged and given the opportunity to commit their lives to Jesus!

I remember going through Times Square. As I sat in the taxi, crawling along Broadway inch by inch, I was mesmerized by the endless attempts to get my attention. A 50 foot picture of P-Diddy advertising his clothing line. Huge billboards advertising Broadway shows and the newest movies. Huge lit banners promoting Sony, Nike, Revlon, and scores of other products. Several 20-30 foot TV monitors playing ads for cars, jeans, alcohol, and various TV programs. It was actually sensory overload as these Madison Avenue creations were all competing for the hundreds of thousands of eyeballs in Times Square.

As I sat there taking it all in, something was clearly missing in all of these images. Glaringly absent was any message that when you are hurting, dealing with life’s problems, there are answers and hope in Jesus. THERE WAS NOTHING, NOT EVEN ONE SIGN, TELLING PEOPLE THAT JESUS IS THEIR HOPE AND ANSWER! P-Diddy won’t save anyone’s soul. Sony won’t save your marriage. Nike isn’t going to help you find freedom from some addiction. Versace wants to take your money not help you when you need to pay your mortgage. Chivas Regal is not the answer you need. Where is the vision of the Body of Christ? In the midst of all the bright lights, the billboards, the modern day electronics, the only real hope and answer for people’s lives WAS MISSING!!!

Monday afternoon, I had the joy of spending some time with a man who is part of the Liveprayer family who has sacrificed greatly to help us reach the lost and hurting people around the world we do each day. His office was on 5th Avenue across from St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I mentioned to him that St. Pat’s would be an incredible place to open up during the day and night and hold a great revival. What a wasted facility.

Again, as we talked, I looked at the teeming masses down on 5th Avenue, seeing lost souls, not people. So many lost souls on a conveyor belt to hell, many oblivious of what awaits them when they take their last breath. I told my friend that while it is great we go to foreign countries to bring those people the Gospel, we don’t need to go any further than next door to reach the lost for Christ. I’ve stated before, the greatest mission field in 2013 is not some remote jungle or isolated country, but right here in the United States!

The hour special on Howard Stern’s Sirius Satellite Radio channel was exactly what I expected, and other than having two of the people live in the studio with me, pretty much what I deal with each night on the Liveprayer TV program. If you have not heard the program, the audio for the hour special is located at: In the aftermath of the program, we received over 2200 emails for prayer, 80% were from people who were seriously looking for prayer, counsel and guidance. We had 5 people we know of pray with me at the end of the program to accept the Lord. One person summed it up pretty well when he stated” When I heard that Howard Stern let a man preach the Bible and Jesus to his audience I knew hell had just frozen over and there had to be a God!”

In the end, Stern and his audience are all just people. Clearly many have thoroughly rejected God’s Truth and Christ’s love, but they still have problems, trials, issues like all people do. In their time of need, many are willing to reach out. I was there to do what I do every day here on and on the TV program each night, reach the masses with God’s Truth and the lost and hurting to let them know they are not alone, someone cares, and there is hope. One of Stern’s regulars who was with me in the studio was a man they call “Jeff the drunk.” Jeff had a car accident years ago and lost the use of his right arm. Every day Jeff drinks and smokes pot and is literally floating through life until he dies.

After Jeff got past his persona and I was able to get him to really open up (Howard actually called in and was supportive of Jeff reaching out. That was one of the amazing moments of the hour.), he admitted he would love to be a carpenter. I got all of Jeff’s information after the program. He actually lives in E. Berne, outside of Albany, New York. I have made it my mission to get Jeff into some sort of carpenter’s apprentice program in Albany and plugged into a church that will truly reach out to him and help him find the hope he needs each day to turn his life around.

The rest of the program consisted of a man who had a sex change operation and clearly had no desire to change his very confused life and a prostitute from Montana who thinks she is the Messiah and was also not interested in any real help. They were both part of Howard’s infamous “Wack Pack.” The phone calls were across the board, no different than what I get every night on the TV program. One that stood out said he had called to make fun of the program but after hearing Jeff and the fact we were gong to try and help him turn his life around, decided not to. I closed the program like I do my TV program every night, asking people to think about their eternal souls and giving them the opportunity to accept the Lord as their personal Savior by faith. All in all, it was a great hour and the name of Jesus was lifted up and glorified!

I love you and care about you so much. As motivated and pumped up as I am every day to do all God has called me to do, I am even more fired up. I have an even greater sense of urgency in what we are doing in these last days. Having literally seen the lost masses I speak of so often, it has given me a greater passion and desire to reach those who are hurting and will die and spend eternity in hell without the Lord. I have the answers they are searching for, God’s Word, and I can point them to the hope they want, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

Getting the TV program back on nationwide before that door closes for good is my number one priority right now. Pray that we can find the right person or group who will give us the $6 million we need to get the program back on nationwide. It would only take a small group of men and women God has blessed financially to do it. Pray that the Lord will bring the right company or business who could benefit from advertising to the Liveprayer TV and Internet audience and has the resources and vision to be part of this unique move of God to bring His Truth and the hope of Christ to a nation who so desperately needs Him today.

In the world’s economy, $6 million is very little. Having come back from New York City, there are tens of thousands of individuals and businesses who could write a $6 million dollar check and never miss it. There are people reading these words right now who have the ability to write a check for that amount. Please pray about who you know who might be able to help me.

I am convinced that if we can have an unabated run of 6 months, we will have the ratings and attract the attention necessary to bring on board the right commercial sponsors who will see the great value in reaching the Liveprayer TV and Internet audience to keep the program going long term. The biggest problem in TV is finding a program people will watch. We have a very unique problem, since we have created a very successful program that people love, but due to the content (the Biblical worldview I take), we have to find the right companies who care about seeing the Kingdom advanced, have the money, and almost as important the guts to stand with me.

Over 20 years ago, I started out my walk of faith in serving the Lord. God equipped and called me as a 21st century prophet to use the Internet, secular television to bring the lost and hurting masses His Truth and hope. I don’t have buildings, or mansions, or airplanes like so many who are the “big time” ministers. You see, I am not interested in raising money for the things of this world that will one day be gone, but in using the resources of this world to see lost souls rerouted from everlasting damnation to everlasting life though faith in Jesus Christ.

God allows me physically see those lost souls each day, He allows me go into the lion’s den and come out victorious, and it only makes me more determined to bring Jesus to this lost world until I take my last breath and He calls me home!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2013, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

A Troubler in These Last Days

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(1 Kings 18:17-18)

“When he saw Elijah, he said to him, “Is that you, you troubler of Israel?” “I have not made trouble for Israel,” Elijah replied. “But you and your father’s family have. You have abandoned the LORD’s commands and have followed the Baals.” (1 Kings 18:17-18 NIV)

A “troubler” in these last days. A man who had been watching the Liveprayer TV program since we re-launched the program 8 weeks ago, emailed me a very hateful letter, outraged I would dare bring my “narrow-minded Biblical view of life” on his television and told me to keep my “Jesus garbage” over on the Christian stations. Without knowing it, he then paid me one of the greatest compliments I have ever received in over 20 years of ministry, when he called me nothing but a “troublemaker.”

Liveprayer TV:

It immediately reminded me of King Ahab when he approached Elijah, calling him the “troubler of Israel.” Ahab was upset because Elijah was not part of the established religious community of his day. He refused to fall into line and become part of the priesthood that was more interested in having people serve them, than in serving the people. Elijah separated himself from the religious leaders of his day who were more interested in pleasing men than in pleasing God. He wanted no part of the religious establishment whose goals were building their treasury rather than building the Kingdom of God. (Excuse me, but doesn’t that sound like many of the religious leaders of our day?)

No, Elijah had been called forth by God to sound the trumpet of warning and call the people of his day to repentance and a holy lifestyle. Elijah heard from God and declared His Truth to the people of his day regardless how unpopular that truth was. Elijah had little interest in the things of this temporal world, focusing instead on being faithful to his calling to challenge the people to follow God and honor Him with their lives. He had no time for political correctness or playing games. Elijah had been called forth by God for that moment in human history and obediently fulfilled his calling.

This exchange with King Ahab preceded what to me is one of the most powerful passages in all of God’s Word, Elijah versus the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel. Elijah not only had the guts to call out the false prophets of his day and challenge them head on, but he had the bedrock faith that God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, would answer by fire. I have told you many times over the years that the only way God loses is if we don’t put Him in the game. When we walk by faith and put God in the game, He is UNDEFEATED!!!


Liveprayer has been a 166-month walk of faith. I have literally given my life to the work of God, surrendering my time, talent, and treasure to obediently follow Him. It has been the financial sacrifices of thousands and the prayers of millions over these last 14 years that has sustained me and this work to boldly and without compromise declare to millions worldwide each day the Truth of God’s Word and the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

This journey has not been easy. We have had to fight for every inch of territory, as God has led me to use the very same vehicles satan uses to broadcast his lies to the masses 24/7, the Internet and secular television. Not just that, but use them in a way nobody else has ever done, as we have effectively married these two great broadcasting vehicles to not only reach millions of people worldwide each day with Biblical Truth and the love of Jesus, but provide each person we reach with a personal experience and the ability to interact with us one on one, so that we can minister to their individual needs.

Today, we are at a major crossroads in this journey of faith. 14 years ago people said I was crazy to minister to people over the Internet. Ten years ago people said I was crazy to do a “live” TV program on secular television to reach unbelievers. IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW IT YET, I AM CRAZY! CRAZY ENOUGH TO TRUST GOD AND BELIEVE HIS WORD! I AM CRAZY ENOUGH TO BELIEVE GOD WHEN HE SAYS THAT ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH HIM! I AM CRAZY ENOUGH TO WAKE UP EACH MORNING, WALK IN FAITH AND TRUST HIM TO PROVIDE!!!

I am asking everyone in the Liveprayer family to commit a few moments each day to pray for the Liveprayer television program as we work towards having national coverage over these next months. Also, for those who are led, set aside at least one day to fast and pray for the program, especially for the hundreds of thousands across the country who will watch each night to open their hearts to God’s Truth and the love of Christ. Thank You!

I love you and care about you so much. Like Elijah, God has set me apart and called me forth into this lost and dying world to declare His Truth and the hope we have in His Son Jesus Christ. I have done my best for 14 years now to be faithful to that calling on my life. For those who have been part of the Liveprayer family over these past 166 months, you have seen and heard my heart each day. I have always been open, honest, transparent, and up front with you about our work here, and you know by now that I have no earthly goals, only heavenly ones.

The Bible says “where there is no vision the people perish.” Years ago, there was no FOX News and now it has the largest audience of any cable news station. I believe in the coming months and years, Liveprayer will be one of the leading programs on ALL of television because it is real, and even non-Christians can see the power of a God they reject at work in people’s lives on each program.

My job is to be faithful. I will continue to do my job as I have for 14 years now. I have given all of my talents and energy to create the best vehicles to bring people to faith in Jesus Christ. No matter what happens, this is what I will be doing for the rest of my life until the Lord calls me home. God has shown me the power and impact Liveprayer has had in millions of lives worldwide these past 166 months.

God has also shown me the incredible power and impact Liveprayer can have in the coming months and years in hundreds of millions of lives worldwide should our Lord tarry, by making this bold and aggressive move to use a major secular television network to reach the hurting and lost masses who don’t go to church and will never turn on a Christian program. I need your prayers and support so that I can continue to be a “troublemaker” for Jesus!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2013, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Cheering for Satan

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(Romans 1:28)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, I’ve heard people say that the Bible speaks of a one world religion & government in the future. Where is that in the Bible?

ANSWER: It is in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 13, along with some prophetic passages in Daniel, it is clear that in the final days the Anti-Christ will come on the scene and enact a one-world government, one-world economy, and a one-world religion. With the chaos currently around the world, it is not hard to see how one individual could come up with an economic system for the world. That would require a one-world government. Once those two pieces are in place, instituting a one-world religion when there is a huge spiritual void in all of the nations of the world that are being controlled economically and politically will not be hard to bring about.

“Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.” Romans 1:28

Cheering for satan! I sat in silence Wednesday as the two Supreme Court rulings affecting gay marriage and defending God’s definition for marriage were announced. I was not surprised at all by the decisions, and saddened that what I told people over ten years would happen regarding this issue has now come to fruition.

What appalled me even worse than the ruling, and should appall every follower of Christ, was the media who spent hours holding a great celebration that satan had won this battle! While FOX wasn’t as exuberant, they certainly didn’t condemn the rulings. On CNN, MSNBC, and the left leaning internet sites, you would have thought something great had just happened. In fact, for the followers of satan it was a day for great celebration!

If you ever needed a more clear picture of a nation in total and utter rebellion to God and His Truth, you got it Wednesday when the Supreme Court solidified that the radical homosexual agenda has not just been accepted by society, but now by the highest court in the land. I have told you for years that the Bible teaches in the last days the lie will become the truth and the truth a lie.

After not just legally locking in a perversion of God’s Holy Institution of Marriage, the Supreme Court in their majority opinion basically called those who believe the Bible and hold to God’s definition of marriage “enemies of the human race!!!”

Every black person in this nation should be OUTRAGED at how the radical homosexual lobby in this nation has hijacked a legitimate civil rights movement to advance their CHOICE of this perverted and deviant lifestyle under the guise of a “civil right!” That is no different than people who CHOOSE to bowl asking for special rights since they would claim it is a “civil right” to bowl!

A person has no control over the color of their sin, and to discriminate based on skin color IS a civil rights violation. However, taking your pants off to have sex is a CHOICE, and to seek special rights because of that CHOICE has zero to do with “civil rights!”

History will look back on this day like we do now on the Roe ruling of the Supreme Court in 1973 making slaughtering babies legal in this nation. It is a very sad day in the history of this nation, and a furtherance of God’s judgment on our land.

*MY FRIEND, IF YOU NEED EVIDENCE GOD IS DONE WITH US, YOU NOW HAVE IT! It is no longer being in a place of depending on God’s grace and mercy, they have run out. It is now only whether we as a nation will repent, turn back to God and His Truth or not before we are totally destroyed!

I really have nothing else to add other than I don’t blame the homosexual activists but the church. Those who are blinded and lost in this sexual perversion are only doing what they know to do. You have to give them credit that for the past 30 years they have been relentless, working to advance their sinful cause literally 24/7/365 without stopping.

The church on the other hand, is too busy building state-of-the-art mini-stadiums to meet in costing millions of dollars that of course have ongoing costs for upkeep and maintenance. The church was too busy creating man-made marketing plans like purpose driven/seeker/emerging church/prosperity gospel to fill their plush mini-stadiums with warm bodies and not converts to the faith.

These are people they entertain for an hour each week, never taking the risk of offending anyone by talking about sin, hell, the consequences of a human soul that rejects Jesus, since they want to insure they will come back next week for their hour of entertainment, and of course, drop another check in the bucket to fund their fiefdom!

This sad day only affirms the Devotional I send on Tuesday of this week dealing with the “political pimps” of our day who have been total failures in what they have raised hundreds of millions of dollars over the years from Christian under the guise of fighting for Christian values. At the end of the day, they have failed and based on the rapid spiritual decline of this nation, had virtually ZERO affect over the issues they claim to work on Tues 6/25/13 DD:

I love you and care about you so much. Now, do you understand why I am so passionate each day? Now, do you understand why I refuse to let satan block our efforts over a mere $25,000 that is need to simply cover our operations for June, or the $40,000 we need (apx. $1300/day, the budget of a local church with apx. 700 members who meet for an hour a week) each month to minister in a personal way to several million worldwide daily, respond to 40,000 emails for prayer daily, do the “live” TV program for 2 hours 5 nights a week, and see apx. 2,000 souls come to faith in Jesus each week?

Sadly, those who serve satan are not only relentless in their efforts to accomplish his goals of helping to “kill, steal, and destroy,” but they will bring in hundreds of millions annually to support their efforts. For 14 years now, Liveprayer has fought this fight for our faith literally 24/7/365 to go toe to toe with satan and his minions. IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO SEE VICTORY! That is why I beg you to pray for me and help me with the most generous sacrifce you can.

Our time is now! Why every major ministry, those with tens of millions of dollars at their disposal, aren’t in the marketplace taking on satan’s minions is beyond me! God’s judgment and punishment is only beginning. It is only going to get more severe. If you didn’t believe me before, ask yourself if even 5 years ago you thought for a second you would live in a land where men would legally marry other men, women legally marry other women, and this perversion would have Supreme Court backing?

I have faithfully and without compromise served the Lord through Liveprayer for these past 14 years. What we have accomplished and my continued daily efforts have been there for all to see. The mainstream media and secular world hate me because they can’t silence me. Sadly, I am not even well liked in the religious community since I can’t be bought nor will I play their games.

We have been able to impact tens of millions of lives worldwide, see over 700,000 souls we know of come to faith in Jesus these past 14 years because of your prayers and support that enables me to get HIS Truth into the marketplace and put the pieces we have finally put into place to make a serious attempt at saving the souls of this nation while seeing a mighty harvest of souls!

***Please help me today!!! As we head into these final 3 days of June, we are down to the final $25,000 of our basic June operations budget. I am praying that God will speak to 1 or 2 of our friends who can send a special one-time gift of $5,000 or more today, since $7,000 of our June operations are now several weeks past due. For those who are able, please pray about helping me today with a special one-time gift at this critical hour!

Of course if everyone will pray and everyone who is able will send what you can, I am standing in faith that by the end of the month in 3 days, ALL of June’s basic operational expenses will be taken care of! Will you please pray today about helping me with $10, $20, $100, $1,000, or whatever God lays on your heart to stand with me at this critical time? Our God is able!!!

TO GIVE A GIFT TO LIVEPRAYER, you can use your major credit card on our secure server at: under the “Donation” link, you can give using your PayPal account using my email address:,or you can mail your gift to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Ave. North, St.Petersburg, FL 33709. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible!

We are in the home stretch of our final work, everything is in place to fulfill God’s plan for His work here, I am asking you to pray about what God is asking YOU to do to help me fulfill that plan as you take your stand with me! I need you to pray for me today, and as able, help me today with the most generous gift you can!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2013, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Our Walk of Faith Together to Lead this Nation Back to God and His Truth

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(John 3:16)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, I noticed Sunday night before Nic Wallenda made his famous walk that he had requested Joel Osteen to be a part of the pre-events and also to pray with his family. I thought it was great for him to have someone pray with them, but Osteen? Also, I was wondering about Nic’s constant praising God out loud on the tightrope. Now what if he slipped and fell to his death. Would people have said, God didn’t answer his prayer. Do you think it was a little “showy” in that he could have prayed to himself or a whisper? It’s like, God help to me not fall but when I get on solid ground I can go back to living like I want.

ANSWER: Due to the vast number of emails we have received about this, I will address this whole “show” in the Friday DD. In advance, if I wanted to be funny I would say that in every circus you have clowns, and since the Wallenda family has for 7 decades been in the circus business, Osteen fits right in. However, I find NOTHING Osteen does humorous since untold MILLIONS who have seen him and heard him over the years will end up burning in hell because he is too gutless to ever tell people the truth about their eternal soul. He is more worried about how much money he can take them from them than helping them find faith in Jesus. As for this whole “show” Wallenda put on, make sure you don’t miss Friday’s Daily Devotional when I will break it down for you from a Biblical perspective. Hint: If he had called me not only would I have not been part of this “circus,” but would have counseled him that you can’t purposely put your life in danger and than call on God to aid and abet you in your reckless behavior.


“Please pray for me, I am an ex-Muslim and I found Christ Jesus 4 years through Liveprayer. My ex-husband who is a Muslim divorced me because of my faith and he took away my three little children. He threatens to kill me if I tell them about Christ Jesus. Please pray for me and my children. Thank you and God bless you.”

“Hello Bill, I have just prayed the prayer I am requesting more information on living as a Christian.May God bless you and your team for all of your wonderful work. You are impacting so many like myself who have wavered for years. Know that the Lord has great rewards for you when your work here is finished. Thank you is all I can say.”

I am grateful that so far this year, I haven’t had to come to you with the ministry in a major critical need of finances. After 14 years of Liveprayer, we know that every June, July, and August are a bigger challenge than our normal monthly scramble to cover our basic operations. Many people still take summer vacations, kids are for the most part out of school, and people seem to be a bit more unplugged from the daily grind. Sadly, our work has to continue 24/7 as it does every day of the year, meaning our basic monthly operational budget of $40,000 has to be covered.

As we come down to the final 4 days of the month, we still need to cover the final $27,000 of our June budget. $7,000 of that was due in the first week and needs to be taken care of immediately. I am praying for the Lord to move on the heart of one of our friends to help me cover that $7,000 we need today! From day one, I have come to the Lord on the first of the month and simply prayed for Him to move on the hearts of our friends who can help us to insure by the final day our monthly operations were taken care of. I have never asked the Lord for a penny more.

TO GIVE A GIFT TO LIVEPRAYER, you can use your major credit card on our secure server at: under the “Donation” link, you can give using your PayPal account using my email address:,or you can mail your gift to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Ave. North, St.Petersburg, FL 33709. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible!

After 166 months of this walk of faith, we are still here, moving forward with the re-launch of the TV program the fist of May, and having the proven ministry pieces in place we need over the next 6-7 months to start seeing a real change in the spiritual course of this nation, ultimately helping to usher in a highly visible spiritual revival across this nation as we seek to turn land back to God and His Truth!

I hate to use this time, even one day to deal with our financial needs, but if I don’t Liveprayer will simply will cease to exist. There are thousands of charities representing everything imaginable constantly asking people for financial help. Politicians raise BILLIONS in financial support every year to promote a political ideology.

After 20 years of faithful ministry, 14 years of Liveprayer this August bringing God’s Truth without compromise on the issues of the day from a Biblical worldview to the marketplace, the fruit of tens of millions of lives worldwide impacted, responding to 70 million emails for prayer, and seeing over 700,000 souls we know of come to faith in Jesus…I am simply asking you in this hour of great need to help me!

Many of our dear friends who we depended on for help in our darkest hour over the years have had their finances crippled over the previous 4 yrs due to their business failing, some have gone on to be with the Lord, and others simply can’t help us to the extent they used to because of the tightening economy. I am so grateful for many in the Liveprayer family who have allowed God to use them in a powerful way during these last few years to keep His work at Liveprayer funded and moving forward.

I understand it is easy to expect someone else to step up. People assume with 2.4 million subscribers to the Daily Devotional, our $40,000 monthly operations budget is easy. The fact is, less than 1/4 of 1% of those we reach each day EVER support the minsitry financially. Lots of reason. Some only support their local church. 20% are in foreign countries. 20% are under 21. Since the Daily Devotional is FREE, many simply don’t see the need to help us.

Liveprayer has NEVER accepted advertising on our website. We don’t sell books, tapes, or hold conferences. Everything we do and provide to people worldwide 24/7/365 is FREE. So from day one, I have simply walked by faith and asked the Lord to provide what we needed for that month. We don’t own buildings, private jets, mansions, or luxury cars. We don’t have stock portfolios or any other assets.

I would never ask you or anyone to help me fund what would simply be my own personal empire, only to help me to get God’s Truth into the marketplace, pray for those who come to us each day in their time of need, save souls, and as our final work for the Lord, help lead our once great nation back to the Almighty and His Truth before His final judgment on our land falls!

I love you and care about you so much. I am in a very desperate place today. I am on my knees in faith as I am virtually every day, seeking the Lord to move on the hearts of those who can help me today. If 27 of our friends would make a one-time sacrifce of $1,000 between now and the end of the month, our June operations would be taken care of.

If 31 of our friends would pray about making a one-time sacrifce of $1,300 in July, 31 others a one-time sacrifce of $1,300 in August, it would insure our July and August budgets would be taken care of. If everyone else will simply give as they are able, $10, $20, $50, $100, or more, we will not have to worry about simply meeting our basic operational costs.

TO GIVE A GIFT TO LIVEPRAYER, you can use your major credit card on our secure server at: under the “Donation” link, you can give using your PayPal account using my email address:,or you can mail your gift to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Ave. North, St.Petersburg, FL 33709. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible!

Please take a moment today and pray about what God is calling you to do today to help me. I am asking you to make the sacrifce to stand with me at this critical time. Over these past 14 years, it has been friends like you in the Liveprayer family who have prayed and made the sacrifce to enable us to accomplish all we have for the Lord and to build His Kingdom.

We are in the home stretch of our final work, everything is in place to fulfill God’s plan for His work here, I am asking you to pray about what God is asking YOU to do to help me fulfill that plan as you take your stand with me! I need you to pray for me today, and as able, help me today with the most generous gift you can!


In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2013, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Being Fleeced and Distracted by the Political Pimps of Our Day

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(2 Corinthians 6:14, 2 Chronicles 7:14)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, this is a purely evil world. God put Adam and Eve on earth, which he already knew that they would never be perfect, yet, He did. Since the beginning of recorded history, man has suffered from war, disease, famine and calamities. Why would a loving Heavenly Father create mankind to suffer so much, for so long?

ANSWER: That was never God’s intent. He created man to live forever in harmony with the perfect creation for man to dwell in and with his Creator. It was MAN, who chose and to this day, chooses, to rebel against God. Any suffering was never intended, but a consequence of man’s rebellion to God. Also, never forget that God is not bound by time/space as we currently are, and the entire panorama of human history will be nothing but a blip on the radar screen of eternity!

Being fleeced and distracted by the “political pimps” of our day! As I read the OT, the one thing that always stood out to me was how many of the priests of that day were involved in politics and would sell out God in a second for money. In the end, they were more about building their own kingdom (under the guise of serving God) than God’s Kingdom.

Sadly, while the people of their day fell into apostasy, turned their back on the God of Israel to worship the false gods and idols of the world, got involved in every type of sin imaginable, the priests weren’t warning the people of the consequences of their sin and rebellion. As long as the people brought their tithes and offerings to the temple, that was all they cared about.


Sadly, as I share with you often, little has changed since man began in the Garden of Eden. Today, as we watch our nation spiral into the spiritual abyss, having turned our back on God and embracing every sin imaginable, the “Christian leaders,” or priests of our day are no different than those we read about throughout the OT as the children of Israel lived in rebellion to God, which ultimately caused His judgment to fall on them several times!

Nothing appalls me more than when the news reports about businesses who have “ins” with the government and receive hundreds of millions in loans from taxpayer dollars that suddenly disappear while the business goes bankrupt. Being part of or closely involved with the government is the only way I know someone can make incredible amounts of money while being a total failure. Government workers who have failed are routinely promoted and given bonuses. The only other time I have seen people make tens of millions of dollars while accomplishing NOTHING are those who I without hesitation call the “political pimps!”

They are those men and women who claim to be of God and the Christian faith and rake in tens of millions annually, year after year for decades, yet fail to accomplish ANYTHING! In the scheme of how the world operates, they have failed by any definition to do what they claim they are using donor funds for. Despite being labeled as a “Christian organization,” they save no souls, they minister to nobody in their time of need, since their focus is on the political issues of the day.

Let’s take a look at those issues. The radical homosexual agenda. Despite 20+ years of effort, the radical homosexual agenda in this nation has been achieved. The sin of homosexuality is now accepted as normal by society. Over 25% of the states have legalized same-sex marriage with more coming. In most every state same-sex couple can now adopt children. Despite this being a top priority, these Christian/political organizations who continue to raise millions annually on this issue have utterly failed to do anything to stop it from becoming accepted mainstream by our culture.

How about the abortion issue? 40 years after Roe vs. Wade and 56 MILLION slaughtered babies later, the efforts of these Christian/political organizations have made virtually NO PROGRESS in stopping the legalized slaughter of babies despite raising hundreds of millions every year around this issue. I said 8 years ago that I am certain that the last thing most (not all) pro-life organizations really want is for this issue to go away since the executives pulling down hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation and perks would go away!

The two largest of these organizations are The Family Research Council run by Tony Perkins and The Faith and Freedom Coalition run by Ralph Reed who goes way back in running these types of Christian/political organizations when he headed up Jerry Falwell’s Christian Coalition in the 80’s and 90’s. These two organizations raise over 100 MILLION each year combined, and have for years, promising their donors to be on the front lines and win victories over the political issues of the day Christians care about. There are hundreds of other smaller organizations who also work in the political arena from a Christian perspective.

In addition, you really have to include the conservative talk radio and internet sites along with FOX News in this as well since most of them claim to be Christians. They clearly play to a Christian audience which is a huge part of their base, since Believers care about the spiritual issues of the day that transcend into the political arena and most lean towards a conservative political ideology. This would also include the Tea Party and those huge organizations like Freedom Works who are making tens of millions co-opting this grass roots movement.

Probably nobody in this world has profited more from targeting true Christians with this blend of conservative politics and faith than satanic cult member Glenn Beck. Beck is the embodiment of the Biblical warning that “satan masquerades as an angel of light!” I warned people about Beck 7 years ago when most had never heard of him, since he buys off modern day Judas’ like David Barton, James Robison, John Hagee, RALPH REED, and others who trip over themselves to sell out the Lord for Beck’s 30 pieces of silver which helps him perpetuate the LIE that he is a Christian. A first day Bible college student know a Mormon is no more a Christian than a Muslim is since Mormon doctrine is 100% inconsistent with Biblical Christianity!

Here is the bottom line my friend. Just like the OT priests, the “political pimps” of today are focused on the WRONG THING but they don’t care! It is obvious all they care about is building their own kingdom under the guise of building God’s! The reason they have failed year after year, decade after decade, is because they are focused on the political issues of the day, when it is the SPIRITUAL ISSUES that are destroying this nation!!! If every political issue was changed to what Christians desire today, it still wouldn’t matter because the problems this nation face are NOT political…they are SPIRITUAL!

I love and care about you so much. I am in NO WAY saying Christians shouldn’t be involved in the political process. I have stated over and over that Believers need to be involved in every aspect of daily life. However, it really doesn’t take a Biblical scholar to look at where we are as a nation, and despite the social issues we fight that are also political issues, our problems are clearly spiritual!

This is not a complicated issue. We must as a nation repent, ask God’s forgiveness, and turn back to the Almighty and His Truth! There is no other answer if we are to escape the judgment and wrath of God for turning our back on Him and our gross sin! While the nation is experiencing God’s increasing judgment, the “priests,” or so-called Christian leaders of our day are raising tens of millions each year to pay for their buildings, huge staffs, private jets, CEO salaries and benefits, while using whatever is left out of each dollar to fight the same battles they have fought and LOST for decades!!!

Jonah, while running from his calling until God got his attention, didn’t go through the political channels of his day to deliver his warning to the people of Nineveh. He certainly didn’t go through the spiritual leaders of his day. No, Jonah took God’s warning directly to the people of Nineveh! That is what Liveprayer is doing!!! We have been under attack for years from the government for the bold and visible stand we take in the marketplace on the issues of the day from a Biblical worldview. We certainly have no friends in the world of big-time Christian ministries since I refuse to play their games.


I am here to share this fact with you as I have for the past 5 years now. We are already seeing God’s judgment being poured out on our nation, and it is only going to increase as time goes by. I have no doubt that ultimately, like the children of Israel many times, God will punish this nation for turning our backs on Him and His Truth! We have only one hope. The “political pimps” and priests of our day won’t tell you the truth since it would hurt their ability to rake in millions.


That is what Liveprayer has always been about. That is why for 14 yrs we still work out of the back of the same used car lot owned by one of my Board Members we started in. A blessed address where tens of millions worldwide have had their lives impacted and over 700,000 souls we know of have come to faith in Jesus! No private jets. No staff other than my assistant and tech crew. A modest salary of $40,000 that I cut to right around $20,000 4 yrs ago to simply take care of basic living expenses. No fleet of Bentley’s. No mansions. No $10,000 a night hotel suites. Why? YOU PAY FOR ALL OF TH AT!!!

I will wake up tomorrow as I did today, and simply do my best to be faithful for that day. I will do all in my power to fulfill God’s call to help lead this nation back to Him and His Truth. It is our only hope. While most others are building their own kingdom, wasting tens of millions each year on the same failed political issues they have for decades, I will keep focused on the real answer for this nation and ask you to pray and help me!

***JUNE FINANCIAL UPDATE: I really need your help over these next 5 days. As we head into these final 5 days of June, we are down to the final $29,000 of our basic June operations budget. I am praying that God will speak to 1 or 2 of our friends who can send a special one-time gift of $5,000 or more today, since $8,000 of our June operations are now several weeks past due. For those who are able, please pray about helping me today with a special one-time gift at this critical hour!

Of course if everyone will pray and everyone who is able will send what you can, I am standing in faith that by the end of the month in 5 days, ALL of June’s basic operational expenses will be taken care of! Will you please pray today about helping me with $10, $20, $100, $1,000, or whatever God lays on your heart to stand with me at this critical time? Our God is able!!!

TO GIVE A GIFT TO LIVEPRAYER, you can use your major credit card on our secure server at: under the “Donation” link, you can give using your PayPal account using my email address:,or you can mail your gift to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Ave. North, St.Petersburg, FL 33709. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible!

Thank you my friend. Together, we will fulfill God’s calling for us in these final days and see the spiritual course of this nation turned around and a mighty harvest of souls as His hand of wrath and judgment is stayed for a season!

*While I never promote books, there are enough out there who do that, dear friends of Liveprayer Gregg Jackson and Steve Deace wrote a book on much of what I spoke of today.

IF you decide to get their book, understand Liveprayer gets NOTHING in return. I have been approached for years by major publishers wanting to pay us 6 figures up front to promote their books. From day one, I took a stand that Liveprayer would not have advertising, sell book, tapes, trinkets, of promote conferences. Over half the people we reach daily are NOT Christians, and the reason so many non-Believers have come to Liveprayer over the years, and read the Daily Devotional, is because I share our needs, but don’t use the ministry as an excuse to market products like so many ministries do.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2013, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Death of actor James Gandolfini

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(2 Corinthians 6:18)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, when believers die and go to Heaven, will they know them as family, friends, or neighbors or are we just know them as another ‘Believer’?

ANSWER: I am well aware that in our limited finite minds, it is comforting to tell people and make people believe that Heaven will be like a great campground where we will have a wonderful family reunion with those who went on before us. While it is a wonderful thought, Scripture gives ZERO support for such a notion. As a matter of fact, what we DO know from Scripture is that our bodies will go back to the dust of the earth, that includes our brain where our finite thoughts during this life come from, and only our souls live on. Our eternal souls will no longer be bound by time/space nor the cognition that existed during this life. I challenge people in this way. When you die and are in the glories of Heaven and the presence of our Lord, both things our finite minds are currently unable to even begin to imagine or understand, nothing else will matter. If there is any sort of understanding of those we shared this journey with, count it as a bonus.

The death of actor James Gandolfini and two issues you won’t hear about his death any place else! After hearing of the death of actor James Gandolfini, best known for his role as New Jersey mob boss “Tony Soprano,” I immediately thought about two things. The first was how as a culture we often glorify and romanticize evil. The second, according to official reports Gandolfini died of a massive heart attack on the floor of the bathroom in his suite at a 5-star hotel in Rome. At the moment he took his last breath, James Gandolfini was standing before God as each of us will when our journey through this life is over!

It is a sad fact of our culture that we tend to be fascinated with evil. Make no mistake, there is NOTHING redemptive in any way about the life of someone in organized crime or gangs of any sort. It is a world of pure unadulterated evil where injuring and killing people is accepted and common, with destroyed lives being the end result. The glorification of evil didn’t just begin with “The Sopranos.” In the 30’s and 40’s, evil people like John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Bonnie and Clyde, and others were portrayed in the papers almost as heroes.

Millions worldwide loved the HBO series the “Sopranos” for the same reason they loved “The Godfather” trilogy. Even after 3 decades after it was released, “The Godfather” starring Marlon Brando is one of the most popular movies ever made. So what makes “The Sopranos,” the “The Godfather” movies, other organized crime movies like “Goodfellas,” “Donnie Brasco,” “Carlito’s Way,” and “Scarface” such a hit with people? After all, these are movies where the lead characters are part of organized crime, men who spend their life killing, stealing, cheating, and destroying other people’s lives. They are involved in illegal businesses such as bookmaking, prostitution, extortion, selling drugs, and any other illegal activity you can name.


The popularity of these fictional crime bosses like Tony Soprano can be directly linked to the popularity of the real-life crime bosses like Charles “Lucky” Luciano, Myer Lansky, and Bugsy Siegel who ran New York in the ’30s, to Al Capone who ran Chicago in the ’30s, to all the men who ran the various families across the nation throughout the decades. Men like Giancana, Marcello, Trafficante, Genovese, Gambino, Bonanno, Lucchese, Colombo, Accardo, and Gotti to name just a few. People have always had a fascination with these men who loved to portray themselves as “businessmen” and “family men,” yet in reality lived brutal and evil lives.

Hollywood and television are largely responsible for how we look at these criminals. They have glorified and glamorized the lives of these men, often turning them into sympathetic figures. The movies and television have showed the human side of these men while almost justifying and excusing what their life is really about. Make no mistake my friend, these are cold, calculating, evil, and brutal men who without conscience or mercy spend their lives killing and destroying others. There is absolutely nothing glamorous or redeeming about how they live. There is nothing special about them. They are simply men who have chosen to live a life of crime and live in violation of society’s laws as well as God’s!

I am going to share some things from my personal life that I have rarely shared publicly in all of these years. After the initial success of my marketing business in 1979, I moved to Chicago in 1980 and that become the headquarters of my fast growing network of companies throughout the nation and Canada. A close business associate had introduced me to a law firm in Chicago that I would use to help me set up my various companies over the years. The lawyer I met with was a man named Jack Cerone, Jr. who actually specialized in labor law, so he referred me one of his partners, Joe DiNatale, to handle my legal needs. Little did I know that Jack Cerone’s father was the infamous John “Jackie the Lackey” Cerone, who was actually the Don of the Chicago outfit (what the Mafia is called in Chicago).

In 1985, my attorney Joe DiNatale would represent Jackie Cerone, Sr. when he and several other leading mobsters would go on trial in Kansas City for skimming millions out of Las Vegas casinos. Jackie Cerone, Sr. was convicted in that trial and would spend the rest of his life in a Federal Prison. I was very close to DiNatale in the ’80s, and often when we were alone at dinner he would share some of the stories of what really went on in the world of organized crime. He often referred to it as “unorganized crime,” and in reality it was nothing at all like the world portrayed in the movies or on television.

These were mostly uneducated street criminals who killed, stole, and cheated people as their life’s work. Those who rose to positions of power usually did so by attrition, since in the world they lived in you either ended up in prison or dead. Those who were able to escape those two fates the longest become the “boss.” Over the years organized crime diversified from their traditional illegal businesses into legitimate businesses that would become fronts for many of their criminal activities, however, the core of what they do is pure evil and their illegal activates ends up destroying the lives of everyone involved.

The other issue regarding the death of Gandolfini is the fact at the moment he took his last breath, he was immediately standing before God. In an instant, as it will be for each of us when our journey through this life comes to an end, the ONLY thing that mattered to God wasn’t Gandolfini’s fame, success, money, or anything else. IT WAS HIS CHOICE TO ACCEPT OR REJECT JESUS CHRIST AS HIS SAVIOR BY FAITH!!!

Only God knows our heart, and despite growing up in New Jersey with Catholic parents and having attended Catholic schools, there has been NOTHING to support the notion that during his adult life Gandolfini made any sort of commitment of his heart and life to Jesus by faith. Sadly, if that is the case, his soul was immediately sent to the horrors of hell for eternity.


The Bible claims that “today is the day of salvation” because tomorrow is promised to none of us! If you have never made a conscious decision to accept Jesus into your heart and life by faith, or don’t have the assurance of your salvation, please go to the following link and read the words, watch the short video, and make the most critical decision you will ever make since it determines where you will spend etenrity! Link;

I love you and care about you so much. One issue from this sad death is a warning to you. A warning to keep your guard up at all times and not allow Hollywood and the television industry to cause you to fall into the trap of glorifying and romanticizing evil no matter how attractive they make it appear. The media already does a masterful job at glamorizing sin. Sexual sins of every kind are promoted as fun and exciting with no consequences. Drinking and drug use are also glorified by the media. So it is no surprise that the media will try to sanitize sins like murder, robbing, and whatever kind of evil one man can perpetrate on another you can think of.

I will be praying for you today to take a stand in your life from letting the world lie to you and lead you into the trap of sitting back and giving approval to evil by viewing it. Yes, I know the “Sopranos” is a fictional story, but what they portray is the real life evil and horrors of those who are part of the world of organized crime. No, you are not going to hell or a horrible Christian if you watch the “Sopranos” and shows like it. However, our goal as we mature in Christ is to be more like Him. The Bible talks about the “renewing of our mind.” A great computer term is “garbage in, garbage out.” Why would you want to pollute your mind with murder, adultery, physical violence, and a myriad of other sinful activities?

The problem with a program like the “Sopranos,” the problem with so much of what is on television today and in the movies, is that they glorify and glamorize sin. Can you tell me anything glamorous about the sins you have committed in your life? Can you tell me how glamorous the consequences of your sins are? That is the point my friend. Sin is NOT glamorous. It is destructive! The consequences of our sins are very real and very painful. Watching sin, even in a fictional format, is not something a follower of Christ should be doing. Why do people love the “Sopranos?” Simple, most love sin more than they love God!

Also, let the sudden death of James Gandolfini be a wake-up call to you today that tomorrow really is promised to NONE of us. Each day is a gift from God. We should treat it as such and be prepared for that inevitable moment we will each face when God says our journey through life is over and we are on to eternity. There is NO REASON anyone has to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire, that was created for satan and the fallen angels who followed him from Heaven. It is our job to share the Gospel with this lost world so at least they know what fate lies ahead if they reject Christ, and give them the opportunity to come to know Jesus as their personal Savior!

***PLEASE HELP ME! I really need your help over these past 6 days. Thank You so much for everyone who prayed and was able to help me Friday. As we head into these final 6 days of June, we are down to the final $30,000 of our basic June operations budget. I am praying that God will speak to 1 or 2 of our friends who can send a special one-time gift of $5,000 or more today, since $10,000 of our June operations are now several weeks past due. For those who are able, please pray about helping me today with a special one-time gift at this critical hour!

Of course if everyone will pray and everyone who is able will send what you can, I am standing in faith that by the end of the month in 6 days, ALL of June’s basic operational expenses will be taken care of! Will you please pray today about helping me with $10, $20, $100, $1,000, or whatever God lays on your heart to stand with me at this critical time? Our God is able!!!

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Thank you for your love, prayers, and sacrifice!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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