Bill O’Reilly’s Flawed Theology

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(John 3:16; Matthew 7:13-14; John 14:6)

Bill O’Reilly’s flawed theology! On Bill O’Reilly’s FOX News program last July 17th, he stated that Tony Snow was in Heaven because he was a “good person.” This is a lie that is told and believed by millions, and is leading the souls of men to hell. It is a lie because the Bible says that there are NO GOOD PEOPLE! We all have sinned and come short of God’s glory. Being a good person by this world’s standards can’t save you. Doing what the world would call good works can’t save you. The only thing that can save you is faith in Jesus Christ. Based on his personal testimony, I do believe that Tony Snow is in Heaven. However, it is not because he was a good person or did good things, it is because he gave his heart and life to Jesus by faith.

To combat this lie, I have created a YouTube video that shows the clip in question from O’Reilly’s program, and my commentary as well as an invitation to accept Christ. This is an excellent witnessing tool and a video every unsaved family member, friend, and person you know needs to watch. Please email this link to everyone you know and ask that they also forward it to the people they know. I am trusting God that many souls will come to Jesus Christ thru this short video presentation of the Gospel!

Back in January of 2005, Bill O’Reilly had a segment with “Left Behind” authors Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. During this segment, O’Reilly shared his theological beliefs that clearly have no foundation in God’s Word. Sadly, O’Reilly has bought into the big lie of this world that “all good people will go to Heaven.” It sounds nice, even sounds right, but is a lie that will lead many into eternal darkness. There is NO Biblical doctrine of “goodness”. As a matter of fact, the Bible specifically declares that there are “none good, no not one.” There is only ONE way to Heaven, and that is through faith in Jesus Christ.

Here are some quotes taken directly from O’Reilly on that night’s program: “Yes, I don’t know. It seems – well, We have in Catholicism a loophole there. You know, that’s why I like my religion because it’s an interesting religion. We have something called baptism by desire, and that means you can be baptized by living a good life even if you’re not a believer because Catholics believe faith is a gift.”

“But I think God forgives all people who lead good lives through this baptism of desire. That makes sense.”

Let me correct O’Reilly’s false theology. First, there are no “loopholes” to God’s plan of salvation. Second, there is NO SUCH THING IN THE BIBLE, our final authority in all matters, as “baptism by desire.” This is not even a teaching of the Catholic church, only by some very liberal theologians. The fact is, baptism can’t save you, faith in Christ saves you. Baptism is an outward act of an inward work, that of salvation. It is the act of identifying our lives with Christ, symbolically washing away our sins which happens spiritually the moment we accept Christ by faith.

Also, Catholic is not a religion, it is a church. Even though it is a matter of semantics, it is a common error many make. Catholic is the name of a church, just like Baptist, Methodist, Assemblies of God, Presbyterian, and Lutheran are names of churches. They are churches of the Christian faith. Christianity is not a religion, it is a faith in Christ. Being part of a particular church can’t save you, only your faith in Jesus Christ can save you.

THE CHURCH is not a building or a particular group of churches under the same name, THE CHURCH is made up of every man, woman, and child that has accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior by faith regardless of the name of the building they choose to worship Him in. I assure you that when you stand before God the moment you die, He is not going to be interested in the name of the church you attended, only if you know His Son Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.

As a side, O’Reilly has shared his false theology many times over the years and my PR people have spoken several times with his producers about having me on his program to talk about his false beliefs. Even though Liveprayer reaches as many people daily as his program, he has repeatedly “hid under his desk” as he is fond of crying when people who disagree with him refuse to come on his program. The reason this is important, is because millions have bought into this same false theology as O’Reilly has, that “all good people will go to Heaven.” That my friend, is a lie from the pits of hell itself!

I love you and care about you so much. Pray for Bill O’Reilly. Pray today that he will open his heart to the truth of God’s Word, and that he will accept the words of our Lord when He said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Faith in Jesus Christ is the ONLY road to Heaven.

Many can’t quite grasp how a loving God, a God of grace and mercy, would let “good people” die and be eternally separated from Him. It is because of sin. You see my friend, sin is something we are all born with. It has been part of the human condition since man sinned in the Garden of Eden. There is only one answer to sin, and that is the answer God gave us. He sent His only Son Jesus, to this earth to die for the sins of all men. It was God’s plan that Jesus, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin thus without sin, and lived a sinless life, would die on Calvary’s cross and pay with his blood for the sins of all mankind.

THAT my friend, is why it is ONLY our faith in Jesus Christ that can wipe away our sins. It is ONLY faith in Christ that can allow sinful man to have his sins wiped clean so that upon death, he can spend eternity with a Holy God. Those who never accept Christ, who reject Him, die in their sin and thus are not able to be reconciled back to God their Creator. This was God’s plan that He gave us because He loved us so much.

We must NEVER compromise the truth of God’s Word just to make people feel better. Actually, it is better to offend someone than fail to share with them the keys to eternal life. The Bible says that the Gospel is offensive to those who don’t believe. Our job is not to make people feel good, but to share with them the truth of His Word. What they choose to do with that truth is between them and God. I pray today for those people of other religions, that they will open their hearts to God’s love, and come to know His Son by faith. Jesus is the only hope for this world. Jesus is the only hope for each person. Jesus is the only road to everlasting life with God our Creator!

If you have never asked Jesus into your life, or do not have the assurance that if you died today you would be with God for eternity, pray for God to open your heart, then read the words at this link:

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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A Test for Where Your Heart Is

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(Matthew 6:21)

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

A test for where your heart is. In today’s world of modern medicine, there are numerous tests to check the condition of your heart. However, today I have a very different test for your heart. Jesus said many profound things during His years of ministry. One of those profound sayings is our anchor verse today that binds together your treasure and your heart. What you spend your money on is a great indicator of where your heart really is. I want to challenge you to let God speak to you through these words today. This is like one of those pop quizzes you used to get in school. How you score on this test will give you a great indication if you are on the right track or if you need some work in this area. Please know that I will be praying for you.

Every day we have many choices to make. One of the choices we make each day is how we will spend the money God gives to us. Never forget, all that we have is from God, it is simply on loan to us. We have been given stewardship over the resources God gives us during our life. How we manage and utilize those resources becomes a test of not only our ability to be a good stewards of what God entrusts into our care, but where our heart is. As Jesus stated in today’s passage of Scripture, you can get a great measure of your heart for God based on how you spend the money God blesses you with.

Ok, here is your test. Get a piece of paper and something to write with. You don’t need to be an accountant and detail every penny, but in round numbers, figure out how much money you have made in the past year. You need to include all of your sources of income. What you made working, what you may have made selling something, any money people gave you, include everything that you have had come into your hands over the past year. Now, roughly figure out what you spent. In this part, break it down into two columns. Column one is basic living expenses and column two is everything else.

Basic living expenses include what it costs you to live each month, where you live, utilities, food, insurance, transportation, medical, clothing, all the basic necessities of daily life. Everything else is all the money you spend outside of your basic living expenses. This is the key element of the test, so it is important to do your best to include EVERYTHING you spend money on, no matter how trivial it may seem. Most people are actually shocked as they fill out this column regarding how much of their money they spend on so many different things. A very small percentage of people have ever done this before, actually sitting down and listing all of the things they buy and how much they spent. I assure you it will be an eye opening experience for you.

After you have finished putting everything down on paper, it is time to take a look at where your heart is. Listen, the purpose of this exercise is not to make you feel bad or upset you. It is a great exercise to see exactly where your heart is, since what you spend your money on gives you a great indication of where your priorities are, what is really important to you. Zero in on the everything else column. Look carefully over what you are spending your money on and how much you are spending on different things. Out of that total dollar amount, what percentage is going to support the Lord’s work through your church or some ministry you have been led to give to? Is it 5%? Is it 10%? Is it 25%? Is it 50% or more?

I can’t sit here and tell you how much you should be giving to the Lord’s work. That is an amount you and God have to work out. All I want to do today is help you see in black and white what you are spending your money on, how much you are spending on different things, and what percentage is actually going to God. Now it is time to get alone with the Lord and pray. Ask Him to show you through these figures if your heart is where it needs to be. I know most will be amazed at the things they buy, at how much money they spend on things that seem so trivial, and how much more they could be doing to support the work of God. Those in bondage to smoking and/or alcohol will quickly see a huge amount of money that is acutally being spent to kill yourself slowly. No doubt you will see other areas that you are spending a great deal of your resources on and it will force you to ask yourself how much of your heart is really God’s.

I love you and care about you so much. I will be praying for you today. I will be praying for the Lord to use this test to really show you where your heart is. God’s Word teaches us to be good stewards of what He entrusts into our care during this life. After our basic living expenses are taken care of, we need to be wise to invest some of our resources for the future. How we spend whatever is left gives us a good insight into where our heart is really at. I challenge you today that if your heart is God’s, you will find that a good portion of your treasure is being invested in the work of the Lord since it was Jesus who told us, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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(Acts 19:8)

With the amount of email Liveprayer receives each day, you can only imagine the amount of SPAM that we get. As I was weeding through the SPAM in my personal email account the other day, I actually had to stop and look carefully at a few, that looked almost like prayer requests but were SPAM for porn sites. If there is one thing in this world that upsets me more than anything else, it is the bold way that satan shares his message of sin with this world, and how afraid most Christians are to share our message of Truth and hope!

Satan brings the world a message that is designed to kill, steal, and destroy lives. He has NO FEAR in presenting that message as boldly as he is able to. Yet we, those who have placed our faith in Christ, who have the ONLY true message of everlasting life, who have the ONLY message of hope for this hurting and lost world, meekly, almost ashamedly, present our message in the most low-key form possible! WHY??? I actually got mad that if satan can be so diabolical and relentless in trying to destroy peoples lives, why can’t we be as relentless in trying to SAVE people’s lives???

Satan knows the weaknesses of man. He has man’s nature down to a science. Greed, sex, alcohol, drugs, gambling, food are the most base weaknesses. So satan uses the modern day media to flaunt his message of “greed is good,” sex is great any way that you can get it no matter what form it takes, alcohol is socially acceptable, drugs are the “in thing,” gambling is just harmless entertainment, and food is a necessity of life that we should enjoy no matter how much of it we eat.

These messages permeate the world that we live in. We are bombarded endlessly with them by the media to a point that we accept them as fact. Satan knows that this strategy works because there will be nobody bold enough to counter or challenge his message. His message in the mainstream media goes mostly unchallenged. HE REALIZES THAT VERY FEW CHRISTIANS IN A SECULAR FORUM WILL CHALLENGE WHAT HE SAYS!

The FACT IS, greed is NOT good, it is evil. Sex is designed ONLY in the confines of marriage. Alcohol affects your brain and is a crutch that many turn to, to numb their way thru life. Drugs are an escape from reality that will destroy you. Gambling is a misuse of the resources that God has entrusted to you and is poor stewardship. Food is necessary, but only when you consume the right kinds of food and the right amounts. Who out there is telling THIS SIDE, the TRUE SIDE, GOD’S SIDE of this story to the world at large???? Answer: not many!!!!

My friend, it is time for God’s people to stand up, to say, “DEVIL, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.” Our churches are just as much to blame!!! Many don’t even deal with the needs of their congregations, let alone the world outside the doors of the church. It is time to stand up and accept the responsibility God has given to those in leadership, those who call themselves Christians, and take His message of hope and everlasting life through Jesus Christ to this lost and sin-filled world. How can the devil be so bold with lies, and God’s people so timid with the truth???

I love you and care about you so much. Jesus in MANY parables told us that our time is short, we must be busy about our Father’s business. Now is the time to be aggressive. Now is the time when those who God has placed in roles of leadership must be willing to sacrifice all to take HIS message to this world at large. EVEN IF IT MEANS LOSING ALL THAT WE HAVE. We can never lose everything when we have Jesus!!!

The fact is, what we have is simply given to us by God to further His Kingdom, NOT to create our own personal fiefdoms. That is why when the opportunity came nearly 10 years ago to start Liveprayer, my wife and I and the Board of my ministry had no problem committing ALL that we had to this ministry. It was a vehicle God could use to open hearts and share the everlasting message of faith through Jesus Christ with the lost and hurting of this world. It was a privilege to give all that we had to be able to share Christ with hurting people.

God is calling YOU today to be bold. Look around you. How bold is satan with a message of destruction? How much bolder should YOU be with a message of everlasting life? DO NOT LET THESE WORDS GO UNHEEDED TODAY. GOD IS CALLING ME AND YOU TO A LEVEL OF BOLDNESS LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

It is time to take on the same mindset of satan in regard to presenting our message. Satan has no fear, there are no limits to him. We must operate the same way. We must never tire, never lose sight of who the real audience is–the lost in this world!!! We must get outside the comfort zone of the existing church, Christian community, and be bold enough, creative enough, to share the message of hope and faith in Christ with this lost and hurting world. Now is the time, today is the day. Time is short!!! A lost and hurting world is waiting to hear the TRUTH!!!

Let this word today be a wake-up call to pastors, those who work in ministry. Let this also be a wake-up call to YOU. Just because others choose to stay within the safety of the Christian community, does not mean God is not calling you TO THE WORLD THAT YOU LIVE IN TO MINISTER. It is time to “think outside of the box”, quit doing what is comfortable, and start making some noise in the world at large as we proudly, and boldly proclaim that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way, the ONLY truth, the ONLY life, and the ONLY way to God! HE is the answer all men and women worldwide seek! God gave you this life to serve and glorify Him. We only get one chance to make a difference. God is calling YOU today to share the GOSPEL with the world!


In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Another Great Family Institution Sells Out to Homosexual Community

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(Ephesians 2:10; Acts 4:12)

Another great American family institution sells out to the homosexual community. I remember growing up, several times a year there would be wonderful movies with wholesome themes for the family to watch, sponsored by Hallmark greeting cards. That is why it was so sad a few months ago to learn that this company who has always been synonymous with families, decided to sell out and embrace the homosexual community by now offering greeting cards for same sex marriages. Most people probably are thinking “big deal,” but it is a big deal since it is simply another example of how even a once family-friendly company like Hallmark has no respect for and could care less what the Christian community thinks, despite the fact that the Christian community helped to build Hallmark and turn it into the successful company that it is today.

This is a classic example of the type of issue the Jonah Project will be involved in. Hopefully in the next year when we have 5-6 million people on board, I will be able to pick up the phone and set up a meeting with the CEO of Hallmark, and in no uncertain terms explain to him why having gay marriage cards would not be a wise business move. The sad fact is at this moment, there is nobody in the Christian community who can make that call and have it make a real impact because we are so fractured. We have no voice that carries any weight that would even make the CEO of Hallmark think twice. It is the same on other issues we see daily. The fact is, we have the numbers, we can have that voice, and we can make our voice heard!

So you still think this is a Christian nation? Over the past 40 years prayer and Bible teaching have been taken out of the public schools, we legally slaughter over 4,000 innocent babies a day, gambling and pornography are now socially acceptable, profanity is no longer considered bad language, Jesus, the Bible, and the Christian faith are openly mocked while the cults and false religions of the world are now revered and protected, we have changed God’s definition of what marriage and the family is, places that call themselves churches and men and women who call themselves pastors don’t even believe the Bible and operate in complete rebellion to God’s Word, and the sin of homosexuality is now considered an acceptable mainstream lifestyle choice.

Hello! Christians! Think it is time we wake up???

How could all of this have happened in such a short period of time? Simple. Men and women who God called to lead His church and people have failed to do so. Many of them deny the inspiration, inerrancy, and Truth of the Bible and have led people to accept and condone what God clearly calls sin. Others have chosen to preach a gospel of motivation and prosperity that tickles the ears of the masses and garners them huge followings of people who don’t want to hear about sin and sacrifice, only how to be successful and rich by this world’s standards.

Still others have gravitated to a social gospel, seeking to solve the problems of this fallen world like hunger and sickness and poverty, without ever mentioning the greatest need a person has, to have a relationship with Jesus since that “offends” people. These are noble causes but wasn’t it Jesus who said “the poor you will always have with you.” That doesn’t mean we don’t reach out to the poor and the sick, but the greatest need a man has isn’t food and medicine, it is to know Jesus as their Savior. Too many who are navigating the waters of the social gospel, have had to compromise the absolutes of the Bible and create unholy alliances in order to do the work they are doing.

Never before has our silence and failure to lead been as evident as in the war we have lost regarding making the sin of homosexuality an acceptable mainstream lifestyle choice. Don’t believe me? Dear Abby is now on board stating that it is OK to be gay. You say big deal, who cares what Dear Abby says? It is just another example of a long standing cultural icon who has reinforced that this choice of sexual activity is acceptable and even desirable!

How did we get to this place as a nation? Men and women God called to lead who led the church into their own little subculture, apart from mainstream society. We retreated behind the four walls of the church into the comfort and prosperity of the “Christian trough,” something satan was only too eager to let us do since it removed the “salt” and “light” from the marketplace and left it to his wolves to ravage. Now when we step out of our comfortable little subculture back into the real world, we are faced with babies being slaughtered, men marrying men and women marrying women, porn and gambling everywhere you turn, filthy language accepted as normal conversation, all of the media vehicles being used to carry Satan’s lies to the masses to insure their souls will end up in hell, and parades to celebrate a sin like homosexuality!!!

I love you and care about you so much. The sad fact is, we can’t turn back the hands of time. Things are never going to be the way they used to be. Those days are gone and over. However, in the wake of this gross and unbridled sin are the destroyed lives of real people who bought the sweet lies of sin and are now paying the price for their rebellion to God. This is a new opportunity for the church and for God’s people to be the true hope and answer for those who are still breathing, whose lives have been devastated by sin, and who yearn for the peace and joy that can only come from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A byproduct of all this sin is the coming wrath of God and great persecution on the church and God’s people. This is the time when all of the ways we have figured out to divide ourselves will no longer be important, when those who serve the Lord for mammon will fall away since it will no longer be profitable, and those who aren’t serious about their faith will run from it. Left will be a faithful remnant whose citizenship is not of this world and whose goals are not earthly but Heavenly. It is this faithful group who will help bring in a great harvest of souls as the final moments of human history unfold.

My prayer for you today is that you become more bold in your witness for Christ. Don’t emulate some of these so-called leaders who have been programmed by their business handlers to never even utter the name of Jesus so people aren’t offended and book sales aren’t hurt. It is at the name of JESUS that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess Him Lord! The Bible proclaims that there is only ONE NAME by which men are saved, the name of JESUS! If we are ashamed of Jesus, He will be ashamed of us.

Take your stand for Jesus my friend. In a nation and world that has rejected our Lord and His Truth, now more than ever He needs each one of His true followers to stand for Him. Yes, this nation is no longer a Christian nation, but when this world as we know it comes to an end, sin will be defeated and the TRUTH will prevail! We can take this nation back for God and for Biblical values. Go to the website, click on the Jonah Project link at the top, watch the vision video and get signed up. Hallmark and others need to understand that we will be silent no longer!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Last Thursday, I Interviewed Conservative Author Ann Coulter

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(Matthew 7:21-23)

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ ” Matthew 7:21-23

Last Thursday, I interviewed conservative author Ann Coulter. I never interview people selling their books, but wanted Ann on to delve into her own personal faith journey, as well as hear her reasoning for supporting Mormon cult member Mitt Romney for President. Ann identifies herself as a Christian, takes a strong Biblical worldview on the issues of the day, so I was interested in hearing about her personal faith and also why she would back the member of a satanic cult whose Presidency would have helped lead millions of lost souls into the Mormon cult and eventually to hell.

The interview proved to be very informative and instructive which is why I am devoting today’s Devotional to it. Ann Coulter is where millions who call themselves Christians are at. She grew up in a Christian home. She goes to church. She reads the Bible. However, she was unable to identify when she was “born again,” that moment in her life when she took personal responsibility for her sins, asked Jesus to forgive her, and invited Him into her heart and life by faith. There are millions of people who call themselves a Christian because hey grew up with parents who were Christian, or they go to a Christian church. When asked, they identify their religion as “Christian.”

A Christian, according to the Bible, is a person who has made the conscious choice to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior by faith and follow Him. For a Believer, there can be no more important moment in their life than when they got saved. Nobody who is truly born again, could ever forget that powerful moment in time when they made the decision to ask God to forgive them of their sins and give their lives to Jesus.

Millions who call themselves Christians today speak about belonging to a Christian church. In the Bible, people got saved and then joined the church, which by definition is a community of Believers. In the year 2009, I am afraid there is a large percentage of people who are part of local churches, who call themselves Christians, yet have never had a new birth experience. The movement by most old mainline denominations towards a liberal theology, coupled with the purpose driven/seeker/emerging church marketing strategies, have watered down the Gospel, compromised Biblical Truth, left out sin, and gravitated to a social gospel dealing with issues like poverty, world hunger, diseases, and other social issues most decent people are concerned about. This has given people who are part of these churches the false sense of security that they are Christians simply because they are members of a Christian church.


This next point is so critical, so please read carefully. You CANNOT be a true follower of Jesus Christ and deny the Truth of the Bible. Let me say that one more time, since this is the most important point I will ever make to you. You CANNOT be a true follower of Jesus Christ and deny the Truth of the Bible. It is inconsistent to say, ” I am a Christian,” yet live in rebellion to the Bible. How can a church claim to be a Christian church, yet operate in rebellion to the Bible? How can a pastor claim to be a Christian pastor, yet operate in rebellion to the Bible? How can a person claim to be a Christian, yet hold beliefs in opposition to the Bible?

I wish you could see the emails I get every day from people who identify themselves as “Christians.” I am appalled at how many deny the Truth of the Scriptures. Operating these past 20 years in the marketplace, I am used to the attacks from non-Believers, that is expected from those who have rejected Christ and the Bible. However, it is sad to see the number of people who identify themselves as “Christians,” who attack me for simply sharing the Truth of God’s Word. My friend, I didn’t write the Bible, God did. It is His Truth, not mine., I simply proclaim that Truth. Unfortunately, many who call themselves “Christians” have rejected what God says in the Bible as the only Truth there is.


After getting Ann comfortable by talking about her book, I could tell she was very uneasy when I began asking her questions about her own personal faith. As I pressed in on that part of her life, she was forced to go off script and I could tell wanted to end the interview. I had to get to the Romney issue, and that is when she got very defensive and ended the interview. Fortunately, I was able to keep her on long enough for her to state why she didn’t see anything wrong in supporting Romney. Ann is like the vast majority of people in the church, who thinks a Mormon is just another kind of Christian. I am convinced that she is totally naive about the real beliefs of the Mormon cult, having been deceived that because they talk about believing in Jesus, they are just another brand of Christian.

Of course, when she sees Christian leaders like Jay Sekulow and others who know better but sold out the faith to back this cult member for their own personal gain, she probably saw nothing wrong with it. I was excoriated in 2007, mainly by people who call themselves Christians, for going into the national media to educate and warn people on the fact the god and jesus of the Mormon cult are NOT the God and Jesus of the Bible. Mormon doctrine is totally inconsistent with Biblical Christianity and a Mormon is no more a Christian than a Muslim is! As intelligent and well traveled as Coulter is, identifying herself as a Christian, she ignorantly has bought into the lies and deception of the Mormon cult like millions have.

Forty years ago the battle lines were clearly drawn. It was the people of God versus those who chose to follow satan. Now in the year 2009, satan has infiltrated the church and the greatest enemies of God are operating from within the four walls of the church. We have allowed that to happen by compromising the Absolute Truths of the Bible to attract more people . We have abandoned the Gospel, the power unto salvation, to try and trick people into becoming followers of Christ. We have created a Christian subculture God never intended because it is safe and profitable. In the meantime, too many churches have become a mockery of the faith, and worst of all, too many people are sitting in church pews each Sunday with the false sense of security that they are gong to Heaven when they die by virtue of their church membership.

I love you and care about you so much. I sent an email to Ann after the program sharing with her how she can accept Jesus and be born again and help educate her on the satanic Mormon cult and why a Christian can’t support a man of deception like Romney whose influence will lead people to get involved with the Mormon cult and have their souls end up in hell for all eternity. For a true follower of Jesus Christ, our faith and the Truth of the Bible has to guide us in all of our decisions. Pray for Ann, since she has a large platform that can influence millions of lives. Only Jesus can save Ann, not her church. Ann Coulter will only get to heaven the same way anyone will get there, by giving their heart and life to Jesus by faith.

Pray for all those people who have been deceived into thinking that they are Christians because their parents were Christians or they attend a Christian church. You can’t be born a Christian, it is a conscious choice you must make. Attending a church doesn’t make you a Christians, only faith in Jesus Christ makes you a Christian. Pray for those churches and pastors who have not compromised the Absolute Truth of the Bible and for the remnant who truly has accepted Christ as their Savior by faith as we take our stand in these last days for the Kingdom of God.

Here is the link to the interview:

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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(1 Corinthians 11:23-34)

Communion. The other night on my TV program, I dealt with the whole issue of communion. Communion is that wonderful act of remembering the sacrifice Jesus made as He literally gave His life for the sins of all mankind. I was actually shocked in looking through my Devotional archives to realize in nearly 10 years, this was one issue I had never centered a Devotional around. I have talked about communion many times over the years, but never did a complete Devotional just on communion. Shame on me! Especially with all the confusion and poor teaching about this wonderful time when a follower of Jesus Christ fulfills the command the Lord gave to His followers to remember Him by partaking of the bread and wine, re-enacting that moment He shared with His disciples in the Upper Room during the Last Supper.

When we’re dealing with anything, our final authority in all matters is the Bible. The primary scripture that deals with communion is found in Paul’s first letter to the Church of Corinth, in the 11th chapter. This passage refers back to the words of Jesus on the night of the Last Supper with His disciples. On that night, our Lord broke the bread and said, “This is my body which is broken for you. This do in remembrance of Me.” After dinner was over, Jesus took the cup and told His disciples, ” This cup is the new covenant in my blood; do this, whenever you drink it, in remembrance of me.” You see, Jesus knew what was about to happen. Jesus knew that in just a few hours He would be going to the cross to shed His precious blood and give His life as the one-time, perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world.

What Jesus did that night was give all of those who would follow Him a way of remembering His finished work on the cross. You know we’re coming upon the Easter season. It’s that time of year Believers worldwide will reflect on the great sacrifice Christ made for us. We remember the Last Supper. We remember that time in the Garden of Gethsemane where he would be betrayed by Judas. We remember his trial before Pontius Pilate. We remember how our Lord was beaten, scourged, mocked, spat upon, and eventually nailed to the cross where He hung and died. The fact is, we need to remember Christ’s sacrifice for us more than just at Easter. That is the wonderful thing about communion. It allows us to take time and reflect, to remember the price Jesus paid for our salvation.

One of the controversies regarding communion is how often a Believer should participate in this act of remembrance. Jesus simply said to do it in remembrance of me, and even used the word “often.” The Bible doesn’t give us a specific time period, once a day, once a week, or once a month. It really becomes an issue each Believer needs to pray about and let the Holy Spirit guide you. Most churches have communion once a month. I know of some churches who observe communion every week. The Roman Catholic church celebrates communion at every mass. Again, there is no Biblical mandate how often to take communion. My personal belief is that every Believer should take communion at least once a month to never go too many days without remembering the price Christ paid for our salvation.

Another controversial issue surrounding communion is who is supposed to take communion. In most churches, everyone present is invited to take communion. That is WRONG! The Bible is very clear regarding who should and should not take communion. Communion is an act of remembrance for those who placed their faith in Jesus Christ. Communion is not something a nonbeliever should participate in. A nonbeliever has no relationship with Christ, so the observance of communion is a meaningless exercise to that person. The bread and wine that represent the body and blood of Christ have no special significance to a person who has not given their heart and life to the Lord.

I’ve had the honor of preaching many times over the years when communion was being served. I make it clear that communion is a time for those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ to examine themselves, repent of their sins and ask God to forgive them of their sins before they partake of the bread and wine. One of the reasons I love communion is that it is the perfect opportunity to allow people who aren’t Believers in Christ to accept the Lord as their Savior by faith. There’s no better time to give people an invitation to know Jesus than at the time of communion. After making the decision to accept the Lord, they can then partake of the bread and wine and understand the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for them when He shed His blood and gave His life for their sins, so that they might be able to receive God’s gift of everlasting life.

Let me share this with you. You don’t have to be in church to take communion. I’ve taken communion dozen of times in my office. I get a cup with some grape juice to represent Christ’s blood. I’ll take some bread to represent His body. I sit down with my Bible and read some of those great passages in the Gospels about Christ’s crucifixion, and I take communion. Listen, you don’t need a pastor or priest to give you Communion. Communion is an act of remembrance for Believers in Jesus Christ. You don’t need a pastor or priest to stick a wafer or piece of bread in your mouth. You don’t need a pastor or priest to give you a cup of wine or grape juice. You can take communion at home, in your office, anywhere. It’s an act of remembrance each follower of Christ was asked by our Lord to do to remember Him!

It is a time for those followers of Jesus Christ to remember the price He paid for our salvation, why we are able to be the recipients of God’s gift of everlasting life. Yes, it’s a great experience when you are with a body of Believers in a church and you walk up and the pastor gives you the bread and the cup. Yes, it’s wonderful to be able to share that experience in a corporate setting with other Believers. But you can take communion anywhere, and you don’t need a pastor or priest since this is a time for personal reflection. It’s a time of remembrance. That is why you shouldn’t go more than 30 days without taking communion since it a reminder of what our faith is all about. Jesus Christ went to the cross, gave His body as a one-time sacrifice and shed His blood for the remission of sins. That is something every Believer should never forget and taking communion often is important.

Now, let me share one last issue that pretty much is only an issue in the Roman Catholic Church. It’s the man made tradition of transubstantiation where that church erroneously believes that at the time of communion, the wafer is transformed into the literal Body of Christ and the cup of wine is transformed literally into His blood. So when a Catholic goes to the altar to take communion from the Priest, they believe they are literally partaking of the body and blood of Christ. Again, it is a man made tradition without any Biblical support. The bread or wafer, the wine or juice, are simply SYMBOLS of the body and blood of Christ, not the literal body and blood of Christ!

*Note: To all my Roman Catholic friends. I am VERY aware of the attempts to use certain passages of the Bible to support this man made tradition of the RC Church. So please, don’t send me links and cut&paste postings on why this belief is supported by Scripture, since it is not.

I love you and care about you so much. Communion is an act of remembrance every Believer should do on a regular basis. It is an act only Believers are to participate in. Not children. Not the unsaved person you brought to church. Believers! Communion is an act of remembrance. How can a nonbeliever remember something he or she doesn’t believe in? Unfortunately most pastors absolutely miss this great opportunity to invite people to come to know Jesus before offering communion. There is no better opportunity in the world to invite someone to know Christ than at the time you are extending an invitation to communion. It gives you the perfect opportunity to explain WHY a person needs Jesus.

I pray today that you will not ever let more than 30 days pass without taking communion. I believe it is a very important part of our faith and spiritual journey. It is the foundation of what our faith is all about. I don’t care if you have been saved 10 minutes or 80 years, all followers of Christ need to reflect and remember what our Lord did for us. Even more important, Christ TOLD US to do this “oft” in remembrance of Him. For the Christian, communion is a very holy, somber, special time of reflection both on our life and the sacrifice our Lord made for us. May you be strengthened and challenged each time you partake of the bread and wine, remembering that Jesus gave His very life for us, so how can we do anything less for Him?

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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A Prayer and Blessing on the Place You Live

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(Deuteronomy 24:5; 1 Timothy 5:4; Titus 2:5)

With the housing crisis, and so many people losing their homes, this is the perfect Devotional for today.

A prayer and blessing on the place you live. At the end of the classic movie the “Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy uttered those now famous words, “There is no place like home, there is no place like home.” How right she was. Where we live serves as the basic foundation for our daily life. Home is where our day usually begins and ends. It is the place we can go to escape from the world and find peace and rest. The incredible importance of where a person calls home is the same in the United States as it is in Canada, in Europe, in Asia, in South America, in Africa, or anywhere else in the world. Our home is a major part of most people’s journey through this life and why today I want to talk about the spiritual aspects of where you live, as well as pray for and bless your home!

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make during your life. For most, it will be the largest purchase they will make. I find it amazing that the vast majority of people, even Christians, never even pray when looking for their home. Where we live is such an important part of our daily life, you should never go looking for a new place to live without spending time before the Lord, asking Him to guide you to the exact place He wants you to live. Like everything in life, we should only want to be where God wants us to be, and that most definitely includes the place we call home.

In addition to praying when you are looking for a new home, you should pray for the place you live every day. Your home is a physical structure. No matter how solid it is built, it is still only temporary. Since your home is so important to your daily life, you need pray every day for God to protect your home. There are so many things that can literally destroy the place you live. Fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other acts of nature can destroy your home. We see in the news often where cars, trucks and even planes crash into people’s homes. You can also have problems with different materials used in building your home that causes problems, not to mention insects and animals that can damage your home. There is an endless list of things that can happen to physically destroy the place you live, so you should pray every day for God’s protection on your home.

You should also pray over your home every day. Pray that it will be a place of safety for you and your family. With the incredible amount of evil in this world, you have people who will try to break in to steal your possessions as well as those who want to come to cause you or your family physical harm. Pray every day for God to not only protect your home from evil, but that your home will be a refuge, a place of safety and comfort and peace for you and your family to live

Your home should not only be a place of safety, of comfort, of peace, of rest, where you and your family live, but your home should also be a place where the Sprit of God resides! It should be a place where the Truth of the Bible is honored and where Jesus is King! I counsel people all the time to find a location in their home that literally becomes your altar, your sanctuary, that special place where you go to spend time with the Lord. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, simply some location in your home that is set aside for prayer, family devotions, and just fellowshipping with the Lord. I promise you, that it will quickly become the most special place in your home.

Also, I am amused at how many people have elaborate, state-of-the-art security systems to protect their home and family from burglars and things that can destroy your home like fire, but those same people pollute their home with porn, witchcraft, and so many other things that are in complete rebellion to God. How can you ask God to bless your home while you have a stash of pornographic magazines and movies in your closet? How can you ask God to protect your home from danger when have a Ouiji Board and tarot cards in your dresser drawer? You need to take control over what comes into your home both through the doors as well as today thru your phone, internet, cable, and satellite connections.


My friend, your home is the place you and your family live your lives. It is a very special place. A home is not a real home without the Lord’s presence. Just like your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and we are instructed not to pollute our temples, the same is true with our home. If we want God’s presence in our homes, we need to make our homes a holy place. That doesn’t mean you can’t live in your home. It simply means that you do all you can to keep your home free from sin and the things that are in rebellion to God. Where you live is the most special place in your life and it should be your desire to share that place with the Lord.

I love you and care about you so much. I want to encourage you today to realize how important, how special where you live is. That is why you should never even think about looking for a new home without first praying for the Lord to guide you and show you exactly where He wants you to live. Once you find that place, pray over it. Pray for God to bless your home and protect your home and to watch over your home. Pray that it becomes a place of safety, peace, and rest for you and your family. Set aside a special place in your home for prayer and devotions and to simply fellowship with the Lord. Let that be your “holy of holies” where you and your family come each day to spend time with Jesus.

I will be praying for you today. I know from our daily emails that many people today need a place to live. I will be praying for you as God opens the right doors and guides you to the exact place He wants you to live. I will pray for favor with landlords, mortgage companies, and anyone else involved in where you will live. I will also pray today for those who need to sell your home. I pray that God will send the right buyer, with the full asking price, even in the next 30 days. Buying and selling a home is a very stressful time in a person’s life and I pray today that you will know His peace as He works out all of the details in His perfect timing.

In closing today, I want to pray for your home and bless your home. “Lord, I come to you today, praying for the home of my friend. Father, I ask that you place your angels around this home and protect it from all evil and anything that might destroy it. I pray today that you not only protect this home, but that you make this home a place of peace and rest for my friend and each family member who will abide in that home. Lord, I ask that you occupy this home with your presence and let the Spirit of the living God reside in this home. Let this home be a place where you and your Word is honored and revered. Right now Father, I ask that you BLESS my friend’s home. Bless this home and may each person who goes in and comes out, feel your presence. In Jesus precious name I pray. AMEN!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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