Why a Christian should NOT celebrate Christmas!

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(Luke 2:6-7)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, please guide my steps this day. Help me to walk in your light and strength and not in my own ways. Thank you for your many blessings, most that I take for granted. Help me this day to acknowledge your love, grace, and goodness as I live my life for you and do my best to glorify you in all of my thoughts, words, and deeds. This I ask in the name of Jesus. AMEN!!!

Every year at this time, I get inundated with emails that read like 40-page doctrinal dissertations on why a Christian should NOT celebrate Christmas. They make very good arguments about the pagan celebrations at this time of year, the evils of the Christmas tree, lying to children about Santa Claus, how Jesus was not born on December 25th, and many other reasons why a Christian should not celebrate Christmas. To those people I have only one thing to say . . . BAH HUMBUG!

Please, don’t send me emails why those who celebrate Christmas a! re
following the devil. If you are led to not celebrate the birth of our Lord and want to miss out, that is up to you. Sadly, your misguided legalism has stolen your joy.

Listen, everyone understands that Jesus was not born on December 25, but according to most scholars, He was born sometime in September. I have yet to meet anyone who worshipped their Christmas tree; only decorated it. If you are old enough to be able to read this, then you are old enough to know that there is no Santa Claus and, yes, there are many pagan celebrations that occur at this time of the year and the Bible does not have the word Christmas in it. However, there is only ONE REASON that we celebrate Christmas and that is to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Christians SHOULD celebrate the birth of Jesus! It is right and good that we take time each year to remember that blessed event. It was foretold by the prophets of old. It is a well-documented, historical event chro! nicled in
the Gospels and supported by the historians of that day. After His death and resurrection, it is easily the GREATEST EVENT IN HUMAN HISTORY!

Think about it. God Himself, the Creator of the heavens and earth, came to this earth as a mere man to live with His creation. He came as a baby, born of a virgin in a humble manger in an obscure little town. He would grow up to die on a cross as the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all mankind. Three days after His death, God would raise Him from the dead as a sign to this lost and unbelieving world that He was exactly who He claimed to be . . . the SON OF GOD!

His life would literally transform the lives of every man, woman, and child for the rest of human history!!! THAT is why we celebrate Christmas. THAT is why, as Christians, we SHOULD celebrate Christmas!!!

I love you and care about you so much. I realize that people who say not to celebrate Christmas mean well and are trying to live their lives in a way pleas! ing and
acceptable to God. Sadly, they are missing the great joy of this time of year. I know they are well intentioned and many of the things they point out about Christmas are true but they have missed the point of Christmas.

Christmas is about only one thing, celebrating the birth of Jesus. It is one of those times of the year that we gather with family and friends and share our faith in Christ. That alone is a great reason we should be celebrating Christmas.

Christmas is also VERY BIBLICAL. Luke Chapter 2 gives us the account of His birth. That was the very first Christmas. Of course, Mary was there, as was Joseph. We also read about several shepherds that God spoke to who were part of that first Christmas. Now, some 2,000 years later, we will set aside time in the coming days to do what they did at that first Christmas . . . to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

I pray today that you will never forget what Christmas is really about and why we celebrate this holida! y. Of
course, anything that the world gets involved with becomes perverted. The world has taken this sacred time of the year and turned it into a time of commerce.

We must never allow ourselves to get so caught up in the parties, the gifts, the food, and all of the other things associated with the Christmas season to forget what it is about . . . .a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. THAT is what Christmas is really about and THAT is why, as Christians, we SHOULD celebrate this wonderful event!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend, brother, and co-laborer in Christ,

Bill Keller


It is OK to be single!

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(Romans 12:12; Luke 21:19)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Father, bless me this day to have the courage to stand up for YOUR TRUTH in my daily life. Give me boldness to proclaim YOUR TRUTH when I am with those who mock and demean our faith in Christ and for following the teachings of the Bible. No matter what they may say, let me be not afraid to stand for you. In Jesus name…AMEN!

I realize that many of my Devotionals deal with husbands and wives, parents and children. I also realize that many of you are not married at the present time. In our society, you are almost looked down on if you are not married or involved in a relationship with someone. Many people feel like something is wrong with them if they are single. Being single is okay!

Whether you are single because of a divorce, your spouse has died, or you have never married, IT IS OK. The point I want to share with you today is to be patient. I can assure you, 99% of the relationship
problems I deal with each and every day can be traced back to people who were impatient, good people who jumped into relationships outside of God’s timing and ended up paying a big price. I realize that loneliness will cause you to make poor decisions, but you have got to understand the consequences of those decisions.

The number one problem in relationships is that there is no spiritual base. While money, communication, and other issues are the most popular reasons for problems, I assure you the lack of a spiritual base in the relationship is the reason these other problems exist. Not having a secure spiritual base is why God said not to be unequally yoked. He knew without that base, the relationship could never survive.

The base starts with the personal walk each person has with the Lord. It is then solidified by both people bringing their faith together as one. The Bible talks of the man being the spiritual head of his home. It is important for a man to take t! his job
seriously and be the priest in his home. It is his responsibility to help merge his faith and that of his potential wife. Praying together. Reading the Word together. Serving the Lord together. These are all ways for two people to lay a solid and secure spiritual base. Let me tell you this.


While I realize finding someone physically attractive, someone with a nice personality, someone with a good job may all be criteria in finding a mate, but if you do not focus first on the spiritual side of the relationship, it is doomed. I want to tell you now, without hesitation. The reason for the high divorce rate amongst the people of God is because there is NO spiritual base in the relationship. This is why patience is critical.

While the downside to being single is loneliness, the upside is it allows you to grow and develop a real walk with Christ. It also gives you the power ov! er what
relationships you will enter into. There is a power in the fact you have choices you can make. Be picky. Be patient. You do not have to find someone today. This is where your faith and trust in God becomes important as well. He knows your needs and desires. Trust Him. Have faith in Him that He is going to bring the right person into your life.

It hurts me to know many of you are hurting from the loneliness of being single. I pray that today you will refocus on your walk with the Lord. I pray you will realize there is nothing wrong with being single. I pray you will know that God understands your needs and desires, and He will bring the right person into your life. I will add that, like everything, it is a combination of God’s sovereign will and our responsibility.

You cannot expect to sit in the house and wait for the Lord to send the right person knocking at your door. Like all battles, you need a game plan, and you need to be faithfully executing the plan each ! day to
see victory. My emphasis today, though, is that as you are out looking for a mate, remember that unless your relationship has a spiritual base to it, it will not last.

Being single is okay. Use the time to solidify your walk with Christ. Be patient. Never forget that the Lord loves you and will bring the right person into your life. rust Him and wait on His perfect timing!

In His love and service,

Your friend, brother, and co-laborer in Christ,

Bill Keller

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

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(Galatians 5:1, James 4:7, Psalm 32:7, 1 Peter 5:8)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Lord, keep my mind free of the filth of this world. Cleanse it each day with your Word and let my thoughts be your thoughts. Help me this day to dwell on you and your love as I live my life for your glory. In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

This time every year is a special anniversary for me personally. Sixteen years ago today, I made the decision to stop drinking alcohol. I am asked daily about how a Christian should deal with alcohol. There is one school of thought that says it is OK to have a drink as long as you don’t get drunk since the Bible does NOT say having a drink is a sin, only being drunk is. The other school of thought is complete abstinence. Ultimately, this is a personal choice each person must make for themselves.

For the
first 4 years of my ministry, I chose to follow the path of complete abstinence. During the 10 years I was running from God, I drank, heavy at some times. I know what it is like to be drunk, drink so much you get sick, and have a hang over the next day. I have had all of these experiences. When I went into the ministry I made the decision that drinking was not something I could do if I was serious about serving the Lord.

However, starting in 1996, I decided having a drink once in a while was not that big of a deal, so usually 2-3 times a month I would have a snifter of Cognac after dinner. I never drank in public, only at home. I was never drunk. It was simply a choice I had made several times a month to have a drink.

I will never forget in December of 2002. After dinner as I was relaxing, I went to get a drink and poured the last snifter out of a bottle of Remy Martin VSOP. As I sipped the last few drops I remember thinking to myself, drinking alcohol is somethi! ng in my
life that I would be better off not doing. I spent a few minutes in prayer and simply told God that I really didn’t want to drink any more, and actually asked him to take the desire and taste away.

I quit drinking, not because I feared going to Hell, or that I was an embarrassment to God, but because it was simply the best choice for my life. I chose to quit drinking because I felt it was the best for me. For those of you who choose to have a drink, I am certainly not going to condemn you. I will say that as I have matured spiritually, it clearly does seem that abstinence is the best choice. However, that is something you and the Lord need to spend some quiet time chatting about.

Jesus drank wine. Fermented grapes, NOT grape juice. In that culture at that time, there was no Perrier, or even tap water. Wine was used in that day much like we use water today. Jewish scholars have reported that the day in day out wine drank in the days of Jesus had a very small alco! holic

I am not here to lay a guilt trip on anyone who has a glass of champagne on New Year’s, or a glass of wine with dinner, or a beer every now and then. I have never been one to condemn people for the decisions they make, just try to point them to scripture and let the Holy Spirit deal with them. As I say so often, you cannot force someone to do something. It takes God moving on a person’s heart to make someone change.

A scripture in the Bible that supports abstinence from alcohol I often use is 1 Corinthians 6:19. In context, this verse is dealing with our bodies in sexual matters, but it is also appropriate for use in the area of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Rather than preach to you on the issue of alcohol, let me refer you simply to that one verse and ask you if you feel it is right to pollute the temple of the Holy Spirit with something like alcohol that can be harmful to you and alters your state of mind.

I am going to let you pray on that quest! ion and
work it out with the Lord. For Christians, alcohol also becomes a stumbling block for those in your life who are not saved. Not only is it harmful to your temple, but it can also be a bad witness to those people in your life who don’t know the Lord. Never forget, your strongest testimony is how you live your life before others.

One of the big problems with alcohol is that it can end up being a bondage for many. Like any bondage, God is able to deliver you whenever you are serious about quitting and ready to let Him help you. I will be in prayer today for you or anyone you know who is in bondage to alcohol. GOD IS STILL IN THE DELIVERANCE BUSINESS!

I love you, and care about you so much. I will be praying for you today as you spend time with the Lord and seriously consider your choice in regard to drinking. With the Holiday season in full swing, New Years in a few days, and the fact most people will be around alcohol, this is the perfect time to come to peace over! this
issue. God loves you so much, and only wants the best for your life. May the Holy Spirit guide you and lead you in your choice regarding alcohol.

In His love and service,

Your friend, brother, and co-laborer in Christ,

Bill Keller


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(2 Timothy 1:5)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, thank you for this day, a day that was not promised to me but is a gift from you. I pray that each day you wake me up in this coming new year, that I will make that day count for YOU! Guide my steps so that before I go to sleep each night, I can honestly say that I have done something for you and your Kingdom! With each day you grant me in 2019, I will do something during that day to glorify you oh Lord as I pray in your name…AMEN!!!


The challenge God has for you in this upcoming new year is easy to understand, but not easy to perform! It will not sound very difficult, but trust me my friend, you will need to be prayed up each day and spiritually plugged in 24/7 so you are operating in His strength and power in order to succeed. Accepting this challenge and doing your best each day can make 2019 not ! only the
most spiritually productive year of your life, but a year in which you will grow in the Lord like you never have in your life!!!

The challenge is simply this. Each day the Lord gives you in 2019, each day He allows you to wake up, before you end that day by going to sleep you need to do something during that day for the Lord. I am not talking about your personal time with the Lord in prayer or the Word. That is a given. I am talking about doing something SPECIFIC DURING THAT DAY for the Lord.

At first glance this doesn’t seem to be that difficult. It could be finding someone during that day to share your faith with. It could be taking 30 minutes of the day and finding some way to serve the needs of others. It could be going out of your way at some point in the day to help someone you know who is in need. There are almost endless things you can do during the day that you consciously and specifically do in order to lay down to sleep at night and be able ! to point to
at least ONE THING you did that day to serve Jesus!

Now, let me help you understand the real life difficulty of being successful in this challenge. How many people, better yet, how many times have you started the year with the goal of losing so much weight, for a smoker to stop smoking, to read the Bible cover to cover, or for any other issue in your life that you wanted to focus on. You do real good January 1st, 2nd, 3rd, maybe throughout the whole month! But, than comes February, March, April, and I submit to you that in most cases what you diligently set out to accomplish starting January 1st is a faded memory.

Trust me, I am not trying to guilt you or shame you. This is simply human nature. So, while having the goal of doing something specific for the Lord every day He blesses you with in 2019 may not seem like such a hard thing to accomplish, it will be! That is why I say you will have to be prayed up each day, spend some time in the Word each day, a! nd be
focused throughout EVERY DAY to find that time, that specific thing you will do THAT DAY to serve the Lord!

My friend, the greatest legacy that you can leave is in the lives you touch for God. As I have gotten older, each passing year makes me realize all the more how brief our journey here really is. It is only natural that we think about how we might be remembered after we are gone. I don’t want to sound cold, but the fact is, other than our family and possibly a few close friends, the memory of our life will fade quickly.

Once we are gone from this life, there is very little left to remind people that we were even here. Some people may be memorialized by having a building or road named after them, others may have their memory honored by having an event named after them, but for most there will be little evidence of this life once it is over. My purpose today is not to discourage you, but to challenge you in regard to how you CAN live on long after your life he! re is

I have often talked about leaving behind the temporal things of this world when we die. How the only thing we will take from this life into eternity is our relationship with Christ. Our works will be tested and much of what we do in this life will be burned up as wood, hay, and stubble. The works that will stand the test of fire are those eternal works. So it is with our legacy, what we leave behind. We leave behind our name, which may or may not continue. The most visible thing we leave is our children, but they too will one day die.

What we do leave behind that will NOT pass away are those souls who will live for eternity because we were obedient to God. Understand that only the Holy Spirit can bring a person to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. However, God uses human instruments to affect a person’s life and bring them to that point. Your prayers, your kind words, your acts of charity, your unconditional love for others during your life will live on! in that
person for eternity!

The point I want you to understand today is that it is never too early in life, or too late in life to impact someone for eternity. It is after all our purpose in this life. Our purpose is to serve and glorify God. Our service to God comes in the service to others. Our service to others has ETERNAL consequences. It is our greatest legacy. It is the part of us that WILL live on for eternity. We live on long after we leave this life, in the lives of those we touch along our journey.

I love you and care about you so much. I pray that you will read these words over and over for the next few days and begin praying about accepting this daunting challenge for the upcoming year. This is not a game, but is very serious. Only God knows how HE can use your focused efforts each day to impact lives and advance His Kingdom. He is only asking you to participate, to be a human instrument He can use each day to bring about His perfect plan and purpose.

is one of those Devotionals that you should print out and keep with you. We all go through those times in our life when we wonder what it is all about, if it really matters. The answer is a resounding YES! We need to be reminded from time to time that we are significant because God can use us in His plan and purpose to touch other lives each and every day along our journey if we allow Him to.

My challenge to you today is to make sure you leave an eternal legacy, that you live on after your death in the lives of those the Lord allows to cross your path each day. MAKE 2019 THE MOST SPIRITUALLY PRODUCTIVE YEAR IN YOUR LIFE!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend, brother, and co-laborer in Christ,

Bill Keller

“You are my King and my God, who decrees victories for Jacob.”

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(Psalm 44:4-8)

***THE LIVEPRAYER CHURCH!!! Haven’t been to church yet this week? Join me for this week’s service at the LivePrayer Church. This week’s message is: “Perserverance!” Please visit the website at: http://liveprayerchurch.com and be part this week’s worship service. Each Sunday there will be a new service at 12:01am EDT


***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, help me to get through this day and the challenges that I will be facing today. Guide me, strengthen me, and give me wisdom as I make choices throughout this day. Please watch over my family and those I love in this world, and keep them safe. I love you Lord, and depend upon you each moment of each day. Bless me as I go through the day, living my life for your glory. In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!

You are my King and my God, w! ho decrees
victories for Jacob. Through you we push back our enemies; through your name we trample our foes. I do not trust in my bow, my sword does not bring me victory; but you give us victory over our enemies, you put our adversaries to shame. In God we make our boast all day long, and we will praise your name forever.” – (Psalm 44:4-8 NIV)

“Through your name we trample our foes.” I have a special message for each person reading these words today. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live, how much you have or don’t have, or what you may be facing in your life today, JESUS IS GOING TO LEAD YOU TO VICTORY OVER YOUR FOES! If your foe is sickness, Jesus is going to heal you! If your foe is divorce, Jesus is going to restore your marriage! If your foe is a lack of finances, Jesus is going to open the windows of Heaven and pour out an abundance of resources!

If your foe is alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, smoking, sex, shopping, or any other addiction, Jesus is going t! o set you
free! If your foe is not having a job, Jesus is going to get you working. If your foe is your schoolwork, Jesus is going to help you with your studies. If your foe is losing weight, Jesus is going to give you the discipline to lose those extra pounds. If your foe is at your job, Jesus is going to give you favor and bless you in the work you do. If your foe is transportation, Jesus is going to get you new transportation.

If your foe is fear, Jesus is going to give you courage. If your foe is despair, Jesus is going to give you hope. If your foe is anger, Jesus is going to give you peace. If your foe is depression, Jesus is going to give you joy. If your foe is hatred, Jesus is going to give you love. If your foe is unforgiveness, Jesus is going to give you a forgiving heart. If your foe is worry, Jesus is going to give you that calm assurance. If your foe is death, Jesus has come to give you life everlasting. My friend, whatever your foe may be, JESUS IS GOING TO LEAD Y! OU TO

I want to give you a word of encouragement today. You can either let the problems of life defeat you, or you can let the giver of life defeat your problems. I know too many of you missed that one so one more time. You can either let the problems of life defeat you, or you can let the giver of life defeat your problems. You see my friend, God’s Word tells us that the “Battle is the Lord’s.” God’s Word promises us that at the name of Jesus our enemies will be defeated. It is time for you to quit going through life like you have are defeated when the Bible proclaims that because of Jesus you are the victor!

The problem for many of you, however, especially those who by the world’s standards are “successful,” is that you put too much trust in yourself and not enough trust in the Lord. I am going to give you a glimpse into my past life for a minute. One of the things that led to my rebellion against God during the ’80s was the fact He blessed me
abundantly at a very young age and I used the wonderful gifts and talents God gave me to build my own kingdom instead of building His Kingdom. You see, I became dependent on MY wisdom and abilities to get things done and left God out of the picture. When you are successful in this world, it is easy to get to a place where you think you don’t have to depend on God or anyone else but yourself. It is only a matter of time before your world begins to crumble when you are on the throne.

That is why God’s Word tells us over and over to not trust in our own understanding, to not trust in man, but to trust in the Lord. Joshua was a mighty military man. He understood the art of war. I have no doubt that he had a great plan for taking down the walls of Jericho. But when it came time to take that city, it was NOT the wisdom of Joshua that took down the walls of Jericho, it was the plan of God! It is not your bow or your sword that is going to give you victory over your enemies, i! t is the
name of the LORD!

I love you and care about you so much. I pray today that you will be encouraged by this message and realize that Jesus has already defeated your foes, whoever and whatever they may be. The reality is, today, this very moment, you are in the middle of whatever battles you are fighting in your life. You are probably weary of fighting, wondering where God is, and can’t see how you will ever get victory. THAT IS WHY GOD IS SENDING THIS MESSAGE TO YOU TODAY! It is like the cavalry coming over the hill with their trumpets blasting!

God wants you to know that He has not forsaken you and that if you will simply trust in the name of the Lord, it is the name of JESUS that is going to give you victory over your enemies and put your adversaries to shame!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend, brother, and co-laborer in Christ,

Bill Keller

A special word for single moms and dads!!!

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(Romans 8:35-37; 1 John 5:4)


***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, help me this day to be a great ambassador for you! Let my conversation and my actions today draw people to your hope and love. In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!

Encouragement for single moms and dads, spouses in unequally yoked marriages, and those who have divorced and remarried. I want to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone who is a single mom or dad, in an unequally yoked marriage, or remarried after having been divorced if what I have said in past Devotionals has hurt you in any way. I can assure you, that was never my intention.

Here at Liveprayer, we literally respond to over 40,000 emails every day, many from people in these circumstances, giving them love, support, and prayer in the battles they are facin! g in their
life. So, bringing personal pain to anyone is never my goal, quite the opposite. I do my best each day to encourage and support people in their day to day struggles, pointing them to the one true answer we have in this life, Jesus Christ!

I take a firm Biblical stand on issues like marriage, being equally yoked, and what God’s plan for the family is. First, because it is what God says and His way always works best for our lives. His Word cannot be compromised. Secondly, because we see daily here at Liveprayer the destroyed lives of those who ignored God in these areas of their life by doing it their way.

I was divorced in the past, so I know personally the pain and heartache of divorce. I know personally that when you live together outside of marriage, don’t build a spiritual foundation to your relationship, and leave God out of the equation, how little chance that relationship has of working. Even if it does survive, it is NEVER complete without God at the

That is why, especially for the young adults who read this Devotional each day, I do my best to warn them from falling into these traps that can literally destroy their lives. God has given me a responsibility for sharing the truth of His Word. Much of the pain and heartache that we deal with in this life is because we ignored God, or rebelled against God in some way. I realize there are cases when the actions of others cause us great pain, but again, a good percentage of our problems come from OUR decision to ignore God’s plan.

While the world at large says “Do it your way,” “Whatever you think is right is okay,” “If it feels good, do it.” God says there is only ONE WAY that is right and that is found in the Bible. God gives us His way because He loves us! He knows that His way works and the other ways do not! His way brings us peace, joy, happiness, and blessings. Ignoring His way brings turmoil, pain, unhappiness, and tragic consequences ! that can last a

For you single moms and dads, for you who are in an unequally yoked marriages, for those who have divorced and remarried, God loves you and will help you see victory despite whatever has happened in the past. It would be great if we all lived life the way God planned for us to. It is my prayer daily that those young adults reading these words each day will take that challenge and do just that.

But for those who have already made some mistakes along the way, who got off track from doing it God’s way, TODAY IS THE DAY that you can get back on track. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE!!!

The key, however, is doing it God’s way from here on out. For whatever reason you may be raising your children alone, know that God will make you adequate each day and give you all that you need to be the best parent that you can be. Your greatest ministry will ALWAYS be to your children.

For those who are unequally yoked with your spouse, Paul clearly said that you are! to remain in
your marriage and to be a blessing to that spouse. Pray for them, let them see Jesus in you. Only God can change their heart, your job is to pray and be His light in your home. For those who have divorced and remarried, simply do it His way from here on out. Be the wife or husband God has raised you up to be. Keep Him at the center of your home and marriage. Whatever challenges that you are facing today, God is able to help you meet each one and see victory! OUR GOD IS ABLE!

I love you and care about you so much. The key today is to remember that the past is the past. There are no “do overs” in life. You can’t go back and relive your life. So no matter what situation you may find yourself in today, know that if you make Christ the Lord of your life, keep Christ first at all times, do it God’s way, you can know the peace, the joy, and the abundance that this life can offer.

Our life is today and forward until God calls us home. Yesterday is over. Live for toda! y and make it
all that God intends it to be. I will be praying for you!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend, brother, and co-laborer in Christ,

Bill Keller

A challenge from God for YOU this Christmas season!!!

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(1 Thessalonians 3:12)


***LIVEPRAYER TV IS BACK!!! We re-launched the Liveprayer TV program with a LIVE Thanksgiving Day special broadcast! You can watch the Liveprayer TV program LIVE every Monday thru Friday from 11p-Midnight EST on all major streaming services on your TV, computer, tablet, or phone!!! You can also watch the program ON DEMAND on your TV, computer, tablet, or phone!!! You can also watch the program ON DEMAND on your schedule!!! For all details go to: https://liveprayer.com/liveprayer-show-bout.cfm

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, please guide my steps this day. Help me to walk in your light and strength and not in my own ways. Thank you for your many blessings, most that I take for granted. Help me this day to acknowledge your love, grace, and goodness as I live my li! fe for you
and do my best to glorify you in all of my thoughts, words, and deeds. This I ask in the name of Jesus. AMEN!

One of the common prayer requests I see daily are requests for God to reconcile family members whose relationships have been broken for a myriad of reasons. One of the tests of our spiritual maturity is the ability to forgive, pray for, and love someone that has wronged us. It is especially difficult when that someone is part of our family. I am going to challenge you today to exhibit Christ-like love this Christmas as you share this blessed time of year with your family members.

Regardless of who is at fault, who is wrong, the circumstances involved, my challenge to you this Christmas is to make an attempt to reconcile with someone in your family that you may not currently have a relationship with. I realize in many cases this is going to be a very difficult task, but it is what God wants you to do, and He will give you the strength and courage to make t! he

Let me say up front, you are not responsible for the actions of anyone else, only your own. You cannot force a relationship with someone who refuses to accept you. But you can, and God requires you, to make the effort. At that point, it is in His hands. He is the one who has to move on the other person’s heart. Much like in witnessing, you can never force someone to get saved. But God requires you to give them the opportunity, and after that, it is up to the power of the Holy Spirit to move on that person’s heart.

I am not going to elaborate very much today, because the challenge God has for you is very simple, very straightforward. God is asking you to make the effort to reconcile with someone that you are not on good terms with during this Christmas season. Forget the reasons that you are fighting, forget what has happened in the past, make the effort in Christ-like love. At that point, you have done what God has asked you to do, and it is then up to th! e other
person to respond.

I know this is not easy, and in many cases will be very painful. I will be praying for you. I will be praying for His strength, words, and love to be with you in a way like you never have known before. God is love. It is His desire to see His children love one another. What better Christmas present for God than to obey His voice and make the effort to reconcile your relationship with that family member you are separated from!

I love you and care about you so much. I will be praying today specifically for you to heed this challenge and to be obedient to God’s voice. I want to see you be all God has raised you up to be. One way you can do that, is by doing those things in life, even the painful things, that you know God expects you to do.

You will be surprised how much can be accomplished just by making the effort. The problems won’t immediately disappear, they won’t wipe away years of pain, but God is able to heal and restore relationships! . God is
a God of reconciliation and restoration! That is His desire for you this Christmas!

In His love and service,

Your friend, brother, and co-laborer in Christ,

Bill Keller

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