Satan is a LIAR and a LOSER!

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(Malachi 1:1-9)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord! Today I come to you, asking you to bless the dear people who we faithfully minister to each day. I ask for your protection, that you meet their every need, and bless them and their families richly. As I have each morning for 19 years now, I commit YOUR work to you this day. May your Truth in the marketplace, lives be impacted, and souls saved….FOR YOUR GLORY! My life is in your hands and I simply ask that you use me so you are glorified!!! In the name of Jesus my Lord I pray….AMEN!!!


A year ago, satan in his arrogance thought that after trying for 18 yrs to shut down Liveprayer he had succeeded. As I tell you often…GOD ALWAYS HAS THE FINAL WORD! A year ago we were running a financial shortfall of over $200,000. The very ability to keep Liveprayer online was being threatened daily, and we literally did “go down” numerous times last September and October f! or 3-4 hours at a
time. Satan was laughing, but God was about to be heard from!!!

After struggling to keep operating last September, October, and November, in December God sent several people to help us take care of our shortfall from 2017, re-structure our monthly budget from $65,000 to $50,000 without sacrificing any of our basic daily ministry operations, and ENABLE us enter 2018 back on solid ground financially!!!

2018, our 19th year online has been a POWERFUL year of ministry for Liveprayer. Being able to focus most of my time on ministering to the needs of the people we reach worldwide each day, we have received, prayed for, and sent a personal response to just under 11 million emails for prayer so far during 2018. We have apx. 1 million praise reports archived from the first 9 months of 2018.


This has all be possible! because
friends like you have sacrificed your prayers and many, some of your treasure!!!

Our financial challenges have been great starting with the real estate crash in 2008 that affected so many, and made even more difficult due to many of our dear friends, who the Lord had blessed and enabled to make significant financial sacrifices for His work here at Liveprayer over the years, were called home to Glory.

Let me be clear. Any sacrifice made to the Lord’s work here at Liveprayer is significant! The $5 gift is just as critical and blessed as a $5,000 gift. That is why Jesus told His disciples the widow who gave the equivalent of a few cents was the greatest gift of all. However, anyone who has served on a church finance committee, building fund, or even local charity, understands that it takes the $10, $20, $100 gifts, as well as the few who can give $1,000, $5,000, $30,000. It takes ALL of those giving as they are able!!!

As we head into the final 79 days o! f 2018, we
are only carrying a shortfall of $5,000 that was accumulated during the summer months which are always a challenge with many people on vacation or simply unplugging from their normal routine. Additionally, we need to take care of the first $25,000 from the first 2 weeks of our October ministry operations. So it is critical that we cover this $30,000 to stay current as we head into the final 79 days of the year.

To that end, we have totally revamped the website. It is even more user friendly with an amazing amount of unique FREE content you will never find anywhere, since it was created from our work on the front lines in the marketplace where sadly few churches and ministries go into any longer. There is a MEMBERS section that is also FREE and those who are part of the Liveprayer family need to sign-up since there will be some additional fresh ministry content for MEMBERS.

Also, we are ready to re-launch the Liveprayer TV program, however, for! a
FRACTION of what it used to cost the ministry while reaching tens of thousands more people, primarily non-Christians as we have always targeted. The program will be available LIVE every Monday-Friday from 11pm-Midnight ET worldwide on over 30 major streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, and many more! It will also be available for On-Demand viewing at any time!!!

We are literally down to the final $3,000 (part of the $30,000) required for the technical infrastructure necessary to re-launch the TV program, and will be ready within a week of getting those funds to finalize the technical end!!!


***OCTOBER FINANCIAL UPDATE: As we are now! 15 days
into October, we still need to bring in the final $5,000 of our September’s shortfall. We also require the first $25,000 of our $50,000 budget for the first 2 weeks of our October’s ministry operations. That is $30,000 we require to keep our operations current.

I am praying for ONE of our friends who God has enabled and blessed to help me cover the final $5,000 from our September shortfall TODAY, and for everyone else to pray about what the Lord is calling you to give, whether it is $10, $20, $50, $100, or more in order to cover the first $25,000 of October’s operations.

*SPECIAL YEAR-END GIFT!!! With the end of the year just 79 days away (Can you believe it?), PLEASE be praying about a special year-end gift to Liveprayer. Over these final 79 days of 2018, in addition to clearing up the final $5,000 from our September ministry operations, we require our basic monthly ministry operations budget of $50,000 for October, November, and December.

*That is $! 155,000 to end
this year with all of our ministry operations current, with $30,000 of that required now. Please be in prayer what God is calling you to do to insure we can begin 2019 with all of our 2018 ministry operations paid in full, and don’t forget that your gift to Liveprayer is 100% tax deductible!!!

*STOCKS! A great way to help Liveprayer is by donating stock. The transfer can be made in a way you get the full credit for your donation without having to pay any of the taxes you normally would on gains your stocks may have enjoyed. Contact me for information about this incredible way to help God’s work here at Liveprayer:

TO GIVE A GIFT TO LIVEPRAYER, you can use your major credit card at: or you can mail your gift to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Ave. North, St. Petersburg, FL 33709. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible!

I love you and care about you so much. I will be praying for you, praying that! you will
spend a few minutes giving thought to how much more you could and should be giving God. He gave His very best for you, is it too much to ask for you to give your very best to Him? Trust me, you can’t out-give God.

The more you give, the more you receive. Don’t hold back and don’t hang on. God gave it to you so that you could use it to give to others. After all, when this life is over, the only thing any believer should want to hear is, “well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller


The ultimate family!!!

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(2 Corinthians 6:18)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, thank you for another day of life! Let us never forget that EVERY DAY is a special day since it is a gift from you! Please let me never take one day, one hour, one minute of this precious life for granted, and may I always honor you with my life!!! In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!

One of the most watched TV programs in the early 2000s was the Soprano’s, a series on HBO that dealt with the life of a Mafia family. Those who have been reading my Daily Devotionals for a while know that I never tell you what to do or not to do. That is not my role. My job is to share the truth of God’s word with you so that YOU can make the best decisions. After all, I, nor anyone, can force you to do anything.

Hopefully, you will take on the mind of Christ and do the things that you should out of a love and dedication to serve and glorify Him with your life. I will say that one of the issues I deal wi! th often
is the renewing of our mind, watching what we see and hear, and what we allow ourselves to be exposed to. All I will say is to pray daily about the things you allow into your head, and simply ask yourself if it is the type of thing that is going to help you further your walk and life with Christ. The Holy Spirit will guide you.

Never forget the saying, “garbage in, garbage out.” My saying, “God in, God out”!!!

Having said that, I do want to share with you today about the family of God. Like everything satan touches, it becomes a perversion of God’s original idea. The Mafia “family” is based on honor, respect, loyalty, obedience, and faithful service. There is a “head” that is the sole authority which members of the family worship. The family of God is about honor, respect, loyalty, obedience, and faithful service. The family of God also has a “head” that is the sole authority which members of the family worship.

Do you see how perverted satan is? He blin! ds the
hearts of men and women, uses some of the positive things of God in a perverse way to entrap them and lead them on a path of destruction.

Deep down, people yearn to be part of a family. God built us to be part of a family. For those in big families, you understand what being part of a large family is all about. For those who do not have any or much family, you miss that interaction that family members share. The Mafia, local gangs, have captured that need to be part of a family in how they operate their criminal enterprises. Actually, some of the best run legitimate businesses have used the family structure to successfully operate.

However, the ultimate family is not your earthly family, or being part of a company, or involved in a group of some kind, but being part of the family of God.

In being part of the family of God, you are part of an eternal family, one that will live on beyond this life. God is our Creator, the head of our eternal family. We are t! o honor
those who are part of this Divine family. We should respect other members of the family. We must be loyal to our family. We need to be obedient to the rules of the family as laid out in God’s Word. We need to be faithful to serve the family with our time, talents, and treasure.

There is no greater family to be part of, the family of God, since this family will live on for all eternity!!!

I want to encourage you today to become part of the family of God. All you have to do is ask Jesus Christ into your heart and accept Him as your personal Savior. If you have never done this, and want to make that commitment today, simply go to: Pray and ask the Lord to open your heart to the words you will hear. Than listen them. It is the most important thing you will do in your life, and if you accept Christ by faith you will automatically become part of the family of God . . . the ultimate family!

I love you and care about y! ou so
much. Perhaps there are some out there who are part of the family of God, but you have strayed away. Your heavenly Father, the head of this family, loves you unconditionally and is waiting for you to come back to the family. Just like the father of the Prodigal Son accepted his son back, so your heavenly Father will take you back. Now is the time to come home, come back to the family of God. He still has much for you to do in your life. It is time to stop running from your family and come back home where you belong.

I will pray for you today to hear your Father calling your name. No matter how far away you have run, no matter what you have done, God is ready to forgive you if you simply ask Him to, and restore you to the family of God. This is NOT AN ACCIDENT you are reading these words today. Maybe in your time away you have tried other families. The fact is you have been empty and unfulfilled. There is no substitute for the family of God. Come home today. Your Father! is
waiting for you…your family is waiting for you!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

Can a Jewish person be saved?

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(Genesis 12:1-7, 13:14-16, 15:18; Deuteronomy 9:4-6; Joshua 1:1-11, 21:43-45)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, help me to always be prepared to serve you in any way that I can. My life belongs to you. I am ready, willing, and able to answer your call as I go through my life each day. Use me for your glory. I am yours! In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!

Recently, there has been a swirl of controversy in the news whether a Jewish person can go to heaven or not. The answer is a resounding YES!!! God’s free gift of everlasting life is available to ALL MEN! A Jewish person cannot go to Heaven just be being born a Jew. They are saved like all men, and that is by putting their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. A Jewish person by virtue of their birth is one of God’s “chosen people,” but like everyone else, each one will be held accountable for their sins. God’s only plan of redemption is by faith in His Son Jesus Christ. Pray today for ! those
Jewish men and women you may know, to give their heart and life to the Messiah–Jesus!!!

Giving away the land that God gave to the children of Israel, to their enemies. Please, do yourself a favor right now and get your Bible and sit down and spend the next 10 minutes reading the anchor verses for today, Genesis 12:1-7, 13:14-16, 15:18; Deuteronomy 9:4-6; Joshua 1:1-11; 21:43-45. You could spend hours reading all the passages in God’s Word that confirm that modern-day Israel is the land God promised to Abraham and gave to His children. You do not have to be a Bible scholar to quickly realize in just the few key passages I have given you today that the land of Israel is indeed the exact land God Himself promised to His children 4,000 years ago, and fulfilled that promise in 1385 B.C. when Joshua took possession of that land.

Having laid the Biblical case to support that the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, now you can see why giving away even one inch ! of that
land to anyone else is going against God Himself. No person, no nation, has the right to give away what God promised and gave to the Jewish people. Those who do make themselves an enemy of God! Over and over throughout the Bible and human history, nations have invaded this land, taken it over, only to be defeated in the end. The land of Israel is only 20,330 sq km, slightly smaller than the state of New Jersey. Out of the billions of square miles that exist on this earth, this is the only place on the planet God literally promised and gave to His children. For anyone to go in and try to give a piece of that land away is foolish.

That is why the “peace plans” the United States have a large role in working out will never work and actually put our nation on the opposite side of God again! Let me be clear. The Gaza Strip belongs to ISRAEL! The West Bank belongs to ISRAEL! Jerusalem, all of it, belongs to ISRAEL! For this nation to be involved in any deals, even under the g! uise of
“peace,” that involves giving away the land God gave to the children of Israel is taking on God Himself! Not to mention that this land is being given away to the ENEMIES OF ISRAEL!!!

My friend, one of the problems many have with the Bible is that they can’t understand why a God of love would command His children to go to war and “Kill every man, woman, child, and living thing” as He did many times in the Old Testament. The reason was this. God in His omniscience knew that the enemies of Israel, those who came to possess their land, had no desire for peace but the complete destruction and annihilation of the Jewish people. The complete obliteration of the Jewish people was their ONLY goal, not peace. Sadly, there are some people who have no desire for peace, only death and destruction and you either destroy them or they destroy you. That is one of the sad realties of living in this fallen and evil world.

Israel clearly understands the reality that there are people! who
desire their death and destruction. They don’t have the luxury of great oceans on either side as we do and their enemies literally live all around them. That is what makes this current “peace plan” so silly. To actually take some of the small amount of land that belongs to Israel and literally give it to their enemies is absurd and ridiculous. It will only embolden and empower those who seek the destruction of Israel. Again, make no mistake about it. While we and others seek “peace,” it takes TWO to make peace. Despite the claims by the Palestinian leadership, their goal is NOT peace but the destruction of Israel.

I have always been amused at why anyone thinks it is necessary to give the little strip of land God gave to Israel away to her enemies, when Israel is surrounded by Arab nations with VAST AMOUNTS of land who could easily assimilate their Arab brothers into their countries. Why do the Palestinians have to live on the land God gave to Israel when there is plent! y of land
in neighboring Arab countries they could live on? What is wrong with a “peace plan” that gave some of the land in surrounding Arab countries to the Palestinians?

I love you and care about you so much. I want to close today with a powerful promise God made to Abraham 4,000 years ago in Genesis 12:3, “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” This one verse of Scripture is why what is happening in Israel right now is so critical to THIS NATION! In being part of a plan to give away the land God gave to Israel to anyone, especially her enemies who seek her destruction, puts us on the wrong side of God. We should be seeking the BLESSINGS of God, not His CURSES!

Know that I am praying for you today. Even though most Jewish people have rejected Christ as their Savior, blinded to the reality that He is the Messiah they were promised in the Old Testament, they were, are, and always will be! God’s
chosen people. The promise God gave Abraham in Genesis 12:3 is still in effect today. Our Christian faith is traced back through the children of Israel. The last events of this world will be played out in Israel. That is why we need to pray for and support the Jewish people and God’s plan for the land of Israel. Our blessings in life come from following God not being in opposition to God!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

The Christian faith is not a smorgasbord!

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(Matthew 6:24, 12:30; Mark 9:40)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, YOU are my provider. You know my daily needs. You promised to care what I need each day for life….food, shelter, clothing. I put my trust in you. You own the cattle on a thousand hills, and I come to you today to thank you for providing for my needs in the past, and knowing my needs today. Today, I come to you, asking you to meet those needs as I glorify you for your provision. In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!

One of the things that has greatly troubled me recently, is the number of people who say that they believe in God, say that they are a Christian, yet have no problem supporting choices that are clearly defined in God’s Word as sin. My friend, Jesus said it best when He said that “No man can serve two masters.”

The Christian faith is not a smorgasbord where you can pick and choose what you like. You can’t claim to have faith in Christ, yet support the things that! the
Bible speaks against. To borrow a political term, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A CHRISTIAN MODERATE. Either God is real or He is not.

Let me first clarify what a Christian is. A Christian is a person who has made the personal choice to repent of their sins and ask Jesus into their heart by faith (John 3:16; Romans 10:10; Ephesians 2:8-9). It is your personal faith in Christ that makes you a Christian!!!

The church you belong to cannot save you. Having a priest or pastor baptize you when you were a baby did not save you. Living a good life does not save you. The fact that your parents are Christians cannot save you. Only making the choice to repent of your sins and ask Christ into your heart makes you a Christian.

If this is something that you have never done, the Bible says that TODAY is the day of salvation. Pray, ask God to open your heart, then click on this link and read what is written: God has made it so easy, but it! is a
choice that only YOU can make.

Once you have gotten to this point, the next step is that you MUST accept the Bible as God’s inspired, inerrant Word. It is IMPOSSIBLE to be a Christian and not accept the Bible as God’s Word. You see, to come to Christ by faith, you have accepted that this is God’s plan to give His creation, which is separated from Him because of their sin, a way to come back into a relationship with Him. This is God’s ONLY plan!

That is why faith in Buddha will not save you. That is why faith in Muhammad will not save you. That is why faith in a golden statue will not save you. It is ONLY faith in Jesus Christ that saves you because it was Jesus Christ who God sent to die for your sins! He was God’s perfect sacrifice to give fallen man a way back into everlasting fellowship with Him. So, if you accept THAT, then you have to accept the ENTIRE BIBLE as God’s inspired, inerrant Word. It can’t be only partially right!!!

The reason is God cannot ! lie. The
Bible is an all or nothing proposition, it is either ALL true or NONE of it is true. This is very serious, so please hear what I am saying to you today. You can’t live your faith with one foot in the world and one foot in the church. You either believe it all, or you don’t really believe any of it. Either God is true, and we can count on EVERYTHING He says, or God is a liar, and we are the most foolish of all people. My friend, there is NO MIDDLE GROUND!!!

This is where so many Christians break down in their life. They simply don’t want to let go of the things of this world. The fact is, this life is only a brief journey anyway. When it is over, the things of this world will be gone, and the ONLY thing that you will be left with is the fact that you have Christ in your heart, or you have rejected His love for you. PERIOD.

I love you and care for you so much. I realize that this is difficult for so many of you to read. I already know that there will be thousands o! f very
angry emails about how intolerant I am, how the Christian faith is horrible for excluding so many good people. The fact is, the only thing intolerant about the Christian faith is accepting sin in a person’s life.

Would a parent feed their child a plate of garbage to eat? Of course not. Why? Because they love them and know that it would be very harmful to them. When God says don’t sin, He is saying don’t eat a plate of garbage because it is harmful to you.

As for the Christian faith being exclusionary. That is the FARTHEST thing from the truth. The Bibles says, “Whosoever believes in Him shall not perish.” Whosoever is potentially EVERYONE. Everyone has the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ into their hearts and accept God’s free gift of everlasting life. I don’t find that exclusionary, but INCLUSIONARY!

I will be praying for you today. Praying above all that you realize how serious it is to make a full and total commitment of your life to the Lord. Th! e fact is,
when we ask Him into our hearts, the Bible says that it is no longer our life, but that it belongs to Him. We surrender our life to Him.

I realize as much as anyone how unpopular our faith can be to the world that we live in. The sad fact is, much of that world is lost, hurting, and living without ANY hope. They have chosen to reject God and live life the way they want to. That is fine. God has given everyone the free will to make that choice.

Sadly, though, no matter how they may appear on the outside, inside they never experience the true joy, peace, and abundance that this life has to offer. As they get older, they start to realize that there has to be more to life, and in their search for God, get caught up in every kind of New Age, crazy philosophy that exists. What they are REALLY looking for is the peace that ONLY comes from a personal relationship with Christ.

As a Christian, you, me, each one of us, is called to be a light to this dark world that ! we live
in. We can ONLY let our light shine bright when we are living fully, 100% for HIM. If you believe that God is real, THEN LIVE EACH DAY FOR HIM!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

Guess what is just under 11 weeks away?

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(Luke 2:1-20)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, please guide my steps this day. Help me to walk in your light and strength and not in my own ways. Thank you for your many blessings, most that I take for granted. Help me this day to acknowledge your love, grace, and goodness as I live my life for you and do my best to glorify you in all of my thoughts, words, and deeds. This I ask in the name of Jesus. AMEN!!!

In case you haven’t checked the calendar, it is just under 11 weeks until Christmas Day. Oh yes, I said Christmas! The Holy Spirit led me to write this message today so that you can start preparing to make this the best and most blessed Christmas of your entire life. It is important for me to share this special word with you now, well enough in advance of all that goes on during the Christmas season, so that you can take the steps necessary to insure this Christmas is the most special Christmas of your life.

In just 7 weeks from tod! ay we
will celebrate Thanksgiving and the Christmas season is in full swing. There will be the parties, the shopping, the food, the family and friends, the events at church, all leading up to Christmas morning. For most people, it is a very busy time of the year and no doubt Jesus will be mentioned and thought of during all of the hustle and bustle, but sadly not the real focus of attention. We get so busy “doing Christmas” that along the way we tend to lose sight of what this special time of year is really all about.

For most people every Christmas is about the same. You attend the various parties at work, with people you may share a hobby with, those in your neighborhood. Of course, there is always the shopping. Some start after Thanksgiving, others are shopping for Christmas now, and there are always those who do their shopping on December 24th. One of the highlights of the Christmas season is all the good food. It seems everywhere you go during this time of year there is! an
endless supply of scrumptious food to indulge in.

Obviously, Christmas would not be Christmas without family and friends. Each year it is the time of year for families to get together, for some the only time of the year they do, and catch up on each other’s lives. We often see those dear friends from the past during Christmas and have the opportunity to spend some time with them.

No doubt one of the things that makes Christmas so special each year is being with our family and friends. Then there are the Christmas events at church. The great Christmas carols we sing during December, the Christmas cantatas, pageants, and plays every year. Those events at our church help to bring our hearts and minds back to the focus of what this season is really all about.

Christmas morning is always a special time in most homes. We are surrounded by our closest family members, enjoying special food, sharing presents, reliving the memories of Christmases past and making new
memories. Yes, the parties, the presents, the food, the family and friends, the activities at church all make each Christmas a very special time of the year in our lives, even though most people do pretty much the exact same things each Christmas season.

That is why this Christmas I want to challenge you to make it the most blessed Christmas of your life ever. There is nothing wrong with the parties, and the presents, and the food ( just be prepared for all of the hours in the gym during January), being with family and friends, enjoying the activities at your church.

The problem is that we get so busy in all of the activities of the Christmas season we tend to forget or not put enough emphasis on what this time of year is all about, and that is the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Sadly, it is easy to lose sight of Jesus in the midst of all that is going on in our lives and I want to help you make sure that doesn’t happen this Christmas.

I love y! ou and
care about you so much. I understand we ALL know the meaning of Christmas. The problem is we have heard the story of Christ’s birth so many times and we know in our head that Christmas is about Jesus, that we really don’t take the time we should each day during the Christmas season to let it sink into our hearts and get the full impact of the incredible miracle Christmas is.

This Christmas, I want to make sure that you stay focused each day in December on Jesus. This Christmas, I want to make sure that every day in December you are focused on the Lord and what really happened that first Christmas to change human history forever. I want to help you keep CHRIST in your Christmas so that it is the best and most blessed Christmas of your entire life!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

Special Mormon cult update and the cult of Freemasonry!!!

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(Matthew 7:21; Titus 1:16; 2 Timothy 3:5; Hosea 6:6; James 3:10)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, help me to be a blessing to someone I meet today. Help me to not be so self-absorbed that I miss the opportunity to be a good witness for you. Today, I yield myself to you. Use me for your glory! In the name of Jesus…AMEN!!!

***SPECIAL CULT INFORMATION!!! After literally battling satan 24/7 over these past 25 years, I am very familiar with the tactics of the “enemy of our soul.” Over the 19+ years of Liveprayer I have educated those in the Liveprayer family over and over about why a Mormon is no more Christian than a Muslim is. You do have to give Muslims credit for at least telling the truth that they are NOT Christians and want to kill anyone who refuses to follow the satanic lies of their false religion.

I have meticulously laid out in detail why Mormon doctrine is 100% inconsistent with Biblical Christianity. You can go to the Live!
homepage and under RESOURCES, click on Daily Devotional. On the right side of the page is a SEARCH feature. Just type in MORMON and all of the Devotionals I have written about this cult will come up. One of the key traits of this cult is their use of lies (John 8:44) and deception, much like the founder of the Mormon cult Joseph Smith was a convicted con-artist prior to starting his cult less than 200 years ago.

Staying true to their roots of lies and deception, members of the Mormon cult lie without conscience when they call themselves “Christians.” With the better percentage of the last 2 generations having never been to church, they have now taking this lie to a new level as they are dropping the terms Mormon, Mormonism, and LDS in order to deceive theologically ignorant people into accepting their lie that they are “just another Christian church.” Members of the Mormon cult are being instructed to simply call themselves “The church of Jesus Christ. The world renown
Mormon Tabernacle Choir will now be known as, “The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.”


Freemasonry IS a cult!!! Whenever I teach on this truth, I am inundated with outraged Masons that I would have the audacity to call their secret society what it is, a CULT! I am always prepared for the onslaught because I know it has been a very deep stronghold in many Christian churches! Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon cult was a Mason. He not only hijacked God’s Word to write his blasphemous Book of Mormon, but incorporated the secret rites of Freemasonry into his cult. All top leaders in the Mormon cult are Masons! That means Christian men involved in this cult are in a blood-oath relationship, an unholy alliance with men in the Mormon cult.

The fact ! is, the ONLY oath
we should ever take is to Jesus Christ. A top level Mason is called worshipful master, when Jesus Christ is the ONLY Master we are to worship. Lastly, Freemasonry operates in secret. Only evil operates in secrecy, in the darkness, while the things of God operate in the light. I am praying for those who have taken an oath to be part of this cult, this secret society, to leave immediately. As Jesus clearly stated, “You can’t serve two masters!”

The two people who God used to help shape my early faith in the Lord besides my parents were my father’s mom and dad. Grandpa and Grandma Keller were lifetime members of a little United Methodist Church outside of Columbus, Ohio. They never missed Sunday service; Grandpa was an usher, Grandma sang in the choir, and they were at the church for about every event that was held. As a young boy growing up, I spent two weeks every summer with them, and their church was a big part of my time there. Grandpa Keller was also a Mason! and Grandma
Keller was a member of the Eastern Star. It is hard to imagine that my dear, Godly grandparents were cult members, but that is exactly what they were.

Freemasonry and Christianity are incompatible. While most see it as a wonderful social, civic and philanthropic organization, in reality it is a secret religious society. Tracing its origins back to the stone masons who built Solomon’s Temple, the modern-day Masonic movement first appeared in Great Britain in 1717 and was first seen in the United States in Philadelphia in 1730. The terminology and symbolism of Masonry seems to come mostly from the actual craft of stonemasonry during the Middle Ages. The “free” in Masonry probably came from the “freestone” (stones that could be cut without splitting) with which Masons worked. Stonemasons had three classifications for workers practicing their craft: Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason. This is also the terminology used for the first three degrees in Masonry

Masonry is not based on the Bible (referred to as “The Great Light”), but on the Kabala, the ultimate source of Masonic beliefs (Morals and Dogma), which is a medieval book of mysticism and magic. Masons require one to believe in God to be a member, but the candidate is never required to say what god he believes in. Masons commonly refer to their deity as the “Great Architect of the Universe” (G.A.O.T.U.) or the Supreme Being.

The name of Christ is seldom referred to in Masonic literature, apparently due to the Masons not wanting to offend their non-Christian members. Freemasonry does not believe that Jesus Christ is God, nor that salvation is available only through Him. The reality of sin in the Biblical sense is denied. Masons think that any “shortcomings” can be overcome by greater enlightenment. Because they deny the reality of sin, Masons see no need for salvation in the Biblical sense. They see salvation as a step-by-step enlightenment wh! ich comes through
initiation into the Masonic degrees and their mysteries.

Most Masons join Freemasonry to be part of what they view as a prestigious, socially-influential organization. However, their society is based on misrepresentations and false explanations. The symbolic physical penalties advocated by the Freemasons are violent and murderous. No faithful Christian can keep Freemason oaths, which endorse the death penalty for oneself and requires members to persecute traitors to the organization. Oaths also obligate lodge members to protect lodge criminals and keep their secrets. The fact is, like in all cults, most involved in Freemasonry have NO CLUE what they really believe in or the satanic roots of Freemasonry. To this day, I firmly believe my Grandfather saw it as nothing more than a social organization, as did my Grandmother who was part of the Eastern Star, the women’s organization of Freemasonry.

When was the last time you heard your pastor preach against this cult! ? Let me
answer that, NEVER. A 1991 survey by the Southern Baptist Convention Sunday School Board found that 14% of SBC Pastors and 18% of SBC Deacon Board Chairs were Masons; it is also estimated that SBC members comprise 37% of total U.S. lodge membership. A 2000 updated SBC report found that over 1,000 SBC Pastors are Masons. As you get into the more liberal denominations, I am sure those percentages are even higher.

I love you and care about you so much. Satan is a master of deception and knows how to draw people into his traps of destruction. Nobody can ever deny the wonderful charitable causes the Masons (that includes the Shriners which are the highest degree of Masons) are involved in. But the Mafia also gives lots of money to charity. There is a local strip club that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars every year for a children’s hospital. Just because an organization does some “good works,” that does not make it an organization that you should be a member of! . Jesus Christ
gave us the organization to be part of that is to do good works, it is called THE CHURCH!

Know that I am praying for you today. I have no doubt that many who are reading this message today are in the Masons or the Eastern Star. I want you to pray, seriously today, about LEAVING those organizations. Freemasonry is NOT of God, but is opposed to God. I already know that this message today will cause some short term hardships to Liveprayer by those who will stop supporting this ministry because I have spoken out on this cult. Over the years it always has! But my job is to share the truth of God’s Word with you each day and shine the light on sin and expose deception. Man does not sustain this ministry each month, God does, and I do not have to answer to any man, but one day stand before God!

Jesus said, “You can’t serve two masters.” You cannot serve God and also be a Mason. You need to make a choice today which master you are going to serve, the cult of Free! masonry or

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

Did you thank God this morning for your health?

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Proverbs 4:20-22)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, please help me today to be an active member of your body. I pray each day that I will be yielded to you and your will for my life. Let me remove all that is in my life keeping me from being the best servant I can possibly for you and your Kingdom. I love you Lord, and let my love be expressed in my daily life as I serve you. In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!!!

As I drove to the office early this morning, for some reason I began thinking how good I felt physically, how full of strength and energy I felt, free of any aches and pains. My mind quickly started thinking first of all about those who do not have this wonderful blessing each day, all of those I hear from daily who are struggling, battling different infirmities in their bodies, dealing with pain all the time. I then began thinking about how fortunate I have been all of my life to enjoy wonderful health.

Despite the minor colds we! all get,
some various sports injuries, for the most part I have lived my life in wonderful health. What a gift I squandered for many years! I have spoken in the past about being in the best shape possible, watching what we eat and not putting harmful things into our bodies, all so we can enjoy optimum health to be able to serve our God. For so many years God blessed me with perfect health, and I used many of those years to “do my own thing,” not using this blessing for His glory.

As soon as I got into the office, I spent some time in prayer, thanking God for this wonderful blessing of good health, and He clearly spoke to me about this message you are reading. For those in good health, especially those young adults who have not had to deal with problems in this area of your life, DON’T SQUANDER THIS TIME!

God has given you a wonderful blessing to be able to live each day in good health, free from pain, to be able to concentrate on your service to Him. This is a gift not to! be taken
for granted! We have a responsibility not to abuse God’s blessings, and one blessing we often abuse is our good health. We live each day like we will always have good health. We live each day like it is our right to have good health. My friend, it is a BLESSING from God to have good health!

Over my 25 years of ministry, I have been in many hospital rooms. God originally created man not to die. Physical death became a byproduct of man’s sin in the Garden of Eden. Sickness and disease became part of man’s world. When you look at how complicated our physical bodies are, how intricate we are made, when you factor in the wear and tear of daily life, add to that how some people have abused their bodies with alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, it is actually amazing we last as long as we do. With all of the things that can go wrong, it is simply amazing we work as long as we do.

Ultimately, all of our bodies will break down in some way. We cannot escape that no matter how adva! nced
modern medicine has become. We need to be thankful daily for the good health God gives us. It is one of the greatest blessings we have. There is an old saying, that you can’t put a price on good health. There are many people who have accumulated much wealth in this world. Yet, without good health they don’t have a chance to enjoy it. That is another reason why the temporary things of this world have no real meaning.

I love you and care about you so much. Know that I am praying for you today to NEVER forget the blessing of good health. We never know how long that will last, so don’t squander the blessing. God has given us this life to serve and glorify Him. Our health is a tool we use to do that. Make it count!

For those who are reading this who are struggling in this area, know you are in my prayers. God is still in the healing business!!! The same Jesus who healed in the Bible heals today!!! HE IS ABLE!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend! and
brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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