The Rich Man and Lazarus!

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(Luke 16:19-31)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, I have strayed from you and want to come home. I have allowed the daily life in this world to lead me astray, to allow me to drift from you, and I miss you dear Lord! Today, I recommit my heart and life to you and to serve you. Use me for your glory Lord. Make my life count for your Kingdom. Above all, bring to me your PEACE and JOY! Give me the joy of my salvation again as I walk close to you each moment of each day. In Jesus name I pray…AMEN!

Jesus’s account in Luke 16 of the rich man and Lazarus was one of the passages in the Bible that had a profound impact on shaping what God has called me to do with my life. It is a powerful contrast of someone that had nothing in this life, yet upon his death was forever with God, and someone that had everything you could ever want in this life, yet upon his death was forever separated from God.

I have shared often that death is the great equalizer. If Bill Gates would die without accepting Christ into his heart, like the rich man in Luke 16, the moment he dies he will be eternally separated from God. All of his billions, all of his great accomplishments, all of his “good works,” will not matter. The moment he dies there is only ONE THING that will matter, and that is if he has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Likewise, if a homeless man in Chicago dies but knows Christ as his savior, like Lazarus, the moment he dies he will be eternally with God his Creator. The fact he had no money, or no possessions, or never did great things in his life will not matter. The moment he dies there is only ONE THING that will matter, and that is if he has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Let me share with you an interesting observation about this passage of the rich man and Lazarus that the Holy Spirit showed me many years ago. For the beggar Lazarus to be eternally with God he had to be “saved.” That means someone took the time to share with him the fact God loved him and he could have a personal relationship with God. Lazarus obviously made the choice to accept God into his heart and life.

As for the rich man, one of two possibilities exist. The first one is nobody ever took the time to tell him about God’s love. He lived his life without anyone ever approaching him about his eternal soul. The second possibility is that he was told about God’s love and simply chose to reject it. The fact is he died without God in his life and that is why upon his death, he was eternally separated from God.

My word for you today is this. If you know Jesus Christ as your Savior, are you simply living your life in the safety of your salvation? What that means is are you satisfied that you are saved, have the assurance of everlasting life, and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with the lost in this world is simply not a priority in your life? Only you can answer that question. Please take a moment right now and ask yourself if you are simply living in the safety of your salvation.

I love you and care about you so much. The reality is there are lots of people that do not know Christ as their Savior. They are literally on a conveyor belt heading straight for hell, an eternal separation from the God that loves them so much. If you know Christ in the pardon of your sins, if you have the assurance of everlasting life, are you doing all that you can to help the lost find a personal relationship with Jesus?

I will be praying for you today. Somebody saw the need in Lazarus’ life and shared God’s love with him and he got saved. Chances are people saw all that the rich man had and never considered that he needed God in his life. The fact is, EVERYONE needs salvation. It is God’s desire that ALL come to repentance and NONE be lost. God is calling you today to leave the safety of your salvation, and reach out to the lost and hurting in this world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please read these words and watch the short video message:

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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Are You Like the Nine or the One?

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(Luke 17: 11-19)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, help me this day to be a great ambassador for you! Let my conversation and my actions today draw people to your hope and love. In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!

How often do we come to God, ask for a certain need, the Lord fills that need, and we don’t even take the time to say thank you? Think back just over the last year of your life. Think back on those prayers that He has answered. What was your response when the answer came? A moment of thanksgiving? Relief that God has come through again? How quickly did you forget that answer to prayer you needed so bad and start focusing on the next problem you wanted God to handle for you?

Much of our prayer life is taken up with asking God for this and that, like He is some kind of genie in the bottle we send our wishes to. Don’t get me wrong. God has told us to bring our needs to Him. To come to Him in prayer with our problems. It is His pleasure to bless His children. I am simply trying to focus you today on your response to those answered prayers. Like the 10 lepers in the verses today, 9 never even bothered to come back to say thank you. Are you like the 9….or the 1 who returned to give thanks?

So often we take for granted God’s blessings and His love for us. The logical question is how do I show my appreciation to God for what He has done for me? Start with loving Him. Loving Him means to obey Him. You obey your parents, not so much out of fear, but because you love them and don’t want to disappoint them. You are thankful for all they do for you and the best way to show that thankfulness is to obey them and do what they have asked you to do. So is our relationship with our heavenly Father. Our greatest way to show Him how much we love and appreciate all He does is to obey Him, and live our life in a way that is pleasing and acceptable to Him.

I want to challenge you today. Be thankful for all God has done for you. Show that gratitude by living your life in obedience to His Word. The Bible tells us that one of the things satan can’t stand is the “word of their testimony”. Your praise reports give others going through similar situations the hope to carry on. Think back over the last few months and send me your praise report of something God has done for you. Simply go to and click on the PRAISE REPORT section and type in your praise report.

I love you and am praying for you. Make sure you spend a few extra minutes today giving God the thanks for all He has done for you. No matter how many trials you may be facing, there is still so much to be thankful for. I often think I am having things rough. Then I read the problems others are facing and realize how richly God has been blessing me. The best way to show your thanks to Him is by the way you live your life today. He is worthy of our praise and our lives dedicated to His service. Praise Him today!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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Through God’s Name We Trample Our Foes

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(Psalm 44:4-8)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, thank you for the strength you give me each day to be victorious over my enemies. I know watan is out to kill, steal, and destroy, but he is a defeated foe. Through you, I HAVE THE VVICTORY! No matter what things may look like in the natural, let me never forget that there is victory in Jesus. Because you have won the victory, I have won the victory. Thank you Jesus! It is in your name I pray…AMEN!

“You are my King and my God, who decrees victories for Jacob. Through you we push back our enemies; through your name we trample our foes. I do not trust in my bow, my sword does not bring me victory; but you give us victory over our enemies, you put our adversaries to shame. In God we make our boast all day long, and we will praise your name forever.” – (Psalm 44:4-8 NIV)

“Through your name we trample our foes.” I have a special message for each person reading these words today. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live, how much you have or don’t have, or what you may be facing in your life today, JESUS IS GOING TO LEAD YOU TO VICTORY OVER YOUR FOES! If your foe is sickness, Jesus is going to heal you! If your foe is divorce, Jesus is going to restore your marriage! If your foe is a lack of finances, Jesus is going to open the windows of Heaven and pour out an abundance of resources!

If your foe is alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, smoking, sex, shopping, or any other addiction, Jesus is going to set you free! If your foe is not having a job, Jesus is going to get you working. If your foe is your schoolwork, Jesus is going to help you with your studies. If your foe is losing weight, Jesus is going to give you the discipline to lose those extra pounds. If your foe is at your job, Jesus is going to give you favor and bless you in the work you do. If your foe is transportation, Jesus is going to get you new transportation.

If your foe is fear, Jesus is going to give you courage. If your foe is despair, Jesus is going to give you hope. If your foe is anger, Jesus is going to give you peace. If your foe is depression, Jesus is going to give you joy. If your foe is hatred, Jesus is going to give you love. If your foe is unforgiveness, Jesus is going to give you a forgiving heart. If your foe is worry, Jesus is going to give you that calm assurance. If your foe is death, Jesus has come to give you life everlasting. My friend, whatever your foe may be, JESUS IS GOING TO LEAD YOU TO VICTORY OVER YOUR FOES!

I want to give you a word of encouragement today. You can either let the problems of life defeat you, or you can let the giver of life defeat your problems. I know too many of you missed that one so one more time. You can either let the problems of life defeat you, or you can let the giver of life defeat your problems. You see my friend, God’s Word tells us that the “Battle is the Lord’s.” God’s Word promises us that at the name of Jesus our enemies will be defeated. It is time for you to quit going through life like you have are defeated when the Bible proclaims that because of Jesus you are the victor!

The problem for many of you, however, especially those who by the world’s standards are “successful,” is that you put too much trust in yourself and not enough trust in the Lord. I am going to give you a glimpse into my past life for a minute. One of the things that led to my rebellion against God during the ’80s was the fact He blessed me abundantly at a very young age and I used the wonderful gifts and talents God gave me to build my own kingdom instead of building His Kingdom. You see, I became dependent on MY wisdom and abilities to get things done and left God out of the picture. When you are successful in this world, it is easy to get to a place where you think you don’t have to depend on God or anyone else but yourself. It is only a matter of time before your world begins to crumble when you are on the throne.

That is why God’s Word tells us over and over to not trust in our own understanding, to not trust in man, but to trust in the Lord. Joshua was a mighty military man. He understood the art of war. I have no doubt that he had a great plan for taking down the walls of Jericho. But when it came time to take that city, it was NOT the wisdom of Joshua that took down the walls of Jericho, it was the plan of God! It is not your bow or your sword that is going to give you victory over your enemies, it is the name of the LORD!

I love you and care about you so much. I pray today that you will be encouraged by this message and realize that Jesus has already defeated your foes, whoever and whatever they may be. The reality is, today, this very moment, you are in the middle of whatever battles you are fighting in your life. You are probably weary of fighting, wondering where God is, and can’t see how you will ever get victory. THAT IS WHY GOD IS SENDING THIS MESSAGE TO YOU TODAY! It is like the cavalry coming over the hill with their trumpets blasting!

God wants you to know that He has not forsaken you and that if you will simply trust in the name of the Lord, it is the name of JESUS that is going to give you victory over your enemies and put your adversaries to shame!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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The Super Bowl, Zika Virus, Islam in Europe, and Other Important News!

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(Deuteronomy 8:19, 20)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Father, bless me this day to have the courage to stand up for YOUR TRUTH in my daily life. Give me boldness to proclaim YOUR TRUTH when I am with those who mock and demean our faith in Christ and for following the teachings of the Bible. No matter what they may say, let me be not afraid to stand for you. In Jesus name…AMEN

The headlines of the past few days are SCREAMING for a nation to turn back to God! The clear signs are being seen here and around the world that the judgment of God is falling, and our ONLY hope is to turn back to God and His Truth! As you read through these news headlines and the comments I made to help you see these individual issues in the context of the overall spiritual state of our nation, remember God’s hand of protection and blessings is OFF this nation! These are simply a few of the current daily signs to a lost and hurting nation in spiritual freefall to turn back to our Creator and His Truth, or we will face His ultimate wrath and judgment as the children of Israel did many times for their sin and rebellion!!!

-Criminal Justice Reform is in the news. Criminal justice reform is weasel language to hide what it really entails, just like “pro-choice” is weasel language for supporting the slaughter of innocent babies! Criminal justice reform means letting criminals out of jail early and not prosecuting “non-violent crimes” like dealing drugs. It is a political agenda of the Obama Administration in response to their contention too many black young men are being incarcerated. Please understand, drug users may get minimal county jail time for possession, but those serving multiple year sentences in state or federal prison are there for DRUG DEALING…AND IT IS NOT A NON-VIOLENT CRIME! Dealing drugs is no different than randomly shooting someone with a gun, it simply is a slower act of killing a person.

The reason more black young men are in prison is the fact that they are the one committing more of the crimes. YES, the criminal justice system favors those with money as opposed to those who don’t. However, the answer is not letting criminals out early to go back to terrorizing their communities, or even worse, not prosecuting certain crimes, but working to reintroduce God’s plan for marriage and the family into society which is the ONLY true answer to alleviating the crime problem in this nation!

-Why what is happening with Muslim immigrants in Europe and Scandinavia matters to the United States! A plot to commit terrorist acts in 6 major European cities simultaneously was recently foiled by the grace of God. Sadly, they will not ALL be uncovered as was the case in Paris a few months ago. Europe and Scandinavia are under God’s judgment and wrath for their rebellion and rejection of Almighty God decades ago. They are where we will be in the next 20 years if we don’t turn back to the Lord!

Islamic immigration into Europe over the past 30 yrs was already causing incredible problems in all European nations, and the influx of hundreds of thousands of Muslims from Syria and Northern Africa will end Europe as it is known today! There is a media blackout throughout Europe regarding the severity of the migrant crisis. The economies of European nations are fragile as most economies around the world are, primarily due to their social welfare system that was already bankrupting nations, now made worse due to the Muslim migrants who are being taken care of by these nations in severe financial debt. Watch the destruction of Europe over these coming months and years and know that without turning back to the Lord, that will be the fate of the United States very soon!

-The Zika virus is becoming a worldwide problem, including here in the United States. The initial infection is from a certain strain of mosquito, primarily found in South America, and there is currently no vaccine for the virus. It affects pregnant women, causing birth defects, primarily a retardation of brain development. Thought to only be contracted from the mosquito bite, it is now becoming apparent it is possible to contract the virus through sexual relations and blood transfusions. Sadly, pro-abortion groups around the world are using this outbreak as an excuse to kill babies, stating it is the best answer for those pregnant women who are infected.

A real hotbed of this outbreak is Brazil, where in a few months people from around the world will travel to for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Pray for those in the worldwide medical community to enact measures to halt the spread of this virus while coming up with a vaccine to cure those who have the virus.

-The politicizing of the Super Bowl. This past Sunday was Super Bowl 50. I will never forget watching the first Super Bowl in 1967 between the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs with my father who a few years later went to be with the Lord. What a contrast Sunday between the pregame program and halftime show. Pregame included a great rendition of America the Beautiful by a combined choir from the different branches of the military. That was followed by a heartfelt singing of the National Anthem by Lady Gaga. Forgetting her wild publicity stunts she is usually known for, Lady Gaga is an incredible talent and did an amazing job Sunday.

Now comes the halftime show. Most I am sure enjoyed the 12 minute performance and probably didn’t even notice the themes, but they existed. The British band Coldplay paid homage to the 60s in San Francisco where the game was being played, the era of “free love” along with a very clear tribute to the pro-homosexual movement. They were joined by Bruno Mars, an artist who actually had no political agenda in his performance. Finally came Beyonce. Unlike a few years ago when her Super Bowl halftime performance was like what you would see in a strip club, Sunday she unleashed a portion of her racially charged anthem “Formation.” This is an anti-police song that also glorifies the Black Panthers of the 60s, and is being embraced by the racist-anarchist group BlackLivesMatters.

It is sad that sports, a great part of the American culture which used to be a great escape for a few hours, is now as politicized as anything else in our society! In the week leading up to the game, so much of the media was devoted to trying to define the game as black versus white, Peyton Manning versus Cam Newton. Both QBs had sub-par games. From a nostalgia perspective, it was nice to see a future Hall of Famer like Manning go out on top. The 2016 NFL MVP Newton will hopefully have more chances to win the Super Bowl in his career, and rightfully took some criticism for bailing out on his post-game press conference early. However, the media attention in trying to bring race into the game was disgusting and sad. Unfortunately the renewed racial division in this nation that hasn’t been seen since the Civil Rights era of the 1960s will be a lasting legacy of the Obama Presidency.

The greatest bright spot during the Super Bowl was the Doritos commercial that has the pro-baby killers going crazy! Why? Simple, since the sonogram in that commercial makes it clear to anyone with eyes to see that what is inside of a woman’s womb is NOT a “clump of cells” as they claimed, but a LIVING HUMAN BEING…A LIFE FROM GOD!!!

-Muslim massacre of Christians foiled. By the grace of God, a plot by a Muslim in Michigan was uncovered. The plan was to go to a Detroit area Christian mega-church that has as many as 6,000 on a Sunday morning and kill as many innocent people as he could. They can only thwart so many of these plots before the miss, such as happened in San Bernardino.

-Hijab Barbie is coming to a toy store near you soon. Most won’t think it matters much, but it is simply more of the creeping influence of Islam into the mainstream culture. Again, ask France, Germany, England, how that has worked for them over the past 30 years of Muslim influence in their nations!

-Tech crash imminent. Just like when the internet bubble burst in 2000, get ready for the next tech bubble to burst. Twitter, LinkedIn, and other major tech companies have lost hundreds of millions of value recently and could go the way of failed and Myspace soon. These companies and many others in the tech community could literally disappear overnight as people move to newer and better platforms, wiping out billions of dollars from investors and shareholders, and causing a financial tsunami in the markets.

All of this only exacerbates the fact I have shared with you that God’s hand of protection is no longer on this nation. We are currently on our own. The only question is whether God’s final wrath and judgment will be unleashed ending this nation as we know it, or will we turn back to our Creator and His Truth before it is too late?

I love and care about you so much. God is showing us DAILY that we must stop, turn back to Him and His Truth or be destroyed as He promised to do in today’s anchor verse. I wake up every day with the knowledge and understanding that we can still be like the people of Nineveh see this nation turn back to God our Creator and His Truth!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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Is Demon Possession Real?

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(John 10:10)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Please Lord bless me and my family today. Help us to never forget to honor you and praise your holy name. Thank you for your blessings. Let us be good stewards of those blessings and never forget to reach out to others and be a blessing to those who cross our path each day. In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!

Is demon possession real? ABSOLUTELY! Satan and his demons are a very real force in this world during this season of human history, and will be until the final days when they will be cast into the Lake of Fire for all eternity. One of satan’s greatest deceptions is to get people believing he isn’t real. Remember this fact. A person who is saved, has put their faith in Jesus Christ and is born again, can NOT be demon possessed. Demon OPPRESSED, yes, but never demon possessed.

One of the best movies ever on this issue was “The Rite,” starring Anthony Hopkins. I don’t normally recommend movies, but do encourage everyone to watch this one. The movie deals with demon possession and theologically is right on the money about this issue. It is an issue few want to discuss, but we must since as we go through each generation, less people go to church, less people put their faith in Jesus Christ, meaning there are more people than ever who are currently demon possessed!

The question I get all the time is how does a person become demon possessed. Demons are lazy and take the path of least resistance. They will find people and places where they are welcome. There is no such thing as a haunted house since there is no such thing as ghosts. However, there are homes which are infested with demons, and people incorrectly think they are haunted.

Again, demons go where they are welcomed. They go where people literally invite them in, without even realizing it. Let me just say this, if you are not saved and involved in sinful activity of any kind, you are rolling out the red carpet for demons to enter you.

Sadly, people of all ages underestimate satan’s goals even though Jesus clearly told us what they are in John 10:10. He is out to steal, kill, and destroy. Satan’s desire is to steal your hope, steal your joy, steal your peace, steal the abundance that this life can be. Satan wants to kill you. He wants you dead in your sin so that you will be forever separated from God, your Creator, and destined to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire that will be his eternal home. Satan wants to destroy you. If you are already a Christian, he wants to destroy your testimony, to destroy your ability to serve God, to destroy the plan and purpose God has for your life. My friend, satan is NOT playing games, he is deadly serious!!!

That is why I am so passionate each day in what I share with you in regard to sin. Each day, I receive over 40,000 prayer requests from all over the world. Literally 7 days a week I am dealing with the very real lives, of very real people, that due to sin have had their lives turned upside down. I get to see daily the destruction sin does in people’s lives. Satan is an equal opportunity destroyer. He doesn’t care if you are young or old, if you are male or female, if you are white or black. Satan doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, where you live, how intelligent you may or may not be. SIN IS A UNIVERSAL ISSUE THAT ALL MEN AND WOMEN DEAL WITH EVERY DAY!

I realize that I can’t force you to follow God, or to obey Him. I understand that you have to make your own choices. What God has called me to do is simply share the TRUTH of His Word with you each day. It really boils down to this. When you obey God, you will be blessed. When you rebel against God, you will face the consequences. Obeying God brings blessings, disobeying God brings consequences. This is true whether you are 10 or 100, and every age in between.

I love you and care about you so much. Satan and demons are very real. Satan is NOT some cartoon character created by Walt Disney, but a very REAL force in the world for this short season. He is not to be feared, but understood. We must never forget that for this brief season, he is very much on the loose, with the clearly defined goal to steal, kill, and destroy the lives of real people. However, there is no reason to fear satan because 2000 years ago Jesus Christ rose out of His tomb and sealed the enemy’s eternal fate. He is a defeated foe! The Bible proclaims that, “greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.”

I will be praying for you today. I pray that you will not take sin lightly, or the potential consequences of sin in your life. Satan is a LIAR. John 8:44 tells us that he is the “father of lies!” God gives us a great promise in 1 John 1:9 that if we will confess our sins, He will forgive us, and cleanse us of all unrighteousness. It does NOT say that we will escape the consequences of our sins, but that God will forgive us and give us the grace and strength to deal with whatever they may be.

You don’t negotiate with satan or demons, you don’t debate them, you COMMAND THEM! You speak to them with the authority you have as a blood bought son or daughter of Jesus Christ. You speak to them in the name of Jesus. Don’t forget, there are too many places and people where demons are welcome. They will flee when commanded to leave in the name of Jesus.

SATAN IS NOT YOUR FRIEND, HE IS NOT YOUR BUDDY, HE IS YOUR ENEMY. Treat him like your enemy! He is out to destroy YOU! Any chance you get, KICK HIM AS HARD AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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What Choices will You Make Today

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(Psalms 25:9, 119:30; Romans 12:2; Isaiah 30:21)

**DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, God, thank you for Your love, Your grace, and Your mercy that You have showed in my life. I thank you for allowing me to serve you over these past 23 years. I thank you for giving me the vision of Liveprayer 17 yrs ago, and allowing this unique instrument YOU created to impact tens of millions of lives worldwide, respond to over 100 million emails for prayer, the 10 million praise reports testifying to Your faithfulness, and the over 1,000,000 souls we know of who are or will be in Heaven for all eternity. YOU OH GOD ARE MOST WORTHY TO BE PRAISED!!! In Jesus name I pray…AMEN!

I was standing in line at the bank the other day, patiently waiting for the person in front of me to go through her bank statements for the last year to figure out why there was not more money in her account. As I was waiting, I read a warning about someone who had been robbing banks in our area. When it was my turn, there was that instant when I realized instead of making the deposit I was there to make, I could simply ask the teller to give me all of the money in her drawer. I doubt I would get very far since everyone in the bank watches the Liveprayer television program and my office is about 2 minutes away, but the point is, I had the ability to make that choice.

There are a multitude of reasons why I did NOT make that choice. I would have been letting God down and disgracing His name, that money did not belong to me and it was against the law for me to take it, I love my wife and the consequences of that choice would hurt her and our marriage, not to mention I have already had one government sponsored vacation in my life and have no desire for another. I am sure we could come up with many more reasons but suffice it to say it would have been a horrible choice and the consequences of that choice would have been life changing.

Obviously this is an extreme example, but the fact is God has given us the ability to make choices and we exercise that ability over and over throughout the course of each day. You may not have to make the choice to rob a bank or not, but you may have to choose whether or not to call someone who you know is not good for your life. You may have to choose whether or not to go to lunch with someone who is not your spouse that the enemy is tempting you with. You may have to choose whether or not to lie to close a business deal that means a substantial amount of money in your pocket.

You may have to choose whether or not to drink alcohol or take drugs. You may have to choose whether or not to go to a strip club. You may have to choose whether or not to access pornography on your computer or watch an X-rated movie on your television. You may have to choose whether or not to eat food that you know is not good for you. You may have to choose whether or not to exercise or just sit on your couch and do nothing all evening. All throughout the day we are making choices and each choice is critical because they carry consequences. Good choices bring forth good consequences and bad choices bring forth bad consequences.

This is why the Bible talks about the “renewing of our mind.” This is why so often I remind you how important that daily walk with the Lord through prayer and the Word is. The closer we are to the Lord, the more we take on the mind of Christ. The more we think like the Lord, the more Godly our choices will be. So much of the pain and heartache we face in this life stems from our own poor choices. As we make those choices in our lives throughout the day based on what God would want us to do, what would please Him, what will honor Him, after a while making the right choices becomes easy and natural. The more we practice making Godly choices, the easier it becomes to make Godly choices.

I love you and care about you so much. This may seem like a very elementary word today, but it is one of those basic issues that needs to be addressed from time to time. We go throughout the day making choices, much of the time not ever really thinking about those choices or the consequences of them. I want you to take some time today and reflect on how important the choices you make are. Making the wrong choice can literally change or even cost you your very life. Conversely, making the right choice can bring blessings to you and many others. YOUR CHOICES MATTER!

I will be praying for you today to consciously think about the choices you are making in your life each day and simply ask yourself if this is a choice that honors the Lord, if this is a choice that an ambassador of Christ, a follower of Jesus should make. I can tell you from my life, the best choices I make are those that I take a moment to pray over. So much of the time we are making one choice after another, going through the entire day making sometimes very important choices with major consequences without even taking 10 seconds to pray about that choice.

If you know Jesus as your Savior, you have the Holy Spirit dwelling within you. It is the very power of Almighty God available to you. To not take advantage of asking the Holy Spirit to guide you and help you in the choices you make throughout your day is simply foolish. God loves you and cares about you so much. He even cares what you choose to eat for lunch so please, don’t ignore Him when you are making your choices each day. It is God who gives us the ability to make choices, and it is God who will guide us as we make those choices if we will ask Him.

Plan of Salvation:

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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The Lesson of Jericho’s Walls for Your Life!

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(Joshua 6:6-20)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: ***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, give me your strength to stand for your Truth no matter what the cost. It is easy to call myself a follower of Jesus, but when confronted, when challenged, when faced with persecution, will I still say I am a follower of Jesus? I love you Lord and ask for your strength so no matter what I have to endure for my faith, I will stand firm. In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!

The lesson of Jericho’s walls for your life! I have always loved the Biblical account of how Joshua and the children of Israel destroyed the city of Jericho. I love reading this passage of Scripture because it is the personification of the walk of faith we have been called to make during our journey through this life. The city of Jericho was taken because the man God raised up to lead His people, Joshua, was in an intimate relationship with Him so he was able to HEAR God talking to him, he had the faith to BELIEVE what God said to him, and he had the courage to ACT on exactly what God told him to do.

If you will simply read and meditate on the first 20 verses in Joshua Chapter 6, you will know everything you need to know about being a mighty man or woman of faith. These 20 verses give us the blueprint to how we can do great things for God today. You might say, but I’m not Joshua, I’m nobody special. Listen, what made Joshua special was the fact he loved God. He honored God with his life. He had a close, intimate relationship with God. He believed God. He had the faith to act on his belief in God.

That is what made Joshua and many of the men and women you read about in the Bible special. They were born just like you and I, they died just like you and I will, they were flesh and blood with human weaknesses just like you and I. What made them special was their relationship with God. What makes you special is your relationship with Jesus!!!

Let’s look at how the city of Jericho was taken by the children of Israel. Joshua was the leader of God’s people. Never forget that he was a mighty man of war. His business was war. He was God’s man to drive out the heathen from the Promised Land. The city of Jericho was going to be a big problem since the key feature to the city was its high, impenetrable walls. The children of Israel had a real dilemma since there was no way to take the city unless they could come up with a plan to take down those walls.

I have no doubt that Joshua gathered the best demolition experts from the children of Israel and sought their expertise on how to take down the massive walls of Jericho. As a military man, I am sure he gathered his top military advisors and discussed all the various plans on how they could get the walls down and take the city. I can envision in Joshua’s war room, he had put together several plans for the destruction of Jericho.

It was about this time that God spoke to Joshua. I hear people all the time say, “How do you know it was God,” or, “Why would God speak to you?” or, “God doesn’t speak to men any longer.” First, you know it is God because you learn how to recognize His voice. That doesn’t happen overnight, but over time. We have a huge advantage over men like Joshua since we have His Word and God will never tell us something in contradiction to His Word. The more you listen to God, the better you become at hearing His voice.

Second, why would God speak to you? The fact is God speaks to ALL of His children. The issue isn’t whether God speaks to us, the issue is do we pay attention when He does. When you come to know Christ as your Savior by faith, you enter into this close, intimate, personal relationship with Him. Like in any relationship, you talk to Him and He talks to you. People who are in a relationship talk to each other. So of course God speaks to you if you are in a relationship with Him.

Third, where in God’s Word does it say He no longer speaks to men? That is sheer foolishness to believe such a lie. Again, God has been speaking to His children since Adam. There is NOTHING in God’s Word to remotely suggest that the same God who spoke to Abraham, to Joshua, and to Paul, doesn’t still speak to His children today. NOTHING! Again, if you aren’t hearing God speaking to you, you simply aren’t listening! Because Joshua was in this intimate, close, personal relationship with the God of Abraham, he was able to HEAR God speaking to him.

God is a God of specifics. When God began to speak to Joshua about the plan to take down the walls of Jericho, He gave Joshua very detailed and specific instructions exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. This reminds me of when God spoke to Noah about building the ark. He didn’t just tell Noah to go and build a boat, he gave Noah the detailed plans to the inch of exactly how that ark was to be built. God is a God of details and specifics.

We are now at a very critical part of these events. No doubt Joshua had already been preparing his own plans after consulting with the best minds he could find on exactly how to take down he walls of Jericho and destroy that city. About this time, God, who Joshua has a wonderful relationship with, speaks to him and tells him in great specificity how to take down the walls of Jericho and destroy the city.

I am certain that after hearing God’s plan of marching around the walls for 6 days, on the 7th day march around them 7 times while blowing trumpets, and then have everyone give a loud shout which will cause the walls to come down, this war general and military strategist was on the floor laughing. God’s plan made no earthly sense at all.

My friend, you will find that God’s plan often doesn’t make sense to us. First of all, God knows things we don’t. In case you haven’t learned this yet, God is smarter than we are. God’s plan will often be something that in the end, when it works, people will have to sit back and say, “Only God could have done this!” This way it is God, not man, who gets the glory and it becomes a testimony of His power and majesty to this lost world we live in. This critical point was whether Joshua would go with his plan or God’s. Ultimately, he had to decide whether he had the faith to BELIEVE what God told him.

That takes us to the final step, which is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to our faith, acting on what God has told us to do. I have said to you often that if you believe it, you will do it! James, in talking to Believers tells us that faith without works is dead. True Biblical faith REQUIRES ACTION! Saying you have faith but never acting on that faith is not really faith. Joshua heard from God, he believed what God told him, which left him no choice but to ACT on exactly what God told him to do!!!

I love you and care about you so much. In case you can’t feel it, I am fried up today! This is the meat of the word that motivates me, challenges me, and drives me each day to be all God has called me to be. I have spent literally tens of thousands of hours fellowshipping with God to be able to hear his voice clearly. Over these many years of following and serving the Lord, I am now at a place where I have seen His mighty hand in my life and millions of lives every day that when God says it I believe it. Because I have learned how to hear His voice and believe what He says, I have no problem stepping out and acting on what He tells me to do.

I never even owned a computer or sent or received an email until Liveprayer started in 1999. But I heard from God, I believed Him, and I acted on that belief. Even though I had done considerable work on Christian television, I had no idea what to expect when I went on major secular network TV stations and began telling a non-Christian audience each night what the Bible says and that Jesus is their only hope. But I heard from God that this is what He called me to do, I believed Him, and I acted on that belief. My friend, this is what walking by faith is all about!!!

The Jonah Project is very similar. How many times has God been talking to me about stepping up and calling this nation to repentance. How many times did I question God and did nothing because I knew if this was God He would ask someone who is far more qualified than I am. I remember telling God He was crazy, since nobody is going to listen to some obscure Internet evangelist. It was only after God showed me some of the breath of the Jonah Project, other nations repenting and turning back to God, souls being saved, a gathering place for the true remnant to get victory over some of the social ills destroying our culture, that I had to finally accept this was real and I had no choice but to act.

I will be praying for you today. God is calling YOU to walk by faith just like Joshua did. The first key is to HEAR from God. Next, you must BELIEVE God. Lastly, you must ACT on what God is telling you to do. It is time for you to take your stand for the Lord just like Joshua and all the faithful men and women of God have over these past 6,000 years of human history. God loves you and wants to use your life. Your greatest blessings flow from obeying Him. I will be praying for you today to hear God speaking to you, praying for you to have the faith to believe God, and praying for you to act on what God is calling you to do!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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