The Mission Of LivePrayer


Liveprayer.Com was founded for the sole purpose of having a site on the internet where people can go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for prayer. The whole mission of Liveprayer.Com is to give those who are hurting…HOPE. The common bond all men and women share regardless where they live in the world or their economic standing, is the trials and tribulations of life.

Health problems. Relationship problems. Financial concerns. Spiritual issues. As a Christian organization, Liveprayer.Com believes the only answer to the problems we face is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. While that does not make a person immune from life’s problems, it provides a foundation which everything we will face in this life can be dealt with from.

Liveprayer.Com is a place where people who are hurting, struggling with life in general, can come and find hope to overcome their problems. In addition to personal responses to emails for prayer, Liveprayer.Com also offers a free Daily Devotional that is sent directly to the email account of those who subscribe, an audio version of the Daily Devotional, a Miracle Center where people can have their faith strengthened in prayer for physical healing, financial needs, and relationship problems, a Special Features section of various high profile outreaches, an archive of all of the Daily Devotionals and TV programs searchable by topic, and many more features to minister to people in their time of need.  Everything Liveprayer.Com offers is 100% FREE and available to anyone who visits the website.


After 127 months, Liveprayer.Com has over 20,000 visitors daily to the website, 20% of those are coming from outside the United States. There are currently over 2,500,000 people who have subscribed to receive the Daily Devotional each day in their email account. Again, about 20% of those subscribers are from outside the United States. We receive daily over 40,000 email prayer requests that a ministry team emails personalized responses to.

There have been over 400,000 people that we are aware of who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. There have been at least 200 people who where on the verge of committing suicide when they contacted Liveprayer.Com, and decided to live. We have a special archive of over 4,000,000 praise reports from people who have requested prayer from Liveprayer.Com. Included are incredible miracles of physical healing, financial blessings, marriages that have been restored, and other needs that could have only been met by a supernatural move of God. Liveprayer.Com is ministering to more people on a daily basis than any church in the country, and most major long-established ministries…with visible results in the changed lives of those ministered to.

This demonstrates the incredible power of the Internet, and is just a fraction of what can be accomplished as this ministry continues to reach more people.


Liveprayer.Com is operated 100% through donations. As part of Bill Keller Ministries, a 501(c)(3) organization, all donations to Liveprayer.Com are tax deductible. The monthly budget for Liveprayer.Com is approx. $40,000. About half of that is the incredible amount of bandwidth used in the 24/7 LIVE video feed that is available to an unlimited number of streams at one time. The rest is staffing to administer the Liveprayer.Com ministry operations 7 days a week and the accompanying office related expenses.

The most compelling reason to support Liveprayer.Com however is because every dollar is going directly to personally minister to hurting people worldwide. It is supporting the use of the greatest technology known to man at this date that allows us to reach incredible numbers of people worldwide. The internet has been used by many to propagate every kind of immoral activity imaginable.

Your support is helping us to reach even more people each day with a positive message of hope and love, making liveprayer.Com a beacon of light in the vast darkness over much of the internet world. Please pray, and ask God how He would lead you to help this unique ministry that is helping so many people each and every day.

If you would like to make a donation by credit card click here.

To send a donation by mail, send it to:

6660 46th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33709

Thank you for helping me share the hope and love of Jesus Christ with hurting people worldwide!


(C)opyright 2010, Live Prayer Church, Inc. 

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