HALLOWEEN (Part 1 of 2)

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(Romans 12:1,2 Titus 2:12)

HALLOWEEN (Part 1 of 2)

Should Christians celebrate Halloween? No! What the world will celebrate on Friday is not anything that a Christian should be part of. The origin of what we know of as Halloween began in 5th century b.c., Celtic Ireland as a holiday marking the end of summer on October 31st known as Samhein (sow-en).

The pagan Celts believed on that day, the disembodied spirits of all those who had died throughout the preceding year would come back in search of living bodies to possess for the next year. It was believed to be their only hope for the afterlife. The Celts believed all laws of space and time were suspended during this time, allowing the spirit world to intermingle with the living.

Naturally, the still-living did not want to be possessed. So on the night of October 31, villagers would extinguish the fires in their homes, to make them cold and undesirable. They would then dress up in all manner of ghoulish costumes and noisily paraded around the neighborhood, being as destructive as possible in order to frighten away spirits looking for bodies to possess.

The Romans adopted the Celtic practices as their own. But in the first century a.d., Samhain was assimilated into celebrations of some of the other Roman traditions that took place in October, such as their day to honor Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit and trees. The symbol of Pomona is the apple, which might explain the origin of our modern tradition of bobbing for apples on Halloween. The thrust of the practices also changed over time to become more ritualized. As belief in spirit possession waned, the practice of dressing
up like hobgoblins, ghosts, and witches took on a more ceremonial role.

The custom of Halloween was brought to America in the 1840’s by Irish immigrants fleeing their country’s potato famine. At that time, the favorite pranks in New England included tipping over outhouses and unhinging fence gates.

Since the eighth century, the Catholic Church has celebrated All Saints’ Day on
November 1 to celebrate the known and unknown Saints whom the Church has canonized. The night before the celebration of All Saints’ Day is known as All Hallow’s Eve (“Hallows” mean “saints” both mean “holy ones” as in “Hallowed be thy name”). So, Halloween means “the evening before All Saints’ Day.”

You can see from the pagan roots of Halloween why this has become the most important day to those who worship satan or choose to live in rebellion to God and the TRUTH of His Word. There is NOTHING about this day that honors God, remembers God, or has anything to do at all with God. It is quite honestly a celebration of those who oppose God and all that He stands for. THIS is why, it’s a day Christians should NOT celebrate nor be part of in any way.

Tomorrow, Part Two of this series is titled, “A Christian’s Response to Halloween.” Do we hide in our homes with the lights off? Do we all go to church and hide in the basement so the devil doesn’t get us? What exactly should a Christian be doing on Halloween? I will actually be sending Part Two out around 6 p.m. Thursday night, so that you will have it in your email box by midnight.

I will give you a hint. It will be a bold call to action. I can think of no better night to see souls won for Christ than on Halloween. DO NOT MISS PART TWO that will be coming out after 6 p.m. on Thursday night. WE ARE STARTING A NEW HOLIDAY ON OCTOBER 31ST THAT WILL HONOR JESUS CHRIST, THE KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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HALLOWEEN (Part 2 of 2)

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(Isaiah 43:10, Acts 18:9,10, Titus 2:15)

A Christian’s response to Halloween. As I was in prayer last month about Halloween, and what God wanted me to share during this week, part of my focus was on satan and how he operates. The Bible calls him an “angel of light.” He is a great imitator. He takes the perfection of God and perverts it. So as I was praying, God poured into my spirit that it is time for Christians worldwide to rise up on the most important day of the year for satan, Halloween, and claim that day for God!

The first step, is to make it a special day for Christians worldwide. If Hallmark cards and candy companies can make up holidays to sell greeting cards and chocolate, why can’t the church? I am proud to announce that until our Lord returns, October 31st will now be “Witnessing for Jesus Day.” This holiday will be started by the 1.8 million worldwide who are part of Liveprayer, and there will be a full public relations and media effort around it next year.

The goal is for Christians to share their faith in Jesus Christ with at least 3 people during the day. If every Christian worldwide shared their faith in Christ with 3 people, it would literally turn the world upside down over night. The world will be “witnessing” their rebellion of God with their Halloween parties, their costumes, and satanic services. THIS IS THE PERFECT DAY for Christians to witness to this lost world that we live in, that Jesus Christ is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

What else can Christians do on our new holiday? PLENTY! Every community needs churches to put on “Hell House” or “Judgment House” productions to counter the haunted houses of the world. Make sure your home is well lit and inviting for children out trick-or-treating. In addition to candy, give them a gospel tract or a little Gospel of John booklet. Also, pray with each group of kids before they leave. Your church should have the resources to get tracts and the Gospel of John booklets at a very low cost. NO CHILD SHOULD COME TO YOUR HOME AND LEAVE WITHOUT KNOWING THAT JESUS IS LORD!

For those with children, take them out trick-or-treating! Have them dress up as Bible characters. Let them go door to door for candy, BUT, in return for the candy, they should give the homeowner a tract or a Gospel of John booklet. GOD CAN USE THESE CHILDREN TO HELP SPREAD THE MESSAGE OF CHRIST TO PEOPLE THAT WILL NEVER GO TO CHURCH!!!

Churches, instead of holding an alternative to Halloween party at the church, should get the children involved in evangelizing their neighborhoods! They have the perfect excuse to go door to door on this night. God can use these children to share the hope and love of Christ with people that will never hear the message any other way. DON’T UNDERESTIMATE HOW GOD CAN USE THE CHILDREN ON THIS NIGHT!!!

So, let’s review. We now have a new Christian holiday. It is, “Witnessing for Jesus Day,” and will be celebrated every year on October 31st. It will be a day for Christians worldwide to witness to others what Jesus Christ has done in their life. We will have churches in every community putting on “Hell House” or “Judgment House” productions as an alternative to the haunted house productions of the world. Christians will make their homes inviting for children out trick-or-treating, and in addition to candy, give them a Gospel Tract or Gospel of John booklet. Children of ALL AGES will become mighty witnessing agents for the Lord. They will dress up as Bible characters and go out into their neighborhoods to get candy, BUT, will give the homeowner a Gospel tract or Gospel of John booklet.

I love you and care about you so much. There is no reason a Christian should have to fear Halloween, nor is there any reason a Christian should have to participate in the way the world celebrates Halloween. It actually is a perfect opportunity to go on the offensive and make this a day to celebrate witnessing our faith to this lost and dying world. What better day than the day the world celebrates rebelling against God, HALLOWEEN!!!

I will be praying for you. I pray that you become bold and part of the first annual “Witnessing for Jesus Day.” For the Christian, sharing our faith is not an option, but is a commandment from God. It is something that we should be doing EVERY day. But there is no better day of the year for Believers worldwide to share their faith in Jesus Christ with this lost world. THAT my friend, needs to be a Christians’ response to Halloween!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Satan is not your friend, he is not your buddy!

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(John 10:10 )

Satan is not your friend, he is not your buddy! Sadly, the above are comments from an email I received the other day. However, the person is correct, I have NO respect for satan whatsoever. I allowed satan into my life at one point and I am only here today, doing what I am doing, by the grace of God who rescued me. I will do everything I can with every breath I take to stop him from accomplishing his true goal.

Sadly, people of all ages underestimate satan’s goals even though Jesus clearly told us what they are in John 10:10. He is out to steal, kill, and destroy. Satan’s desire is to steal your hope, steal your joy, steal your peace, steal the abundance that this life can be. Satan wants to kill you. He wants you dead in your sin so that you will be forever separated from God, your Creator, and destined to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire that will be his eternal home. Satan wants to destroy you. If you are already a Christian, he wants to destroy your testimony, to destroy your ability to serve God, to destroy the plan and purpose God has for your life. My friend, satan is NOT playing games, he is deadly serious!!!

That is why I am so passionate each day in what I share with you in regard to sin. Each day, I receive over 40,000 prayer requests from all over the world. Literally 7 days a week I am dealing with the very real lives, of very real people, that due to sin have had their lives turned upside down. I get to see daily the destruction sin does in people’s lives. Satan is an equal opportunity destroyer. He doesn’t care if you are young or old, if you are male or female, if you are white or black. Satan doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, where you live, how intelligent you may or may not be. SIN IS A UNIVERSAL ISSUE THAT ALL MEN AND WOMEN DEAL WITH EVERY DAY!

I realize that I can’t force you to follow God, or to obey Him. I understand that you have to make your own choices. What God has called me to do is simply share the TRUTH of His Word with you each day. It really boils down to this. When you obey God, you will be blessed. When you rebel against God, you will face the consequences. Obeying God brings blessings, disobeying God brings consequences. This is true whether you are 10 or 100, and every age in between.

I love you and care about you so much. Satan is NOT some cartoon character created by Walt Disney. Satan is a very REAL force in the world for this short season. He is not to be feared, but understood. We must never forget that for this brief season, he is very much on the loose, with the clearly defined goal to steal, kill, and destroy the lives of real people. However, there is no reason to fear satan because 2000 years ago Jesus Christ rose out of His tomb and sealed the enemy’s eternal fate. He is a defeated foe! The Bible proclaims that, “greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.”

I will be praying for you today. I pray that you will not take sin lightly, or the potential consequences of sin in your life. Satan is a LIAR. John 8:44
tells us that he is the “father of lies!” God gives us a great promise in 1 John 1:9 that if we will confess our sins, He will forgive us, and cleanse us of all unrighteousness. It does NOT say that we will escape the consequences of our sins, but that God will forgive us and give us the grace and strength to deal with whatever they may be.

The good news is that YOUR life is not over, simply because you have sinned. The key is to go to God, confess your sins, receive His forgiveness, and move forward with your life. God is a God of grace, mercy, and restoration. Satan will lie to you and tell you that you are worthless because of your sin and that you have no hope. The truth is that God never stops loving you and that your hope is in Him. Satan wants to destroy you, God wants to bless you. Satan wants you to die, God wants you to live. May you choose the God of hope, blessing, and life!!!

SATAN IS NOT YOUR FRIEND, HE IS NOT YOUR BUDDY, HE IS YOUR ENEMY. Treat him like your enemy! He is out to destroy YOU! Any chance you get, KICK HIM AS HARD AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!!

In his love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Having our rewards now.

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(Matthew 6:2, Psalm 49:17, 1 Peter 1:24, Matthew 20:26, Matthew 23:11)

Having our rewards now. One of the biggest traps there is in serving the Lord in this sinful world that we live in, is buying into the lie of satan that the Kingdom of God depends on what WE do each day. I will never forget soon after answering the call God had on my life to go into full-time ministry, I learned this valuable lesson. One evening I was feeling very “important” about serving God. That evening in my quiet time, I was reading the last few chapters of Revelation, and the Holy Spirit asked me a simple question, “where is your name?”

That question stopped me in my tracks. The fact is, as I read at the end of the book how our God wins, NOWHERE did it say that God wins because of Bill Keller! MY NAME IS NOT THERE! As a matter of fact, the Bible clearly says that God wins IN SPITE OF Bill Keller, or anyone else!

The point that I want to make today is that YES, we have ALL been called to allow God to use our lives to further His Kingdom. YES, God is pleased when we are faithful to serve Him as He leads us in our daily lives. YES, God will use our service to Him to bless many people and our faithfulness to fulfill His perfect plan. This is what God EXPECTS us to do.

We are not doing something so great when we serve God, we are only doing what we have been called to do when we accept Jesus as our Savior. SERVING GOD IS A COMMANDMENT TO ALL OF HIS CHILDREN! Never forget that God’s plan will be fulfilled with, or without us!

If you really think about it, what an HONOR it is to have the God of the Universe, the Creator of all things, to give us the opportunity to serve Him! There is NO GREATER HONOR in this life. To serve God is not only our duty, but a privilege that He gives us that we should never take for granted.

While there are many things that we can do in our life that can have a profound effect on this world, it is ONLY the things that we do for God that will have a profound effect on eternity! Let me repeat this statement, because it is very deep. While there are many things that we can do in our life that can have a profound effect on this world, it is ONLY the things that we do for God that will have a profound effect on eternity!

That leads me to the subject of rewards. The Bible clearly speaks of “rewards” for our faithful service to God. What these “rewards” are, I have no idea. However, here is what I do know. God is the giver of all good and perfect things. God loves us so much, that He gave us His very best when He gave us Jesus to die for our sins so that we might be reconciled back to Him. Whatever comes from God is just not great, it is the BEST! GOD IS THE AUTHOR OF THE BLESSING! The Bible does not spell out what these “rewards” for our faithful service are, but since they come from God, they must be better than anything that we could think of!

Sadly however, many in service to God, decide not to wait for their Heavenly rewards, and instead settle for whatever little this temporary world that we live in can offer. That is like going through the McDonalds drive-thru for dinner, instead of waiting to sit down to a 7 course feast. ANY TIME THAT WE SETTLE FOR THE THINGS OF THIS TEMPORARY WORLD OVER WHAT GOD OFFERS, WE HAVE SETTLED FOR THE WORST, WHILE

This is not a condemnation on having nice things, on having a comfortable life while we are on this journey. However, some of God’s choice servants have decided that they would rather have the “little” that they can get now, instead of waiting for the “much” that God has promised.

I love you and care about you so much. I want you to never forget each day how much GOD loves you! The only way that we can truly return that love is how we choose to live our day to day lives. Each day, we choose to love Him, or reject Him through the choices that we make in what we do with those 24 hours He blesses us with.

As a child of God, it is not a choice, but a commandment to serve Him. We show our love to God through our obedience, through our service to Him. For most, that is simply by being His “light” where He has planted us for this season. In our schools. In our jobs. Where we shop. Where we recreate. Simply by letting the love of Jesus flow from us to those that we meet in the course of our day to day lives.

For our faithfulness, God has promised us “rewards” when our work here is over. Satan will tempt us from time to time to “sell out” and accept the temporary rewards that this life can offer, sacrificing the eternal rewards that God has promised us. Let me encourage you today. While I cannot tell you what exactly those heavenly rewards will be, I can tell you that there is NOTHING that this world could offer to match what God can give us!

The WORD today is to serve God with your very lives each day, to never sell Him out for the short term benefits that this world may offer, and to know when this brief journey is over…we will not only be forever with our Lord…but enjoy the “rewards” that He has promised us for our faithfulness!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Conversations with God….but which God?

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( Proverbs 22:6, 1 Timothy 4:1,2, 2 Timothy 4:3 )

Conversations with God….but which God? There are two very popular books called “Conversations With God” and “Conversations With God For Teens,” both written by Neale Donald Walsch. From the titles, they sound like something that you would want to read, especially since they are on the New York Times bestseller list. However, there is an old saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover. That is more true today than ever before.

You see, there is only ONE God, and that is the God of the Bible. I have no idea what “god” Neale Donald Walsch had his conversations with, but it was NOT the God of the Bible. These books are an abomination to God since they go against everything that He says in His Word. RUN FROM THESE BOOKS! THESE ARE NOT CONVERSATIONS WITH THE GOD OF THE BIBLE!

There are three very important points that I want to make today. First, just because someone uses the word “god,” it does NOT mean they are talking about the God of the Bible. There is clearly only ONE God, and He has made Himself known to us through the Bible. That is why it is clear that the god Neale Donald Walsch had his conversations with is not GOD. That is why it is clear that the god of the Mormon Church is not GOD. That is why it is clear that the god Miss Cleo spoke to was not GOD. That is why it is clear that the Allah of the Muslims is not GOD. That is why it is clear that the god “dead-talker” John Edwards speaks to is not GOD. It is VERY IMPORTANT to not simply assume that when someone uses the name “god,” they are talking about the God of the Bible.

The second point is that you have to be very careful what you see and hear. I often use the computer adage “garbage in, garbage out,” though I prefer my modification, “God in, God out.” There is so much “mental pollution” out in the world that we are exposed to every day. That is why reading and studying the Bible is so critical, so that you can identify what is of God, and what is opposed to God.

This is also a warning to parents that you have to be EXTREMELY AWARE of what is out there for your children to be exposed to. You have every right, and responsibility to censor what you allow in your home, but censor it with an explanation of why so that as they get older they can make that same quality decision for themselves. You must take the TIME to talk to your children about what is in our popular culture like books, movies, television, music, magazines, video games, and everything else that they are exposed to on a daily basis. You need to put what they see and hear into a Biblical context so that they can understand what God says, and why something can be good or harmful to their life.

The third point is that we MUST, as those who accept the Bible as God’s inspired, inerrant Word, as ABSOLUTE TRUTH and our final authority in all matters, take that TRUTH to the world in which we live in. There is a circular trough that is made up of the church, Christian television, Christian radio, Christian books, Christian magazines, and many Christian ministries. THEY ALL FEED OUT OF THAT SAME TROUGH. They all target the same people, those who are already in the church. Why? Maintenance. Self-perpetuation. Money. Safety. Fear of rejection. The sad fact is, the majority of the people who desperately need to hear of the hope and love of Christ are OUTSIDE OF THAT TROUGH!

Those who oppose the work of God understand this fact, and take their message directly to the masses to find those who are hurting, lost, and looking for hope. That is where the cults like the Mormons, the JW’s, and the Scientologists take their message. That is where the false religions of the world like the Muslims, the Buddhists, the satanists, and the New Agers take their message. While Christians are sitting back in the comfort of their churches, conferences, crusades, and media organizations, preaching to the choir and trading dollars amongst themselves…..those who are outside of the “trough,” hurting and desperate for a message of hope, are being lured in by those who worship false gods and led like sheep to the slaughter. The lie thrives because the people who posses the TRUTH don’t take their message to the masses outside of the trough!

I love you and care about you so much. I pray today that you become more aware that everyone proclaiming the name of “god” is NOT always talking about the God of the Bible. We must be very aware of what we hear and see, since there is so much in this world that can damage our lives. This is especially true with our children. There is so much unGodly content available in the world today, that parents must be diligent in not only knowing what their children are being exposed to, but helping them understand how to make Godly choices.

Lastly, those who know the TRUTH of God’s Word, have got to become more bold and creative in taking that TRUTH to the world at large, the world outside the four walls of the church. Not only has God commanded us to do this, but we can’t allow those who represent the false gods of this world to take good people and lead them into eternal damnation. There is only ONE GOD, the GOD OF THE BIBLE!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Tattoos, body piercings, and cosmetic surgery….is it sin?

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( Matthew 23:25,26 Luke 16:15 )

Tattoos, body piercings, and cosmetic surgery….is it sin? One of the reasons that so many get this Devotional each day is because I deal with the issues most in the church run from. Having preached in over 500 churches of all denominational affiliations, I can tell you very clearly that the churches who are doing great things for God, the churches where men and women are growing spiritually and having their needs met, are the churches where the pastor, the Shepherd, does not run from the tough issues or compromise the inspired, inerrant Word of God.

Sadly, the number one reason believers are Biblically illiterate and weak in their faith is because of the pastor of the church they attend. Unfortunately,
church politics, being “politically correct,” not wanting to offend people, especially a big giver, play a role in what many pastors say on Sunday morning. THIS SHOULD NOT BE SO!!! The time is too short, the eternal destination of too many people hinge on the man of God sharing the unadulterated Word without compromise.

The issue of tattoos, body piercings, and cosmetic surgery is one I get asked about daily. First, IT IS NOT A SIN TO HAVE A TATTOO, PIERCING, OR TO HAVE UNDERGONE COSMETIC SURGERY! Let us just get that out of the way up front. Nobody is going to hell for getting your belly button pierced, or having a face lift, or getting a cross tattooed on your arm. The fact is, God sees our heart. God judges our heart. It is our HEART that must be pleasing to God, the inside, not the outside. Now let me say this. Use good judgment. Pray.

This is not an endorsement of these practices in any way. For those who already have tattoos, piercings, have had cosmetic surgery, that is a past action that you should feel no guilt or shame from.

For those who are considering doing this to your body, let me simply give you this counsel. It will make NO DIFFERENCE to you salvation if you do it or not. However, I do want you to pray and ask yourself why you are doing it. I do want to ask you to pray and chat with the Lord and ask Him if this is something that He would want you to do. I do want to ask you to be honest with yourself and work out in your own heart whether you are doing this for personal reasons, or just to “fit in.”

The fact is, if you are a Christian, a believer in Jesus Christ, you already “fit in.” Your value, your self-worth is in the fact that you are a child of
God, NOT a child of this world. If your motives are simply to please this world, or to please those who are in this world, these are wrong motives. The ONLY one you have to please is Jesus Christ! If you are secure in who you are in Christ, and this is simply something that you want to do for you, go for it! All I ask is that you examine your heart, and ask yourself, “why am I doing this?”

I love you, and care about you so very much. I know many are struggling today, many are going through self condemnation over this issue. Have peace today. Be free today. Romans 8:1 tells us “Therefore, there is now NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus!!!!” Amen!!! If you already have tattoos, body piercings, have had cosmetic surgery, there is NO CONDEMNATION for those who are in Christ Jesus!

For those thinking about it, pray. Ask God why you are doing it. Chat with Him about it. Come to a peace about your decision to either do it, or not. I will say that you must factor in that for many you meet, this could be a stumblingblock. But at the same time, it may open doors with those who are lost, who are into this form of self statement. Let God guide your decision.

So that is why I say pray, and examine your heart and your motives. Most of all know that God is most interested in what is in your heart, on the inside, not the outside. The world sees the outside, only God sees the inside.
THAT is what we all must work on each and every day! When you stand before Him on Judgment Day….a day we will all face…it is not your tattoo He will ask about, or your piercings, or your cosmetic surgery. The only thing He will ask is, “do you know my son Jesus???”

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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There are no coincidences with God

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(Proverbs 16:4, 19:21)

There are no coincidences with God. If there is one thing the Bible clearly teaches, it is that there are NO coincidences with God. There are so many outside elements that you have no control over in your life, starting with your birth, ending with your death, and including everything that transpires in between those two events. The reason I want to bring up this issue today, is to give you the confidence and assurance that everything that is happening in your life today is part of His Divine plan for your life.

One of the reasons I stress so much to walk with the Lord daily, be in the Word of God, pray, seek Him each and every day, is so that you will follow His plan for your life. You see, we can bring much unnecessary pain and heartache into our life by exercising our God-given freewill to ignore God and rebel. However, that does not stop God from still being in control. When we are in rebellion, when we are not on the path God wants us to be on, that is when we miss the joy, the peace, and the abundance this life can offer. That is when we are missing the blessings of God in our life.

I want you to understand clearly today that it is no accident you live where you live, you work or go to school where you do, you recreate where you recreate, or shop where you shop. It is no accident the people that are in your life are there. You see my friend, there are NO coincidences with God, things just don’t “happen.” There is a Divine purpose and reason for each and everything that goes on in our life. That includes the good, and bad things.

The natural question becomes, why? In many cases there simply isn’t an answer. Again, holding on to the fact there are no coincidences with God, helps us to build our faith during those times when there are more questions than answers. It also should give us the confidence and boldness to go out each day, knowing that God has a reason for everything we are experiencing in our life. Understanding what we are going through each day is not an accident, but part of His plan gives us the incredible freedom to live each day
for Him.

I realize that many of you are going through difficult times in your life today. You are dealing with death, illness, financial difficulties, marital problems, issues with your parents or children, challenges at work or school, the walls seem to caving in all around you. How this could be part of God’s plan may seem beyond comprehension. This was the same place a man named Job found himself at one day. In spite of everything, he never lost his faith in God, and it was part of God’s plan to bless him abundantly.

We never know how God will deliver us from trouble, how He will bless us. Our job is to hold on to our faith, continue to praise Him in spite of the problems we face, and know He will never leave us or forsake us. The Bible tells us that there will be times our faith is tested. It is at those times our faith
becomes real to us, and grows. We grow more spiritually in the valley than we ever could on the mountaintop. It is in the valley that we recognize God as our only source of hope and learn how to trust Him. It is those times in the valley where it is just us and God that we realize how much He loves us.

I love you and care about you so much. Know today that God is with you, that nothing in your life is an accident, and that God is in control. It is no coincidence that the Lord has brought our lives together at this time in your
life. I want you to know that I am here for you in your time of need. I will
be praying for you. God is still on His throne, and in 100% control at all times.

There are no coincidences with God!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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