Now It is Sports being Destroyed by Homosexuality

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(1 Thessalonians 4:3, Genesis 18:16-19, Romans 1:18-32; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, do you feel the U.S. should be the “police of the world” getting involved in numerous wars in other countries?

ANSWER: While these are issues our government makes decisions about in regard to our own national interests, my goal is that we should be the “evangelists of the world” and take the
Gospel to every corner of the globe. The government will do what they do for political reasons, we as followers of Christ need to do what our job is!

Now it is sports being destroyed by homosexuality! Yesterday, a journeyman bench warmer in the NBA who is 34 years old, a free agent, meaning he has NO contract for next year (and if he does get one next year it will be because of this issue and NOT his talent), declared he was “gay.”


Virtually unknown NBA player Jason Collins is being glorified by the media that has become the mouthpiece and cheerleader for the homosexual agenda in the nation. He is being hailed as a hero for “coming out.” Collins has been a marginal player for his entire career, and the sad fact is the only way his career will continue is to find some NBA team to put him on their roster as a “token” for the gay community.

As the homosexual agenda has infested every aspect of our culture, major team sports are one of the last places it has existed. Other than women’s golf, women’s tennis, and the WNBA, where many women who have chosen to be with other women has been common, major sports like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and the NHL have been free from this scourge. Sadly, it was only a matter of time before this sin would become part of the sports landscape!

In 2007, John Amaechi, another journeyman NBA player who had just retired, told the world he was “gay.” Of course, it is no surprise this big announcement coincided with the release of a book he had written about choosing to engage in homosexual acts and playing in the NBA. Guess it didn’t make sense to make such an announcement until he could profit off of his choice to engage in deviant and unnatural sex.

The fact is there is no such thing as a “gay person,” only people who CHOOSE to engage in homosexual acts. The sins of a person who chooses to commit the sin of homosexuality are no worse or better than my sins or yours. We can hate the sinful act they choose to engage in, but we must love the person since Jesus died for their sins just like He died for my sins and yours. Liveprayer has helped thousands of men and women find freedom from this bondage over the years!

If you weren’t sure how effective the pro-homosexual community has been over the last 20 years, you know now. They have effectively brainwashed this nation into accepting this deviant choice of sex between a man and a man or a woman and a woman as acceptable and on the same level as sex between a man and a woman. Not only does this nation now accept this choice as normal, those who speak out against it are branded as hate-mongers, intolerant, narrow-minded, homophobic, Bible-bangers, not evolved, and a host of other labels designed to degrade and silence them.

I have shared with you in the past, if you want to see how effective the brainwashing by the pro-homosexual community of the masses has been, simply go ask the kids in youth groups at any church what they think about this issue. You will be shocked to find the majority will give you the great lie that people are “born gay” and can’t help it, that it is not for us to judge, and that if they “love each other,” that is all that matters!

Again, these are kids who attend the youth groups in our churches! They have grown up with the message that this is something people are born with, that 10% of the people are gay, and that it is a perfectly acceptable and even desirable lifestyle. That has been reinforced since their birth by the schools they attend and by the media.

The two greatest lies the pro-homosexual community has put out are that 1) homosexuality is something that you are “born with,” 2) 10% or more in our society are homosexual. First, modern science has CLEARLY rejected and been unable to prove that ANYONE is “born gay.” IT IS A CHOICE!!!! People are born black and white, with green eyes and blue eyes, you have no control over that. Taking your pants off to have sex is a CHOICE!

The “struggle” people who choose this sin speak of is the same “struggle” we all have, to obey God or to sin! Also, all legitimate studies done by the non-homosexual community clearly show that less than 1% of the population EVER engage in this type of sexual sin.

When you condemn those who choose this sin, you are not judging them. God already did that when HE, not me, called homosexuality a sin from the beginning of the Bible to the end. A foolish argument from those who choose this sin is that “why would anyone choose something that brought them ridicule, condemnation, and the hatred of so many?”

People make that choice every day! I deal with men and women daily who CHOOSE to commit adultery and destroy their marriage, lose the love and respect of their children, in many cases ruin their career. People who choose sin choose to deal with the consequences of their sin.

Another foolish question is, “When did you choose to be heterosexual?” You don’t have to choose to be how God made you. However, you DO have to CHOOSE to engage in unnatural and unhealthy acts that God never intended you to engage in. You don’t have to choose to be how God made you, you DO have to choose to live in rebellion to how God made you.

Also, the “love” argument is equally as foolish., since it is an unnatural love God never intended. A pedophile could use that same argument, as could someone who is engaged in bestiality. You can’t excuse sin by using a perverted form of love!

I love you and care about you so much. Pray for Jason Collins to find freedom in Christ. Pray for other professional athletes to find that same freedom and not allow satan to use them to advance his agenda of forcing society to accept this deviant sexual activity as “normal!” Theologically this is not even a debatable issue. All through the Bible, from the Old Testament through the New, homosexuality is defined by God as a sin. PERIOD. God calls it an ABOMINATION!

I have heard the tortured theological arguments homosexuals have made, but there is absolutely NO WAY to change the fact this act is a sin. Just because there is now a homosexual version of the Bible where they have literally changed the passages that call this act a sin, that does NOT change God’s inspired, inerrant Word.

The church better wake up and realize that while they have been building great buildings and getting fat, satan has been busy using the sin of homosexuality to destroy the lives of people who have bought into this lie. We live in a free society. If people who have chosen to engage in homosexual activity, want to have their own schools, their own churches, their own television network, they have every right to.

It is about time the church wakes up and realizes that those who promote this sin are bold and are stopping at NOTHING to get their message out to the masses! They have done a great job of selling this lie since most in this nation now accept this deviant choice of sex as normal and acceptable!

THAT is why I am always talking about how the church, those who know Christ as their Savior, have got to quit preaching to the choir and start taking the hope and love of Christ to the world at large. We have got to be brave and bold enough to tell this lost world that homosexuality is a sin and will destroy them if they fall into this bondage!

As those who follow Christ, we also have a responsibility to pray for those who are in this bondage, for God to open their hearts to the truth of His Word, and to turn from their sin. Only God can change hearts, and for those who are in bondage to the sin of homosexuality, we must pray for them to open their hearts and turn from their sin.

Until Jesus returns, we will always have those who choose a perverted form of sex with those of their own gender, just like we will always have those who choose to pervert sex by having it outside of the bonds of marriage. While we can never accept their choice since it is clearly against God’s Word, we must pray for them, just like we must pray for everyone who is battling sin in their life.

For those reading this who are currently fighting homosexuality, let me tell you that God has never stopped loving you, and is simply waiting for you to turn from your sin and come back to Him. We serve a God of deliverance from sin, a God of forgiveness, and a God of restoration.

Millions have turned from the sin of homosexuality and found complete restoration and fulfillment in living a life according to God’s plan. What He did for someone else, He can do for you! I pray today that you hear these words, and choose to find freedom from your sin today. That freedom is only a prayer away!

The Bible declares the TRUTH shall set them free. May we be brave enough and bold enough, despite the persecution to proclaim God’s TRUTH about the sin of homosexuality!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,.

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2013, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Our Day is Here

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(John 3:16)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, I heard a Pastor say, “no one can change the past, not even God.” How do we know that to be true and why can’t, or couldn’t, God change the past?

ANSWER: I am not sure the full context of that statement, but taken alone it is true. However, to fully understand that statement, it needs to be stated that it is God who already knows the future and allows whatever to occur to occur. Sadly, we often have NO IDEA why God allows certain things, but stand in our faith that if we trust Him, He will guide us through both the good times and difficult times of this journey though life.

“Dear Bill, I’ve been the beneficiary of your strong, undiluted messages of truth for about seven years. During that time, you never wavered or hesitated to boldly share the truth of God.

It has been my privilege to help you financially as God has allowed me. I believe it might be easy for many of your Live Prayer recipients to fall into a state of complacency by thinking “some of the other millions of people will give … I don’t need to.” Well, we ALL need to give back! If every recipient gave $1 a month to receive the daily truth of God, you wouldn’t need to ‘beg’ each month for what is rightfully God’s money to support your ministry!

This month, I stepped out in faith to try to help ‘fill the gap.’ Due to some clerical errors, my social security check stopped ($602/mo.) and I haven’t received a dime for a few months! A supervisor at my local office went to bat for me, but as yet it looks like there will be no money forthcoming until next month.

Fortunately I have been a good steward of what God has given me so I am able to pay my mortgage and other expenses. I know God will work all of this for His good but the point is … if I can give out of my circumstances, trusting God all the while, then others can surely give in their circumstances too!!! Trusting in Jesus everyday!”

After what seems to have been 4 years in the wilderness, despite the fact that we have continued to faithfully feed over 2 million worldwide daily, respond to apx. 40,000 emails for prayer every 24 hours, remain in the secular media to bring the Truth of God’s Word to the issues of the day, while seeing 5,000-6,000 souls each month come to faith in Jesus, in one week we will re-launch the Liveprayer TV program on all media platforms as we have the final piece needed to help lead this nation back to God and HIS Truth in these last, dark days.


While it is easy to see the spiritual dearth that exists in this nation, the similarities to the children of Israel when they suffered God’s judgment and wrath for their sin and forsaking Him for the false god and idols of the world, I also know that as long as we are operating under God’s mercy we have a chance to not end up as did the children of Israel.

Years ago, God gave me the vision that this nation could be the Nineveh of our day. We must never forget that eventually God’s judgment DID rain down on Nineveh, but for a season, they repented, were spared His wrath for that season, and a mighty harvest of souls was the bounty for God’s Kingdom!


God has always taken care of us over these nearly 14 yrs. The past several years have been so challenging as we have cut our operations to the bare bone without compromising our daily ministry, usually running apx 1 month behind in just taking care of our basic operating expenses. Satan would lie to me often that God is shutting the door, that I have been wrong all along in simply telling the Truth while those who compromise and sell false hope, raked in millions.



In our greatest need, those who believe in the Truth have rallied to keep us moving forward. NOW IS THE TIME!!! It is critical to bring in at least $27,000 in the next few days to end the month current!!!! This is no longer about me, it about YOU and what will YOU do to preserve one of the only places people can come to hear the TRUTH!!!

In 2007, I wrote a Devotional stating that 2008 would be a monumental year, a year of great change. It was. We saw the financial crisis that has impacted tens of millions of people in this nation, hundreds of millions more around the world explode. We saw an election that no matter who had won, it would help to lead this nation deeper into the spiritual abyss.

While over 12,000 churches have shut down, 120,000 non-profit organizations closed their doors, and with the property of nearly 40,000 churches in foreclosure, Liveprayer has continued to press forward despite seeing a 67% drop in donations from 2008 and losing 29 of our core group of 30 people who had the ability in times of financial difficulty to be able to overnight or wire $10,000-$30,000 to help us over a rough edge.

That is why over the past years I have had to come to you more often than I would like to ask you to pray about supporting His work here. During the first 9 years of Liveprayer, we only had to share our needs 3-4 times a month. With the economic downturn in the nation, we now have to share our needs 11-12 times each month, though it is still less than 3% of the content we produce each month.

As I type these words, I am praying for you to help me. For nearly 20 years, I have literally sacrifice my life, my time, my talent, and my treasure to bring the lost to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and HIS Truth boldly and without compromise into the marketplace, as very few are doing, virtually none at a national level in the secular media

I come today asking you to help me. Over nearly 14 years, Liveprayer has sent personal responses to over 70 MILLION emails. We still get over 40,000 a day. Tens of millions of live worldwide have been impacted. Over 700,000 we know of have come to faith in Jesus. THIS IS MY ETERNAL LEGACY AND MY TRACK RECORD OF SERVICE THESE PAST 12 YEARS!!! THAT IS THE ETERNAL LEGACY OF ALL OF THOSE WHO PRAY AND SACRIFCE TO SUPPORT GOD’S WORK HERE. HOWEVER, IN THESE LAST DAYS, OUR GREATEST WORK IS BEFORE US!!!

All we have done has only been possible by dear friends like you who have prayed for me, and sacrificed to support me financially. In these nearly 14 years, I have never asked for anything for myself, and despite sacrificing the vast bulk of what little personal compensation I took over the past several years, my only goal today is to cover the $27,000 I need to simply keep Liveprayer alive for one more month. This is the way we have operated each month for the past 14 years. I have simply asked the Lord to provide what I need to get to the next month.

My friend, I am counting on you today. I need to hear from you today. This is critical, and I desperately need your help. We are so close to seeing the fulfillment of all Liveprayer has been raised up to be. I can’t see everything stop now over a few thousand dollars, even if it was a million dollars. Somebody will lose that tonight in Vegas. Will you reach down, make the sacrifce, and help me today??? I desperately need you and will be in prayer for the Lord to move on your heart to help me!

The fact is, I need to bring in $27,000 over the next 2 days to get our basic operational expenses up to date! If you have the liquid cash to wire to our bank, please email me at: and I will get you the info. If you are able to send a gift of $2,000 or more, FedEx it to our office in St. Petersburg, feel free to mark “bill recipient” and they will be our special account. After 14 years of pouring out my sweat and blood, literally 24/7, I will not see God’s work here slowed down or thwarted, and definitely not shut down. I know there are enough people with resources who can help me.


Please don’t think that just because there are 2.4 million subscribers, someone else will take care of this. It has been friends like YOU over the years who God has spoken to, who have responded, who has made Liveprayer available to bring hope and salvation to so many. It will take someone like YOU today.

Also, I know there is someone reading these words who God has richly blessed, you have been praying about a place to use your resources where God can multiply them exponentially in the lives and eternal souls of men. THIS IS IT! CONTACT ME AND LET’S CHAT HOW YOU CAN HELP ME!!!

To make a gift to Liveprayer on your major credit card at our website under the “Donation” button, or you can give from your PayPal account by using my email address, , or you can mail it to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33709. One the credit card or PayPal form after your name simply mark (9-11). All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

I love you and care about you so much. Do you want to do something great for God with your life??? STAND WITH ME!!! I CAN’T DO THIS ALONE!!! I am asking you today to simply pray about what God may be calling you to do to help me with this effort. I am also asking you to please forward this to every person you know, personally reach out to those who God has blessed with financial resources and encourage them to support this new work, and share this email with your pastor and ask him to pray about having your church make a special missions gift towards this effort. I will keep you posted how we are doing with our financial goals over the coming weeks and months.

When this brief journey through life is over, what do we have to show for it? The only lasting legacy we have are those things we did for the Lord. I have taken my stand and will proclaim His truth with my dying breath. Today, I am asking you to pray about joining me and let’s turn this nation back to God and His Truth!!!

Will you stand and help me lead this nation back to God and His Truth??? Will you help me usher in a “Nineveh moment” in the United States???

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2013, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

God has Given Man Free Will to Accept His Free Gift of Eternal Life

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(Philippians 2:10-11)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, I have recently read a daily devotional that really has disturbed me as it said it is an insult to God for Christians to ask for forgiveness. Because He died for all our sins (previous and future). So if this is true, how can Christians truly repent?

ANSWER: First, you NEVER read that here. Sadly, in the internet age, there is a plethora of people writing online with ZERO theological training. That is why it is critical to know WHO you are reading. What you read is 100% INCORRECT. In 1 John 1,written to Believers, that we ALL sin. Just because we have confessed our sins, asked forgiveness, repented (turned from our sin), we still need to confess our sins and ask for forgiveness daily…since we ALL sin and fall short of the glory of God. The wonderful thing is we have the assurance from God’s Word we will be forgiven.

The Bible says at the name of Jesus EVERY knee should bow, and EVERY tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. The actual Greek in this passage says MUST bow. The fact is my friend, there will come a day in the life of EVERY living person when they will bow their knee to Jesus and confess Him as Lord! The only question that remains is WHEN they will do it.

God has given man the free will to accept His free gift of everlasting life through faith in Jesus Christ, or reject that gift. That is a choice each person must make during their life. The fact is, the Bible warns us that tomorrow is promised to none of us. That is why the Word says TODAY is the day of salvation. The reality is, you may not see tomorrow. So the ultimate choice each living person has to make is to bow their knee to Jesus and confess Him Lord and receive God’s free gift of everlasting life, or reject Christ in this life and spend eternity separated from God.


When Pontius Pilate died, he bowed his knee to Jesus and confessed Him to be Lord! When Nero died, he bowed his knee to Jesus and confessed Him to be Lord! When Buddha died, he bowed his knee to Jesus and confessed Him to be Lord! When Gandhi died, he bowed his knee to Jesus and confessed Him to be Lord! When Hitler died, he bowed his knee to Jesus and confessed Him to be Lord! When Madelyn Murray O’Hare died, she bowed her knee to Jesus and confessed Him to be Lord! When Mohammad Attah died, he bowed his knee to Jesus and confessed Him to be Lord! When any person dies that has rejected Christ, before they are cast into everlasting darkness they will bow their knee to Jesus and confess Him to be Lord!!!

Sadly, there are many people walking this planet today that have chosen to live their lives in complete rebellion to God and to His Word. They have rejected Jesus Christ in their life and refuse to acknowledge Him for who He is. You can’t force anyone to believe, you can only share with them the Good News and the truth of God’s Word and pray for them to open their heart to that truth. But the fact remains, they will at some point bow their knee to Jesus and confess Him to be Lord.

I love you and care about you so much. For those who have already bowed your knee to Jesus and confessed Him to be Lord, you have the assurance of everlasting life with your Savior when this brief journey here is over. That is why no matter what may be happening in this world, we can never lose sight of the fact that our hope is in a better place. Like those heroes of faith we read about in Hebrews 11, we long for a better country, a heavenly one. A place where we will dwell with God our Creator for all of eternity.

For those who are reading this today that have not bowed your knee to Jesus and have not confessed Him to be Lord, I am praying for you. He loved you enough to die for your sins so that you could not only receive everlasting life, but know true joy, true peace, and true abundance in this life as well. I pray that you will take a moment right now and ask God to open your heart and then read the words at this link:

May God richly bless you today and let me leave you with this most beautiful passage of Scripture from the Book of Philippians, “Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death, even death on a cross! Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father!” (Philippians 2:6-11)

(C)opryright 2013, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Today is My 20,156 Day on this Journey through this Brief Life

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(1 Chronicles 29:15; Job 9:25; James 4:14; John 10:10)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, what are your thoughts on karma? People tend to throw that word around alot! I thought that I was setting ‘healthy’ boundaries, I have never intentionally hurt anyone…though I know I have…but not intended. Now I’ve come to discover I have upset my ‘karma cart.’

ANSWER: First, there is NO SUCH THING as “karma.” Having said that, here is a link to a Devotional on that very issue that explains it in great detail.

Today is my 20,156 day on this journey through this brief life. When we talk about being good stewards of what God gives us, we immediately think of money. While much of the focus of our stewardship is on money, I want to remind you today that we are also called to be good and faithful stewards of our time. The Bible clearly teaches that tomorrow is promised to none of us, that each day is a gift from God. As I reflect back on my 20,156 days of life on this earth, I can honestly say that I have NOT always been a good steward of my time.

The biggest trap we all fall into is taking a day in our life for granted. We get so used to waking up in the morning, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, that we simply take today for granted expecting that there will be a tomorrow. The reality is tomorrow is NOT a guarantee. In the midst of over 40,000 prayer requests that we receive each day here at Liveprayer, at least 100 of them deal with the death of a family member or friend. They range in age from the loss of a baby still in the womb all the way to those who had a full life into their 90’s. It is God who will determine when each of us has completed our journey here, and there will be no more tomorrows.

A few months ago I preached the funeral for a man in his 30s. This was a man full of life, athletic, in great shape, had a wonderful family, an executive in a successful business. His secretary came into his office to bring him some papers and found him slumped over in his chair, dead from a massive heart attack. The other day, I was involved in helping a family deal with the loss of their 17-year-old son. The young man was involved in a 6-car wreck and died in the hospital from his injuries after several days. Just last night on my TV program, I dealt with a man whose wife had been having headaches. A perfectly healthy young woman in her late 20s, went to see the doctor, 3 days later they were operating to remove a tumor on her brain, and 5 days after the surgery she was dead.

I share these real life incidents with you to help drive home the point that tomorrow is not promised to us, even though we often assume it will come. Today, right now, is the only thing we can be assured of. That is why I want to encourage you to make the most of today. Don’t treat it as simply “another day.” The fact is each day is unique unto itself. This day can be as special as you want to make it. I know that many of you are going through some difficult times in your life, have many pressing issues that you are dealing with, fighting tremendous battles. DON’T LET THE DAY-TO-DAY TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS OF LIFE KEEP YOU FROM MAKING TODAY SPECIAL!

How do you make today special? First, you start it in prayer and the Word. Nobody should even get out of bed without talking to the Lord. Talking with Jesus should be the very first thing you do when you wake up. Personally, I don’t get out of bed until I have spent time in prayer, conversing with the Lord, and then spending time in the Word. Before my feet even hit the ground, I have had a good talk with Jesus and spent some time in His Word. You can never imagine the strength, the encouragement, the peace and joy you have when you start your day with Christ and His Word. It helps you focus on the fact that no matter what may be going on in your life, no matter what the day may bring, you are not alone.

A big part of making each day special is the balance between all of the various activities and people that make up your life. Most people either work or go to school. I realize that dominates a big part of most days. However you still need to make the time for family, for friends, taking care of yourself physically through exercise and what you eat, serving the Lord, in addition to having some time for yourself. Our lives can be as full and as rich as we want to make them. Each day is special as we go through the day to day activities we have scheduled, and interacting with all of the different people that we do during the course of the day.

I love you and care about you so much. I pray that you will never take even one day of your life for granted again. EACH DAY IS SPECIAL! When it is over, it is never coming back, so make the most of it. Just as God will hold us accountable for how we use the money that He entrusts to us throughout our life, He is also going to hold us accountable for how we use the time that He has graciously given to us. Never forget, our purpose in this life is to serve and glorify God with our lives. We can never get so busy with our lives, so focused on what we want to do, that we forget to fulfill our purpose by serving the Lord and bringing glory to His name through our lives each day.

I will be praying for you today. Praying that you will make today special. Make it special by starting the day with the Lord in prayer and in His Word. Make it special by being the very best you can be on your job or at school. Make it special through all of the other activities you may engage in during the course of the day. Make it special by spending time with family and friends and interacting with all of the various people you will encounter during the day. Today is a day like none other, it is special and unique. Don’t treat it as just another day, but as the gift from God that it is!!!

*If you have never made a decision for Jesus, please go to the following link since it is the most critical decision you will make in life because it is an eternal decision!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2013, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Our Only Hope is Our Faith in Jesus Christ

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(Jonah Chapter 3)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, In Romans 13:1-2, the Bible says” Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been place there by God. So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished.” I pay my taxes and I obey the law, but I have trouble submitting to the current government body who so wholeheartedly supports abortion, homosexuality and so many evil, vile, sinful things. What does this verse mean? Did God place Obama there for us to submit to?

ANSWER: It is God who allows men to rise to power. Never forget, that passage in Romans was written under the rule of the Caesars who persecuted Christians and tried to wipe Christianity off the face of the globe. You can be a good citizen without having to support abortion, homosexuality, or anything else God’s word calls a sin. This is why it is important to work to be involved in the political process, but MUCH MORE IMPORTANT, working to help change the spiritual course of the nation through spreading the faith and leading lost souls to faith in Jesus Christ. Christians end up being GREAT citizens since they do follow God’s Word.

Our ONLY hope is our faith in Jesus Christ and the ONLY answer is for this nation to turn back to God and HIS Truth! As you look around the world today, this very moment, it is by far the greatest snapshot of how far from God and Biblical Truth we have become as a nation here in the US and a people worldwide. Here are just the headlines today, without even needing to go any deeper!

In France, they have now made perverting God’s Holy Institution of Marriage and the family LAW! Men can now legally marry men, women legally marry women, and same-sex couple legally adopt children. Actually, all they did in France is fall in line with where the rest of Europe either has been or soon will be!

In the vast majority of countries outside the United States, you will either face persecution, incarceration, or in many cases death…for simply being a Christian and preaching the Bible!!! If you think those days will never come to the United States you better wake up. They are already here to some extent, and will only get worse!!!

The great lesson from the Islamic attack in Boston last week is how deep and rooted Islam already is in this nation despite have very few numbers! Islamic groups like CAIR have taken a page from the homosexual playbook since 9/11 by using the media to intimidate people who tell the truth about this false religion from hell into silence, and labeling anyone who dares to tell the truth about this 1400 year old lie from satan that from day one, and still is today, about terror, war, domination, and DEATH!

I am SICK AND TIRED of people in the media calling these acts of terror committed by “radical Islam!” As I have warned you for over a decade, ISLAM IS RADICAL!!! You either have secular Muslims, or those who call themselves Muslim but don’t go to mosque or read and follow the Qu’ran, or you have practicing Muslims who do go to mosque and do read and follow the Qu’ran.

When Muslims commit acts of terror, when they kill “infidels,” or those who are non-Muslims, as they have for 1400 years and CONTINUE TO DO EACH AND EVERY DAY THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, they are simply following what their “religion of peace” commands them to do and they are taught by their imam’s to do!

Even though they don’t the numbers, yet, to fully practice what they believe in the United States, they can still go to any mosque in this nation and hear the truth of Islam. What is that truth? Anyone who converts FROM Islam is to be put to death. Sharia Law should govern all aspects of life. There is nothing wrong with “jihad,” as a matter of fact it is the greatest honor. They are told to be patient and in the end, Islam will prevail over all of its’ enemies!

Don’t believe me??? How about imam Shaker Elsayed of a prominent mosque in Arlington, VA..RIGHT ACROSS THE POTOMAC FROM THE WHITE HOUSE! “The enemies of Allah are lining up. The question for us is, are we lining [up] or are we afraid because they may call us terrorists? Let me give you the good news: they are already calling us terrorists anyway. Whether you sitting at home, watching TV, drinking coffee, sleeping or playing with your kids, you are a terrorist because you are a Muslim. Well, give them a run for their money. Make it worth it. Make this title worth it, and be a good Muslim! Muslim men when it is a price to pay, they are first in line. They are the first in the community-service line. They are the first in jihad line!”

In Philly, the trial of baby-killer Gosnell is about over. It has exposed for the world to see what happens to apx. 4,000 babies in the US every day. I have heard the disgusting excuses from baby-killer activists saying that women should be able to get a “safe” abortion. WHAT? What about the living being inside of her? How is ANY abortion safe for the baby???

Yet in the midst of this open look into the world of infanticide, our Baby-Killer-in Chief, the most pro-death President in history, was set to give the keynote address at the national fundraising gala for the world’s largest and most organized killer of innocent babies, Planned Parenthood. At the last minute, he made a lame excuse to cancel, but will still meet with their members in a “closed meeting” the next day!

I love and care about you so much. Sadly, you hear virtually none of this, certainly not any real challenges to these issues in the Christian media. They don’t want the heat of taking on Islam in a visible way, and have given lip service to the pracitce of infanticide. In the marketplace, you will rarely hear a true Biblical response to the issues of the day since those who are in the media are in those forums simply to sell books.

Liveprayer, for 14 years now, has fearlessly gone into the marketplace to accomplish 3 things. First is to bring God’s Truth without compromise to the lost and hurting masses on the issues of the day. Second, to pray for and guide people through the challenges of life we all face. Third and most important, to share the Gospel and lead lost souls to faith in Jesus Christ!


That is why the re-launch of the TV program on May 6th is so critical. It will give us the platform we need to not just take God’s Truth into the marketplace regarding the critical issues of the day, but in a bold and visible way the media won’t be able to ignore. It will allow us to also minister to the daily needs of people, while helping to lead the lost to faith in Jesus Christ!


Please be praying for me and for God’s favor as we take this bold and final step of service to the Lord. Please pray about what God is asking you to do to stand with me. We take the funds people donate, and instead of buying real estate, buildings, hiring huge staffs, buying private jets, living in mansions, we fulfill the work of God as over 94 cents of every dollar goes directly to getting His Truth out to the masses and ministering to people.

Our ONLY hope is our faith in Jesus Christ and the ONLY answer is for this nation to turn back to God and HIS Truth!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2013, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Don’t Let Hollywood Fool You

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(John 3:16 )

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, can you please explain why every pope from Pope Pius to our present day Pope has had a priority goal of establishing a one-world government?

ANSWER: I don’t totally agree with that statement. I am well aware many in the world of prophecy say the RC Church will be the anti-Christ, since that will be one of the goals of the anti-Christ. However, the RC Church has much greater issues to deal with just operating their own denomination, as do all denominations, to have much time for any legitimate planning it would take to establish something on the scale of a one-world government.

Don’t let Hollywood fool you! Probably one of the greatest examples of the lack of discernment within the church today, a byproduct of 40 years of watered-down and gutless preaching, is how so many Christians are so happy about the “faith-based” films and projects Hollywood is putting out. If nothing else, it personifies how much filth and garbage the entertainment industry has been producing these past 4 decades…AND CONTINUES TO DO SO!

In the end, Hollywood and the entertainment industry has been about one
thing and one thing only…MONEY! They will give the people whatever they want to make a buck. Over the last few years, they have discovered that at least 40% of this nation still holds to traditional values, a portion of that what would be called Biblical values, and have been wise enough to try and tap into that market.

Let me say right up front. I am ecstatic that the entertainment industry is now producing projects that have a “faith-based” message. That is GREAT. However, never forget that virtually all of the same organizations producing projects to reach people with a moral message, are also still involved in producing hours and hours of the most vile filth and garbage you can begin to imagine!

Just to give you some perspective, in the 40s, 50s, and to some extent the early 60s, Hollywood produced tons of films and TV programs that not only had an overtly Christian message, but in many you would actually hear a clear presentation of the Gospel! While those films and programs would NEVER be made today, most were FAR more Christian and Gospel oriented than anything that is currently being produced.

A HUGE reason for Hollywood’s current trend to producing more faith-based project has been the tireless efforts for decades by a dear friend of mine Ted Baehr, founder of Movieguide. Ted is sold out for the Lord and has been doing all he can to bring more Christian content to film and TV projects.

My concern and biggest issue with the new faith-based projects in Hollywood is their accuracy to the Bible, and most important, the total LACK of a clear and true Gospel message! Are these projects better than the sex and blood filled projects being churned out by Hollywood en masse each week? Of course, but that is not my point. My point is, if you are going to do it, DO IT RIGHT!

Today’s Hollywood faith-based projects are like the modern day man-made marketing strategies like seeker/purpose driven/emerging church/prosperity gospel designed to put warm bodies into seats, money in the coffers, but NOT CONVERTS TO THE FAITH!!! The flaw in these marketing strategies is that they attract people with slick marketing, which is fine, but they feel to keep them, they have to water down the message, don’t talk about sin, and NEVER mention hell and damnation!

Let me know the next time you hear Osteen look into a camera and tell someone that homosexuality is a sin, that if you die without Jesus you will die and burn in hell. Won’t happen because it would hurt his “business!”

Only God will know the number of people who have been in these “churches” and will die and go to hell since once there, they were never given the simple invitation to know Jesus. What good is it to attract people to church and never give a clear presentation of the Gospel? What good is it to attract people to an entertainment project and NEVER GIVE A CLEAR PRESENTATION OF THE GOSPEL???

As an evangelist for over 2 decades, having personally led thousands to faith in Christ and through Liveprayer over 700,000 we know of since we started, people need to not only be told that they need a Savior, but given a chance to make a decision for Jesus in their own life! It is like a salesman who tells a prospective buyer all of the benefits of why he should buy what he is selling..than walks away without giving the person a chance to make a decision to buy!!!

I love and care about you so much. Nobody is happier than I am that the entertainment industry is at least producing projects with a positive message. Be warned however, while they want your money, they still don’t want to give you a REAL MESSAGE of Biblical Truth or the Gospel. We still have ZERO true Christian characters on TV, but try to find any prime-time network series without an openly gay character!

I also would love to see Hollywood created projects to tell the Truth about a cult like Mormonism, Kabbalah, Scientology, false religions like Islam, that are telling people lies that will lead their souls to hell! Projects that tell the truth about, instead of glorifying sins like homosexuality and abortion!

However, in the meantime, pray with me for men of God who create entertainment projects that will give a true Biblical message and most critical, a clear presentation of the Gospel and invitation to know Jesus as Savior by faith!

While the recent mini-series “The Bible” refused to deal with the FACT homosexuality is what brought down the wrath of God on Sodom and Gomorrah, while they took some liberties all throughout with Biblical Truth, the greatest failure was to give a clear presentation of the Gospel. It is like going to a great church service where they take you to the very point of making a decision for Jesus, and than turn out the lights. Sadly, this is what the VAST majority of churches do every Sunday and so far, what these faith-based projects in Hollywood are doing.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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What Controls Your Life Each Day

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(Romans 8:5-8)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, why is this book “50 Shades of Gray” so popular with some Christians?

ANSWER: Simple. Instead of the church driving the culture, the culture drives the matter how sinful it is! Here is the Devotional I did a while back on this book:

One of the most incredible challenges we have each day in our Christian journey, is what controls us. The ultimate goal of every believer is to be controlled at all times by the Spirit of God, instead of the spirit of this world. It is when we are controlled by the Lord that we are able to fulfill our purpose in life, enjoy the peace, joy, and abundance of this life, and know God’s richest blessings.

When we allow ourselves to be controlled by the things of this world, we distance ourselves from the Lord. Whatever pleasure we enjoy are temporary followed by much pain, and we miss God’s best for our life. What controls our lives becomes the ultimate battle we fight each day.

The choice on what should control us is an obvious one. Making it happen is not so easy to accomplish. Before we became Christians, it was never an issue. There was no choice. We simply lived our life the way the world lived. Our lives were totally controlled by the spirit of the world.

Once we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, we are now confronted with a choice each day. Continue to live the way the world lives, the way we are used to living, or live under the control of our new Master, Jesus Christ. We must learn how to let the Holy Spirit control us. It doesn’t happen overnight but over a period of time.

How do we do it? It starts with our daily relationship with the Lord. Praying, reading the Word each day. We need to be part of a local fellowship and finding ways to serve the Lord. As this becomes our daily life and focus, as we are more in touch with God throughout the day, we get used to the Holy Spirit controlling our life as opposed to the things of this world controlling us. We learn how to be controlled by the Spirit of the living God.

The critical key becomes having our lives controlled by the Lord consistently, day after day. Never get so comfortable that you aren’t aware that you have to work to maintain that intimate, daily walk, since it is from that daily walk with the Lord, that we allow our lives to be controlled by Him. When we stop praying each day; stop reading the Word each day; stop going to church; stop finding ways to serve God, that is when we become open to having the things of this world take control over our lives.

So this becomes a daily challenge that we must take seriously, since it is when we allow the world control, we are capable of doing anything and everything that is not pleasing to God!!!

I love you and care about you! You can count on my prayers today, for you to really digest these complicated words. It is this principle of allowing the Holy Spirit to control your life each and every day that allows us as Christians to make a difference in this world.

It is when we are being controlled by the Spirit of God that God can work through us, giving us the power to do those things necessary to advance His plan and touch the lives of people. It is when the Holy Spirit is controlling us that we are fulfilling our purpose in serving and glorifying God with our lives.

Reaching this plateau, getting to this level each day, is the absolute ultimate in our Christian experience. There is no high from alcohol, drugs, sex, power, achievement, anything that can even come close to the spiritual high when you are being totally controlled by the Holy Spirit. It is the ultimate experience that should be the goal of every follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray today that this will be your daily goal, to be controlled by the Spirit of God.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2013, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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