Many Times We Get to a Point where We Feel No One Really Cares about Us

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(John 15:9)

Many times we get to a point in our life where we feel like no one really cares about us or really loves us. I want to assure you this morning, that Jesus loves you more than you can ever know. Because He came to this earth and walked where we walk each day, He understands the problems and difficulties of our daily life.

That is one reason why our prayers have so much meaning. Jesus understands what it is like to have a sick friend. He understands what it is like to have people we love in trouble. He understands when your lives are in a mess. Jesus knows, He understands, He cares and most of all, He loves you deeply.

I pray today, that you dwell on and come to the realization just how much Jesus loves you and cares about you. Sometimes, just comprehending this simple truth can make all the difference in our life. In the complexities of our life, we often need to get back to basic truths to maintain our focus. Nothing is more basic, more real, than the love Jesus has for you.

As you go thru this day, and deal with the problems of life we all face, keep in the front of your mind the love Jesus has for you. Let that knowledge give you hope in the hard times, and peace in those times where things are going OK. As you make those daily decisions, remember Jesus loves you. You can reciprocate that love by doing those things which will be pleasing to Him. Remembering His love for us, wanting to please Him, helps us to make the right decisions throughout the day.

I love you and care about you so much. I am grateful for each one of you and your concern for others. Keep this ministry in your prayers as we tell people worldwide each day just how much Jesus loves them. Thank you for helping spread the word about this great oasis of hope on the Internet called Liveprayer. You are very special to me. But more important, you are very special to Jesus.

Remember this simple but powerful word today, JESUS LOVES YOU!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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Personal Accountability

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(Romans 14:12; Matthew 12:36; Luke 12:20; 1 Peter 4:5)

One of the biggest problems that we have in our society today is a lack of personal accountability. Nobody is ever wrong, and when they do make mistakes, there is ALWAYS an excuse. The danger that I see in this mindset is that if there is one thing the Bible teaches, if there is one thing that God will demand of each one of us, it is PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY!!!

I find it sad that in the recent exposure of corporate fraud, men like Ken Lay (former CEO of Enron) and Bernie Ebbers (former CEO of WorldCom) were paid hundreds of millions of dollars to oversee major corporations that they claimed to know little about. What exactly were they paid all of that money for if they had no idea what was going on? In our criminal justice system, those charged hire gifted criminal lawyers to promote every excuse ever known to man in order to ‘explain away” the criminal behavior of their client. There are ‘experts” now that can give you an excuse for anything that you do.

Other great examples of people refusing to be personally accountable are the lawsuits in recent years against the tobacco industry, and now the fast food industry. While there is little doubt that the tobacco industry lied and hid the facts of how addictive cigarettes are, the FACT is, smoking is a PERSONAL CHOICE. Science was, by far, my worst subject in school but even as ungifted as I am in that area, common sense told me that putting something in my mouth that was on fire, sucking the smoke into my body, could NOT be a good thing.

My mother died over 4 years ago from emphezema. She smoke since she was 16. She told me that it was HER CHOICE to smoke and she alone was responsible for the condition that ultimately took her life. As easy as it would have been for her to blame someone else, she took personal responsibility for her addiction to cigarettes. Now people who are obese are suing the fast food chains for making them fat! I have been to many fast food restaurants in my life and have yet to see someone strapped in a chair being forced to eat a double bacon cheeseburger, the greasy fries that have been super-sized, and washing it all down with a 4-gallon drum of Coke! IT IS A PERSONAL CHOICE!

My friend, my point today is to drive home the fact that we can’t blame anyone but ourselves for our actions. Blaming others is not new to the human experience. In the Garden of Eden, after sinning, Adam blamed his sin on ‘that woman” but the reality is, God is NOT INTERESTED in your excuses.Trying to blame Eve did not get Adam off the hook for HIS ACTIONS and making excuses won’t get you off the hook for YOUR ACTIONS!

Men and women in prison can never overcome that experience until they humble themselves before God and accept personal responsibility for what THEY DID! In our life, we can never get beyond our sins until we are ready to admit them to God, who by the way, when you read 1 John 1:9 is ready, “To not only forgive you but cleanse you from all unrighteousness,” but YOU must take the first step and take responsibility for your actions.

I love you and care about you so much. It breaks my heart as I go through many of the emails that we receive here at Liveprayer every day. Many who are looking for God in the midst of their challenges, will have a hard time finding Him since they refuse to accept that THEY MADE POOR CHOICES. In many cases, THEY MADE THE DECISIONS and are now dealing with the consequences.


I will pray for you today. I pray that you will open your heart, be honest with yourself and with God, and quit blaming anyone or anything other than the choices you made. We all make bad choices and bad decisions in our life. The key for you today is to not try to find excuses, not try to find someone else to blame, but simply take responsibility for what you have done. It is impossible to move past your problems until you do this. This is so important because to accept Christ by faith, we must take personal responsibility for our sins and ask Him to forgive us. We must be personally accountable to HIM for our sins.

When this brief life is over and we stand before God, He is not going to be interested in any excuses. On that day, God will hold each of us personally responsible for our life. I pray today that you stop looking for ways to excuse your choices and actions, but accept responsibility for what YOU have done. God will honor you for taking personal responsibility for your actions.

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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I have Dealt Many Times with Addiction Problems

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(Galatians 5:1)

I have dealt many times with addiction problems. Most think of those fighting addictions as people who are prowling around seedy adult sex shops late at night, meeting scary people who have sold out to satan and sell drugs, slipping into a neighborhood bar after work and having your “normal” 4-5 drinks before going home, just to mention a few.

In past Devotionals, I have tried to help you understand that ANYTHING can be an addiction. One of the most common battles many fight daily is an addiction to food. But today, I want to expose another addiction that MANY of you are battling each day that is RARELY talked about, SHOPPING.

First, an addiction is something that consumes your life. It takes over and becomes your number one priority. It destroys your personal relationships. Worst of all, it destroys your relationship with God. Whenever you allow ANYTHING to take over your life to the point that it is interfering with your walk with God, when God is no longer your number one priority, IT IS A SIN. It is something that you must deal with immediately before it totally destroys your life.

Shopping is legal. It is not like doing cocaine which is not. Shopping is actually a necessary part of life, just like eating is. However, many have found their “escape” in shopping. Just like some will come home and have 2..3..4..5..6..drinks in the evening to “escape,” many will shop to escape. One of the growing problems that I have had to deal with over these past 4 1/2 years is the number of people who are addicted to Home Shopping and other 24-hour TV shopping channels.

I am NOT going to sit here and tell you that they are evil, that they equate with TV pornography, that is clearly NOT the case. However, for many, the addiction is just as real, and just as powerful, as someone who sits at home and watches pornography on their TV. It is an “escape” from reality.

The worst thing about “escapes” is that they ALWAYS compound the problems that a person is “escaping” from. People spend thousands on pornography, catch sexually transmitted diseases, get caught and destroy their marriages and families. People who use drugs and alcohol not only pay a huge price by driving under the influence, but they are destroying their health, and numbing themselves from being able to function at 100% efficiency in their daily lives. Those who are addicted to shopping ultimately end up spending thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in many cases destroy their finances over this addiction. THERE IS ALWAYS A HUGE PRICE TO PAY WHEN YOU TRY TO “ESCAPE!!!”

I love you and care about you so much. Sadly, this is a HUGE issued that many are fighting today. Please know that I will be praying for you in this battle. Like ALL addiction battles, you can only attain victory after you first turn it over to the Lord. God will help you devise a battle plan, God will give you people that will walk through this with you to hold you accountable, and most of all, God will give you the strength each day to walk victoriously. This has been one of those silent issues that few will ever talk about, but it is time to pull back the curtain and expose this problem that many are fighting today. Above all, know that God loves you, and that God will lead you to victory when YOU are ready to fight this battle.

The key however is that first step. I don’t care what your battle is. Whether it is with drugs, alcohol, sex, food, OR SHOPPING. The first step is for you to admit that you have a problem. Being addicted to shopping is no different than any other addiction. You have to admit that this is a problem in your life and ask God to help you get victory over it. Please know that I will be praying for you today. I will be praying that God will not only give you the courage to admit this problem in your life, but that you will allow Him to guide you to victory. Never forget, with God . . . ALL THINGS . . . are possible. Even victory over an addiction to shopping.



In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Sowing into your Need

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(1 Kings 8-24)

Sowing into your need. There is a Biblical principle that I learned many years ago that I want to share with you today. Biblical principles are like scientific laws. They work. The law of gravity works . . . there are no exceptions. Biblical principles work…there are no exceptions. One of those Biblical principles is sowing into your need.

Now trust me, many of God’s principles don’t make a lot of sense. But then again, when God gave the army generals the battle plan for taking the city of Jericho, I doubt that walking around the walls of the city and blowing trumpets was something that made much sense either. I am convinced that many things God does don’t make sense to us, because we have to realize that only God could make something like that work.

This principle is very easy to understand. You give when you yourself have a need. Common sense says if I have a need, I hold on to what I have or my need becomes worse. I am sure that is what the widow of Zarephath was thinking when the prophet Elijah asked her for her last bit of food. This woman literally gave the man of God the last thing she had. Talk about faith.

Faith is not a word, but it is a belief system. Faith is easy to talk about, hard to practice. The problem with exercising our faith is our brain gets in the way. The enemy puts doubt in our mind. Living our faith becomes the test of our Christian experience. From the thousands of prayer requests we get here daily, I realize that so many of you are struggling with your finances.

There are many great Christian financial ministries that can help people apply biblical principles to their financial life. I would encourage you to invest a few dollars and study their teaching, and follow those biblical principles that can help you keep your financial life healthy. I would encourage those of you today that are in the midst of a financial crisis to sow into your need. I have done this continually throughout my ministry.

Even now as we work towards eliminating the debt of Liveprayer, each week I sow a seed into other ministries, knowing that God will honor my faith and bless us in return. My friend, it works. Look at the widow. She gives the man of God her last bit of food, and soon afterwards her son dies. God blesses her faith by using the man of God to bring that son back to life! Sowing into your need works. God’s principles work.

I love you and care about you. I will be praying for you today. I care about you deeply and will do everything I can each day to share the things God places in my heart to try and help you along this great journey we are on. You are never too young to begin applying God’s principles into your life.

What happens is, when we obey and God’s blessings flow from our obedience, our faith is strengthened. The next time we have to exercise our faith, we do it more readily, since we already have seen God move before. We gain confidence that our faith is real, God is real, and His way does work.

I pray that you who are struggling today will give into your need. I don’t care where you give, just give and show God you believe Him. God cannot lie, and His Word is the absolute truth you can stake your very life and eternal existence on. Trust Him today, and watch Him work miracles in your life.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Chrsit,
Bill Keller

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The Bible Teaches to Obey is Better than Sacrifice

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(1 Samuel 15:22)

The Bible teaches us, “To obey is better than sacrifice.” What an incredible truth this verse is for our day-to-day lives. It supports the verses of Ephesians 2:8-9 which tells us that our salvation is by faith and NOT of works. While God is concerned about what we do with our lives and the fruit that we can produce for the Kingdom from our efforts, He is first and foremost concerned with our obedience. You see, our obedience flows from a heart that is yielded to Him, a life that is surrendered to do HIS will and not OUR will.

This very day you will have a chance to obey or rebel against God. In reality, during the course of any given day, there are many opportunities that we consciously choose to obey or rebel against God but I want to focus on the very next decision that you have to make after reading these words.


The life of King Saul is a very sad commentary of someone who God anointed in a great way and chose to rebel against God. King Saul lived with the same free will that God gives to all of us. He had to make choices each day to obey or rebel against God. Sadly, there are ALWAYS consequences for our rebellion. These consequences come in many forms but there is always a price to pay when we choose not to obey God.

Likewise, blessings will always follow our obedience to God. The greatest blessing of all is that peace that passes all human understanding we receive when we are living our lives the way God has asked us to. When we are living for Him, making choices that honor God, there is a peace and joy that you could never put a price on.

I love you and care about you so much. Today’s Devotional is a special warning for you to be aware of the choices that you will make today. You will have many opportunities today to choose to obey God or rebel against God. I will be praying that you will make the choice to obey God. To set aside your will and your desires, for His will and His desires.

Jesus promised His followers a life of abundance. That abundance comes from living a life pleasing and acceptable to God. God loves us so very much. Like any parent, He only wants the best for us. When He asks us to obey Him, it is not for HIS good but for OUR good.

In the Old Testament, many of God’s children were quick to offer up sacrifices to Him, yet their hearts were far away from Him. They honored Him with their lips but God saw their hearts. We obey God out of our love for Him. All of our good works, our good deeds have little meaning to God if our hearts are not right. When we have surrendered our lives to Him it is our DESIRE to love Him, and we show Him that love through our obedience. We can tell our mother or father how much we love them but we SHOW that love through our obedience. God is the same way. We can sing praises to Him, do great works in His name, but it is our obedience that shows God how deep our love for Him really is.

As you go through the rest of this day, remember these words, TO OBEY IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE. You will be making a choice very shortly in which you can obey God, or rebel against Him. Show God how much you love Him today, and OBEY.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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God Gave Us Free Will to Accept Him or Reject Him

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(John 3:16; Matthew 7:13, 14; John 14:6)

God gave us each the free will to accept Him or reject Him. That is a choice EACH PERSON must make in this life. I have been most saddened by those who profess to be Christians who have bought into the “lie of satan” that ALL people of ANY faith will get to Heaven. They argue the Christian faith is exclusive. First, the ROAD TO HEAVEN THROUGH CHRIST is not a man-made idea, but came from God Himself. It is 100% INCLUSIVE since the Bible says “whosoever believes.” THAT MEANS IT IS OPEN TO ANYONE WHO CHOOSES TO PUT THEIR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST.

This is by far the most important issue that I will EVER deal with, since it is about the eternal souls of people. Please, take time to read this and pass it on to everyone that you know. Even if they reject this TRUTH, they can never claim they were not told!

Faith in Jesus Christ is the ONLY road to Heaven. For a time, a byproduct of the horrible events of September 11, 2001 was a more unified country. People like never before came together in unified manner, ignoring the racial, ethnic, economic barriers that normally divided us. It was good to see our nation stand together as one. Jesus even said, a house divided cannot stand. But I do want to share something that I have seen over the past years that has disturbed me, and I want to deal with it today.

While I believe in my heart that we as Christians should love and care for those of other faiths, while we should be kind to them, we must NEVER compromise the Christian faith just to be politically correct. The fact is, God’s plan clearly says that there is only ONE road to salvation, there is only ONE road to Heaven, and that is through faith in His Son Jesus Christ. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO ETERNITY WITH GOD.

One of the byproducts of all of the inter-faith prayer and memorial services the past couple of years has been an appearance that anyone who “has faith,” who is “spiritual” will be in Heaven. MY FRIEND, THAT IS NOT TRUE!. God’s Word clearly tells us that those who reject Christ as their personal savior in this life will be eternally separated from God their Creator.

That means those who have CHOSEN to follow the teaching of Islam, of Judaism, or Buddha, or anything other then the inspired, inerrant Word of God will be eternally separated from God when this life is over. As wonderful as other religions may be, they are just that, religions. Christianity is much more than a religion, it is a relationship. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

Many can’t quite grasp how a loving God, a God of grace and mercy, would let “good people” die and be eternally separated from Him. It is because of sin. You see my friend, sin is something we are all born with. It has been part of the human condition since man sinned in the Garden of Eden. There is only one answer to sin, and that is the answer God put forth. He sent His only Son Jesus, to this earth to die for the sins of all men. It was God’s plan that Jesus, who was born of a virgin, thus without sin, who lived a sinless life, would die on Calvary’s cross and pay with his blood for the sin’s of all mankind.

THAT my friend, is why it is ONLY our faith in Jesus Christ that can wipe away our sins. It is ONLY faith in Christ that can allow sinful man to have his sins wiped clean so that upon death, he can spend eternity with a holy God. Those who never accept Christ, who reject Him, die in their sin and thus are not able to be reconciled back to God their Creator. This was God’s plan that He gave us because He loved us so much.

There is a unity however that we as Christians should be embracing and working towards. That is unity within the body of Christ. A prayer our Lord prayed just hours before going to the cross is still yet unanswered. In John 17:21, Christ prayed for the body of Christ to be one. One of the goals of my ministry when I started over 11 years ago, was to do what I could to bring unity to the body of Christ.

In some of my post graduate theological studies, I did extensive research on over 150 mainline Christian denominations and what they believed, and what separated them. The fact is, they all hold the basic tenets of the Christian faith. It was usually on a wide array of theological issues that made no difference to the main body of our faith that there is disagreement and division.

I had the wonderful joy the first 3 years of my ministry to preach in over 500 churches of most every denomination and ethnic make-up. The fact is, the common bond amongst every church was people who were hurting, going through the trials and pains of life, and looking to God for help and answers.

Now more than ever, this is a time for Christian churches to come together as one. Never forget, it is NOT your church that saves you, but a personal relationship with Christ. So whether you are Baptist, Catholic, United Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Assembly of God, Independent, or whatever denomination your church belongs to, the most important thing is not your church home, but your relationship with Christ.

I love you and care about you so much. Please don’t misunderstand me. I have many dear friends who are Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and many other faiths. I care about them very much. I pray for them daily to allow God to open heir hearts to the truth of His Word. These are good people. They do many good works here on earth. But the Bible tells us in Ephesians 2:8,9 that it is NOT of works that we are saved, but through faith in Christ. Period. I have agreed over the years to appear in several inter-faith events. However, I used my time to not only pray for the concerns being addressed, but share how God so loved this world, that He gave his only Son, that whosoever believed in Him would not perish, but have everlasting life.

We must NEVER compromise the truth of God’s Word just to make people feel better. Actually, it is better to offend someone than fail to share with them the keys to eternal life. The Bible says that the Gospel is offensive to those who don’t believe. Our job is not to make people feel good, but to share with them the truth of His Word. What they choose to do with that information is between them and God. We have done what God expects us to do.

I pray today for those people of other faiths, that they will open their hearts to God’s love, and come to know His Son by faith. I pray for Christians, both here in this country and worldwide. I pray that we will not only be bold in sharing our faith with those of other faiths, but that we will become one, just like Christ prayed in the Garden over 2000 years ago. Now more than ever, the body of Christ needs to stand together, in unity. No longer identified by the local church we attend, but by the faith in Christ we share. A faith that is the only hope for this world. A faith that is the only hope for each person. A faith that is the only road to everlasting life with God our Creator!

If you have never asked Jesus into your life, or do not have the assurance that if you died today you would be with God for eternity, click this link , pray for God to open your heart, than read the words. They are words of everlasting life. I am praying for you!


In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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Being Single is Okay

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(Romans 12:12; Luke 21:19)

I realize that many of my Devotionals deal with husbands and wives, and parents and children. I also, realize that many of you are not married at the present time. In our society, you are almost looked down on if you are not married or involved in a relationship with someone. Many people feel like something is wrong with them if they are single. BEING SINGLE IS OKAY!!!

Let me say that again. BEING SINGLE IS OKAY!!! Whether you are single because of a divorce, your spouse has died, or you have never married, IT IS OKAY. The point I want to share with you today is to be patient. I can assure you, 99% of the relationship problems I deal with each and every day can be traced back to people who were impatient. Good people who jumped into relationships outside of God’s timing and ended up paying a big price. I realize that loneliness will cause you to make poor decisions, but you have got to understand the consequences of those decisions.

The number one problem in relationships is that there is no spiritual base. While money, communication, and other issues are the most popular reasons for problems, I assure you the lack of a spiritual base in the relationship is the reason these other problems exist. Not having a secure spiritual base is why God said to not be unequally yoked. He knew that without that base, the relationship could never survive. The base starts with the personal walk each person has with the Lord. It is solidified by both people bringing their faith together as one.

The Bible talks of the man being the spiritual head of his home. It is important for a man to take this job seriously, and be the priest in his home. It is his responsibility to help merge his faith and that of his potential wife. Praying together. Reading the Word together. Serving the Lord together. These are all ways for two people to lay a solid and secure spiritual base. Let me tell you this. WITHOUT A SPIRITUAL BASE, NO RELATIONSHIP WILL LAST OR HAVE ANY LONG-TERM SIGNIFICANCE.

While I realize finding someone physically attractive, someone with a nice personality, someone with a good job may all be criteria in finding a mate, if you do not focus first on the spiritual side of the relationship, it is doomed. I want to tell you now, without hesitation, that the reason for the high divorce rate amongst the people of God is because there was NO spiritual foundation in the relationship. That is why patience is critical.

While the downside to being single is loneliness, the upside is it allows you to grow and develop a real walk with Christ. It also gives you the power over what relationships you will enter into. There is a power in the fact you have choices you can make. Be picky. Be patient. Don’t compromise who you will go out with. You do not have to find someone today. This is where your faith and trust in God becomes important as well. He knows your needs and desires. Trust Him. Have faith in Him that He is going to bring the right person into your life.

I love you and care about you. It pains me to know many of you are hurting from the loneliness of being single. I pray that today you will refocus on your walk with the Lord. I pray you will realize there is nothing wrong with being single. I pray you will know that God understands your needs and desires, and He will bring the right person into your life.

I will add, that like everything, it is a combination of God’s sovereign will, and our responsibility. You cannot expect to sit in the house, and wait for the Lord to send the right person knocking at your door. Like all battles, you need a game plan, and you need to be faithfully executing the plan each day to see victory.

My emphasis today though is that as you are out looking for a mate, remember that unless your relationship has a spiritual base to it, it will not last. Use the time to solidify your walk with Christ. Be patient. Never forget that the Lord loves you, and will bring the right person into your life. Trust Him and wait on His perfect timing.


In His love and service

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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