Go Out into All the World and Let Your Light Shine Before Men

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(Matthew 5:16)

One of the commands that Jesus has given His children is to go out into this world that we live in and “let our light shine before men.” This was NOT a suggestion of something we can do on a Saturday afternoon when we are bored. This was a direct command to LET OUR LIGHT SHINE in this dark, lost, and sin-filled world that we live in. Today, I simply want to reiterate that order Jesus gave to His children 2000 years ago. To fulfill our God-given purpose in this life, we have to serve and glorify HIM with our lives. Ultimately, that is what the life of EVERY believer is all about.

I will never forget back January 1996 when the National Religious Broadcasters held their annual convention at the huge downtown convention center in Indianapolis. One evening at about 5:30 p.m., I left the convention center by a side door. As those who live in the Midwest know, 5:30 the afternoon in January, it is getting dark, it is cold, and it is very dreary. The moment the door to the convention center closed behind me, there was a moment frozen in time when everything stopped.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me as plain as I am speaking to you now. He told me that behind that door, inside the convention center, was a collection of some of the most gifted men and women on the face of the earth. There were hundreds of millions of commerce involved in the Christian broadcast world. Yet, with all of those incredibly gifted people of God, with all of those vast resources, outside that convention center was a dark, dreary world that for the most part, DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THEY EXISTED!!!

For the most part, all they were doing was trading dollars with each other, enjoying the fellowship Christians enjoy together, and simply self perpetuating the Christian broadcast world to survive one more year! Rather than letting their light shine before ALL men, they were content with keeping their light in the safety of the world that they had established. And as guilty as the Christian broadcast world is of this, the church is just as bad; stay within the safety of the four walls and keep the doors locked!!!

Now, you know a little about where my passion comes from for the work that is being done every day through Liveprayer. I loved my time of preaching in churches all over the country, but knew deep inside this was not where God wanted me long term. I loved my time in the Christian t.v. world, but knew that this wasn’t really where God wanted me long term. Why? Because in both cases I knew that the light of Christ in me was not being seen by the majority of those who needed it the most. Those in the world who were lost, looking for answers, trying to find just a tiny piece of hope to hold on to. I HAD THE ANSWER THEY WERE LOOKING FOR!!!

That is why I am more committed then ever to make Liveprayer VISIBLE in a world where the majority of God’s work is INVISIBLE!!! One of the things that has frustrated me for so long is how bold satan is in getting out his message that leads to the death and destruction of so many every day. Yet the people of God, who have the only REAL answer to life, are so afraid to be just as bold. Well, I am not afraid, and I have no idea how much work God has left for me to do, so I am going out each day and giving 100% of all that I have to let the beacon of light that is Liveprayer shine bright enough for the entire world to see!

The enemy has boldly used the Internet to do his work, well, we are using it in just as boldly to proclaim the hope and love of Jesus Christ, and will continue to increase the amount of people that we can reach each day. The enemy boldly uses television for his purposes. The Liveprayer television program has been a vehicle for nearly 7 yrs that is JUST as bold as anything satan does! This is EXACTLY what we need to do. Find ways of packaging the Gospel and get it to the mainstream public!!!

You see my friend, the strategy of most Christian organizations has always been to operate within the confines of the walls of the Christian world. It is safe there, they don’t have to deal with the endless attacks the lost world will bring on them, AND it is very expensive to try and compete in the secular world. BUT IT IS OUT IN THE LOST WORLD WHERE OUR LIGHTS WILL OUR NEEDED THE MOST! We have created a synergy between the Internet and secular TV to BOLDLY proclaim that there is hope, that there are answers, in the name of Jesus!

To me, THAT is what Jesus meant when He told us let our light shine before men. That is what He has called YOU to do, and that is what He has called ME to do. Now, more then ever this world needs the hope that we have and know in Jesus. It is time to let our lights SHINE AS BRIGHT AS WE CAN UNTIL THIS ENTIRE DARK WORLD IS LIT UP LIKE IT IS HIGH NOON ON A SUNNY DAY IN FLORIDA!!!

I love you and care about you so much. I pray today that you not only take this message to heart for your own life, but that pray for me as God brings together all of those people and resources necessary to let Liveprayer be a powerful beacon of light in this world. The Bible says that people perish for lack of vision. Well, people in the world we live in are perishing every moment, being lost for eternity. One major contributing factor is the lack of vision among God’s people. For reasons only God knows, He has given me the vision of how to play a small part in taking His message of hope to the masses.


In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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A Chilling Reminder to Parents of Your Most Important Job

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(Proverbs 22:6; Psalms 127:3; Joshua 8:35)

“A still-grieving John Travolta wants to quit Scientology over his son Jett’s death because he’s angry the church didn’t do more to help his reportedly autistic son. But the church won’t let him go that easily, and it keeps files of embarrassing personal details of its more famous members as insurance against just this sort of thing.”

A chilling reminder to parents of your most important job. News came last January that the 16-year-old son of actors John Travolta and Kelly Preston died at the family’s vacation home in the Bahamas. This Devotional today is a sobering reminder of how brief life is and the FACT that when it is over, each person will stand before God and their eternal soul either welcomed into the glory of Heaven for all eternity, or cast into the eternal flames of hell.

This is a wake up call for all parents. There is NOTHING you will ever do for the Lord more important than being mom or dad to your children and raising them in the admonition of the Lord. NOTHING! I don’t care if you pastor a church of 10,000, if millions worldwide come to hear you speak about the Lord, if you write best-selling books about the Christian faith, there is absolutely no ministry that you will ever have in this life more important than being mom or dad to your children. Your children are a blessing from God, and He has entrusted those children into your care. You are to protect them, provide for them, love them, nurture them, and raise them in the Christian faith.

The better percentage of two full generations don’t go to church and are not Christians, meaning most children are growing up today in homes void of God. Sadly, many children and young adults like Jett are growing up in homes where their parents have embraced the perverted teachings of some cult or false religion. Well over 50% of the children grow up today in broken or blended homes and are influenced by a whole host of people, other than by a mother and father who are married and providing the stable, loving, nurturing, environment a child needs.

Each person who ends up influencing a child, influences them based on their beliefs whatever they may be. That is why God’s plan calls for children to be raised by a mother and father so that they, and they alone, are the primary people to shape the thoughts and beliefs of their child, not some other family member or outsider!

Listen parents, you can’t force your children to accept the Truth of the Bible and faith in Christ. That is a place they must come to on their own, just like each person must. However, you have the responsibility of shaping the thoughts and beliefs of your children by raising them in the Word and to love Jesus. That IS something you can control and God will hold you accountable for.

Never forget the wonderful promise of Proverbs 22:6, “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” You can’t force your child to embrace faith in Jesus Christ, but you are responsible for laying that foundation of faith in their life.

I love you and care about you so much. Pray for John Travolta, his wife, and their family as they still grieve over the loss of their son. I pray that this horrible tragedy will open their hearts to turn from the lies of Scientology and to seek out the hope there is in Jesus Christ. He is our only true hope in this life and for all eternity.

This is a wake-up call to you moms and dads today that you better take the responsibility God gave you seriously in the raising of your children and the nurturing of their minds. At some point, your children will be old enough to decide for themselves what they believe. However, God has given you the job of raising your children in the Christian faith, teaching them the Scriptures, and laying a foundation of Truth from God’s Word in their life. I will be praying for you today as you take this great responsibility seriously. God has blessed you with your children and raising them in the admonition of the Lord is your job as a mother or father.

You should pray for that child in the womb, dedicate your baby to the Lord, pray over your baby every day, teach that child the name of JESUS as soon as he/she can speak, read the Bible to your child every day, teach your child how to pray, have your child in church, create a loving and nurturing home environment where your child can grow up knowing that he/she is loved and cared for, have your home a place where the name of Jesus and the Truth of God’s word is honored, teach your child the Scriptures as soon as he/she can start to read, encourage your child to seek out a real relationship with Christ for themselves, challenge your child to grow in their faith through activities at church and in serving the Lord, and make praying with your child a part of EVERY day.

All of these are things you can do as a mother or father to lay that foundation of faith in your child’s life. Never forget, as they get older they will start making their own choices, choices you are not responsible for. Even if at some point they choose to turn from the faith, know that the foundation is there and in their darkest hour it will sustain them. I will be praying as you open your heart to the Lord today and accept this incredible job He has given you to not just be mom or dad to your child, but to be their spiritual guide as you help raise them in the Christian faith. It is the greatest ministry you will ever have. The eternal soul of your child is at stake!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Praise Reports

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(Psalms 91:15; Psalms 89:1)

One of the joys in my life is to look over some of the thousands of incredible praise reports we receive every day here at Liveprayer. Real people that had emailed us to pray about real issues in their life. It is a tremendous honor and privilege to be able to stand in agreement with people for the needs they face during the course of their journey through life. I am always moved to see God’s grace and mercy at work in the lives of people as He answers their prayers.

Several times each year, I like to share a sampling of those praise reports with you. I do this because so many of you are facing great obstacles in your life today, and need to know God is there. The Bible proclaims that God is no respecter of persons. That simply means what God has done for someone else, He will do for you. So I want you to know today that no matter what your need is, what your problem is, what the battle you are fighting may be, God not only hears your prayers, BUT HE ANSWERS YOUR PRAYERS!

Also, so many of you pray and sacrificially give to the work God is doing here at Liveprayer. I want to encourage you today as well, that your prayers, and your gifts to this work are not in vain. What we do each and every day for over 2.4 million people all over the world is only possible because you care, you pray, and you give. Let these praise reports be an encouragement to you that God is using you to make a difference in the lives of people. God is using your obedience, your faithfulness to reach those who are lost and hurting with His love and hope. May God use these praise reports today to be a blessing to you!

“I asked Brother Bill to please pray for my business. I had a lot of excellent blessings happen since then. The power of prayer is so amazing. I encourage all to pray. As it says in James, the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

“Brother Bill, Thanks for all your prayers. Things are looking up for me with my business. I found a new location with more foot traffic, and seems like a better place for me. I was struggling with not giving into worldly things, but I noticed since I’ve been taking heed to your devotionals and I’ve been aware of trying to be a better Christian, and spending more time in Prayer, my life has been more blessed and I’ve even been happier. Thank you for all you do, I don’t know if you hear that enough, but your ministry has changed my life as I’m sure it has for countless others.”

“Dear Bill Keller, I have just accepted the alter call to be born again.”


“I just wanted to let everyone know that giving to the lords work really pays off. I have been giving to this ministry what little I can and every time I give the lord blesses me back ten fold.”

“I just said the sinners prayer and would like the info you talked about.”

“I got my miracle. Kodi’s brain tumour has completely gone as per a scan this afternoon. I cannot thank you enough for your prayers and healing. God bless you. One happy grandma.”

“A few weeks ago I asked for your help in prayer concerning a pension plan that I administer that was being audited by the IRS. On Friday, I spoke with the agent who told me that he had found no fault with what we had done, even though we had made some errors, and that I should expect to receive a letter saying that in a month of so. Praise God, in the name of Jesus, for protecting me and this pension plan!”

“Just wanted to let you know that God has ANSWERED our prayers and sent my husband back to me yesterday. I rejoice in this decision and praise God!! Thank You God, our most AWESOME, Heavenly Father for taking the devil’s hold off our marriage and my husband!!”

“Thank you Bill, Your mails really lifted me up when I was at a very dark place in my life some time ago!”

“Hello Sir. I like to thank you for all your prays over the past 3years and also when I was in Iraq 07-08, but now I’m heading back to Iraq in August so can you continued praying for me? Thanks Sir. Infantrymen 1st Infantry division 1-28IN Battalion(BlackLions),(Aco) Attack Company,(WarLions)2nd Platoon,3rd squad,Riflemen.”

“Thanks again for your prayers. I got the results from my surgery and they said the polyps were benign and my kidney’s looked fine. Praise God!”

“Hello my name is Justin, and I just prayed that prayer. Your video asked me to send you an e-mail telling you so, and now I have. Thank you!”

I love you and care about you so much. May these praise reports encourage you today that no matter what your problem may be, God is there for you. Also, thanks to all of my dear friends that so faithfully pray for this ministry each day and sacrificially give to keep us here. GOD IS GREATLY USING YOUR LIFE TO BRING HIS HOPE AND LOVE TO LOST AND HURTING PEOPLE WORLDWIDE EVERY DAY BECAUSE OF YOUR FAITHFULNESS AND OBEDIENCE!!!

All praise goes to our great God for His unconditional love for us and his endless grace and mercy. He is worthy to be praised!!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Just Do It

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(Mark 9:23; Psalms 37:4)

The Nike sporting goods company used a very simple but powerful phrase in one of their recent ad campaigns, “Just do it.” This is going to be a little different Devotional today. I want to take a moment right now before you do anything else and simply ask the Lord to open your heart to hear this message today since it has to do with faith. Now, let me ask you a question. What is something that you have always dreamed of but have never done? Maybe it is to see a certain place or do a certain thing. What is something that you have always dreamed of but have never done?

The writer of Hebrews defines faith in Hebrews 11:1 as, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Note the key words in this definition are SURE and CERTAIN. True Biblical faith is not something we simply hope for, but we are SURE of what we hope for. True Biblical faith is not just a blind leap into the dark, we are CERTAIN of what we do not see. That is why Jesus told us that, “EVERYTHING is possible for him who believes.” Not a few things, not certain things, not most things . . . EVERYTHING!

Today, I want to challenge your faith and encourage you to fulfill your dreams. As I share with you often, this journey through life is very short. It is over before we even know it. We know the Bible teaches us that tomorrow is promised to none of us, that each day is literally a gift from God. We must treat each day as the precious gift it is and make the most of it. Too many people live their lives in those “ruts.” You get comfortable in making life work for you on a daily basis and get locked into a routine that you rarely if ever deviate from. You complain how boring life is, how unexciting life is, when the problem is not life but the way you choose to live it each day!

Over these past 20 years, I have ministered to and walked with hundreds of people from 10 to 97 in the final days of their life. In almost every case the person shared with me their regrets about things they had always wanted to do but didn’t, places they had always wanted to see but never went. Now, in their final hours of this life they felt bad for not having taken the time or made the effort to see and do all of the things they had wanted to do.

Let me ask you again, what is something that you have always dreamed of but have never done?

Here is my word for you today, my challenge. Sit down with a paper and pen and answer the above question on the paper. Write down what it is you have dreamed of but never done. Maybe you always wanted to see the Great Wall of China. Write it down. Maybe you have always wanted to learn how to ride a horse. Write it down. There is not one person reading these words today that doesn’t have something you have always wanted to do or some place you have always wanted to visit. Everyone has a dream they have not seen fulfilled.

After you have written down what it is you have always dreamed of, take that paper and pray over it. Pray in faith that God is going to let you see your dream come true. God is not some magic genie in a lamp that we rub and make wishes to. However, God is the One who promised that, “Everything is possible for him who believes.” God is the One who promised to, “Give you the desires of your heart.” As a follower of Jesus Christ you have very right to hold God to His promises. There is no dream that is too big for God!!!

This journey through life is exciting, exhilarating, and can be a wonderful experience. What I find in so many lives I deal with each day is that they have allowed the trials and tribulations of this life to overwhelm them to the point they have stopped dreaming. They are simply content with not living in turmoil and have forgot how to dream, let alone believe their dreams can come true.

Your life, just like your relationship with the Lord will be exactly what you choose it to be. We ALL have to face the problems that life throws our way. That is simply part of living in this sin-filled and fallen world. There are always problems, things that don’t go the way we expect or like. The key is do you allow the problems of life to choke off your joy? Do you allow the trials you face to steal your peace. Do you allow the challenges of life to rob you of the abundance Christ promised you?

I love you and care about you so much. I want to encourage you to start living each day in faith, the faith that “everything is possible for him who believes.” That doesn’t just mean being victorious over the day-to-day trials of this life, but seeing your dreams fulfilled as well. I want to encourage you today to take the piece of paper you have written down whatever you have always dreamed about and work to make your dream a reality! God will help you.

Don’t listen to the liar satan tell you don’t have the money, you don’t have the time, it can’t be done, or any other lie he will tell you to discourage you. Who are you going to believe, the liar who says your dream won’t come true or God who promised you that “everything is possible?”

This message today is MUCH deeper than just challenging you to make your dream come true. Once you do whatever it is you have dreamed about, once you make that dream a reality, you are going to want to make your next dream come true. After you see that dream become a reality, you will want to make the next dream come true. Over time, you are not just living life, you are making the most of each day and instead of simply dreaming, YOU ARE LIVING YOUR DREAMS EACH DAY!

Jesus promised us, “Everything is possible for him who believes.” Don’t dream it, DO IT!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Two of the Biggest Names in Porn want a $5 Billion Bailout from the Government

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(Matthew 5:28; Colossians 3:5; 1 John 2:16)

Two of the biggest names in the porn business want a $5 billion bailout from the government. That is right, now the porn industry is claiming that due to the economic crisis their sales are down and they want a bailout from the government. While there is little chance this will happen, it just goes to show you the audacity of these sleaze merchants who are destroying lives with their filth and garbage, and the depth of the spiritual decay in this nation when people who should be in prison parade around like legitimate businessmen, even to the extent they are asking the US Govt for help. The fact is, the government already gives $300 million tax dollars a year to support a private company that kills babies (Planned Parenthood), so why not give the pornographers a few billion?

If there was ever a guy who belongs in jail, it is Joe Francis, the infamous founder of the Girls Gone Wild pornographic videos. Sadly, in this nation they don’t put people in prison for poisoning minds and hearts, but a few years ago Francis was in jail on contempt of court charges stemming from a civil lawsuit for using under age girls in his videos, and was subsequently indicted for failure to pay over $20 million in taxes. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

The Girls Gone Wild video series grosses $40 million a year in sales. FORTY MILLION! There is virtually no production costs since these videos are nothing more than a single video camera filming young girls on Spring Break, in nightclubs, at places like Mardis Gras, exposing their breasts and bodies for the camera. They pay the girls nothing so the only real costs involved are tied up in the marketing of these videos to consumers. The ironic thing is the target audience for this garbage are middle age men, many who have daughters the age of the girls in the videos.

I’ll never forget 4 years ago I received an email from a man who was struggling with an addiction to porn. He emailed me that the last straw for him was sitting down one night to watch a Girls Gone Wild video, when all of a sudden on the screen…was his daughter! He told me that as he sat there frozen, seeing his daughter expose her body for the camera, all he could think about were the tens of thousands of men who would watch that video, looking at his little girl as nothing more than a sex object. It took that experience for this man to come under the conviction he needed to take a stand and fight his addiction to pornography.

Question. Have you looked at pornography in the past 24 hours? How about in the past 24 minutes? It is NO ACCIDENT you are reading this message today! God is speaking to you!

Pornography is a problem many men, AND women have battled for a long time. With the advent of the Internet, it has made accessibility to pornography incredibly easy, and has now become a very real societal problem. As with all problems in society, many Christians also end up caught in the traps the enemy has laid to destroy people’s lives. Let me say up front, DO NOT underestimate the destructive power of pornography.

Like all sin, it starts almost innocently, but always escalates. One day you are browsing through X-rated pictures, and the next you are actually involved in a real physical relationship. One day you are chatting with someone, the next your chat becomes more graphic, and then you are actually sitting next to them. Like all sin, there is a seductiveness that eases you into it, and one day you wake up and you are in total bondage to that sin.

The reason pornography is a sin is because God’s plan for sex is ONLY for marriage, and with your spouse. Our sexual thoughts are to be only about that person God gives us to share our life with. ALL other thoughts are impure. Fantasies take our mind to places they shouldn’t be going. Even if we never act on them. Jesus said, “If you lust in your heart, you have already committed the sin.” Is that a high standard? Yes! But God has called us to live at a high level in our life. We are to live above the low standards of this world.

We are to find our sexual satisfaction in the mate God gives us to share our life with. That means very simply this. First of all, if you are NOT married, you need to keep your thoughts pure and save not only your body, but your MIND for the one God has for your life. If you are married, your sexual thoughts and activities are to be ONLY with your husband or wife. Anything else is not God’s plan and is sin.

Now that we know what God expects, let’s talk about real life. There is to be NO compromise. This is what God expects from us. Now, how do we get to that point. The best case is you are still young, have not been exposed to pornography, you have the warning of this message to guard yourself against it. For those who have been exposed in the past to pornography, the key is to “renew your mind” and flush it out. We do that each day using the spiritual detergent of God’s Word. Stay away from porn and guard your thought life.

Of course, there are those who are currently involved in pornography at some level. It is bondage. Before you can get victory over it, you have to want to quit. Once you get to that point, you must realize it is a battle. Like any battle, to see victory you need a battle plan. You need one or several people in your life to be accountable to. You need the strength each day only the Lord can give you. There is victory over pornography just like any other sin if you really WANT victory.


I love you and care about you so much. I will be praying for you. I realize this is hitting home with many of you. Let it be a special tap on the shoulder from God that NOW is the time to deal with this issue in your life. It isn’t going to change until you decide to change. As you know, any time we pervert the original plan of God, things never really work. We always get cheated out of the best God has for us when we settle for what the world offers. You can only know the true blessings of God, the fullness of what life can give, when we are in His will, living life His way.

Please take a moment and pray for Joe Francis, Larry Flynt, and all those who are connected in any way with the pornography business. Pray that they will open their hearts to Christ’s love. There have been several high profile people from the porn world come to know Christ and many ministries that now target that world. Pray that God will bless their efforts to lead people lost in that darkness to the light of Christ and His love for them.

Since this is such an incredible problem so many face, this Friday, I will be spending several hours praying for those in this bondage to pornography. God is in the deliverance business, and I know that He can deliver you from the bondage of pornography. I will be praying for those people fighting this sin in their life and believing God to touch their heart, bring them under conviction, and help them to have the courage to take the steps necessary to walk away from this sin and live a victorious life. He is able, and can set you free. God is STILL in the deliverance business!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Many of You Today are Burdened by the Cares of this World

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(2 Corinthians 1:3-7)

Many of you today are burdened by the cares of this world. You have mountains in your life that are so large, you know it is only a matter of time before they crush you. You woke up this morning with a glimmer of hope, clinging to that last ounce of faith that today, maybe today, you might get that breakthrough you are looking for. You are tired, weary, and without enough energy to go on much longer. At this moment, as much as anything, you are hoping and praying for a bit of comfort in the midst of the trials and a little rest from carrying the burdens that are weighing you down.

My friend, put your burdens down, quit thinking about the circumstances you are facing for a few minutes and let God, the One who loves you, give you His peace and comfort today!

As you know, nobody can think clearly or make wise decisions when they are weary. Many times, we compound the problems in our life by making hasty, non-prayerful decisions in the heat of the moment without thinking. Today, go to God, ask Him to comfort you, give you His peace, and His rest. Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” I sense in my spirit today that many of you simply need to go to the Lord today and find that rest He has promised to you.

Listen my friend, the problems you have didn’t happen overnight, and unless God decides to work a miracle, they won’t go away overnight. But know that God will help you to get victory over your problems in His perfect timing.

This is hard for me to write because I am a very motivated, action-oriented person who likes to work until the problems are solved and then rest. But that isn’t always practical. Many times God tests us through different problems and He rarely works things out on our time schedule. One of the hardest lessons for me to learn was that there are days and times when I just need to stop, relax, and let God comfort me for a while and carry my burdens.

What this really boils down to, my friend, is an issue of faith. We are so worried and work so hard in our own strength that we drive ourselves crazy due to a lack of faith. Faith is simply believing God can and will do exactly what He says in His Word. The reason it is hard for me to take that time of rest and enjoy the Lord’s comfort is because of a lack of faith. I just don’t t rust God enough to work things out so I stay busy trying to do it myself. I am not saying we shouldn’t work hard, be concerned about the issues in our life, or try to work things out, but at some point we have to take a stand of faith and trust God.

I love you and am praying for you. Never lose sight that no matter what, God is still on the throne and still in control. One of the interesting parts of the scripture reference I gave you today is that God comforts you so that you, in turn, can comfort others. Never forget that as you are about His business, God will be about your business. Often, we find that our needs have been met while we are busy caring for the needs of others. It is a powerful spiritual truth to never forget.

My prayer for you today is to take time to find God’s peace and comfort despite the problems you are facing. Go to school or work and do the things you do in a normal day but rest from the worry and concerns of your problems and circumstances. Let God give you rest today from your burdens. Let Him comfort you in the midst of your trials. Let Him simply love you today. In addition, exercise that measure of faith He has given each one of us and start to trust Him more. Tomorrow, you will wake up fresh, rested, and with a renewed confidence in God. He promised to never leave you nor forsake you. You need to take Him at His word!.

May you find Christ’s peace, Christ’s rest, and Christ’s comfort today even in the midst of the problems and challenges that you are facing.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Fasting Has Been One of the Most Misused Practices in the Bible

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(Matthew 17:20-21)

Fasting has been one of the most misunderstood and misused practices in the Bible. The basic premise of fasting is giving up a normal daily activity, as a sacrifice, to spend that time in prayer and seeking the Lord. It is NOT supposed to be a physical endurance contest to see how long you can go without eating. It is an act of sacrifice.

It can be as little as skipping one meal, or not eating for 24 hours, or even three days. Fasting does not always have to be food. You can “fast” by not watching television for a period of time, or giving up any number of other things that you may do during the day. There is no magic formula.

Let me warn you that fasting can be very dangerous to your health! Anytime you fast over 24 hours, you need to be very careful. I would strongly suggest that you contact your doctor to make sure you do it correctly.

The reason you fast is to sacrifice the nourishment to your body, and spend that time nourishing your soul. It is a way to focus solely on the Lord and to seek Him. Often fasting is done at times when there are major needs and you need to really zero in spiritually on the Lord, seeking Him for answers.

I routinely fast one day a month, but during major events or times of great need, I will fast for 72 hours and try to spend much of that time just in prayer. I keep living my normal life, but use the time I would normally be eating to spend time with God.

Fasting does not make you more spiritual than someone who does not fast. It is not a way to prove how spiritual you are. Again, it is a simple act of sacrifice to spend that time in prayer with the Lord. It allows you to hear God more clearly. It is a time to really get serious about praying over a certain situation or circumstance. It is a sacrifice on your part to get closer to God.

I would suggest that if you never fasted before, start with one meal. Use the 20-40 minutes that you would normally be eating, go to a quiet place and just pray. Talk to God about those things in your life He needs to clean up. Talk to God about problems that only He can fix. One powerful way to use fasting is to fast and spend that time in prayer for someone else. Sacrifice that meal and spend the time praying for the needs of someone else. That is powerful!

I love you, care about you, and will always be here for you in your time of need. Fasting is a great way to make a minor sacrifice in our daily life to get closer to the Lord. One day, all of those who have accepted Jesus will spend eternity with Him. Fasting is a small way that we can take a few moments during this life to enjoy that special intimate closeness with our Lord.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,.
Bill Keller

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