I Love God’s Promise that Tells Us God will Allow Our Enemies to be Defeated

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(Deuteronomy 28:7)

I love the great promise in God’s Word in Deuteronomy 28:7 that tells us God will allow our enemies to be defeated, and how they will come at us from one direction, but flee in seven! Do you need to hear that promise today? Do you need the assurance that your enemies will be defeated and flee from you? My friend, we ALL need that promise today since every person reading this Devotional is fighting some kind of enemy in their life this very moment.

For some of you, your enemy may be finances, for others it may be a health issue. For some of you, the enemy you are fighting today may be some sort of addiction, for others it may be dealing with the loss of someone you loved. For some of you, your enemy may be a problem in your marriage or close relationship, for others it may be the need for a job. For some of you, your enemy may be people who are coming against you at home, at work, or at school, for others it may be a legal problem. THE FACT IS, everyone who is reading this is fighting SOME enemy in your life today.

It would have been easy today to deal with some of the larger issues facing us as a nation and those who know Christ as their Savior. The war in Iraq, the ever present political battles in Washington, the economy, and many other important issues. But my focus today is on YOU and the enemies you face in your life today. We all need to be aware of, and doing our part in the larger battles we fight together, but I know for many of you, the most important thing happening is NOT what is on the news, but the enemies you are dealing with in your life this very moment.

I want you to know that you are not fighting your enemies alone today. The Bible tells us, “The battle is the Lord’s!” WOW! Never forget for a moment that you have God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth fighting for YOU today! Also, I am here praying for you, believing God for victory over whatever enemies you are facing in your life. So my word for you today is to rise up, fight in the strength God will give you, and know that your enemies WILL BE DEFEATED AND FLEE FROM YOU, not in one direction but seven!!!

I love you and care about you so much. Jesus Christ died on a cross 2,000 years ago so that you could live TODAY in victory. That is why if you put your faith and trust in Jesus, you not only have the assurance of victory over death, but you have the assurance of victory over your enemies in this life as well! Jesus told His disciples that in this world they would have tribulation, but to be of good cheer because HE HAD OVERCOME THIS WORLD! What that means for you is that He has already defeated your enemies. No matter what the enemies in your life today may be, Christ has already assured you of victory!

I will be praying for you. The Holy Spirit told me today that so many of you simply needed a word of encouragement. You needed to be reminded that God has promised you victory. Instead of going through this day with your shoulders slumped, your head down, looking like someone that has lost, you need to stick your chest out, walk boldly and confidently forward, because you have already won the victory..YOUR ENEMIES HAVE ALREADY BEEN DEFEATED!!!!

The most important decision you will make in this life is not who you will marry, or where you will live, or what kind of job you will have. The most important decision you will make in this life is to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. If you have not done that yet, the Bible says that TODAY is the day of salvation. I would invite you to go to, http://www.liveprayer.com/plan.cfm . Pray to ask God to open your heart, read the words, pray the prayer, and accept today God’s gift to you this Easter season, the gift of everlasting life through His son Jesus.

I love you and care about you deeply. For those of you who already know Christ as your Savior, I would encourage you to forward this email to someone that you know who is lost and without hope this Easter. What better present to give someone than the opportunity to know Jesus as their Savior and God’s free gift of everlasting life. I pray that you will take time today to focus on the gift that God has given to us in His Son Jesus. He gave His very best gift to us, which is why I will continue to encourage you each day to give your very best to Him.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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You’re Just Trying to Make it Through Until the End of the Week

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(2 Corinthians 1:3-7)

Many of you today are just trying to make it through until the end of the week and it is only Tuesday! You are burdened by the cares of this world. You have mountains in your life that are so large, you know it is only a matter of time before they crush you. You woke up this morning with a glimmer of hope, clinging to that last ounce of faith that today, maybe today, you might get that breakthrough you are looking for. You are tired, weary, and without enough energy to go on much longer. At this moment, as much as anything, you are hoping and praying for a bit of comfort in the midst of the trials and a little rest from carrying the burdens that are weighing you down.

My friend, put your burdens down, quit thinking about the circumstances you are facing for a few minutes and let God, the One who loves you, give you His peace and comfort today!

As you know, nobody can think clearly or make wise decisions when they are weary. Many times, we compound the problems in our life by making hasty, non-prayerful decisions in the heat of the moment without thinking. Today, go to God, ask Him to comfort you, give you His peace, and His rest. Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” I sense in my spirit today that many of you simply need to go to the Lord today and find that rest He has promised to you.

Listen my friend, the problems you have didn’t happen overnight, and unless God decides to work a miracle, they won’t go away overnight. But know that God will help you to get victory over your problems in His perfect timing.

This is hard for me to write because I am a very motivated, action-oriented person who likes to work until the problems are solved and then rest. But that isn’t always practical. Many times God tests us through different problems and He rarely works things out on our time schedule. One of the hardest lessons for me to learn was that there are days and times when I just need to stop, relax, and let God comfort me for a while and carry my burdens.

What this really boils down to, my friend, is an issue of faith. We are so worried and work so hard in our own strength that we drive ourselves crazy due to a lack of faith. Faith is simply believing God can and will do exactly what He says in His Word. The reason it is hard for me to take that time of rest and enjoy the Lord’s comfort is because of a lack of faith. I just don’t t rust God enough to work things out so I stay busy trying to do it myself. I am not saying we shouldn’t work hard, be concerned about the issues in our life, or try to work things out, but at some point we have to take a stand of faith and trust God.

I love you and am praying for you. Never lose sight that no matter what, God is still on the throne and still in control. One of the interesting parts of the scripture reference I gave you today is that God comforts you so that you, in turn, can comfort others. Never forget that as you are about His business, God will be about your business. Often, we find that our needs have been met while we are busy caring for the needs of others. It is a powerful spiritual truth to never forget.

My prayer for you today is to take time to find God’s peace and comfort despite the problems you are facing. Go to school or work and do the things you do in a normal day but rest from the worry and concerns of your problems and circumstances. Let God give you rest today from your burdens. Let Him comfort you in the midst of your trials. Let Him simply love you today. In addition, exercise that measure of faith He has given each one of us and start to trust Him more. Tomorrow, you will wake up fresh, rested, and with a renewed confidence in God. He promised to never leave you nor forsake you. You need to take Him at His word!.

May you find Christ’s peace, Christ’s rest, and Christ’s comfort today even in the midst of the problems and challenges that you are facing.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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The Most Common Emails I Get from People Concerned Whether They are In the Will of God

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(Psalms 143:10; Matthew 12:50; Romans 12:1)

Without a doubt one of the most common emails I get each day are from people concerned whether they are “in the will of God” or not. They are concerned if they are where “they are supposed to be.” This should be a concern of every follower of Christ since it is our desire to serve and glorify the Lord with our lives, to please Him. Being in the will of God is important in being a loyal follower and servant of the Lord.

Before I could deal with this issue today, I had to lay the foundation yesterday in the Devotional on hearing the voice of God. Obviously, if we don’t know how to “hear God’s voice,” it makes following Him very difficult. We need to be able to hear God to insure we are in His will and where He wants us to be. Don’t forget that the 4 most common ways we hear God is through His Word, through our time in prayer, through others, and through our circumstances. God speaks to us in all these ways and is ALWAYS speaking to us. It is up to us to always be listening!

When it comes to being in the will of God, I find that most Believers ARE! They are right where God wants them to be for this season of their life. Most who are seriously trying to follow Christ are not living in wanton and purposeful rebellion to the Lord and are trying their best to honor Him with their lives each day. God knows your heart my friend. He knows your desire is to please Him. The message I want you to hear loud and clear today is to be at peace. Unless you are purposely living in rebellion to God, you are right where He wants you for today!!!

Who else but satan is planting those seeds of doubt in your mind? Remember my friend, satan is a LIAR! He wants you to believe that you are out of God’s will, that you aren’t where God really wants you and doing what God really wants you to be doing. Satan is so nasty that he will even lie to those serving the Lord that they are out of God’s will in their service! Please, don’t listen to the lies of satan and let him rob you of your peace and joy in serving Christ. God wants you to be free as you serve Him each day, not bound up in confusion over whether you are in the will of God or not.

Listen to me, here is the key. It all goes back to the same things it takes to be in tune to hear God’s voice as He speaks to you throughout each and every day, and that is your intimate, daily time with Him in the Word and in prayer. When God wants you to do something for Him, He will tell you. He tells you through passages of Scripture that you read. He tells you through that “still small voice” as you pray. It is God who gives you the inspiration to serve Him. Where do you think you get the passion for the things you care about? FROM GOD! God gives each of us the passions and desires we have in our life.

He may give one person a passion for the lost around the world, and out of that passion give them the desire to serve Him by taking missionary journeys. He may give another person a passion for communications, and out of that passion give them the desire to use the broadcasting industry to serve Him. He may give yet another a passion for the poor, and out of that passion lead them to serve him by working with people who are struggling simply to have the basics of life like food, clothing, and shelter. It is out of the passions and desires that God gives each of us, that He guides and directs us in our service for Him.

As we begin to pursue the things we are passionate about, God will open and close doors along the way to guide us. He will bring people of similar passions into our life. Opportunities will arise at church or through a ministry or some organization for us to serve Him. God will guide our steps, put us on the path He wants us to be on as we keep our hearts open to Him and are yielded and available for His service. God has called all of His children to serve Him. As we step forward to serve the Lord, He will use us to further His Kingdom and for His glory

I love you and care about you so much. I know that many of you are struggling with the question of being in the will of God, of being where God wants you to be and doing the things God wants you to do. Let me give you the assurance that unless you are willfully living in rebellion to God and His Word, you are for the most part right where God wants you to be! God is always tweaking us, moving us a little to the left, a little to the right, but for the most part you are right where God wants you for this season of your life. So have peace over that truth!

However, that is why it is so critical to stay tuned into the voice of God each and every day. You never know when God may be saying it is time to change. Change jobs, change where you live, get involved in some new hobbies, start going to a new church, start serving Him in different capacities. Like any good soldier, we have got to be ready at all times for new orders to come down from our Commander. But don’t fear, God will clearly and over time show you when it is time for change. He will confirm it to you in many different ways and clearly open and close doors in your life as additional signs to guide you.

Listen my friend, there is NOTHING in this lifetime more exciting than being in the center of God’s perfect will. It is that sweet place of indescribable peace and joy that makes waking up each day something you look forward to. You go through your day with great ease, not like you are carrying a baby grand piano on your back. You have the channel with God’s voice open at all times and your choices, your actions, are all guided by the Sprit of God and not by you. It is that special place where you know deep down inside that you are fulfilling your purpose as you serve and glorify the Lord with your life.

Let me encourage you today to never forget that God loves you so much. He DOES have a specific plan and purpose for your life. The fact is we often don’t know exactly what that plan and purpose is. But we have the assurance that as long as we are living in obedience to the Lord, doing our best to follow His Word, and are yielded to His Sprit, we will be right where God wants us to be and doing the things God wants us to be doing. Your life matters! You are part of God’s plan! As you wake up each day and give your life afresh to the Lord you will be in His perfect will!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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How Many Times have I Challenged you Because Satan is so Bold and Christians are So Weak

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(Romans 10)

How many times over the past 11 years of Liveprayer have I challenged you because satan is so bold and Christians are so weak? Ready for this one? Muslims are coming up with $150 million to build a mosque just steps from “Ground Zero” in New York City. Oh, and the grand opening? 9/11/11, the tenth anniversary of their great triumph in killing 3,000 innocent citizens and bringing down the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Sadly, most of you will simply yawn and not even care.


Sunday, September 5th, I will open the Liveprayer Evangelistic Center within a block of “Ground Zero.” I have committed for one year to fly to NYC every Saturday, hold 2 services, and fly back Sunday evening. Initially, I will find a storefront or ground floor facility to rent for our Sunday services. As I type these words, I have no location…yet, I have no chairs…yet, I have no music in place…yet, I have no plans to get the word out…yet, and I have no funds…yet.

What I do have is the same thing I had when I started Liveprayer nearly 11 years ago…FAITH. At the time Liveprayer began I didn’t own a computer and had never sent an email. 11 years later, tens of millions worldwide have been impacted by Liveprayer, we have responded to over 70 million emails for prayer, and over 400,000 we know of have come to faith in Jesus Christ! I did nothing but be obedient, God did the rest!

I am asking everyone in the Liveprayer family to be praying. We get very few opportunities in life to make a real impact with our lives. This is one of those opportunities! If you live in NYC or in that area, and God is calling you to lend your expertise to this project, DO IT! If you are in real estate in NYC, help me. If you have the ability to provide chairs and other things we will need for services, help me. If you are a music minister, help me. If you are a businessman or businesswoman in NYC and can help bring together other committed Christians to fund this effort, help me.

There are people who have tremendous gifts and talents and God is speaking to you right now. This is one of those rare chances in life to make your life count for all eternity. Our blessings flow from our obedience. Our life is made complete by our service to the King. If the ungodly can give their lives to satan, how much more must followers of Jesus give their lives for Him!!!

I love you and care about you so much. There can be no greater visibility for the Lord’s work than NYC, and this center could bring thousands, even millions to faith in Christ like the old evangelistic centers of D. L. Moody, Billy Sunday, and others who weren’t pastors, but simply evangelists with the simple message of the Gospel! If the Muslims can mock this sacred ground innocent blood was shed due to their false religion of hate and death, than on that same ground we can share with the lost masses the Truth of the Bible and that their only hope is faith in Jesus Christ!

***PRAISE GOD!!! We had another family send in a $5,000 gift!!! As you know I have been in prayer for the past several weeks for the Lord to send 20 people to make a special “one-time gift” of $5,000 to get our operational shortfalls we’ve carried since January ’09 caught up. So far, 9 have sent in their gift and I only need 11 more to respond

Will you be one of the 11 I need to makes this special one-time sacrifice and help me today??? Please pray today about being part of this group God is bringing together to help sustain HIS work here at Liveprayer that is impacting lives around the world for all eternity each day. Thank you for praying and for being obedient!!!

For those who can give a gift of $5,000 or more, feel free to wire it directly to our bank or use our FedEx account number to send your gift to us. Just email me at: bkeller@liveprayer.com and I will get you that information.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and for helping me take Christ to this lost and hurting world!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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The FDA Approved a Microchip (Verichip) that will be Implanted in Humans

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( Revelation 13:16-17)

Last week, the FDA approved a microchip (verichip) that will be implanted in humans. Back in March of this year, I wrote the Devotional below and remember the incredible number of emails that I received telling me I was crazy. Just like the emails I have received over the years telling me I was crazy for telling people marriage between homosexuals would soon be legal and the Bible would eventually be deemed hate speech. This Devotional is meant to be an encouragement and challenge to you that we ARE living in the last days, that Jesus is returning sooner than we think, and we have a wonderful opportunity to be part of bringing in that last great harvest of souls before the world as we know it ceases to exist. Time is short my friend, it is time to get serious about telling this lost world about Jesus while we still have time.

Over the past 62 months, I have written many times on the fact that we are in the “last days” according to the Bible. All you have to do is read the words of Jesus in Matthew Chapter 24, the words of Paul in 2 Timothy Chapter 3, and the words of Peter in 2 Peter Chapter 3, to see that what they describe as the conditions in the “last days” clearly exist today. Of course, no man knows the exact date or time Christ will return, only God knows that, but based on the signs the Bible says will mark the “last days,” it is clear His return is imminent.

That is why what I am about to share with you should not be a surprise. We are living in a time when we will see many of the prophetic events the Bible speaks of unfold right before our very eyes. MONDEX (the word is a combination of the word MONETARY=money and DEXTER=belonging to the right hand) is a company that is providing a cashless system through microchip technology to over 20 major nations at this very moment. The system is based on SMART CARD technology which employs a microchip concealed in a plastic card that stores electronic cash, identification, and other information. 51% of MONDEX is owned by MasterCard.

The microchips for the SMART CARD are made by Motorola. They can produce 1 billion microchips per year and have been in production for over a year now. However, MONDEX has already determined that the SMART CARD has problems such as theft and fraud. The only solution is a biochip that can be implanted in humans. Motorola has developed several human implantable biochips. These biochips are the size of a grain of rice and measure 7 mm long and .075 mm wide. They contain a transponder (a system of storage for reading information in microchips) and a rechargeable lithium battery that is charged by a thermocouple circuit that produces voltage from the fluctuations in body temperature.

Motorola spent over 1.5 million to determine the best place to insert this chip in the human body and came up with only two suitable places, the forehead just under the hairline, and the back of the hand, specifically the right hand. Why is this important? Revelation 13:16 says, “He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead.”

These biochips are already being used by the wealthy as a tool to prevent kidnapping. They are also currently being used in animals to both identify pets and keep track of livestock on farms. Humans will use it primarily for cash and identification, but also for storing medical information and other data. You can see how they could come into play in the last days according to Revelation 13:17, “So that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.”

What I am sharing with you today is not meant to scare you or to make you live your life in fear. Quite the opposite. This world as we know it is actually winding down exactly as God said it would. Nothing that is going on today should really be a surprise, after all, God already told us what the last days would be like. He also told us what He expects from us during these last days. God is looking for us to be busy, working hard while we still have some light left since the darkness is fast approaching. We are expected to be found faithfully serving our Lord when He returns.

I love you and care about you so much. I am grateful to God to be living in such exciting times as these. We have the privilege of seeing God’s Word come alive each and every day as the moment of Christ’s return gets closer and closer. I am not going to get into a debate on the order of end time events, but the most commonly held view of those events has Christ retuning for His church PRIOR to the time the anti-Christ will be in power. I share that with you so that you can take comfort that even though the technology may exist that will be used during that time, most believe those who currently know Christ as their Savior will not be on the earth during the reign of the anti-Christ.

I am praying today that you catch a glimpse of how close to the end of time we are, that the return of our Lord is imminent, it can literally happen at any moment. While we all have our own trials to contend with, we must stay focused on the fact that our purpose in this life is to serve and glorify God with our lives. He has allowed us to live during the final events of human history. There is one last great harvest to be brought in before this world as we know it is brought to an end.


The Bible tells us we are living in the “last days,” that the events in our world each day are pushing us closer to the final chapter of human history, and at any moment we will hear the trump blow and our Lord will return!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Very Little Shocks Me Any More

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(Psalm 78:5-8; Colossians 3:16)

I have to admit to you, that through all that I have seen and experienced in my life and during over a decade in ministry, VERY little shocks me any more. It is not that I am apathetic to what happens in this world, but I realize that sinful men and women who rebel against God are capable of doing ANYTHING. But the other afternoon was one of those rare times that I was both shocked and deeply saddened.

As I was leaving my office at Liveprayer one afternoon, I received the phone call most husbands get from their wives. “Honey, on the way home will you stop at the store and get *insert list here*.” So I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and picked up all of the items on my list like a good husband. As I stood in the check-out line, I was trying to decide which candy bar, that I shouldn’t eat, to get. Of course, in addition to the candy bars that they put there, knowing as you wait you will buy one, there was the normal assortment of great bastions of journalism like the National Enquirer. There was also a small rack of magazines like Time, Newsweek, People, and Cosmopolitan.

As I was waiting, I saw the cover of Cosmopolitan and the BOLD PRINT featuring an article on “How To Have Great Sex With Your Boyfriend.” Now my friend, I am 45 years old, I have been married over 20 years, and prior to fully surrendering to Christ 14 years ago lived in rebellion to God for many years. So I am fully aware of what goes on between men and women not committed to the Lord. But here was a well established, national publication, geared primarily to young women in a place ANYONE of ANY AGE could see, espousing the glory of having sex outside of marriage. Yes, I was shocked and saddened by the message that Cosmopolitan was sending out.

When I got home, I told my wife about the Cosmopolitan cover and she told me that she was getting her hair done a few weeks ago, and saw a past issue of Cosmopolitan at the salon she goes to. She told me that as she looked through it, she was appalled at the graphic detailed nature of what they were promoting to young women as perfectly acceptable sexual behavior. While I couldn’t believe what the cover I saw had said, I assumed that it was just for shock value to get people to buy the magazine.

So my wife and I went out, bought the copy that I had seen, and I can only tell you that I became even MORE SHOCKED as I read through the contents of the entire magazine. The saddest thing to me was that this a very prominent national publication that has been around for years, and is responsible in shaping the views of the young women who read it. What they were promoting as acceptable behavior was not only 100% AGAINST God’s plan, but does not “empower” women as they claim, it cheapens them!!!! IT DESTROYS THEM!!!!

I make this an issue today for 2 reasons. First, moms and dads, DO NOT let your daughters read this garbage. It is as bad as any pornography that is on the market, and worse since instead of being in a plastic cover behind the counter, it is on shelves where YOUR daughter can see it and can purchase it. Second, young women, I often talk about “garbage in, garbage out.” What is on the pages of that magazine is GARBAGE. Stay away from it!

Just so that I am clear, I am NOT for censorship. I believe in and support the first amendment of our Constitution. There are MANY out there who would love to censor what I say each day. The publishers of Cosmopolitan have EVERY RIGHT to print that garbage, just as Larry Flynt and Hugh Hefner have every right to print the garbage they do. BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN WE HAVE TO CONSUME THEIR GARBAGE!!!! Sadly, what I saw in that issue of Cosmopolitan was just that, pure garbage since it was 100% in opposition to God’s Word.

Young women, listen to me. I am saying this because I love you and care about you so much. Sex is a WONDERFUL thing. God created it so it HAS to be wonderful. But God created sex to be enjoyed between a man and a woman in the bonds of marriage. Period! The Bible talks over and over about fornication. That is literally, ANY sex outside of the bonds of marriage. It includes ALL sexual acts, NOT just sexual intercourse! The line was clearly set by Jesus when He said that if you “lust in your heart” you have sinned.

God created you in His own image. He loves you. You are special!!! Sex does not make you special, you are special because God made you. If you have made the choice to accept Jesus Christ into your heart, YOU are a daughter of the King! Don’t ever let Cosmopolitan, or any other magazine, or any TV program, or other person make you forget that you are special! You have a ROYAL bloodline if you know Jesus!!!

The sad thing about what Cosmopolitan, TV, the movies, and our culture do is glamorize sin. They make sex seem SO WONDERFUL, which it is IF…IF..IF…it is the way God designed it to be enjoyed….IN THE CONTEXT OF MARRIAGE!!!! NOT OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE!!! Well, I have news for you. I receive thousands of emails daily from young women and young men who fell for satan’s (Cosmopolitan’s) lie. Their problems range from unwanted pregnancies, to STD’s that they will have always have to deal with, deep emotional issues, and a full range of other problems.

These are permanent scars that they will carry with them for the REST OF THEIR LIVES!!! Many have had their world shattered at such a young age. So many are wonderful, good young people who simply fell for the lie of the enemy. LISTEN TO ME. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE TO LIVE…..DON’T MESS IT UP!!!! The enemy is here for what? TO KILL, STEAL , AND DESTROY! Jesus promised what? LIFE, AND LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY!!!!

I have broken one of my rules about length today. But I have SO MUCH passion about this issue since I see daily thousands who have bought into the “Cosmopolitan view of life.” I will go so far today, without any hesitation and say that Cosmopolitan is just as much a tool of satan to destroy the lives of God’s precious young women, as Playboy and Penthouse are in the destruction of men!

I pray this day, that this Devotional gets to the publishers of Cosmopolitan. I pray for their souls because of the damage that they are doing to young women all over the world with their magazine. I say to them that you are simply a tool of satan and you are as guilty as he is in the lives you are destroying. For those who read my Devotionals each day, you know that I don’t say these things lightly. But I SEE THE DESTROYED LIVES EVERY DAY. I KNOW WHAT SATAN IS DOING THROUGH INSTRUMENTS LIKE COSMOPOLITAN IN DESTROYING THE LIVES OF YOUNG WOMEN!

I do love you and care about you so much. In closing, let me just say this. God loves you, never forget that! Follow Him daily and your life will be blessed. He gave us His Word so that we didn’t have to get lost on our journey. He gave us the roadmap. If we follow it, we will know the joy, the peace, the abundance of this life. If we take a detour, we are on our own and there is a very real enemy out there just waiting for us to get off the path to destroy us! To those young women who are reading this today, forget Cosmopolitan and use that time reading God’s Word. IT IS NO ACCIDENT THAT GOD IS LETTING YOU READ THIS TODAY! God, NOT Cosmopolitan will make you a REAL WOMAN, ALL THE WOMAN GOD RAISED YOU UP TO BE!!!

In His love and service.

Your friend and brother in Christ.

Bill Keller

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An Incredible Challenge We have in our Christian Journey Is What Controls Us

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(Romans 8:5-8)

One of the most incredible challenges we have each day in our Christian journey, is what controls us. The ultimate goal of every believer is to be controlled at all times by the Spirit of God, instead of the spirit of this world. It is when we are controlled by the Lord that we are able to fulfill our purpose in life, enjoy the peace, joy, and abundance of this life, and know God’s richest blessings.

When we allow ourselves to be controlled by the things of this world, we distance ourselves from the Lord. Whatever pleasure we enjoy are temporary followed by much pain, and we miss God’s best for our life. What controls our lives becomes the ultimate battle we fight each day.

The choice on what should control us is an obvious one. Making it happen is not so easy to accomplish. Before we became Christians, it was never an issue. There was no choice. We simply lived our life the way the world lived. Our lives were totally controlled by the spirit of the world.

Once we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, we are now confronted with a choice each day. Continue to live the way the world lives, the way we are used to living, or live under the control of our new Master, Jesus Christ. We must learn how to let the Holy Spirit control us. It doesn’t happen overnight but over a period of time.

How do we do it? It starts with our daily relationship with the Lord. Praying, reading the Word each day. We need to be part of a local fellowship and finding ways to serve the Lord. As this becomes our daily life and focus, as we are more in touch with God throughout the day, we get used to the Holy Spirit controlling our life as opposed to the things of this world controlling us. We learn how to be controlled by the Spirit of the living God.

The critical key becomes having our lives controlled by the Lord consistently, day after day. Never get so comfortable that you aren’t aware that you have to work to maintain that intimate, daily walk, since it is from that daily walk with the Lord, that we allow our lives to be controlled by Him.

When we stop praying each day; stop reading the Word each day; stop going to church; stop finding ways to serve God, that is when we become open to having the things of this world take control over our lives. So this becomes a daily challenge that we must take seriously, since it is when we allow the world control, we are capable of doing anything and everything that is not pleasing to God.

I love you and care about you! You can count on my prayers today, for you to really digest these complicated words. It is this principle of allowing the Holy Spirit to control your life each and every day that allows us as Christians to make a difference in this world. It is when we are being controlled by the Spirit of God that God can work through us, giving us the power to do those things necessary to advance His plan and touch the lives of people. It is when the Holy Spirit is controlling us that we are fulfilling our purpose in serving and glorifying God with our lives.

Reaching this plateau, getting to this level each day, is the absolute ultimate in our Christian experience. There is no high from alcohol, drugs, sex, power, achievement, anything that can even come close to the spiritual high when you are being totally controlled by the Holy Spirit. It is the ultimate experience that should be the goal of every follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray today that this will be your daily goal, to be controlled by the Spirit of God.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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