A Great Tradition at Liveprayer is My Annual New Year’s Resolution Message

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(Matthew 24:35)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, give me a hunger for your Word like never before. It is a lamp unto my feet. Give me a HUNGER FOR YOUR PRECIOUS LIVING WORD! May I make it a priority each day to spend time in the Bible during this new year. Let me know you better and hear your voice clearer. In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!

A great tradition here at Liveprayer is my annual New Year’s resolution message. This the 17th year I have had the honor of sharing this special message, and tens of thousands of people have taken my challenge and read the Bible cover to cover in a year, something less than 10% of people who profess to be Christians have ever done. Have you? If not, I am praying that you will make this YOUR New Year’s resolution for 2016!

Having preached to several hundred thousand people in evangelistic meetings in churches of all denominations throughout the country, having ministered to millions via television and radio through the years, and having prayed for and intimately counseled thousands and thousands of people over my 23+ years of ministry…I would have to say the biggest problem I have encountered with Believers is the vast majority have never read the instruction manual!!!

Statistical research shows that less than 10% of professing Christians have ever read the entire Bible. The church as a whole is Biblically illiterate!

>From time to time in my Devotional I will give my opinion on an issue and I am very careful to always let you know when it is Bill Keller’s opinion. Most of the time I just let God’s words speak for themselves. There is not one issue, one thing we deal with in everyday life that is not covered in the Bible.

How many people are in terrible marriages where one spouse is a nonbeliever. Do you think God admonished us to “not be unequally yoked” for nothing? How about those dealing with horrible illnesses because they abused themselves over the years with alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and food. Does God not tell us our body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit? How many families are ripped apart by bitterness and hatred when the Bible commands us to “have love one for another,” to “forgive as Christ has forgiven you,” and to “love your enemies.” I have to be honest. In many cases it is not as much rebellion towards God as it is complete ignorance of God’s Word.

Like many men, I get a new electronic toy and the first thing I do is open the box, toss the instructions to the side, and start “putting it together.” Usually after a period of time when it is not working or I have broken something, I grab the instructions and put it together correctly. How much easier would it have been if I had done that first. It is the same in our walk with God. Many people claim they can’t hear God. God may be talking to you and you can’t hear Him because you don’t know what to be listening for. The Bible is one way that God speaks to us. If you want to hear God, just read the Book.

I know that those who get this Devotional each day are of above average intelligence which is why I am very direct and to the point. I share things knowing that you are smart enough to understand what God expects you to do, I don’t have to paint a picture. So if you ever listened to me at all, listen to what I am going to say to you now. This applies to everyone, even those that may have read the Bible cover to cover 100 times.

***It takes an individual of average reading ability 90 hours to read the entire Bible. That is one hour a day for 3 months, or one half hour a day for 6 months, or 15 minutes a day for 12 months. Most people make New Year’s resolutions. Here is one for you with eternal rewards and will be more valuable than losing 10 pounds that you will just put back on. Carve out one hour, 30 minutes, or 15 minutes every day starting January 1st and start reading at Genesis 1:1. One hour, 30 minutes, or 15 minutes, you choose. I suggest that for those 90 days, or 6 months, or the next 12 months, you get up that amount of time earlier than normal and do it the very first thing. Trust me, God will give you the strength you need during the day. Losing a little sleep will not kill you. Quite the opposite. It will save you 100 times that in lost sleep over the years from problems caused because you didn’t take time to read the instruction book.

Now listen, I understand that some of the Old Testament can be dry. The Jewish laws, the genealogy of kings, some of the prophetic books can be very confusing and at times boring. Plug on. Don’t get discouraged because you don’t understand everything you are reading. Having read the Bible cover to cover many, many, many times, each time is a new experience for me. You might have accepted this challenge before. This message is still for you! DO IT AGAIN! YOU CAN NEVER GET TOO MUCH OF GOD’S WORD!!!

WARNING: I am not the Bible answer man so don’t start flooding me with questions. I’ll pray for you anytime, but I cannot handle thousands of Bible questions. I do suggest though you keep a notepad of questions and talk them over with your pastor.

Trust me when I tell you, reading the Bible cover to cover will change your life. You will see things you never thought were in the Bible. You will see God’s warnings and promises to help you through tough times. Most of all, you will start to understand how God thinks. How can you please God if you don’t understand how He thinks? He knows you are not a mind reader. That is one reason He gave you the Bible so you could begin to understand what God expects from your life.

I promise you the time you spend reading the Bible cover to cover will be the most important time of your life. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of what I am challenging you to do. Start at the very beginning. That way you can see God from the creation of our world, to the very end. It is better than any book or movie you have ever read or seen.

The Bible is our final authority for all matters concerning this life. In this day of being politically correct, accepting everyone’s beliefs and ideas, we are in the mess we are morally and spiritually because we have gotten away from the black and white truth of God’s Word. We have no one to blame but ourselves. In this day of instant gratification, drive thru food, cell phones, fax machines, email, Federal Express, jet travel, we want what we want now and refuse to wait.

We have become lazy which is why we don’t take the time to read the Bible. I guarantee you that you will spend 90 hours plus in front of the television, the computer, with the newspaper, or doing something else that you enjoy. I am not saying quit living and enjoying your life. What I am saying is that you have the time, it is only a matter of whether this is a big enough priority for you to take the time.

I love you, care about you, and my heart breaks every day as I read the thousands of prayer requests I receive. How much heartache and pain could have been avoided if people would have only read the Book and followed the instructions. You cannot believe how much sense this life makes when you are living under the direction of God’s Word. As I say often, our way does not work, God’s way does!

I will be praying that the Lord really opens your heart and conviction floods you right now as you read these words. I can’t force you to do it, you have to want to do it. I will be praying and trusting the Holy Spirit to move on your heart to take this challenge, even now as you read these words. This will be the best New Year’s resolution you will ever make.

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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The Foundational Problem Virtually All of Our Societal Issues Flow From

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(Psalm 127:3; Isaiah 8:18; Proverbs 20:11)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Oh Lord, I am so thankful for this day. I give you all glory and honor for the blessings you have bestowed on my life. So often I take your blessings for granted. Let me remember each day to take time to thank you for your grace and mercy in my life. May I show my gratitude in living my life for you and allowing your love to shine through me to everyone I meet. In the name of Jesus I pray….AMEN!

TODAY I AM DEALING WITH THE FOUNDATIONAL PROBLEM VIRTUALLY ALL OF OUR SOCIETAL ISSUES FLOW FROM! Kids who are growing up with no mother, no father, and no God. After 17 years of Liveprayer.com and 12 years of the Liveprayer TV program, I am seeing every day the family unit decimated and dealing with kids between 10 and 18 who are growing up in a home with no mother or no father, and in most cases, with no God!!! We have a new generation that is growing up void of God, void of His Truth, and void of a relationship with Jesus!!!


People wonder why I am like a broken record about getting God’s Truth into the marketplace. If they sat in my chair, even for a day, they would understand. You see, I deal daily with the very real lives of those people who are growing up right here in the United States, a place with more churches, ministries, Christian media and publications than man has ever known. Yet they are part of the larger percentage of 2 full generations now who have never even been inside of a church, aren’t the target audience of most ministries, and have no contact with Christian media and publications. These people have their lives, thoughts, and beliefs shaped by the world.

These kids have been born in and have grown up in a world that has taught them there is no God and if there is, He is detached from our lives and isn’t really interested in what happens in the world. They have been taught in school that we weren’t created by God, but we evolved from a drop of pond scum and are really little more than a genetic accident. From birth they have been bombarded at every turn with raw sexual images and the message that sex is a sport to be enjoyed at any time, with anyone, and in any way without consequences. Smoking, drugs, and alcohol are things everybody does because they make your life more enjoyable.

The games they have grown up with all have violent and death elements to them, numbing them to how special and precious life is. Most have spent thousands of hours every year in front of TV and internet screens with little parental supervision, being exposed to every kind of lie the world can tell about life. Most have grown up totally void of God and Biblical Truth since it wasn’t taught to them at home and they weren’t being exposed to it in the marketplace where they live each day.

I share with you often how what we do here each day is literally a battle for the souls of men. That has never been more evident than in the lives of those kids 10-18. Their entire belief system has been shaped by the lies of this world. They are oblivious to the fact there is a very real enemy of their soul who seeks to “kill, steal, and destroy,” THEM! A growing percentage are growing up in homes with only one parent, and in many cases with a parent who has also rejected Christ and Biblical Truth and have modeled a life that only supports the lies of the world their child has grown up believing.

So when they get a Daily Devotional or turn on to watch South Park and right after comes the Liveprayer TV program, and they read or hear how evolution is a ridiculous theory and we were created by God, that homosexuality is a sin, how sex outside of marriage is not God’s plan, how abortion is murder, how faith in Jesus is the only way to be saved and the other religions and beliefs the world embraces are lies, THEY FREAK OUT! They have never heard these things before. Biblical Truth flies in the face of everything they have ever heard and been taught, seen and experienced their entire life.

Sadly, we deal daily both on the Internet and through the TV program with so many young lives who have already been damaged before they ever had a chance to live. Fortunately, many of their hearts are not yet so hardened that they refuse to listen to the fact God loves them, gave us Truth to live this life by, and that by having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ they can find the true joy, peace, and abundance of this life plus know where their eternal home will be when they die. The key is, we have to get out in the marketplace where they live to reach them with this message.

My heart breaks for these kids who grow up without ever knowing the real Truth of this life and end up with their lives decimated and destroyed at such a young age. How many times do I have to say it, THE CHURCH IS PLAYING GAMES, SATAN IS NOT!!! The answer is to follow God’s plan for the family. It starts with marriage, God’s Holy Institution. A person needs to be equally yoked with another Believer, they need to take the time and effort to build a solid spiritual foundation to their relationship, and than follow through on the vows they make to each other and God for life.

It is in that Godly union that children are born. A mother and father, loving and nurturing them, raising them in the admonition of the Lord. Growing up in a home where Jesus is honored and guided by God’s Truth. A home where prayer and Bible reading is part of each day. A home where they have the model of a mother and father who love the Lord and each other. It is this environment that God intended children to be raised. In 2015, how many children are growing up in a home like this?

I love you and care about you so much. So what is the answer? For you single moms and dads, God will make you adequate. You can’t go back and change things, so start today to do all you can to raise your child or children with the love of Christ and guided by the Truth of His Word. Pray of your children every day. Have a time of reading the Word with your children. Make sure they are in church each Sunday. Talk to your children about all that they are seeing and experiencing in their life so you can help bring God’s Truth to contrast the lies of the world they’re being exposed to. Raising your child in the admonition of the Lord is the greatest ministry you will ever have, and God will make you adequate each day.

For those who are single, pray hard and long before you make that lifetime commitment to someone. It is the most critical relationship you will have in this life after your relationship with the Lord. Stay out of the trap of pre-marital sex and possibly having to raise a child without the benefit of a mother and father. Getting married, having children, are life-changing events. If you will follow God’s plan, they can make your life special and fulfilling beyond all you could ever imagine. God’s way works!

Finally, for you young kids and young adults. The world has lied to you about EVERYTHING! There is only one source of Truth, God’s Word. It has the answers to everything in this life and if you follow it, your life will be blessed and abundant, full of joy and peace you can never experience without God. The fact is, God DID create you in His image. He loves you so much. He has a plan and purpose for your life. He loved you so much that despite the fact you have sinned, he sent His Son Jesus to die for YOUR SINS so that by putting your faith in Jesus, your sins could be forgiven and you would have the assurance that when this brief life is over you would be forever with God your Creator.

This is why I so passionately scratch and claw each day to press forward and implore you to help me. Not only are there adults in their 20s to 90s out there lost, hurting, and heading to hell unless they come to know Jesus, we have children between 10 and 18 who are growing up for the most part totally void of God and Biblical Truth, having their thoughts and beliefs shaped by the lies of this world, and unless we reach them, they will become the next generation to grow up and have children who will also be growing up without God and rejecting Christ’s love for them.

Kids who are growing up with no mother, no father, and no God. May we rise up and go into the marketplace where they are growing up and let them know that the Bible is God’s guiding light of Truth and that Jesus loves them, died for their sins, and wants to have an everlasting relationship with

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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Nobody Really Wants to Go to Hell

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(Romans 10:9, 10:13; John 3:18; Isaiah 59:2; Hebrews 2:3)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Father, bless me this day to have the courage to stand up for YOUR TRUTH in my daily life. Give me boldness to proclaim YOUR TRUTH when I am with those who mock and demean our faith in Christ and for following the teachings of the Bible. No matter what they may say, let me be not afraid to stand for you. In Jesus name…AMEN!

Several years ago, I was asked by a man to go visit his 87-year-old father in the hospital. His health was failing fast and the doctors did not expect him to live more than a few weeks. This man told me his father had refused to go to church during his life, didn’t want to hear “religious talk,” and stated often that he didn’t care what happened to him after he was dead.

I went to the hospital and spent about 20 minutes with this elderly gentleman, talking to him about Christ’s love and about how God desired to have an eternal relationship with him. He was fairly polite but very adamant about letting me know he lived his entire life without God and had no desire to start believing in some “invisible man in the sky.” He asked me to leave and let him die in peace. Sadly, I deal every day with people like this man whose hearts are so hardened they simply don’t want to hear anything about the Lord.

I got a call a few days later from the man whose father I had visited. I could tell he had been crying and he had a difficult time telling me that his father had passed away the previous night and wanted to know if there was any chance his father was in Heaven. I told him that if his father had decided in the last moments of his life to accept the Lord into his heart by faith, then yes he was in Heaven. However, if he had continued to deny Christ’s love and died in his sins, then sadly he was lost for all eternity. One of the most difficult things I have to do each day is tell people that if their loved one dies without Jesus, they will spend eternity in hell.

(This is why I tell you often what we do every day here at Liveprayer is so critical and why we are constantly being attacked by the enemy. We are literally warring with satan 24/7 for the eternal souls of men!)

My friend, what drives me each day is the reality that every second of every day people are dying and going to hell. Hell is a place that was NEVER intended for man. It was created for satan and the fallen angels that followed him. God’s desire is that ALL come to repentance and that none be lost. Let me clear up a misconception many people have. God doesn’t send anyone to hell. Let me say that once more. God doesn’t send anyone to hell. The only way you can get to hell is to CHOOSE to go there. The only people that go to hell are the ones who make the choice to spend eternity there with satan and the fallen angels.

Let me tell you something. After 2 decades of evangelistic ministry, I can assure you that very few people actually want to go to hell. For most people they either don’t believe there is such a place or nobody has ever told them how they can avoid ending up there. VERY FEW PEOPLE REALLY WANT TO SPEND ETERNITY IN HELL. With the better percentage of two full generations having never even gone to church, we have more people than ever who are dying and going to hell simply because they didn’t really understand that when they died they were either going to spend eternity with God their Creator in Heaven, or be eternally separated from God their Creator in hell.

That is where my passion comes from to use the power of the Internet to reach millions of people all over the planet each and every day with the hope we have in Jesus Christ. That is what keeps me getting up night after night to do the “live” TV program using secular television to reach the lost and hurting masses with the message that Jesus loves them and that without Christ they will die one day and be lost for all eternity.

I do what I do each day because I know that if your dad or mom, your brother or sister, your husband or wife, your son or daughter, your neighbor for friend, your boss or co-worker, the people in your life die without knowing Jesus, they will spend all eternity in hell!!!

I love you and care about you so much. I love you enough to give my life every day to bring you the Absolute Truth of God’s Word and the love of Jesus Christ. My heart breaks when I get the emails from people who have lost loved ones and friends. It breaks even more when I find out their loved one or friend didn’t have a relationship with Jesus since I know that this special person in their life is in hell for all eternity. We get so caught up in so many things during this life, but there is nothing more important than telling people about the fact that Jesus loves them and without putting their faith in Christ they will die and be lost for all eternity.

You can’t force someone to get saved. That is a choice they have to make for themselves. But you can certainly make sure they know about that choice and how critical it is since what they do with Jesus will determine their eternal home. What they ultimately choose to do is something they have to decide for themselves. However, if you love and care about the people who are in your life, you will love and care about them enough to tell them the fact that if they die without Christ in their heart they will spend all eternity in hell.

The great evangelist DL Moody stated one of his greatest regrets in life was the night of the Chicago fire. He preached that night and instead of giving an invitation, he told the audience to think about his words and come back the next night. I submit to you today, that a man or woman of God in a church service, or in any type of meeting or conference, or in any media appearance, who doesn’t use the opportunity to tell people how to accept Jesus as their Savior is committing spiritual malpractice!!! The only thing we can really offer this world is Jesus, and there is no excuse to not use every opportunity we have to tell people how they can know Jesus as their personal Savior.

Let me be blunt. You can do all the “seeker” services you want, think outside the box and use every creative means possible to reach people, but if once you have reached them you don’t use that opportunity to tell them how to be saved, you have accomplished NOTHING. The fact is, people die every second and if they die without Christi in their heart they are going to hell for all eternity. THAT IS A FACT. How can any man or woman of God know that fact, have a group of people assembled, and not use the opportunity to tell them how to be saved?

People deserve to know the truth and to not tell them is no different than if you knew a building was going to blow up in 10 minutes and sat back and didn’t tell everyone to get out. In the end, you can’t trick people into getting saved, you can’t play games to get them saved, you can’t hope they figure it out for themselves, at some point you simply have to be blunt and tell them that they will die one day and at that moment if they don’t know Christ as their Savior their soul will be lost for all eternity!!!

The Bible states that when a person comes to faith in Christ, the angels in Heaven rejoice. As I look at the salvations reports from the Internet and TV program each day here at Liveprayer, I know that each person is someone’s mom or dad, someone’s husband or wife, someone’s son or daughter, someone’s boss or co-worker, someone’s friend or neighbor. The fact is, the people you love and care about in this life will die one day and at that moment they will either be in Heaven with the Lord or forever in hell. Please don’t neglect to tell them about Jesus and His love for them.

I can promise you today that with whatever breath I have left in this life, I will continue to spend each waking moment doing everything I can to reach the lost and hurting masses throughout the world, including your loved ones and friends, with the message that Jesus Christ is the way, and the truth, and the life, and that nobody comes to the Father except through Him !!!

Plan of Salvation: http://www.liveprayer.com/plan.cfm

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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Seven Million Dollars

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(John 3:16)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, give me an abundance of your JOY this Christmas Eve. Let the “joy of the Lord” me mine on this day, and help me to share that joy with others. In the name of Jesus…AMEN!!!


(C)opryright 2015, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Praying with Your Family

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(Acts 1:14)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, give me an abundance of your JOY this Christmas Eve. Let the “joy of the Lord” me mine on this day, and help me to share that joy with others. In the name of Jesus…AMEN!!!

Praying with your family. Each day I try to do my best to encourage you and give you practical guidance to help translate your faith into your every day life. Today is one of those core areas that is critical to the spiritual life of a family. Men, you are REQUIRED to take the spiritual headship of your home and make prayer part of the daily life at your house. You should pray with your spouse EVERY day alone, and the two of you should be praying with your kids EVERY day.

Does this insure you have no problems in your marriage, or with your children. NO. But it must be part of our every day life to commit the issues we are facing to the Lord in prayer, to be thankful for all God does for us each day, to openly express our dependence on Him. For those single moms, during this season you are in, you need to be the spiritual leader in your home and it is up to you to make time each day to pray with your kids. There is nothing greater you can do for your marriage and in the life of your family than that daily time of prayer together.

This is not a matter to debate. The Bible clearly tells us to pray one for another. How much more should we pray together as husband and wife, as a family unit? It becomes like everything else in our life, a matter of priorities. It is amazing how much we can accomplish when it is something we want to do. However, there always seems to be reasons why we can’t do the things necessary to maintain our focus on the things of God. I am not talking about 5 hour long prayer meetings, though there may be times when that is greatly needed. Even 15 minutes, praying about the issues you are currently facing.

There is no better lesson for your kids than to see God answering prayers in their life, and not answering in some cases. It helps prepare them for the real world they are living in and helps them to learn to be dependent upon God each day. For a husband and wife, you share the most intimate things possible physically, yet for some reason, you can’t share in the most intimate thing spiritually. That never has made sense to me.

Trust me, I realize that this is a big step for many. Let me leave you with this challenge. Take the next 4 weeks. Make 5 minutes each day to pray with your spouse alone, and another 5 to pray with the children. With your spouse, each of you take a few minutes to share your needs, then the husband, or wife, lead in prayer for those needs. Before you end, each of you just take a minute to pray for your spouse, that God will bless them richly that day. Same with your kids. Take a few minutes to have each of your children share the needs pressing, then either dad or mom lead in prayer..then both the mom and dad should pray over each child for God’s protection and blessings. A side note, keeping a prayer journal is a great way to look back after 6 months and see God’s faithfulness. Simply write down the request and date…and then the answer when it comes and the date.

MAKE THIS A PRIORITY TO DO EACH DAY FOR THE NEXT 4 WEEKS. Trust me when I tell you that it will change your relationship with your spouse and children. For those who have a spouse that isn’t saved and isn’t going to go for this, here is the plan. Spend a few minutes either at night or in the morning when your spouse is sleeping to lay your hands on them and pray for them.

I love you and care about you. Praying with your spouse each day, praying with your kids each day, doesn’t make your home immune from the trials and tribulations of this world. It will however keep your home focused each day on the Lord, and who is in control. The journey of faith we are on is a 24/7 experience. Not one hour on Sunday, or every now and then. Can you see how much harder it becomes to be involved in sin when you are focusing on the Lord each day personally, and then with your spouse, and then with your kids? God will honor those who honor Him.

It is time that we quit being so lazy, quit waiting until we are in the midst of crisis to call out to the Lord. The reason we are so weak and ineffective in our Christian lives is because we are lazy and do nothing to strengthen ourselves for the storms of life. When they come, we are lost and have no idea how to fight. A good soldier is always in training so that when it is time for battle they are prepared. The Bible tells us that our enemy is not of flesh and blood…it is a spiritual battle we are in. Subsequently, it is critical that we are training daily to fight those spiritual battles, both in our personal life, and in the lives of those God has given us in this life.

I will be praying today that you hear this word and act upon it. It could be the difference between seeing victory or defeat in your marriage and the lives of your children. God is placing the weapons you need to fight with in your hands…use them. PRAYING WITH YOUR SPOUSE AND FAMILY IS ONE OF THE GREATEST WEAPONS OF ALL!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2015, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

A Special Message from the Child of Chelsea Clinton

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(Psalm 139:13-15, Jeremiah 1:4-5)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, give me an abundance of your JOY this Christmas Eve. Let the “joy of the Lord” me mine on this day, and help me to share that joy with others. In the name of Jesus…AMEN!!!

A special message from the child of Chelsea Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinsky:

“Hillary’s daughter Chelsea is pregnant with her second child, due the month before the 2016 election. If you think that is an accident, coincidence, I have some prime ocean front property in Nebraska to sell you!!!”

Hello! With so many people making such a big deal about me after only a few weeks since God did something only He can do, giving me life the moment the sperm of my father and the egg of my mother came together, I thought I would share some of my personal thoughts with you about my life so far. First, I want to thank my mother Chelsea for not doing to me what she has advocated for other women do, and killing me! I am NOT a “clump of cells” but a LIFE created by God Himself at the moment of conception with an eternal soul!

My mother was quoted last year as saying her maternal grandmother was the child of unwed teenage parents, who “did not have access to services that are so crucial that Planned Parenthood helps provide.” Of course, those “crucial services” are primarily the slaughtering innocent babies just like me, something that happens to apx. 4,000 precious children every 24 hours in this nation alone.

Her father and mother, my new maternal grandparents have also been staunch advocates for the killing of innocent babies their entire public/political lives. Grandpa Bill and Grandma Hillary have tried to use clever language to distance themselves from the horrors of legalized infanticide that is practiced every day in this nation, but even at my very young age I know this is not an issue you can be on both sides of since there is no such thing as “pro-choice!”

Even someone only alive for a few weeks like myself knows if you really believe in life then you are called pro-life. The only “choice” is to kill your baby or not. So you are either pro-life or you are pro-death! The latest clever language people like my mother Chelsea and her Grandma Hillary like to use to soft-sell the slaughter of innocent babies are “women’s health issues,” “reproductive rights,” “a woman’s right to choose,” or “the war on women.” These are nothing but code phrases for killing babies and the real war is not on women, but on their babies in the womb they want the choice to kill!

In the past week, I watched with my mother the endless news coverage of the bombing by Muslim terrorists at the Boston Marathon last year. Being only a few weeks old, I don’t understand why the same news organizations and politicians who are so somber and distraught over the 3 innocent people killed and the several hundred injured, when they openly promote and advocate for the killing innocent babies like me! In the year since that bombing in Boston, ONE AND A HALF MILLION innocent babies have been slaughtered in this nation, yet nobody says a word about those innocent lives!

Even in these few short weeks of life, I can already see that this is an evil nation. What kind of people who have a heart and conscience could allow innocent babies like me to be murdered when they did nothing wrong? My mother’s favorite TV station is MSNBC which I learned is part of the NBC television network and is owned by the nation’s largest media company, Comcast. I don’t know why she watches this station since they have people on all day long like Rachel Maddow, a man who says he is a Catholic, Chris Matthews, someone who calls himself a “Reverend,” and the rest of their hosts who actually cheerlead for, promote, and support killing innocent babies like me.

As I have watched this station with my mother, they have guests on their various programs who actually run organizations like NARAL, NOW, and Planned Parenthood, who exist for the purpose of helping women to kill their innocent babies! I actually have bad dreams when I sleep that my mother Chelsea will wake up one morning and take me to one of these places I hear about on TV where women go to have a doctor kill their baby. One thing I don’t understand is why men and women who went to school to learn how to make sick people better, would kill innocent babies, some who could live perfectly outside of their mother!

Please pray for me. I trust that the God who gave me life will watch over and protect me. I already know that I will be living in a very evil world, but I hope to grow up and give my life to help stop the slaughter of innocent babies. I don’t know what those babies did to deserve to be put to death, but I know that God who creates life is the only one who has the right to end life. Please also pray for my mother Chelsea, Grandpa Bill, and Grandma Hillary, that because of me they will no longer support, promote, and advocate for the killing of innocent babies. Please ask God to open their hearts to see that just like me, ALL life is precious!

God Bless you, The yet to be named baby of Chelsea and Marc

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller Founder of Liveprayer.com

The Greatest Gift You Can Give Anyone this Christmas are the Words of Everlasting Life

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(John 3:16 )

The greatest gift you can give anyone this Christmas are the words of everlasting life. Forward this to someone that you know who is lost, and pray that God will open their hearts to receive HIS gift to the world… JESUS CHRIST! Today is the day we celebrate the greatest gift ever given. We celebrate today the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, God’s gift to the world. Today is truly a day of rejoicing. Because of this gift from God, we can be forgiven of our sins and reunited with our Creator for eternity.

So much of what I deal with each day in this Devotional is to help you walk through this short journey here on earth victoriously and productively. But we must never forget that our time here is very brief and there is an eternity waiting for us when this journey is complete. I want to focus for just a minute on this most blessed day, to that split second when our life on this earth is finished and we are launched into eternity. Do you this day have the assurance that when your life is complete, your eternity is going to be spent in Heaven?

If the answer to that question is anything but a resounding YES, then let me just share this simple truth with you. You see, our God, our Creator so loved this world, so loved His creation, that He sent His son, His only Son to be part of this world. Jesus had one mission in this life. It wasn’t to be a great teacher, though He was a great teacher. It wasn’t to be a great prophet, though He was a great prophet. It wasn’t to be a great miracle worker, though He did work many great miracles. No my friend, Jesus came to this world with only one job…to die.

You see, the reason it was vital for Jesus to be immaculately conceived by God and born of a virgin was so that He was not infected with the same problem you and I were born into this life with….sin. Otherwise, the best He could have done was die for His own sins. Jesus lived on this earth for some 33 years before it was time to complete His work. That work was finished on a cross on the hill called Calvary where He hung and then died as the perfect sacrifice for the sins of this world.

That is why, whosoever believes in Jesus, shall not perish for eternity, but have everlasting life! Believing in Jesus is the only way to be saved because it was Jesus who died and was sacrificed for our sins. There are no other ways to be saved, no other roads back to God, there are no other plans of salvation. This is God’s one and only plan to reconcile his fallen creation back to Himself. This is the only way you can escape eternity apart from the God who created you in His own image. It is through His grace and by faith in Jesus Christ!

There are many incredible mysteries in the Bible. There are many doctrinal issues that will never be fully understood until we are in Heaven. But God made the most important decision of this life very easy and simple to understand. He gave every one the opportunity to have their sins washed away and be assured of an eternity in Heaven.

That is why we celebrate Christmas today! That is why we put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ. The most important decision you will make in this life is not who you will marry, where you will live, what kind of job you will have. The most important decision you will make in this life is to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.

If you have not done that yet, the Bible says that today is the day of salvation. I would invite you to go to my website, http://www.liveprayer.com and click on the button that says PLAN OF SALVATION ( direct link: http://www.liveprayer.com/plan.cfm ). Read those words, pray that prayer, and accept today God’s gift to you this Christmas, the gift of His son Jesus.

I love you and care about you deeply. For those of you who already know Christ as your Savior, I would encourage you to forward this email to someone you know who is lost and without hope this Christmas. What better present to give someone than the opportunity to know Jesus as their Savior.

I pray today that you will take time out of the busy day of travel, visiting friends and family, to focus on the gift God has given to us in His son Jesus. He gave His very best gift to us, which is why I will continue to encourage you to give your very best every day to Him.

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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