Thanks for the memories, but then what?

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( 2 Corinthians 5:6-8, Luke 16:19-31 )

Thanks for the memories, but then what? Sunday night, the world lost one of the greatest entertainers of all time, Bob Hope. Growing up, I had the joy of watching Bob Hope perform on TV and in the movies, and of course, his annual Christmas Special that was always part of the holidays at my home. While our nation and the world mourns his passing, the only thing I could focus on when I heard the news, was,
“Where is Bob Hope going to spend eternity?” Yes, Bob Hope was one of the most gifted entertainers of all time, yet he was also a man like you and I. He lived as a man, he died as a man, and like ALL men, the moment he died, he was eternally with, or eternally separated from God.

The Bible, which is our final authority in ALL matters is very clear on death. It is final. There is no such thing as reincarnation, we are not coming back as a petunia. We don’t die and go to some special place where people can pray us into Heaven over time. The moment we die, our body is no longer of any use, and our soul lives on for eternity, either forever with God, or forever separated from Him. That eternal destination is determined by only ONE THING, our relationship with Jesus Christ. Being a member of a certain church CANNOT save you. Being baptized as a baby CANNOT save you. The faith of your parents CANNOT save you. Good works CANNOT save you. A pastor or priest simply praying over you while you are dying CANNOT save you. The ONLY THING that can save you is putting your faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. It is a choice, a conscious choice, that YOU and YOU ALONE have to make BEFORE you die.

In talking to several dear friends in Los Angles that are very close to the entertainment industry, as well as several that have written books on Bob Hope’s life, I can only pray that at some point later in his life he made that choice to accept Christ as his savior. He was baptized as a baby in the Catholic church. However, baptism does not make you a Christian. His wife is a devout Catholic, but Bob did not share that faith, although he was given many awards by the Catholic church over the years for his humanitarian service. But again, good works cannot save you. No doubt a man as well traveled as Bob Hope, had to come across many people over the years that shared with him that faith in Jesus Christ is the only road to Heaven. Only God knows our heart, and only God knows if at some point in his life Bob made a commitment to Christ. But let me reiterate, as great of a life as he had, as loved as he was, it all meant nothing the moment he died. If Bob Hope died without confessing Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior, he is lost for eternity!

I have no doubt that somewhere in the world, within a few minutes of the passing of Bob Hope, a man that had accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior also died. This man was not known by the world, he did not have great wealth, but death is the great equalizer. If Bob Hope died without Christ, this man that was known and loved by the world, this man that had all the wealth this world could offer, was instantly cast into eternal darkness. At the same time, the man who DID know Jesus, who had no fame or fortune in this life, was instantly ushered into the presence of Almighty God for eternity. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his soul?” (Luke 16:19-31)

I love you and care about you so much. The world was made a better place because of the great gift God gave to Bob Hope. He will be missed. But being great in this life does NOT guarantee you anything when this brief journey is over. Each person is responsible for their own eternal destination by their choice in regard to Jesus Christ. You see, it was Jesus that died on a cross 2,000 years ago for your sins and mine. That is why only faith in Jesus can save you.

If right now, this very moment, you do not have the assurance that when your life is over, you will be forever with God, the Bible says that TODAY is the day of salvation. You never have to doubt or wonder again, Bow your head right now, ask God to open your heart, and read the words at this following link: . I will be praying for you as you make the most important decision that you will make in this life, where you will spend eternity. Only God knows for sure if Bob Hope is in Heaven. If he is, it is not because he was a great entertainer, but ONLY because he had accepted Jesus Christ into his heart and life by faith. That is the same choice EVERY person must make before they die.

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May the Lord richly bless you for standing with me in HIS work here at Liveprayer. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of people for eternity. As great as an entertainer as Bob Hope was, what he did helped people through this brief journey here. HOWEVER, THE GREATEST THING THAT YOU CAN DO IN THIS LIFE IS IMPACT SOMEONE FOR ETERNITY!!! The memories of this life will one day be gone, but eternity is forever!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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The tongue

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(James Chapter 3)

The tongue. Here is one that I could probably do a month’s worth of Devotion’s around. You can read the entire 3rd chapter of the Book of James in less than 5 minutes. Please, take that 5 minutes today and do it. It is amazing how living a successful Christian life really boils down to a few things. The foundation of course is our daily relationship with Christ. It ALL starts there. Sin is a manifestation of what is in our hearts. You don’t
commit the act of adultery until is starts in your heart, moves to your head,
and finally is performed by your body. Hatred is a condition of the heart. Having your heart right is the key to how you live your life, and the actions
you perform day in and day out.

Even though we are talking today about our tongue, that organ that we use to speak with, the things we say start in our heart, move to our head, and are manifested in our conversation. We can never talk about taming our tongue until we talk about taming our heart. We can never talk about the things we say until we talk about the genesis of those words. As long as I have breath
and you read these Devotionals, I will implore you to realize that the key to
having a pure heart is having a daily relationship with Christ. An intimate, vibrant,
real relationship, from which our heart and life are guided by.

Understanding that what we say is born in our heart, then thoughts, let me encourage you today to understand the power of the things you say to other people. We can accomplish so much with our conversation, while we can also destroy so much. I believe it is critical to use our conversation to build people up. There is so much negativity in the world today. We should always
take the opportunity when speaking to people to lift them up, to be an encouragement
to them.

I also believe that we have to use conversation to be honest with people. Most
counseling situations I am in are as a result of lack of communication. For whatever
reason, we don’t say what we should, we aren’t clear about our feelings, we don’t
express our thoughts enough, and the lack of communication over a period of time
festers into major conflicts.

I am a firm believer of being upfront and honest. Even if it is uncomfortable
and painful, it is better to get it out and deal with it, before it becomes even a
larger problem. Of course, our conversation is also the gift the Lord has given
us to tell others He is our hope and reason for life. I have talked the last few days
about witnessing. While we witness through how we live our life, we also witness
by communicating the hope we have in Christ. The easiest and most effective way
is to simply tell others what Jesus has done in our life. You don’t need to be a bible
scholar to tell people how He has impacted your life.

I love you, I care for you, I pray for you daily. My encouragement for you today is to take inventory of your conversation. Be aware of the things you say, how you say it, and the impact it has on others. Sometimes you have situations where you just have to sit down and have a serious conversation. You can always use God’s gift of communication to build someone up, to encourage them.

NEVER miss that opportunity. People need someone to lift them up, encourage them along the way. It can make all the difference in their day. Be aware of the
power what you say is. Be aware of what you say before you say it. Be aware
that if you are not happy with the things that come out of your mouth, then you
need to pray for the Lord to show you what is really in your heart. You don’t speak
by accident. It starts in your heart. Pray that prayer today…”create in me a clean
heart Lord”. God will always honor the prayer of His child to be like Him.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Young adults and dating

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( Genesis 2:24, 29:20 )

Young adults and dating. Relationships between a man and woman are NOT a game! It is a serious, life-changing business. Every day, app. 5,000 of the 40,000 prayer requests I receive at Liveprayer are from young adults 18 and under, and the vast majority of them are dealing with the issue of relationships. Let me say right up front, I personally feel that a young man and woman should WAIT until after High School to start dating. Dating, having a relationship with someone of the opposite sex, should be for the purpose of finding your partner for life. A 12, 13, even 16 or 17 year old, is RARELY equipped and ready to be thinking about marriage. So they enter into a relationship solely based on feelings they don’t understand and have under control yet, and for every reason BUT marriage. I realize that MTV, Friends, Dawson’s Creek, and all of the garbage on TV glorifies teen relationships. EVER SEEN A GODLY TEEN RELATIONSHIP ON TV? As Christians, we are to live UP to the standards of God, not DOWN to the standards of this sinful world!

Here are the two problems. First, in EVERY relationship you have, you give a piece of yourself away. By the time you finally get married, after say 3 to 10 relationships, that is how much LESS of you the one you are committing to spend your life with will get. The second problem is that going in and out of relationships means each new one becomes less special, breaking up becomes easier each time you do it, and you develop a mindset that you eventually take into marriage that makes it easy to get divorced when things don’t go as you hoped. Marriage becomes little more than a legal date.

I get flooded with emails every time I mention about young adults waiting until after high school to date. They pour in from young men and women, 13, 14, 15, 16 years old who tell me that I don’t know what I am talking about. They are in “love”. Getting involved in a relationship unlocks our emotions. It sets off things inside of us that have incredible power over us to the extent we don’t act or think rationally. We become consumed. Mature, experienced people in their 20’s, 30’s, 40′ and 50’s often destroy their very lives by letting these emotions rule them. What chance does an inexperienced teen have? None! The results of these teen romances range from hurt feelings, all the way to death, and everything in between.

I get emails daily from young adults who have diseases they will carry with them the rest of their life, have had children that obviously dramatically altered their life, as well as those who made the unfortunate choice to have an abortion and are now dealing with the consequences of that choice. I get emails daily from young men and women who have broken up and are contemplating suicide, can’t eat or sleep, or simply have no desire to do anything. The fact is, God gave you freewill to make choices. To choose to enter into a serious boyfriend/girlfriend relationship before you are out of high school is a BAD CHOICE and can dramatically change your life forever. ***By the way, there is nothing magic about being out of High School. It is simply one major “life hurdle” out of the way that is part of the foundation of your life. There is PLENTY of time after High School to start dating.

Even though this is not even a debatable issue, because it is such a problem let me quickly address it. There is absolutely NO situation when sex outside of marriage is acceptable to God. NONE. ZERO. There is a Biblical word fornication. It literally means any sex outside of marriage. Any boyfriend or girlfriend that is willing to have sex before marriage is NOT the person God has chosen for your life. It is simply not acceptable. And don’t play games in this area. I get emails all the time asking how far can you go? Jesus said if you lust in your heart you have already committed adultery. If you have to ask how far you can go, you are already too far. Once you allow lust into your heart, God says you have already sinned. Let that be your standard to judge by since it is impossible to engage in ANY act that wasn’t already birthed in your heart. The physical act is simply the manifestation of the sin already committed in your heart.

Having said that, let me talk to you about the two most important elements of a relationship should you be thinking of marriage. The first is God’s warning found in 2 Corinthians 6:14 to NOT BE UNEQUALLY YOKED. I have done entire Devotionals on this issue. It is a warning from God to protect you. Choosing to ignore this warning is no different than deciding to run a stop sign. You are asking for serious problems. I can not even begin to tell you how many emails I get daily from men and women who ignored this warning and are now dealing with the consequences. Consequences by the way that have literally changed their life. The person you enter into a relationship MUST also be a Christian, and actually living their life for Christ.

The second is the foundation on which you build your relationship on. If you do not have a spiritual foundation to your relationship, how can you expect your marriage to survive the storms that come in every relationship? It is exactly like the story Jesus told at the end of Matthew chapter 7. The marriage built on a spiritual foundation is like the house built on a rock. The marriage built on any other foundation is like the house built on the sand. My friend, again let me reiterate. God gave everyone freewill to make choices. You can do what you want with your life. My only purpose today is to help you make wise, informed choices about things that will affect the outcome of your life.

I love you and care about you so much. I can’t even begin to tell you how my heart is broken today, reading email after email of how people’s lives have been decimated by broken marriages. The fact is, so much of the heartache, pain, and tragedy many have lived through could have been avoided if they had simply listened to God. When you are having relationships without even understanding what is going on in the world, when you are engaging in sex outside of marriage, when you get married to someone who is not even a believer, when the foundation of your marriage is built on looks, sex, money, or anything other than the Lord….you are simply NEVER going to know the peace, joy, and abundance that this life can offer when you do it God’s way!

The other problem is, so many of God’s children end up battling with the domestic issues, they are of little service to the Lord. Never forget, that is our purpose in this life, to serve and glorify Him with our lives. The enemy gets us so distracted handling the consequences of our rebellion, that we have little time or energy left to serve Him. Please read, and re-read these words today. Commit them to your heart. I realize how strong emotions can be, and how they can cloud your judgment. That is why the more focused you are on what God’s plan is, the less chance you will have of compromising and getting into trouble.

The bottom line to these words today is this. Do it your way, and it will never work out as God intended. Do it God’s way, and it works. Life is NOT something to dread, but something to embrace and enjoy. The choice is yours. I will be praying as you make the choice God is asking you to make. Is it a guarantee that if you wait until after high school to start dating, find a spouse who is saved and living for the Lord, build a spiritual foundation together, that your marriage will not end in divorce? No! Sin can creep into people’s lives and satan loves nothing more than to destroy a marriage. But I can promise you that the odds of you making it are 1,000 times better. Relationships between a man and woman are NOT a game! It is a serious, life-changing business. A relationship God’s way, can be the most beautiful, rewarding experience you can imagine!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Ambassadors of Christ

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(2 Corinthians 5:20)

Ambassadors of Christ. One of the things that happens to us at the moment of salvation, is that we immediately become Ambassadors of Jesus Christ. This is NOT a voluntary job, but is mandatory. More important, this is not a normal type of job where you work so many hours, and then are off. Being an ambassador of Christ is a 24/7/365 job!!!! Let me say this again so you clearly understand what I am saying to you today. Being an ambassador of Christ is a 24/7/365 job!!! You NEVER stop being His representative. That means you represent Christ at school, at work, where you play, where you shop,
when you are with your friends, everywhere, every minute of the day. That also
means you represent Christ AT HOME with your parents, children, spouse, roommate, or whoever else you may live with.

***Just in case you might have missed that last sentence, let me repeat it for you!
That also means you represent Christ AT HOME with your parents, children, spouse,
roommate, or whoever else you may live with!!!

The sole purpose of today’s Devotional is to drive home the point that as a Christian, we are responsible for being Christ’s representative every second of every day. I want you to sit down and think about that today. THAT is why we talk about not drinking, not living together, not engaging in unGodly behavior, because of the fact we are CHRIST’S REPRESENTATIVES! You see others are watching you whether you realize it or not. THE LOUDEST WITNESS YOU WILL EVER HAVE TO THOSE AROUND YOU IS NOT THE

I get so many emails each day from people with unsaved family members, co-workers, and friends, and are not sure what they should say. First of all,
the Lord will give you opportunities to share how wonderful Christ has been in
your life. But on a day to day basis, it is not what you say, but how you live that
has the greatest impact on those unsaved people in your life. Live a Godly life
before them and pray for them, those are your most effective weapons in helping open their heart to the truth of God’s love for them.

I love you and care about you so much. This is actually a VERY heavy word I have given you today. TAKE A MOMENT TO READ THIS SEVERAL TIMES! As you read these words, it becomes very clear now that you have no excuse for
behaving as the world behaves. You have no excuse for allowing yourself to be
drawn into activities God is not pleased with. Why? Because you are HIS ambassador!
We are to help people live UP to God’s standards, not down to the world’s standards.

As I mentioned, that responsibility does not stop once you get home either. As
His ambassador, you represent Him to your family. Mom and dad, you represent
Christ to your children. Young adults, I realize many of you have unsaved parents.
You represent Christ to your mom and dad. Think about this as you deal with your
loved ones on a daily basis. I will pray for you today as you seek the Lord, that you
never forget you are His representative, HIS AMBASSADOR! Serve Him in that capacity each and every day!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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The bondage of TV

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(Romans 6:16)

The bondage of TV. For those of us who are 50 and younger, we have grown up with television being a big part of our life. Even though when I was growing up in the 60’s there were only 3 or 4 stations, what was on television was a big part of my life and the life of so many throughout our country. As the years have passed, television has increased in its importance in the daily lives of most people. We now live in the age of 100 plus channels that specialize in everything imaginable. Without even thinking about it, it is a bigger part of most people’s lives than they even realize. In most homes, the TV is turned on from the moment you wake up, and is on until you go to bed. Most people get home from work or school and immediately turn the TV on. Again, without even realizing it, many, no most people, have become so enslaved to television they cannot live without it.

Let me say right up front, that the purpose of this Devotional today is NOT to bash the television industry. I am not here today to even talk about the programming that is on TV. My purpose today is to make you stop and think about what role the television plays in your life, and the life of your family. I can tell you from years of counseling, that the absolute number one cause of conflict between people is a lack of communication. Relationships are destroyed because of a lack of sitting down and talking about the problems that exist. I am a firm believer that with the power of God working on people’s hearts, and honest, open communication, any conflict can be overcome.

One of the biggest reasons we do not have the type of communication we should
have with our loved ones, the people we are closest to in this life is because of the
television. How many men come home from a long day at work, sit down in your
favorite chair, and stare at the TV until you are ready to sleep. The only break is
dinner, and even than, the TV is usually on and dominates your meal time. Women,
aren’t much better, though household chores tend to occupy your time initially, but
when those chores are over, it is time for the television. Young adults and kids are
also guilty of letting the TV dominate your time as well.

One of the things I try to bring home as much as possible is the importance of our daily walk with Christ. Spending time in the Word and prayer every day. For many, it is a struggle to even devote an hour to that incredibly important time with the Lord. Yet, sitting down and watching what you enjoy on television is no problem at all. Again, my point is not to condemn you, or
try to imply television is inherently evil, simply to get you to stop and think about
how much time you spend each day in front of the television. I recently shared
with you a Devotional on fasting. I mentioned that fasting does not always have
to be food, but anything that you give up to spend that time with the Lord. Trust
me when I tell you, getting a person to fast and give up food for 3 days is much
easier than asking them to fast and give up television for 3 days.

Stop right now and ask yourself, how many hours a day do you spend watching television, than multiply that times 7. Now, take those hours each week you spend watching TV and ask yourself, if you took 25% of that time and did something
else, what could you do? Pray more, read the bible more, do things with your family,
do things with your friends, find ways to use that time at church or volunteering at
some organization helping people. It is endless what you could do, that would make
a positive impact on your life, by simply giving up 25% of the time that you now sit
in front of the television.

I love you, and care about you so much. Part of what God has asked me to do each day is to help you deal with the very real world we live in, in accordance with your faith in Christ. Making your faith real in your very real daily life. Often, we fall into bondages without even recognizing them as such. Television is one of those subtle bondages that we never even think about in that way. I will pray for you today to pray and really seek the Lord on taking 25% of the time you now spend in front of the television that time more productively. Ask the Lord how He would have you utilize that precious time. Time is the greatest resource we have in this life, yet we squander it, waste it, misuse it daily.

Just turning off the television and actually talking with your spouse, with your
children, with your family members will make an incredibly positive impact in your relationships. We can’t take our time in this life for granted. We can’t take
the time God gives us with our family and friends for granted. It won’t last forever.
It is a special gift. We miss so much of the joy, the abundance of this life by getting
lost in the endless, often mindless things we watch on the television. For those who
are single, DON’T USE THE TV AS AN ESCAPE ROUTE FROM LIVING LIFE! It is an entertainment medium, it is fantasy for the most part. God gave you only
one life, LIVE IT, don’t miss it.

The enemy uses all kinds of ticks and traps to minimize our effectiveness in serving the Lord. The television is a very seductive, common diversion the enemy uses to bind us and at least keep us off the battlefield. Today, you have heard this warning. It is a very real warning that you need to take seriously. God loves you very much. He only wants the best for your life. Allow Him to open your eyes to this trap today so that you may live a fruitful and victorious life!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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When they padlock the doors of the churches in the United States!

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( John 15:20, 16:2, Timothy 3:12 )

When they padlock the doors of the churches in the United States! Impossible you say? That day is closer than you think my friend. If you would have told someone just 50 years ago, that there would no longer be prayer in our schools, they would have called you crazy. If you would have told someone 50 years ago, that crosses and manger scenes would be banned from public buildings, they would have called you crazy. If you would have told someone 50 years ago, that it would be illegal to display the 10 commandments in a courthouse, they would have called you crazy. If you would have told someone 50 years ago, that there would be major efforts to take “under God ” out of the Pledge of Allegiance and “In God We Trust” off of our money, they would have called you crazy. However, 50 years later, these are all a reality!

Here is some more reality for you. Things are NOT going to get any better. I am thankful for all of those who love God and work so diligently in the public arena. We MUST continue to fight for the issues that support God’s Word. We must never vacate the political arena, and support those who are in public office that support the agenda of God. We have to maintain that voice. But here is the problem. Despite the numbers that Barna puts out, this nation is becoming more Godless every single day! It happened in Europe, it happened in Canada, and it is happening right before our very eyes here in the United States. We are fast becoming a Godless society.

There is now a large percentage of two full generations in our nation that do not go to church. The generation that is in their 20’s and 30’s has a large percentage that has never been to church. They grew up in homes void of God. They are now having children that are growing up in homes void of God, which means the coming generation will also grow up in homes void of God. On top of that, the vast majority of those in these two generations that DO go to church, are NOT in a committed 24/7 relationship with Christ. They range from the Christmas/Easter churchgoers, to those who simply put in their “hour” each week. Their day in and day out lives really are no different than those who don’t go to church at all.

So what is next for our nation? The false religions will continue to grow. The false religions are based on the writings of men and prey on the fact people are looking for God, but use man’s sinful condition to lead them into deception. They tell them they can buy their way into Heaven, they will have sex with virgins, they can work to become a god, and numerous other lies. Perverting the things of God that we used to honor will continue to get worse. Marriage has already become little more than a legal date to most people. Sex with people you are not married to, with the same sex, are now the mainstream norm. This will continue to destroy the family and simply create more generations of people totally void of God in their life, meaning the nation will adopt their Godless values and view of life.


The answer my friend is this. We still enjoy amazing freedoms in this nation to share the Word of God. WE MUST TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! Jesus said that we had to work while it was still light because the night was coming. We have got to stop playing games and get serious, because we have a very real enemy who is deadly serious. Oh how I wish the church was as committed to building the lives of people, to building the Kingdom of God, as it is in building great structures of brick and mortar. It is amazing how a church can find 20 million dollars to build a new building, but not $200 to help pay someone’s rent! It is time for pastors to stop worrying about being politically correct and start being Biblically correct! Churches need to take out the theater seating and make people stand up in the presence of God. God’s church was never supposed to be a place where people are entertained, but a place where they are trained up to do the work of God.

I love you and care about you so much. This is the third time in the last 30 days that the Holy Spirit has prompted me to give you such a word. I sense in my Spirit a great sense of urgency, that the time is truly very short now. Jesus is coming back at any moment for His church. We are living in a very evil and dark world. This nation has rapidly deteriorated spiritually right before our very eyes over the past 40 years. BUT GOD HAS ALWAYS HAD A PEOPLE! GOD HAS ALWAYS HAD A REMNANT! I pray today that you will be part of that remnant God will use to bring in this last great harvest.

Now more than ever, those who refuse to bow their knee to Baal need to stand up and be counted. The Bible proclaims that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church. That is because the church is not a building, it is all those people that have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and will follow Him to their death. THAT is the true church, and that is why they can padlock the doors of a building, but they will never stop the work of God!!! GOD WILL HAVE THE LAST WORD!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Coming back to give God thanks

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( Luke 17:11-19 )

Coming back to give God thanks. How often do we pray, asking God to help us with a need in our life, and in His grace and mercy our prayer is answered.
The real question for today is, after we get our answer, how often do we spend
time just giving Him the praise and thanks He deserves? Mankind really has changed very little over the years. In today’s scripture, we read about the 10
lepers who were healed, yet only one came back to give Jesus thanks.

It is easy to read that passage and condemn the other 9, yet each one of us has
probably been guilty of receiving God’s blessings and not being as thankful as we should be. We can get to a place in our walk with the Lord where we are used to His blessings. We can get to a place where we expect His blessings. As His children, we should enjoy the rich blessings of God in our life and live a life of faith expecting Him to bless us. The problem comes when we take His blessings for granted and aren’t as thankful as we should be. We must never forget, we are blessed by His grace…not because we deserve to be blessed.

Today’s message is not difficult or hard to understand. If nothing else, let it be a reminder to you to never take God’s blessings in your life for granted. More important, never forget to show your gratitude for all He does for you each day. Growing up, young children are taught to say please and thank you. It is not only good manners to say thank you, but should be something we want to do. We pray, believe, trust, and see God work…..the natural reaction should be one of gratitude. Our praise and thanksgiving should flow from a grateful heart for what He has done for us.

The reminder today is to never forget when God is blessing you that it is because He loves you and cares for you. The natural response to that love should
be to love Him, adore Him, and give Him the thanks He is due. Check yourself
and make sure you are not like the 9 who took their blessing and went on with
their life, but like the one who was grateful for what the Lord did for him.

I love you and care about you so much. I pray that you continue to grow closer
in your relationship to the Lord. Like any relationship, it doesn’t happen overnight,
but grows day by day. I can promise you that the most exciting days are still ahead.
He has a perfect plan for each one of His children, and it is our job to stay close to
Him so that He can work through our lives to reach others. I will be praying
today that you will stay in that close, intimate, daily relationship with Christ
that is the key to our life.

Never forget that when you get off-track, overwhelmed by the problems this life can present, I will be here to help you. It is no accident you are getting
the Devotionals each day, and God is doing His best to speak to you through them.
He loves you so much and so do I. You are never alone!!!

***Please, take a moment today to simply say a prayer of thanksgiving, and thank
God for ALL that He does for you each and every day. It is out of His love for us
that He blesses our lives, and it is out of our love for Him that we say THANK YOU!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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