You are special!!!!

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( Deuteronomy 7:8, Romans 5:8, Ephesians 2:4,5 )

You are special!!!! This is a very short and simple word for YOU today, but powerful in its truth! Many days we get so consumed with our lives that we lose sight of just how special we are. Life is filled with many problems, and because of those problems, we sometimes get down and blame ourselves. Not a day goes by that we don’t fail in some way, and so many people tend to live in self-condemnation. Let me encourage you today that God created you in His own image and made each person uniquely different. No matter what you are going through, what you may have done, God still loves you and in His eyes, YOU ARE SPECIAL!!!!!

Forgiving others can be very difficult, especially when they have hurt us in some way. However, just as difficult, even more so, is forgiving ourselves! The Bible tell us that we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. There are no perfect people. But our God is ready to forgive us and cleanse us from all our sin if we will simply confess our sins to Him and repent. My
friend, you cannot change what has already been done, but you have total control over what you will do from this point forward.

I pray that this day, you will find freedom in the fact that you are special and
God loves you. What may have happened in your life before is behind you. You need to stand on God’s promise that if you are willing to confess those past sins and ask His forgiveness, He will forgive you and give you a fresh slate. If our God is willing to forgive you, then isn’t it time you forgive yourself? Let today be the first day in your knowledge that you are special. God has a plan and purpose for your life. Go forward to accomplish His plan for your life knowing that you are His child and He loves you unconditionally.

I love you and care about you so much. No matter what anyone may tell you, YOU ARE SPECIAL. Special to me, but more important, special to God. HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH! I don’t care what you are facing today, what the issues may be, take a few moments out of your day and just reflect on the FACT that in God’s eyes…YOU ARE SPECIAL!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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The harvest is plentiful!

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( Matthew 9:37,38 )

The harvest is plentiful! I have a secret to share with you today. The people in this world are looking for hope. The people in this world are searching for answers. The people in this world as just waiting for someone to show them the way. THE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD ARE HUNGRY FOR JESUS!!!

I can honestly say that never before in over 11 years of ministry, have I been as excited and encouraged as I am today. Each day, app. 1/3 of the nearly 2 million people worldwide that we reach through are not Christians, or going to church. They are just normal people trying to get through the day to day trials of life, and realize that there MUST be more to life, and that something is missing. They have come to Liveprayer through family members, friends, co-workers, or schoolmates. That is why in just 48 months of being online, over 38,000 people that we know of have accepted Christ as their personal savior. Keep doing your part and sending people the Devotional and telling them about Liveprayer. GOD IS USING YOU TO IMPACT THEIR LIFE FOR ETERNITY!

After the first 26 weeks of the new Liveprayer television program on the UPN affiliate in Tampa Florida, we have already had 200 people that we know of who have accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts. OVER 50 OF THEM WERE SAVED LIVE ON THE AIR!!! You want to talk about reality television!!! Many more have called, and sent in emails that are lost, hurting, broken, and simply looking for the hope to get through the many problems that they are facing in their life.

I told one of the ministers on my staff that is overseeing the phone calls we get each night on the TV program, that this is like walking along side of a cornfield and the ears of corn are literally jumping off of their stalks and into our baskets!!! The reason I purposely chose to do this program on secular TV, purposely chose to do the program LIVE, purposely chose to do it at 1 am, is because THIS IS WHERE THE HURTING AND THE LOST ARE AT!!!!!

Here is my word for you today. THE HARVEST IS PLENTIFUL! There are two keys that I want to share with you. Key number one is that you have to go to the people. We have close to two full generations now that for the most part do not have any church in their life experience. They will not come to church, they will not turn on Christian TV or radio, they will not buy Christian music or books. The church needs to take the message to them instead of hoping they come to the message. Key number two is how you approach them. If you approach them with open arms, wanting NOTHING from them, only to minister to their needs, they are open to that.

I love you and care about you so much. Jesus not only cried out that the harvest was plentiful, but He added, “the workers are few.” I will be praying for you to meditate on these words today. There are many things that we can do with our life that would be considered “great.” But there is NO GREATER thing we can do than let God use us to help lead a lost soul into an everlasting relationship with HIM! With all of the turmoil in our world today, with the personal hardships many are facing due to the downturn in our economy, with just the normal trials of day to day life….never before in human history has there been such opportunities to see the lost won for Christ.

However, Jesus stated the problem. Even with such a great harvest just waiting to be brought in, there is a lack of workers to get the job done. I am praying for you today that YOU will answer this call that God has on your life to be a worker to help bring in this mighty harvest. As our Lord told us, we must work while it is yet light, since the darkness is approaching. Jesus spoke in Matthew 24, Paul in 2 Timothy chapter 3 about the signs of the last days. Only God knows the exact time and moment, but the signs clearly point to the fact that the hour is near. I want to encourage you today. THE TIME IS NOW, THE HARVEST IS READY, AND GOD IS CALLING YOU TO HELP BRING IN THE HARVEST!!!

In his love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Living beneath God’s blessings

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( Haggai 1:3-11 )

Living beneath God’s blessings. As I was reading the Bible the other night, I was reading the Book of Haggai and realized that people have never really changed even after all of these years. How much the people of God spoken about in the Book of Haggai were EXACTLY like the people of God today. Let me set the context for you. The year is 520 BC. King Darius, the Medo-Persian king allowed a remnant of the children of Israel to return to Jerusalem after being held in captivity for 70 years by the Babylonians so that they could rebuild the Temple.

However, the people of God were not as interested in rebuilding the house of God as they were in building their own houses. God spoke through His prophet, Haggai, to let them know that because of their selfishness, they were missing the blessings of God. That is what I want to share with you today. How because of our selfishness, we are living beneath God’s blessings. How we become so focused on OUR LIFE, on OUR GOALS, on OUR DREAMS, on OUR DESIRES, we have forsaken the work of God and are missing His blessings.

There is not one person reading this today that doesn’t want God’s blessings in their life. Even those who don’t believe there is a God, still want His blessings. The reality is, GOD WANTS TO BLESS YOU! Jesus said, “it is your Father’s pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” But just like there are natural laws that govern the earth, there are spiritual laws that govern the Kingdom of God. Let me give you the key to God’s blessings. GOD CANNOT AND WILL NOT BLESS DISOBEDIENCE. Let me say that one more time. GOD CANNOT AND WILL NOT BLESS DISOBEDIENCE. If you want God’s blessings, the first thing that you must do is live in accordance with His Word. The
Bible tells us that “to obey is better than sacrifice.” God said, “Oh that their hearts
would be inclined to fear me and keep all my commands always, so that it might go
well with them and their children forever.” GOD’S BLESSINGS FLOW FROM OUR OBEDIENCE!!!

So let’s go one step further and look at the very first commandment. “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Most of us feel pretty safe that we obey this commandment. After all, we don’t worship the sun, or the clouds, or a chair, or a tree. We don’t have hundreds of gods that we pray to. But I want to tell you today that whenever you put yourself before God, you have literally taken Him off HIS throne and put yourself on it! You have said, “my will…not thy will be done.” How can we live in blatant disobedience to the very first commandment and still expect God to bless us? He can’t, and He won’t! That is why the Bible says, “you expected much, but see, it turned out to be little.” If we truly want God’s blessings, the first step is to put God back in His rightful place, on His throne as the Lord of our life and live in obedience to what He calls us to do each day.

I love you and care about you so much. Today’s scripture really shows us how empty this life can be without God’s blessings. It is no wonder why so many turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, food, money…anything to escape. It is
frustrating to live without God’s blessings. I am not talking so much about the material blessings as I am the SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS. Don’t you realize that there is no amount of money to buy true peace, not enough gold in the world to buy real joy, not enough real estate on the planet to buy the abundant life that God has offered us. What price can you put on hope? This world is lost, hurting, and without hope because it is living without God and without His blessings.

I will be praying for you today to accept the same challenge that the prophet
Haggai gave the children of Israel 2,500 years ago. Start rebuilding the house
of God in your heart. Take the focus off of building YOUR HOUSE, and put it on building GOD’S HOUSE. Take the focus off of what YOU want to do, and put it on what God wants you to do. God wants to bless you abundantly so that you eat and are full, so that you drink and are never thirsty. God wants
to bless YOU TODAY! Isn’t it time to stop living beneath His blessings, and start
receiving all of the blessings that HE has for your life?

As we end our 4th year of ministry, we are still $2,200 short of meeting all of our
obligations for this month. For those that have given, THANK YOU! It is your
gifts each month that make Liveprayer possible. If you have not given this month and
God is putting it on your heart to do so, please sit down today, and give the best
gift you possibly can to help me start out our fifth year of ministry on the Internet
in good financial shape.

You can give on your major credit card thru a secure server at my website under the “Donation” link, you can give via your PayPal account
using my email address, or you can mail your gift to: Liveprayer
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All gifts to Liveprayer are tax deductible.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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(Matthew 7:13,14, John 14:6)

Unity. A byproduct of the horrible events of September 11, 2001, has been a more unified country. People like never before have come together in a unified manner, ignoring the racial, ethnic, economic barriers that normally divide us. It is good to see our nation stand together as one. Jesus even said, a house divided cannot stand. But I do want to share something I have seen since 9/11 that has disturbed me, and I want to deal with it today.

While I believe in my heart that we as Christians should love and care for those of other faiths, while we should be kind to them, we must NEVER compromise the Christian faith just to be politically correct. The fact is, God’s plan clearly says that there is only ONE road to salvation, there is only ONE road to Heaven, and that is through faith in His Son Jesus Christ. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO ETERNITY WITH GOD.

One of the byproducts of all of the inter-faith prayer and memorial services during 9/11 and the anniversary of that tragic day, was the appearance that anyone who “has faith” and is “spiritual” will be in Heaven. MY FRIEND, THAT IS NOT TRUE!. God’s Word clearly tells us that those who reject Christ as their personal savior in this life will be eternally separated from God, their Creator.

That means those who have CHOSEN to put their faith in the teachings of Islam, of Judaism, or Buddha, or anything other then the inspired, inerrant Word of God will be eternally separated from God when this life is over. As wonderful as other religions may be, they are just that, religions. Christianity is much more than a religion, it is a relationship. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Many can’t quite grasp how a loving God, a God of grace and mercy, would let “good people” die and be eternally separated from Him. It is because of sin. You see my friend, sin is something we are all born with. It has been part of the human condition since man sinned in the Garden of Eden. There is only one answer to sin, and that is the answer God put forth. He sent His only Son, Jesus to this earth to die for the sins of all men.

It was God’s plan that Jesus, who was born of a virgin, who lived a sinless life, would die on Calvary’s cross and pay with his blood for the sins of all mankind. THAT my friend, is why it is ONLY our faith in Jesus Christ that can wipe away our sins. It is ONLY faith in Christ that can allow sinful man to have his sins wiped clean so that upon death, he can spend eternity with a holy God. Those who never accept Christ, who reject Him, die in their sin and thus are not able to be reconciled back to God their creator. This was God’s plan that He gave us because He loved us so much.


There is a unity however, that we as Christians should be embracing and working towards. That is unity within the body of Christ. A prayer our Lord prayed just hours before going to the cross is still yet unanswered. In John 17:21, Christ prayed for the body of Christ to be one. One of the goals of my ministry when I started over 11 years ago, was to do what I could to bring unity to the body of Christ. In some of my post graduate theological studies, I did extensive research on over 150 mainline Christian denominations and what they believed, and what separated them. The fact is, they all hold the basic tenets of the Christian faith. It was usually on a wide array of theological issues that made no difference to the main body of our faith that there is disagreement and division.

I had the wonderful joy the first 3 years of my ministry to preach in over 500 churches of most every denomination and ethnic make-up. The fact is, the common bond amongst every church was people who were hurting, going through the trials and pains of life., and looking to God for help and answers. Now more than ever, this is a time for Christian churches to come together as one.

Never forget, it is NOT your church that saves you, but a personal relationship with Christ. God is NOT going to ask you the name of your church, only the name of His Son! So whether you are Baptist, Catholic, United Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Assembly of God, Independent, or whatever denomination your church belongs to, the most important thing is not your church home, but your relationship with Christ.

I love you and care about you so much. Please don’t misunderstand me. I have many dear friends who are Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and many other false religions. I care about them very much. I pray for them daily to allow God to open heir hearts to the truth of His Word. These are good people. They do many good works here on earth. But the Bible tells us in Ephesians 2:8,9 that it is NOT of works that we are saved, but through faith in Christ.
Period. I have agreed over the years to appear in several inter-faith events. However, I used my time to not only pray for the concerns being addressed, but share how God so loved this world, that He gave his only Son, that whosoever believed in Him would not perish, but have everlasting life.

We must NEVER compromise the truth of God’s Word just to make people feel better. Actually, it is better to offend someone than fail to share with them the keys to eternal life. The Bible says that the Gospel is offensive to those who don’t believe. Our job is not to make people feel good, but to share with them the truth of His Word. What they choose to do with that information is between them and God. We have done what God expects us to do.

I pray today for those people of the false religions, that they will open their
hearts to God’s love, and come to know His Son by faith. I pray for Christians, both here in this country and worldwide. I pray that we will not only be bold in sharing our faith with those of the false religions, but that we will become one, just like Christ prayed in the Garden over 2000 years ago. Now more than ever, the body of Christ needs to stand together, in unity. No longer identified by the local church we attend, but by the faith
in Christ we share. A faith that is the only hope for this world. A faith that is the only hope for each person. A faith that is the only road to everlasting life with God our Creator!

***If at this moment, you are not 100% sure that if your heart stops beating you will immediately be forever with Jesus, then please take a moment, pray for God to open your heart, and read the words at this link, . It will be the most important decision that you will make in this life.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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One moment can change your life

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( Proverbs 1:29 )

This is how I will know if it is God’s plan or not. Like Gideon, my faith is weak and I need to lay out a fleece. I need God to have 100 people contact me by Friday the 5th of September, that will commit to attend and support the new Liveprayer Evangelistic Center for at least 3 months. If I get 100 people, I will start initially holding services on Sunday morning and evening at a hotel on Ulmerton Road in Clearwater in the Feather Sound area, which is accessible to anyone in the greater Tampa Bay area. If at the end of the 3 months God has clearly indicated this is what He wants, I will then get a facility for the permanent home of the Liveprayer Evangelistic Center and begin holding services 7 nights a week. Also, God will have to bring me a seasoned minister of music that will oversee that aspect of the ministry.

I can see how this could be part of God’s overall plan for Liveprayer. We would eventually move all of the Liveprayer operations into the Evangelistic Center. As Liveprayer continues to grow, we would be able to add the additional staff from the people that are attending the Evangelistic Center. It would be a unique 7-day outreach to the lost in addition to our existing Liveprayer internet and television ministries.

Please pray for me as God speaks to this situation. It is in His hands now to bring forth the 100 people and minister of music that will be part of the birth of the Liveprayer Evangelistic Center. I am surrendered to Christ, and if this is God’s will for Liveprayer, let it happen for HIS glory and may many souls find an everlasting relationship with Jesus Christ!

One moment can change your life. I was reading the other morning the latest accounts of the horrible incident that occurred last year at the estate of retired NBA star Jayson Williams. After a night of partying where it has been reported drugs and alcohol were used, at some point a limo driver was accidentally shot to death as Williams showed off a rifle that he owned. Even though all indications are that this was an accidental shooting, because Jayson and those present were not thinking with clear minds, they decided to try and make the accidental shooting look like a suicide. It was a poor attempt to cover-up a horrible accident, and now, Jayson Williams could be facing the next 50 years in prison. This is a man who had it all. Millions of dollars, fame, an expanding TV career…all gone in one moment.

I spent some time Saturday morning with a family of a young man who had died last week in a car accident. The young man was 17, in his senior year of high school, was planning on attending the University of Florida next year, active in his youth group at church. Sadly, he and three friends decided to go out and use fake ID’s to get into a local bar. They drank for several hours and on the way home, the young man lost control of his car on a curve, it flipped over, hit a tree, and he was killed. Fortunately, his three friends survived, will recover from their injuries, but always have to live with what happened that night. A quality young man, with a wonderful life in front of him….all gone in one moment.

Last night, I got an email from a man who was contemplating suicide. Successful businessman, 52 years old, great family, deacon in his local church. However, on a business trip several months ago, he made the choice to have sex with a co-worker. Afterwards, he repented of what he did, and told the woman that he was sorry for what happened and it could never happen again. However, she did not want the affair to end and threatened to tell his wife, his pastor, the owner of the company what
happened, if he ended their affair. Here is a man who had everything that this world could offer….and it was all gone in one moment.

It goes on, and on, and on. The point that I want you to hear from me this day is that I don’t care what you have done in the past, how close you have been to God, how close you are to God. The FACT IS….if you don’t keep that intimate, close relationship with the Lord EVERY DAY….you can have one moment that can change your life forever!

I love you and care about you so much. I try my best every day to share with you how important it is to pray each day, to stay in the Word each day, to be in church, to find ways to serve the Lord with your life. WHY? Simply because once we lose our connection to the Lord, once we allow the enemy to enter our heart and mind, once we shut God out..even for a moment….we are capable of having one moment that can change our lives forever. NEVER FORGET, THE GOAL OF SATAN IS TO KILL, STEAL, AND DESTROY!!! THAT MEANS YOU, AND YOUR LIFE!!!!

I will be praying for you today. IF you have had that “one moment,” let me encourage you that God is still in the restoration business. 1 John 1:9 says if we confess our sins, God forgives us and cleanses us. Trust His Word. The Bible also says God not only forgives, but forgets. If He forgets, then you need to as well. Now is the time to put it behind you and make sure in the future that you avoid temptation so you don’t fall back into the same sin. Move forward. God still has much for you to do. He loves you. The goal however is to avoid that “one moment.”

In closing, don’t forget that ONE MOMENT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER! God loves you, but satan is out to destroy you. If you stay close to God, you will be safe. Once you get away from Him, there is a VERY REAL enemy that is looking to destroy you. ONE MOMENT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER…stay close to the Lord EACH MOMENT OF EACH DAY!!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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The message of Joe Millionaire

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( Proverbs 2:14 )

The message of Joe Millionaire. One of the hottest programs on television last year was a FOX program called Joe Millionaire, with over 20 million viewers each week. It is a simple concept. Take a construction worker who makes $19,000/yr, clean him up and put him in a French chateau, bring in 20 gorgeous women who are looking for a husband, lie to them that he has recently inherited 50 million dollars, and each week eliminate some of the women until there is a winner that will now be told her Prince Charming is not worth 50 million, but a mere construction worker. The great finale is to see if she will stay with him for who he is, or if she only wanted him for the money she thought he had. Now THAT my friend, is great entertainment.

Coming soon will be a wonderful new program where the viewers will call in to vote for one man and one woman who will literally get married. The concept of the program is to see if the marriage works, since 50% of marriages end in divorce anyway. Other popular programs include groups of men fighting to win the heart of a single gorgeous woman, groups of women fighting to win the heart of a single handsome man, people who eat bugs and animal parts to win a prize, and the list of this incredible entertainment goes on. We are literally only one small step away from people actually dying for the entertainment of television viewers.

What is the point of bringing this up today? The fact that THIS is what our culture finds entertaining. This is what the people outside the church (and sadly some inside the church) love to watch. This is the message that television is sending to the masses, marriage is a joke, people have no worth, and the only TRUTH is what feels good at this moment. There are NO MORE BARRIERS. Whatever reigns on morality and common decency there used to be, have been taken off. It is simply now a matter of seeing how spectacular you can display every conceivable ungodly act that your imagination can dream up. Our culture is bombarded daily from every direction with the sickest, most demented messages that man has ever known. THERE ARE NO MORE LIMITS!!!

This begs the question, where is the church? Where are God’s people? The amazing fact is there are more churches, more ministries, more Christian television, more Christian radio, more Christian books, more Christian magazines, more Bibles, more Christian resources of all kinds than ever before in the history of our world. This creates an interesting picture doesn’t it? How can there be this unbridled sin flaunted so boldly, while at the same time having these incredible Christian vehicles and resources that proclaim the Good News and the TRUTH of the Bible? The cold reality is that even with all of the above, we are simply NOT making an impact on our culture at large.

A big reason is because the Christian world has to a large extent shut itself off from the rest of the world. It operates in what I call the “circular Christian trough”. The church has for generations now been mostly operating in a maintenance mode. The problem with that is as the older saints leave this life and are on to their rewards in Heaven, there is nobody new to take their place. Christian ministries reach out to those already in the church world. As exciting as some of the great crusades and conferences we hear about are, the fact is, 95% of those people who attend are already part of the local church community in that area that an “advance team” spent months cultivating. 97% of those who watch Christian television, listen to Christina radio, subscribe to Christian magazines are already Christians. “Evangelists” preach in churches where the vast majority are already saved.


I love you and care about you so much. We are living in a day and time of GREAT OPPORTUNITIES. I have no doubt that there will be more terrorist attacks here in the United States in the future. Many people have lost lots of money in the stock market decline of the last few years. With the downturn in our economy, many are out of work or underemployed. Now more than ever, people are hurting and looking for answers. We have the only true answer for them, and that is faith in Jesus Christ!

I will also share with you something God showed me several years ago. THIS is why I have had such a passion for the work here at Liveprayer, and why I have pressed hard every day since we started 48 months ago. God showed me that satan is loose in our culture like never before. We know that the goal of satan is to kill, steal, and destroy. He has done a great job of tearing down the family unit, promoting sex in every deviant form as acceptable, blasting every conceivable ungodly thing possible thru TV, music, movies. The end result? DESTROYED LIVES! PEOPLE DYING AND GOING TO HELL EVERY DAY.

***God told me “Now, like never before, people will be hurting, lost, and looking for hope. Those who have bought into the lie of satan are hungry like never before for the real TRUTH, that is only found in God’s Word. NOW, is a time of great harvest. NOW, like never before in human history, people are tired of the lie, and looking for the TRUTH. NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE PEOPLE OF GOD TO STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!!!”

I will be praying for you today. The application to your life is simple. For those who don’t know Christ as your savior, you have been chewed up and spit out by this world, TODAY IS YOUR DAY. You don’t have to hurt any longer, you can find the peace that passes all human understanding in your life once and for all. Pray, ask God to open your heart, and read the words at this link: .

For those who are saved, who know Christ as your Savior, this is a wake up call today. The people of God have kept to ourselves for too long. God called us to be the ‘salt of the earth,” the “light of the world.” Instead, we have kept the salt in the shaker and hid our light under a bushel. It is getting late, we only have so much time, and night will soon be upon us. God is calling HIS PEOPLE to come out of your churches and start spreading your salt, and shining your light in this world we live in. There are lost, and hurting people simply waiting for someone to tell them about Jesus, NOT Joe Millionaire!!!

As we move forward into our 5th year of ministry, with so many incredible opportunities of ministry, now more than ever I need you to stand with me. Keeping up with our monthly budget of $30,000 is critical. It is your gifts each month that make that possible. Please sit down today, and give the best gift you possibly can to help us start out our fifth year of ministry on the Internet in good financial shape. As you know, you can give on your major credit card thru a secure server at my website under the “Donation” link, you can give via your PayPal account using my email address, or you can mail your gift to: Liveprayer
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All gifts to Liveprayer are tax deductible.

In his love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Who will be in Heaven

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( Ephesians 2:8,9 )

Who will be in Heaven. As you can imagine, each day I get tons of emails with questions on all types of topics. Of everything we discuss, the most important subject there is, is salvation. I want to use this time today to clarify for many out there, who will be in Heaven. The salvation equation is very simple. It is: by God’s grace, and our faith, plus NOTHING ELSE. There is only ONE way to Heaven…personal faith in Jesus Christ. There is only ONE road to Heaven. That means that the type of church you belong to will not get you into Heaven, no amount of good works will get you into Heaven, you cannot buy your way into Heaven…the only way to Heaven is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That is God’s plan as clearly He lays out in the Bible.

The church is a place where people should be able to find a personal relationship with Christ, a place of fellowship, a place to be fed spiritually, a place where people can use their talents to serve God. Membership in a church WILL NOT get you into Heaven when you die. There are many people who go through life doing wonderful things, helping people, living good lives. There are no amount of good works you can do in this lifetime to eliminate the sin we were all born with. Being a good person WILL NOT get you into Heaven when you die. There is only one way to get to Heaven, and that is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!!!

My friend, the message I want you to understand today is that God has made a simple way for His fallen children to be reconciled back into an everlasting relationship. Many have tried to complicate the issue of salvation. It is actually very simple. Recognize that you are a sinner. Repent, turn away from your sins and ask God to forgive you. Accept by faith Jesus Christ into your heart and surrender your life to Him. Why Jesus? Because in God’s plan, it was His sacrifice that paid for our sins. You see, Jesus already paid the price for our sins. That is why there are no amount of good works, no amount of money, nothing you can do on your own because He already paid the price.

Some ask about those who accept Christ on their deathbed, and how unfair it is for them to go to Heaven after a life of sin and rebellion. First of all, in perspective, this life is but a “vapor” as the Bible calls it, in comparison with eternity. You have to remember that those who rebelled during their life and come to Christ at the end, missed the joy, peace, and blessings of this life and must have suffered greatly on the inside living apart from God during those years on earth. The important fact is that like you and me, they are sinners who are saved by God’s grace.

Many ask about if you can lose your salvation. I am not going to get into the age-old theological debate of “once saved always saved,” but will share my personal convictions from years of study of the Scripture and the understanding of God I have. Part of the salvation equation is God’s grace. To lose your salvation means God would have to withdraw His grace. I have never been able to get over the hurdle that God would take His grace away, and of course the question becomes, at what point would He?

I personally believe that if you make a sincere commitment to Christ by faith you are saved. If you rebel, you lose the blessings, the peace, the joy
this life can offer. Much like the prodigal son who never stopped being His father’s
son, but lost out on the blessings of living in submission to his father. He
endured much pain and heartache for his rebellion. The bottom line though is if you
follow Christ, you will never have to worry about losing your salvation.

I love you and care about you deeply. I pray that this helps many of you clarify in your mind and heart the most important issue of our life…determining where we will spend eternity. If you are reading this today, and do not have the assurance that you will spend eternity in Heaven, or you have never accepted by faith Jesus Christ into your life, then let me encourage you to do it today. The Bible tells us that TODAY is the day of salvation. Don’t wait another minute.

Take a few minutes and go to my website, .
Read this short message on salvation, than as the Holy Spirit brings you under conviction, pray the special prayer to accept Jesus Christ into your heart as your Lord and Savior. Email and let me know you have accepted Christ into your heart, and I will be happy to send you at no charge some special information to help you in your new found relationship with Christ.

May you be richly blessed today as God quickens to your Spirit these words. For those who know Jesus, let me challenge you to print this Devotional and share it with at least 3 people in your life who need to know Jesus as their personal Savior. I will be in prayer with you for these words to open hearts for the Holy Spirit to bring them under conviction.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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