Eleven years of Liveprayer

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(John 3:16, 14:6, 15:5)

Eleven years of Liveprayer! It is easy on a day like today to reflect back on these past 11 years. Since that time, Liveprayer has become by far the world’s largest interactive Christian website, ranked in the top 20 out of 117 million prayer sites by Google. We helped to pioneer live video on the Internet. We’ve sent out just over 4,000 Daily Devotionals that began going out to a handful of people and are now are received by over 2.4 million people worldwide every single day. We have received and responded to over 70 million email prayer requests. We have accumulated a Praise Report archive with over 5 million testimonies of God’s faithfulness.

We’ve broadcasted the uncompromised Truth of God’s Word and the fact Jesus is the ONLY way on 1645 “live” TV programs on major secular network TV stations, seen by millions of people in Florida and around the nation since it debuted in March of 2003. Most important of all, just over 500,000 souls we know of who have come to faith in Jesus Christ through Liveprayer!!!

All of this has been made possible over these past 132 months by the dozens of faithful prayer hosts who manned the “live” video feed on the Internet each day, the wonderful group of over 700 retired pastors nationwide who help me get personal responses back to every email we receive for prayer, my head tech Mike and his team who keep the Liveprayer.com Internet site operational 24/7 despite the never-ending attempts from all over the world to stop our work (we’ve been down less than 48 hours TOTAL in 11 years), and the crew who physically sorts thru the 40,00 incoming emails we receive each day.

It has all been made possible by my bookkeeper and her staff, my personal assistant Susan, the men and women who faithfully work on my TV crew each night, and the Board of Directors of the ministry who oversee the ministry and are my counsel and the ones I am accountable to. It has been the faithfulness and dedication to God’s work by all of these dear people literally 24/7 that has made Liveprayer possible for millions of people all over this world each and every day without fail for these past 11 years!

Of course, ALL honor, glory, and praise goes to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Jesus said, “Without me you can do NOTHING!” That powerful reminder from John 15:5 is on the mirror in my bathroom and the first thing I see every morning. I have been most blessed of men to be given the honor and privilege to serve our Lord in such a meaningful way each and every day. It was literally 20 years ago this month that I sat in a Federal Prison cell and rededicated my life back to Christ and finally gave the Lord the one and only thing He ever wanted from me, and the one and only thing He ever wants from you…my life completely, fully, and wholly surrendered to Him!

Whatever has happened at Liveprayer these past 11 years is NOT because of Bill Keller, it is because of Jesus Christ. Bill Keller is simply a vessel God has chosen to use at this moment in human history in the fulfillment of His overall plan and purpose. All I did was give my life completely to the Lord and surrender myself to whatever His will for me is each day. I spent nearly 10 years PRIOR to the start of Liveprayer doing my best to serve and follow God faithfully. Whatever Liveprayer has become after these 11 years, is the result of serving and following Christ obediently and faithfully for nearly 20 years. It was God who has called me to do what I do today and I am simply doing my best to follow His voice as I walk by faith each day.

While today is a day for reflection, I am very thankful for all that God has allowed us to do for Him here at Liveprayer over these 132 months. However, my focus is not on yesterday but dealing with today and tomorrow. As incredible as these past 11 years have been, I know deep down in my heart we are only scratching the surface of the impact we can have in this world for Christ and in the lives of literally billions of people who live on this planet. I truly believe that we are in the last days, that Jesus is coming at any moment, and that we have the privilege of helping to bring in that last great harvest of souls before the final chapters of human history play out. God has allowed us to marry the two greatest communication tools man has ever known, television and the Internet, to reach the lost and hurting masses throughout this world.

It is because of what we have done these past 11 years that I have the incredible passion for what we can do in the years to come should Jesus tarry. What drives me each day is the fact that I know Jesus may return at any moment, that tomorrow is promised to none of us and I need to be faithful each day to the work God has called me to do, and that every second of every day someone is dying and going to hell that could be in Heaven if we had been able to reach them with the hope of Christ. Thru the internet and secular television, we have the ability to reach the lost and hurting masses and not only help them find real answers in their hour of need, but the eternal hope we have in Jesus Christ.

Seeing the lost won for Christ is what I have given my life to do. With every waking moment, every breath until God calls me home, my only objective and goal is to reach the lost with the Gospel. That passion, that drive, that determination has not waned over these past 132 months, it has intensified. I refuse to let the personal abuse I take each day stop me. I refuse to let the continual threats on my life stop me. I refuse to let the daily challenges of living in this fallen world stop me. I refuse to let finances stop me. I refuse to let anything keep me from giving the Lord everything I have every day. I know that I fall short every day, fail the Lord every day, but I am thankful He knows my heart. Jesus gave His very life for me, how can I give Him anything less?

I LOVE YOU AND CARE ABOUT YOU SO MUCH! I really mean that each day! The greatest joy of all these past 11 years is this new family God has blessed me with. Every day I cry with those in the Liveprayer family who lose those they love, and I rejoice with those in the Liveprayer family as they bring new life into this world. I remember today the many dear and faithful friends who have been part of Liveprayer over the years, many who helped lay the foundation for God’s work here who have gone on to their rewards in Glory. I also am excited by all the new additions to the Liveprayer family as they grow up to become the men and women of God He has called them to be.

It has been a privilege to stand with so many young adults as they have gone thru high school, college, started their first job, and gotten married. I’ve been honored to stand with those in the Liveprayer family who have lost their job, gotten new ones, faced health issues, struggled with their finances, gone through a divorce, had legal issues, bought and sold homes, moved, dealt with children and grandchildren living apart from the Lord, those how have battled with different addictions, and all the rest of the daily challenges we face along our journey through this life. I’m grateful to be here each day to help bear your burdens. It’s an honor to speak to people about God, it’s an even greater honor to speak to God for people.

All I can say in closing is THANK YOU! Thank you for your love. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for your financial support of God’s work her at Liveprayer. I tell you often that without you there would be no Liveprayer. That is true. YOU make this all possible each day for millions of lost and hurting people worldwide. Your love and prayers and gifts have made an eternal impact in the lives of millions of people around this planet. Please continue to pray for me and for all those who labor here so faithfully each day to make this all possible. For those who God leads and have the ability, please continue to prayerfully give as the Holy Sprit leads you as we meet our financial needs.

I’m looking forward to the day my work here is complete and I am able to go to Heaven and hopefully catch up on some sleep. I know that at some point, there will be a great reunion of all those people who were part of the Liveprayer family. It is such an honor and great joy of mine each day to be able to actually meet those who are part of Liveprayer. Sadly, I know that I will never get that opportunity to shake hands and give a hug to the vast majority of those in the Liveprayer family during this life. So I look forward to that day in Glory when we will all be together.

In the meantime, God still has much for us to do. While it would be easy and tempting to sit back and be content with what we have accomplished these past 11 years, we can’t because there is still too much work left to do. The Jonah Project is a calling by God to help lead this nation back to God and Biblical values. So it is time to keep pressing on towards that prize, being obedient and faithful each day to serve and follow the Lord, and declare to this lost world the Truth of God’s Word and tell the lost of the eternal hope they can have in Jesus Christ. May God continue to pour out His favor and blessings on Liveprayer as we remain faithful to our calling!

***It is funny. As Mormon cult member Glenn Beck has gained influence over the years, the words of Jesus kept ringing in my ears that, “we should not fear the one who can kill our body, but fear the one who can steal our soul.” As we headed into the critical last few days of the month, I knew that by warning the innocent and unknowing about a real “wolf in sheep’s clothing” like Glenn Beck, we would lose supporters of Liveprayer. Sadly, I was right. Due to the Friday Devotional and the follow-up to the Beck’s weekend on Monday, we lost about two dozen donors.

But as we celebrate our 11th anniversary of Liveprayer, the one thing I am proud to say I have never done throughout the years is compromise the Truth of God’s Word just because it would cost the ministry financial support. It is ironic as I watch many major Christian leaders selling-out the faith to lock arms with the member of a satanic cult who is helping lead innocent souls to hell for whatever they may gain, Liveprayer gets hurt for telling people the truth. But God has always taken care of our needs. That is why we are celebrating our 11 year anniversary today!

As we head into these last day of August, I really need your prayers and financial support more than ever. We have to cover the last $10,000 of our operational budget for August. One more family made the commitment to send a one-time gift of $5,000, so we just need 4 more people to make a one-time gift of $5,000 to finish paying off our 2009 shortfalls. That is $30,000 that we need today!

Also, praise God, one dear friend covered the $7,000 needed for the first weeks service at the new 9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero. I am praying for 3 more people to make that special sacrifice to cover the final 3 Sundays of September!

You can make a gift to Liveprayer on your major credit card at our website http://www.liveprayer.com under the “Donation” button, or you can give from your PayPal account by using my email address, bkeller@liveprayer.com , or you can mail a gift to: Liveprayer 6660 46th Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida 33709 *For a gift to the 9-11 Christian Center, please mark 9-11 on your check, or put (9-11) next to your name on the credit card or PayPal form. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

—> If you are able to send a gift of $5,000 or more, I would be happy to give you our bank wiring instructions or FedEx account information. Just email me at: bkeller@liveprayer.com for that information.

Thank you for standing with me to bring the God of the Bible, His Truth, and His Son Jesus to this lost and dying world!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2010, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Why Glenn Beck’s Weekend was a Failure and Accomplishes Very Little

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(Galatians 1:6-12)


After his Friday nights “Divine Destiny” and Saturday nights “Restoring Honor” events, what did Glenn Beck accomplish? Putting it all in perspective, very little for this reason. Both events created great emotional responses, but their failure was in the fact no real solution, action step, was ever presented. As I have been sharing with you since 2007, the only true hope for this nation and each man is to turn to the God of the Bible and see a real revival in this nation.

Some may say, that is exactly what Beck is saying. Here is the problem, he is saying the words, but he is part of the problem since he advocates “everyone tuning to their God,” when there is only ONE GOD, THE GOD OF THE BIBLE that can save our nation. There is only ONE JESUS who can save a man’s soul, and that is the Jesus of the Bible! GOD WILL NOT SHARE HIS GLORY WITH ANYONE OR ANY FALSE GOD!

No doubt the crowd on the Mall in Washington DC Saturday was impressive. Please understand, those people did NOT come there for a church service, but a political rally no matter what Beck said to the contrary. He was very wise to use the massive tea party activist group Freedom Works (who just happens to be a big sponsor of his radio program), to mobilize tea party groups nationally to attend.

He was also very wise to find a way to involve POLITICIAN Sarah Palin, someone who draws huge crowds wherever she appears. So this was clearly a crowd gathered, birthed out of the tea party movement, 98% or more white, and overwhelmingly Christian, who all pretty much shared the same values of honor, hope, faith, and charity Beck’s rally spoke of.

Beck was also clever to use the great Special Operations Warrior Foundation as the charity to benefit from the event, since who doesn’t love the military? He was masterful to use the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to take the heat off of the fact it was the 47th anniversary of the infamous “I Have a Dream” speech at that same location.

He also gave his “medals” to the aging black pastor and civil rights pioneer Charles Jackson, baseball superstar Albert Pujols, and Mormon philanthropist Jon Huntsman. Lastly, he had every type of “spiritual” person from Indian chiefs, to rabbis, to imams, to pastors, come up at the end while the bagpipes played “Amazing Grace.”

All very moving, but at the end of the day what really changed? Politically, despite the rhetoric this had nothing to do with politics, it clearly energized people who are not happy with the current administration in Washington and the political direction the nation is heading. Spiritually, it accomplished ZERO!

Beck calls black liberation theology and collective salvation perversions of the Gospel. The fact is, Beck’s Mormon beliefs are just as great a perversion of the Bible! Turning back to God, revival, all sound wonderful, however, you can’t just turn to what each person may call God! There is but ONE GOD, the God of the Bible. Allah is not God! The polytheistic gods of Joseph Smith and the Mormon cult are not God! There is but one God, the God of the Bible!!!

Beck, unknowingly has identified the greatest spritual problem in our nation today. The very first commandment God gave to Moses was that you are not to have any other gods before Me! This nation bows down and worships every false god man has been able to dream up in his rebellious mind. Beck, to be accepted by the masses, has had to play this game of telling people to just believe in whatever god you want to.



This is why I have been so critical of those high profile Christian pastors who have joined arms with Beck. They refuse to stand in the spotlight he gives them and renounce the Mormon cult, renounce the other fasle religions and cults of the world. Instead, they suck up to him and give this man credibility he doesn’t deserve.

Again, the vast majority of the last two generations have never even been to church. Because the church has abandoned the marketplace, there are tens of millions of lost souls, seeking answers, seeking hope. The answers and hope they find in Glenn Beck’s “faith” will only do one thing, lead their eternal souls to the flames of hell along with anyone else who follows the lies of Mormonism and rejects faith in the Jesus of the Bible.

Any pastor or Christian leader (the list from this weekend is sadly very extensive) who locked arms with Beck over the weekend is guilty of committing spritual treason, and has the blood of those lost souls who will end up in hell due to their affirmation of Beck and his satanic Mormon beliefs!

I love you and care about you so much. I pray daily for Glenn Beck to renounce the lies of Mormonism and accept the God and Jesus of the Bible, and ask you to pray for him as well. It has been refreshing to see a growing number of Christian pastors and commentators now warning people about how dangerous Beck is. Jesus said to not fear the man who can kill your body, but fear the man who can lead your soul to hell

In Beck’s satanic Mormon cult, they believe good works are part of the salvation process. It is through their works that men attain “god” status in the afterlife. The Bible is very clear that good works do NOT have anything to do with salvation. Your are saved by your faith in the Jesus of the Bible and God’s grace (Ephesians 2:8,9) God works can’t save you, but flow from your life after salvation.

Beck’s rallies this weekend will quickly fade away. Nothing changed this weekend since Beck was able to gather a large crowd of people due primarily due to their politics, but when it came time, couldn’t share with them the only real answer and hope, since the jesus of Joey Smith’s Mormon cult doesn’t exist, just like Smith’s god and holy spirit don’t exist.

All Beck accomplished this weekend was an event where he “preached to the converted.” Those who need to find the God and Jesus of the Bible weren’t there. The spritual freefall in this nation continues. Lost souls are dying and heading to hell every second.

However, there truly is an answer for this nation and for each person. It is an answer that sadly even Beck couldn’t articulate, since it means this nation must turn back to the one and only true God, the God of the Bible, and for people to give their lives to the one and only true Jesus, the Jesus of the Bible!

***As we head into these last 2 days of August, I really need your prayers and financial support more than ever. We have to cover the last $15,000 of our operational budget for August. One more family made the commitment to send a one-time gift of $5,000, so we just need 4 more people to make a special one-time gift of $5,000 to finish paying off our 2009 shortfalls. That is $35,000 that we need over the next 2 days!

Also, praise God, one dear friend covered the $7,000 needed for the first weeks service at the new 9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero. I am praying for 3 more people to make that special sacrifice to cover the final 3 Sundays of September!

You can make a gift to Liveprayer on your major credit card at our website http://www.liveprayer.com under the “Donation” button, or you can give from your PayPal account by using my email address, bkeller@liveprayer.com , or you can mail a gift to: Liveprayer 6660 46th Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida 33709 *For a gift to the 9-11 Christian Center, please mark 9-11 on your check, or put (9-11) next to your name on the credit card or PayPal form. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

—> If you are able to send a gift of $5,000 or more, I would be happy to give you our bank wiring instructions or FedEx account information. Just email me at: bkeller@liveprayer.com for that information.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Several Months Ago the Sister of a Good Friend Passed Away in a Car Accident

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(Psalms 39:5)

Several months ago, the sister of a good friend of mine passed away in a car accident. She was only 28 years old. I don’t know where she was at spiritually, whether she knew the Lord as her personal Savior or not. I do know this. God will get His word to us at different points in our life, especially for those fortunate enough to live in the United States. Each person has a responsibility on what they do with that information. One option is to dismiss it as a fairy tale and live life apart from God. The other option is to accept Christ as Savior and live for Him. It is the most important decision anyone makes in this life, since it determines where you will spend eternity.

One of the problems we face, especially in our younger years is that there seems to be so much life ahead of us. In this limited experience we have on earth, for most, that is true. With the amazing advances in medicine, we are now living longer, and being 60 or 70 seems like a very long time when you are in your teens and 20s. But as you hit your 30s and 40s, you start to realize the months and years seem to go by much quicker.

As you get older, you start to realize that life is indeed something very fleeting and doesn’t last that long. Grandparents die, parents die, other family members and friends die. You become acutely aware how real death is to the human experience. The many passages of Scripture that tell us how brief this life is become very real to us.

The fact is, none of us know when this life will end. We hope to have long, productive, enjoyable lives and live into our 70s, 80s, even 90s. Many are fortunate enough to do that. But many aren’t. Whether it is through health problems, accidents, crimes, or other events, many people never get to experience a long life here on earth. That is why we should never take tomorrow for granted, and treat each day of life like the special gift from God that it is.

That is also why we should never put off our decision on what we do with God’s Son Jesus Christ. The Bible says, “Today . . . today . . . today is the day of salvation.” I pray above everything else, that if you have NOT made your decision, you will at least take 5 minutes to get alone, pray and ask God to show you the truth. You can go to http://www.liveprayer. com and click on “Salvation.” Ask God to open your heart to what the truth is. He loves you, and sent His Son to make it possible for you to have everlasting life. But He also gave you free will to choose. He will not force Himself on you. It is a personal decision each must make in this life.

This subject today, also brings to focus what we really should be paying attention to each day. First is our walk with Christ. It is the only thing that we will take from this life into eternity. Pray, read the Word. That is how we stay in daily fellowship with our Lord. We need to be part of a local fellowship to be fed, to have fellowship with other believers, as an avenue for service. Serving God is not on option. It is something He has called all of His children to do.

We spend so much time of our life, such a high percentage of our life on things that will be gone and meaningless when this life is over, compared to the time we spend on fulfilling our real purpose. That is to serve and glorify Him. That is why so much of what we do is wood, hay, and stubble, and will be burned up. We need to be focused on laying up those treasures that will stand the test of fire. Doing those things that can have an everlasting impact in the lives of people.

I love you and care about you. I know that this is a difficult subject for many of you since I deal with it frequently. The reason I have, and will continue to deal with this issue, is because it is so critical that we never forget how brief this live is. We get so caught up in the things of this world, the next thing you know it is over, and we have missed so much of what this life is supposed to be about. That is why so many deal with such pain, heartache, and depression, much of the time. You will never find the true joy, the true peace, the abundance this life can be until you are tuned into a real daily walk with Christ, and fulfilling your God-given purpose. Everything else will leave you empty and dry.

Know I will be praying for you today to never take this day for granted or put off until tomorrow the most important decision we can make in this life, which is choosing to put our faith in Christ; or once that decision is made, be all God has called you to be. While this life is short, eternity is forever. When you know Christ as your Savior, that eternity will be spent in fellowship with our Creator.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2010, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

For Many Years I Lived in Downtown Chicago

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(1 Peter 5:8)

For many years, I lived in downtown Chicago. You do not have to spend much time in downtown Chicago before you see the Chicago Streets and Sanitation Departments big blue tow trucks. These are not your normal tow trucks. They are about three times the size of a standard tow truck and bright blue.

One afternoon I was sitting on a bench near City Hall and I was watching this one particular tow truck, slowly creeping up the street. Very slowly. The driver was carefully looking at each parked car to make sure they were parked at a meter and there was money in the meter. I watched as the truck slowly went up one block, then back down the next block.

Then all of the sudden, the yellow lights went on, the truck went into action, and within a few minutes, had attached an illegally parked car to it’s hook and was off to the pound. Now, as interesting as this story may be, you are probably wondering what this has to do with the Lord or anything spiritual.

That tow truck represents the enemy, walking about seeking who he might destroy. The parked cars represent each of us. You see, when your spiritual meter is full and you are properly parked, then the enemy has no control over your life.

The enemy is interested in finding those who are adrift, away from God. He looks for those who are weak. That is why day after day I encourage you to start in prayer and reading the Word. That is the spiritual food you need to be strong for the day. That is the equivalent of putting money into your spiritual meter.

What you do during the day, the places you go, the activities you are involved in, are the equivalent to being properly parked. Remember, when we are illegally parked, in places we shouldn’t be, we become an easy target for the enemy.

I love you and care about you so much. The point of this Devotional today is to keep you aware that there is a very real enemy out there whose goal is to kill, steal, and destroy. If you think back on your life, or possibly where you are right now, you can probably trace a lot of the attacks to not being where you need to be with the Lord.

Just like those cars illegally parked, or cars at expired meters, you become an easy target. I love you, and care about you, and try daily to do my best to warn you of the dangers that exist in this life and how we can avoid many of them.

Remember, it is critical to be prayed up, in close daily contact with the Lord. The enemy is out there, lurking. Like the big blue tow trucks of Chicago, the enemy is looking for an easy target. God has given you the tools to avoid being an easy target. Use them.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2010, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

What is Wrong with Fellowshipping with Muslims, Mormons, and Others who Part of some Cult

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(John 14:10, 3:16)

What is wrong with fellowshipping with Muslims, Mormons, and others who are part of some cult, false relgion, or new age philosophy? NOTHING! As a matter of fact, we SHOULD be fellowshipping with people who have rejected the Jesus of the Bible as their personal Lord and Savior. This is exactly what Christ has COMMANDED, not suggested we do!

That is why Liveprayer has been on the internet and has aired our TV and radio programs only on secular stations. This is not just a ministry, but an evangelistic ministry! We are not just here to minister to those who know the Lord, to bring the Truth of God’s Word into the marketplace, but above all, share with lost souls the hope and love of Jesus Christ and that through faith in Christ we can enjoy everlasting life!!!

Fellowshipping does not mean we EVER, EVER, compromise our faith and the Truth of the Bible. Fellowshipping does now mean we lay aside the absolutes of the Bible to “get along.” Fellowshipping means that we love others who are lost and without Christ, loving them enough to tell them the truth that there is only ONE God, the God of the Bible, ONE Truth, the Bible, and ONE WAY TO BE SAVED, faith in the Jesus of the Bible!!!


Please don’t be intimidated into silence by those who call you a hate monger, homophobe, islamaphobe, or any other derogatory name designed to keep you silent. I could only pray to receive one penny for every time I am told to shut up, called one of these derogatory names designed to silence me, told that I make Christians look bad because I have the audacity to tell someone who rejects Jesus they will die and end up in hell.

We have a generation of gutless pastors too afraid to simply state the Truth of the Bible, thus a generation of gutless Christians who are too afraid to simply state the Truth of the Bible, while the spokesmen of satan have no fear or shame and proudly proclaim their lies to the masses!

Sadly, fellowshipping has turned into Christians getting in bed with anyone of any belief system if it helps them in some way. Two incredible current examples of this are Glenn Beck and Islam. My first encounter with Glenn Beck came back in March of 2003, nearly 7 1/2 years ago, during the Elizabeth Smart affair. I told the Daily Devotional subscribers that she was most likely taken by a Mormon to be one of his wives, which is exactly what turned out to have happened.

I made the national press during the aftermath of the Smart incident, because I shined the light on the fact teen age girls in that area the country are often taken a child brides of Mormons who still follow the cult’s teachings on polygamy, despite the fact the main headquarters of the cult outlawed the practice since it put them on the wrong side of the law and out of the mainstream where they desperately wanted to be. However, they still preach polygamy, it is still part of Mormon cult doctrine in their warped version of the afterlife, and is still very much in practice by many Mormons in western states.

During this time, Beck was just starting his climb to fame. I was invited on his radio program on the Smart issue. We spoke several times off the air prior to the interview, and he ended up canceling my appearance since after numerous lies to the contrary, he finally admitted that he was a Mormon. I remember numerous email exchanges with him in which I tried to share with him why Smith was nothing but a con man and the Bible is the only Truth there is. He dismissed me as nothing but a “Mormon bigot.”

I have continually warned people about Beck, especially after Mormon Mitt Romney’s company bought Clear Channel and they made Beck a star by putting him on hundreds of the best radio stations in the nation in the 3 hour slot prior to Limbaugh. He was a natural for FOX News, since they heartily endorsed Romney and took a zero tolerance stance on any guest telling the truth about the Mormon cult.

I was blackballed from most programs during the election when I was in the national news for simply asking Romney to stop lying that he is a Christian. FOX is very knowledgeable of their viewing audience, an audience that is heavily Mormon due to their conservative political stance, so they were not going to let anyone tell the truth about this satanic cult. Supposed “Christians” like Hannity and O’Reilly would call anyone telling the truth about Mormon beliefs, “bigots.”

It is comical in one sense, simply disgusting in another, because innocent souls are being led to hell. Beck now uses both his radio and TV programs to lure people via his political beliefs, and than starts preaching to them. He often lectures on theology, telling his audience what Christians believe. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? There is NOTHING, ZERO, Christian about Mormon doctrine! It is 100% inconsistent with Biblical Christianity!

The god of Beck isn’t the God of the Bible, but someone who was once a human and ascended to godlike status as Beck believes he too will one day. Mormonism believes in polytheism, or NUMEROUS DEITIES, not one! Sadly, the one who they believe is NOT a deity is their version of jesus! Their jesus is the result of a sexual union between their “god” and Mary, making their jesus a created being and the brother of Lucifer.


The danger of Beck is by using his political positions, he lures in conservatives, many Christians, ALL the Mormons, with the vast majority of his followers being of NO FAITH since the better percentage of the last two generations have never even been to church. That makes this group prime candidates for Beck’s “faith” as he calls it, and puts their eternal souls in peril if they end up buying the lies of Mormonism.

What makes this worse is that Beck does this with the help of high profile Christians who have sold out the faith for whatever financial and other benefits they get from being with him. If you remember, cult leader Myung Sung Moon did the same thing in the 80s, buying off top evangelicals like Dobson, Schuller, and many others. Romney did the same thing during the ’08 elections in trying to win the important Christian vote.

Men like David Barton, John Haggee, the Falwell brothers, and anyone else who stands with Beck for any other reason than to tell the truth about the satanic Mormon cult and denounce it, are gutless and spineless cowards of the faith. Barton has issued numerous pathetic “damage control” statements since so many are asking him to explain why he would do this. Let me answer that for David..MONEY!!!

We are now seeing this with Islam. I have warned you in the past about men like purpose driven marketing genius Rick Warren who has been in bed with every pro-homosexual, new age, Islamic group you can name in order to further his personal agenda. You NEVER hear Warren look at a Muslim and tell them that without Jesus they will die and burn in hell.

This is the same issue with all of these ecumenical groups. The only reason a Christian, or Christian church or minsitry should be involved in one of these ecumenical groups is if they are going to take a firm stand for the truth of the Bible. You never see Islam back down form their beliefs, or any other cult or new age group. It is always the Christians who are expected to back down, and they always find the spineless men who will!

I love you and care aobut you so much. If you want to know why this world is in the spiritual mess it is, I just told you. COMPROMISE! Supposed men and women of God who compromised the Truth, refused to take a stand for God’s Word. You don’t stand with Muslims, Mormons, cult members, those who believe in the new age philosophies, you stand against their beliefs and share the Truth of the Bible, or you don’t stand at all!!!

Beck will make tons of money at his political rally, honor rally, back to ” god” rally, or whatever rally he is now calling it this weekend. Sadly, people are so spiritually lost and looking for hope, they are sucked in by con artists like Joseph Smith and his modern day prot?g? Glenn Beck! There will be at least 100,000 there to listen to his lies. Worse of all, there will be high profile Christians at his event Friday night at the Kennedy Center and Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial, giving credibility to this tool of satan (accurate description of anyone who is trying to lead the souls of men to hell).

Please, take note of those “Christians” who give approval to this satanic cult member Beck by their presence and participation. They are nothing but modern day Judas’ who are looking for their few sheckles of silver. Keep an eye on those “Christians” who defend the victory mosque and Islam during this current debate. Again, these are nothing but sell-outs to the faith who don’t have the guts or courage to stand for the Truth of the Bible.

Over the years, I have stood face-to-face with the abortionists, the leaders of the homosexual movement, Mormons, Scientologists, Atheists, Muslims, and without batting an eye shared with them the love and hope of Jesus Christ and loved them enough to tell them that without faith in Jesus they would die and burn in hell. You either believe that or you don’t, and if you do, have the courage to say it without compromise since when a man takes his last breath his eternal fate is sealed. There will be no compromise at that point!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Because of My Commitment to Liveprayer I Have to Turn Down Hundreds of Invitations to Preach

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(Matthew 9:36)

Because of my commitment to Liveprayer (both the Internet and TV program), sadly I have to turn down hundreds of invitations a year to preach in churches all over the country. I do prayerfully accept about 6-8 dates a year and one Sunday last June it was my privilege to minister at a church in Venice, Florida. It is always a thrill for me to be with people. God has blessed me with a heart and love for people. As hard as I have worked to make Liveprayer.com and the Liveprayer TV program as personal an experience as possible, there is simply no substitute for being able to shake someone’s hand, give them a big hug, and pray for them one on one.

As I do at the close of every message I preach, I share an invitation to accept Christ and then open the altar for people to come forward for prayer. That walk to the altar is an act of surrender, saying to God that, ” I need you.” That altar becomes a point of contact for our faith just like the hem of Christ’s garment was a point of contact for the faith of the woman with the issue of blood. That Sunday as I invited the people to the altar for prayer and watched them come, my heart was filled with compassion for each one. They came with their hurts and pains, they came with their needs, looking for the Lord to touch them.

It was in the midst of that time I was ministering to the needs of others, that the Holy Spirit began to minister to me. God was showing me that we have a virtual altar here at Liveprayer.com where every day over 40,000 people come via their email prayer requests with their hurts and pains, with their needs great and small, looking for the Lord to touch them. At the end of every Devotional, right below my signature line is: “If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal email at
bkeller@liveprayer.com .” That is the invitation for people who are in need to “come to the altar” and bring their needs to the Lord.

Likewise, each night on the TV program, the bulk of the program is allowing people to call in with their prayer requests, making that program literally an electronic altar for people to come and find answers, hope, and encouragement in their time of need. Those who can’t get through are given the opportunity to email their prayer requests so that everyone who watches is able to take that step of faith and seek the Lord’s help in their life.

I love you and care about you so much. I want to encourage you today to never hesitate to come to this virtual altar that is literally open 24/7/365. God has raised up Liveprayer not just to bring the Truth of His Word and the hope and love of Christ into people’s lives each day through the Internet and on secular television, but so that you have a place to come in your time of need. It is not a matter of can God meet your needs, can God bless you. It is a matter of do you have the faith to believe God will meet your needs, the faith to believe God will bless you.


As I do at the end of each service I preach, as I do at the end of every Daily Devotional, as I do on my TV program each night, I want to invite you to come to the altar today. This virtual altar is your point of contact for your faith to connect with God. I am here to pray with you, pray for you, and stand in agreement with you for your needs today. If you are hurting, looking for answers, need the Lord’s strength, Jesus is waiting for you today. Waiting for you to take that step of faith and call out to Him. He loves you, cares about you, and wants to put His arms of love around you today. Come and bring your burdens to Jesus today at this virtual altar

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2010, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Will Islam be the United States’ Babylon

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(2 Kings 24:20, 25:11; Jeremiah 52:28-30)

(from 9/7/07)

Will Islam be the United States Babylon? All throughout the Bible and human history, God has used human instruments to do His work and fulfill His plan and purpose. We read all throughout the Old Testament how the children of Israel would turn away from God, follow the false gods and idols of the world, live in open rebellion to God’s commandments, and eventually He would have enough and pour out His wrath upon them. This was usually done in the form of allowing the enemies of Israel to take them captive and enslave them. As you can imagine, that got their attention real quick. Eventually, after a period of time and due to His never ending love, grace, and mercy, God would free the children of Israel, give them their land back, and begin blessing them again. Of course it was in this time of captivity that the children of Israel would repent and ask God to forgive them. They would be in a place where God was their only source of hope and strength. They began to worship Him again, trust Him again, obey Him again. The amazing thing is once He set them free, it was like they got amnesia. Almost immediately they would be back worshipping the false gods and idols of the world. They would be getting involved in every kind of sin you could name. Worshiping God, trusting Him, living in obedience to His commandments were all forgotten.

It was like when you were a child and you disobeyed your mother. She would make you go stand in the corner for a period of time. After the time was up, you were allowed to go back to playing and doing what you wanted. During the time you were standing in the corner, you were sorry for what you did. You promised your mother that you would obey her from now on. As you stood in that corner you appreciated the freedom you had to play and do what you wanted. But what happened when the punishment was over? It wasn’t long before you were not listening to your mother any more. You began to do things you knew you weren’t supposed to. What your mom had to say and her rules didn’t matter any more.

Like I tell you often, man has never really changed since the Garden of Eden! Go read the Book of Judges. What a classic illustration of this cycle of sin-> punishment-> repentance-> restoration-> and sin again, you will ever find. You read the Book of Judges and you start screaming at your Bible every time God frees them from their enemies and they immediately fall right back into the same pattern of sin that forced God to punish them in the first place. Over and over and over this cycle is repeated and you think to yourself how stupid these people are! At that moment, most of us have one of those sobering moments when the Holy Spirit says loud and clear, YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT!

Before I deal with our nation, let me deal first with each of us as individuals. We are all susceptible and at different times in our life fall into this pattern of sin. This is why I implore you each day to stay in the Word, pray, keep close to the Lord, be in church on Sunday or some day during the week, and find ways to serve the Lord. You see, all of these things working together insure that you are never far from Christ. It keeps you constantly focused on the Lord and your faith. It makes it very difficult to fall into the many traps satan lays for you each day to tempt you and lead you into sin and away from God.

You know and I know that the first thing you do when you allow sin into your life is that you stop reading the Bible as much, usually stop reading it period. You stop praying as much, again, you often stop talking to God at all. You quit going to church regularly, if you even go at all. You are like Adam who after he sinned, ran and hid from God and we see that great scene of God in the Garden asking, “Adam, where are you?”

Of course, as I tell you often sin always has a very high price tag. You NEVER sin and get away with it. There is always a high price to pay when we choose to sin against God. Eventually the time to pay, to suffer the consequences of our rebellion is upon us. We then go through that season of chastisement, of punishment, and it is during this time that most turn back to the Lord. We ask Him to forgive us, repent of our sins, and in the season of punishment find our relationship with Christ again. Eventually the season of punishment ends and we are back to living our lives again. Hopefully we learned our lesson and have strengthened our walk with the Lord and will do all we have to do each day to stay close to Him, live in obedience to His Word, and enjoy the blessings of that relationship with Jesus.

*Hear my word for you today! The United States is no different than the children of Israel. We are a wicked and rebellious people who have forsaken our God. We have squandered His many blessings and have turned this blessed land into one that is cursed. We have turned to every false god, idol, and philosophy the world has dreamed up in opposition to the God of the Bible and His Truth. We proudly and legally practice infanticide in this nation, slaughtering 4,000 babies every 24 hours. We have embraced, celebrated, and accepted as normal deviant sexual choices that God never intended man to engage in. We have opened the floodgates to allow pornography and every kind of sexual sin man can imagine to exist without any restraint.

As Paul told his young disciple Timothy in 2 Timothy 3, men have become ” lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God- having a form of godliness but denying its power. ”

Just as God spared not His wrath on his own chosen people, punishing them for their rebellion, so will the wrath of God be felt on this nation for our rebellion. In the past God has poured out His judgment on nations by allowing their enemies to take them captive. I believe today as I type these words that unless this nation immediately repents, turns back to God and to His Truth, ISLAM WILL BE OUR BABYLON!!! Amen.

I love you and care about you so much. For those who have been reading the Daily Devotional for any length of time, you know that I am probably about the most positive person you will ever meet. However, I am also one of the most realistic. I can’t read the Bible and read about God’s judgment on the children of Israel for their cycle of sin and not understand that we are facing His judgment for our rebellion. The Bible is also very clear that even amongst God’s choice servants, when they sinned there was always a price to pay. Why would we think for a second we can sin and get away with it?

My prayer for you today is that you will realize that there is a huge price to pay when we sin. Our rebellion to God always brings consequences. Likewise, God blesses us for our obedience. So it really boils down to a choice between consequences and blessings. I have to tell you as someone who has experienced both, blessing are MUCH better! It really makes sinning not only an act against God, but really stupid since we know we aren’t going to get away with it. I pray today that the Lord will speak to your heart and each time you are confronted with the choice to sin, you will remember that you pay a huge price for that sin at some point. It is just as easy to OBEY God, and instead of dealing with the pain of whatever consequences arise, you can enjoy the blessings that flow from your obedience!!!

As for this nation, I sense our time is very short. I sense in my spiritual gut that at any moment God could unleash His wrath on this land. We are not only due His judgment, we are long OVERDUE! As I see the events of this world unfolding, I clearly see that Islam could very easily be God’s instrument of judgment on this nation for our rebellion, just like Babylon was His instrument of judgment on the children of Israel for their rebellion. I only know the glimpses we get from the Word what being taken captive and enslaved by a hostile people would be like. None of us can even being to fathom it. I do know that it will be horrible. I also know that it can be avoided IF we act now.

That is why I do what I do, with Liveprayer in operation literally 24/7/365. We have no more time. Our time has run out. Time will eventually tell and history will record the fall of this great nation at the hands of Islam should we stay on the spiritual course we are presently on. We are simply living in freedom today by the grace and mercy of Almighty God. I will keep doing all that I can each and every day to sound the trumpet of warning, to use all of the resources at my disposal to lead this nation back to God and to Biblical Truth so we might be spared His soon coming wrath and judgment.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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