You Don’t Have to Live with Your Past Pain Any Longer

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(Matthew 11:28-30; 1 Peter 5:7)


ANSWER: Sadly, this is the description of the majority of pastors today. It talks about their worship of idols and forsaking their flocks. The Bible says those who are called to lead His sheep will receive a double judgment. It is a stark contrast to John 10, and the description of the Good Shepherd. Is it any wonder why the sheep are weak, ineffective, and sitting targets for satan’s schemes when the shepherds don’t do their job?

This message applies to every single person who is reading this right now. It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you are a man or a woman, what your skin color is, what nationality you are, how much money you have or don’t have, this is a universal message that is applicable to everyone. You see, nobody that has lived very long in this sin-filled and evil world has escaped the trials and tribulations of this life and not experienced some sort of pain. EVERYONE reading this Devotional knows the pain that comes from time to time during this journey we are on.

For some, that pain was experienced in your childhood through mental, physical, or sexual abuse. Some have experienced that pain later in life through failed relationships, many through being divorced. Everyone has lived through the pain of the death of a loved one. Many of you have experienced the pain of financial hardships. Others have lived through the pain of losing your job or other employment and career issues. Sadly, some have lived through the experience of being a crime victim.

Everyone has experienced the pain from making poor choices at some point in their life. Most have had to experience the pain of some bondage such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, food, money, shopping, lying, or a myriad of other bondages that people get caught up in. NOT ONE PERSON READING THIS HAS NOT HAD TO LIVE THROUGH THE PAIN THAT COMES FROM LIVING THIS LIFE HERE ON EARTH.

Today, I want to share a word with you that could be one of the most important things anyone has ever told you. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KEEP LIVING WITH WHATEVER PAIN YOU HAVE FROM YOUR PAST. Let me repeat that, because I really want you to hear these words clear. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KEEP LIVING WITH WHATEVER PAIN YOU HAVE FROM YOUR PAST. If you are, that is only because you have CHOSEN to live with that pain!

The fact is, God has made a way through faith in His Son for you to put the pain of your past behind you and live your life in freedom. Jesus has told us to give Him our burdens, that He would carry them for us. The Bible tells us to cast our cares on Him, because He cares for us. You see, God doesn’t expect you to carry the pain of your past with you each day. He wants you live FREE from your past so that you can enjoy the abundance that this life has to offer.

Just hours before going to the cross, Jesus told His disciples that in this world, they would experience trials and tribulations. But He told them to “be of good cheer” because HE has overcome this world. You see my friend, trials and tribulation are part of this human experience, but God has made a way through His Son for us to still enjoy the abundance that this life can offer despite those trials and tribulations.

The only reason you are carrying the pain of your past with you today is because you have chosen to believe the LIE instead of the TRUTH. Jesus tells us in John 8:44 that satan is a liar. He is the “father of lies.” When he speaks, he speaks his native language, lying! God on the other hand is TRUTH. The Word of God is TRUTH. The lie of satan is that you have to carry the pain of your past around with you each day like a 1,000 pound anchor around your neck. The truth from God is that you can take that pain of your past and give it to Jesus. HE WILL GLADLY TAKE THAT 1,000 POUND ANCHOR FROM YOU TODAY!!!

I love you and care about you so much. Everyone reading this Devotional today has experienced some of the pain that this life offers. So many of you have never let go of that pain and have simply learned how to live your life each day with that pain. Because of that, you are missing the fullness of the joy, peace, and abundance that this life can offer. Because of that, you are not completely fulfilling your purpose in this life which is to serve and glorify God with your life. Because of that, you are not living in total freedom and victory each day.

Right now, this very moment, I want you to stop whatever you are doing. If you are at home, at work, at school, it doesn’t matter. Stop whatever you are doing right now and pray this prayer. “Dear Father, I thank you for this day. I know that today was not promised to me, but it is a gift from You. Dear God, You know the pain I have today from what has happened in my life. I am tired of carrying this pain with me day after day. It is robbing me of my joy, of my peace, of knowing the abundance that this life can offer. I trust Your Word today that tells me that I can give this burden to You, that You will take it from me. I trust Your Word today that tells me to cast my cares on You, because You care for me. In the name of Jesus, I give You the pain of my past today. In the name of Jesus, I surrender it to You. Take it from me, and fill me right now with Your joy, with Your peace, and let me live from this day forward in FREEDOM FROM MY PAST! In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!”

I will be praying for you today my friend. God loves you SO MUCH! He cares about you SO MUCH! We live in an evil and sin-filled world. Because of that, we all will experience pain in this life, but God has made a way so that we do not have to carry that pain around with us for the rest of our days. He has offered to carry it for us, to take it from us. I pray today that you will trust Him and give Him the pain of your past and live in FREEDOM from this day forward!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2012, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Supreme Court Rules that Obamacare is Legal

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(John 3:16)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, Sometimes I wonder how you do it. You dish out an unpopular message to the world and you take abuse for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t you ever get tempted to soften the message in hopes of getting less persecution? And fitting in to the world with a weak, comfy Christian message?

ANSWER: This is a question I get every day. The answer surprisingly is NO! No sane person enjoys being persecuted, or taking the slings and arrows. No sane person would want to have 8-10 death threats a month as I have for over 10 years now. However, there IS a price to serving the Lord. Part of that price is to be persecuted, mocked, laughed at, and scorned. However, that is a small price to pay considering that Jesus went to the cross to pay for my sins, your sins, and the sins of all mankind! Softening the message is NOT an option, since like each of us, I will die one day and stand before God. I want that to be a great experience, and my life is dedicated to hearing His words, “Well done thou good and faithful servant!”

The Supreme Court rules that Obamacare is LEGAL! Are you ready to listen to me yet????? I warned people in 2007, that the judgment of God is beginning to fall on this nation through the economy. TRILLIONS of dollars since that time has been lost. I told you in 2008 that if God allowed a true minion of satan like Barack Obama to become our next President it would be a furtherance of His judgment. In the last 3 years he has proven to be the most pro-baby killing, pro-homosexual, pro-enemy of Israel President in the history of this nation. I told you last November that if the upcoming election for President was between President Obama and Mitt Romney, it was another clear sign that God is FINISHED with this nation. One of those men WILL become our next President.

ARE YOU READY TO LISTEN TO ME YET??????? How many times have I told you that the problems in this nation are not economics, they are not health related, they are NOT political, THEY ARE SPIRITUAL!!!

The Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare is, was, and always will be, about one thing….MONEY! At the end of the day, this “debate” about healthcare has never been about helping those who didn’t have health insurance, but about who controls 1/6 of the US economy. BOTH SIDES of this issue have trillions of dollars to lose or gain, and please don’t ever get so lost in the rhetoric to lose sight that this “debate” has always been about the almighty dollar!

I am certain that the response from the Romney campaign will be to elect Mitt in order to repeal Obamacare. Don’t forget, this is coming from the same man who created the model Obama used to nationalize healthcare. Practically speaking, it will not be that easy since he will need both Republican AND Democrats to get Obamacare repealed. Anyone who thinks voting for a 5th generation high priest of a satanic cult will undo this law, has bought into a lie from satan who is laughing at you! The fact is, the Supreme Court ruling is simply another glaring example of God’s judgment on this nation!

Let me remind you about President George W. Bush who Christians thought would be the answer for this nation. He ran two times promising Christians that if they voted for him he would work to overturn Roe vs. Wade and to implement a Constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman. HE DID NEITHER, NOR DID HE EVEN TRY. There were just as many baby’s murdered on his watch, and his inaction on marriage, laid the foundation for 20% of our states who have now legalized same-sex marraige! For the record, he also put John Roberts on the Supreme Court as the chief justice, the same Chief Justice John Roberts whose vote upheld Obamacare!

At the end of the day, while people are so fixed on this Supreme Court ruling, the contempt vote against AG Eric Holder, and other distractions, the real problems in this nation continue. Our problems in this nation are NOT political, which is why NO politician can fix them since they are not equipped to deal with the spiritual issues we face. A narcissistic President whose god is himself certainly can’t, nor can a 5th generation high priest of a satan worshipping cult!

For those who follow Limbaugh, Hannity, satanic cult member Beck, O’Reilly, and other political commentators, what have these people done for this nation? Yes, they espouse a conservative political ideology. But in the end they are ALL in business to do one thing…TO MAKE MONEY FOR THEMSELVES. They are PAID to be on the radio. Everything they promote requires YOU to buy from their sponsors, pay for their books, go to their events. Millions of lemmings follow these “entertainers” who are no different than Hollywood actors who will, and can do NOTHING, to deal with our real problems.

That is because in the end, the real problems in this nation are not political, they are spiritual! Limbaugh pays homosexual advocate Elton John 1 MILLION to sing at his wedding. Hannity promotes himself as this great Christian, but calls anyone who dares to speak out against Romney’s cult as a bigot. O’Reilly has as much a “god complex” as Obama does. Beck, who calls himself a man of truth and in the next breath claims to be a Christian, when any first semester Bible college student knows Beck, Romney, and those in their satanic cult are no more a Christian than a Muslim is!


I love you and care about you so much. You can do one of two things today. You can either continue to live your life and not care about what is going on around you, or you can take a stand for the faith you profess! There is NO BODY, NO MINISTRY, that is more equipped, more prepared, or with a better track record of being in the marketplace than Liveprayer. This is a sovereign move of God in these last days to call this nation to have a “Nineveh moment.”

We WILL eventually experience God’s wrath, judgment, and punishment. However, like Nineveh, we can enjoy a season of His blessings and see a great harvest of souls. The time for such a season is now, since time is running out. We must act now. There is no more time to sit back and do nothing.

God gave me the plan to lead this nation back to Him and Biblical Truth. It is called the “Jonah Project.” Go to this link: Watch the short video introduction, get on board. This is the plan from God, the time is now, it is time for you to do your part and help me lead our nation back to the Almighty and His Truth!!! WE ARE OUT OF TIME!!!


Please, take a stand now. Quit giving money to politicians and the countless websites who 5 minutes after the Supreme Court ruling was announced were begging you to give them money. For what? They will and can do NOTHING, haven’t people figured that out yet? Send a gift to help me do what is really necessary..TURN THIS NATION BACK TO GOD AND HIS TRUTH!!!

***JUNE FINANCIAL UPDATE: As we are down to the last 2 days of June, please be in prayer with me for the operational finances we need to bring in right away. We still need $35,000 to cover the balance of our June operations. $15,000 of that is several weeks past due, and I am praying for 2-3 people who can make a special one-time gift to insure that amount is taken care of right away. Please pray and than give as the Lord purposes in your heart, even if it is only $10, $50, or whatever you can help me with. Never forget that God will honor your heart as you obey His voice. Will you help me today? Will you please take a minute today, and pray, seek the Lord what He is asking you to sacrifce to help me?

TO GIVE A GIFT TO LIVEPRAYER, you can use your major credit card on our secure server at: under the “Donation” link, you can give using your PayPal account using my email address:,or you can mail your gift to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Ave. North, St.Petersburg, FL 33709. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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The Word Today is Perseverance

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(Job 17:9, Galatians 6:9, Revelation 3:11)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, the United States is struggling with drought, flooding, and forest fires. Is this God’s judgment?

ANSWER: A byproduct of man’s fall, is the fall of nature. In the beginning, everything was created in perfection. All of the natural disasters we see around the world are a result of fallen nature. While it is impossible to call any one natural disaster God’s judgment, all natural disasters are part of a form of His judgment and as we know from the book of Revelation, in the final days God WILL pour out His judgment on this world in the form of major natural disasters that will affect the entire earth.

“He replied, ‘This kind can come out only by prayer and fasting.’ ” Mark 9:29

I’m going to give you a heavy spiritual lesson today. I’m going to be very blunt with you. Most people are so bound up in their own weaknesses, get so distracted each day by the blowing winds of life, or just won’t make the sacrifice to pay the price to ever get to a place where they can even understand this message. However, for those who do want more of God, do want all of God they can get, are willing to literally lay down their very life and give everything they have to the Lord, this word is for you today!

The word today is PERSEVERANCE. After serving the Lord for 2 decades, I can tell you that it never gets any easier, the battles only intensify as time goes on, and the more you are doing for the Kingdom the more you will have to endure, and the more you will have to persevere. Why do you think so many opt out or take the easy road? Very few people enjoy pain, conflict, being a target and attacked constantly day after day, and run when confronted with these things. That is why most of the Lord’s work is done in the safety of the Christian subculture we have created, behind the 4 walls of the church. That is also why we are having very little influence, and very little impact on this world we live in!

Look at the life of Paul. It would have been easy for Paul to sit back in the comfort and safety of the churches he pioneered and take on that apostolic role and live a life of honor, ease, comfort, and luxury. While Paul did oversee the churches he founded, he never stopped or slowed down in fulfilling God’s mission for his life to take the Gospel to the lost and hurting outside the four walls of the church. He pressed forward, tirelessly, until the very end when he was martyred for his faith in Jesus Christ. Despite the great personal sacrifices, putting his life on the line each day, fighting all of the obstacles he had to face each step of the way, Paul PERSEVERED!

My word for you today is this. You are not going to ever fulfill God’s plan for your life in serving the Lord without being able to persevere. That is because the things of God don’t come easy, and won’t come without a fight. There is a very real enemy who will do all he can to stop you. As I share with you often, this is ultimately a battle for the souls of men, and sadly, satan is willing to fight harder for souls than most of God’s people. You can’t persevere by giving God 25%. You can’t persevere by giving God 50%. You can’t persevere by giving God 80%. You can’t persevere by giving God even 95%. TO PERSEVERE, YOU HAVE TO BE SOLD OUT, 100% TO THE LORD!!!

The fact is, it doesn’t take too many men totally sold out for Jesus to turn this world upside down. The work of one man, Paul, is still being felt today. The disciples of Jesus, who after his resurrection and being filled with the Holy Spirit, were totally sold out of the Lord and laid the foundation that the Christian faith has been built upon these past 2000 years. During that time, it has been men and women of God who were sold out for the Lord, 100% committed to Him, men and women who PERSEVERED, that has brought the Gospel to the world and helped millions of people find everlasting life through faith in Jesus Christ.

I love you and care about you so much. We are in the last days and now God is calling on men and women like you and me to stand up, be counted, to sell out for him, and to persevere as we bring in that last great harvest of souls before our Lord returns and the last days of human history unfold. This is a clarion call to those who have ears to hear, that the time for playing games is over, the time for playing church is over, the time for being satisfied to live in the comfort of the “Christian trough” is over, the time for using the Gospel simply to generate money is over, IT IS TIME TO SELL OUT FOR THE LORD AND LET GOD USE OUR LIVES TO BRING HIS TRUTH AND THE HOPE OF CHRIST TO THE LOST AND HURTING MASSES WHO WILL DIE AND GO TO HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY WITHOUT JESUS!

To accomplish that, you will have to persevere. You will have to face the trials, the tribulations the hardships, the attacks, the scorn, the daily battles, but it is the power of the Holy Spirit that will embolden you and strengthen you and allow you to PERSEVERE! When you get down and discouraged, the Lord will pick you up and give you all you need to keep pressing forward. The Bible tells us that many are called but few are chosen. The chosen are the ones who are willing to pay the price, do whatever it takes to persevere! The deep things of God will never come easy. They require a total and complete sacrifice to the Lord. But when this life is over, the things of this temporal world will pass away and all that will be left are the things we did for Jesus!

Let me share with you my great battle and ask that you pray and fast, as God helps us to persevere and see victory. I have had the answer to leading this nation back to God and HIS Truth for years. This is the ONLY hope for our nation, since the problems really aren’t political, or economical, they are SPIRITUAL!!!

For many years before starting in 1999, I was heavily involved in the Christian television world. Hosting programs, producing programs, my goal was to attract younger, non-Christians to watch Christian TV since over 95% of the viewers were already Christians and over 80% of the audience are over the age of 55. Those who own the Christian television stations and networks had no interest in changing anything since they were making a fortune selling air time to ministries and doing their telethons.

The ministries who air on these networks had no interest in changing what they were doing since the teaching/preaching/ sell and beg format was a highly successful model that brings in tens of millions of dollars to the top TV ministries every year. God told me to leave the Christian TV world as He led me to start in 1999, and 4 years later, told me it was time to get back into television. Only this time it was to bring His Truth and the hope and love of Christ in a unique and “live” hour-long daily program that personally ministered to and interacted with the viewers and would only air on SECULAR TELEVISION STATIONS AND NETWORKS.

The Liveprayer TV program launched on March 3, 2003, airing in the Tampa market ( 12 TV market in the nation) “live” every Monday-Friday from 1-2 a.m. We were on for 4 1/2 years and it was the highest rated program in the Tampa overnights (Midnight-6 a.m.), and ministered to hundreds of thousands of people over the years. From July 2005 through June 2006, we were also seen “live” from 1-2 a.m. on the ABC affiliates in Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, and Miami, as well as independent stations in the Orlando and Ft. Myers markets. Again, great ratings, reaching tens of thousands of people every night in each of those markets.

In 2006, for 4 weeks in July and 6 weeks in November and December, we were seen “live” for an hour 5 nights a week all over the nation on the “i” Network, formerly Pax TV, with apx 250,000 viewers each night. From January 2008 though June 2009, the Liveprayer program was aired nightly on the Internet, attracting tens of thousands of viewers a night as we pioneered doing live programming on the Internet.

The key to the TV program is that we were highly successful in reaching a non-Christian audience on major secular broadcast affiliates and networks. By never asking for money, I have gained incredible credibility with a non-Believing audience that would never watch a Christian program. These are people for the most part who don’t go to church, don’t read the Bible, and never watch Christian TV, listen to Christian radio, or read Christian books. They represent the lost and hurting masses out there that the church and most major ministries have abandoned but the world is reaching every day with its lies.

We reached millions of people throughout the nation, took over 10,000 calls, answered over 1/2 million emails, and saw over 50,000 people come to faith in Christ just through the TV program. We invested nearly $5 million dollars on the TV program over those years (most secular production companies invest that and more in pilots that never even get on the air!) to create a highly successful broadcast tool that created a track record of great ratings and most important, very successful ministry results. This nation, now more than ever needs a program that will boldly, without shame or compromise, declare the Truth of God’s Word, deal with the issues in our world and people’s lives from a Biblical worldview, and tell people their only hope for this life and all eternity is a relationship with Jesus Christ! LIVEPRAYER HAS BEEN THE ONLY “LIVE,” DAILY PROGRAM ON SECULAR TV TO DO THAT!

Despite all of that, I have failed God in the job He has given me to do since I have been unable so far to come up with the right people or plan to get the highly successful TV program back on nationwide. I know I am doing something nobody else is doing, something that a small Internet ministry operating out of the back of a used car lot in St. Petersburg with no assets should even be trying to do, competing in a world with multi-billion dollar entertainment companies, but MY GOD IS BIGGER THAN ALL OF THE ABCs, CBSs, NBCs, AND FOXs OF THE WORLD, BIGGER THAN THE ORPAHS, DR. PHILS, AND PROGRAMMERS POLLUTING THE AIRWAVES OF THIS NATION WITH THEIR ANTI-GOD, ANTI-BIBLE, ANTI-CHRISTIAN SHOWS 24-7!!!

Let me share with you where I am at. We have an opportunity to get back on a national secular cable network in September. We have worked out a rate of apx $36,000 a program, which to reach 90 million of the 100 million TV households is a very reasonable price. To do the program for 6 months would cost us $4.6 million in airtime and $400,000 in productions costs. Bottom line, $5 million dollars to reach the nation for an hour a day, 5 days a week, for 26 weeks.

I am convinced that if we can have an unabated run of 6 months, we will get the ratings and attract the attention necessary to bring on board the right commercial sponsors who will see the great value in reaching the Liveprayer TV and Internet audience to keep the program going past the initial 6 months. The biggest problem in TV is finding a program people will watch. We have a very unique problem, since we have created a very successful program that people love, but due to the content (the Biblical worldview I take), we have to find the right companies who care about seeing the Kingdom advanced, have the money, and almost as important the guts to stand with me.

I will not stop fighting, or stop persevering until I have fulfilled this job God has called me to do. I could really use your prayers and help. Pray that we can find the right person or group who will invest into the Kingdom the $5 million we need to get the program back on nationwide. Pray that the Lord will bring the right companies and businesses who would benefit from advertising to the Liveprayer TV and Internet audience and has the resources and vision to be part of this unique move of God to bring His Truth and the hope of Christ to a nation who so desperately needs Him today. In the world’s economy, $5 million is very little. There are people reading these words right now who have the ability to write a check for that amount. Please pray about who you know who might be able to help me.

If God is leading you to help me with this effort, please contact me at:

Satan does not want the Liveprayer TV program on across this nation. The 6 years we were on, especially the 10 weeks we were on nationally in 2006, showed God’s incredible life-changing power and what He can do with a one-hour program that simply proclaimed His Truth without wavering to this lost world. This is an all out war for souls and the war centers on money. We all know God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, that all the gold and silver is His. Please be in prayer, fast, that God brings the person, the people, or the company along side who will find their blessings by being part of this unique and powerful vessel to bring this nation and the lost and hurting masses back to Christ. Pray for me to know His strength, wisdom and favor to PERSEVERE!!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2012, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

A New Movie about Jesus

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(Isaiah 53:7; Matthew 26:62-63; Psalms 22:6-8; Matthew 27:39-40) ***ASK BILL: Hi Pastor Bill,.I get the reaction from quite a few people when I start talking about sin and the respons will be, “We shouldn’t judge.” Am I wrong to do that?

ANSWER: NO! The Bible says we will judge the angels. While only God can know a person’s heart as to salvation, the Bible, not any man, clearly defines sin. We have every right and responsiblity to call sin what it is. Calling someone’s words or deeds a sin is NOT judging, it is simply declaring what God has called those words or deeds in His Word.

A new movie about Jesus! In production right now is a new movie about Jesus, but I promise you, it is NOT a movie you will want to see. No, in this movie Jesus is the product of Mary being raped by a Roman soldier, all of His miracles have been left out, and our Lord is portrayed not as God incarnate, but as an angry revolutionary.

I wonder what would happen if blasphemous movies were made about civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King? Can you imagine the uproar there would be? Or what if they made movies depicting Mohammed as a homosexual? Those responsible would be in fear for their very lives. Or what about if they made movies that mocked and demeaned people who choose to commit the sin of homosexuality. There would be marches and protests by every pro-homosexual group that exists. The public outcry would be deafening. People would be fired, students expelled, and millions would be spent to appease those who were offended.

Let there be no mistake, mocking Jesus is not a new phenomenon. There were people who lived at the same time as our Lord who rejected Him, just like there are people who reject Him today. We know from the Bible that in the fulfillment of Scripture He was mocked and scorned in the last hours of his life. So many of the supposed “lost books of the Bible” and these new “gospels” are nothing more than the anti-Christian writings of men who rejected the message of Christ and who He is.

Those anti-Christian writings have always existed throughout the last 2000 years, right up to today with the modern day heretics like Dan Brown, the author of “The DaVinci Code” and Michael Baigent ,who wrote the equally blasphemous “Jesus Papers.” People have mocked our Lord since the days He walked this earth.

What is new is the bold and fearless public attacks on our Lord throughout the world today. I have told you often that the United States is no longer a Christian nation. A classic example of that fact is the way those who hate Jesus publicly mock Him. Just 10 years ago, no movie maker would have EVER had the audacity to depict Jesus in the way this new movie is.

I have done many Devotionals over these past 13 years on the boldness of satan versus the timidity of Christians. Do you believe me now?

The natural question of course is what do we do about it? First, you can’t blame those who put out these disgusting and blasphemous representations of Jesus. Oh, don’t get me wrong, God WILL hold them accountable, but these are people who have clearly rejected God, His Truth, and Jesus, so what do you expect? They have given themselves over as instruments of unrighteousness so they are actually only doing what comes naturally to them. How can you really blame those who hate and reject the Lord from expressing that rejection and hatred? Hear me carefully. They are not the problem, WE ARE THE PROBLEM!

Maybe now you can understand why I hammer relentlessly on how Christians have abandoned the marketplace for the comfort, safety, and oh yes, the profitability of this Christian subculture we have created for ourselves. In reality, we are in rebellion to God since the Bible doesn’t say separate yourselves from the world, it actually COMMANDS us to do the exact opposite!

What we are seeing with the open and public mocking of Jesus is one of the results of our abandoning the culture of our day and leaving it to the devil. He operates virtually without any opposition so why are we surprised that he has taken his hatred and scorn for Jesus to the extremes we witness today? Let me warn you my friend, it is only going to get worse!

The answer to this blaspheming of our Lord is to get back into the marketplace and start taking a stand for Christ. Each follower of the Lord can do their part each day where you live, where you go to school or work, where you shop, in the recreational activities you are involved in, and with the people God brings across your path. You take your stand by living a Godly and holy life. You take your stand by not being afraid to speak up for our Lord when you are around people who are speaking against Him. You take your stand by finding ways to serve Him You can’t stop the mockers, but you can make sure their message of hatred for our Lord does not go unchallenged!!!

I love you and care about you so much. For anyone who loves Jesus, it has to break your heart to see how our Lord and Savior is portrayed by those who hate Him. I have no doubt Jesus is looking down and saying “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” The reality is, those making this movie will die one day. At that moment they will be standing before God their Creator to be judged. If they die rejecting the Lord, the Bible says they will be cast into everlasting darkness.

I believe the last thing they will see, the picture that will be with them as they suffer for all eternity, will be that of King Jesus, the One they openly mocked and scorned!!! Pray for these lost souls. Without the Lord in their heart, they have allowed their lives to be used as agents of satan. Don’t forget that there was a man named Saul of Tarsus who persecuted the early church, killed Christians, yet that same Saul was visited by Jesus one day and his life gloriously transformed. He became Paul and went on to live one of the greatest Christian lives ever documented.

I pray that this will be a wake-up call for all Believers today. A wake-up call that we have got to get back into the marketplace where we live each day and boldly, without shame or compromise proclaim our faith in Christ. If this doesn’t motivate you, nothing will. For too long, we have been intimidated into keeping our mouths shut while those who live in rebellion to God speak loud and bold without fear or conscience to promote their ungodly lives and choices.

Maybe this will give you some insight into my drive and passion for what we do each day here at Liveprayer. Our number one goal is to bring the lost to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Getting people saved is the ultimate answer. In addition to proclaiming the Gospel to the lost and bringing the hope of Christ to the hurting, I am here to bring Biblical Truth back into the marketplace. I can’t stop movies like this from being made, but I can go out into that VERY SAME marketplace and reach those VERY SAME people with the fact that their only hope and their only answer is faith in Jesus Christ!

Those who hate our Lord are bold and courageous in taking their message of hate to the masses. I challenge you today that if you love Jesus, you should be even bolder and more courageous in taking the message of His love to those same masses! While the world mocks our Lord, we have got to praise Him!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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Why Are the Lost So Angry at Christians

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(2 Thessalonians 3:2; John 12:48; 2 Corinthians 4:4; John 3:11, 8:24)

***ASK BILL: In 1 Timothy 3:9 it says, “Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience. What is “the
mystery of the faith?”

ANSWER: The word translated deep truths is one of Paul’s favorite words to describe the gospel, literally meaning ‘mystery’ (1 Cor. 2:7; 4:1; Eph. 3:3-9. It refers to the essential truth of the Gospel, especially the saving character of Christ’s death, which was once hidden (in God) but now revealed by the Spirit.

In the course of your day-to-day life, as you have opportunities to share Christ with people you meet, know up front that many who are not Christians will get angry with you for even mentioning the name of Jesus Christ. This anger stems from the fact that those who are lost, deep, deep, down, know that something is missing in their life.

When God created Adam, He created Adam in perfection and with a spiritual connection to God. One of the byproducts of Adam’s sin was that spiritual connection with God was broken. There was now a gulf between man and God due to man’s sin. Since each person is born with sin, they are born with a void in their life that only being reconnected to God can fill.

This is why people get involved with drugs, with alcohol, with gambling, with sex, or become addicted to work and success. This is why so many people get lost in cults and the false religions of this world. There is a void in a person’s life that subconsciously they know is there and are trying to fill. I want to tell you today that this void can ONLY be filled by reconnecting to God. The Good News today is that God loves us so much, He sent Jesus to die for OUR sins so that by putting our faith in Him, we could be reconnected with God and that void in our life would be filled.

That is why a Christian can know joy, despite the pain life has to offer. That is why a Christian can know peace, even in the midst of the fiercest trials. That is why a Christian can enjoy the abundance of this life, even when there is no abundance by this world’s standards. The joy, the peace, the abundance of this life comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and being reconnected with God our Creator.

THAT is why the lost are so angry at Christians. They have rejected God’s free gift of everlasting life through Jesus Christ and look to the things of this world to try and fill the void only God can fill. From time to time, they must justify in their own mind their rejection of Christ. The way they normally do this is by attacking the Bible, since it is God’s Word that condemns them.

They always ask about who Cain and Abel married (their sisters, it was when God gave the law to Moses that incest was forbidden), they always ask about the dinosaurs (they were created with the animals and most believe became extinct during the flood of Noah), how people could live to be 900 years old (man was originally created to live forever, and as the generations went on the age of man decreased), and numerous other questions that in many cases only God can answer. They also point out what may appear to be contradictions in the Bible. Let me assure you, there are NO, ZERO, NADA contradictions in the Bible.

All of this is done to try and minimize and discredit the Bible from being God’s inspired, inerrant Word, representing absolute truth, and our final authority in all matters. Again, it is God’s Word that condemns them for their rebellion, so of course it is God’s Word they attack. My advice is to visit a local Christian bookstore and you will find many books that explain in depth why the Bible really is the Word of God and perfect in every way.

I love you and care about you so much. I realize the anger of the lost keeps many people from sharing their faith. Never forget, they are angry at God, NOT you. Your job is simply to tell them the truth, and share with them the hope and love of Christ. What they choose to do with that truth is then between them and God.

Also, don’t be intimidated by their questions. If you know the answer, tell them, if you don’t, tell them you don’t. SOMEONE THAT IS LOST AND SIMPLY TRYING TO JUSTIFY THEIR REJECTION OF CHRIST WILL ALWAYS HAVE MORE QUESTIONS THAN YOU WILL EVER HAVE ANSWERS. I have never in over 20 years, having dealt with tens of thousands of people, EVER had a person asking a string of questions say, “OK, I am glad you answered that for me, now I will believe.” You will never win a debate with someone that is lost since they have no desire to accept what you are saying. Your time is best spent praying for these people rather than debating them.

Many people you meet however, will be honestly open to looking into having a relationship with Christ. Trust me, you will know who these people are. Do your best to answer their questions, and don’t hesitate to get others involved in helping you out. But, never forget that how you live your life and what Christ has done in your life will always be your most effective and powerful witness to others.

I will be praying for you today. God has given us a commandment, not a suggestion to share our faith in Christ with this hurting and lost world. We have the only answer there is. The void in the lives of people that has been created by sin can only be filled by accepting Jesus Christ which reconnects a person to God their Creator. Those who choose to reject Christ are angry because they have a hole in their life only HE can fill.

If you want to fill that void in your life today, if you want to be reconnected to God your Creator today, you have the opportunity right now. Simply pray and ask God to open your heart, and read the words at this link,

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2012, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Lesson of a Selfless Little Boy

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(Matthew 14:13-21)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, I would like to know why Moses was punished and not allowed to enter the promise land?

ANSWER: One word, DISOBEDIENCE! As I share often, our acts have consequences. Moses struck the rock twice, instead of speaking to the rock as God had told him. While God used his life in a mighty way, there is a price to pay for rebellion, and for Moses, it was not being allowed to enter into the promised land.

The lesson of a selfless little boy. Most people know the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 with the a few loaves and fishes. What I never hear when this powerful miracle is recounted, is the fact that many of the people present had food to give, but it was only that one lone boy who was willing to give Jesus all he had in order for EVERYONE to be fed.

When I think about this powerful truth, it reminds me of today. How many people are blessed with 24 hours a day, talents and gifts, financial resources, yet refuse to share them with others? It is amazing that the few who do share their time, their talent, their treasure to further the work of the Lord, how God multiplies what is given to feed the multitudes, just like he multiplied the loaves and fishes to feed the multitudes on that day!

At the end of August, Liveprayer will be 13 yrs old. In that time, we have raised unst under $7 million dollars. That has been done with the sacrifce from less than 10,000 faithful friends over these years. That is right, less than 10,000 of the TENS OF MILLIONS we have reached and impacted have ever given a dime to God’s work here at Liveprayer. That is a fraction of 1%!

There are many reasons for that. First, all we have done here at Liveprayer has been done for FREE. We have never charged anyone for anything, we don’t sell books, tapes resources, all we have done has been without charge since the Gospel and God’s Truth is freely given. However, there is a cost involved in getting the Gospel and God’s Truth out to the masses.

Second, I don’t “tickle ears.” I am not a motivational speaker like the gutless Joel Osteen, nor am I trying to build my own kingdom like the seeker/purpose driven/emerging church/prosperity marketeers have done. I have had more people RUN from Liveprayer than anyone can imagine because I would not back down from the difficult issues, and told people the bare Truth of what the Bible says even though many didn’t want to hear it.

Lastly, well over half of the people we have reached through the Internet, on TV, radio, in print, are not Christians. We are one of the few ministries that has dared to walk into satan’s living room and share the hope and love of Jesus with the lost and hurting right where they live!

What has been accomplished? Tens of millions of lives have been impacted, we have sent personal responses to over 70 million emails for prayer, broadcast over 2,000 TV programs that have been viewed by millions, sent out over 4700 Daily Devotionals each morning since Liveprayer went online that is read by millions around the world, and most important of all, seen over 600,000 souls we know of come to faith in Jesus Christ!

For 13 years, Liveprayer has been one of the few places people could find the unadulterated Truth of the Bible preached daily without compromise on the issues of the day from a Biblical worldview. Despite the opportunity to generated tens of millions annually by “playing along,” going on Christian TV, charging people to come to conferences or buy products, backing off the difficult issues that offend people, make decisions based on money instead of souls, joining forces with major ministry organizations which require setting aside the Absolutes of the Bible and compromise, I have listened to the voice of God and done my best to be faithful to deliver His Truth to the lost and hurting masses each day regardless the personal and financial cost!

A Devotional reader sent me an email the other day, “Pastor Keller, I have said this before that I feel one of the biggest and most important opportunities Liveprayer provides is the opportunity to set the Biblical record straight. So many people have either misinterpreted the Bible, or have in MANY cases, have been given mis-information!”

Compromising the Truth of the Bible, looking the other way when it is financially expedient, not talking about difficult issues so people won’t get upset with me, are things I have and will continue to REFUSE to do, since like every person, I will die and stand before God one day. At that moment, I don’t want to have to explain why I didn’t obey Him. I want to hear the words all followers of Christ desire to hear, “well done thou good and faithful servant!’

I love and care about you so much. Just like in that crowd of 5,000, it was only one little boy who was willing to give up all he had to the Lord, while everyone else refused. My challenge to you today is simply this. Will you be like the little boy with your time, talent, and treasure, or the like the rest in the crowd that day and hold on to all the Lord has given you?

As we are down to the last 6 days of June, please be in prayer with me for the operational finances we need to bring in right away. We are only $1,000 short of covering our May operational budget, and it is critical that we bring in those funds right away. I am pryaing for 1 person who can make a special one-time gift to cover this past due amount, and for everyone to pray about helping me with the best gift you possibly can as we still need to cover our entire June operations of $40,000.

*That is $41,000 over these next 6 days, or 41 people making a special one-time special gift of $1,000.

All I ask is that you pray and than give as the Lord purposes in your heart. Never forget that God will honor your heart as you obey His voice. Will you help me today? Will you please take a minute today, and pray, seek the Lord what He is asking you to sacrifce to help me???

TO GIVE A GIFT TO LIVEPRAYER, you can use your major credit card on our secure server at: under the “Donation” link, you can give using your PayPal account using my email address:,or you can mail your gift to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Ave. North, St.Petersburg, FL 33709. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

Thank you for your love, for your prayers, and for your sacrifce. It is friends like you who stand with me that enable Liveprayer to do all it does every 24 hours for so many lost and hurting souls around the world, while bringing HIS Truth into the marketplace!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2012, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

We Get So Bogged Down in the Day-to-Day Activities of Life that We Lost Sight of the Big Picture

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(Luke 12:16-21)

***ASK BILL: Does forgiving someone mean that we must maintain a relationship with them or even like them for that matter?

ANSWER: NO! Forgiveness is a conscious act of the heart and actually is a real time of cleansing for the person granting the forgiveness. Just because you have forgiven someone, DOES NOT mean you have to maintain a relationship with them, and in many cases, it is unwise to do so!

We all get so bogged down in the day-to-day activities of life, that we can lose sight of the big picture. One of the goals I have each day is to help you stay focused on that “big picture.” The ultimate “American dream” for many is to win several million dollars, buy a huge home, new cars, quit your job. But what do you do after that? That becomes the big question. When you have all of those things that you ever dreamed of, when you have accomplished all of the things you strive for then what?

In today’s scripture, we read about a man who could have easily been living in the year 2006. Obviously very talented. Obviously very goal oriented. He had his plan, he followed it through, and he achieved everything he wanted. But soon after that, the Lord says, “You fool! This very night your life will be demanded from you.”

“And he told them this parable: “The ground of a certain rich man produced a good crop. He thought to himself, ‘What shall I do? I have no place to store my crops.’ “Then he said, ‘This is what I’ll do. I will tear down my barns and build bigger ones, and there I will store all my grain and my goods. And I’ll say to myself, “You have plenty of good things laid up for many years. Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry.” ‘ “But God said to him, ‘You fool! This very night your life will be demanded from you. Then who will get what you have prepared for yourself?’ ” (Luke 12:16-21)

You see my friend, this Devotional in no way is meant to tell you that your goals are not important. It is in no way meant to tell you that you should not strive to have the best things that this life can offer. There is nothing wrong with that at all. What I am trying to get you to hear today is that you MUST keep your goals prioritized and in perspective. To simply let your goal be “get all I can now” is a bad goal.

The Bible says, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet lose his soul?” That of course is for an unsaved person who wants everything, but eventually must realize that there is an eternal life when this one is over, where all of those things you accomplish and gain in this life have no meaning. That is just as true for the Christian. While we work on our earthly goals, we MUST keep focused on, and never lose sight of, our eternal goals.

Those things that we gain in this life will be gone the instant our life is over and we pass into eternity. At that point, the ONLY thing that matters is our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I have said it often, and will continue to remind you of this fact. The ONLY thing we take from this life into eternity is our personal relationship with Christ.

That is why I harp constantly on our intimate, daily walk with Him. We do that through the Word and through prayer. At that instant when this life ends, that personal relationship with Christ is all that will matter. With that being the case, why do we spend so much time on striving to accomplish things in this world that will one day be meaningless, and so little time on our walk with Christ which one day will be all that we have?

I love you and care about you so very much. Each day I do my best to share my heart with you and allow God to pour through me meaningful things that will help you in your daily life. My challenge for you today is to not get so focused on the goals of this world, that you lose sight of your eternal goals. Work just as hard on your relationship with Christ as you do in your day to day work here on earth. Don’t let the things of this temporary world consume you to the point that you miss the eternal goals we all should be working on.

We need to be careful. The media, our culture, pushes us daily to “have it all.” We get so consumed with that message that we forget we can never have it all, unless we have Jesus. The greatest goals that we can have are not our earthly goals, but our Heavenly goals!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2012, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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