Kim Kardashian – A Living Symbol of the Spiritual Decay of this Nation

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(Deuteronomy 8:19,20)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, is it possible to be a Christian and at the same time call Jesus a liar, i.e. saying there is more than one way to heaven?

ANSWER: Jesus said, “If you love me, you will obey me.” That means what the Bible says. How can you claim to love Jesus, yet hold beliefs and commit acts in complete rebellion to the Lord and the Truth of the Bible. Sadly, there is an overwhelming number of people who claim to be a Christian, yet support the murder of babies, the perversion of God’s Holy Institution of Marriage, accepting a sexual perversion like homosexuality as an acceptable choice of sexual relations, as well as the universalistic lie from hell you asked about, that there is more than one way to Heaven. If that is true, than what Jesus did on the cross, all He taught, means ZERO. This has come about in these past 30 years from weak, gutless pastors, many of whom are not saved or believe the Bible to be the ONLY Truth there is, and these man-made marketing efforts like the seeker/purpose driven/emerging church/prosperity schemes that fill pews not by saving souls, but with a watered down, filtered, compromised message so nobody will be offended.

Kim Kardashian, a living symbol of the spiritual decay of this nation! Young adults and children today know virtually NOTHING of the great men and women and stories found in the Bible, but can tell you every sordid detail of the sinful life of manufactured reality star Kim Kardashian. I could actually stop the Devotional right here, since this says it all in regard to where our nation is spiritually.

Kardashian and her family have no musical ability. They are not gifted actors or actresses from the world of movies. They became famous in 2006 Kim’s mother (widow of Robert Kardashian, a famous LA attorney best known for being friends with OJ Simpson and part of his dream team, who died in 2003 and left his family very well off financially) “leaked” a sex tape of her daughter Kim with the brother of singer Brandy that became an internet sensation.

The Kardashians have masterfully played the media and the general public over the past 6 years to build a business empire raking in tens of millions from their reality TV programs, personal appearances, clothes, fragrances, and anything else a person can hawk!

Several years ago, Kim was in the news for making a mockery out of God’s Holy Institution of Marriage by marrying a current NBA basketball player on her TV program, and then ending the marriage after a whopping 81 days! Her divorce wasn’t even final when Kim bcamesexually involved with rapper Kanye West who she married, had a baby with, and is not conteplating divorcing!

Do you need any indication of how far this nation is from God and His Truth? Just look at the constant filth and garbage on TV that has millions watching each week! “Jersey Shore,” was replaced with “Buckwild,’ a country version of “Jersey Shore.” “Teen Mom,” glorifying teenage girls having babies out of wedlock. All of the various “Housewife of” shows that is smut geared to an older audience.

One program after another glorifying every kind of sexual perversion you can name, every kind of outright rebellion to God you could think of, that portrays the very worst of human beings. All of these programs have millions of viewers and continue to be pumped out in more extreme forms each year to satisfy the insatiable appetites of people for sheer and utter rebellion to God!!!

If you are in your 40’s and 50’s or older, you have watched our society sink into the spiritual abyss in your lifetime. Going from a nation where the majority embraced Biblical values and honored God, to a nation where the majority now reject Biblical values and mock God.

Sadly, if you are younger, you have grown up knowing nothing but the utter rebellion we see around us on a daily basis in every aspect of our life. You have grown up being lied to that homosexuality is something people are born with and is normal. You have grown up being lied to that we evolved from a drop of pond scum. Worst of all, you probably didn’t grow up in church, and if you did, chances are high it was a church that compromised the Truth of God’s Word and watered down what the Bible teaches.

I love you and care about you so much. It is the church that is to blame for the spiritual state of our nation, not Kim Kardashian, TV, Hollywood, the Internet, the music industry, the pro abortion or homosexual movements, or anyone else. All these people are doing is living in rebellion to God as ANYONE without Christ does! The church and the church alone is the sole reason for the spritual decay in our nation!

My friend, the time to rise up is now. The church has proven to be incapable of leading our nation spiritually. The church will still play a huge role, but the movement has to start OUTSIDE the four walls of the church. The remnant, those who have refused to bow their knee to baal and compromise God’s Truth must lead this movement, purge the churches who only want to play games, and work with those churches who are about God’s Kingdom and not their own!

It is the people of God who must lead this charge in order to save the soul of our nation. Unless we repent as a nation, turn back to God and His Truth as a nation, we are doomed. But be of good cheer, there is a remnant, God has a people, and there are enough sitting back in silence who know deep down inside that we can’t continue on the path we are on and survive much longer.

Now is the time, this is the moment in human history for those who know the Lord to take our stand as those faithful followers over the past 2,000 years have done before us. May eternity show us to have been faithful and not only see this nation fall on its’ knees and repent, but see a mighty harvest of souls come to know Jesus as their Savior by faith! Amen??? AMEN!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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Addicted to Shopping

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(Galatians 5:1)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, what is a Prophet? Who were the Prophets? What is the purpose of Prophets?

ANSWER: The “Prophet” is a spokesman for God. In the OT, prior to the completion of the Bible, God spoke through the prophet to foretell events as well as lead the people in ways of righteousness. Now that we have God’s Word in its complete form, the modern day prophet is not a “Christian fortune teller” as many portray themselves, but a FORTHTELLER. Nothing a prophet says can contradict God’s Word. Their purpose is to share God’s Truth as found in the Bible and lead the people in the ways of God. The prophet was never and still is not a popular person since they have made a solid commitment to God above all else, and have always been despised by the formal religious community for telling people the raw truth and not being involved in the politics of the church. The true prophet is not able to be bought off and his allegiance is to the Truth of God’s Word and building the Kingdom of God. By the way, this is another reason Mormonism is a cult from hell, since they claim to be “modern day prophets” with a “new revelation.” That is a DIRECT contradiction to the last verses of the Bible and exposes them as “false prophets,” which by definition is someone who leads people AWAY from God’s Word and faith in the Jesus of the Bible.

Addicted to shopping! In the midst of the biggest shopping days of the year, I am going to share a word that has much relevance with many people. I have dealt many times with addiction problems. Most think of those fighting addictions as people who are prowling around seedy adult sex shops late at night, meeting scary people who have sold out to satan and sell drugs, slipping into a neighborhood bar after work and having your “normal” 4-5 drinks before going home, just to mention a few.

In past Devotionals, I have tried to help you understand that ANYTHING can be an addiction. One of the most common battles many fight daily is an addiction to food. But today, I want to expose another addiction that MANY of you are battling each day that is RARELY talked about, SHOPPING.

First, an addiction is something that consumes your life. It takes over and becomes your number one priority. It destroys your personal relationships. Worst of all, it destroys your relationship with God. Whenever you allow ANYTHING to take over your life to the point that it is interfering with your walk with God, when God is no longer your number one priority, IT IS A SIN. It is something that you must deal with immediately before it totally destroys your life.

Shopping is legal. It is not like doing cocaine which is not. Shopping is actually a necessary part of life, just like eating is. However, many have found their “escape” in shopping. Just like some will come home and have 2..3..4..5..6..drinks in the evening to “escape,” many will shop to escape. One of the growing problems that I have had to deal with over these past 4 1/2 years is the number of people who are addicted to Home Shopping and other 24-hour TV shopping channels.

I am NOT going to sit here and tell you that they are evil, that they equate with TV pornography, that is clearly NOT the case. However, for many, the addiction is just as real, and just as powerful, as someone who sits at home and watches pornography on their TV. It is an “escape” from reality.

The worst thing about “escapes” is that they ALWAYS compound the problems that a person is “escaping” from. People spend thousands on pornography, catch sexually transmitted diseases, get caught and destroy their marriages and families. People who use drugs and alcohol not only pay a huge price by driving under the influence, but they are destroying their health, and numbing themselves from being able to function at 100% efficiency in their daily lives. Those who are addicted to shopping ultimately end up spending thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in many cases destroy their finances over this addiction. THERE IS ALWAYS A HUGE PRICE TO PAY WHEN YOU TRY TO “ESCAPE!!!”

I love you and care about you so much. Sadly, this is a HUGE issued that many are fighting today. Please know that I will be praying for you in this battle. Like ALL addiction battles, you can only attain victory after you first turn it over to the Lord. God will help you devise a battle plan, God will give you people that will walk through this with you to hold you accountable, and most of all, God will give you the strength each day to walk victoriously. This has been one of those silent issues that few will ever talk about, but it is time to pull back the curtain and expose this problem that many are fighting today. Above all, know that God loves you, and that God will lead you to victory when YOU are ready to fight this battle.

The key however is that first step. I don’t care what your battle is. Whether it is with drugs, alcohol, sex, food, OR SHOPPING. The first step is for you to admit that you have a problem. Being addicted to shopping is no different than any other addiction. You have to admit that this is a problem in your life and ask God to help you get victory over it. Please know that I will be praying for you today. I will be praying that God will not only give you the courage to admit this problem in your life, but that you will allow Him to guide you to victory. Never forget, with God . . . ALL THINGS . . . are possible. Even victory over an addiction to shopping.



In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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Hello Mr. Keller, I Wanted to Thank You for Coming to My Bedside

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(Matthew 19:26)

“Hello Bill Keller, I wanted to say thank you for coming to my bedside, held my husband’s hand and mine (as I lay on life support), and prayed!!! My Al felt alone until you walked in and reminded him that he was a follower of the Lord. And he will never be alone! The fact that you came back to pray with him until I opened my eyes, then we all were able to thank the Lord for another day together, I can’t even put into words how grateful we both are. Your prayers lifted us and got us back our road to the Lord. It was the will of God that you were at my hospital bed, and I have been reading your Daily Devotionals that give me the spiritual food I need for the day. With all of our gratitude and respect.”

“I believe you are being tried and tested Pastor Bill (financially). As someone the Lord put in my life once said as we were speaking in our Church prayer room, daily manna….daily manna…daily manna. Whereas before God in His goodness supplied the bulk of your need (Phil 4:19) by those with great resources, now it will be MANY sacrificing His resources who will help you. This is so God will be glorified when we come empty handed! He certainly does use the wealthy, but perhaps He will convict everyone who has been so blessed by YOUR daily sacrifce, and who can, but do not give out of there resources. It all adds up in the end! I will be sending you $50.00 by money order as God has provided me. Where do I send it to? Be encouraged Pastor Bill!”

“Bill, I got baptized a long time ago, when I was a young girl. I have been getting your LivePrayer emails for a while now, and I just re-dedicated my life to Jesus! Thank you for this wonderful messages that you send out everyday! I know you are helping and changing so many lives! God Bless you!”

“I am from the Virgin Islands. I prayed along with the Pastor in the video to accept Jesus as my Savior and would like the follow up information he said to ask for. God bless you for being there!”

“I’ve been watching your program this week via the internet and I’ve given my heart and life to Jesus. I want the peace and joy in my heart that can only experienced through salvation. I thank the Lord tonight for loving me and dying for my sins so that I might be saved. Please send me the booklet that you spoke of on the show in order that I may grow in my Christian life.”

I am in a very difficult place today! After 183 months of Liveprayer, we have over 9 MILLION of these wonderful praise reports archived. They are a constant reminder to me each day that what we do literally 24/7 is making a difference in the hearts and lives of people around the world. They are also a constant reminder that without you, my dear friends in the Liveprayer family, I wouldn’t be able to do what God has called me to do with my life.

Everyone who prays for me and this ministry, everyone who makes the sacrifce to help me financially, is part of each praise report, each changed life, and each person who makes the decision to accept Christ as their Savior by faith!

As we are at the last 2 days of November, I desperately need your prayers and your help. Liveprayer is in a very perilous place financially, but a place that we can fix virtually over night if you and everyone in the Liveprayer family will make the sacrifce to help me today.

We have been ending each month of this year with a shortfall. It has been deep into the next month that we are finally clearing up the previous months basic operational needs. Just last week we finally took care of paying off the shortfall from our October internet and TV operations. Over these final 2 days we still require $38,000 for our November internet operations and $25,000 for the TV program in November for a total of $63,000!

Is that possible? ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD! I know that if everyone in the Liveprayer family will take a moment, first pray, than seek the Lord what He is calling them to do to help me at this critical time, that between today and the end of the weekend we can cover the $63,000 we require to end November with all of our basic operations current..

$16,000 of those costs are already several weeks past due. I am praying for two of our friends who God has richly blessed to make a special year-end gift of $8,000 right away that will enable me to cover these past due operational expenses. If everyone else simply gives as the Lord purposes in their heart and as they are able, by the end of the weekend the entire $63,000 will be covered and we can begin working on the $40,000 for our December internet operations and the $25,000 we require for the TV program in December.

So over these final 33 days of the year, that is a total of $128,000 to end this year with all of our required internet and TV operations current!

If just 128 of our friends can make the sacrifce and help with a special year-end gift of $1,000 or more, that insure Liveprayer ends this year with all of our basic operations current as we continue after over 15 years now to be a beacon of light to so many people worldwide each day! If you can’t do that, simply “give as you are able to give” as the Bible teaches! By the way, many will be getting a year-end bonus. Some of you have recently sold a home, some property, a business, stocks, or something else. Please pray about sending a portion of those funds to help God’s work here at Liveprayer!!!

Liveprayer’s basic internet operations each month cost a little over $1,300 a day., and the TV program is apx. $1,200 each night we are on. This is one of the VERY FEW ministries where 93 cents of every dollar goes to the actual work of the Lord, not overhead and fundraising! For the same budget of the average local church with around 800 members meeting once a week, we are online 24/7, reaching 2.5 million souls worldwide each day, on TV “live” for 2 hours 5 nights a week around the nation and online, responding to 40,000 emails a day for prayer and counsel, and seeing apx 2,000 people we know of come to faith in Jesus each week!

Please don’t expect someone else to do what God is calling you to do and miss YOUR blessings! Would you pray about making a special year-end gift to help me? If you were planning on a special gift prior to the end of the year, it would help me a great deal if you could send it at this time!!!

TO GIVE A GIFT TO LIVEPRAYER, you can use your major credit card on our secure server at: under the “Donation” link, you can give using your PayPal account using my email address: ,or you can mail your gift to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Ave. North, St.Petersburg, FL 33709. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

I love and care about you so much. I have always led by example and never asked anyone to sacrifce if I wasn’t willing to as well. It has been 6 years now since I took a salary from Liveprayer other than my basic living expenses. I have lived and breathed this work for the Lord literally 24/7/365 since we started August 31, 1999, and won’t stop until the Lord returns or He calls me home to Glory!

Those who have been part of Liveprayer know I don’t care about money, but it does take funds to operate. If I cared about money, I would do what virtually everyone else in the ministry does. Simply preach to the choir, sell products to the choir, have conferences for the choir, and never speak about anything that is controversial or would upset someone. Just tickle ears and tell people what they want to hear.

People may not always agree with everything I say, but nobody can deny that this ministry has a track record of over 15 years now making ministry and souls our number one priority, while challenging people daily to be all God has called them to be, and without fear, compromise, or concern for myself, taking the Truth of the Bible into the marketplace where few go any longer because most don’t want to hear the Truth nor financially beneficial.

I could never ask you for a dime for myself, but I have no problem asking you to help me take God’s Truth to this hurting world and His Gospel to the lost!!! Every day people are asking for funds for many important causes. However, there you will never make a better investment than helping me bring Christ to the lost and hurting, and His Truth to the marketplace as we help to lead this nation back to our Creator and Biblical Truth…THE ONLY HOPE AND ANSWER FOR OUR NATION!!!

Thank you for your love, your prayers, and encouragement. They mean more to me than you will ever know, and sustain me in the most difficult times. For 183 months now, I have walked by faith and trusted God to provide what we needed for that month, never asking for a penny more. I don’t ask you to give money to Liveprayer to buy buildings, or to pay for huge staffs of people, or so that I can fly around in private jets and live like the ruler of a small nation. I only ask you to help me to bring God’s Truth to the marketplace, hope to the hurting, and salvation to the lost, and to stand with me as we help to turn this nation back to God and His Truth!!!!

May the Lord continue to protect us from the enemy, guide us, and bless our efforts for HIS KINGDOM!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Thanksgiving Day

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(1 Thessalonians 5:18)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, if someone is diagnosed with a terminal disease and chooses not to have surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, is that a sin?

ANSWER: No. However, it is not wisdom. God’s 1 healing instrument are doctors and medicine. It was God who gave people the wisdom to become a doctor, and God who inspired people to create medicines. In the end, God has the final word, but people should use the resources God makes available to them.

On this day we celebrate as Thanksgiving, we have so much to be thankful for. I want to point out an aspect of this great verse in Paul’s letter to the church at Thessalonica that is usually overlooked and almost never preached on. While we are so thankful today for all of God’s blessings, this verse requires a great amount of maturity because it says “give thanks in all circumstances!” How quickly we run over those words without ever thinking about the true meaning. In this society where we are so focused on winning, so focused on the positive, so focused on things being in a state of perfection….God tries His best to help us be realistic about this sinful world we live in.

Aside from our own sinfulness, we live in a world that is infested with sin in every nook and cranny of our existence. Jesus, trying to prepare His disciples for the reality of living in this world without Him, trying to make them understand that despite the close intimate relationship they had, told them that in this world they would have problems and things would not always be perfect. This verse tell us that every day we should “give thanks in all circumstances.”

Spiritual maturity comes in when you understand that this verse is actually telling you to give thanks not only for those things you look at as good, but also the difficult things that happen to you as well. That is hard for us to understand why we should be thankful for those terrible things that happen to us along life’s journey, but we have no way of knowing the mind of God, we have no way of understanding completely His plan or purpose, we just can’t comprehend all of the things God does in the situations we live through. It is hard to imagine giving thanks for things like marriage problems, divorce, the death of a loved one, financial difficulties, health problems, strife with friends, problems in your local fellowship, difficulties on the job, and any other bad things we experience in life. Hard to imagine.

But when you realize that God is still on the throne, that He is still in control, then you by faith, have to thank Him and trust Him even in those bad situations. He is working on your behalf and will not let you down. As painful as the experience must be, we have to thank Him because He is often perfecting us for work in the future. We give thanks out of obedience, and out of faith that God knows what He is doing in allowing those bad things we live through in our life to occur. Remember a man named Job?

I realize that today would be a great day to just say some warm and fuzzy things to make us feel good. It is a holiday, many are with family. The Christmas season is upon us. We have so much to be thankful for. But the job God gave me was not to give you something each day to just make you feel good, but to challenge you to a closer daily walk and to help you grow spiritually. Many problems that I see each day occur because people have been given too much “feel good” talk, and not adequately prepared for the reality of this life in relationship to their life in Christ. When the storms come, they just aren’t equipped to handle the onslaught.

The one thing that I will never do is hold back, compromise the Word of God, or tell you something just to make you feel good. I will tell you the truth, God’s Truth right from the Bible, in an attempt to help you be prepared for living a victorious and productive life for Christ. In these last days, He needs bold, mature, fearless men and women to do the work necessary here on earth. It is no accident that you are getting these Devotionals, and no accident that you read them. God is speaking to you through these daily writings to sharpen you, prepare you, encourage you to be all He has called you to be.

I love you and care about you so much. I am so grateful for you. Your love and prayers have been an inspiration to me personally and to our people here at We are pressing forward each day. Thank you again for standing with me, for praying, for giving, for helping us add people to our Daily Devotional list and letting others know about My thoughts and prayers are with you this day. I am truly thankful for you. For those traveling, may His mercies be with you as you go to and from your destinations. For those of you going through the fire today, remember… “give thanks in all circumstances!”

May you and your family enjoy a most blessed Thanksgiving!!!

*Plan of Salvation to share with unsaved loved ones and friends:

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Ferguson Epilogue

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(Genesis 1:26,27; Deuteronomy 10:17; Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11; Galatians 3:28)

Ferguson Epilogue. Like so many of these tragedies, Ferguson was not about policing, it was about parenting! In the wake of the grand jury decision not to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, the REAL PROBLEM none of the networks or exhaustive news coverage of this tragic event never told you was about parenting! Fraudulently portrayed as “Ward and June Cleaver” by the media, Brown’s birth parents were never married, both have other children by other partners, and he was being raised primarily by his maternal grandmother as so many children in minority communities are!

Just like in the death of Trayvon Martin I pray for and have sympathy for the parents of Michael Brown in their grief of losing their son. However, I submit to you that if they had been real parents PRIOR to his death, this sad tragedy most likely would have been avoided. I know to some that may sound very cold to put blame on the parents, but that is where a big portion of the blame lies.

Just like in Trayvon Martin, the autopsy of Michael Brown showed he had marijuana in his system at the time of the incident. A look at Brown’s social media made it apparent that he was infatuated with smoking pot, guns, and being a gangster. It was leaked early on that Brown had a significant juvenile record for all types of various crimes. Any responsible parents would know their son was involved in committing crimes at a young age, smoking pot and glamorizing a gangster lifestyle, and there was something is seriously wrong.

*For all of those black hosts and commentators in the media over the past months lamenting what to tell their children, that is simple. Love the Lord your God with all your heart. Love others. Don’t commit crimes. Don’t assault a police officer. Don’t fantasize about and try to emulate the hip-hop culture that is about illicit sex, drugs, violence and DEATH! Explain to your children why those black “entertainers” who make millions glorifying a culture of drugs, violence and death are NOT of God but of satan himself and are NOT to be admired but shunned!

As I have shared with you for years, the breakdown of marriage and the family is the number one issue in our culture, since it is the foundation of our culture. Over 70% of black babies are born out of wedlock. The poverty rate amongst blacks is at an all time high and has only gotten worse with our first black President. There are FUNDAMENTAL and FOUNDATIONAL problems in the minority communities that are leading to nearly half of black young men ending up in prison, and the blame is on the churches in those communities!

The churches in minority communities used to be the social and spritual heart of those communities. Sadly, that is no longer the case. The majority of the last 2 generations of young blacks have abandoned the church. It has never been part of their life. They see the church as nothing more than another hustle. Without the parental nurturing and supervision, they have gravitated to the gangs and a life on the streets. Death or prison is the natural end for such a life.

This was never a difficult case to understand and it was NEVER about race. >From day one this was about a young man, Michael Brown, who robbed a convenience store, than when confronted by police, assaulted the office, went for his gun, and than ran away before stopping and charging the officer. If he had lived, Brown would be in jail on many different charges. Despite the lies of the media and those using this tragedy to advance a political agenda, Ferguson was never about anything more than a young man high on marijuana who made horrible decisions to not just get high that day, but commit strong-armed robbery and than assault a police officer which cost him his life.

Let me say from a personal perspective, I found the post-verdict coverage appalling! I blame the media for the rioting that resulted in the horrific scenes we saw coming out of Ferguson. MSNBC and CNN not just support and promote the killing of innocent babies and the radical homosexual agenda, they are now little more than a forum for race baiters ginning up the masses to commit acts of violence. It is no surprise to see faux Reverends Sharpton and Jackson, but there was no shortage of others filling the airwaves to fan the flames of racial hatred.

It also sickens me that President Obama, with all of the real national and international issues of import he has to deal with, had to chime in to fan the flames of racism! Add to President Obama is AG Eric “fast and furious” Holder chiming in with threats of DOJ involvement regarding a violation by Officer Wilson of Michael Brown’s civil rights. While Holder and the DOJ is dealing with their clear involvement of running guns to Mexican drug cartels, THEIR violation of the rights of reporters and citizens by illegal wiretaps, they seem to have time to become involved in an issue the justice system adjudicated simply to exacerbate racial tensions in the nation!

Equally as sickening but not surprising were the irresponsible, disgusting, and violence-inciting comments of many pro athletes and celebrities with huge followings on social media. Worst of all though were so many black pastors fueling the charged atmosphere after the verdict with incendiary comments. Of all people in our society who should rise above satan’s sick game of division, it should be men called by God to lead the people in ways of righteousness, not add to the hatred and division that already exists.

Sadly, the TV networks, most commentators, even the President and Attorney General, took the side of young man with a criminal record who that very day had committed a strong-arm robbery before assaulting a police officer and going for the officer’s gun over the police. The way the police in Ferguson and across the nation were demonized during this whole tragic affair was despicable. Over and over these past three months was treated in the media as the good guy, while the police were cast in the role of villain. Police officers in this nation put their very lives on the line every day for their communities. To demonize the police to advance a racial/political narrative should repulse all people who love law and order.

Of course, while this high-profile trial gave a platform to those who seek to divide people by skin color under the guise of civil rights, there is never a mention of the hundreds of young black men being killed in the streets of our nation’s cities every single day. Why are several thousand black babies aborted each day, adding to a culture of violence and death our children grow up in that says human life is not precious or has no value? No, that would require a real conversation and a real debate about why that is happening and how to stop it. It is much easier to create a “made-for-TV” race controversy even if the facts have shown from day one, facts even the FBI’s investigation showed, never existed!

This is not just a “black” problem. It is a problem for people of every skin color in 2014. The lack of parenting and parental nurturing and influence is rampant in all neighborhoods today. Once again, it is simply the byproduct of a culture that has turned marriage into little more than a legal date or abandoned it all together, and the better percentage of several generations who have never been to church. It is a problem that will continue to get worse, and the ONLY answer is to work on turning these young adults to followers of Jesus Christ.

I love you and care about you so much. Sadly, with the help of true minions of satan like Al Sharpton (What “Rev” supports killing babies and the homosexual agenda?) and major cable news networks like CNN and MSNBC, along with the most racially divisive President and Attorney General ever, racial divisions are alive and well today. They may be worse than they have ever been in several decades. The Michael Brown tragedy is not even a real issue in the scheme of things since it was about a young man assaulting a police officer and being killed in the process. However, it does give us a glimpse into where the real problems are in our culture.

Unless we get back to bringing young men and women to faith in Jesus, unless we get their parents saved and they understand their Godly role in the life of their children, unless we create a culture where life is precious and people have worth, nothing will change. That is why I have shared with you for years that the only hope and answer for each person and this nation, is to turn back to God and His Truth and bring the lost and hurting the real hope that is only found in a relationship with Jesus Christ!

His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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Bill Cosby is in the Middle of a Firestorm of Allegations He Raped Over a Dozen Women

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(Matthew 11:28-30; 1 Peter 5:7)

**ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, can you give me the meaning of Zechariah 11:17?

ANSWER: Sadly, this is the description of the majority of pastors today. It talks about their worship of idols and forsaking their flocks. The Bible says those who are called to lead His sheep will receive a double judgment. It is a stark contrast to John 10, and the description of the Good Shepherd. Is it any wonder why the sheep are weak, ineffective, and sitting targets for satan’s schemes when the shepherds don’t do their job?

Thought of in many circles as the nation’s “dad” after playing Cliff Huxtable on the Cosby Show for 8 years from 1984-1992, TV icon, comedian, and social commentator Bill Cosby is in the middle of a firestorm regarding allegations he raped and sexually molested well over a dozen women decades ago. For the record, no charges have ever been filed against Cosby regarding these allegations, only a civil suit he settled about 8 years ago with an undisclosed amount of money being paid to settle that suit.

I have no idea if Cosby is guilty of committing these serious criminal acts as alleged, however, it becomes more difficult to believe nothing happened when you have well over a dozen women now with very similar stories who have gone public with their name and appearing on camera. Since these events occurred 20-30 years ago, the statute of limitations have run out and these women have absolutely nothing to gain. You also have many people who were part of his world during those years coming forward claiming in those pre-social media days when Cosby was arguably one of the most powerful men in the entertainment business, it was well known he had “women issues.”

Many have questioned the motivation of these women, but having sadly dealt with women and some men who were victims of rape or some sort of sexual assault as an adult, I can tell you that a very small percentage of these criminal acts are ever reported. Due to the shame and guilt many victims feel, the fact that these are not easy cases to get a conviction, and simply the pain of remembrance of this incredible violation cause most victims to bury the pain and go on with their lives without ever healing.

I personally understand that this parade of women coming forth are probably speaking out of a need for closure, to get what they allege happened behind them once and for all so they can finally begin to heal. It is cathartic for them to finally share the details of what they claim happened to them. If true, Bill Cosby is a serial rapist and as evil as ex-Penn State coach and convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky, though unlike Sandusky, Cosby will keep his incredible wealth and never do a minute behind bars for his crimes.

However, those who may escape human judgment in this life, will face the ultimate judgment upon their death…GOD’S JUDGMENT!!!

Sadly, we often deal here at Liveprayer with women and some men who as adults were victims of rape or sexual assault. It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you are a man or a woman, what your skin color is, what nationality you are, how much money you have or don’t have, rape and sexual molestation affects people across life’s spectrum. Being the victim of rape or sexaul assalut is such a personal and intimate violation of a person that the pain can be excruciating and often affects the rest of a victim’s life. Today, I want to share a word with you that could be one of the most important things anyone has ever told you. The key to starting that healing process is FORGIVENESS. As simple as this may seem, it can be one of the most difficult things in this world to do. Forgiving someone who has hurt us deeply is one of the hardest things to do in life. It is not something that we can even do in our own strength, but must be done in the strength we get from the Lord. That is the key to being free once and for all from the hurt and pain you have experienced in your life is to FORGIVE the person who caused this great pain in your life!

Secondly, if you have been the victim of rape or sexual assault and never dealt with it, you do not have to keep living with the pain from your past! Let me repeat that, because I really want you to hear these words clear. IF YOU HAVE BEEN THE VICTIM OF RAPE OF SEXUAL MOLESTATION AND HAVE NEVER DEALT WITH IT, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KEEP LIVING WITH THE PAIN YOU HAVE FROM YOUR PAST!

The fact is, God has made a way through faith in His Son for you to put the pain of your past behind you and live your life in freedom. Jesus has told us to give Him our burdens, that He would carry them for us. The Bible tells us to cast our cares on Him, because He cares for us. You see, God doesn’t expect you to carry the pain of your past with you each day. He wants you live FREE from your past so that you can enjoy the abundance that this life has to offer.

Just hours before going to the cross, Jesus told His disciples that in this world, they would experience trials and tribulations. But He told them to “be of good cheer” because HE has overcome this world. You see my friend, trials and tribulation are part of this human experience, but God has made a way through His Son for us to still enjoy the abundance that this life can offer despite those trials and tribulations.

The only reason you are carrying the pain of your past with you today is because you have chosen to believe the LIE instead of the TRUTH. Jesus tells us in John 8:44 that satan is a liar. He is the “father of lies.” When he speaks, he speaks his native language, lying! God on the other hand is TRUTH. The Word of God is TRUTH. The lie of satan is that you have to carry the pain of your past around with you each day like a 1,000 pound anchor around your neck. The truth from God is that you can take that pain of your past and give it to Jesus. HE WILL GLADLY TAKE THAT 1,000 POUND ANCHOR FROM YOU TODAY!!!

I love you and care about you so much. Everyone reading this Devotional today has experienced some of the pain that this life offers. So many of you have never let go of that pain and have simply learned how to live your life each day with that pain. Because of that, you are missing the fullness of the joy, peace, and abundance that this life can offer. Because of that, you are not completely fulfilling your purpose in this life which is to serve and glorify God with your life. Because of that, you are not living in total freedom and victory each day.

Right now, this very moment, I want you to stop whatever you are doing. If you are at home, at work, at school, it doesn’t matter. Stop whatever you are doing right now and pray this prayer. “Dear Father, I thank you for this day. I know that today was not promised to me, but it is a gift from You. Dear God, You know the pain I have today from what has happened in my life. I am tired of carrying this pain with me day after day. It is robbing me of my joy, of my peace, of knowing the abundance that this life can offer. I forgive (name) who caused this pain and ask your blessing upon (name). I trust Your Word today that tells me that I can give this burden to You, that You will take it from me. I trust Your Word today that tells me to cast my cares on You, because You care for me. In the name of Jesus, I give You the pain of my past today. In the name of Jesus, I surrender it to You. Take it from me, and fill me right now with Your joy, with Your peace, and let me live from this day forward in FREEDOM FROM MY PAST! In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!”

I will be praying for you today my friend. God loves you SO MUCH! He cares about you SO MUCH! We live in an evil and sin-filled world. Because of that, we all will experience pain in this life,sometimes excruciating pain from a violation such as rape or sexual assault. However, God has made a way so that we do not have to carry that pain around with us for the rest of our days. He has offered to carry it for us, to take it from us. I pray today that you will trust Him and give Him the pain of your past and live in FREEDOM from this day forward!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2014, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Headlines of Today are Screaming for a Nation to Turn Back to God

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(Deuteronomy 8:19, 20)

Bill, during a recent 60 Minutes program interview with
Sheryl Sandberg (CEO of Facebook), she used the words G.D. I was very dismayed and have sent an email to 60 Minutes expressing my disappointment that they did not bleep those words. I tolerate more than I should of bad language, but using the Lord’s name in vain is extremely offensive to me. It is a shame we can’t even watch the news without having to hear that.

ANSWER: Sadly, there is no longer a fear of God. The use of the Lord’s name in vain, the glorification of perverting God’s plan for marriage and the family, the acceptance of infanticide, ALL demonstrate the sad spiritual state of our nation. More important, these are the issues that unless reversed, will bring God’s wrath and punishment on our nation!

The headlines of the past few days are SCREAMING for a nation to turn back to God and signs here and around the world that the judgment of God is falling and our ONLY hope is to turn back to God and His Truth! As you read through these news headlines and the few comments I made, remember we are counting down the final 100 days of this critical year, God’s hand of protection and blessings is OFF this nation, and these are simply a few of the daily signs to a lost and hurting nation in spiritual freefall to turn back to our Creator and His Truth or face His ultimate wrath and judgment as the children of Israel did many times for their sin and rebellion!!!

-Last Tuesday in the Daily Devotional I shared with you about the vulnerability of our computer infrastructure to being attacked by foreign governments ( Only a few days later the head of the NSA, Admiral Mike Rogers, testified before Congress that the Chinese government had the ability to take down the entire power grid in the United States! He also alluded to the vulnerability of attacks by the Russian government and other groups to our computer-based infrastructures that we are dependant upon for basic utilities, communications, travel, and commerce *For many years I have tried to warn people about this potential threat that could literally change life as we know it overnight if God allowed such an attack to occur.

-Japan and Korea have developed life-like robots that are incredibly sophisticated and advanced to the point they have human-like skin, sophisticated human features and mannerisms, and can perform basic jobs at the home and office. There is a new genre of these robots that can actually be cloned to look like someone you loved who is dead! In this age of human isolation, virtual reality, retarded socialization by a large percentage of people of the computer-age, these robots are being created with the intention of being a “partner” or “companion” for humans, not just sexually, but in every area of life! *As humanity continues to deteriorate, perhaps this “advancement” in technology is as concerning to me as anything. The reason is that it highlights how far from God we have drifted when we are more comfortable interacting with machines than another living soul, and living in virtual reality than real life!

-In attempting to support his blatant shredding of the US Constitution last Thursday, President Obama tried to support his lawless action through Scripture. He quoted Exodus 22:21 that speaks of not mistreating a stranger. Of course it was a totally incorrect and out of context use of the Bible, since simply enforcing the nation’s immigrations laws is in no way mistreating anyone. *President Obama should have gone a few verses further since in Exodus 23:1 the Bible tells us not to spread a false report, or simply put…DON’T LIE!

-In making an emotional justification for usurping his Constitutional powers, President Obama stated that we simply can not rip babies from the arms of their mother. *If this isn’t hypocrisy on steroids, I honestly don’t know what is. These words are coming from the lips of a man who for his entire political career and as the leader of this nation has worked for and supported “ripping babies from the uterus of their mother!” I guess it is not acceptable to rip babies from the arms of their mother, but it is perfectly acceptable to rip babies from the uterus of their mother!!!

-Pope Francis, the head of over 1 billion Catholics worldwide, recently stated that greed will destroy this world. *While I don’t dispute greed is a sin and plays a role in our deterioration, it is ALL SIN and REBELLION TO GOD AND HIS WORD that will ultimately destroy this world!

-A glimpse of light happened during the horrific shooting at the FSU campus last week, as one student who was taking a class in Christian Traditions went to the library to pick up a book for that class. As the shooting began outside of the library, this student ran from the scene and later discovered he had been shot in the back. However, the bullet that went into his backpack and should have lodged in his back severely injuring or even killing him, was stopped by his Christian Traditions textbook where it was found! *AMEN!!!

-Susan Russell is woman who has chosen to engage in perverted and unnatural sex with other women. She is also a “priest” in the Episcopal “church.” Russell who is on the board of Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest baby killing organization, stated that the beheadings by Muslims fighting for ISIS is no different than Christians who bomb abortion clinics. *First, my personal disgust for an unrepentant sexual deviant masquerading as a pastor or priest can only be topped by God’s disgust for such a mockery of the pastorate. Likewise any supposed “church” that supports gross sins like homosexuality, the perversion of God’s Holy Institution of Marriage, and abortion, is a stench in the nostrils of God!

There is ZERO moral equivalency between Muslims beheading people and those who identify themselves as Christians bombing abortion clinics. To make such an idiotic statement is theological malpractice. The fact is, when a Muslim engages in terrorism, barbaric acts like beheading people, slaughtering “infidels,” they are simply following the teachings of the Qu’ran. They are acting in complete obedience to how Islam has operated over its’ 1400 year history. When someone claiming to be a Christian commits such acts like killing an abortion doctor or bombing an abortion clinic, they are operating in 100% CONTRADICTION to the teachings of the Bible!

-The final 100 days of 2014. We are now counting down the final 37 days of the year as satan unloads through the economy, acts of terror, disease, and fallen nature. *We have already seen great upheaval in all of these areas over the last 63 days with just over 5 weeks still to go!

I love and care about you so much. God is showing us DAILY that we must stop, turn back to Him and His Truth or be destroyed as He promised to do in today’s anchor verse. COMMIT IT TO MEMORY! “If you ever forget the Lord your God and follow other gods and worship and bow down to them, I testify against you today that you will surely be destroyed. Like the nations the Lord destroyed before you, so you will be destroyed for not obeying the Lord your God.” Deuteronomy 8:19, 20

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2014, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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