As Islam is in the News So Much these Days, the One Thing I have Noticed is How Afraid the Media is to Say Anything that would Upset Muslims

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(Matthew 24:4-8)

As Islam is in the news so much these days, the one thing I have noticed is how afraid the media is to say anything that would upset Muslims. I understand this, since self-appointed Islamic watchdog groups like CAIR are ready to pounce on and castigate anyone in the media who dares tell the truth about this 1400-year-old false religion of hatred, violence, and death. Also, you never know what may be used as an excuse to commit acts of terror and kill innocent people in the name of allah because someone “offended Islam.”

This past Sunday, 60 Minutes on CBS gave a forum to victory mosque Imam Feisal Rauf to spew his lies. Never ONCE was he confronted to denounce Islamic violence around the world, or the never ending attempts we have uncovered to commit new acts of terror on US soil, or to renounce the barbary of Sharia law, or how he plans to raise $100 million dollars for his super victory mosque/swimming pool/library/smoothie bar/inter-faith center, or whatever they are calling their project today.

Instead, they gave Rauf license to look into the camera and proliferate the lie that he is a peacemaker, a bridge builder, a man who loves America…because he roots for the New York Giants football team! It is the media who continues to portray Islam as a peaceful and loving religion, despite a 1400 year history to the contrary. They continue to proffer Islam as a relgion of peace, despite the fact from day one it was about domination. It is the media who is helping to lull this nation to sleep about Islam and what their true goals and intentions are, which is to turn the United States into an Islamic nation if they can!
Many have emailed me about whether as Christians we should be engaging in war, which will involve killing innocent people. The fact is, there is very strong Biblical support for war, when it is the defense of your nation, your faith. Make no mistake about it, our nation was attacked on 9/11 and there are still many people that would love to destroy us. We have every right, and the responsibility to defend ourselves! God often called His children to war to defeat the enemies of God throughout the Bible. We enjoy the freedom that we have today, because of the sacrifices made by our forefathers.

If we are to insure those same freedoms for our children, then we must respond and defend our nation against those who would destroy it. Yes, there will be innocent people killed. Innocent people were already killed on 9/11. That is why you must always keep the big picture in focus at all times. Death is part of the human experience. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, one day we will all die. Everyone will die by some means. Some by disease, some by accidents, some by murder, some by wars.

That is why nobody should miss their opportunity to accept Christ by faith, you may never have another chance since death can come at anytime, and it is final. We live this life in service to God. That is our purpose. When we have fulfilled God’s plan for our life, we are called home to live for eternity with Him.

Here is what God has showed me about the upcoming events that will be unfolding in the coming days, weeks, months, years, and even decades. Our war on terror is not seen as a mission of defeating terrorism, what the world perceives as a war on Islam. The U.S., which is seen worldwide as representing Christianity, along with Israel, against Islam. As you can see, this is where many allies in the Middle East who supported our initial efforts to get Bin Laden and Hussein, have had a change of heart. Islamic people worldwide see our war on terror simply as a Holy War on Islam by the West and Israel.

What happened on 9/11, our required response, and the 9 years since have unleashed events over our planet that I believe strongly fits in with the general references Jesus and Paul made about the Last Days. I am not even getting into the specific events spoken of in Revelation. God will decide when Christ returns. There will be all of the judgments and destruction talked of in the last book of the Bible. Only God knows for sure how all of that will play out. I am simply sharing that what has happened, and will start to unfold, is setting the stage for all of those events to occur. All of this could take many decades to play out, but as they do, the world will be looking for answers, looking for hope, and that is where our opportunity comes in.

Please hear my heart today. Just as I have tried to put much of what has happened in context for you, I want you to understand that what I have shared today is not meant to frighten you, or cause you to lose hope. Quite the opposite. The fact is, God has chosen us to be part of the most exciting time in human history. We will have opportunities to share His love and hope like never before.

The fact that He has raised us up in this day and time in human history, to share His love and hope with a world that will be in turmoil, is an incredible responsibility. It is our turn to do great things for God!!! Just like a football player trains hard, practices hard for the big game, now is the BIGGEST GAME OF ALL. God doesn’t expect us to be on the bench, but on the field, working hard. Unlike the football player who plays hard, but doesn’t know if his team will win, we have extreme confidence, because we already know the final score!!! God wins!!!

I love you, and care about you very much. It is my responsibility to be honest and open with you. I have done that each and every day these past 11+ plus years now. I can’t stop now. As the events of the coming weeks, months, and even years unfold, I will be here as long as God allows me, to share each day from my heart, to help you see His will for your life in all that is happening.

It is no accident that God raised up this ministry when He did, that you are getting these Devotionals every day. Now is time to get very serious about being a Christian. We have been blessed to be living in an exciting time, and on the winning team. All we have to do is to get up each day, and be faithful and obedient in the work that He has for each of us to accomplish. Never forget, no matter what, God is in control, and the end of the book says, GOD WINS!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Are You Watching Others Live Their Life or Making the Most of Yours

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(James 1:22)

Are you watching others live their life or making the most of YOURS? One of the saddest things to me about the incredible success of the new genre of “reality-based” TV programs, is that it reinforces the fact most people are sitting on the “sidelines of life” and living vicariously through the lives of others. This has always been true since God created man. There has always been a large percentage of people that have “lived their lives” through others. That is why movie stars exist. That is why pop music stars exist. Most sad, that is why “Christian stars” exist!

My friend, just because someone uses their great musical talent for God, or because someone uses their great oratory skills for God, just because someone uses their special gifts for God, it does NOT make them them “Christian stars” that so many have put them up to be. These are just ordinary men like you and I who have answered the call of God on their life and are serving HIM as they have been led.

The fact that they do it in large arenas and on television does not make them any more special than the pastor of that country church in the backwoods of Ohio who has 12 members. Just because they do it in front of the national media does not make them any more special than the person who visits the local nursing home every Friday.



The sad fact is, so many Christians are content to live their lives through others. Rather than being part of God’s plan, they sit on the sidelines and watch God’s plan unfold through others. Let me share this with you. YOU have only one life. This is it.


Don’t waste it away watching others live their lives.


God has a specific plan and purpose for each one of our lives. However, to fulfill that plan and purpose, we can’t be sitting down, watching others, but we must be LIVING OUR LIFE!

I love you and care about you so much. I want to encourage you today, to challenge you today, to make sure that you are LIVING YOUR LIFE and not simply watching others live theirs. God loves you so much. You are just as special to God as ANYONE. You are so special that He has a specific plan and purpose for your life, things that He wants to do through YOU!

However, to have that happen, you must be willing to let Him use your life. The only difference between your life and those that the world may view as “Christian stars”, is that those people allowed God to use them! Throughout the recorded history of man, we see how God has used many to further His Kingdom, His plan and purpose. The message today is that He is talking to YOU! YOU are part of His plan and purpose. All He is asking you to do today is yield yourself to Him and allow Him to work through your life.

In the end, when this life is over, God is not going to be concerned with how many people attended your church, or how many TV shows you were on, or how many people saw you during your life. The ONLY thing He will be interested in is this.


My challenge to you today is to quit sitting on the sidelines, quit watching others serve God, and go fulfill the work he has for YOU to do. Be a “doer of the word”!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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I Really Dislike It When People Say, “I Told You So” but Today I am Going to be One of Those People

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(Romans 10:14)

I really dislike it when people say “I told you so,” but today I am going to be one of those people. For the nearly 20 years I have been in the ministry, for the 11+ years of writing the Daily Devotional, for the nearly 8 years of the TV and radio program, I have stated over and over and over how preaching to the choir as all major ministries and the vast majority of the churches do has virtually zero impact on our culture at large. George Barna just released some polling data that illustrates this fact, and confirms all that I have been saying for nearly two decades.

According to Barna, here are some statistics regarding the top Christian “personalities” of our day. Rick Warren, 75% of non-Believers don’t know who he is, nor do 66% who are Believers. Dr. James Dobson, over 60% of non-Believers don’t know who he is, nor do over 50% who are Believers. TD Jakes, 68% of non-Believers don’t know who he is, nor do 60% who are Believers.

Tim LaHaye, 75% of non-Believers don’t know who he is, nor do 67% of Believers. Joel Osteen, 67% of non-Believers don’t know who he is, nor do over 60% who are Believers. In other polls taken over the last few years, well over 60% of non-Believers even know who Billy Graham is!!!

The point of these numbers should be obvious. Of course the people in the world have little clue who these people are. Why would they? All of these people work almost exclusively in the “Christian trough,” or that comfortable, profitable, subculture created over the last 40 years that has extracted the salt and light from the marketplace and left the souls of men to the wolves of satan. The only reason these people are known at all is because of their compromised and watered down message that seeps into the culture at times, but has ZERO…ZERO… impact on our society.

Warren is famous for his “purpose driven” marketing strategy designed to fill churches with warm bodies, not converts to the faith, and associating himself with leaders of cults and false religions to advance his own agenda. While Dr. Dobson has spoken to Christians on the social issues of the day, he has also been quick to take money from the “Moonies” in the 80s, from the Mormons today, which is why he has been aligned over the years with the satanic Mormon cult on many family-related issues and never once in his numerous interviews of MORMON CULT MEMBER Glenn Beck, told his audience that Beck was part of the satanic Mormon cult and NOT a Christian as he claims to be.

TD Jakes doesn’t believe in the Trinity and focuses all of his ministry efforts to African-American Believers. Osteen is little more than a new age motivational speaker who smiles all the time and will never speak the Truth of the Bible about sin since it might offend someone and hurt his book sales. LaHaye is the one guy in this group that has actually made some inroads into the culture with his “Left Behind” series. Sadly though, the bulk of the marketing efforts for the series have been confined to the Christian media and churches where he is guaranteed sales.

Once you get into other names of “Christian stars,” people like Rod Parlsey, Benny Hinn, or anyone else you want to mention, less than 15% of the general public has a clue who they are. However, if you mention “Snookie,” or “the Situation,” or Lady Gaga, or any number of meaningless individuals who have done virtually nothing in their life and contributed ZERO to society, over 75% of the people know who they are!

Some days I feel like I should be preaching to a wall. When will people in the church wake up, realize that the vast majority of the last 2 generations have never even been inside of a church, and if we don’t take the message of the Bible and the Gospel to them…WHERE THEY LIVE…they will never hear it. I’ve told you over and over that millions and millions of people around the world die every year and needlessly end up in the flames of hell for eternity because we have not done our job to simply share the simple Gospel message!

I love you and care about you so much. I want you to go back, read the previous paragraphs, understand clearly that despite the fact we have more churches, more Christian media, more Christian everything than ever before in our 2,000 year history, we also have virtually ZERO impact on our culture. Z…E….R….O!!!

I have never asked you for a dime to build a building. I have never used a penny of your gifts to this ministry to buy myself an oceanfront mansion, a new Bentley, or a private plane. I personally think those ministries who raise tens of millions annually and use donor funds for those luxuries of the world will one day answer to God for squandering the sacrifices of the people meant to go to HIS work, that went for THEIR pleasure!!!

What I DO with your gifts is reach the lost and hurting masses in the marketplace other ministries won’t reach out to and the church can’t be bothered with. I am issuing this challenge to you! There are 3 people today reading this who could make a gift of $1 million dollars and it will not affect you or your family. There are 6 people today reading this who could make a gift of $500,000 and it will not affect you or your family. There are 15 people today reading this who could make a gift of $100,000 and it will not affect your family. There are 50 people today reading this who could make a gift of $10,000. That is a total of 74 people and a total of $8 million dollars.

With those funds, we would double our current subscriber base at to 5 million people worldwide being fed daily. We would have a 6 month run on a major national TV network, and the ability to keep the turn going for years and years, that would expose tens of millions of people to the Truth of the Bible and the promise of Christ for all eternity. It would cover our first year of operations for 20111 at the permanent home of the “9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero,” a place that I believe will not only bring tens of thousands to faith in Jesus Christ, but spark a revival that will turn this nation back to God.

*Note: For $8 million dollars, less than what “Bishop” Eddie Long is reported in court documents to have spent on his young boy lovers, we could see tens of millions of lives impacted around the world every week, tens of thousands of people come to faith in Jesus Christ, and possibly this nation turned back to the God of the Bible and spared his wrath! Maybe I should start asking people to give me money for private jets, new Bentley’s, huge state-of-the-art buildings, and immoral sexual trysts like the rest of these guys do, since it seems people don’t really care about giving to save souls, only giving to allow some “pastor” to live like the ruler of a small nation!

Please pray today about helping me take a REAL STAND in this nation for the Lord. Pray about being one of those special 74 who will make a special one-time gift to help me in a major way today. I don’t know why I was the ONLY Christian leader to speak out about the victory mosque at ground zero other than the wayward brother from Gainesville, Florida who thought burning a stack of Qu’rans was a Biblical idea. I don’t know why these major ministries who take in $40 million, $70 million, $100 million plus a year can’t take a real stand for Christ on SECULAR TV, telling people that without Jesus they will die and burn in hell. I guess preaching to the lost who can’t buy you a new private jet isn’t a good business model!

This recent Barna poll only illustrates all I have told you over these many years. The world is NOT even hearing the simple Truth of the Gospel. They aren’t being reached. With all of the modern forms of communication we have today, that is unconscionable! I refuse to sit back and all people to go to hell needlessly. I have a verifiable track record of being willing to go into the marketplace and not backing down from the Truth or compromising the Gospel message.

I am asking you to stand with me today, help me today. The hour is at hand. It is our time to lead this nation back to the God of the Bible and lost souls to everlasting faith in Jesus Christ!!!

As we head into the last 2 days of September, we currently need to bring in just under $23,000 to cover the balance of our September budget. We were blessed to have one family send a gift of $7,000 to meet our second week of expenses at the new “9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero,” meaning I need 2 more people to make a sacrifce of $7,000 to cover the last 2 weeks of September. Lastly, we need just 4 more to make a special one-time sacrifce of $5,000 to finish covering the rest of our shortfall from 2009. That is a total of $57,000 to end the month with all of our basic operational costs covered. Please pray today about what God is calling you to do to help me, as we take this bold, visible stand for Christ in the marketplace to bring HIS Truth to the blind masses, and the love and hope of Christ to the lost.

—>You can make a gift to Liveprayer on your major credit card at our website under the “Donation” button, or you can give from your PayPal account by using my email address, , or you can mail a gift to: Liveprayer 6660 46th Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida 33709 *For a gift to the 9-11 Christian Center, please mark 9-11 on your check, or put (9-11) next to your name on the credit card or PayPal form. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

—>I really need $15,000 of that total amount immediately! If you are able to FedEx me a check today, or better yet, wire transfer the funds directly to our bank, please email me as early as possible today at:

Thank you for helping me to be here for the lost and hurting masses whose only answer and hope is Jesus Christ!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Helping Others

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(Psalm 41:1-3)

Helping others. Like sharing our faith, helping others is not an option. It is something that all throughout God’s Word we are told to do. When you read over and over throughout the Bible a certain command or way we should live, God is doing that for emphasis. In many passages in the Old and New Testament, God tells us to help others. As a matter of fact, Jesus says that the great commandment is to treat others as we would ourselves.

So often in this selfish, self-centered world in which we live, it is easy to focus on ourselves to the extent we neglect the hurts and needs of others. I want to challenge you today to think about someone in your life, maybe a family member, a co-worker, or schoolmate, who could use a kind word or some help in their life. Reach out to that person. I have said many times that the most effective witness is not what you say, but how you live your life. Reach out in love and kindness and let them see Jesus in you.

One of the most exciting things that has happened on has been the effect of these daily devotionals. So much of what we hear in church and in different situations makes sense, but has little relevance to our own life. My number one objective each morning as I sit down to write these devotionals, is for God to give me the words to touch someone’s life that day. Make it practical, real life, biblically-based, and about the daily struggles and challenges we face not only as Christians, but as real live human beings.

One way to bless someone today would be to sign them up to start receiving this daily devotional. So many have said, “I don’t know who signed me up, but I am so grateful.” Many have signed up their family members, their bible study group, and their youth group. All you have to do is go to our website, and hit the daily devotional button, and you can sign up anyone you wish, as many as you wish. I would encourage you today to think about someone in your life that could use the daily encouragement, Biblical direction on real-life issues we all face.

God has a perfect plan for each one of our lives. Some of that plan applies to all of us who know Jesus as our personal Savior. We all have the commandment to help others. That is the whole reason for to be a place on the Internet where people can find help and hope in their time of need.

I love you and care about you so much. I want to really encourage you today to take very seriously God’s direction for us to be a blessing to others. He blesses you so you can bless others. Take time today to reach out to someone you know and be a blessing. It doesn’t have to be a major act. Sometimes that kind word of encouragement can make all the difference in the world.

Thank you so much for being part of this great work of God. I pray for you and am concerned about your needs. No one person can touch everyone, but God gives us each a sphere of influence and people to minister to. I take this responsibility very seriously. I pray that this will be a special day for you as you reach out to someone in need and let them know that there is hope, that they aren’t alone, and that Jesus loves them.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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One of the Joys in My Life is to Look Over Some of the Thousands of Praise Reports We Receive

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(Psalms 91:15; Psalms 89:1)

One of the joys in my life is to look over some of the thousands of incredible praise reports we receive every day here at Liveprayer. Real people that had emailed us to pray about real issues in their life. It is a tremendous honor and privilege to be able to stand in agreement with people for the needs they face during the course of their journey through life. I am always moved to see God’s grace and mercy at work in the lives of people as He answers their prayers.

Several times each year, I like to share a sampling of those praise reports with you. I do this because so many of you are facing great obstacles in your life today, and need to know God is there. The Bible proclaims that God is no respecter of persons. That simply means what God has done for someone else, He will do for you. So I want you to know today that no matter what your need is, what your problem is, what the battle you are fighting may be, God not only hears your prayers, BUT HE ANSWERS YOUR PRAYERS!

Also, so many of you pray and sacrificially give to the work God is doing here at Liveprayer. I want to encourage you today as well, that your prayers, and your gifts to this work are not in vain. What we do each and every day for over 2 million people all over the world is only possible because you care, you pray, and you give. Let these praise reports be an encouragement to you that God is using you to make a difference in the lives of people. God is using your obedience, your faithfulness to reach those who are lost and hurting with His love and hope. May God use these praise reports today to be a blessing to you!

“God is good. I emailed you about praying for me and within 15 min. I got a answer! God bless!”

“You prayed for me about paying my $850 worth of bills and out of nowhere came the $850. I pray God will send a way for your ministry to keep moving forward and your needs be met.”

“Dear Mr. Keller, Thank you so much for praying for me and for God’s favor on my CPA exam. I passed! God is so good!”

“hi my name is steve and i just got saved. i just committed my life to Jesus by watching your alter call and praying with you.”

“Just minutes after your email, I received a phone call from the airline. The duffel bag has been found and they are bringing it to my apartment tonight. Thank you!!!”

“Thank you so much for praying for me. A few days after I submitted this prayer request, I found out that I am expecting. My husband and I are very appreciative of your ministry and we will be making a donation. Thank you.”

“Literally less than 30 seconds after submitting this prayer request, a small project came through and a man walked in the door with a $7,000 check!”

“The last few days have been some of the darkest days in my marriage. I sat at my computer, cried, and prayed with Bill Keller for the healing and restoration of my marriage. Within the hour, healing and restoration took place in our marriage. Praise the Lord and thank you for having a place I could go for direction and agreement in prayer!”

“I wrote you for prayer for my father, at 92yrs. of age, God gave him a miracle. He is doing great, he isn’t dehydrated, he has gotten his appetite back and eating better than before. He can feed himself now without shaking and is walking by himself. The fluid is gone from his lungs. Thank God and thank you.”

“I am glad to receive your daily devotion because it has changed and touched my life. I must confess that you are God sent to the world today.”

“Several months ago I wrote regarding my drug abusing sisters attempt to destroy my family. The false charges against my husband have been dropped! The true blessing though was the gift of an email from Bill Keller, it gave me hope and courage in my darkest hour. Thank you for you prayers on our behalf.”

“For the very first time I spoke from my lips this prayer tonight. I have asked before in my head, talking to God that I would be saved, yet I felt tonight that I needed to actually speak the words out loud in order for them to be heard and received.”

“Bill, we saw the doctor on Tuesday at Ohio State. He said the radiation therapy treatments worked. The spinal tumor was 80% smaller. The doctor said it is very unlikely for the cancer to return where she had the radiation in her spine. Praise God! Thank you for your diligence in prayer for my wife.”

“I want to thank you for what you are doing and may God richly bless you for it. My friend just recently sent me your link and I just finished watching the “Altar Call” video. I did pray w/ you, and started my life over for God.”

I love you and care about you so much. May these praise reports encourage you today that no matter what your problem may be, God is there for you. Also, thanks to all of my dear friends that so faithfully pray for this ministry each day and sacrificially give to keep us here. GOD IS GREATLY USING YOUR LIFE TO BRING HIS HOPE AND LOVE TO LOST AND HURTING PEOPLE WORLDWIDE EVERY DAY BECAUSE OF YOUR FAITHFULNESS AND OBEDIENCE!!!

All praise goes to our great God for His unconditional love for us and his endless grace and mercy. He is worthy to be praised!!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Why Does the Way of the Wicked Prosper

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(Jeremiah 12:1, Psalm 37, Psalm 73)

“Why does the way of the wicked prosper? Why do all of the faithless live at ease?” If Jeremiah had a computer back in his day, he may have sent Liveprayer an email with these questions that we read him asking in Jeremiah 12:1. Not a day goes by that we don’t get hundreds of emails from people asking these very questions. A woman who loves the Lord and honors Him with her life has a husband who cheats on her, leaves her and their children for another woman, and is now living a comfortable life while she and her children struggle just to live day to day.

A man who faithfully serves the Lord gives decades of his life working for a company that takes advantage of him, operates with little ethics or morals, and lets him go just before he is scheduled to retire to save money while those who run the company live extravagant lifestyles. A young man trying to follow the Lord and God’s Word struggles to buy a new pair of shoes while teenage thug rappers glorifying and living lifestyles of sin wear hundreds of thousands of dollars of jewelry and drive new exotic cars.

There is an endless list of examples of those who love the Lord, live for Him, yet are currently struggling in their daily lives while those who deny Christ and live in complete rebellion to Him seem to prosper and live in great comfort and ease. So it becomes a legitimate question that the prophet Jeremiah asks. It is a legitimate question that men who love the Lord throughout the ages have asked. It is a proper question for those who serve and follow the Lord today to ask. WHY DO THE WICKED SEEM TO PROSPER?

The answer to this question, like the answers to ALL questions, is found in God’s Word. You need to take time to read the 37th Psalm, all 40 verses. The answer to this age-old question of why do the wicked seem to prosper is found in never losing sight of the big picture of what this life is all about. First, it is God who gives us life and we all have the same general purpose of serving and glorifying Him with our lives. Second, we are all going to die one day. As the Bible clearly tells us, tomorrow is promised to none of us, so that day is not as far away as many think it is. Third, when we die, our soul lives on for eternity. The only issue to be determined is do we spend that eternity WITH God who created us or APART from God who created us. Each person makes that choice in either accepting or rejecting God’s ONLY plan of salvation through faith in His Son Jesus Christ.

So what is important to understand is that we actually have a very limited number of days in this life here on earth. The most critical choice we have to make during our life is what we do with Jesus, since that choice will determine our eternal home. For those who have chosen to follow Christ, their days on this earth are to be focused on fulfilling our God-given purpose of serving and glorifying the Lord with our lives in whatever way God calls each of us to do that.

If you haven’t noticed, I have not mentioned having money, possessions, or any of the things of this world. You see, those are simply the temporary things of THIS LIFE and are meaningless in light of eternity. What happens is the righteous, the followers of Christ get caught up in measuring prosperity and success the way the world does by the temporal things of this world. Real prosperity and success aren’t found in the temporary things of this world but in the eternal things of God. Things like peace and joy and living an abundant life that don’t come from this world, but from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

Let me ask you a very serious question. This is actually a question Jesus once asked. He said,” What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet lose his soul?” When Jesus was in the desert being tempted by the devil for 40 days and 40 nights, at one point satan showed Him all of the kingdoms of the world and told him to worship him and they would all be His. Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.’ ” You see, Christ understood that the things of this world are but temporary. The REAL Kingdom is not in this world, but in Heaven. The REAL riches are not in this world, but in Heaven.

I love you and care about you so much. It is natural in our flesh to look at those who have chosen to reject Christ and live their lives in complete rebellion to God and His Word and wonder why they seem to prosper while we may be currently struggling. While they may be enjoying the prosperity this world offers, without Jesus they are SPIRITUALLY BANKRUPT. Actually, rather than envy these people, they are to be pitied since when their brief journey through life is over they will be spending eternity in a place created for satan and his fallen angels unless they come to know Jesus. Bill Gates may be the richest man on the planet, but the moment he dies, all of his wealth is MEANINGLESS. The ONLY THING that will matter when he stands before God is does he know Jesus as his personal Savior.

This is also the problem with the “prosperity gospel” so many today preach in error. There is NOTHING in the Bible that says just because you know Jesus you are guaranteed to have great wealth in this life. What the Bible DOES PROMISE is that if you know Christ as your Savior, you are assured of everlasting life and that during this life you will enjoy the blessings and provision of God. You see, God has promised to meet your needs during this life, needs like food, shelter, and clothing. That is God’s promise to His children. The true prosperity gospel is not about dollars, it is about BLESSINGS!

God NEVER promised you would have a million dollar home, a new Rolls Royce in the driveway, $5,000 suits, a Rolex watch, or any of the many treasures this life can offer. God may allow some to be blessed to have those things during their life, but the wealth of a follower of Jesus is not measured in the temporary things of this world, but in the eternal things of God! God measures the heart of His children not by their bank account, but by their obedience, their faithfulness, and their willingness to completely surrender all they have to follow Him.

I will be praying for you today. Praying that God will speak to you through these words about how you look on those who have chosen to live their lives in rebellion to God, yet seem to be prospering. The fact is, they may indeed be prosperous according to the standards of the world for a brief season. But whatever we have in this life will one day be gone, and at that point, the only thing that will matter is do we know Jesus. Pray for those who you may have been envious of for what they possess. Pray that they will come to know Christ as their Savior since salvation cannot be bought, it is only available through faith in Jesus.

I have dealt over the years with thousands of people who had great wealth but when the real trials of life came, they realized that all of their wealth and possessions meant nothing. When your spouse or child or loved one has a serious illness and is laying in a hospital bed, when you find out your spouse wants a divorce, when you learn your child is on drugs, when the doctor tells you that you have a serious disease, when you face many of the major battles in life we all face, at that moment your money and possessions mean nothing. Only a deep abiding faith in Christ can sustain you through those dark moments in life.

There is no amount of money that can buy God’s peace. There is no amount of money that can buy God’s strength. There is no amount of money that can buy God’s joy. All of those things come from your relationship with Christ and your faith in Him. The wicked may prosper for a season, but it is the righteous who have true prosperity for all eternity.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Terminated $7.5 Million in Public Funding for Planned Parenthood Clinics in the State

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(Exodus 20:13; Psalm 106:38; Jeremiah 1:5)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie terminated $7.5 million in public funding for Planned Parenthood clinics in the state. Democrats in the NJ legislature countered with a bill that cleared the Senate with a 30-10 vote, sufficient to override a veto. But when that veto came from Gov. Christie and the Democrats scheduled an override vote, Republicans in the legislature backed down and the measure failed 23-17. Now, Planned Parenthood facilities in NJ are shuttering their doors!!!

AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!! Sadly this state governor has more guts than most pastors! Do you know how many so called “churches” now support killing babies??? It is sickening. Not to mention we have the most pro-death baby-killing President in the history of the nation sitting in the Oval Office! Hey President Obama, ARE YOU LISTENING???

The leading baby killing organization in the world is Planned “how to kill your baby” Parenthood, recently released their financial data for fiscal 2005-2006 and here are the numbers. They brag that they performed a record 264,943 murders during the year. During that time they received $345.1 million in clinic income, $212.2 million in donations, and $305.3 MILLION DOLLARS FROM US TAX PAYERS!!! Their total income was $902.8 million with expenses of $847 million, leaving them a profit of $55.8 million dollars!!! What a great business they have!!!

Want a good contrast. Based on the actual ministry results we have generated over 11 years through the Internet and on TV, FOR A FRACTION OF WHAT PLANNED “how to kill your baby” PARENTHOOD GENERATED JUST IN THEIR DONATIONS, WE COULD SEE ALMOST AS MANY SOULS LED TO CHRIST AS BABIES THEY SLAUGHTERED!!!

The fact that our Federal Government makes the practice of infanticide legal in this nation is sickening to me, and I can only imagine how it sickens God. The fact that the Federal Government takes $300 MILLION TAX DOLLARS and gives it to this organization to slaughter babies disgusts me more than I can even begin to put into words. The government not only make killing babies legal, they actually take our tax dollars and give them to the leading organization whose sole purpose is to slaughter innocent babies.

My friend, we not only are long overdue God’s wrath, but we deserve God’s wrath! Forget the fact we have turned from God to worship the false gods and idols of the world. Forget the fact that we live in total rebellion to God and His Truth. Simply the fact that we slaughter over 4,000 innocent babies every single day in this nation is enough for us to suffer whatever punishment God metes out!

I keep asking myself when will this nation wake up? I am afraid like the children of Israel so many times in the Old Testament, we have become so lost in our sin, so blinded by our rejection of and rebellion to God, that we no longer possess a conscience. Our hearts are so hardened and our soul is seared that we no longer care. Knowing that it is only a matter of moments before God says enough is enough and pours out His wrath upon this nation, it would be easy for hopelessness to set in and do nothing. That is the mindset satan wants us to have. Instead, now is the time to do more! We are the victors, it is satan who is defeated!

I believe in my heart of hearts that we can see a real spiritual revival in this nation, and more importantly, see millions of lost souls turn from their sins and to faith in Jesus. The time has never been more ripe. I look at the fact this one organization whose sole goal is the slaughtering of innocent babies raised nearly ONE BILLION dollars last year. With just ONE PERCENT of that, Liveprayer can lead as many souls to everlasting life through faith in Jesus Christ as babies Planned “how to kill your baby” Parenthood can murder in a year!

I love you and care about you so much. Can we ever take the Federal Government out of the business of slaughtering innocent babies? I pray daily for that moment to come. We have to do all we can to at least get them to stop funding this private organization whose only business is killing innocent babies. In the meantime, as we fight those political battles, we have to keep fighting this issue on the ground by changing hearts and lives.

In just over a year since I put up the video of an actual abortion being performed on the Liveprayer website ( ), we have received emails from over 1,000 women who were planning on killing their baby, watched that video, and decided to let their baby live. I have no doubt many more babies are alive today because of that one video clip. We have to continue to speak out and not be silent, to let women know there are options to killing their baby, to educate young people on God’s plan for sex and relationships, and most important, lead people to faith in Christ and the Truth of His Word!

Planned “how to kill your baby” Parenthood is a sick and disgusting organization. How would you like to go to work each day at a place where their business is slaughtering innocent babies? They make their money by charging women to kill their baby. What a wonderful way to use some of what God has entrusted to you. They make their money through donations. How fulfilling it must be to go to sleep at night knowing that you sacrificed some of your hard earned dollars to help kill an innocent baby. They also are given hundreds of millions a year by the Federal Government to finance their baby killing business.

If people want to pay someone to kill their baby that is their choice. If someone wants to give their money to an organization whose business is killing babies, that is their choice. TO TAKE TAX DOLLARS AND GIVE THEM TO A PRIVATE ORGANIZATION SO THEY CAN SLAUGHTER INNOCENT BABIES IS UNCONSCIONABLE AND HAS TO STOP IMMEDIATELY!

***As I come to you today, we have some very critical financial needs. As you know, we accrued over $100,000 in shortfalls during 2009 due to the downturn in the economy and a drop of nearly 37% in donations from the previous year. We have been blessed, since over the past 2 years of this economic downturn, thousands of churches and over 10,000 non-profits have closed due to a lack of funding. We have pressed hard this year and because of some special large gifts, have covered $80,000 of those shortfalls. I have been asking 4 people to make a special one-time gift of $5,000 to help me clear this up.

Due to cutting everything possible to continue effective operations, we have held our own so far this year, despite an additional 8% drop in donations from last year. It took until the middle of this month to pay off the shortfall from our August budget, so we still have to cover the last $25,000 for this month. Lastly, yesterday we had one dear family cover the $7,000 for last weeks expenses at the new “9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero.” I still need to cover the $7,000 for this week, and $7,000 for the last week of this month. So by the end of the month in 6 days, we need to bring in $59,000 to end the month at zero, and that is all I have ever asked the Lord for from day one. Not one penny more, just what we need for that months operations.

The time is short, the spiritual state of this nation hangs in the balance, the souls of hundreds of millions of people are at stake. It is time to act!!! THE ONLY WAY SATAN CAN KEEP ME DOWN IS BY LIMITING OUR FINANCES!!!

—>You can make a gift to Liveprayer on your major credit card at our website under the “Donation” button, or you can give from your PayPal account by using my email address, , or you can mail a gift to: Liveprayer 6660 46th Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida 33709 *For a gift to the 9-11 Christian Center, please mark 9-11 on your check, or put (9-11) next to your name on the credit card or PayPal form. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

If you can give a gift of $5,000 or more I can give you our bank wire or FedEx information so we can get those funds working right away. Just contact me at:

I have but one life, and when it was over, I want to be able to stand before God and know that I gave everything I had for the Kingdom. I want to take my last breath knowing my life’s work is complete and I held nothing back in my service for the Lord. I have only been able to fight this fight these past 2 decades because of dear friends like you. Now more than ever I need you to stand with me. Pray, give as you are able in accordance with what the Bible teaches, and take your stand with me.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2010, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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