A true hero for Christ!!!

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(Acts 7:54-6; 8:1)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, please watch over me and my family today. There is much evil in this world, and I ask that You protect us throughout this day. You are our strength and our protector oh Lord. We walk each step by Your grace and mercy. In Your precious name I pray…AMEN!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: Please be in prayer for the “coronavirus” that is now considered an international emergency. More deaths are being reported each day. The active cases in China and around the world are growing exponentially. We are on the verge of seeing a potential worldwide epidemic that could take hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of live around the world. At the same time, there is a plague of locusts in Africa that is growing and said to be of “Biblical proportions.” I do my best to keep people from panicking and these types of events in the proper perspective. Trust me, when any of these visitations are upon us! , I remind people
that when events occur as we read in the Book of Revelations you won’t need to be told it is of “Biblical proportions.” I view these current tragedies as warnings, as signs from God to turn back to Him and His Truth. If in the midst of such tragedies man’s heart is so hard that he refuses to bend his knee to God, than he deserves the full wrath and punishment of God. May we ignore God’s warnings at our own peril with only ourselves to blame for what befalls us!

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A true hero for Christ! Lawan Andimi was a Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (EYN) pastor in the troubled northeastern state of Adamawa. It is an area under siege by the Muslim terror group Boko Haram. As Muslims have during ! their 1400 year existence, they
are persecuting Christians in Nigeria. In addition to simply killing Believers, they have been targeting them for kidnapping as a way to generate money.

Pastor Andimi was a kidnap victim, and as was the practice he was forced to make a video to plead for his life in exchange for money. However, Pastor Andimi used those precious moments to plead for his life to instead state, “By the grace of God, I will be together with my wife, my children, and my colleagues. [But] if the opportunity has not been granted, maybe it is the will of God. Be patient, don’t cry, don’t worry. But thank God for everything.”

This was completely different from most hostage videos since it was a testimony to his Islamist captors as much as a message to his family. Pastor Andimi appeared at total peace and as one who had already conquered death, saying to his abductors, his family, and all who would see that video that he was ready to die for his faith in Christ!

It was very s! oon after the
video was released that Pastor Andimi’s Muslim captors demanded he renounce his faith in Jesus or be beheaded. The pastor refused and he was martyred for his faith in Christ. As is their custom, Boko Haram released a video of the execution of Pastor Andimi as a warning to other Christians that they too will be persecuted, even unto death for simply being a follower of Jesus Christ!

Right before he died, the Word tells us that Stephen cried out, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” Now, most people would have been cursing those who were unjustly killing them, or pleading for their life, or even cursing God for allowing such injustice. But with Stephen’s last breath he was asking God to forgive those who were killing him. I don’t have any evidence, but based on what is known about the faith of this obscure pastor in Nigeria, I have ZERO DOUBT he also asked the Lord to forgive his captors and those who carried out his execution!

Who else did that? O! f course, it was
Jesus, on the cross just moments before He died asking God to forgive those who were crucifying Him. Jesus was proud of Stephen because he acted like the Master! I know Jesus was proud of Pastor Andimi. My challenge to you today is to make it your goal for Jesus to be proud of you! It is very unlikely you will be martyred for your faith as Steven and Pastor Andimi were, but you make Jesus proud of you by acting like our Lord!!!

I love you and care about you so much. I don’t know about you, but the account of Pastor Andimi’s martyrdom challenges me. You see, my goal each day is to try to be more like Jesus. I never forget for a minute what Jesus did for me and what He has brought me through. I serve Him because I love Him. I serve Him because I want to please Him. I serve Him because I want Him to be proud of me. I serve Him because all of those years I served myself He never left me. I serve Him because all of those times I rejected Him He never rejected me. I serv! e Him because
when I had nowhere else to turn He was there for me.

I serve Him because I was once blind but now I see. I serve Him because I was once bound by sin but now I am free. I serve Him because it is not me that lives, yea it is Christ that lives in me. I don’t live for earthly rewards but for Heavenly crowns. I don’t live to please man but to please the Master. I don’t care about the applause of people only the cheers of the angels in Heaven. My greatest desire when my life is over is to see Jesus STANDING and hear Him say, “Well done thou good and faithful servant” just like Jesus stood to welcome into Glory his servant’s Steven and Pastor Andimi.

I will be praying for you today. Praying that you will take this challenge to make Jesus proud of you by acting like Him. Praying that your ultimate goal in life is to please our Lord and that like He did for Pastor Andimi, have Jesus STAND and welcome you into Glory!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and
brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

A $68,350 cheeseburger!!!

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(Romans 6:23)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Lord, keep my mind free of the filth of this world. Cleanse it each day with Your Word and let my thoughts be Your thoughts. Help me this day to dwell on You and Your love as I live my life for Your glory. In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: Why what big tech is doing regarding the censoring of speech, thoughts, and ideas matters to EVERY CHRISTIAN!!! Apx. 50% in this country now get their news through big tech, whether that is through Google searches, social media platforms, or internet news sites. That number is growing exponentially every year and within the next 20 years, less than 10% of the population will get their news through TV, radio, or newspapers. While much of the focus is currently on how the extremely liberal biased big tech industry is censoring and in more and more cases actually banning conservative political content, Christians need to be aware and alarmed. I h! ave
stated that in the last 60 days prior to the 2020 election, big tech will no longer play games with their censoring of content they don’t agree with. I am certain that they will simply flat out ban without explanation all content they disagree with just like they do today in Communist China, Russia, and many other nations. Christians, please hear me. This is critical for 2 reasons. First, is they have the technical ability to identify specific speech and isolate it. Second, as private companies they have showed no shame or conscience in using their platforms to promote thoughts and ideas they agree with, and trust me, Christian beliefs are in complete contradiction to their worldview. People tell me all the time that we have a 1st Amendment right to free speech and they are correct. The problem however is that these are private companies and they have every right to allow whatever content on their platforms they want. If they aren’t worried about the “market consequenc! es” of banning
certain speech, they will do it. Their political censorship is literally taking on the President and half of the nation and they are not fazed in the least. So trust me, literally blocking all Christian beliefs, thoughts and ideas as happens in China this very day is something they will have no problem doing, making it even harder to reach the lost and hurting masses with the love, hope, and Truth of God’s Word and Jesus Christ!

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As I watch various high-profile-legal cases in the news each day, I can hear Paul standing before the people of his day declaring, “The wages of sin is death!!!”

Imagine going through the drive-thru at McDonalds, ordering a cheeseburger, fries, and a coke, a! nd when you get to the
window being told you owe $68,350!!!

A reoccurring point I make many times every week is that sin has a HUGE price tag. Sin is like having an American Express Black card with no limit and spending all day shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. You can buy anything you want no matter how much it costs. You come home with new clothes, shoes, jewelry, appliances, furniture, artwork, and anything else you wanted to buy. Then one day, the bill comes in the mail.

You open it and all of a sudden the reality hits that YOU NOW HAVE TO PAY FOR ALL OF THE THINGS YOU BOUGHT! Your sin will always cost more than you ever wanted to pay!!!

When you open your life to sin, one sin begets another sin, and you end up doing things that you would never imagine doing. Never forget, sin is a choice and always costs more than you ever wanted to pay. Never forget, sin is a choice and always costs more than you ever wanted to pay.

One of the beautiful things about the Bible! is that
it does not hide the sins of even those men who did great things for God. It documents the consequences of their sins, showing that even those of great faith, who do great things for God, must pay the price when they make the choice to sin.

I love you and care about you so much. I am warning you that sin is not free . . . it costs! I am sure we can all look back at the sins we chose to commit in our own life and see the high price we paid for those sins. Don’t forget, sin is a choice. You CHOOSE to sin. The next time you are confronted with the choice to sin or not, remember, it is not a matter of if you will pay a price for your sin, only a matter of how much of a price you will pay.

In the end, it is never worth it. Whatever temporary benefit you received from your choice to sin is quickly replaced by the permanent scar that sin will always leave!!!

I will be praying for you today. Praying that you choose NOT to sin as you are confronted with that choice ! each and
every day. It simply is not worth it. Also, never forget that you don’t sin in a vacuum. There is a ripple effect from sin that touches many innocent people.

When you choose to sin, it is like the performer on the old Ed Sullivan Show who would spin the plates on 8 poles. He would get all 8 plates spinning at once then have to go back to the first one and get it going again then the next one and the next. Eventually, all 8 plates would end up crashing to the floor broken into many pieces. You can only sin so long before you have to deal with the consequences of your sin.

My word to you today is simple. You have choices to make every day. You choose to sin or obey God. Let me leave you with the last part of Romans 6:23, “But the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

The choice you make is literally one of life and death. The choice to sin brings death, the choice to follow the Lord brings life!!!

In His love and service,

friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

A spiritual treasure trove!!!

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(Psalms 119:105)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, Thank You for another day of life! Let us never to forget that EVERY DAY is a special day since it is a gift from You! Please let me never take one day, one hour, one minute of this precious life for granted and may I always honor You with my life by telling those who cross my path about your hope and love! In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: As the sports world mourns the death of basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, like with the death of all “famous” people, it is a BLUNT reminder that tomorrow is promised to none of us, death is final, and when we each take our last breath as Kobe Bryant did Sunday the ONLY THING that matters is whether we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! If YOU have not made the personal decision, or someone you love has not, here is the link EVERY HUMAN BEING MUST SEE since this is the only choice that will determine where you ! will spend
all eternity! Please share it with your unsaved friends and loved ones: https://liveprayer.com/salvation.cfm

*Don’t miss the Liveprayer TV program, airing “LIVE” every Monday thru Friday from 11pm EDT to Midnight! For details on viewing options for the Liveprayer TV program, “LIVE” or “On Demand,” go to: https://liveprayer.com/liveprayer-show-about.cfm

A spiritual treasure trove!!! Starting this Thursday, I will begin sharing with you hundreds of Daily Devotionals I have written over the years on different topics but have never used. These are “fresh words” from the Lord that I will use in the context of so many of the daily issues we are facing in our world, in our lives TODAY!!! Please DO NOT miss each day’s exciting and powerful Word from God for YOU each day!

Back in August of 1999 as Liveprayer was preparing to launch, one of the people who had helped put the initial website together told me that I needed to have s! ome sort of content on the
website that changed every day to keep traffic flowing to the website, something like a daily message.

I had no interest in doing a daily Bible verse, but wanted something more substantial to minister to people’s lives. Through much prayer, God reminded me of a file cabinet that had over 500 sermons I had preached over the years. I began to pray about writing a daily message, almost a daily mini-sermon, that would be unique to the various daily devotionals that were available to people.

When most people think of a Daily Devotional, they think of something like Oswald Chambers, “My Utmost For His Highest,” or the “Daily Bread,” or a paragraph or two many put out to stimulate people to focus on the Lord each day. While I wanted to accomplish that, I also wanted to have a tool to bring Biblical Truth into people’s lives and into cyberspace. I wanted to have a tool that would be like a personal email each day to the person who read it, despite the fact it may go to m! illions
of people. I wanted to have a tool to share Christ’s love and hope with people and give those who did not have a personal relationship with Jesus that opportunity.

That tool would be a Daily Devotional which would deal with the issues in the world and in people’s lives, especially those issues most pastors and ministries simply didn’t have the guts to talk about, in the context of God’s Word.

That is how the Liveprayer Daily Devotional was birthed. Immediately after Liveprayer started on August 31, 1999, I began to get emails from people telling me how much they enjoyed the Daily Devotional, but that they couldn’t come to the website every day and would I please email it to them. So as a courtesy I simply cut and pasted the Daily Devotional and emailed to those few who had requested it. Those few began to share it with their friends, family, coworkers, church groups, and every day we were getting 20, 30, 100 new people asking to get the Daily Devotional.

Ve! ry
quickly it became a number too large to cut and paste and email to, so had to start using mailing software and list management programs. Literally by word of mouth, the Daily Devotional over 245 months went from being sent to a few people to the apx. 2.5 million subscribers who now get it every day in their email each morning. (*Over 10 MILLION people have unsubscribed from the Daily Devotional over the years, mostly because they simply didn’t want to hear the clear Truth of God’s Word on a certain issue!)

As I was emailing the Daily Devotional to those who requested it, every day I was getting 2, 3, 5, 10 emails from those people asking me to pray for their finances, health issues, their marriage, their children, employment, lost pets, traveling mercies, just an endless array of needs. Rather than just ignoring those emails, I sat down and literally responded to each one, letting them know I would pray for their needs and give them a word of encouragement.

As th! e number
of people getting the Daily Devotional grew, so did the number of prayer requests until I was spending 12-14 hours every day just answering emails for prayer. (To stay in touch with the real lives of the people I minister to each day, I still answer 100 or so prayer requests every day at random).

At that point I had a choice to do what everyone else did, and that was set up an “auto-respond,” that would go to each person who sent in an email for prayer. I had no peace over that whatsoever. These were people coming to me with their most intimate needs in their darkest hour. God had put me there to minister to them, not send them some sort of electronic blow off that basically told the person I didn’t care, or worse yet, send them nothing, leaving them to feel even more alone and defeated by their problems.

God gave me the inspiration to begin contacting groups of retired pastors, asking them to commit a couple hours a day to help me answer the incoming emails for ! prayers.
It was a great way for these seasoned men of God to still be used by God to minister. I created a master template for all the major needs, the pastor would than personalize each response plus tag the template with whatever the Lord was leading them to say to minister to the person.

Each one would get a bundle of approximately 50 a day, which they are able to get through in a few hours, while using those many years of ministry experience and walking with the Lord to minister to the ones who contacted us for prayer. Today, we have just over 700 retired pastors all over the country who help me make sure every incoming email for prayer is answered.

The sheer numbers of what we have done over 245 months is staggering as I look back on them. I am sad to say that we didn’t do a perfect job of keeping the Devotionals in the first couple of months and there are 14 from those early days that are missing. Over the years, tens of millions of lives worldwide have been impacte! d. We
have received and sent personal responses to over 160 million prayer requests. We currently have around 16 million Praise Reports archived from people who took the time to send us an email about how God met their needs.

The most important number to me, however, is that over 1.6 people we know of have come to faith in Jesus Christ since we started. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

Fifteen years ago, God spoke to me clearly about putting the entire archive of Daily Devotionals on-line in a searchable data base. In the Daily Devotional archive is every Devotional since day one August 31, 1999 through today (minus the 14 that are missing). That is over 7,400 Devotionals! Each Devotional has a title and has also been categorized. The search feature allows you to search for a Devotional by date, by category, in addition to being able to search by keywords and find all the Devotionals that have that word in them. AMAZING !!!

Link to Daily Devotional archive:

Over the past few years, I have had many advise me to put this archive on a secure page and make people pay to access that page to help raise money for Liveprayer since that this page has thousands of visitors daily. Despite the fact it could easily generate hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, even more, God led me to make this page accessible to anyone for FREE just like everything else on Liveprayer. Again, “freely I have received, and freely I will give.”

I love you and care about you so much. This Daily Devotional archive is my life’s work over these past 20+ years now. I am honored that God has allowed me the privilege of serving Him in this powerful and unique way, to literally impact millions of lives all over this world for Christ. I pray that millions more will be impacted for Christ, many more souls will find an everlasting relationship with Jesus Christ through using this Daily Devotional archive.

Long after ! God says
my work is over and I am in Glory, I will live on thru this database of Devotionals God has inspired me to write and make available to the world at no cost. It will allow me to continue to impact lives for Christ long after I have finished my race and gone home to be with the Lord.

In closing, let me share this with you today. I will be writing the Daily Devotional until the day God calls me home. It is what God has called me to do. What frustrates me every day is knowing that despite the wonderful numbers, as impressive as they are, we could be reaching 10x more people every day, answering 10x more emails for prayer every day, seeing 10x more praise reports every day, and most important, seeing 10x more people coming to faith in Christ every day.

The fact is, we are only scratching the surface of the number of lives we can reach via the Daily Devotional.

That is a big reason why I have been so passionate about the TV program since we began nearly 17 years ! ago. A
by-product of that TV program has been the new people every week who we sign up to receive the Daily Devotional giving us the opportunity to minister to each and every day, pray with them in their darkest hour, and the opportunity to lead to faith in Jesus Christ!

Yes, it would be very easy to look back and say what we have done is good, let’s relax now. THAT IS NOT ME! I look back and say what we have done is good, let’s do more!!!

That is why I ask you to pray for me, and ask you to help me. There are literally billions of lost souls who need Jesus. God has given us this great resource to reach them. Please share this wonderful resource with every person you know. May we continue to press forward and take full advantage of the opportunity God has given us to bring His Truth and the hope and love of Christ to the lost and hurting masses throughout the world. We will each leave this life soon. Tomorrow is promised to none of us.


May God richly bless the Daily Devotional archive, and may the Lord use it until the last day of earth to bring people to the saving knowledge of His Son Jesus Christ!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

A challenge that require YOU to accept or reject!!!

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(1 Corinthians 10:21)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Father, bless me this day to have the courage to stand up for YOUR TRUTH in my daily life. Give me boldness to proclaim YOUR TRUTH when I am with those who mock and demean our faith in Christ and for following the teachings of the Bible. No matter what they may say, let me be not afraid to stand for You. In Jesus name…AMEN!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: It has been interesting to see so many articles written lately in secular publications about the state of our culture. Even non-Christian, worldly publications, people are starting to realize the depth of depravity our culture has sunken into. One lamented that the state of so much of our population is “lonely,” “miserable,” and “depressed.” They noted possible reasons being the lack of family, faith, and patriotism. Interesting! Another spoke of the low percentage of people in a “traditional marriage,” meaning God’s plan for! marriage which is one man,
one woman, for one lifetime. The pointed out the ever growing numbers of people who are divorced, most multiple times. They point out many who aren’t divorced are currently in a relationship with different people. While not talking about the perversion of same-sex marriages, they do point out the number of people involved in various relationships such as with multiple people of both sexes. It is also noted the growing percentage of adults still living with their parents. A recent report spoke of the fact we are currently in the worst drug and alcohol abuse crisis in our nation’s history. My friend, as I have been warning people here at Liveprayer for 20+ years now, speaking of for 17 years on the Liveprayer TV program, God’s plan for marriage and the family is the foundation of our culture. The breakdown of God’s plan for marriage and the family has led to the cultural decimation we have witnessed in real time over the past 40 years! The abuse of drugs and alcohol, l! arge percentages
of people lonely, miserable, and depressed is all due to being hopeless! That hopelessness is a byproduct of the vase percentage of the last 2 generations having never been to church, of being without any faith. Hopelessness fills the void that only God and faith in His Son Jesus can fill. The cultural woes even non-Christians are now writing about has as their root cause a population living void of Biblical Truth and a faith in God our Creator!!!

*Don’t miss the Liveprayer TV program, airing “LIVE” every Monday thru Friday from 11pm EDT to Midnight! For details on viewing options for the Liveprayer TV program, “LIVE” or “On Demand,” go to: https://liveprayer.com/liveprayer-show-about.cfm

A challenge that required YOU to accept or reject!!! As the prophet Elijah said on Mt. Carmel in 1 Kings 18, “If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal is God, follow him.” It is time to decide whose side you are on. The days of trying to play bot! h sides are over. It is
time to decide whose side you are on. The days of living with one foot in the church, and one foot in the world are over. It is time to decide whose side you are on. The battle lines are being drawn my friend.

Most people don’t want to think of this life as a war, but that is exactly what it is. On one side we have God, the Creator of the heavens and earth, our Creator that loves us. The Bible says that it is God’s desire that all come to repentance and none be lost. It was God’s plan from the beginning that man spend eternity with Him. On the other side, we have satan, a fallen angel that for this brief season we call human history, is working to drag as many souls as possible with him into an eternity of torment in hell. This war is for the eternal souls of every man and woman that is born.

From the garden of Eden until today, this war has raged on. God created us perfect, with the free will to love Him. However, that free will also gave us the ability to rebel! against
God, otherwise, we would be little more than robots. Sadly, man made the choice to disobey God, and now sin would be part of the human condition and destroy the perfect world God had created for us to live in. The war for the human soul had begun.

Satan has come up with every plan imaginable to keep us lost in our sin and separated from God for eternity. He has used our desire for God to help us create the false religions of the world to lead us away from God’s saving grace. He has worked hard to undermine God’s holy institution of marriage started in Genesis 2:24 and destroy God’s plan for the family. Satan uses our sin nature to help put is in bondage to things like drugs, alcohol, money, sex outside of marriage, and anything else that can destroy our life.

Whatever satan can do to separate us from God, he will do. After all, in John 10 Jesus clearly tells us that satan’s desire is to “steal, kill, and destroy.”

As the last days of human history are fast
approaching, satan is now in full, all-out war against the church. Make no mistake, the church has ALWAYS been a major target of satan. From the tabernacles and temples in the Old Testament, to the dawn of the church age in the book of Acts, through today, satan has corrupted men and women of God in leadership and used division of every kind to keep the church from being all God intends it to be.

You see, the church has been, and still is, God’s primary instrument in this world today. It is through the church that billions of souls throughout the years have found an everlasting relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. It is the church that is still responsible for taking God’s message of hope in Christ to this lost, hurting, and dying world.

So do not be surprised that satan is working hard to destroy the church. Destroy the church through false teachings like “all good people will go to Heaven.” Destroy the church by allowing blatant and unrepentant ! sin to be
accepted and embraced. Destroy the church by denying the Bible to be God’s inspired, inerrant Word, representing absolute truth, and our final authority in all matters. Destroy the church by doing everything possible to divide the Body of Christ. But NEVER forget that Jesus said the “gates of hell” will not overcome the church!

I love you and care about you so much. The battle lines are drawn. This is NOT a game. It is an all-out war and the eternal souls of people are at stake. People are dying and going to hell for eternity every day. For the last 40 years, the church has been sitting back and playing defense and satan has been scoring lots of points. It is time for the church to start playing offense. We have the power of the Holy Spirit with us. NOTHING can stop us. We already know the final score. GOD WINS!!!

Like Elijah, I am challenging you today. If you are a Christian, than follow Christ. The battle lines are clearly drawn. Jesus said that you can’t serv! e two
masters. It is time to choose. Who are you going to follow?

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

A most unlikely source of God’s Truth!

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(Numbers 22:28)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Lord, Thank You that even when the lies of satan seem to dominate the national conversation, You have vessels to shine the light of Truth on those lies. Often those vessels may seem like the least likely sources of God’s Truth, however we are ALL unworthy vessels. During this day, let me yield myself to be a vessel of Your Truth oh Lord. In a world that desperately needs REAL TRUTH, pour out Your Word thru me so that many may hear. In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!!!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: It is only right to give credit where credit is due. The Church of England released a “guidance” on sex last week. Now, before I continue, let me state what is obvious. GOD released His final and complete “guidance” on sex by the end of the first century BC. It was in His book that we know of today as The Bible! The Church of England was created in the 1530s by King Henry VIII after his split with the Pop! e. As the national
church of England, it was both a very political institution as well as a spiritual one. Many great men of God who helped lay the spiritual foundation in this nation were from the Church of England. The Wesley brothers for example led an evangelistic effort in the 1730s here in the United States that ended up being the founding of the United Methodist Church. As the European nations have rejected God and His Truth leading to its’ current spiritual darkness, the Church of England has remained as a political organ in England while trading in Biblical Truth for the Godless cultural agenda. It was a Bishop in the Church of England who this past December eloquently stated the lie of satan that permeates not only the church of England, but a growing percentage of churches in this nation when he stated, “culture trumps the Bible!” So I was shocked to see this “guidance” last week that stated sex is strictly for men and women in the bonds of marriage, period! I was shocked ! because that is
also what God says in His “guidance!” As you can imagine, the “tolerant” who reject Biblical Truth went crazy! It has always amused me how those who scream so loud for tolerance, are always the least tolerant of all. IT IS ACTUALLY REALLY SAD WHEN I HAVE TO MAKE SPECIAL MENTION OF A CHURCH THAT SIMPLY IS PUTTING OUT INTO THE PUBLIC WHAT GOD SAYS IN THE BIBLE!!!

*Don’t miss the Liveprayer TV program, airing “LIVE” every Monday thru Friday from 11pm EDT to Midnight! For details on viewing options for the Liveprayer TV program, “LIVE” or “On Demand,” go to: https://liveprayer.com/liveprayer-show-about.cfm

“Then the LORD gave the donkey the ability to speak. ‘What have I done to you that deserves your beating me three times?’ it asked Balaam.” Numbers 22:28

An unlikely source of God’s Truth! God has always poured out His Truth thru frail vessels. Most know of the Lord declaring His Word once through an ass, but He ! usually chooses to uses a human (ass in
many cases). One of the sick byproducts of our current Godless culture has been what has become known as “drag queen story hour” for children. It always amazes me how satan creatively packages his lies for public consumption.

You now have public venues around the country, often in local libraries, where a mentally ill man dresses up as a woman and reads stories to the local children who come to the event. These stories are always propaganda to normalize sexual perversion for children who in many cases aren’t even old enough to understand what sexuality is about.

The fact these events exist is a symptom of a people who have thoroughly rejected God and His Truth. The fact you have parents who actually bring their children to such a grotesque setting is a glaring example of parenting by those who have replaced God’s Word with the lies of the world!

A self-described conservative drag queen Kitty Demure recently stated that he was amazed at why ‘woke parents are
allowing their kids to be around drag queens, asking, “Would you want a stripper or a porn star to influence your child?” He went on to say, “We don’t need you to bring your kids around, so keep them at home or take them to Disneyland, take them to Chuck E. Cheese – but if you need your child to be entertained by a big human in costume or in make-up, take them to the circus or something!”

I never thought I would ever say this, but there is some truth to that saying “if you live long enough.” AMEN SIR! After initially blowing past this story, a few hours later I started to feel really angry about it. As I have aged, I try to stop whatever I am doing when I get angry or upset at something and get alone for a few minutes and pray. Anger is a healthy feeling IN CONTEXT! Anger is very destructive when we allow it alone to guide our thoughts, words, and deeds.

So my counsel to you today is that anger is a normal feeling, there is a reason for it, but i! t is so dangerous that
you MUST take a few minutes to pray about it, get an understanding of why you are angry, and before you say or do anything, seek the Lord’s wisdom and direction!!!

My prayer time concluded with what I had assumed. This story had caused anger to rise up inside of me because you have tens of thousands of “pastors” all over the nation who preached a message Sunday. God bless that faithful remnant of John 10 shepherds who occupy church pulpits around the nation, and if your pastor is that John 10 shepherd, be thankful and pray for him!

In the midst of writing this Devotional for today, I asked the Lord for patience and actually listened to the weekly sermon from the pastor of the largest church in our nation, ear-tickler and cotton-candy preacher Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church in Houston, a worldwide ministry founded by his deceased Gospel-preaching father John Osteen. Sadly, Osteen and the largest percentage of pastors Sunday delivered a sermon that didn’t e! ven come close to
this message to patents by a mentally ill man who has a perverse need to dress up as a woman!


It is a sad when you get more Biblical Truth for parents from a “drag queen” than most pastors. I fully understand Christian parents who think this is such a foolish topic today and wonder, “WHAT PARENT DOESN’T KNOW THEY SHOULDN’T EXPOSE THEIR CHILDREN TO SUCH GROSS BEHAVIOR?” Over 20+ years of ministry, having literally watched the spiritual decline of our culture from a front row seat, I can assure you that there is a large and growing percentage of parents today who have never been to church and think you and I are evil hate-mongers to even question these “drag queen story hours” for children!!!

For you Godly parents who would never dream of exposing your children to such gross perversion, the fact is there is a majority of parents in our nation at this very moment who find absolutely NOTHIN! G wrong with their
children being fed sexual propaganda by a mentally ill man dressed-up as a woman!!!

Also, please understand that just like the pro-homosexual movement normalized and mainstreamed that sexual perversion through their tireless efforts to reach your children in their schools, the current sexual perversion of transgenderism is being pushed in school curriculum around the nation to children as young as kindergarten age! Today, moms and dads need to know everything your child is being exposed to at their schools!

I love and care about you so much. So Godly moms and dads must continue to fight having such dangerous and harmful examples of our perverse culture exposed to your children, attempting to brainwash them that this is normal and acceptable behavior. We must never forget that leading lost souls to faith in Jesus Christ that changes hearts and lives is the only way we can really lead this culture back to God and His Truth.

In the meantime, due to the compro! mise and
rejection of God’s Truth in the Bible by such a large percentage of pastors, I am grateful for whatever vessels God uses to bring that much needed Truth to the lost masses no matter how odd they may be. I am also praying for “Kitty Demure” to turn from the lies and bondage he has bought into, and find freedom and everlasting life through faith in Jesus Christ. I am asking that you pray for him too!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

We have ALL sinned and fallen short of God’s glory!

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(1 John 1:8,9, Psalms 103:17, Psalms 84:11)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, I cry out to You today. I have no place to turn but to You. My life is Yours. Do with it as You will and I will obediently serve You with my very last breath. IN the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..AMEN!

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***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: I have found it very interesting over the past few weeks, there have been many articles in various secular publications talking about the record number of people in the country who are depressed, addicted to drugs, committing suicide. The blind fools in the God-hating media don t even know that
this is what happens in a nation that has rejected God and His Truth. This is EXACTLY what a nation looks like that has forsaken God our Creator! Depression, addiction, and suicide are all simply the manifestation of HOPELESSNESS. As the challenges of life in this fallen world come upon an individual, as it does everyone at different times, it becomes apparent that we must have something bigger than ourselves. We realize that we are helpless in so many of the issues we face in life. Without hope in something bigger than man, desperation sets in. Desperation leads to depression, to self-medicating, and to sadly listen to the lies of satan who tells a person that the peace they are looking for comes in death. Never forget, satan IS death while God IS life. As followers of Christ, we understand the words of Jesus in John 15:5 that tells us “without me you can do nothing.” We understand that we are totally dependent on God our Creator at ALL TIMES! May we boldly share with o! thers the
hope we have in Jesus!!!

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The Bible tells us that we have ALL sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. In 1 John 1:8, a passage written to BELIEVERS, it says that if we say we don’t sin we are a liar. I have a very special message for YOU today, and that message is this. God loves you! God cares about you! No matter what you have done, His grace and mercy are available to YOU today!!!

No matter how much we love Jesus, how close to the Lord we are, how spiritually mature we may be, the sad fact of living in these frail clay tablets is that we sin. We don’t want to, and each day we do our best not to, but from time to time we all fall into sin of some kind. Paul spoke of this in Romans 7 when! he talked about “doing
the things he didn’t want to do.” The key is not the fact that we sin, the key is how we respond when we sin.

The Holy Spirit will bring us under conviction the moment we sin. Our response at that point must be sadness that we let the Lord down. We must be repentant, having a deep desire to turn from our sin. We must humbly come to the Lord and ask His forgiveness. The Bible gives us a precious promise for these moments. In 1 John 1:9 the Word tells us that if we will confess our sins, He is faithful and just to not only forgive us, but cleanse us from all unrighteousness. God wants to restore us to fellowship. What a promise for the saint who has let the Lord down.

You see my friend, we must never forget that God’s grace, His unmerited favor, and God’s mercy, which is from “everlasting to everlasting” and “new every morning,” is available to us at all times. They are signs of God’s unconditional love for us. When we sin against God, instead of withdrawing His gr! ace and
mercy from us, He extends His grace and mercy to us! That is why when we sin we must run to God, since that is where will find His endless grace and mercy.

I love you and care about you so much. I know many of you are hurting today because of sin in your life. I want you to know that despite your sin, God has not stopped loving you. Despite your sin, God has not abandoned you. As a matter of fact, He is waiting for you right now, this very moment to wrap His arms of love around you, give you His grace and mercy, and welcome you back into fellowship.

I pray today that you will take advantage of God’s grace and mercy that is available to you today. We all sin from time to time, we all fall short and let God down. It is at those times that instead of running from God, we need to run to God and humble ourselves and ask Him to forgive us. He is waiting for you with His arms outstretched ready to forgive you. Run to Him now and freely receive His love and grace and

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

Our responsibility to the poor!!!

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(Psalms 41:1)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, please guide my steps this day. Help me to walk in Your light and strength and not in my own ways. Thank You for Your many blessings, most that I take for granted. Help me this day to acknowledge Your love, grace, and goodness as I live my life for You and do my best to glorify You in all of my thoughts, words, and deeds. This I ask in the name of Jesus. AMEN!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: An incredible contrast that sums up the battle for the soul of our nation. Friday, in the shadow of the United States Capitol on the Washington Mall was the stage for the annual “March for Life.” As Democrats were in the Capitol continuing their efforts to overturn the votes of 63 million citizens during the 2016 election, the very President they were seeking to oust was giving the first live address by a sitting President to the million plus people from around the nation who were in attendance at this year’! s annual
pro-life event. Pro baby-killers quickly ranted that President Trump was “pro-choice” until he started to run for the Presidency and was only dividing the nation by appearing at this event, something other pro-life Republican Presidents didn’t do for that reason. I get emails every week from people asking me if I think President Trump is “faking” his pro-life beliefs. I honestly tell them I can’t know his heart, but IF he is faking it, please don’t stop! Unlike other pro-life Presidents, President Trump has not just talked the talk, but he has actually DONE WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO. Every major pro-life ministry has stated unequivocally that he is the most pro-life President in his words AND DEEDS ever. As his appearance dividing the nation, how about the fact the largest baby-killing business in the world gets $500 million TAXPAYER DOLLARS (minus the $60 million POTUS has clawed back) EVERY YEAR! The pro baby-killers are allowed to push their agenda, but if th! e pro-lifers take a
stand they are being divisive? The bigger more important picture is what I have told you many times in the last year. The main animating issue in the November Presidential election will be the life issue. Most political people will never acknowledge that, most Christians might not even realize how much of a role it will play. Please hear me. This is the rushing current of pure evil that is flowing continuously that will only be stopped by God’s people rising up and saying NO MORE as we fight this evil in every way we can. Politically, legislatively, through prayer, hard work on the ground, and ultimately by changing hearts one at a time!!!

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Our responsibility to the poor. I want to encourage ! you today to take about
an hour, sit down with your Bible, and look at all the scriptures concerning care for the poor and needy. One thing I have learned about God and the way that He has Divinely given us His Word, is when you see the same issue talked about over and over, throughout the Bible from the Old to New Testament-God is trying to emphasize a point.

He could not be clearer as to our responsibility to help the poor. Now, of course, this immediately brings to mind mental images of the homeless, those begging on corners for food, the ones who occupy the shelters at night. But I want you to focus today not only on those who are financially poor, but also those who are SPIRITUALLY POOR.

Throughout Jesus’s earthly ministry, He reached out to all segments of society. To those who had wealth and resources, He tried to focus them on their bankrupt spiritual life. Jesus said, “What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” Today, I want you to be aware of the “p! oor”
people you may come in contact with every day. Not just those who are financially poor, but those who are spiritually poor as well.

We have a responsibility to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, the hope and love of Christ with these people just as we would share a meal with someone who was hungry. It is not an option, but an obligation that we have as followers of Christ to reach out to those who are hurting and need to know there are answers beyond the things of this world.

I am going to pray today that you take this challenge during the Christmas season to heart and really focus, not just on the visibly poor that you may see each day, but also those who may have worldly riches, but be flat broke spiritually. You see, in those difficult times that we all face in life, losing a loved one, health problems, changing jobs, troubles at home, whatever the issue may be, power, prestige, and money are not the answer.

Only the strength, wisdom, and love of Chris! t can get
us through those most difficult times in our life. Open your eyes today and look at those around you who may need a spiritual handout today just to make it to tomorrow. God has called us to help the poor. Not just the financially poor, but also the spiritually poor!

Bless someone today. The greatest thing you can do today, is to be a blessing to someone. God has placed someone in your life today for you to be His instrument of blessing. This might be some sort of assistance you give, a kind word, being a sympathetic ear. Or it could be in a way they won’t even know such as a prayer, or an anonymous gesture to help them. It is amazing when we concentrate each day on how we can bless others, how much God, in turn, blesses us.

Most of the time, we are so caught up in our own lives, our own problems, that we forget others around us who are also having difficulties. You will be amazed at how different your life looks when you start to take the focus off of your own
circumstances, and try to become a blessing to someone else. I have no doubt that Jesus had many difficulties that anyone who lives on this earth have.

But in all the Gospel accounts of His life, it is not His problems we see Him concerned with, but the problems of others. This is due to the fact that He knew the promises of God and trusted God with His problems. How great to get to a point in our walk with the Lord, where our faith is so strong that we virtually ignore our own problems to live for others, trusting and knowing god is working on our behalf.

Today, I challenge you to bless someone. Someone you know, a stranger, God will show you. One of the ways many of you have been blessing others is by going to our website, http://www.liveprayer.com and signing up friends and family members to the Daily Devotional. Every day I get emails from people saying, “I don’t know how I began to get these, but they were exactly what I needed.” This is an example of how you can ! bless
someone and touch their life.

I pray that today will be a special day. It is a day unique unto itself and will never be repeated. Make it extra special by blessing someone, and have the faith to know that God is blessing you in return. I love you and will be praying for you.

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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