Having our rewards now

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( Matthew 6:2, Psalm 49:17, 1 Peter 1:24, Matthew 20:26, Matthew 23:11 )

Having our rewards now. One of the biggest traps that there is in serving the Lord in this sinful world that we live in, is buying into the lie of satan that the Kingdom of God depends on what WE do each day. I will never forget soon after answering the call God had on my life to go into full-time ministry , I learned this valuable lesson. One evening I was feeling very “important” about serving God. That evening in my quiet time, I was reading the last few chapters of Revelation, and the Holy Spirit asked me a simple question, “where is your name?” That question stopped me in my tracks. The fact is, as I read at the end of the book how our God wins, NOWHERE did it say that God wins because of Bill Keller! MY NAME IS NOT THERE! As a matter of fact, the Bible clearly says that God wins IN SPITE OF Bill Keller, or anyone else!

The point that I want to make today is that YES, we have ALL been called to allow God to use our lives to further His Kingdom. YES, God is pleased when we are faithful to serve Him as He leads us in our daily lives. YES, God will use our service to Him to bless many people and our faithfulness to fulfill His perfect plan. The point is, this is what God EXPECTS us to do. We are not doing something so great when we serve God, we are only doing what we have been called to do when we accept Jesus as our Savior. SERVING GOD IS A COMMANDMENT TO ALL OF HIS CHILDREN! Never forget
that God’s plan will be fulfilled with, or without us!

If you really think about it, what an HONOR it is to have the God of the Universe, the Creator of all things, to give us the opportunity to serve Him!
There is NO GREATER HONOR in this life. To serve God is not only our duty, but a privilege that He gives us that we should never take for granted. While there are many things that we can do in our life that can have a profound effect on this world, it is ONLY the things that we do for God that will have a profound effect on eternity! Let me repeat this statement, because it is very deep. While there are many things that we can do in our life that can have a profound effect on this world, it is ONLY the things that we do for God that will have a profound effect on eternity!

That leads me to the subject of rewards. The Bible clearly speaks of “rewards” for our faithful service to God. What these “rewards” are, I have no idea. However, here is what I do know. God is the giver of all good and perfect things. God loves us so much, that He gave us His very best when He gave us Jesus to die for our sins so that we might be reconciled back to Him. Whatever comes from God is just not great, it is the BEST! GOD IS THE AUTHOR OF THE BLESSING! The Bible does not spell out what these “rewards” for our faithful service are, but since they come from God, they must be better
than anything that we could think of!

Sadly however, many in service to God, decide not to wait for their Heavenly rewards, and instead settle for whatever little this temporary world that we live in can offer. That is like going through the McDonalds drive through for dinner, instead of waiting to sit down to a 7 course feast. ANY TIME THAT WE SETTLE FOR THE THINGS OF THIS TEMPORARY WORLD
WE COULD HAVE HAD THE BEST! This is not a condemnation on having nice things, on having a comfortable life while we are on this journey. However, some of
God’s choice servants have decided that they would rather have the “little” that they can
get now, instead of waiting for the “much” that God has promised.

I love you and care about you so much. I want you to never forget each day how much GOD loves you! The only way that we can truly return that love is how we choose to live our day to day lives. Each day, we choose to love Him, or reject Him through the choices that we make in what we do with those 24 hours He blesses us with. As a child of God, it is not a choice, but a commandment to serve Him. We show our love to God through our obedience, through our service to Him. For most, that is simply by being His “light” where He has planted us for this season. In our schools. In our jobs. Where we shop. Where we recreate. Simply by letting the love of Jesus flow from us to those that we meet in the course of our day to day lives.

For our faithfulness, God has promised us “rewards” when our work here is over. Satan will tempt us from time to time to “sell out” and accept the temporary rewards that this life can offer, sacrificing the eternal rewards that God has promised us. Let me encourage you today. While I can not tell you what exactly those heavenly rewards will be, I can tell you that there is NOTHING that this world could offer to match what God can give us!

The WORD today is to serve God with your very lives each day, to never sell Him out for the short term benefits that this world may offer, and to know when this brief journey is over…we will not only be forever with our Lord…but enjoy the ‘rewards” that He has promised us for our faithfulness!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Going to church

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(Hebrews 10:25)

Going to church. During the upcoming Easter season, it is one of the two times a year that almost everyone who even professes to believe in God goes to church. Of course, the other is at Christmas. I thought that this would give me an opportunity to address something that I deal with daily in the prayer requests I receive here at Liveprayer, and that is how important it is to go to church. Not just on the special holidays, but to be actually part of a local fellowship of believers all year long.

Let me make this point perfectly clear up front. Going to church and belonging to a local body of believers IS NOT AN OPTION. Read today’s scripture from Hebrews. This is God telling you NOT to stop meeting together. Even in the early church this had become a problem. Never forget my friend, the
church is NOT a man-made idea, it is a God-made idea. This is another way God has provided for His children to remain strong, and live productive, victorious lives. Trust me, over my years in ministry I have heard every rationale for not going to church that there is, and the only one that is valid is when you are physically unable to attend. By the way, sleeping in does not count as physically unable to attend. ***Not going to church is living in rebellion to God’s will for your life.

The reason that God has made this part of our life with Him, is to stay on track, there are several basic things that we MUST do. We MUST pray and we MUST read the Bible every day. We also MUST be part of a local fellowship, because it is in that local fellowship we are spiritually fed and nurtured. It is in that local fellowship we make friends with other believers. It is in that fellowship we usually find ways to serve the Lord. It is in that fellowship we grow spiritually!!!

Before you say it, let me. There is not, never has been, and never will be a perfect church because a church is made up of imperfect people, from the pastor on down. That is a fact. For those of you looking for a church home, the best advice that I can give you is to pray, find a place where the Word of God is preached in an uncompromising way, find a place that is not operating in contradiction to the Bible (example: A church that promotes an unscriptural lifestyle such as homosexuality, or a church that does not accept the basic tenants of faith such as the virgin birth, who Jesus is, the work on the cross). Find a place where you feel that you can grow spiritually as well as serve the Lord.

I have found after preaching in over 500 churches of every denomination, that the key to a great church is the shepherd, the pastor. I have so much respect for those God has called to be pastors. I honestly prayed that God would never call me to pastor a church. It is one of the most difficult jobs in the Kingdom. However, it is important to find a true shepherd as described in John chapter 10.

I am praying today that during this Easter season, you will come under great conviction about becoming part of a local fellowship if you are not already. It is important to your life and relationship with the Lord. You will never grow spiritually without this being part of your life. It is impossible. It is also a reason that many are struggling in their life. I realize that some of you have been hurt in the past by a church. DO NOT let your past experiences get in the way. That is a ploy of satan who wants you out there all alone so that you are an easy target. There is safety in numbers.

As I normally do, I am going to let you pray about this. One thing that I realized early in my ministry is that I cannot force someone to do anything. God didn’t make us that way. He gave us the freewill to make our own decisions. My job is to tell you what the Word says, what God wants from your life, and how you can become all that He has raised you up to be. Like in everything, there are basics. Without doing the basics, it just doesn’t work. Going to church, being part of a local fellowship is one of the basics that is critical to your spiritual health. I am praying in earnest that this message is finding fertile ground in the hearts that need to hear these words today. Make it a part of your life not just on Christmas and Easter, but part of each week.

I love you and care about you so much. I am praying for you, and trusting God that those who are not a
part of a local church, will make that commitment today. Remember, it is not an option, but something that God requires.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Judging others

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( Matthew 7:1 )

Judging others. This is a verse that many use incorrectly, and I want to take a moment today to clarify what Jesus said when He shared this great truth during the Sermon on the Mount. Because I have never been afraid of calling sin exactly what it is when I share the TRUTH of God’s Word with you, I get several hundred emails daily from people telling me that I have NO
RIGHT JUDGING OTHERS. The fact is, what I do in the course of this Devotional
each day is NOT judge anyone, but simply expose people, events, and issues in our society in the context of encouraging you in your daily relationship with the Lord.

When I use the example of someone like Eminem, I am NOT judging his heart, God will do that. I simply point out his actions. It is HIS ACTIONS THAT JUDGE
HIM!!!!! I DON’T HAVE TO!!!! When I talk about the sinful choices of those who
engage in fornication or homosexual activity, I am NOT judging those who engage in
these practices. I simply point out what they do. It is THEIR ACTIONS THAT JUDGE
THEM. All I do is take what a person has DONE in the context of God’s Word says.
THAT is our ultimate authority in ALL matters. IT IS GOD’S WORD THAT JUDGES THEM!

What Jesus said in Matthew 7:1 is very powerful. WE have no right to judge anyone since we ourselves are frail, sinful people. We must be as concerned about
the sin in OUR lives, as we are in judging the sin in others. Having said that
however, those who God has called into spiritual leadership must NEVER, EVER, shy
away from calling sin sin. Those who commit acts of homosexuality or fornication are
sinners. God said it, I didn’t. Eminem has chosen to sell out his life to the record corporations
and profit on putting out garbage to our kids. HE CHOSE TO DO THAT, I DIDN’T.
He has to stand accountable for his actions and his life. WHAT HE DOES JUDGES

Anyone that takes the time to read ALL of what I write each day, know that I ask people to pray for those who are lost and without hope. I called people to
PRAY FOR Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem. I call people often to PRAY FOR those
who choose to engage in sinful sexual acts, whether it is homosexual acts, acts of adultery, or fornication. I use examples of the real world that we live in to drive
home the point that I am making to YOU each day in relationship to your personal walk
with the Lord.

I love you and care about you so much. I am not nearly as concerned for my own personal well being, as I am for your ETERNAL well being. THAT is why I do what I do each day. I will NEVER be silenced. As a matter of fact, many will be very disappointed in the coming months to see the voice that God has blessed me with in the mainstream media in addition to here on Liveprayer to proclaim HIS TRUTH to this lost and hurting world that we live in.

If Nickelodeon can allow the pro homosexual community to tell our kids that homosexuality is an acceptable choice, I will find the mainstream media outlets to say that it is a sin and a path of destruction! If Eminem can have his garbage
broadcast on MTV and other channels day and night, I will find the mainstream media
outlets to tell people that his “music” is straight from the pits of hell, and there is only
ONE ROAD to real peace!

Pleased know today that Jesus was very clear about his admonition to “not judge others”. But never take that to mean that we have to turn our heads to sin, and not speak out about what GOD SAYS is wrong! We are living in the last days. The war between TRUTH and LIE will become more pronounced. Please pray for me daily as I get even more focused on using the mainstream media to get the message of TRUTH to this lost and hurting world that we live in. Those who know Christ, who lived through the lies, know that HE is the ONLY WAY. I judge no one. Only God can do that. But the Bible clearly says that “you will know a tree by the fruit that it bears”. THERE IS NOTHING
God will judge ME if I am silent!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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How we spend our time

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(Ephesians 5:15,16)

How we spend our time. As many of you know, I am a very big sports fan (especially Ohio State football!). Sports has been a part of my life since I was very little. I have played most sports competitively all of my life, and have always followed all sports at all levels. Most weekends, I usually spend several hours in front of the television watching whatever sporting event is on. While it is something that I enjoy, there are some weekends that I overdo it and wonder if that was the best use of my time. As I have stated in past Devotionals, each day is a wonderful gift from God. It is unique unto itself, and when it is over it is never coming back. The one equalizer all people enjoy in life is that we each get 24 hours a day. The issue then becomes how we use that time God gives us each day.

I am a firm believer in balance. I believe the Bible teaches us to live balanced lives. Balance between our work, our family, our time of relaxation, and our time serving God. Of course, throughout all of this, the thread that runs through every aspect of our life is our personal relationship with the Lord. That is with us at all times, and is a part of everything that we do. We can’t delegate our relationship with Christ to being just a part of our life, it must be the common element in ALL of our life.

Having said that, I want to encourage you and challenge you today to take 15 minutes and sit down with a legal pad. Set up the following categories down the left hand side of the page. Work/School, Family,
Recreation, Serving God, Sleep. Now, there are 168 hours in a week. As best as you can, fill in the amount of hours you spend in each category. The family time is the time you spend with your spouse and/or children doing things together. The recreation time includes TV, the Internet, as well as any hobbies you may have. Time involved in church activities and worship would be included in the Serving God section. A good balance would be 40-50 hours in Work/School, 40-50 hours in Sleep, and 20-30 hours a week in Family, Recreation, and Serving God. Now of course this will vary depending on your living situation and other factors, but it will at least give you some idea in black and white of how you are spending your time.

The purpose of this is two-fold. First, to again get you to realize that in ALL aspects of our life, our personal relationship with Christ must be present. Secondly though, most people I have counseled in this area over the years end up with the Family, Recreation, and Serving God sections totally out of balance. It is usually weighted heavy in the Recreation area. Most need to make an effort to turn off the TV and computer more, and spend more time with the family and in ways to serve the Lord. We often use the TV, computer, books, and hobbies as avenues of escape. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you keep it in balance with the rest of your life. It is a problem however, when we fail to deal properly with our family issues and commitments, or have no time to help out at the church, but always seem to find time to watch TV or do the things we enjoy.

I love you and care about you so much!!! I don’t need to say any more about this. The Holy Spirit is more than able to take these words and convict those who need it in this area of your life. I will be praying for you today, that you pay attention to how you are spending your time. Never forget that each day is a precious gift from God and we are to be good stewards of all that God gives us, including our time. The Lord has brought these words into your life today to show you how much He loves you. He wants you to be the very best that you can be and know ALL of His blessings in your life. The fact is, the time we have in this life is so very brief. While we need to balance our time as we live in this world, let us never forget that everything we are, and everything we have, including our time, belongs to Him.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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The inauguration of our 43rd President, George W. Bush

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( 1 Peter 2:13, Romans 13:1 )

The inauguration of our 43rd President, George W. Bush. The Bible clearly tells us that we are to pray for those God puts in leadership over us. It is the sovereign will of God that allows men to rise to power. Don’t forget that at the time these words were being written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (Romans 13:1), Rome was in power and the leaders of that day were involved in the persecution and killing of Christians simply for giving their allegiance to King Jesus as opposed to Caesar. Does that mean God allowed Stalin, Hitler, (Hussein), and all others throughout history to rise to power? The answer is yes! Why? Like in many things, we will never know for sure. The Word says in Isaiah 55:8 that God’s thoughts, God’s ways, are not ours and we can’t even comprehend them. Nowhere in my Bible does it say that God has to tell us everything. It is in these cases that our faith must be real, and we must trust and accept God for who He is in our life.

Because of the unprecedented events that occurred after the November 7th election, and the natural division in people’s political views, there are many who are not happy to see George W. Bush become our new President. Over the past 8 years, there have been many, many in our country who have not been happy to see Bill Clinton as our President. The fact remains, from Washington, to Clinton, and now to Bush, God has sovereignly allowed those men to rise to become the leader of our great nation. Because of that fact, and our Biblical mandate to pray for our leaders, I want you to take a few minutes this day and pray for the Presidency of George W. Bush. Above all, that he will be a leader after God’s own heart. Not following the polls and focus groups, but the Holy Spirit of the living God. Not making decisions based on political pressure, but on prayer. To be all God intends him to be as the 43rd President of the United States of America.

Even though the Presidency is the most visible and powerful political office, all throughout our great nation there are elected officials in national, state, and local government. People who have chosen to serve their fellow citizens by holding public office. They too have been placed in office by God, and require our prayers. It is a trust they have been given, and while we may not always agree with their politics, we can fulfill our God-given responsibility to pray for them.

I love you and care about you so much. We are so fortunate that we live in a nation where we can freely serve God. So many places in the world this is not possible. We must never take this freedom for granted, and must take advantage of the opportunity the Lord has given us to serve Him and share His hope and love with the world. For the next 4 years, George W. Bush will be our President. Take time each day in your prayers to remember him and the awesome responsibility God has given him to lead this nation.

The study of the end times is very subjective and open to much debate since it is yet to happen. But I can guarantee you one thing. God has raised this nation up in these last days to be a beacon of light to the world. To be a tool He will use in bringing in the final harvest. We are part of God’s plan. He has blessed us to live in these exciting last days, in the freedom to really make a difference in bringing people into the Kingdom of God. Let our nation, and let each one of us individually, never lose sight of this opportunity. God bless George W. Bush, God bless the Untied States, and God bless each one of us as we all respond to the call of God on our lives.

Let me take this opportunity to say a very big THANK YOU to those who were able, and led by God, to send a gift this month to help us continue this great outreach to the world. With only 4 days left this month, we are just $2,500 short of meeting all of our financial commitments. Pray and simply ask God how HE would have you help me today and give your very best gift possible.

If the Lord is leading you to help me finish this month with all of our financial obligations taken care of, you can make a gift on your major credit card on a secure server at my website, http://www.liveprayer.com under the “Donation” button, or you can use PayPal via my email address, bkeller@liveprayer.com , or mail a gift to:
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All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

Thank you for standing with me through your love, your prayers, and your generous financial support. We are able to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ with close to 2 million people worldwide every day because you care. I am excited to announce that in 43 months, we have now had over 30,000 people that we know of accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, and a Praise Report archive of over 900,000 praise reports. THAT is why I come in to the office each morning, and why I thank God for YOU every day!!! Together, we are making an impact in the lives of real people all over the world for the Kingdom of God!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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A different Gospel

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( Galatians 1:6-12 )

A different Gospel. I have been writing this Devotional every single day since Liveprayer started on August 31, 1999. That is just under 1300 straight days. During that time, the number of people who get the Devotional has grown from less than 10, to just under 1.7 million people worldwide. Many people forward the Devotional to family members, friends, and business associates. A copy of each day’s Devotional is posted on my website, http://www.liveprayer.com , and I have given my permission to several hundred other Internet sites to post it on theirs as well. Only God knows for sure, but it is reasonable to assume that each day over 3 million people worldwide read these words.

As you know, each day I deal with real life issues and try to put them in the context of the Christian faith, issues that many churches simply will not address for a myriad of reasons. One of the reasons is because of the attacks that come when you address certain subjects. During the course of a month, I routinely get between 5-10 death threats that get forwarded on to the proper law enforcement agencies. I don’t worry about them, since I know God has my back, and when my work here is over I will be forever with Him.

But in the course of doing this each day over these past 43 months, I have come to realize that some topics I deal with bring out the attacks more than others. For instance, when I share that God says all sex outside of marriage is a sin, it brings out the demons of hell. Whenever I talk about the family, and God’s plan for the family, and pray for marriages to be restored, it brings out the demons of hell. Abortion. Oh my. To tell a woman that having an abortion is KILLING HER BABY brings out the demons of hell in full force. I tell my staff to put on two suits of armor whenever I do a Devotional on the FACT that homosexuality is clearly called by God a sin. That issue, probably more than any other brings on the most vicious attacks that you can imagine. That was until last Monday.

The new leader in the clubhouse in regard to unleashing the demons of hell is to call Mormonism for what it is…A CULT! Never in all the days of doing this work have I seen such vicious, vile, nasty, emails as from the good folks down at your local Mormon cult. I hit a major nerve, as a great lie satan has been telling was exposed to the world. It always amuses me how when you expose satan, attack him head on, go right for his throat, show him to be the liar that he is, how loud he will scream. As a matter of fact, I have been “warned” to never, ever, speak out against Mormonism again or there would be a huge price to pay. Well, I am sorry, but if I DON’T speak out against this cult that is leading millions into eternal damnation, there will be a bigger price to pay since I have to one day answer to God!!!

The lie of Mormonism that I exposed last week is not a new problem. Paul himself had to deal with the issue of “cults”, those who perverted the Gospel, almost from the very beginning. He spoke of it often in his writings, as in today’s anchor verses in his letter to the church at Galatia. This is nothing new. The bottom line to Mormonism and why it is a cult can be boiled down to one core issue. The Jesus of the Mormons is NOT a deity. Many Mormons will lie to you and say that they believe in the Jesus of the Bible, but they are not telling you the truth. In Mormon theology, their Jesus is NOT a deity! If Christ is not God, then his death on the cross was useless, those who believe in Him are still lost in their sin, and we are the most sad of all people. THE JESUS OF THE BIBLE IS GOD! That is why when you base your beliefs on anything other than the inspired, inerrant Word of God, you are lost! Yes the Mormons use the Bible, but it is NOT their final authority as it is for the Christian. Their authority lies in the wirings of that lunatic Joseph Smith and their cult’s Doctrine and Covenants statement.

I know some people were outraged that I would be “so mean” to call Mormonism a cult. I received some emails saying that I should just leave them alone to believe what they want. Others talked of the great works that they do. First, I have no doubt that most Mormons are fine people, good people, and do great works. But being a good person, doing good works does NOT get you into Heaven. Only faith in Jesus Christ, the Jesus of the Bible will get you into Heaven. The Mormon cult spends tens of millions each year in public relations to portray themselves as “just another Christian church”. DO NOT LET THEIR ADS FOOL YOU. They are no more a Christian church than your local mosque! Lastly, I have no problem in them believing whatever they want to. God gave each of us the freewill to choose what we want to believe in. But it is my responsiblity to WARN people not to be taken in by the warm and fuzzy exterior of this cult, and to tell them what Mormons really believe so that they understand going in that a Mormon is NOT a Christian, and when they say the name Jesus, it is NOT the Jesus of the Bible! ***YOUR ETERNAL DESTINATION IS DETERMINED BY WHETHER YOU ACCEPT OR REJECT THE JESUS CHRIST OF THE BIBLE!!!

I love you and care about you so much. I don’t mind taking the heat that I do each day for exposing sin and dealing with the tough issues of life. That is what God has called me to do. My goal today is NOT to convert Mormons to Christians, but to WARN people of this cult. I refuse to waste my time getting into theological debates with those who choose to believe in Mormonism. It is a much more productive use of my time to pray for them to come to know the REAL JESUS. I would ask that all of those who know the Jesus of the Bible, to take a few moments today and join me in prayer for those who have bought into the lies of the cults like the Mormons, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientology, Christian Science, and the various New Age groups. This is a very important issue since people who put their faith in these cults are making choices that will cause them to be cast into everlasting darkness. It was Jesus who said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” There is only ONE GOSPEL, the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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The family of God

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( 2 Corinthians 6:18 )

The family of God. One of the hottest programs on television is the Soprano’s, a series on HBO that deals with the life of a mafia family. For those who have been reading my Devotionals for a while know, I never tell you what to do, or not to do. That is not my role. My job is to share the truth of
God’s word with you so that YOU can make the best decisions. After all, I, nor anyone, can force you to do anything. Hopefully you will take on the mind of Christ and do the things that you should, out of a love and dedication to serve and glorify Him with your life. I will say that one of the issues I deal
with often is the renewing of our mind. Watching what we see and hear, what we allow ourselves to be exposed to. All I will say is to pray daily about the things that you allow into your head, and simply ask yourself if it is the type of thing that is going to help you further your walk and life with Christ. The Holy Spirit will guide you. Never forget the saying, “garbage in, garbage out.” My saying, “God in, God out”!!!!!

Having said that, I do want to share with you today about the family of God. Like everything satan touches, it becomes a perversion of God’s original, perfect plan. The mafia “family” is based on honor, respect, loyalty, obedience, and faithful service. There is a “head” that is the sole authority which members of the family worship. The family of God is about honor, respect, loyalty, obedience, and faithful service. The family of God also has a “head” that is the sole authority which members of the family worship. Do you see how perverted satan is? He blinds the hearts of men and women, uses the positive things of God in a perverse way to entrap them and lead them on a path of destruction.

Deep down, people yearn to be part of a family. God made us to be part of a family. For those in big families, you understand what being part of a large family is all about. For those who do not have any, or very little family, you miss that interaction that family members share together. The mafia, local gangs, have all captured that need to be part of a family in how they operate their criminal enterprises. Actually, some of the best run legitimate businesses have used the family structure to successfully operate. But the ultimate family is not your earthly family, or being part of a company, or involved in a group of some kind, it is being part of the family of God.

In being part of the family of God, you are part of an eternal family, one that will live on beyond this life. God is our creator, the head of our eternal family. We are to honor those who are part of this Divine family. We should respect other members of the family. We must be loyal to our family.
We need to be obedient to the rules of the family as laid out in God’s Word. We need to be faithful to serve the family with our time, talents, and treasure. There is no greater family to be part of since this family will live on for eternity.

I want to encourage you today, to become part of this family, all you have to do is ask Jesus Christ into your heart and accept Him as your personal Savior. If you have never done this, and want to make that commitment today, simply go to http://www.liveprayer.com/SPlan.html . Pray and ask the Lord to open your heart to the words that you will read. Then read them. It is the most important thing you will do in your life, and if you accept Christ by faith, you will automatically become part of the family of God….the ultimate family!

I love you and care about you so much. Perhaps there are some out there who are part of the family of God, but you have strayed away. Your heavenly Father, the head of this family loves you unconditionally, and is waiting for you to come back to the family. Just like the father of the Prodigal Son accepted his son back, so your heavenly Father will take you back. Now is the time to come home, come back to the family of God. He still has much for you to do in your life. It is time to stop running from your family and come back home where you belong.

I will pray for you today to hear your Father calling your name. No matter how far away you have run, no matter what you have done, God is ready to forgive you if you simply ask Him to, and restore you to the family of God. This is NO ACCIDENT that you are reading these words today. Maybe in your time away you have tried other families. The fact is, you have been empty, and unfulfilled. There is no
substitute for the family of God. Come home today. Your Father is waiting for you, your family is
waiting for you!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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