Consequences of Sin

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(Proverbs 11:21)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, this nation is under your judgment for our sin, wickedness, and rebellion. Help me to be courageous as I stand for you in these perilous times. Use me as a beacon of your light in the darkness of our world today. Though our enemies surround us, the world around me curses you, help me to stand for your Truth that will ultimately defeat the lies of satan. May the evil of this world become so apparent, people will begin to bow their knee to you in repentance knowing YOU are their only hope and only answer! In the name of Jesus…AMEN!!!

Consequences of sin. The destructive nature of sin is that it does not happen in a vacuum. I hear many say that it is my sin, my problem. Unfortunately, that is not true. When you sin, it is like throwing a pebble into a still pond. There is the initial ring it produces, but slowly the ring spreads out, and it gets bigger and bigger and produces more rings inside it.

The initial pebble may not have been that much and the initial ring may have started small, but in the end it has grown to encompass a very large area. The point I am trying to make is that sin is not just your problem. At the very least, your sin is against God first and yourself second. Almost always though, it involves other people that you are either sinning with or sinning against.

I do not have to tell any of you about the pain, heartache, and problems that evolve from our sin, the lives we injure, the lost trust from those we care about. The damages are great. On top of everything else though, we end up missing the blessings of God. God has blessings beyond our ability to imagine for each one of us.

He loves to bless His children. But God cannot and will not bless disobedience. On top of everything else, your sin is keeping you from enjoying the blessings of God. We are so stubborn, so full of ourselves, that we usually try to do things our way, ignoring what God has to say. We accept at best some very little, temporary pleasure from our sin, and miss the greater blessings God has for us if we had been obedient. The Bible tells us that to “obey is better than sacrifice.”

I want to encourage you today to pray about whatever sin there may be in your life today. I want to pray for you as well, for God to strengthen you and give you the courage to walk away from your sins and into obedience to His word. I want to encourage you to leave behind the temporary pleasures of sin for the eternal joy of obeying our Lord.

There is no greater joy than when you are in obedience to what God has asked, knowing that He is as proud of you as a father or mother is of a child who is obedient. Being obedient is the ultimate act of a child of God saying not my will Father, but thy will be done. As a believer, our ultimate objective should be to enter heaven one day and hear God proclaim, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

I love and care about you. Thank you all for praying for this work. We are seeing God move in people’s lives daily. I am praying for you and believing God for your needs. Never hesitate to email me if I can help in any way. May his richest blessings be with you today as we work to become the obedient children God has called us to be.

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2016, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Praying for Your Needs to be Met

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(Matthew 6:25-33)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: ***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, give me your strength to stand for your Truth no matter what the cost. It is easy to call myself a follower of Jesus, but when confronted, when challenged, when faced with persecution, will I still say I am a follower of Jesus? I love you Lord and ask for your strength so no matter what I have to endure for my faith, I will stand firm. In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!

Out of the 40,000 prayer requests we get every day here at Liveprayer, the top three are always for healing, relationships, and finances. We pray every day for thousands of people in regard to their financial needs. Since the birth of Liveprayer just over 17 years ago, in regard to the finances I have only asked God to meet our monthly operational needs.

I can honestly tell you that I have NO desire to put money into buildings or planes, but directly into the lives of people. I am not interested in having huge cash surpluses and stock portfolios, only that the needs of the ministry are met each month so we can reach the lost and hurting for Christ out in the marketplace who aren’t being reached. That is why for over the years I share with you exactly what we need since I am not interested in playing games just to generate money, only having our needs met and not one dollar more.

I know right now many of you reading this are at a point of great financial need in your life. It is the first of the month and you don’t know where your mortgage payment or rent is going to come from. You are wondering how you will pay your car note, your electric bill. Your phone is due to be shut off, insurance policies are ready to lapse. As you read these words, you aren’t looking for riches, just for your basic daily needs to be met.

In the 6th Chapter of Matthew, Jesus speaks to the basic needs of life like food, shelter, and clothing. He assures the people that God knows and understands we need these things to sustain our life on this earth. He then shares a powerful promise that is for YOU today. He says that we are to “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” What are these “things?” The very necessities of life He had just gotten through speaking about in verses 25-32.

You see my friend, God knows about the needs we have in our life and has promised to meet those needs, IF, we will seek Him and His righteousness. This ties back to some Old Testament passages from 2 Chronicles where God promised success (26:5) and prosperity (31:21) for seeking the Lord and living in obedience to His commandments (God’s Word). So the key to having your needs met are seeking after God and living a life of obedience to His Word. If you do that, God will meet your every need. (Notice I didn’t say your every want, but your every need!)

I love you and care about you so much. I hurt knowing that many of you are struggling financially and that you are facing great needs in your life today. As I share the needs of this ministry with you on a regular basis, I want to do something different today that the Holy Spirit led me to do on the TV program last Thursday night. It was SO POWERFUL that I had to share it with you. Just like you share my burden and pray for the needs of Liveprayer to be met, today I want to stand in the gap and pray for you and your needs.

I want you to email me ( the exact dollar amount that you need God to provide so that your immediate financial needs are met. That is all. I don’t need a breakdown of what it is or a long explanation, just the dollar amount. I am going to pray over each one of those emails and agree with you for God to meet that exact need. Our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, all of the gold and silver belongs to Him. Just like you bear my burden each month in praying for me and the financial needs of Liveprayer, today I want to bear your burden and pray for your financial needs to be met.


*Please do me a favor, and take a moment to read the important information below. Liveprayer is at a very critical place today, with our breakthrough in sight! What happens over the next few days could determine the amount of impact this ministry will have in the coming months and years. I know satan wants to see us silenced. He wouldn’t be so concerned if we would “play nice” and stick to preaching to the choir. But he is incensed we have the audacity to take him on head to head on what he calls “his turf.” I’m not giving back an inch that we have taken for the Kingdom without a fight and am asking YOU today to stand with me.

“hi bill, first of all i would like to say thank you. it is because of your nightly show that god is using you not only to bring the non-believer, or undecided to him, but also, the christians that are wandering lost in this world. i fall in to the latter category. i was moved through your nightly messages to go back to church after years of “sitting on the fence”. i am the mother of two teenagers, a boy fourteen, and a girl sixteen. which i would like to add, have also been moved and touched through your show. my daughter has received some wonderful advice through your emails. oddly enough, i have always been too afraid to phone in while youre on live. i have been too afraid to email also. but after reading my daughters response i thought to myself she is doing what i told her to and that is reach out but i am not following my own advice. bill, my problems are very complex and have been thirty-nine years…… ”

It is the thousands of emails like the one above that drive me each day to do everything in my power to keep alive the wonderful opportunity we have been enjoying these past 13 years on TV to share Christ with over 100,000+ people each night, 90% of whom don’t go to church and don’t know Jesus. It has been the tremendous sacrifice of many of you and your families that has made that opportunity possible. Two nights ago I took a call from a woman that simply asked how she could be saved! This has by far been the greatest challenge of my life, and as woefully inadequate as I am, God has honored my little faith and commitment and allowed Liveprayer to be a bright light penetrating the darkness of the marketplace where most people live.

Together, over these past 17+ years online and 13 years on TV, we have done something very special in taking the Truth of God’s Word and the hope and love of Christ to the lost and hurting masses outside the four walls of the church. In my heart of hearts, I know we have only just begun, that what we are doing is only the beginning. We are at a very critical place however, with the breakthrough on the horizon, having to somehow struggle through this difficult stretch. Whatever you can do in the next week or so to help me get over this hurdle will be deeply appreciated.

Let me close by letting you know that I am so blessed and honored to have you standing with me. VERY FEW have the courage or conviction to take the stand you have. I pray daily for God’s blessings and protection on your family, for his favor on your business and finances, that He may prosper you above and beyond what you ever imagined as you have been faithful to Him. It is an honor to get up each day and know that you are by my side. On those days that I really don’t feel much like fighting, I think about the sacrifice you have made to make it possible for me to be here, and that motivates and spurs me on to be my very best that day for the Lord.

The time here is very short. May we continue to remain faithful as we serve and honor our Lord with our very lives and everything we have!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2016, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

How Do I Know what The Will of God is for My Life

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(Psalms 143:10)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, thank you for another day of life! Even though this is a special day in the life of your ministry here at Liveprayer, let us never to forget that EVERY DAY is a special day since it is a gift from you! Please let me never take one day, one hour, one minute of this precious life for granted and may I always honor you with my life! In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!

This Devotional today is a deep one. One of the most frequent questions people always ask, is how do I know what the will of God is for my life? Much of the difficulty in determining what God’s will is for our life is trying to separate our wants and desires from God’s wants and desires. This is probably one of the most difficult issues you will ever deal with in your walk with the Lord and I just want to give you some basics to help you in not trying to conform God to your will, but for you to conform to His will.

The only way you can begin to understand what God’s will is for your life is to be in a daily, intimate, surrendered relationship with Him. It is critical that you are spending time with the Lord every day through His Word, through prayer, and that quiet time where it is just you and the Lord in fellowship. That is the only way we can learn to hear His voice so that over time we are able to discern whether it is God speaking or simply ourselves. I can’t begin to emphasize enough how important it is to take the time each day to get alone with God and have that time of fellowship. You only begin to know God’s will for your life when you really know God.

The key is you have to be at a place in your life where you are fully surrendered to the Lord. You need to be able to say, “Lord, wherever you want me to go, whatever you want me to do, I am completely yours.” The biggest hurdle to overcome in following God’s will for our life is the fear of the unknown. What is my life going to be like if I follow God? How will my life be different if I really let God have His way? Trust me, He loves you, cares about you, and only wants the best for you. God wants to bless you and those blessings are found as we faithfully and obediently follow Him.

The more we listen to God’s voice, the more we obey and follow His voice, the less time we spend trying to force God to follow what we want to do, and the more time we spend trying to follow what God wants us to do. As we grow and mature in our relationship with the Lord, we find ourselves more concerned with what God is asking us to do and we slowly begin to make His desires our desires. My friend, THAT is the time when you find that special place almost impossible to put into words.

That place where your desires have become God’s desires. It is clearly no longer your will that you seek but it is His will!!!

I love you and care about you so much. I will be praying for you that you will get serious about finding and living in God’s perfect will each day. It is the only way we truly know the peace, joy, and abundance of this life. In His will, we can do all things because it is not us, it is Him. Outside of His will, we can do nothing. Nothing works or makes sense. Take some time alone with the Lord today and begin to pray in earnest for God to help you begin to quit trying to conform Him to your will, but for you to conform to His will!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2016, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Praise Reports

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(Psalms 91:15; Psalms 89:1)

**DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, help me to get through this day and the challenges that I will be facing today. Guide me, strengthen me, and give me wisdom as I make choices throughout this day. Please watch over my family and those I love in this world, and keep them safe. I love you Lord, and depend upon you each moment of each day. Bless me as I go through the day, living my life for your glory. In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!

One of the joys in my life is to look over some of the thousands of incredible praise reports we receive every day here at Liveprayer. Real people that had emailed us to pray about real issues in their life. It is a tremendous honor and privilege to be able to stand in agreement with people for the needs they face during the course of their journey through life. I am always moved to see God’s grace and mercy at work in the lives of people as He answers their prayers.

Several times each year, I like to share a sampling of those praise reports with you. I do this because so many of you are facing great obstacles in your life today, and need to know God is there. The Bible proclaims that God is no respecter of persons. That simply means what God has done for someone else, He will do for you. So I want you to know today that no matter what your need is, what your problem is, what the battle you are fighting may be, God not only hears your prayers, BUT HE ANSWERS YOUR PRAYERS!

Also, so many of you pray and sacrificially give to the work God is doing here at Liveprayer. I want to encourage you today as well, that your prayers, and your gifts to this work are not in vain. What we do each and every day for over 2.5 million people all over the world is only possible because you care, you pray, and you give. Let these praise reports be an encouragement to you that God is using you to make a difference in the lives of people. God is using your obedience, your faithfulness to reach those who are lost and hurting with His love and hope. May God use these praise reports today to be a blessing to you!

“Dear my friend in Christ Bill, Receive much greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and thanks for your teachings. We are sharing the word of God with others every day in Kenya. I walk a long distance to where the internet is. It forced me to wake up 5:00 am to start my journey to the internet and print your teachings and then I go back to home to share with others your wonderful teachings.”

“Don’t worry about this, Mr. Keller, I always look at my Junk folder before I empty it. I have read your Daily Devotional today and then went to your site and prayed the Sinner’s Prayer.”

“My mother had the surgery and came home from the hospital yesterday. PRAISE THE LORD. They put a cow aortic valve in her heart and she’s doing great.”

“Dear Bill Keller, Back in July, you interceded for my marriage. He decided to stay, stating in a text to me that “he chose me, the girls and God’s path”. It has not been easy, but last week we took a trip together to Palm beach for some healing time.”

“I just started watching about two weeks ago. I am a 31 year old man from Massachusetts and I am addicted to oxycotin and other painkillers and am sick of trying to get off of them and can’t find the help I need no matter where I have reached out. Your show has given me hope, and even though it looks as though you may not be on my local television station after this week, I will still come to the website to see the shows every day. Thank you for giving me hope and strength to be free from this bondage.”

“I had you pray for me that God would supply me with a job and today the Lord has done just that. Full benefits and good pay! God is so good and so faithful, thank you God!”

]”I want to say THANK YOU! AND THANK THE LORD! Amanda got her results back and she does not have a brain tumor.”

“Do you know, and I hate to even put this on paper but here goes…….the night of your alcohol deliverance show, June 8th, I was already to watch and after a bottle of wine with my husband at dinner and a bottle of vodka for our martinis and a movie, (sad huh)……needless to say I passed out and missed the show. Well, the next day I got on line and watched it. Do you know that my bondage was so bad that I didn’t want to give it up……..hence bondage!!!!! Well just as God took away my addiction to cigs yrs ago, just like that, no withdrawal, after that show and the prayer I prayed with you, the bondage IS GONE as well!!!!”

“I asked for prayer for my family because my husband had been falsely accused and was in prison. He had his hearing last week and we heard yesterday that he won his appeal and he is going to be released. Praise God. We are so thankful to God for keeping us through this difficult time and for answering our prayers. Thank you also for your prayer support.”

“I was needing prayer about 2 months ago. My husband and I were financially in ruins by my perspective, and I did an Internet search with the words prayer in them, found your website, and submitted my prayer and joined your group. We are prospering today, climbing our way out of the sin of debt only by the grace of God as he blesses my husband’s sales position daily. We tithe first with every paycheck we receive. Whatever extra is left over, we roll into debt. This will be the most humble Christmas we have ever known because we have never felt so blessed.”

“My name is Scott, you helped me stop smoking a few weeks ago, thank you.”

“dear bill and staff i want to thank you all i watched the show on suicide i have tried many times to kill myself and by the grace of GOD i am still here after i lost my dad to cancer this past feb i came to realize how hard it is to be left behind and i know i need to be here to help my kids your really spoke to me keep up the good work.”

“I have been saved since watching your program and would like, if you have any books left, to please send me one.”


]I love you and care about you so much. May these praise reports encourage you today that no matter what your problem may be, God is there for you. Also, thanks to all of my dear friends that so faithfully pray for this ministry each day and sacrificially give to keep us here. GOD IS GREATLY USING YOUR LIFE TO BRING HIS HOPE AND LOVE TO LOST AND HURTING PEOPLE WORLDWIDE EVERY DAY BECAUSE OF YOUR FAITHFULNESS AND OBEDIENCE!!!

All praise goes to our great God for His unconditional love for us and his endless grace and mercy. He is worthy to be praised!!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2016, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

God is Faithful

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(1 Corinthians 1:9)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: God, thank you for Your love, Your grace, and Your mercy that You have showed in my life. I thank you for allowing me to serve you over these past 23 years. I thank you for giving me the vision of Liveprayer 17 yrs ago, and allowing this unique instrument YOU created to impact tens of millions of lives worldwide, respond to over 110 million emails for prayer, the 10 million praise reports testifying to Your faithfulness, and the 1,000,000 souls we know of who are or will be in Heaven for all eternity. YOU OH GOD ARE MOST WORTHY TO BE PRAISED!!!

“God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” 1 Corinthians 1:9

Lord, I come to You today, humbly, but boldly as Your Word instructs. I know based on what You have shown me that our work here is not quite finished. You have shown me that this work of Yours called Liveprayer is to be an instrument You use to sound the trump of warning and help lead this nation back to You and Your Truth before Your wrath and judgment is upon us.

Father, I have given You everything I have physically, mentally, emotionally, financially over these past 25 years in my service to You. I have never compromised Your Truth no matter what the personal consequences have been. You know my heart and that I have never done anything in Your name for money, nor have I exploited You or Your work here for financial gain.

My humble prayer since that first month back in 1992 was simply to supply the needs of Your work to bring Your Truth to the marketplace, to pray for the lost and saved alike in their time of need, and to give people the opportunity to accept Your Son as their personal Savior by faith. I have trusted You not for personal riches, but to simply take care of my basic daily needs of food, clothing, and shelter.

You have opened the door for the TV program to be back on the air in May of 2013. I know it is part of Your plan that the TV program You gave me the vision to develop in 2003 was to be the final ministry tool in our work of leading our nation to a national revival and back to You and Your Truth in order to escape Your final wrath and judgment. I have been obedient, and faithful, and have stood on the front lines to deliver Your Truth to a world that is hostile to that Truth, but a world that will one day embrace that Truth as their only hope and answer!

I come to You today Lord, because I have nowhere else to turn. By not turning to the ways of the world, only preaching to the choir and using the well developed tricks of men to get people to give money, we have struggled since day one to simply do all I have ever asked of You, and that was to give me the funds each month to pay our basic operating costs. You know I have never asked for a penny more than what was needed that month, never asked You for anything for myself other than to simply be able to live day to day. Satan’s ONLY way of impeding our work, ONLY way to keep my voice with Your words from reaching more people, has been our finances.

I have accepted that just like by speaking for You in the public square I would be hated, reviled, ridiculed, scorned, spat upon, and have my life threatened. I am honored and unworthy to be persecuted for the sake of the Gospel! As we have gotten closer to our final work for You oh God, as we have worked with little to put the final pieces in place, the challenges simply to exist have multiplied exponentially. It is by Your grace so many dear friends and those who love You have made incredible sacrifices over these past 17 yrs to see the work of Liveprayer continue. In the past several years, many of our friends have seen their finances challenged by the current economy and have been unable to help us as they once did.

But You oh Lord always have a “ram in the bush.” You have brought our work to the heart of those who have been able to make the great sacrifce to help us and see Your work here continue. It is no surprise having walked this walk of faith over 25 yrs now that satan is taking one last attempt to silence Liveprayer. He knows You have an army of angels encamped around me, protecting, and until You say my work is finished I will be here to boldly declare the Truth of Your Word and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this lost world. His only hope is to cause confusion and apathy in the hearts of those who have the ability to help us.

Oh Lord my God, I come to You this day and ask that You take off the blinders from those who satan has deceived, open the hearts of those satan has lied to, and let Your Holy Spirit inspire those You have blessed and enabled to step in and support Your work here. It has never been so critical in all of these years of toil, yet I have never had such peace since I know in the end it has never been me, but always You! I am asking, no demanding, that satan be bound from the hearts and minds of those You are speaking to this day!

If the world can raise billions for political ideologies, worthy causes of every kind, if those who work in your name can raise tens of millions to buy private jets, mansions, Bentley’s, buildings with huge staffs, stay in $10,000 a night hotel suites to live like the wayward “priests” in the OT, than I KNOW that You can move on hearts to help us raise the $65,000 we simply need to operate each month. It is a modern loaves and fishes miracle that for a little over $2,200 a day, we can minister each day to over 2.5 million worldwide, respond each day to 40,000 emails for prayer, do a “live” TV program for 2 hours every Mon-Fri seen by over 100,000 people in over 100 markets around the nation, while seeing apx. 2,000 souls every week come to faith in Your Son!

Oh God, my back is to the wall, the wolves are at the door demanding the funds we owe to simply operate, and I am simply on my knees asking You oh God to help me this day. Move on hearts and minds of those who can help me in this hour of distress. As we have stood with literally millions worldwide over the years, let those who You speak to stand with Your work here in our time of need. Thank you Lord for your love, grace, and mercy! I will never falter no matter what the circumstances, and as I have for 25 years now, faithfully declaring Your Truth and Gospel to a lost and hurting world that needs You more than ever. AMEN!”

After over 17 yrs of Liveprayer, over 7,000 Daily Devotionals, 1 million plus souls we know of who have come to faith in Jesus, this is a first for me. Let me say up front, THANK YOU to all my friends who sent such encouraging and loving emails yesterday. In the midst of our daily work, the financial challenges we are dealing with, and the unprecedented amount of death threats and hate mail from taking a Biblical stand on this satanically inspired division tearing our nation apart, it was a blessing above and beyond what you can imagine. For those who took the time and effort to share your love and encouragement..THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!

***Here is where we are at this moment. As we are now 16 days into September, we are working on the $65,000 of our August operations that we carried into this month, in addition to the $65,000 we require for our September internet and TV ministry operations. So far, $15,000 of our August shortfall has come in leaving the final $50,000 to clear up August and the $65,000 we require for our September ministry operations, meaning we require $115,000 over the balance of the month.

*$30,000 of the $50,000 balance of our August operations is critical to keeping Liveprayer simply online!!!

*$9,000 of that is needed TODAY in order to prevent some of our operations from being shut down!!!

I desperately need ONE OR SEVERAL of our friends God has blessed who prays and seeks the Lord’s guidance and in honor of a spouse, parent, child, or other loved one, who can get $30,000 we require into our account, $9,000 today!!! Many who God has blessed have stepped up over the years and have been greatly used by Him!!! I am literally at the mercy of those who supply the services we require for our daily ministry, begging then daily to hold on.

*SPECIAL NEED! Our special server for the TV program finally died after we kept it up months past the time to replace it due to a lack of finds. This has made it impossible to do the TV program “live!” We have had to run re-airs for the past several days. By God’s grace, our amazing techs have temporarily got us back up LIVE for Thursday night’s program and by His grace we can get the Friday program in as well. We require $4,000 for the new server and our tech to get it back online. Please pray about helping me with a special one-time gift ASAP so we can get this taken care of and back LIVE! Thank You!


*If you are able to the extra mile and wire the funds to our Wells Fargo account or drop by a branch in your area and deposit them into our account TODAY, it would help me a great deal. Of course you can overnight a check today to our office or put the gift on your credit card or Paypal. Feel free to email me for any information you may need to help me at:

I know that I am asking some of you to make an incredible sacrifce. I guess because I spend 12-15 hours every day on our work here at Liveprayer, and have for 17 yrs now since we started, I look at things so different than most. However, over those 17 yrs, it has been the love, prayers, and incredible sacrifice of so many that even allowed us to get to where we are and have the impact on millions and millions of lives worldwide. As I have shared many times, our only real legacy will be those lives we have impacted for the Lord.


TO GIVE A GIFT TO LIVEPRAYER, you can use your major credit card on our secure server at: under the “Donation” link, you can give using your PayPal account using my email address:,or you can mail your gift to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Ave. North, St.Petersburg, FL 33709. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible!

I love and care about you so much. Please stand in agreement with me for my prayer at the beginning. It is exciting being in the Lord’s service, though, it is not for the faint of heart. It is the love, prayers, and kindness of friends like you who make it all possible. Know that I pray for you and your family daily, since it is no accident or coincidence God has brought us together for this season. We will keep pressing on towards the prize, letting nothing deter us since we know satan is a liar and a loser, knowing that in the end…JESUS HAS ALREADY WON!!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2016, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Another School Year has Begun

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(1 Chronicles 16:11)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, help me to be a Godly citizen and honor the laws of this nation. Thank you for allowing me to live in a nation where we can have our voice heard through the democratic process that governs us. Help ALL people find peace, joy, and an abundant life wherever they may live in this world. We know that can only come through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Help me to do my part when opportunities present themselves to be part of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people throughout the world. Protect this nation from those who would seek to do it harm, and give those in authority the strength to enforce the laws that govern this great land. In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!

It is that time when another school year has begun. Most who read this Devotional are ready to start another year of High School or College or have children getting ready for another academic year. Some of you are teachers or critical support personnel. It is a busy time. Students are juggling schoolwork, outside activities, church, and in some cases work as well. Parents are busy with work, taking care of the home, as well as being involved in their children’s lives. It is hectic, it is stressful, and just getting from one day to the next can be a challenge.

Today, I have a very special word for all of the young adults heading back to school, for the teachers and support personnel, as well as for the parents.

THE KEY TO EACH DAY IS YOUR DAILY TIME WITH THE LORD. I suggest that you start the day, even if it means getting up 30 minutes early, and spending time in prayer and the Bible. It strengthens your personal relationship with Christ. It is the best way possible to start a new day. It gives you strength and focus throughout the day. It is also a spiritual insurance policy. During your busy day, you will face many challenges. You will be making many decisions. Having that daily time with the Lord first thing will help you meet the challenges of life in His strength, not yours, and help you make wise, Godly decisions.

*There is nothing more important that you can do each day than start it in prayer and the Word!

One of the big problems in day-to-day life is we often live it in our own strength, apart from the Lord. The Bible tells us to “pray without ceasing.” There are many ways to interpret this verse of Scripture. One very real and practical meaning is literally, to pray without ceasing. Once I talk to the Lord in the morning, I never sign off until that night before I go to sleep. I am “online” ALL DAY. I talk to the Lord throughout the day about all of the issues I face. I realize without Him, I can do nothing. When I am weak, He is strong.

This not only keeps me focused on Him, what He wants, how He wants me to act, the choices He wants me to make, but it keeps me from letting the problems of normal day-to-day life get me down.

I love you and care about you so much. I know this is a busy time for most of you. A time of challenges for those still in school at any level. A time of challenges for you moms and dads out there. A challenging time for the teachers. In spite of the hustle and bustle of your daily lives, never, never lose sight of two things.

First and most important is our purpose in this life. To serve and glorify Him. It is no accident that you are going to school where you are, involved in the activities you are. God has opened these doors so that you can be a light to those still in darkness. Never forget, your loudest witness to nonbelievers is not what you say, but how you live your life. Second, is your daily focus on Christ. This is the key to staying balanced and on track in the midst of all the many things you do each day. It is what keeps you on track, so that God can use you to be a blessing to others.

I will be praying for you. Some of you are in new schools. Some of you are facing big challenges this year. Many of you parents are challenged by the finances and other aspects of your children’s educational experience. Many of you teachers are dealing with complicated issues. For most it can be a very difficult time. However, it can also be a very rewarding time. Never forget that each day God gives us is a gift from Him, and is to be used wisely. Make the most of it.

It is no accident that you are where you are right now. God ordained it. So work hard and accomplish all that you can. Don’t settle for anything less than your best. God gave His very best, and expects us to do the same. We only get one life, one opportunity so make the most of it. While we enjoy the abundance this life can offer, we must also never forget that we are here to serve Him. Make the Lord proud of you as you live each day for Him and let your light shine bright for all around you to see. Enjoy this wonderful season of your life.

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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Just Because I Could

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(Deuteronomy 29:9; 2 Chronicles 31:21)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, please guide my steps this day. Help me to walk in your light and strength and not in my own ways. Thank you for your many blessings, most that I take for granted. Help me this day to acknowledge your love, grace, and goodness as I live my life for you and do my best to glorify you in all of my thoughts, words, and deeds. This I ask in the name of Jesus. AMEN!

In an interview with Dan Rather on “60 Minutes” prior to the release of a book he wrote, former President Bill Clinton made a very profound statement in regard to his affair with Monica Lewinsky. President Clinton said, “I think I did something for the worst possible reason — just because I could. I think that’s the most, just about the most morally indefensible reason that anybody could have for doing anything. When you do something just because you could. I’ve thought about it a lot. And there are lots of more sophisticated explanations, more complicated psychological explanations. But none of them are an excuse.” AMEN!!!

Every day I am dealing with the very real lives of very real people who have made the conscious choice to sin against God. Men and women. Those who are rich and those who are poor. People of all ages. Regardless of what the sin is or the circumstances involved, the bottom line is that it was a choice that person made to disobey God….because they could! You see, God gave man free will to make choices, otherwise we would be nothing more than robots. Every day, many times throughout the day, we make the choice to obey God or disobey Him.

I will never forget when I was 10, the first time I was allowed to stay home all by myself. It might have been 20 minutes after my mother was gone that I realized she was not around to see what I was doing. We had certain rules on what time we could have snacks and what we were allowed to have. As I was watching television, I remembered thinking that since mom wasn’t home, she wouldn’t know if I had an extra snack. So I went to the kitchen, to the pantry where the cookies were, went to the refrigerator and poured myself a big glass of milk, and sat down at the table and for the next 15 minutes ate cookies.

I will never forget to this day knowing deep down inside as I was getting the cookies out of the pantry that what I was doing was wrong. I am not even sure if I was really that hungry or wanted the cookies. It really boiled down to the fact I was all alone, nobody was there, and I COULD. Oh, something else about sin, it ALWAYS leaves a mess. Of course I did my best to put the cookies back exactly where I got them (not thinking that there were now about a dozen fewer), did my normal poor job of washing the glass I used for the milk and put it back in the cabinet (still dripping), and cleaned the area of the table I used (but not the floor underneath).

A few hours later at dinner, I remember that I was not very hungry. Normally I would clean my plate in minutes and be begging for more. But this night, I had a hard time eating all of my food and had to force down the last few bites. I remember the guilt as my mother asked me several times why I was not hungry and giving her some lame excuse about not feeling well. It was later that evening as I was getting in bed that my mother and father came into my room. As a child, you always know when mom and dad come to see you right before you go to bed, something is wrong.

My mother asked me how things went being in the house all alone. I told her everything went fine. She asked me what I did. I told her I watched television. She asked if I did anything else, and deep down I knew that somehow she knew I had eaten the cookies. The guilt was already more than I could bear so I told her that I was hungry and decided to eat some cookies. My father then got involved and asked me if I realized that when I was eating the cookies, I knew that I was breaking one of the house rules since it was not snack time. I told him that I did and I was sorry. He went on to explain to me that one reason they had such a rule was so that me and my brothers would be hungry for dinner and have a good balanced diet. The rule was not to keep us from enjoying cookies, but to keep us healthy.

They told me how disappointed they were and asked me if I was sorry for what I had done. I assured them that I was. My father then told me that I would not be allowed to watch any football that weekend and would have some extra chores to do around the house. Before they left, they prayed for me. I remember laying in my bed that night, thinking how those few cookies weren’t worth having my parents disappointed in me, and it sure wasn’t worth having to miss football that weekend. I was mad at myself for doing something I knew that I shouldn’t, just because I could.

I love you and care about you so much. I realize a 10-year-old boy eating some cookies he was not supposed to while being home alone is not what most would consider a horrible thing to do. The fact was we had rules in our home about when we were allowed to eat snacks, I consciously chose to break that rule, did a poor job of trying to cover it up, was caught, and had to pay a price for my choice to disobey. In looking back, I wasn’t starving to death, I really didn’t even want to eat the cookies that bad. As much as anything it was an opportunity for me to rebel and do something I knew I wasn’t supposed to, if for no other reason than BECAUSE I COULD!

The fact is, my parents rule on snacks was there to make my life better, not worse. So often we look at God’s “rules” in the Bible as being there to keep us from having fun in life when in fact, they are there to insure we have fun in life. When we choose to disobey God, there are always consequences, always a price to pay. After we sin, the first thing we do is try to cover it up. Adam literally did that after his sin by making some crude clothes to cover up his body. We are foolish to even try to cover up our sin, since God sees everything that we do.

Sin always involves others, we don’t sin in a vacuum. Sin is like throwing a pebble into a still lake, watching the ripples of that initial pebble expand out further and further. When you choose to sin, others will always be affected in some way. Sadly, sin always carries a price tag greater than we ever wanted to pay. Sin costs my friend, and costs much more than you ever imagined.

I will be praying for you today. The reality is, every day, many times throughout the day, you have the choice to obey God or disobey Him. I pray that in the coming hours of this day, these words will ring in your heart and mind as you are faced with the opportunity to obey God. I pray that you will understand that sin simply isn’t worth it. Sin carries consequences, obedience carries blessings. What do you want today in your life, consequences, or blessings?

Instead of having to say I sinned because I could, let your testimony be I obeyed God, BECAUSE I COULD!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2016, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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