Finding Contentment

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(Philippians 4:11)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, I have strayed from you and want to come home. I have allowed the daily life in this world to lead me astray, to allow me to drift from you, and I miss you dear Lord! Today, I recommit my heart and life to you and to serve you. Use me for your glory Lord. Make my life count for your Kingdom. Above all, bring to me your PEACE and JOY! Give me the joy of my salvation again as I walk close to you each moment of each day. In Jesus name I pray…AMEN!

For many, one of the greatest challenges of this life is finding contentment. For those who have bought into the world system, contentment is impossible!!! The world system teaches that happiness comes with being successful, being on top. The fallacy of that philosophy is that you are NEVER successful and NEVER on top. There is always someone more successful; there is always another rung on the ladder to climb no matter how high you may get. Chasing the things of this world, finding contentment in the things of this world is impossible, because there is always more and always someone ahead of you.

So many reading this devotional today are unhappy, bitter, and in many cases without any joy or peace in your life, because you are trying to find contentment in something that will never offer it to you. It will entice you and make you feel like you are almost there, but then the unquenchable thirst begins and you have to keep chasing, chasing, chasing until you get to a point you don’t even know what you are chasing any longer.

My friend, there is only one avenue to finding true contentment. That is in your daily relationship with Christ. You see, the short gratification this world can offer you leaves you only wanting more. Your relationship with Jesus give you all you need and then some. This is a very difficult and involved issue, because it is going to require a total re-prioritization of your life. That will take commitment. That will involve a conscious effort on your part to find contentment in something other than what you have been programmed to for most of your life.

It won’t be easy, and my main job today is to be a messenger and inform you that there is true contentment in this life if you are willing to get it. My prayer is that if this is speaking to your heart today, you will make that difficult decision to find the contentment only found in your daily relationship with the Lord.

I love you and care about you, and know many are struggling with this issue today. Open your hearts and let God speak to you today. It is not an accident that you are reading these words. I am praying for you and will stand with you and help any way that I can. Today is the day of decision, so why put it off? Make the choice today and find the true contentment this life can offer. Not in the things of this world, but in your daily relationship with Jesus Christ!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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Your Spouse

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(Ephesians 5:22-33)

**DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, give me an abundance of your JOY today. Let the “joy of the Lord” me mine on this day, and help me to share that joy with others. In the name of Jesus…AMEN!!!

I have a question for you men. When was the last time that you told your wife how beautiful she looked? When was the last time that you told your wife that she was the most special person in the world? If your answer is anything but TODAY, you better stop whatever you are doing and tell her–right now! Do you remember when you were dating, and how you couldn’t wait to be with her? Do you remember how NOTHING in the world mattered but her? Do you remember that you would do ANYTHING for her? Do you still feel that way?

If the answer is no, you need to get on your knees and pray for God to restore those feelings. Just because you are now married, you should feel the same way and even MORE. After all, this is the woman that God gave you to share your life with! She isn’t like that putter you used to like, but now is somewhere in the garage–forgotten. You made a vow before your wife and before God to love her, and to care for her, and to nurture her, until death do you part. How can you take the most special person in your life, the one that God gave you, for granted?

Let me give you some advice. You better get on the phone and send your wife some flowers. Why? For no other reason but to let her know that you love her and care about her. You better quit ignoring her and her needs. You better start taking the same amount of time with your wife that you do with the other things that occupy your time. Women need to be reminded that they are beautiful. They need to be reminded that you care for them.

While saying it is necessary, you better prove it with your actions. You are so wrapped up in your career, in your life, in the things that you are interested in, you are neglecting your wife. You better start making TIME for your wife. Make the effort to spend TIME with her, and TALK to her.

Okay women, it is your turn. When was the last time that you told your husband how handsome he was? When was the last time you told your husband that he was the most special person in the world? If your answer is anything but TODAY, you better stop whatever you are doing and tell him…right now! Do you remember when you were dating, how you couldn’t wait to be with him? Do you remember how NOTHING in the world mattered but him? Do you remember that you would do ANYTHING for him? Do you still feel that way?

If the answer is no, you need to get on your knees and pray for God to restore those feelings. Just because you are now married, you should feel the same way and even MORE. After all, this is the man that God gave you to share your life with! He isn’t like that food processor you used to like, but now is stored away in the cabinet…forgotten. You made a vow before your husband and before God to love him, and to care for him, and to nurture him until death do you part. How can you take the most special person in your life, the one that God gave you, for granted?

Let me give you some advice. You better stop by the mall and buy your husband a special gift. Why? For no other reason but to let him know that you love him and care about him. You better quit ignoring him and his needs. You better start taking the same amount of time with your husband that you do with the other things that occupy your time. Men need to be reminded that they are appreciated. They need to be reminded that you care for them.

While saying it is necessary, you better prove it with your actions. You are so wrapped up in your job, in the home, in the kids, in the things that you are interested in, you are neglecting your husband. You better start making TIME for your husband. Make the effort to spend TIME with him, and TALK to him.

I love you and care about you so much. Satan has done such a masterful job of destroying the beauty and perfection of God’s institution of marriage. He does it in so many deceitful ways. I get thousands and thousands of emails daily from husbands and wives whose marriages are in trouble. It breaks my heart. I personally counsel couples all of the time in this area. Making two lives become one is probably one of the most difficult things there is in life. It is always magical at first, but maintaining that magic is not easy. Making it last over time is the goal.

That ONLY happens when Christ is the head of each one of your lives individually, and the center of your marriage. The greatest relationship that you will have in this life is with the Lord. After that, it is with your spouse. Just like you must take time to develop that close, intimate walk with Christ, you must also take the time and put forth the effort in your relationship with your spouse.

I will be praying for all of you today that are married. There are two key elements in a successful marriage. TIME AND TALK. You MUST take time to be together each day, and you MUST talk to each other. Never forget, God gave you this special person for the rest of your life. Take every second that you can to be with that person. Life is short enough, and when it is over, it is over. Don’t waste one second that you can be together. Talk to each other. Communication is critical.

Libraries are full of books on this issue, so let me close today with this simple word of encouragement. Take time today to make your husband or wife feel special. Let them know how much you care for them, and are thankful for them. MAKE THE TIME. Men, you better make sure every day that your wife knows how much you love her. Women, you better make sure every day that your husband knows that he is the most important person in the world to you. DON’T TAKE EACH OTHER FOR GRANTED! If you love each other as God calls you to in today’s passage of Scripture, your relationship with your spouse can be the most incredible thing in your life outside of your relationship with the Lord.

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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Praise Reports

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(Psalms 91:15; Psalms 89:1

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, give me an abundance of your JOY this Christmas Eve. Let the “joy of the Lord” me mine on this day, and help me to share that joy with others. In the name of Jesus…AMEN!!!

One of the joys in my life is to look over some of the thousands of incredible praise reports we receive every day here at Liveprayer. Real people that had emailed us to pray about real issues in their life. It is a tremendous honor and privilege to be able to stand in agreement with people for the needs they face during the course of their journey through life. I am always moved to see God’s grace and mercy at work in the lives of people as He answers their prayers.

Several times each year, I like to share a sampling of those praise reports with you. I do this because so many of you are facing great obstacles in your life today, and need to know God is there. The Bible proclaims that God is no respecter of persons. That simply means what God has done for someone else, He will do for you. So I want you to know today that no matter what your need is, what your problem is, what the battle you are fighting may be, God not only hears your prayers, BUT HE ANSWERS YOUR PRAYERS!

Also, so many of you pray and sacrificially give to the work God is doing here at Liveprayer. I want to encourage you today as well, that your prayers, and your gifts to this work are not in vain. What we do each and every day for over 2 million people all over the world is only possible because you care, you pray, and you give. Let these praise reports be an encouragement to you that God is using you to make a difference in the lives of people. God is using your obedience, your faithfulness to reach those who are lost and hurting with His love and hope. May God use these praise reports today to be a blessing to you!

“I just had to write to tell you!!! A couple of months ago I requested prayer for my daughter who was involved in a dangerous (both physically and spiritually) relationship with a man who was very worldly and drank allot and had anger issues. Praise be to God she has COMPLETELY broken off this relationship!! She has no feelings or desires AT ALL for this man! God told me at the time that I wrote to you to release her to him and he would take care of her and HE HAS!!! I am one very happy and thankful mom. I have been praising God every day, all day! He is so good!!”

“I just watched your salvation clip on the web site and accepted Christ as my Savior. Could I please get a copy of that book you spoke of”

“I want to thank all you prayer warriors that prayed for me in my time a need. I was starting to get discouraged about not finding a job as a medical assistant but I kept the faith and believed in Gods words that he would supply all my needs. I start work this Friday working for an OBGYN doctor. Again, thanks for your uplifting prayers.”

“I just wanted to write a note to thank you for having the abortion video on your web site. A few months ago, a friend of my daughter came to our house to tell us that she was pregnant. She was distraught … and her boyfriend and other members of her family talked her into getting an abortion. I talked with her at length about her other options (adoption and keeping the baby), but she couldn’t see herself doing either of those things. I told her about how abortion is murder and she said “it’s just a bunch of cells right now.” So I remembered the video on your web site. I took her back to the computer, clicked on and found the abortion video. She watched it, by herself, and when she finished watching it, realized that she could never have an abortion. She married her boyfriend soon after her decision to keep the baby. Praise God! Little Sofia was born last Saturday, May 19th! Her whole family is being very supportive. A happy ending to what could have been a tragic story, had she gone through with the abortion. Thank you for your web site!”

“I received the answer to the financial need prayer you and I prayed for several weeks ago. I’ve had the Lord provide many times before when our family had a need. It’s always exciting and definitely increases my faith when He comes through! Thank you so much for agreeing with me for an answer.”

“hello mr. keller, i just wanted to first say i used to drink party and just be a party animal and since have stopped drinking and had no problem doing so and no drugs and just am changing stuff in my life little at a time but heading in the right direction. i have had a lot of friends say how proud of me they are and it makes me very happy. i have been watching your show for about a year and a half i think as often as i can being that is it on so late, but doesn’t seem to make any difference. i just want you to know that i have just become attached to your show. just something about it that makes me feel good and just very very happy when i see it. i guess you could say that your show touches me and i just want to thank you and tell you that i have given the lord my life and i am just getting happier every day. i have some more work to do, a little more distance to travel, but i will get there and i will be a great christan thanks to you and your show.”

“By the grace of God who heals us in spirit and body I am cancer free once again. I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 04. Your prayers and many others helped me go into remission.”

“I have wrote liveprayer about three times in prayer of a struggle that my husband and I have been going through for over two years. My husband was diagnosed with some fertility problems and we had been trying to conceive our first child for over two years. The desire my husband and I had to become parents was just overwhelming, their were times of grief, pain, struggle, but through it all, the Lord Jesus Christ always gave me that feeling of hope, telling me to never give up. We had made the decision to speak with some new doctors at a fertility center on May 18th, but the Lord had other plans, on May 17th we found out that we’re pregnant! God’s timing was perfect!”

“Praise God!! I went for my appointment and the doctor said that the “mass” was nothing but a normal breast tissue that i felt. the doctor was kind and said not to worry. :) amen!!”

“God is amazingly wonderful…Thank you for your prayers! We did find favor with the judge, and we are going to settle with the other party. I am so thankful. I cannot tell you how much joy is in my heart!”

“Bill…Thank you for standing in the gap for Christ. Thank you for telling the world the truth about the Mormon Church and Mitt Romney. Thank you for not bowing down to the pressure of others. Thank you for not giving in to the idiocy of others…even to save your ministry financially. I am an ex-Mormon…I know the truth about the Mormon Church, I lived it for over 40 years. I KNOW how satanic it is…how ugly and evil it is under it’s pretty covering. I know what goes on in their satanic temples. I know the lie it all is. It is time for the gloves to come off, and the truth to be told….before it is too late.”

“I just got saved from your site, and I’m interested in getting the additional information that will help me with my new life with Christ.”

“I want you to know that I will always support you in bringing the truth of Jesus Christ to this world. I credit YOU and you alone for bringing me back to the word of God. I saw you on the I network last year, you didn’t turn me off like the majority of the televangelists do by asking me to send all the money I can. No wonder non-believers won’t listen, when all they hear is give all your money!!! I rebelled for most of my life because of seeing them all get rich, and I guarantee most non-believers feel this way. I know God brought you into my life for a purpose, I am reading the Bible every day, funny how life seems so different and feasible when looking at it God’s way instead of Man’s.”

“My goal this year is to press up my monthly payments to help support your ministry. It changed my life and kept me from going to hell and I hope it changes others as well.”

I love you and care about you so much. May these praise reports encourage you today that no matter what your problem may be, God is there for you. Also, thanks to all of my dear friends that so faithfully pray for this ministry each day and sacrificially give to keep us here. GOD IS GREATLY USING YOUR LIFE TO BRING HIS HOPE AND LOVE TO LOST AND HURTING PEOPLE WORLDWIDE EVERY DAY BECAUSE OF YOUR FAITHFULNESS AND OBEDIENCE!!!

All praise goes to our great God for His unconditional love for us and his endless grace and mercy. He is worthy to be praised!!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2016, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

My Calling from God is to be an Evangelist

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(John 3:16; Ephesians 2:8,9; Romans 10:9-11)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Father, I thank you for this day. I know that today was not promised to me, but it is a gift from You. Dear God, You know the pain I have today from what has happened in my life. I am tired of carrying this pain with me day after day. It is robbing me of my joy, of my peace, of knowing the abundance that this life can offer. I trust Your Word today that tells me that I can give this burden to You, that You will take it from me. I trust Your Word today that tells me to cast my cares on You, because You care for me. In the name of Jesus, I give You the pain of my past today. In the name of Jesus, I surrender it to You. Take it from me, and fill me right now with Your joy, with Your peace, and let me live from this day forward in FREEDOM FROM MY PAST! In Jesus name I pray…AMEN!!!

My calling from God is to be an Evangelist. Seeing the lost won to Christ is what God has called me to do with my life. Over these past 25 years I have had the joy of sharing the hope of Christ with millions of people in person, through radio and television, in various publications, as well as over the Internet. I am grateful to God for each day He blesses me with to serve Him and pray that I will be faithful to His work until the day He calls me home.

One of the biggest lessons I learned very early in my ministry was the importance of a person not making a decision for Christ-based on sheer emotion, but to understand that the choice they were making to accept Jesus Christ into their heart by faith was a life-changing event. I have no desire to scare a person, manipulate them in any way, or use emotional tactics to get them to accept Christ. You see, if a person is not making that commitment from their heart by faith, they are simply saying some words and at best having an emotional moment.

For a person to be saved, or “born again,” they don’t need to understand systematic theology or to have even read the Bible. What they do need to know is that they are a sinner and that it was Jesus Christ who died for their sins. They need to understand that they are made in God’s image and will live for all eternity. The choice they have to make is whether they will live forever with God their Creator or apart from Him.

By asking Jesus to forgive them of their sins and asking Him into their heart and life, not only will their sins be washed away but they will have the assurance that when this life is over they will spend all eternity with the Lord. There are no magic words to save you. What we often call the “Sinner’s Prayer” is simply a verbal guide for the person who is making that commitment to know Christ as their Savior. It is putting into words what they are doing in their heart by faith.

It is important for a person who makes that commitment to Christ to understand that they are not joining the Boy Scouts or becoming a member of the PTA. Getting saved is not like joining a club that becomes just one part of your life. When you get saved, Christ BECOMES your life. The Bible says that when you ask Christ into your heart and life, it is no longer your life, that it now belongs to the Lord. People have got to understand that when they confess Christ as their Savior, they are making an eternal commitment to the Lord. You are surrendering your life to Jesus Christ!

At the moment you are saved two wonderful things happen. First of all, you are indwelled by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of the living God now resides within you. Your body literally becomes the temple of the Holy Spirit. Once you are saved, when you drink, smoke, do drugs, engage in sex outside of marriage, it is no different than if you were drinking in church, smoking a cigarette in church, doing drugs in the sanctuary, or having sex with a person who is not your spouse right on the altar. That is why we have to do all that we can to stay pure since we are literally the temple of the Holy Spirit that indwells each Believer.

It is God’s Holy Spirit that empowers the Believer to live up to the standards of God and His Word. It is the power of His Spirit that allows the Believer to live a victorious and overcoming life. The Holy Spirit opens our hearts and minds to understand the Truth of God’s Word. It is the Holy Spirit indwelling every Believer that guides and directs our lives. Paul said that we have to “die to self” daily. What he is saying is that each morning we have to surrender our lives afresh to the power of God that is within us so that we can live a life that is pleasing and acceptable to the Lord.

The second wonderful thing that happens at the moment we are saved is we begin the sanctification process, or that process of being more like Christ each day. You see, that process can’t even begin until a person is saved since you have to have the power of the Holy Spirit to give you the strength to begin transforming yourself from the old man into a new man. The Bible proclaims that when you are saved you become a “new creature in Christ.” This is the life-changing experience I spoke of. It doesn’t happen overnight but over time. It is a process.

The four critical elements to this process are reading God’s Word each day, praying each day, getting into a good Bible believing, teaching church, and finding an older man or woman in the faith to disciple you. You have got to understand that after a person gets saved, the next morning they wake up in the same bed, in the same house, with the same family, and with the same problems. On the outside it looks as if nothing has changed, and it hasn’t. The change took place on the inside. The process of transforming the rest of your life is something that you will be engaged in until the moment you die.

Your spiritual growth or becoming more like Jesus, is dependent on you and how much time and effort you put into that process. That is why it is critical for all Believers to read their Bible and pray every day, to be part of a good church, and to have people in your life who are more spiritually mature to disciple you. As you grow and mature in your faith you begin to understand who God is and what He desires of you. You begin to realize that He has a plan and purpose for each one of our lives and start to fulfill that plan and purposes in your life. It is an incredible life-long journey that makes waking up each day exciting and rewarding and where the true joy, peace, and abundance of this life comes from.

I love you and care about you so much. I will be praying for you today. If you already have made that commitment to Christ, I will be praying that you will continue to grow and mature in your faith, to be more like our Savior each day. That does not just happen by magic, it takes time, effort, and commitment. Let me remind you again, if you have accepted Christ as your Savior, the Bible says that it is no longer your life but it belongs to Jesus. So quit holding onto what isn’t yours and fully and completely surrender your life to Him today so that He can use you for His glory.

If you have never made the commitment to ask Christ into your heart and life by faith, let me tell you that the most important decision you will make in this life is not who you will marry, or where you will live, or what kind of job you will have. The most important decision you will make in this life is to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. God’s desire is that none be lost, that all come to repentance. He is speaking to you today. The Bible says that TODAY is the day of salvation.

I would invite you to go to: Pray to ask God to open your heart, read the words, pray the prayer, and accept God’ s free gift to you today. Getting saved is not just an emotional moment, it is a life-changing experience!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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The “Religion of Peace” Once Again Visits Terror and Death on the World

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(2 Kings 24:20, 25:11; Jeremiah 52:28-30)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, this nation is under your judgment for our sin, wickedness, and rebellion. Help me to be courageous as I stand for you in these perilous times. Use me as a beacon of your light in the darkness of our world today. Though our enemies surround us, the world around me curses you, help me to stand for your Truth that will ultimately defeat the lies of satan. May the evil of this world become so apparent, people will begin to bow their knee to you in repentance knowing YOU are their only hope and only answer! In the name of Jesus…AMEN!!!

The “religion of peace” once again visits terror and death on the world…as they have for the 1400 years of their existence!!! Sadly, this latest act of terror in Nice, France by a Muslim cost over 100 innocent souls their very life, with hundreds more in the hospital. Please pray for the families of those who lost their loved ones to find God’s strength in these coming days, and for the injured to know God’s healing touch.

The lie of “radical Islam” or Islamic extremists! Through the years I have tried to help you understand how Muslim advocacy groups like the terror-linked CAIR and others have bullied and intimidated the media into presenting a FALSE NARRATIVE about Islam and Muslims. Taking a page out of the intimidation and bullying tactics utilized by the pro-homosexual lobby in this nation the past 30 years now, advocates for the false religion of Islam have successfully used the media to propagate the LIE that the acts of terror here in the US and around the world are the work of a very small minority of “radical Muslims.” They propagate the that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and just want to live quiet lives.

With the overwhelming evidence that the terror acts we see in the news over and over are being committed by Muslims, the media has been scrambling to find weasel language to label the terrorists while protecting the false religion of Islam from being associated with their acts. The fact is there is NO SUCH THING as “radical Islam” or “Islamic extremists!” ISLAM IS RADICAL AND ISLAM IS EXTREME AND HAS BEEN FOR THE 1400 YEARS IT HAS EXISTED!!!

The ONLY correct delineation between Muslims are practicing Muslims and non-practicing Muslims! Non-practicing Muslims don’t go to mosque, read the Qu’ran, pray on their rug 5 times a day, they are Muslims in name only. Those who DO go to mosque, read the Qu’ran, pray on their rug 5 times a day are no different in Cairo, Islamabad, Tehran, Alexandria, Virginia, or YOUR TOWN! The ONLY difference is the percent of the population they make up where they are living.

Islam is a false religious/political ideology that will NEVER rest until they take over this nation as is their clear and publicly stated goal for every nation in the world. The greater percentage of the population they represent, the more freedom they have to live like their false religion/political ideology teaches them! Thanks to the shrinking size of our world due to satellite television and the Internet, you can find examples from around the world each day demonstrating the hatred, violence, terror, and death perpetrated by Muslims worldwide as they have over the 1400 years since this false religion was created by a Mecca businessman named Mohammed under the inspiration of satan himself!!!

Contributing to deceiving the public about Islam are the blatant LIES told by President Obama when he states that ISIS had nothing to do with Islam. He also says that there is no religion whose “god” would condone the killing of innocent people and that the United States is not at war with Islam. His sycophants in the media are useful idiots as they have become apologists for this evil false religion.

The truth is ISIS, Al-queda, Boko haram, Hamas, Hezbollah, and a host of other terror groups are ALL Muslims representing the false religion of Islam! You don’t need to be a history major to know that for the entire 1400 year history of Islam through today, they have killed innocent people as their teachings encourage them to do! Also, Islam has been at war with the United States for decades now, and yes, we are at war with Islam!

No doubt due to his father being a Muslim and being raise in his early years in the lies of Islam, President Obama has refused to identify these acts of terror as being associated with the false religion of Islam stating he doesn’t want to put out a warped view of Islam. His problem is that the very terrorists he seeks to distance from the false religion of Islam claim out of their own mouths that their acts are being done in the name of their non-existent god “allah.”

The foolish argument I get every time I speak on this issue in the media is that Islamic terrorists are no different than Christian terrorists. Here is where their false equivalency falls apart. When a Muslim commits an act of terror in the name of “allah,” they are doing exactly what their false relgion teaches them. When a Christian commits a heinous act like bombing an abortion clinic, killing an abortion doctor, or any other act of violence/terror, they are acting in 100% violation of what the Bible teaches!

In commenting on this slaughter in France, refusing to even acknowledge the evil killer was a Muslim, President Obama once again has sent a clear message to the world that he and his administration refuse to acknowledge the root of the terror problem throughout this world lies in the teachings of the false religion of Islam. The two are inseparable! President Obama’s appeasement and protection of Islam has created a perfect environment for them to flourish and advance THEIR AGENDA in this nation!

The only reaction from Muslims here in the US and around the world, were the cheers for their Muslim brother who committed this heinous act. In coming days there will be imams here in the US and worldwide spewing the lies of Islam as they have been emboldened to publicly promote their false religions desire to take over this nation as they desire to take over every nation of the world. In the meantime, they will denounce people as myself who dare to tell the truth about their false religion and satanically inspired agenda, labeling those who do as “Islamophobes,” while celebrating those in their false religion who commit acts of terror!

President Obama is focused on releasing all of the terrorists being held in Guantanamo Bay, allowing them to go back to the battlefield and continue their “jihad” against our nation. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi has appointed Muslim Congressman Andre Carson from Indiana to the House Intelligence Committee. This comes on the heels of admission by US lawmakers that there is no doubt “sleeper cells” are in this country, most likely having entered through our porous southern border. In the meantime, Al-queda has threatened to kill US military personnel and their families and policemen.

I love you and care about you so much. For those who have been reading the Daily Devotional for any length of time, you know that I am probably about the most positive person you will ever meet. However, I am also one of the most realistic. I can’t read the Bible and read about God’s judgment on the children of Israel for their cycle of sin and not understand that we are facing His judgment for our rebellion. The Bible is also very clear that even amongst God’s choice servants, when they sinned there was always a price to pay. Why would we think for a second we can sin and get away with it?

I sense our time is very short. I sense in my spiritual gut that at any moment God could unleash His wrath on this land. We are not only due His judgment, we are long OVERDUE! As I see the events of this world unfolding, I clearly see that Islam could very easily be God’s instrument of judgment on this nation for our rebellion, just like Babylon was His instrument of judgment on the children of Israel for their rebellion. I only know the glimpses we get from the Word what being taken captive and enslaved by a hostile people would be like. None of us can even being to fathom it. I do know that it will be horrible. I also know that it can be avoided IF we act now.

That is why I do what I do, with Liveprayer in operation literally 24/7/365. We have no more time. Our time has run out. Time will eventually tell and history will record the fall of this great nation at the hands of Islam should we stay on the spiritual course we are presently on. We are simply living in freedom today by the grace and mercy of Almighty God. I will keep doing all that I can each and every day to sound the trumpet of warning, to use all of the resources at my disposal to lead this nation back to God and to Biblical Truth so we might be spared His soon coming wrath and judgment.

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2016, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Blessings My Friend!

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(1 Corinthians 15:57)

Blessings my friend! I pray all is well with you and your family. Know that I pray for you and your family each day and thank God for your love, prayers, and financial sacrifices over the years. I woke up today on my knees asking the Lord to help me. After 17 yrs of honoring Him and His work here by giving everything I have each day, holding nothing back, I can never lose sight each day that unless I share our requirements and ask those who can help me to do so, I simply won’t have the platform necessary to accomplish the work God has called me to.

I have to be honest. My flesh, like the flesh of all men is weak. I laid in bed this morning, one of the few days that I didn’t want to get up, asking the Lord why this burden never goes away. I am tired and after 17 yrs of faithful service why is this such a constant struggle? Never a day goes by that simply raising the funds required to operate is something I have to face and deal with.

I have NOT sold out! I have NOT compromised! I have NOT done the many things I know I could do to bring in all the money we would ever need virtually overnight! However, that would compromise God’s work that for 17 years now has been focused on reaching the lost and hurting masses outside the four walls of the church, the majority who already have a preconceived idea that ministries are nothing but a “money hustle!”

In the end, I get the same answer from God, “Quit whining, quit crying, and get up and do what you have to do like it all depends upon you. After you have done all you can, pray knowing that it really all depends upon ME. Now, go and minister to the people. Share with the lost the hope of Jesus and be about My business while I move on the hearts of those who will help you as they have the past 17 years!”

As we end our 17th year, we do so with a huge challenge. Never forget, there is no challenge too big for God! June, July, and August are always difficult months for a plethora of reasons and have been again this year. We are still trying to cover the final $40,000 of our June operations, and of course have the $65,000 we require for our July internet and TV operations. That leaves us requiring $105,000 to get all of our financial obligations current through the end of July.

***I desperately need one or two of our friends who God has richly blessed to send a special one-time gift to get this $40,000 from our June operational needs to be paid today! If you are able to the extra mile and wire the funds to our Wells Fargo account or drop by a branch in your area and deposit them into our account Tuesday, it would take a huge load off of me.

Of course you can overnight a check today to our office or put the gift on your credit card or Paypal. I desperately need one or two of our friends in the Liveprayer family who God has blessed during this season to be able to step up and help me cover this $40,000 of June operational needs that are critically past due. Feel free to email me for any information at:

Will you pray about allowing God to use you as He has many others over the years to step up at this critical time and make a special sacrifice of a portion of what the Lord has entrusted in your care to help me today???

Everyone else, please pray about what God is calling you to do to help me in these coming days to insure we can bring in this final $40,000 we require to cover our June shortfall by the end of this weekend so we can begin working on the $65,000 we require for our July internet and TV operations! OUR GOD IS ABLE!!!

Over the years, God has raised up many different friends of His work here who at critical times made a special sacrifice of $20,000, $50,000, in one case $80,000, and several times $100,000. I am standing in faith that there is one of our friends who God has blessed to be able to send a special one-time gift of $40,000 to close out our June shortfall, or even $105,000 to clear up the balance of June AND July!!! HE IS ABLE!!!

TO GIVE A GIFT TO LIVEPRAYER, you can use your major credit card on our secure server at: under the “Donation” link, you can give using your PayPal account using my email address: , or you can mail your gift to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Ave. North, St.Petersburg, FL 33709. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

I love and care about you so much. I hate to have to take such precious time to share our needs in such a desperate way, but I would never do that unless it was critical to our continued operations. All we have accomplished for the Lord these past 17 yrs has only been possible because of the love, prayers, and generous sacrifice of friends like you! Thank You!

Our work is not quite finished, and now more than ever it is critical for our voice to be in the marketplace where fewer each day dare to go to bring God’s Truth. Untold numbers of souls die and go to hell daily because the church and major ministries have abandoned them because they aren’t likely to give them money. Our very nation is on the verge of God’s ultimate wrath and judgment unless we turn back to our Creator and Biblical Truth!

Liveprayer has faithfully used what resources we have to take God’s Word into the marketplace challenging the lies of satan. We have purposely targeted and reached out to the lost and hurting with the Gospel. Liveprayer has the proven ministry tools in place to lead a true national revival and help turn this nation back to God and His Truth. However, I can’t do it alone and now more than ever our work here is being threatened by just $105,000!



In His love and service,

Your friend, brother, and co-laborer in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2016, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Compassion for the Hurting

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(Psalm 41:1)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, help me to get through this day and the challenges that I will be facing today. Guide me, strengthen me, and give me wisdom as I make choices throughout this day. Please watch over my family and those I love in this world, and keep them safe. I love you Lord, and depend upon you each moment of each day. Bless me as I go through the day, living my life for your glory. In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!

One of the most compelling things about the accounts of Jesus’ life in the Gospels is His compassion for those who were hurting. Jesus loved people. Jesus had a heart for those who were looking for hope. It does not take a Biblical scholar to understand that as a child of God, helping others is the main job God has given us to do. The scriptures are full of exhortations to help those in need, the poor, the widows. While the needs of some people are obvious, we are also to be there for those whose needs may not be as obvious, the spiritually poor.

You see, the spiritually poor are looking for answers to the questions of life. When the challenges of this life become overwhelming, they are looking for answers, looking for hope. A person in this state of mind, at this place in their life is in desperate need of a word from God. Where does that word come from? From the people God sends into their life–YOU AND ME!

I realize many of you today are facing great battles in your life. Struggles with sin. Struggles on your job or at school. Struggles in your family relationships. Struggles with your finances. Struggles with your health. Let me share something with you that I learned years ago. It was at the height of my personal struggles, when my natural tendency was to focus solely on the battles I was facing, that I would seek out ways to serve God by helping someone else.

Even though my battles didn’t go away, they became more manageable. The struggles weren’t as difficult and answers to my problems came a little easier. Why? I am convinced the Bible teaches us that if we will be about our Father’s business, He will be about our business. It is a spiritual principle that works!!!

I want to challenge you today. Pray about who it is God has put in your life that is hurting and needing hope in the midst of a difficult situation. It may be someone in your family. Possibly a friend. Maybe someone at church. It could be a person at your work or in your school. God has strategically placed you in the life of someone today that is hurting and in need of a word from God.

Once you have prayed and God shows you who it is, reach out to that person. Have a cup of coffee or a bite to eat with them. Go do something together. Get that person in a one-on-one situation and let them know they are not alone in their battle, that they are not alone in whatever they are going through. You are there to stand with them, to pray with them, and to help them see victory. Often, it is not necessary to do more than just reach out in love to that person who is hurting, for them to see and feel the love of Christ coming from you. I have always said it is usually not what we say, but what we do that shows the Christ in us to others.

I love you, and care about you so much. I will be praying for you today because I know you are going through problems in your life. I am reaching out to you to let you know I will pray for you, I will stand with you, and I will be here to help you overcome whatever the battles are in your life. God has given us each other because He never expected us to go through this journey alone. We are to bear one another’s burdens.

Today, reach out to that person God has placed on your heart. Show them the love of Christ through your actions. Let them know they are not alone, that someone cares for them. That can be the difference between victory and defeat in their life, between them living without hope, and moving forward victoriously over the problems in their life. Never forget, helping others is not an option, it is what God has called His children to do.

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2016, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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