The Truth Shall Set Them Free!

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(John 8:32, 2 Thessalonians 2:10)

The TRUTH shall set them free! My friend, one of the greatest concerns that I have about our society, is the failure to accept the fact that ABSOLUTE TRUTH exists. Life is NOT gray, it is black and white. It is either the truth, or it is a lie. That begs the question, where do we find ABSOLUTE TRUTH? Society will tell you that each person should each be able to determine for themselves what truth is. That sounds wonderful, but practically speaking can’t ever work. Why? Well, what I feel is right, someone else might look at as wrong. What I think is wrong, someone else may think is right. To allow each one of us to determine for ourselves what truth is, can NEVER work since the standard for each one of us would be different.

That is why the ONLY source for ABSOLUTE TRUTH is God. God took the effort to give us His inspired, inerrant Word. That is where we find ABSOLUTE TRUTH. God also gave each one of us freewill. That means we are free to believe whatever we want. But what one person chooses to believe will not change or alter the TRUTH of God found in the Bible. It is immutable, never changing. It is the foundation, the bedrock on which we can live our very lives. Again, you are free to accept of reject what God says in the Bible. Why do you think those who make choices in rebellion to the truth of God’s Word will ALWAYS dismiss the Bible as just a book of stories written by men who use it for their own purposes? Those who rebel against God have to deny His Word, or admit that they are wrong.

It is critical for each one of those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior to stand up for the truth of God’s word in your day to day life. God has called us to be the defenders of His truth. Don’t be afraid to call sin sin. People will mock you, laugh at you, call you names, even strike you, but that will not change the truth. We live in a time when the LIE is glorified, proclaimed boldly every way
imaginable, and told enough times that people actually begin to accept the lie as the truth. Yet we, the people of faith, the people who possess the ABSOLUTE TRUTH of God’s Word, meekly and passively sit by, watching, keeping our mouth shut, satisfied going into our churches on Sunday and locking the doors so nobody will hear us!!!!

I WANT TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TODAY TO CHALLENGE EACH PERSON WHO READS THESE WORDS TODAY TO PRAY TO GOD, AND ASK HIM FOR COURAGE, BOLDNESS, AND OPPORTUNITIES TO BE ABLE TO SHARE WITH OTHERS THE TRUTH OF HIS WORD. You don’t have to preach to do this, simply live your day to day life in an uncompromising way that lets the lost and hurting around you know your life is different. You don’t buy into the lies of this world. You don’t fall into the traps so many do because you are armed with the TRUTH. And when those opportunities present themselves, boldly speak up and let people know what God says! God doesn’t call us to think for people. God doesn’t call us to save anyone. We can’t do that. What we CAN DO is share the truth of His Word with others, that is our job. What they choose to do with that truth, then becomes an issue for them and God.


I love you and care about you so much. Your prayers, your love, your support means more then you will ever know. Never forget that it is friends like YOU that allow me to share the TRUTH of God’s Word each and every day with over 1.6 million worldwide. The Internet is perhaps the greatest vehicle ever known to man to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ with people. Over 30,000 people that I know of have found an everlasting relationship with Jesus Christ through Liveprayer! We have over 800,000 praise reports from people that have contacted Liveprayer and God has answered their prayers. Your prayers and support have made it possible for us to be here the last 41 months for the lost and hurting in their time of need. Together, we are making an impact in millions of lives by sharing with them the power of God. We are helping people find the ABSOLUTE TRUTH God gives us in His Word, since we know, the TRUTH shall set them free!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Islam is Growing Around the World – Part One of Two

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(2 Kings 24:20, 25:11; Jeremiah 52:28-30)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, why is this book “50 Shades of Gray” so popular with some Christians?

ANSWER: Simple. Instead of the church driving the culture, the culture drives the matter how sinful it is! Here is the Devotional I did a while back on this book:

Part One of Two (tomorrow will be Part Two)

Like most of the world, I have watched the events unfold in Yemen over the past several days and the military coup as it unfolded. You have heard all of the political commentary and spin on these events, let me bring you today the spiritual commentary on what has happened. What has transpired may look like politics, when in fact these are ‘last days’ events we are watching that will directly affect THIS nation!

Many years ago, I shared a Devotional with you posing the question if Islam would be the United States Babylon. That simply meant, would God use Islam as an instrument of judgment on this nation for our sins, wickedness, and turning from the Almighty, just like He used Babylon as in instrument of punishment on the children of Israel.

Read it and remember these words were written YEARS AGO!

I received tons of emails from people laughing at me, calling me a nutjob for making such a case. By the way, these are the same people who laughed at me and mocked me a decade ago when I told people that it would very soon be legal in this nation for men to marry men, women to marry women, and those who spoke out publicly against the sin of homosexuality would not just be ostracized by society, but eventually jailed!

What happened over the last few days in Yemen may seem to most in the United States as something which has no effect on them or this nation, but they are so wrong! The final battle in the last days will pit Jews and Christians versus Islam. As I have shared with you for 14 yrs now, the false relgion of Islam is NOT OR EVER HAS BEEN about peace, but terror, death, and domination. That has been their documented history for 1400 yrs.

Unlike the impatience of people in this nation that must have everything this moment, Islam is perfectly content to sit back for 10 yrs, 20 yrs, 100 yrs, however long it takes for them to achieve their ultimate goal. What is that? READ THE QU’RAN! It is to turn the world to Islam and rule every nation under Sharia, or Islamic law. That has ALWAYS been their ultimate goal. That is why the Qu’ran COMMANDS the death of all infidels, or those who refuse to convert to Islam.

People laugh, stating there is no way Islam could ever take over this nation. Oh really? We know from the Bible that the people of Israel laughed at the prophets as the shared God’s warning to them to turn from their sins, false gods and idols. Israel was a powerful nation with a great military and incredible wealth. Who could believe such a mighty nation could be taken over by their enemies and the people enslaved. It not only happened once, but many times!!!

Obviously Islam needs numbers, but while you have been sleeping, letting the media and the Islamic propagandists lie to you that they are a relgion of peace and it is only a handful of radical Muslims who incite terror, you now have a very clearly defined strategy in this nation of Muslim groups operating in all 50 states. They become more organized by the day. They are well financed. They have infiltrated every aspect of our society from the business community, the military, media, politics, to the education system. You name it and there is now an Islamic presence.

Speak out against this false religion from hell, and just like when you speak out against the sin of homosexuality, you will be called a hate monger, intolerant, and Islamaphobe, and any other number of derogatory names to silence you. Sound familiar? It is the same strategy the pro-homosexual groups have used so successfully for 3 decades now to make their CHOICE of perverted sex mainstream in our society!

Islam has a clear and stated goal like they do in every nation, and that is to take total ultimate control. Just in the past few weeks, the heads of Germany, England, and France, have all come out against the fact Muslims who have immigrated in large numbers to those countries have no desire to assimilate themselves into those culture, but are running a parallel Islamic culture…JUST LIKE THEY ARE DOING IN THE UNITED STATES TODAY!!!!!!

You have some news reporters saying Yemen is a more “independent nation.” That is a LIE. It is an Muslim dominated country and is controlled by Iran. The Iranians not want peace with Israel, but their destruction. In the coming months and years, all of the nations in that region will be controlled over by Iran, and eventually Israel will be totally surrounded by nations that have a very clear and stated goal of seeing the nation wiped off the map and every Jewish person dead.

If you think the uprising in Yemen, in other surrounding nations as we speak was an accident, I feel sad for you. What happened in Yemen was no accident, and it certainly wasn’t “Yemenis yearning to be free.” In the end, you will continue to see Iranian forces controlling Yemen, as they will seek to control other more moderate countries in the region that are dominated by people of the Muslim faith.

Mark my words, over the coming years, Islam will make Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the communist party of Stalin’s Russia, look like choir practice. What the Holy Spirit had me share with you years ago about God using Islam as an instrument of His judgment on this wicked nation is closer today than anyone wants to even imagine. Yemen was not about politics, or freedom, or democracy, just like it won’t have anything to do with what will go on in other countries in the Middle East in the coming weeks and months.

I love you and care about you so much. The fact is, if I went to Yemen today and preached the Gospel I would be arrested or killed! What is happening in Yemen is not about politics, but Islam fighting for control and their ultimate desire to take over the world. That is what the Qu’ran teaches, this is what their 1400 year history has been about since day one, this is what Muslims are taught in their mosques, even here in the United States, and while people will mock this message of warning from God today, this is exactly what they are planning to do in this nation!!!

Do you think it is a coincidence we have the most pro-Islamic President in our nation’s history? I personally don’t believe he is a Muslim, though he was born a Muslim by virtue of his father being a Muslim. He is also no Christian, since it is clear by his actions he supports everything God is opposes. For once I have to agree with Bill Maher who said on his TV program he believes Obama is simply a secular humanist that uses “being a Christian” for political purposes. I agree with that assessment,

Islam and its’ 1.3 BILLION followers worldwide are on the move! The final act of human history that will take place on the planes of Megiddo in Israel is closer than anyone thinks, It will be the great battle between the followers of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and those who follow the mythical “allah” of Islam. In the meantime, Islam’s continued march to dominate each nation of the world will go on…including their goal to take over the United States!

***Tomorrow, part two that will outline how US Christians and Christians around the world are to response to Islam. Don’t miss it!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2015, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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