(John 14:10)

President Obama supports the Islamic “victory mosque” at ground zero, but refuses to support the new 9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero. Last Friday, President Obama publicly supported the new “victory mosque” the Muslims are going to build at ground zero while hosting a dinner commemorating the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. Now you have to remember, this is the President who refused to hold any sort of White House services during the National Day of Prayer, and has shunned any celebrations of Christianity in the White House (despite calling himself a Christian to appear more mainstream to voters). President Obama called Islam a “great religion!”

Two weeks ago, Liveprayer contacted President Obama’s office, asking for him to acknowledge and support our new 9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero, as a new Christian work in that part of New York City. We ahve heard no response from the President’s office.

Since the politically correct media will never tell you the truth about Islam, either out of fear or because they have been bought off by the Islamic community, let me show you what this 1400-year-old-lie-from hell is really about. This is the part of Islam they don’t want to talk about, but once they succeed in getting sharia law accepted in the United States you will see. This is how satan operates! First he perverts God’s plan for marriage by getting society to accept men marrying men and women marrying women, than he allows men to marry little girls for “religious purposes.” I wonder if our President’s wife, better yet, his two daughters, would feel about this “great relgion!”

*SEE FOR YOURSELF: http://lpcvs.com/k1.html

By the way, this is the same Muslim-friendly President who just sent “ground zero victory mosque” Imam Rauf to the Middles East on behalf of the United States government, so that he could raise the $110 million he needs for his ground zero victory mosque!!!

Two weeks from Sunday, we hold the inaugural service at the 9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero. I need your prayers, your financial support, and most important, your commitment to stand with me as we stand against the lies of Islam, seek to spark revival in the great city of New York, and turn this nation back to God and His Truth!!!
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It is no accident that after nearly 11 years of Liveprayer, you are part of the Liveprayer family. I am calling EVERYONE to help me! Here is what I need!!!

1) PRAY!!! Everyone can pray and can get others to pray.

2) Call local and national radio programs and tell them about the 9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero. Call Rush, Hannity, Beck, Laura, Levine, Savage, all of the national radio programs and let their audience know about our efforts, as well as your local call-in programs.

3) Talk to your pastor about getting your church to send a missions gift to the 9-11 Christian Center. If your church can send money to Africa and all over the world, they can send a gift to help save souls right here in the US in NYC at ground zero.

4) Take time daily to post on message boards, blogs, discussion groups, any place where public posts are accepted, to let people know about the 9-11 Christian Center.

5) Help me raise $$$! It amazes me how people committed to a political ideology will spend thousands of hours asking people to give to a candidate, yet the same people who claim to love the Lord won’t spend 5 minutes trying to raise money for the Gospel. God may not have given you a million dollars, but he has given you a quick mind, good health, contacts, to find those who can send a gift. Most people don’t give because they don’t even know what we are doing. Educate them and challenge them to help!!!

6) Pray about what God is asking YOU to sacrifce to help me take on the false relgion of Islam at ground zero, and show this nation and world that there is only one God, one Truth, and the only way to be saved is through faith in Jesus Christ. YOUR SACRIFCE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE ETERNAL SOULS OF MEN!

You can make a gift to Liveprayer on your major credit card at our website http://www.liveprayer.com under the “Donation” button, or you can give from your PayPal account by using my email address, bkeller@liveprayer.com , or you can mail a gift to:
6660 46th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33709
*For a gift to the 9-11 Christian Center, please mark 9-11 on your check, or put (9-11) next to your name on the credit card or PayPal form. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.