Being lazy

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(Proverbs 18:9)

Being lazy. Many people ask me each day where I get the inspiration for these devotions every day. I literally sit down and write these every morning around 5am. It is quiet in the office, my mind is fresh, and hopefully God is speaking into my heart what to share with you. Some days what I feel God leading me to write makes sense, other days it doesn’t. This is a “doesn’t” day but here it goes. Amazing to me, even on the “doesn’t” days, God is trying to reach someone, maybe you.

I am convinced through Scripture, that God expects us to be busy, to be active, to be productive in our lives. It is through this activity that we earn our living or get an education, participate in sports and other recreational
activities, interact with family and friends, and most important…serve Him. You see,
lazy people make bad servants.

The Bible tells us to be busy working while there is still light, because night is coming. That means that until Christ returns, we need to be busy serving
God so that His plan can be fulfilled. God has a plan and purpose for everyone’s life, and for every situation. Since we can’t know the entire mind of God,
or what His specific plan and purpose is in every case, our job is to simply be
obedient. God uses our obedience in serving Him, to accomplish His purpose.

Now I realize that many take a scriptural position that we really don’t have to do anything because God is going to do it anyway. Others put the dependence on the actions of man for God’s plan to unfold. The Bible actually teaches that is a blending of those extreme positions where it becomes the sovereignty of God working in conjunction with the activity of man. As
far as the issue of being lazy is concerned, the Bible clearly tells us in many
passages that it is a sin to be lazy and nonproductive. That is why today I want to
encourage you not to fall into this trap. If being lazy is an issue that you battle
with, it is time to recognize it and battle to conquer laziness just like any other sin in
our life.

I will be praying today that you take a few minutes to analyze your life and if laziness is something you fight, that God will give you the strength to become more active and productive in your daily life. It really is about having focus, having goals, and having projects to complete at all times. In other areas of your life, you have much going on, but often the sin of laziness the Bible is speaking of occurs in our service for God. We have energy to do other things, but in our service to God, we tend to slack off. My prayer is that you will be just as energetic in serving the Lord as you are in other areas of your life.

I love you and care about you so much. I will be praying for you. Make this an active productive day of service for the Lord. Make the rest of 2003 an active, productive time of service for God. He has blessings above and
beyond anything you could ever imagine if you just follow Him, love Him, and serve
Him each and every day.

In His love and active service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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The attack of the “evildoers”, a war of good versus evil!

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( Psalms 94:16-19 )

The attack of the “evildoers”, a war of good versus evil! Many have heard President Bush use this term to describe those who want to destroy our country. Did you know this was a Biblical term? It is used in Psalms 94:16 (NIV) to describe those who opposed God. While our government has been careful to say that the war we are engaged in is against terrorists, the fact is the Bible tells us clearly that our real war is NOT against flesh and blood, but against the powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil
in the heavenly realms. While there is relative peace and calm here on most of the
earth, there is being waged right this moment, a battle of epic proportions in the
heavenlies. Make no mistake about it, it is a war of good versus evil!

Let me say right now, there will be additional attacks against the Untied States, on our soil. It is NOT a question of if, only when. While I have appreciated all of those in the “peace not war” movement that inundated me with email during the recent war in Iraq, the problem is your Pollyanna world does not exist. The reality is, because of sin, there is gross evil in this world. Evil that would love to destroy the works of Almighty God. We can feel safe
today in the knowledge that in the end our God wins! We know the final score.
But only God is omniscient, and the enemies of God still think they have a chance.
Because of that false thinking, they will continue to attack God through one of His
most visible instruments, His people in the United States of America. In the coming
days, weeks, months, even years, we will be living with the reality of being attacked
again by people who oppose our way of life, and would love to see our nation destroyed.
People who would love to see the God of the Bible destroyed.

As I have pointed out over and over again since 9/11, how we respond is the key. As a nation, our government has the responsibility to protect the citizens of the United States, both here and abroad. Whatever actions they take to
insure that safety MUST be taken. Additionally, while we would prefer to find
peaceful, diplomatic solutions, the reality is we are facing evil people, who have no
desire to resolve whatever differences, real or perceived, peacefully. Their response
is terror, death, and destruction. Our government has a responsibility to protect its people and must respond in whatever manner is necessary. As Christians, the
people of God, we have an opportunity during these difficult times like rarely before in human history to lead people to an everlasting relationship with

Genesis 50:20 is our battle cry as people of God. What man meant for evil, God meant for good! While those evildoers out there plot and scheme to destroy our nation, we as Christians must plot and scheme to use this as an opportunity to lead people to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Listen, one day, we will ALL die. None of us will live for ever. The only thing that matters is what we do during this time God has given us to serve Him. This is a golden opportunity. People pray all the time for revival, well, now is the time! NOW is the time to see God move like He has never moved before. Now is the time to see God open the windows of Heaven and pour out His love and mercy over those hardened heart we have prayed for so long. NOW IS THE TIME!!TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!

I love you, and care about you so much. Never before in our lives, have we had such an opportunity as this to see the hand of God working in the hearts of people everywhere. We must NOT be fearful of the coming attacks on our nation. We must NOT be fearful of the coming problems our nation will face due to the work of the evildoers. We must instead be focused on the golden opportunity God has given His children to share the hope and love of Christ in these last days. We are here for a reason, a purpose. God has given us this life, not for us to love the things of this temporary world, but to serve and glorify Him with our lives. Now is the perfect opportunity we have to do that. To serve God, and glorify Him with our lives!!

As the evildoers work their evil deeds, as our nation faces the pain and heartache of the coming attacks against us, may we rise to the occasion and call on our God to allow us to boldly proclaim that He is our only hope, our only answer. May we boldly proclaim that salvation is thru Jesus Christ like never before. There is a nation of hurting, confused, scared people, who
are looking for answers, looking for hope, looking for direction in this time of peril. The only answer, the only hope, the only direction is in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! HE IS THE ANSWER!!!!!!

As we face whatever the evildoers may try to do in the coming days, weeks, months, and years, lets us never forget, that our hope and faith lies in Jesus Christ. This is the same Jesus who said, “let your heart not be troubled, be of good cheer, for I have overcome this world!” May we each cling to that word today, no matter what may happen, know that Jesus has overcome this evil world we live in!!!!!!!!!

In His love and service,
Your fiend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Honoring our father

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(Ephesians 6:4)

Honoring our father. Today is the day the world celebrates Father’s Day. In our busy lives, it is good that we are forced to take a moment and recognize our dads. I had a wonderful father that unfortunately passed away when I was 16. Even though I missed sharing those young adult years with my dad, it was his love and nurturing in the early years of my life that helped build the spiritual foundation in my life. After praying about today’s Devotional, the Lord has directed me to use it as a special encouragement
to the dad’s out there.

How often do we take what dad does for granted? There are Godly men out there who are the spiritual heads of their homes. They work hard to provide the income needed to sustain day to day life. They love and honor their wife. They realize their children are gifts from God and help nurture and mold
their lives. These dads realize that serving God is their divine purpose and
being the head of their home is their first and most important ministry. Today is a
day to make sure dad knows just how much we love and appreciate him.

For those dads out there that are working hard to be the kind of dad I just described, know that you are in my prayers. Know that each day as you spend that special time alone with the Lord, He will encourage you, prepare you, and make you adequate for that day. You are on the path God wants you to be on as you strive each day to serve Him, making your wife and children your number one priorities. Balance is one of the biggest hurdles you face each day, and I pray the Lord will help you find that perfect balance between work, home serving Him, and relaxing.

The other big hurdle is being able to give God control. Having so much responsibility each day, letting go and really trusting God at certain times is not easy. Just remember, in John 15:5 it says “without me you can do nothing.”
God has given you great talents, great gifts, but without the Lord’s strength,
and He being in charge, it won’t make any difference. Make your faith real daily
as you learn to trust Him more each day.

I recognize today that there are also many dads who aren’t the kind of dad I described. Unless someone is totally committed and surrendered to the Lord, overseeing the responsibilities of marriage and children often suffer. Without the Lord leading your life, getting caught up in all of the traps of this world happen frequently, and life really never makes much sense. The importance of being a husband, a father, don’t have the significance they should. That is why so many men have left the home, abandoned their
children, and continually are caught up in every kind of sin imaginable.

To those dads I want you to know that if you are tired of running from God, tired of the pain, tired of the heartache, tired of nothing working…this is the perfect day to turn it all around. Even though this is a day we celebrate
our earthly fathers, there is a Heavenly Father who loves you so much, and if
you call out to Him, He will help you straighten your life out.

For those wives, ex-wives, and children of dads who haven’t been the Godly dad the Bible talks of, pray for your dad. Know that deep down he is hurting, and only surrendering to Christ will change that. God loves your dad more
than you do, and He is the one who can change your dad’s heart. I’ll pray with
you for your dad.

I want you to know that I love you and do care about you. Jesus told His disciples just hours before going to the cross that in this world there would be troubles. He didn’t want them to think that just because they had been with Him they would be immune from life’s problems. But He encouraged them by telling them, “be of good cheer, for I have overcome this world.” For you dads out there today, let me encourage you by telling you…if you keep Jesus first in your life, He will help you overcome the trials of this life, and allow you to see victories in every area of your life. In your marriage, in your children, in your career, in your service for Him….if you will simply trust Him and operate in His strength, you will know blessings and joy above and beyond anything you ever imagined.

Please know that I will be praying for you today, and if you need any special prayer to be the man, the husband, the father, the servant God has called
you to be….please don’t hesitate to email me at . God has
given us many great examples of how to be a true father. Follow Him each day and He will mold you and make you into the father He has raised you up to

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Faith is what we believe, not how we feel

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( Hebrews 11:1 )

Faith is what we believe, not how we feel. One of the requests I get daily is from people who just don’t “feel” God. Or, they were once “on fire” for the Lord and just don’t “feel” Him like they once did. Don’t make the mistake of judging your relationship with the Lord, or your service to God based on how you feel. Our relationship with Christ isn’t an emotional experience. We accept Christ by FAITH. It is a relationship built on “faith, and not “feelings”.

Feelings will betray you since they can change from day to day, even minute to minute. Our faith however is not based on how we feel, but what we believe.
Just like your feeling may change in regard to your spouse, parents, children, doesn’t stop them from being who they are in your life. You accepted
Christ by faith. Our relationship with Him is one of faith. Just because your feelings
may change, your relationship with Him does not.

As you mature in Christ, as those who have walked years with the Lord can attest, you rely less on how you might feel and more on your faith. The wonderful thing is that God is the same “yesterday, and today, and forever”. God is immutable, and $5 theological term that means “unchanging”. So regardless of how you might feel, God is always the same. His promises are the same, He is the same, there are no surprises from God. He doesn’t change the rules on you at a whim. His love, His concern for you never diminishes
or fades away.

The longer you walk with Christ, the better you get to know Him, the more you
realize that you don’t have to rely on how you feel. You can count on your faith,
what you believe to guide you through this journey because God never changes.

For many people, this is a big hurdle to cross over. The hurdle of feelings versus faith. I will be praying for you today to really understand that you don’t have to count on the way you feel to determine your walk with Christ. It is not measured by goose bumps. That is why I stress so much the daily time with Him. The 30 minutes or so at the start of the day in the Word and prayer. Just like you can never develop much of a relationship with your friends without actually spending time with them, so it is with your relationship with Christ. How can you have a relationship with Him, when you never spend time alone with Him?

I love you and care about you so much. I pray that you overcome the hurdle of feelings versus faith, and really commit to having a serious relationship with Christ. That doesn’t happen overnight, just like an earthly relationship
doesn’t happen overnight. It is a day to day commitment. Make that commitment
today. Luckily for us, He never changes!!! HE LOVES YOU!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Trusting God!

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( Joshua 6:1-5 )

Trusting God! The question that I want to ask you today, the question that I want you to ask yourself and meditate on this weekend is this, DO YOU REALLY TRUST GOD? We say we trust God, but do we REALLY trust Him? When our backs are against the wall and we have nowhere else to turn, it is easy to trust God. Sadly, most people wait until He becomes our last hope to really put their full faith in Him. But do you trust God enough to follow Him regardless what He is asking you to do?

That is where Joshua found himself one day. Here is a man that loved God, who knew God intimately. Joshua was also a great warrior, he was a great war general of his day. Can you imagine what Joshua thought when God gave him the battle plan for taking the city of Jericho? Talk about trusting God! What kind of battle plan calls for walking around the walls of the city for 7 days, on the 7th day blowing trumpets, a ram’s horn, and shouting to make the walls of the city come down? Joshua must have been convinced it was not God speaking, but a bad pizza from the night before!

I will never forget when God gave me the vision for Liveprayer back in 1998. The funny thing was that I did not own a computer, had never been on the Internet, had never sent an email, and to be honest with you, had no real desire to either. When the Lord began to speak to me about an Internet site that would have a live person on camera 24/7 to pray for people who could access the video feed from anywhere in the world, an Internet site that I would be able to minister to millions worldwide every single day through email, I must have felt exactly like Joshua did when God gave him the plan to take the city of Jericho. “GOD, I LOVE YOU, BUT YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT???”

Here is the bottom line, my friend. God often calls us to do things that don’t seem to make sense so that only HE gets the glory! Let me repeat this, please listen carefully. GOD OFTEN CALLS US TO DO THINGS THAT DON’T SEEM TO MAKE SENSE SO THAT ONLY HE GETS THE GLORY!!!
Amen!!! When Joshua and the children of Israel took the city of Jericho in such an
unconventional fashion, it was obvious to everyone that it was GOD who did it. With Liveprayer ministering to just under 2 million people worldwide every day through the Internet, it is obvious to everyone that it is God who is doing it. GOD OFTEN CALL US TO DO THINGS THAT DON’T SEEM TO MAKE SENSE SO THAT ONLY HE GETS THE GLORY!!!

I love you and care about you so much. I repeat the question I started with today, do you trust God? Do you trust God enough to follow Him no matter what He is calling you to do, where He is calling you to go, or how He is calling you to do it? Do you trust God enough to follow HIS plan instead of YOUR plan? That is when our faith in God is put to the test, when we have to answer the question of trusting God. When we have a plan on how to do something, and God gives us another plan. Do we trust God enough to set our plan aside, and follow His?

I will be praying for you today. I pray that in the course of your daily life, you will trust God. I pray that in the course of your daily life, you will not be afraid to follow God. As I say so often, God’s way works! Ask Joshua, ask Bill Keller. God’s way works! Our challenge is to trust Him and to be faithful. In the end, that is what God is asking each of us to do…BE FAITHFUL! God simply asks us to be faithful each day, and to trust Him. I want to encourage you today to be like Joshua, and TRUST GOD!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Pride goes before destruction

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( Proverbs 11:2, 16:18, 1 John 2:16 )

Pride goes before destruction. Martha Stewart is a current example of this Biblical truth. For many people that enjoy the success of this world, there comes a point when pride overtakes your life. You become the “god” of the world that you have created. You have the financial resources to live however you want and do whatever you please. You see other people as simply there to serve you and fulfill whatever needs you may have. You answer to no one. Nobody tells you what to do. Your decisions are final. My friend, when this becomes your life, it is only a matter of time before the world you created will come crashing down. We see it happen all of the time with entertainers, business people, and sadly, even those who are in the ministry.

I can relate with what Martha is dealing with in her life right now, since I went through a very similar experience in my own life 15 years ago. I was blessed with much success in the business world at a very young age that caused me to abandon the call God had on my life, so that I could focus on building my own kingdom instead. I did a great job of it for a decade, until my world came crashing down in 1988. Like Martha, I got involved in some illegal stock trades. Like Martha, I thought that I was above the law and used my high priced attorneys to fight the government. Like Martha, it not only cost me an incredible amount of money, but eventually my freedom. Like Martha, it was my PRIDE that led to my downfall. The sin of pride carries a huge price!

There is nothing wrong with having success, or having money. In any business there has to be one person at the top who makes the ultimate decisions. But we must guard ourselves from letting pride take over our life. We must never forget that powerful verse in John 15:5 that tells us “without me, you can do nothing!” God must ALWAYS be first in our life and the head of our life. The very first sin was PRIDE. Satan decided that he wanted to be God. That is EXACTLY what pride is. It is when we decide that WE want to be God. When we make that choice, it is only a matter of time before we will fall.

Satan made that choice and was kicked out of Heaven with his eventual eternal home being the Lake of Fire. Bill Keller made that choice and spent 31 months in Federal Prison. Martha Stewart made that choice and will also be spending several years in Federal Prison. When you take God off of the throne and replace Him with yourself, it is not a matter of if, only when you will be destroyed. Deuteronomy 8:19 tells us that if we forget God, and chase after other gods, that we will be destroyed!!!

I love you and care about you so much. Pride is not just an issue that the rich and powerful people of the world fall into. WE ALL CAN FALL INTO THE SIN OF PRIDE!!! Any time that you make the choice to put yourself over God, any time that you make the choice to live your life apart from God, you have fallen into the sin of pride. That is why it is important to get up in the morning and first thing, pray. Prayer is many things, but one thing it is, is an act of dependence upon God. When we pray, we are saying, “God, I need you!” Keeping God in His rightful place, on the throne of our life, as the head of our life, is how we can keep from falling into the sin of pride.

I will be praying for you today. I pray that you will not fall into the sin of pride. Like all sin, the sin of pride carries a big price tag. Again, the way to avoid this sin is to always keep God first in your life. I not only wake up each morning and go right to prayer, but taped to the mirror in my bathroom are those powerful words from John 15:5, WITHOUT ME YOU CAN DO NOTHING. I pray that in the coming months that Martha Stewart will ask God to forgive her of her sin of pride and ask Jesus Christ into her heart. She has tremendous gifts that God could use to touch many for His Kingdom if she is willing to humble herself and surrender her life to the Lord. I pray that she will. 13 years ago, I repented of my sin of pride and asked God to forgive me. I had to learn a very tough lesson about the consequences of this sin. I pray that you will heed this warning today and not allow pride into your life. The Bible is true when it says, “pride goes before destruction.”

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Giving without guilt

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( Deuteronomy 16:17 )

Giving without guilt. There is probably nothing that upsets me more personally then the manipulation and psychological games that too many in the Lord’s work use to generate the finances they need to carry on their mission. Overseeing a large international ministry that is growing daily, I fully understand the pressures to raise the needed funds to carry on God’s work. However, I submitted this area to God over a decade ago when I started my ministry, and committed to never do anything that would be unbiblical or bring shame to Him. The fact is, my God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and is more than able to move on the hearts of His people to support His work.

My first personal encounter with big time Christian fundraising came 11 years ago. I was backstage with a friend at a telethon being put on by one of the larger Christian television stations. They were only moments from going on the air when all of the sudden a rather large man with an Irish accent came up to me and asked me what 1000 divided by 12 was. It seemed like a very odd question, but I thought for a moment and told him it was 83 and about a third. He thanked me, and just moments later he was on the set with the host of the Telethon on “live” television. After exchanging a few pleasantries, the host asked this man if he had anything special to share with the viewers that evening.

The man with the Irish accent than began to share how he had been in prayer in his hotel room all afternoon, seeking a special word from God for the viewers that night. He stated that after many hours on his knees, God spoke into his Spirit to share Psalms 83 verse 18. I opened my Bible and read the verse and was a little confused what was so special about that verse, but the preacher began to share that through Christian television people all over would know the name of Jesus. I was still a bit confused, until he began to challenge the people that God wanted them to make a pledge of $83.18 over the next 12 months to that Christian television station. It finally sunk in that the only reason he chose that verse was not from some great revelation God had given to him, but it was to try and generate $1,000 pledges from the viewers. I have to be honest when I tell you that it took every ounce of self control that I had, not to run onto the set and call this man a liar. It literally made me ill.

As many may know, the first 7 years I was in the ministry, I preached in over 500 churches of all denominations, all over the country. I also was heavily involved in the Christian television world. I hosted programs, consulted with most every major Christian media ministry, and created programming for all of the Christian television stations in the country. During this time, I have seen every trick, game, gimmick, guilt trip, and psychological ploy used to get people to give. Let me tell you right now that major crusades don’t take the offering AFTER an hour of powerful praise and worship by accident. The largest Christian television network CAN NOT get you out of debt by you giving them $2,000. There is NOTHING Biblical about “burning your debt”! NEVER make a pledge with money that you DON’T HAVE! Never, EVER, let any church or ministry intimidate you, or “guilt you” into giving!!! THAT IS NOT OF GOD!!!

So much of the fundraising and financial pleas I see take God’s Word totally out of context. Giving to a ministry does NOT guarantee that you will get back that money plus so many times more. God blesses our obedience in MANY ways, not just financially. Our health is a GREAT blessing. The health and safety of our family and friends is a GREAT blessing. Our old car starting and getting us from place to place each day is a GREAT blessing. God moving in a situation at work or school is a GREAT blessing. The point is that God DOES bless us for our obedience and faithfulness, God DOES bless us when we are faithful and obedient in our giving. But His blessings come in many forms, not just financial.

>From day 1 in my ministry, I have done my best to follow the Biblical formula for giving. First, giving is an act of worship. It is a way to honor God for his provision in our life. Second, ALL that we have belongs to Him. When we give, we are simply giving back to God a portion of what He has entrusted to us. Third, the Bible says to “give according to your ability to give”. You can’t give what you don’t have. And yes, we are told to give God a portion of what He gives us right off the top, but God also expects you to take care of your day to day living needs as well. It makes no sense to give God $30 when you have no more money and you have an electric bill for $30. PAY YOUR ELECTRIC BILL. Lastly, God WILL bless you for your obedience in this area. Giving IS important, but giving for the right reasons is just as important.

I love you and care about you so much. I am sure that I probably greatly upset some people in the ministry today. But God never intended people to give out of guilt, or give because they have been manipulated or tricked. We are to give because of our love for God. We give because God has entrusted each of us with a certain amount of provision during our life, and it is an act of obedience when we give a portion of that to Him. The Bible teaches that we give our tithe to the place where we are fed, which in most cases is our home church. Our gifts are what we give to those additional works of God outside of the church that the Lord uses to feed us spiritually and gives us a burden for.

When God directed Moses to build the Tabernacle, when God directed David to build the Temple, He told them both the same thing. Share the exact need with the people and challenge them to give out of their abundance. THAT my friend is the Biblical example of how to fund God’s work. Go to God’s people, share the exact need, and challenge them to pray and give as God leads them to give. We are to give out of our love for God, we are to give because all that we have belongs to God, we are to give with a joyful heart…..NOT out of guilt!!!

As we are into our 46th month here at Liveprayer, I am encouraged by the past 45, and challenged by the future. The ability to reach millions each day for Christ through the Internet inspires me. Will you pray today about helping me? I need your prayers, and I need you to give the best gift you possibly
can. We need $30,000 each month to meet all of our monthly obligations. That means we are able to minister to just under 2 million people worldwide every single day for just $1,000 a day!!! As we are 11 days into the month,
we still need $21,300 to meet all of our monthly obligations. Take a moment and pray right now, ask God what He wants you to do to help me this month, and then be obedient and send your gift today.

You can give your gift on a major credit card via our secured server at our website, under “Donation”, or you can give using your PayPal account using my email address, , or you can always mail in your gift to:
6660 46th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33709
ALL gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

Thank you for standing by me with your love, your prayers, and your financial support. It is friends like you that make it possible for me to be here for people in their time of need. Together, we are making a difference for God’s Kingdom! We are to give out of our love for God, we are to give because all that we have belongs to God, we are to give with a joyful heart…..NOT out of guilt!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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