Can Playing Video and Computer Games be Bad

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(Philippians 4:7, Proverbs 4:23)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, what is a Prophet? Who were the Prophets? What is the purpose of Prophets?

ANSWER: The “Prophet” is a spokesman for God. In the OT, prior to the completion of the Bible, God spoke through the prophet to foretell events as well as lead the people in ways of righteousness. Now that we have God’s Word in its complete form, the modern day prophet is not a “Christian fortune teller” as many portray themselves, but a FORTHTELLER. Nothing a prophet says can contradict God’s Word. Their purpose is to share God’s Truth as found in the Bible and lead the people in the ways of God. The prophet was never and still is not a popular person since they have made a solid commitment to God above all else, and have always been despised by the formal religious community for telling people the raw truth and not being involved in the politics of the church. The true prophet is not able to be bought off and his allegiance is to the Truth of God’s Word and building the Kingdom of God. By the way, this is another reason Mormonism is a cult from hell, since they claim to be “modern day prophets” with a “new revelation.” That is a DIRECT contradiction to the last verses of the Bible and exposes them as “false prophets,” which by definition is someone who leads people AWAY from God’s Word and faith in the Jesus of the Bible.

Can playing video and computer games be bad? The world of video games has surely changed since the days of “Pong” and “Pac Man.” Those innocent games are long gone, having been replaced by video and computer games that promote and glorify every kind of evil, debauchery, and sin the human mind could possibly dream up. While these incredibly violent and often sexual “games” are primarily marketed to young adults, even though many have “adult only” warning labels, they are being played by children as young as 10.

A very popular genre of games are played “real time” on the computer via high speed internet connections with people all over the world. Most of these “virtual reality” video and computer games involve the player taking on a role or character and the line between reality and fantasy becomes blurred.

Over the 15+ years of Liveprayer, I have seen an alarming increase in the number of prayer requests from people regarding this issue. It is clearly a cultural problem that has not received much attention, but I can tell you from the real lives I deal with every single day, it is a growing and increasing issue in many lives from young children all the way to adults in their 40s and 50s. It is still primarily a problem faced by men. However, 20 years ago pornography was largely a male problem and I can assure you that today there are as many women in bondage to pornography as men.

Now many people are probably wondering with all of the problems in the world, all of the problems people face each day, what the big deal about people playing video and computer games is. The big deal breaks down in four main areas. First, it desensitizes people, especially children, to violence and death. Second, it blurs the line between reality and fantasy and many people lose sight of how to live in the real world.

Third, many of these games deal with demonic things like witchcraft, sorcery, wizardry, and the occult. It opens the door to satan in the lives of those who play these games. Lastly, these games can become addictive to the point people stop going to work, stop taking care of their families, literally become so consumed that nothing else in their life matters.

One of the worst things about the latest generation of these computer and video games is the incredible amount of violence and death. Killing is the ultimate goal to “win” many of these games. This is not healthy for a mature adult let alone a teenager or child. It leads people to not respect life and minimizes what a special gift from God life is and how important each person is who has been created in God’s image.

All of these games require those who play them to either become a character, or take on some role in playing the game. The incredible technology of our day has made these games seem so realistic, many people who play them often begin to lose sight of what is reality and what is fantasy.

A real spiritual issue is the demonic presence in so many of these video and computer games. They literally take those who play them into the demonic world through the character’s involvement in things like magic, witchcraft, and sorcery. Never underestimate for a moment the pure and unadulterated evil of many of these games.

The fact is many people become addicted to these games and they are no different than an alcoholic or a drug addict. They share the same problems. They end up losing their job. They quit being responsible for their families. They become anti-social. There is a real and legitimate bondage to these video and computer games like any other bondage you can name.

The Holy Spirit has led me to bring out this issue today because I know many who are reading these words are battling with this in their life right now, or have a family member or friend who is. Let me make this clear to you, AN ADDICTION TO VIDEO AND COMPUTER GAMES IS JUST AS REAL AS BEING ADDICTED TO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL AND EQUALLY AS DESTRUCTIVE!!!

Just like I warn you to stay away from alcohol, to stay away from drugs, to stay away from abusing food, to not gamble, today I am warning you to be very careful when it comes to video and computer games. Don’t even play those games that are full of violence and death. There is a great computer adage, “garbage in, garbage out.” There is nothing positive about watching and participating in violence and death, even if it is a game.

You wouldn’t eat garbage out of a dumpster, why would you put garbage into your mind! Run from these games that are clearly demonic and promote the things of satan. Don’t open your life and allow the enemy to have access to your heart and mind, even through something that may seem as innocent and harmless as a video or computer game. Parents, you need to be aware of the games your child has access to!!!

I realize that there are some more wholesome games out there. Like anything in life, we have to have balance and keep our priorities in order. Just keep in mind that they can be very addicting and to check yourself from time to time that you are not spending too much of your time playing these games or that it is affecting in any way your real life.

If you are neglecting your family responsibilities, if it is keeping you from being with other people, if it is getting to the point it is all you think about, you need to step back and realize that you could be getting addicted to these games. Just like you can become addicted to something as necessary as food, just like you can become addicted to something as necessary as shopping, you can also become addicted to something as seemingly harmless and innocent as a video or computer game.

I love you and care about you so much. I will be praying for you today. Praying for those reading this today who are in bondage to video or computer games to open your heart to the Lord and hear His voice speaking to you today. He wants to set you free! I pray that you will ask the Lord for the strength to find freedom from this bondage, find people who love and care about you to stand with you in prayer and hold you accountable, and that as you walk in His strength each day, you will walk in His victory over this bondage to video and computer games.

I will also be praying for those in your life who may be addicted to these video and computer games. Praying that they will come to a place of surrender and acknowledge this problem in their life and allow the Lord to free them from their bondage to these games.

You are not going to hell for playing a video or computer game. But you need to be aware of the incredible damage playing these games can possibly do to your life. We know that satan’s mission is to kill, steal, and destroy. He will use all kinds of ways to do that, even using something that seems as harmless as a video or computer game. Guard your heart and mind at all times. While satan’s goal is to destroy your life anyway that he can, God’s desire is that you have life and have life more abundantly!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2014, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Evil So Many Face Each Day from Customers, Co-workers and Bosses

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(Colossians 3:23)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, some people think God chose who he was going to be saved even before they were born. I tend to think He just knew who was going to follow him and who wasn’t. What is your opinion?

ANSWER: It is the age old debate about “election.” God in His omniscience knew before the foundations of the earth was formed who would accept Him and who would reject Him. Having said that, despite His knowledge, man has the free will to accept or reject Christ and God DOES NOT interfere with that free will choice, meaning each person is responsible for what they do with Jesus. Otherwise, there would be no need for preaching the Gospel, there would be no point in evangelizing, and all of the commandments regarding telling others (Romans 10) would be meaningless.

I know from the emails that I get, many people go to work each day in absolutely wicked places. I am amazed at the level of evil so many face each day from customers, co-workers, and bosses. Many who openly profess Christ as their Savior endure persecution at work for their faith.

For those of you who go to work each day in a hostile work environment, where people come against you, many simply because you are a Christian, I want you to know that it is NO ACCIDENT OR COINCIDENCE you work where you do. God has put you there for a reason . . . to be HIS light in the darkness.

As I have stated so many times, the child of God is expected to live UP to the standards of God, not down to the standards of this world. This world says to do as little as possible to get by. On your job, do what you have to do, nothing more. God says that you are to do your very best, work with all of your heart to please the Lord, not man.

Even though you may work for your boss, you are actually working for THE BOSS! God doesn’t expect you to do what you can’t do, only your very best at what you can do. Those who know the Lord should always be the best workers, since we understand we are working for the Lord, not man.

Never forget, we have the largest percentage of two full generations that has never been to church. YOU ARE THE ONLY BIBLE MANY OF THOSE YOU ARE IN CONTACT WITH EACH DAY AT YOUR JOB WILL EVER READ! Our greatest testimony to those God has put in our life is not what we say, but how we live our life each day! I guarantee you, people notice!

Also, I know many of our friends need a job or are underemployed. Please know that I am praying for you and for the Lord’s perfect timing to open up that place He wants you to labor, and that in the process He will bless you to earn the amount of money you need to take care of yourself, your family, and the financial obligations you face in your life.

Let me tell you what the big picture strategy of Liveprayer is. It is a very simple plan. Use the Internet and secular TV to let people know when they are hurting, looking for answers, there is a place they can come. You see, I understand that EVERYONE deals with the same issues in life like finances, health, death, relationships, careers, and addictions.

I simply want to be there, visible and accessible so that when they face these issues, they know there is a place to come to find strength and hope. That is why God has you working where you are. To be that bright light, so when those you come in contact with each day are hurting, looking for strength and hope, they know they can come to you.

That is when you can share with them the fact that Jesus is their only real hope. In the midst of their struggles, He is the ONLY answer. It is at those times when God can use you as an instrument to help those who are hurting find strength in Christ and peace that only God can give. THAT IS WHY YOU ARE WORKING WHERE YOU ARE!

I love you and care about you so much. I realize that many of you face incredible challenges each day on your job. I will be praying today that God will encourage you and help you to see that you are not at that job just for a paycheck, but He has placed you there to be a witness for Him to those you come in contact with each day.

Take time before you go to work to pray for God to help you to do your very best in your job that day, working as unto the Lord, not man as a testimony to those you work with. Also, pray that God will let your light shine bright so that those who may be hurting, will come to you with their problems and give you the opportunity to pray for them and share with them the hope and love of Jesus.

I pray that you will never look at your job as just a way to earn a paycheck again, but look at it for what it really is, A MINISTRY. All of God’s children are called to serve Him. Realize that you serve Him every day when you go to work, since it is no accident or coincidence where you work. GOD PUT YOU THERE!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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The Fruits of Your Prayers and Sacrifice

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(Revelation 12:11)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, I was wondering since Adam and Eve were the first couple and their children procreated, whom did they do so with?

ANSWER: Common question with a simple answer, each other. It was when God handed down the LAW to Moses that incest was forbidden.

“They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” – (Revelation 12:11 NIV)

The fruits of your prayers and sacrifice to help me. Several times a year, I LOVE to take the opportunity to share with you a sampling of some of the incredible, powerful, and moving testimonies we receive every day of how God is working miracles in people’s lives. I never lose sight of the fact that even though over 2.5 million people worldwide subscribe to the Daily Devotional and over 1/4 million people watch the TV program 5 nights a week, each one is a real person, with real needs, and an eternal soul Christ gave His very life for!

Yes, I am grateful that day after day God is using the efforts here at Liveprayer to reach into millions of lives all over the world, but what I am most grateful for is that we are able to respond to and minister to each individual who comes to us for prayer. Liveprayer is much more than just a one-way blast into cyberspace or over television. We are as personal to each individual who comes to us for prayer as their local pastor or priest.

I realize EVERY PERSON who reads these Praise Reports today is going through something in their life. I want you to know that no matter how great or small your need may be, our God is able to meet you at the very point of that need and give you His strength, His hope, and His answers. Nothing you are going through today is too small or too large for God. Let me encourage you today to turn to the Lord. He is there, waiting with outstretched arms to comfort you and give you His strength and peace in the midst of whatever battle you may be facing.

The Bible teaches that God is no respecter of persons. What that simply means is what God did for someone else, God will do for you. So I pray as you read these Praise Reports that you will be encouraged and have your faith stirred, knowing that YOUR miracle, YOUR answer, is just a prayer away!!!

Praise Reports:

“Since my prayer request to you all 4 days ago, his physical therapist said that “it’s like a switch clicked on” and he is doing better.”

“I have prayed your pray to accept Jesus. Thank you for the response and I look forward to tonight’s show'”

“Hello! My name is Adrienne. My boyfriend and I both read your Daily Devotionals and we’ve been looking forward to seeing your TV show on air. We saw Monday night’s/Tuesday morning’s show about cohabitation and sex before marriage. When you said you were going to talk about people “living together,” I immediately knew God was speaking to us LOUD and CLEAR. My boyfriend and I don’t live together, but we talk about it all the time. We will get married someday and we have already vowed to keep sex and living together apart from our lives UNTIL we get married.”

“I was saved tonight I prayed that prayer with you tonight!!!!!!! Thank you please send me the book to help me with my new Christian life. Thank you and your staff GOD BLESS YOU!”

“My wife of 24 years old has been diagnosed with melanoma cancer. We have two beautiful boys together. As soon as we found out she had level 4 we knew it was bad. Everybody we knew and didn’t know were praying for us. We called Bill Keller one night and got through he said a prayer for us. Well we just found out yesterday that is NOT spread anywhere else, and has moved down to a level 3. Only God can perform miracles like that.”

“You brought me back to God with a e-mail I received from you a few months ago. I know God is working.”

“I have a praise report, thank God and prayers. My niece Amber Wolfe that I wrote and asked you all to pray for is so much better and so is her unborn baby. Thank you so much for the faithful prayer.”

“It is good to know that diligent prayer partners are out there and for this I am so grateful. :-) God has done so much for me in the past few months. I was so close to the edge. I was drinking and doing drugs; basically looking for answers in all the wrong places. I was so depressed and thought there was no way out and my life would never get any better. On March 17, I hit an all-time low in my life and almost committed suicide. I decided against this and chose to give Jesus a chance. This television show was something that gave me hope because I saw that other people had problems like me and there are people that care out there and God wants to help all of those who are hurting and in need. I feel like my life is getting better every day. Praise the Lord!”

“I prayed the Prayer of Salvation. Could you please send me some information to help me in my new life with Christ.”

“My name is Mark and i just found your website while looking for a site which can help people in their everyday spiritual battles. I have rededicated myself to CHRIST after backsliding and making a mess of my life. I heard your testimony and how you rededicated yourself after being incarcerated. I wanted to thank you for your wonderful ministry and the love and compassion you have for people. Since i have got on my knees asking JESUS for forgiveness of my sins, i have felt a real peace within my soul that i never had before! I have a renewed commitment to GOD in my daily walk.”

“I sent in a prayer request relating to the possibility of our being able to adopt a baby. I turned it all over to God and didn’t worry about what was to come. The baby boy was born healthy and the birthparents signed the paperwork without any snags. We have a wonderful son to love and to raise. Praise God!”

“PRAISE REPORT: Your ministry has kept me in prayer…Liver Results & HIV Are Back & Excellent !”

“I asked Pastor Bill to pray for healing for my lower back and 2 days later my back felt so much better. Today I am feeling better and hope to play golf tomorrow morning. Prayer, faith, and action worked together for my healing. Thanks for agreeing in prayer for my healing.”

“I want to let you know that because, of Live Prayer, being there a few months ago when I typed in prayer on my address bar of my computer, I have had more hope, more belief in the Love of Jesus for me and mine. Thank you , Bill. I have been, since live prayer, going thru the house declaring things for me and my kids. If it had not been me finding Live Prayer, last winter, I would not have had the jump start to start rising up in hope. Thank you, I know Jesus had your website come up that day. Thank you.”

“The last time I wrote I was at the end of my rope so to speak. But now I must say praise the Lord, he has finally heard our prayer. I couldn’t have done it with out you! My husband has found a job, the bills will be almost fully caught up by next week and then we work on the gas. I feel so much better. I was praying every night and day but it seems I just needed another voice to help the prayer be louder! I enjoy the daily devotional that is sent out it gives me more and more hope that tomorrow is always going to be better. You are a wonderful man and thank you for taking the time to guide the Lord to touch my life. God Bless!”

“I believe I am a new person since I let Jesus into my life, thank you so much bill and thanks for the prayer.”

“I asked prayer for my daughter to get a job earlier this week. Thursday, July 6th, she had an interview with great vibes and had a positive feeling about it and I told her I believe he would call her that afternoon, AND HE DID. She starts her new job Monday and has great benefits with it. PRAISE GOD FOR ANSWER TO PRAYER.”

“I live in Arkansas and saw your TV broadcast last night. I have received your daily devotional since 2002. I just wanted to say how your ministry has blessed my life and thank you for the work you are doing. May God continue to richly bless you, I do pray for you daily. “

“Last year you counseled me online. My marriage and myself had fallen apart. I learned to let go and let God have total control. My husband and I have just in the past months reconciled. The emails from you and your prayers helped sustain me in a time of grave despair! I saw you the other night on television and broke into tears of joy for the fortune people who are going to benefit from your ministry. Thank you again for taking the time to talk and pray for me.”

What more is there to say other than PRAISE GOD and TO HIM BE ALL GLORY AND HONOR FOR HE ALONE IS WORTHY!!! Let me close by sharing with you that these and the thousands of Praise Reports we get every week are due to those who faithfully pray for me and this ministry each day, in addition to those who God moves and are faithful and obedient to make the sacrifice to financially support the work God is doing each day here at Liveprayer. Without your prayers and support Liveprayer would not exist!!!

For those who give, let me tell you that because of your faithfulness and obedience to God you are making a difference in the very real lives of people all over this world every day. You are storing up treasures in Heaven, far more valuable than whatever earthly treasures you have sacrificed. Some people get upset that I share our needs and challenge people to give. I will NEVER apologize for asking you to help me reach the lost and hurting with the Truth of God’s Word and the hope and love of Christ.

God is doing something special through Liveprayer, and based on the doors He has opened up for us to reach tens of millions of more people each day while becoming a bright beacon of light in the secular marketplace for Biblical Truth and faith in Jesus Christ. Please be praying with me as we are now in a critical time as Liveprayer is competing head to head with the message the world promotes 24/7 that is destroying lives and leading people to hell.

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2014, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Are You Ready To Stand Before God

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(James 4:14)

**ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, I have recently read a daily devotional that really has disturbed me as it said it is an insult to God for Christians to ask for forgiveness. Because He died for all our sins (previous and future). So if this is true, how can Christians truly repent?

ANSWER: First, you NEVER read that here. Sadly, in the internet age, there is a plethora of people writing online with ZERO theological training. That is why it is critical to know WHO you are reading. What you read is 100% INCORRECT. In 1 John 1,written to Believers, that we ALL sin. Just because we have confessed our sins, asked forgiveness, repented (turned from our sin), we still need to confess our sins and ask for forgiveness daily…since we ALL sin and fall short of the glory of God. The wonderful thing is we have the assurance from God’s Word we will be forgiven.

Life is a mist, are YOU ready to stand before God? My friend, tomorrow is promised to none of us. We never know if we will even see the end of today! We all take our lives for granted most of the time! TODAY, take a moment, and realize how brief your life really is. I am thankful to God to be here today, to still be doing what He has called me to do. But I never forget for a moment, our life is a gift from above. Don’t take it for granted! For each one of us, the one certainty is that one day this life will be over and we will pass into eternity. It is not a question of if, only when. That is why I try often to reinforce to you that we must live each day to its fullest. Our purpose in this life is to serve and glorify God. When it is over, the only thing that we will take with us from this life is our personal relationship with Christ.

Back in August of 2001, I had a chance to play in a charity golf tournament. During these past 15+ years since Liveprayer started, I have had very little time to play a game I really enjoy. It was a very enjoyable round. Beautiful country club near Brandon, Florida. Warm but overcast Florida summer day. Wonderful people playing. Not to mention I actually played pretty well for not having played much. On the 8th hole, I hit a 150 yard approach a little short and ended up in a greenside bunker. I was talking to the gentleman I was playing with as we approached the bunker. I have always had a very bad habit of chewing on my tee while playing. Nervous energy I guess. As I waited for another player in our foursome to hit his shot, I took a deep breath and actually inhaled the tee.

At first, I didn’t know what happened. Then, when I realized I had inhaled the tee, I tried to cough it up. It became apparent that it would not come out, and had gotten lodged in my throat part of the way down. One of the men came running over and asked if he should call 911. I told him yes. At this point, I realized the key was staying calm, and breathing. I was able to breath through my nose, so that kept me from panicking. My playing partner got behind me and tried to pop it out of me that way, but it was lodged in my throat sideways and that didn’t work. I could also now feel some blood running down my throat, obviously from the cut in my throat where the tee was lodged.

At this point, there was about a 30 second period when all of this was happening where an incredible calm came over me. In a very clear and concise way, I realized that I may actually die. You never know how these things will play out, and that was a legitimate possibility. My thought at this was one of gratitude. I remember clearly thanking God for such a wonderful life. I wasn’t praying for God to heal me, or take the tee out of my throat. I wasn’t begging for my life. I wasn’t mad at God. I just had a great peace about me, and an incredible sense of gratitude to God for allowing me to live such a wonderful life.

It seemed that within seconds I forced myself to swallow hard and all of the sudden felt the tee dislodge and go down. I drank some water, got my sand wedge, and hit a great bunker shot within a few feet of the hole! I got back to my golf cart and called my wife and simply told her how much I loved her. Even though I was still spitting up blood from where my throat was cut for the next several holes, I did finish the round. Needless to say, I have been broken of the habit of chewing on tees!

I share this with you today just to remind you how precious life really is. Not only how precious, but how quickly it can end. DON’T EVER TAKE YOUR LIFE FOR GRANTED. EACH DAY IS A SPECIAL GIFT FROM GOD. Let me also say that for anyone reading this today, that does not have 100% assurance that if your life ends today you will spend eternity with God, the Bible says TODAY is the day of salvation. Please take a few minutes, the most important few minutes of your life, and go to: Pray and ask God to open your heart, then read the words and watch the short video clip. Please share it with everyone that you know who doesn’t know Jesus as their Savior.

I love you and care about you so very much. Death is a part of the human experience. The Bible says “O death, where is thy sting!” For those who have put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ it is not an event to be feared, but one that simply marks the end of our time in this life. Don’t ever forget this important point. Only God says when our work here is over. So have no fear. As long as He still has work for us to do, we aren’t going anywhere. I guess He still has some work for me to do, just like He does you. I pray each day we are found faithful to that work until the day He calls us home!

Plan of Salvation:

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

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The Religion of Peace Strikes Again

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(Deuteronomy 8:19, 20)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, when attending church last Sunday I found out that my church is promoting Rick Warren’s “40 Days in the Word” program for our church home study groups, After hearing all the New Age heresies he’s bringing to the churches this got me pretty upset. Then I was watching Jack Van Impe and he showed a news report about Rick Warren calling God Allah and cozying up to Muslims. What should I do?

ANSWER: I have been warning people for the past decade about Warren’s man-made Purpose Driven marketing scheme and subsequent “plans” that have destroyed many churches and is designed to fill pews with warm bodies, not converts. I have also detailed over the years his unGodly associations to enable him to pursue his global social agenda, including his fear of telling the truth about Islam. I find it sad that ANY church has to use materials from someone else. It simply tells me the pastor and staff are too lazy to get their own vision from God for their church. A church is NOT a McDonalds franchise, though people like Warren would like you to think so, and that they are the owner of the franchise! Pray, I know God will guide you what to do.

The “religion of peace” strikes again. In simply their latest reminder after a consistent 1400 year history of war, terror, barbarism, death, and domination, Islam once again proudly videotaped their latest “beheading” for the world to see. A British foreign aid worker was their latest victim as his executioner taunted the US and Great Britain prior to literally cutting off the man’s head, no doubt to the cheers in mosques around the globe…including in the United States! (Unless someone has read one word of condemnation from CAIR, other Islamic apologist groups, or the thousands of Imams in this nation!)

Back in 2006, LONG before Hannity, Beck, or anyone else in the media talked about this, I warned those in the Liveprayer family about the coming showdown between the US and Islam. Years before that, I proffered that God may use Islam in judging the US as He did Babylon when He judged the children of Israel. Unlike Hannnity, Beck, and others who have used this issue over the last couple of years to fear monger and gin-up their followers to make money, I was telling people years before of this threat to the nation in the context of God’s judgment for our sin and rebellion.

I also stated that just like speaking out against the sin of homosexuality, it would soon be illegal to speak out against the false religion of Islam. Back in 2007, I took on CAIR, the terror-associated Muslim advocacy group who seeks to silence anyone in the media who dares to tell the truth about the false relgion of Islam. After 5 yrs of broadcasting the Liveprayer TV program “live” for an hour every Mon-Fri in Tampa, the 12 media market in the nation, CAIR intimidated CBS to cancel my program. Actually, CBS told me I could stay on the air if I would simply stop talking about Islam. I told them to take a long walk on a short pier!

Now the day is upon us that the UN wants to prosecute anyone who insults Islam to be charged with “hate speech.” Really? How about prosecuting those who cut off the heads of innocent people, or is that not an act of hate according to the UN??? So if I simply tell the truth about this false relgion of hate, violence, and death, I am now guilty of hate speech? God ahead and prosecute me, since I will NEVER be intimidated into silence about a false relgion and lie of satan leading nearly 2 billion souls to hell!

Listen my friend, we are in the last days. Satan is rising up. Satan is like the schoolyard bully. What do you do to a bully? You don’t back down and you smack him in the mouth! Don’t forget, Jesus said don’t worry about who can kill your body, worry about who can kill your soul. I have no fear of Islam. Paul didn’t fear the false religions of his day. He stood up to their lies and shared with them the Gospel. I will do no less!

WITH THE ESCALATING WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST, I am getting inundated with emails asking if this is some fulfillment of Bible prophecy. ALL of the events we see each day are leading us to the last chapters of human history. The current tensions going on in the Middle East will at some point escalate and you will have the entire Arab world at war with Israel. This Devotional today is a look into the last days that we are living in and the real showdown that is looming between Islam and Christianity!!!

Today, there are roughly 6.6 billion people in the world. Out of the world’s population, apx. 2 billion claim to be Christians (no doubt the number of people who are actually “born again” and know Christ as their personal Savior by faith is less) and apx. 1.6 billion claim to be Muslims. Over the past decade, the number of Christians in the world has been declining while the false religion of Islam is the fastest growing. Many estimate that by 2020 there will be as many Muslims in the world as Christians.

I have always laughed at people who deny Christ and the Truth of His Word when they call Christianity “intolerant.” They obviously have no idea what the Christian faith is all about since it is the most tolerant faith there is. God’s plan of salvation is not exclusionary, it is IN-CLUSIONARY! The Bible says that WHOSOEVER shall believe. That simply means the love of Christ, His free gift of everlasting life is available to EVERYONE! It becomes the personal choice of each person to accept or reject Christ in their heart and life.

The fact is, it is the cults and false religions of the world that are intolerant, the worst of all being Islam. They literally teach that those who don’t follow their false god “allah” and teachings are “infidels” and should be put to death. That, my friend, is about as intolerant as you can get. A great example of their intolerance has been in the headlines as they reacted violently regarding a ridiculous video that had been online since July!

It is perfectly OK to lampoon the Lord, create “art” for public display where a figure of Christ is covered by human excrement, and mock those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ and follow the Truth of His Word, however, because a video insulting Mohammed or a cartoon appeared in a Danish newspaper showing Mohammed with a bomb on his head, Muslims worldwide are offended and outraged. In different parts of the world, Muslims have turned to violence and people have actually died in these protests!

The fact is, Mohammed was a murdering pedophile and polygamist who dreamed up his false god “allah” and the false religion of Islam out of a heart that rejected the one true God of the Bible. His fantasy book the Qu’ran is largely poor plagiarism of the Old Testament. Yet because someone had the audacity to accurately portray him in a cartoon as the terrorist he was, those who follow this false prophet are upset to the point they responded with acts of destruction and murder.

Make no mistake about it, Islam is a false religion that teaches and encourages violence and death. This is what makes the United States support of Palestine so foolish. We took a position in opposition to God’s Word by helping to give away part of the land He gave to the children of Israel, to people whose stated goal is to see Israel wiped off the earth and every Jewish person killed. This is exactly what Islam is all about. It is about the death of anyone who rejects their false religion! This just in. That means those of us in the United States too!!!

Just like in the Old Testament, there were people groups who rejected the God of Israel and His commands, and sought to utterly destroy every descendant of Abraham. Their clear and stated goal was to wipe out every Jewish person. Whether you fully comprehend it or not, the goal of Islam is to wipe off the face of the earth everyone who does not follow their false religion. Don’t be fooled by the moderates who will tell you that Islam is about peace and that Muslims want to be in unity with other faiths, especially Christianity.

That may be the desire of a few who understand the financial benefits of peace and unity, but that is NOT what Islam is all about. Many want to lull you into believing that it is only a small percentage of Muslims who ascribe to terrorism and the death of those who reject their false beliefs. That is not true. The snapshots we get at times from what is happening right now in the Middle East, incidents like the riots in France, the violence over this cartoon of Mohammed, 9/11, the bombings in London and other targets recently in Europe, Asia, and Africa, are what Islam is really all about. Please, don’t be fooled.

Also, DO NOT let the media lie to you that there is some sort of moral equivalency between the false religion of Islam and Christianity. Atheist Bill Maher, one who mocks and demeans Christians and their faith, actually defended Christianity in a PBS interview on this very issue! Never forget that anyone who commits acts of evil in the name of Christianity are acting in complete contradiction to the teachings of God’s Word. However, when Muslims start wars, act in barbaric ways, commit acts of terrorism, kill innocent people, they are acting in 100% obedience to the teachings of the Qu’ran and the teachings of their satanically inspired religion!

I love you and care about you so much. Pray for the family of this British aid worker who was executed over the weekend, as we have prayed for the families of the two US journalists recently beheaded and ALL of those who have lost loved one in this current wave of terror by Islam. My heart also breaks for the apx. 1.6 billion people on this planet who have believed the lie of Islam and will die in their sins and be lost for all eternity unless they turn to the Truth of the Gospel.

In the meantime, know that there are those out there who have the stated goal of seeing us wiped off the very face of the earth simply because we are Christians. As the days of this world wind down, the persecution of the church and those who follow Christ is only going to get worse. That is why now is the time for those who profess Christ as their Savior, need to get serious about their faith and start to find ways to allow God to use your life to make a difference.

Just in your normal day-to-day life God gives you many opportunities to take a stand for Him. This is how you can make a difference. Share His love with those you meet, always be prepared to give people the reason for your hope, and live a Godly life which will always be your loudest witness for the Lord. The Bible says they will know us by our love for one another. That love extends past this brief journey to a person’s eternal destination which is why we have to boldly and without shame tell others about how they can know Christ and His free gift of everlasting life.

There is coming soon a final showdown between Islam and Christianity. It has already been building over these past 1400 years since Mohammed dreamed up this false religion. As the two dominant religions on the planet, they will continue to collide as the final days of human history unfold. The good news is that we already know how it ends. That is why those who know Christ as their Savior must stand strong in proclaiming His Truth, since in the end, it is God’s Truth alone that will be standing.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller



“My fellow Americans, one hour ago with the support of Congress, the United States launched several massive bombing raids on key ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria. We also invaded ISIS controlled areas of Iraq and Syria with a total of 20,000 US troops. Our top military leaders believe that within the next week we can severely damage the operational infrastructure of ISIS while killing a large percentage of their army, and through our special ops many of their top leaders.

Islam has declared war on the United States. We at war with Islam! This is NOT a “holy war” of Christians versus Muslims as their false propaganda purports. This is a war between a sovereign nation, the United States of America, and Islam. ISIS, A-lQueda, Boko Haram, Hamas, and other terror organizations are ALL part of Islam and have declared war on our nation. For 1400 years Islam has taught, advocated, and condoned the killing of innocent people in their ultimate desire to create a global caliphate, or Islamic state where all non-Muslims (infidels) will either convert to Islam or be killed!

Because our nation is at war with Islam, all mosques in the nation will be immediately closed and controlled by the Department of Homeland Security so they can’t be used as a national network of Islamic command and control centers. Likewise, all Muslims will have 72 hours to leave this nation. Special camps have been erected in Utah and Idaho that will house all Muslims who refuse to leave the country until this war with Islam is over. All local police departments in the United States are receiving special credentials by the Department of Justice in order to detain and arrest anyone who is a Muslim so they can be deported to the special camps.

Additionally, members of our armed forces are being sent to both the Northern and Southern borders to insure they are closed from ALL traffic that does not have the proper documentation to be in the country. Homeland Security and ICE will also begin to immediately deport all people who are in this country without legal documentation, with special transportation systems being put in place to insure this effort is completed over the next 90 days.

Sadly, we have squandered the blessings of Almighty God and have chosen to live in total rebellion to our Creator and His Truth. 9/11 was a moment when God took His hand of protection from this nation to warn us, wake us up. While that happened for a few months out of fear, the warning was forgotten and the past 13 years has seen this nation totally reject God and His Truth while embracing the lies and agenda of satan. We can no longer ask for or expect God to protect us. It is a frightful reality that we are on our own and must do all we can do to protect our nation and its’ citizens.

I am calling for the next 24 hours to be a day of prayer and fasting. We deserve whatever God allows to happen, and can only pray that His grace and mercy will see our nation through the challenging days ahead. I can’t ask God to bless us, we don’t deserve His blessings. So I will simply close and pray for God’s mercy to be upon our land and people!”

(C)opryright 2014, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Satan has Infiltrated the Schools with His Lies

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(Psalms 127:3; Matthew 19:14; Psalms 34:11)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, I recently was attacked by a dog and a human I fought off the dog and that is when the human attacked me twice clawing my neck the second time. Now I know it is wrong to strike back against a human but am I suppose to allow a dog to use me for its chew toy? The human has gone and told others that I did the attacking while she is the one who clawed my neck and I pushed her away. Does the bible say I am to let the dog have his way and try for a meal?

ANSWER: NO! You have every right to defend yourself from being harmed, whether it be an animal or another human being whose intention is to hurt you.

Back in the mid ’60s when I was in elementary school, I distinctly remember that only a very few kids in my class didn’t go to church on Sunday. Well over 90% of my class went to church. Sadly, just 40 years later it is completely the opposite, with well over 90% of children in public school NOT going to church and growing up in homes void of God. We now have the better percentage of two full generations that do not go to church and that live their lives void of God. One of the ways to see that change is by reaching the children with the Truth of God’s Word and the hope and love of Jesus Christ.

The reality is satan has infiltrated the schools with his lies. Lies that your child is gay. Lies that we evolved from pond scum. Lies that there is no God. Lies that there is no absolute right and wrong. Satan is a liar, the father of lies (John 8:44), and he has done a masterful job at telling his lies to YOUR CHILDREN from the moment they step into school, and reinforcing those lies 24/7 through every vehicle possible. Due to the fact most kids are growing up in homes void of God, they are RARELY being exposed to the Truth at all.

Liveprayer is an instrument of God to bring His Truth to the masses. We have been doing that for over 15 years here on the Internet, now reaching well over 2.5 million people worldwide every day. The fact is that over these past 40 years, satan has erected huge walls around the public schools of this nation. Prayer has been removed and so has Bible teaching. Now the existence of God is mocked, tortured, and impossible theories of how we came to exist are being taught as fact, right and wrong are what you decide they are, and perverted lifestyles are being presented as normal and acceptable. Like the walls of Jericho, these are huge, solid walls that look impossible to tear down. Like the walls of Jericho, God is able to bring them down!

This is critical, since reaching the children for Christ is a major component to seeing this nation turn back to God and Biblical principles. Satan is not shy about going after the children, so why are the people of God? Satan goes after YOUR CHILDREN through those promoting the homosexual lifestyle. Satan goes after YOUR CHILDREN through the cults that openly proselytize in schools. Satan goes after YOUR CHILDREN through the curriculum that is in direct opposition to God and the Truth. Satan goes after YOUR CHILDREN through exposing them to every type of evil and perversion known to man. If satan is so bold in going after the souls of YOUR CHILDREN, why should the people of God be any less bold?

My friend, now is the time to go to war for the hearts, minds, and souls of our children. We have sat back long enough. There is no more time for playing games. While we have been busy building buildings, preaching to ourselves, and enjoying the peace and prosperity of living in this great country, the enemy has been busy these past 40 years insuring that he could control the hearts and minds of the children. Most children are not being raised in homes that honor God or His Son Jesus, and we have simply left them to the enemy. NO MORE! It is time to go fight for the souls of these children!

I love you and care about you so much. God’s way is for the children to learn the Scriptures and to be nurtured in the faith at home. With so many parents who have rejected Christ and His Truth, that of course is not happening. I refuse to sit back and be silent while generation after generation of children go through the public schools of this nation and come out brainwashed against the Christian faith due to the lies that have been drilled into them over the course of their years in school.

I will continue to pray for you moms and dads our there. Over and over I have spoken directly to you how critical your job is in raising their children in the admonition of the Lord. Nothing you do in this life will be as important. I want you to know that I am praying for you today as God gives you wisdom, direction, and strength in the raising of your children and helping to lay that foundation of faith in their lives. There is no more evil in the world today than in the past, it is just more visible and much more accessible. Today more than ever, you need to be diligent in what your children are being exposed to, so that you can insure they know what is right and what is wrong, what is from God and what is designed to harm or even destroy them.

For this season, satan is loose. During this brief time, he is out to drag as many souls as he can into the place God created for him to suffer for all eternity. In the end, each person is responsible for their choice to accept or reject Jesus Christ as their Savior. Our job, as followers of Christ, is to bring the Gospel to each person so they clearly understand the eternal consequences of that choice. For too long, children and young adults in public schools have not had the benefit of hearing both sides. Starting this January, we are committed to taking Jesus to the children and young adults in the public schools and making sure they do!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2014, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Football and Gambling

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(Psalm 118:8)

***ASK BILL: Is divorce looked upon as a sin, and if you remarry does God accept the new marriage?

ANSWER: Here is a 2 part series to answer these quesitons.
Part One:
Part Two:

Football and gambling. The new college and pro-football seasons are underway. All across this nation, it is football season. It is a time for fans of the game to root their favorite team on to victory (go Ohio State Buckeyes!). Sadly however, it is also a time for millions of people to gamble on this great sport. From now until the Super Bowl next February, BILLIONS will be wagered legally and illegally on pro and college-football games. Over the next 5 months, lives will be destroyed by people who are in bondage to gambling on football games.

Over the past 8 years, by far the fastest growing form of sports gambling, especially on professional football, has been “fantasy football.” In fantasy football, a predetermined group of people get together, make up fantasy teams from the existing pool of players, and are rewarded when the players they select have productive statistics in the games they play. It sounds like fun and can be. However, in most fantasy leagues there is an “entry fee” and a financial reward for those who do well, which also means a financial loss for those who do poorly. You can call it whatever you want, but if you are playing fantasy football and there is money to be won or lost, YOU ARE GAMBLING!

The appalling thing to me is the hypocrisy of the National Football League in regard to fantasy football. While the league takes a zero tolerance position regarding gambling on its games, they fully endorse and support fantasy football. They have taken this position for two reasons. First, they view it as an entertaining way for more people to watch and be involved in their product. They are 100% right since not many people would be worrying about the number of yards a running back on a bad team gained in a meaningless game late in the seasons, unless that player was on your fantasy team. Second, they claim to only endorse fantasy leagues where no money changes hand, knowing full well that 99% of fantasy leagues have entry fees anywhere from $10 to $100,000.

The reality is, the NFL as well as the NCAA that oversees the college game, fully understands and tacitly accept the fact that billions are wagered every season on their games. Pick up ANY newspaper during the season and in the back of the sports page are the Vegas lines. My friend, there is only ONE reason they are printed…for GAMBLING. The explosion of interest in college and pro football has been primarily driven by gambling. People can wager in Vegas, with the local bookie, with their friend, or at offshore bookmakers online, and then sit back and watch the game they have bet on.

Football and television are a match made in gambling heaven. The “line” is broadcasted and openly talked about in regard to EVERY game without any hesitation by the announcers. Programs geared to people who gamble are all over TV and radio during football season. You can now sit at home and watch virtually every college and pro game that is played. I can assure you, the ONLY reason someone is up at 2 a.m. on a Sunday morning watching Hawaii play TCU, other than those who went to Hawaii and TCU, are people betting on the game. The ONLY reason someone is watching two pro teams with 2-9 records on a Sunday afternoon, other than the fans of those teams, is because they have a bet on the game. Gambling has driven the TV ratings, which in turn has put millions in the pockets of the NFL and NCAA schools, which is why they say they are against gambling with a wink and a nod.

I am often asked whether it is a sin to bet on a football game or to buy a Lottery ticket. I am going to tell you up front that there is no verse in the Bible that says, “thou shalt not gamble.” However, let me give you a Biblical basis why gambling is a sin. Gambling involves an element of risk. Ultimately, you are putting your faith in something other than God for the outcome. Therein lies the foundation of why gambling is a sin. Instead of trusting God, instead of putting your faith in God, you have chosen to put your faith in luck. You are hoping to beat the odds and it is putting your hope and faith in something other than God that makes gambling a sin. Let me outline for you three additional reasons why gambling is a sin.

First, it can cause you to lose sight of your priorities. Never forget, anytime something is more important than the Lord in your life, it is a sin. We are to love the Lord our God with all of our heart and He MUST be our first priority at all times. Second, it can be a poor use of God’s resources that He has entrusted to you. Many people I have counseled are in financial difficulties, not because they have not been blessed by God, but because they have misused and mishandled their blessing. Lastly, it can be a stumblingblock to your brother or sister. Many people have a compulsive nature, could end up in total bondage to gambling. So while it may not be a problem in your life, your involvement may cause someone else to have a problem with gambling.

Let me make an important point. When I talk about gambling, I am referring to the lottery, sports gambling, casino games, private card games, but I am also talking about the financial markets. Having been involved heavily in the financial markets in the 80’s, I can tell you that many people use the word investing, when in fact they are literally gambling. When you are taking a financial position in the outcome of something that is unknown, that is gambling no matter what words you want to use. You have as much control over the stock price of a particular company as you do over the performance of your favorite football team.

***This is NOT an indictment against having stocks and bonds. Prudent, reasoned, well strategized investment plans are encouraged in God’s Word. I am talking about those who are simply rolling the dice hoping to get lucky in the stock market.

The Bible teaches us to be wise stewards with the resources God has entrusted to us. I am a strong advocate of investing a portion of our resources in well researched, fundamentally sound opportunities that have the real potential of giving us a reasonable return. That is wise use of God’s money. God encourages this type of prudent investing. The line is crossed into gambling when you are just “hoping to be right,” or entering into a situation with greed as your motive. No prayer, no research, simply taking a chance you might win. For the above-outlined reasons, that is a sin my friend.

I love you and care about you so much. I will be praying for you today, praying for those who have been caught up in the bondage of this addiction to gambling, especially those caught up in gambling on football games. If you, or someone you know is addicted to gambling, know that I will be praying today for those who are in this bondage. God is a God of deliverance and He can deliver someone from the bondage of gambling. Never forget that there is hope in Christ, and no matter how bad someone has destroyed their life, God can help them put the pieces together if they are ready to surrender to Him.

Gambling is a sin, since inherent in the nature of gambling there is a reliance on chance instead of faith in God. But never forget that Christ died on the cross to wash our sins away and give us victory. If you are in bondage to gambling on football, it is no accident you are reading this message today. God is speaking to your heart about STOPPING. Don’t spend another season without sleep, worrying about an 18-year-old student at a school you can’t even pronounce making a 53-yard field goal to cover the spread or watching a meaningless Monday night game trying to get out of the hole from your losses on Sunday!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller

(C)opryright 2014, Live Prayer Church, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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